Thursday, January 31, 2013

Between Vatican diplomacy and the Herald's "uprising"

The Vatican's move to appoint its first ever resident Apostolic Nuncio (the equivalent of an ambassador) to Malaysia was the direct outcome of the meeting the Pope and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak had on July 18 last year (10 years after Dr M's meeting with the Pope). 

The Pope and the PM, Vatican 2012
Full diplomatic relations and the resident Nuncio are hoped to lead to constructive dialogue on issues, including "control over publication" and the "prohibition on the use of Allah in Bahasa Malaysia bibles". The intent prompted the blogger Freddie Kevin to rightly write, "This is the true Catholic way". This is also trademark Najib's way of inclusiveness, his signature concept that appears abstract but is easy to appreciate when translated into meaningful actions, such as making it possible for the 1 million Christians in Malaysia to be represented by a Nuncio.

The interested parties in the Allah issue should now give way to constructive dialogue to resolve the matter. The Guan Engs should stop provoking the Ibrahim Alis, and vice versa; they should let the Nuncio and the Government of Malaysia deal with the matter amicably as agreed. 

As for "control over publication", one only has to look at the editorial in the Herald Malaysia to see how "controlled" the publication is ...

To support an uprising against the BN govt, click H E R E

An Editorial, I'm sure the editors of The Herald are well aware, is a publication's official stand.   As the official publication for the Catholic church in Malaysia, The Herald comes across clearly as partisan, taking sides, contemptuous of anything Barisan Nasional.

This and many other articles on Malaysia on the make the publication feel and read like a political organ eg Harakah and Rocket instead of a religious publication. The Herald makes it seem like all Catholics in Malaysia are against the BN. Try searching for the news of the Archbishop openly praising a BN-led state government for being kind and supportive to the Catholic Church (read here)  ... you won't find it in The Herald, Nuncio. Makes you wonder why, doesn't it, His Excellency?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Busted! of the Week

And the winner is ...

“The government has learnt nothing and continues to kill Indians in police custody."

Uttered by PKR vice president N. Surendran [Police murdered security guard, Free Malaysia Today, 24/1/13]

You're Busted!, N. Surendran
Busted! #1. This young politician-lawyer has spewed rubbish before but this one's so good (or so bad, depending on which side of the political fence you are)  it has inspired me to come up with this segment I'm calling BUSTED! in the tradition of Amir Muhammad's funky Politicians Say the Darndest Things Vol l and Vol ll.

N. Surendran's latest outburst reminds me of lawyers Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy when they were growing up and flirting with Pakatan Rakyat's politics a few years ago. These Hindraf's leaders have moved on, both totally disillusioned with Surendran's bosses who promised the Indians the moon and the sky in the last general election, and I suppose that's why PKR needs someone to draw the attention of the Indian voters.

Surendran narrowly beat Dr Nik Mazian Mohamad, who promised heaven for Muslims and non-Muslims if they vote PAS [Read Oh, My Goat! by Seademon].

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tommy "Panamera" Thomas

Pic by Minaq-Jinggo

Sometimes, the one who condemns the system hardest benefits most from it. And vice versa. Oh, don't try to understand why, it is incomprehensible. But do read Syed Akbar Ali's Ungrateful _$#@_d Has Two Porsches And Two Thoroughbred Horses? More or less explains why this Malaysian Indian lawyer (I assume he is Malaysian and not Canadian) didn't migrate to motherland India after briefly calling Canada home but instead returned to Malaysia, land of Porches and thoroughbreds ... 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

So what if Najib's visit pleased the Muslims?

Not everyone is pleased with Najib Razak's visit to Gaza on the eve of Maulidur Rasul, the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim,  is one of the unhappiest. Read Anwar: Najib's visit unwise. He's even unhappier than even the Americans, who are intrigued by the Malaysian PM's initiative, if we go by the Bernama's article below [read also the NY Times' article here]. Anwar said Najib should have contacted both Hamas and Fatah and labelled Najib's meeting with Hamas premier as a "mere political move to please the Muslims". 
What's wrong with trying to please the Muslims? Especially if the Muslims have been under siege for so long, like the Palestinians. 
Malaysia has categorically stated that the PM's visit was a "humanitarian" one. You can't help it if people wanted to politicize the occasion. Najib went in, laid the foundation for a college Malaysia is building, and left calling for Palestine to unite. How is that bad for Malaysia or/and Palestine?
No Muslim leader from outside the Arab world had set foot Gaza before Najib's trip. Hopefully, others will be encouraged and inspired to do so after the Malaysian's historic visit. 
Anwar, too, should go out there and reach out to the Palestinians. It may please the Muslims and irk the Americans or/and the Israelis but as a leader he shouldn't worry about that, unless he can't afford to make these guys unhappy for some reasons or other. In which case, he should hold his piece over Najib's Gaza initiative and just entertain people like the good EU envoy ...

Ibrahim Ali and PAS: WIll they reconcile for PRU13?

Ibrahim Ali: Shoot first ...

There are a few salient facts about the politician Ibrahim Ali that you must know when crucifying  him for his gedebe talk about burning Malay-language Bibles that use Islam's "Allah" instead of god.

1. He became the MP for Pasir Mas after beating the Barisan Nasional candidate. Ibrahim contested as an Independent candidate BUT under the PAS banner, meaning he was a de facto Pakatan candidate! (PAS is a component of Pakatan Rakyat but that you know already);

2. Ibrahim Ali is not a member of UMNO;

3. Perkasa, the NGO he founded, is not a part of UMNO or the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition;

4. He does not hold any post in Government;

5. The guy graduated from ITM, which means: 
a. He is not stupid 
b. ITM does not brainwash its students to be pro-Government

6. Ibrahim Ali was a PAS member before he jumped to UMNO, Semangat 46, and went into the unholy alliance with PAS/Pakatan Rakyat in PRU12.

PAS proudly presents ... h e r e

For PRU13, one thing certain is the dood won't stand as a candidate in Sabah or Sarawak after his stunt with the Bible. UMNO has always kept a healthy distance: Ibrahim and Perkasa are less harsh towards UMNO after Pak Lah stepped down but UMNO has always been wary of Ibrahim. So, that leaves PAS. What are the chances that Ibrahim Ali will contest once again as an independent candidate under the PAS banner? I say the chances are slim but, ahoy, this is politics. As a corporate chief reminded me at the Press Club last week: "In politics, there are no fixed friends and no fixed enemies; only fixed goals."

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ex-IGP calls for an inquest into Sugu's death

Quick action. I agree with Musa Hassan. Conduct an inquest, NOW! Don't let mad politics or/and rotten journalism come into the picture and turn this into Kugan 2 to score points for the coming general election.

If there's foul play by the cops, take action.

But please don't rely on the Malaysian Insider's Eyewitnesses say cops, mob beat handcuffed man to death. Because the reporting is weird.

Mental news reporting from the Insider

They are not going to accept the police''s explanation  as usual.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Najib's Gaza: Continuing a proud tradition of a peacemaker nation called Malaysia

The Peacemaker in Gaza

Selawat for the Rasulullah.

Any Malaysian who is not proud to be a Malaysian should go to Sarajevo because even today, 20 years after the last great ethnic cleansing attempt by their Balkan neighbours, the Bosnians will thank you for your nation's courage in standing up to an international community that was looking the other way. If Dr Mahathir Mohamad had closed his big mouth or shut his vocal chords, perhaps today there would not be any country called Bosnia-Herzegovina. Thousands more Muslim children would have died and their women raped in front of their husbands and sons. I was in Sarajevo in the mid 90s, and I was in the Non-Aligned Movement meeting in Jakarta in 92 when the former Malaysian Prime Minister spoke up and never stopped speaking up for the Bosnians thereafter, and before that I was with reporters from the world at the main steps at Wisma Putra in KL when we told the former Yugoslav envoy to leave our country and never come back.

At the time, Dr Mahathir was seen as an irritant. A recalcitrant. But he made us mighty proud to be Malaysians. You can ask Musa Hitam, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Anwar Ibrahim, Rafidah Aziz - all of them played a role in making us, a small country in Southeast Asia, a powerful voice speaking for peace.

After Bosnia, we have spoken up for various countries in Eastern Europe and Africa. Closer to home, Malaysia recently helped find a conclusion to the long-standing strife in southern Philippines. Many had tried and failed.

For years now, Dr Mahathir has quietly helped with community development projects, including building mosques and schools, in southern Thailand, something that has not been widely reported. The Perdana Global Peace Foundation, which he founded, has highlighted the plight of the peoples of Rohingya in Myanmar and, of course, Gaza.

Today, this proud Malaysian is proud to see Najib Razak, the current Prime Minister, continuing the brave Malaysian tradition of fighting not just for other Muslims but for the trampled, the bullied and the underdogs in this unjust, dog-thumping world.

* A first for a Malaysian Prime Minister by Barking Magpie

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Musa Aman in the limelight, again! (Migrating to Sabah Part 3)

Dear Readers, most people read my blog for political blood and gore so I will try my utmost after this posting NOT to publish more positive, feel-good stuff about the Chief Minister of Sabah. But it does seem to me that the more his foes (especially from Semenanjung) try to malign him, the more audible and visible his otherwise shy supporters and admirers become. After the glowing salute by the state's Archbishop yesterday (read h e r e), another group community leaders from the state comes forward today to put on record the achievements of their leader. This time it is the KK Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Musa, if you didn't know, helped bring in some RM10 billion in foreign investments to Sabah in the first quarter of 2012, Malaysia's highest. Another good reason why people are lining up to migrate to Sabah.

from the daily express

KKCCCI confident with present State leadership
Published on: Wednesday, January 23, 2013
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Kota Kinabalu: The Kota Kinabalu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry is confident that Sabah will continue to prosper under the present leadership.

Its newly elected President, Michael Lui Yen Sang said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Hj Aman was a capable and effective leader of the state.

"He has entrepreneurial qualities due o his business background.

The state's financial position is stronger than ever with significant state reserve," he said during a courtesy call to the Chief Miister this office in Wisma Innoprise today.

Accompanied by some 40 members including the Management Committee members of KKCCCI, Michael said the chamber was more than happy to cooperate with the government and act as a go-between and facilitator between the government and the Chinese business community in Kota Kinabalu.

"We want to help our members resolve any commercial issues affecting their businesses and help facilitate dealings with City Hall and other government bodies," he said.

Meanwhile, Musa said the State Government always recognized the contribution of the Chinese community to nation building and the economic growth of the state.

"You have played a significant role in the growth of businessesthroughout Sabah. You have also contributed to welfare and educational causes," he said.

He said Sabah was on the right track in terms of its state's admiistration, socioeconomic development and its overall economic development.

Musa who is also Finance Minister said the state has managed to attract foreign investment over the years including last year, which saw the first quarter pulling in RM10 billion worth of investments, the highest in the country.

"More and more foreign investors are showing interests including those from the US, Eastern European countries, Korea and of course China, which is a significant eonomic force now," he said.

He said the growing interest to invest in Sabah was due to its social, economic and political stability, important pull factors for any country.

"Nobody would want to visit your country, let alone invest, if they deem it politically unstable or there is social unrest. Fortunately, we in Sabah are blessed not only with natural wonders and a rich cultural heritage but also with hospitable people who value peace and harmony in spite of our religious and racial diversity," he said.

He said it was therefore important for peace loving citizens in Malaysia and Sabah included to uphold the spirit of unity, cooperation and consideration so as to continue the state's path to prosperity and progress.

Wah .. Bank Islam lodges second police report, Anwar Ibrahim keeps mum

Read also: Which part .. is not criminal, Wawa?

Original posting:
Another police report against Wawa! See the Malaysian Reserve report. After the initial din, I wonder why Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is keeping mum on Bank Islam chief economist Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin's case. Cutting losses? I can understand that. PKR lawyers, meanwhile, are at odds on how to go about this case., I hear. A case involving the compromise of banking secrecy is always tricky, more so when you already have a history, in PKR's case the charges against PKR chief strategist Rafizi Ramli.
Wawa maintains that he is innocent. But of course.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Archbishop pays tribute to Musa Aman (Why I said I'd migrate to Sabah Part 2)

with updates on a "noisy" Hindu temple in Selangor ...
Sabah yang Aman. In the middle of a recycled Allah controversy sparked by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in his reckless attempt to win Christian votes in Sabah and Sarawak from BN come the General Election, the outgoing Archbishop John Lee of the Catholic Church openly pays tribute to Musa Aman, the Chief Minister of Sabah. 

Read the story below or another h e r e or below and tell me if this is not the way to go, if this isn't what Malaysia has been about all along. Not the Malaysia "baru" that those thumping zealots and burning bigots have been trying to force up our collective bums.

p.s And you chided me for dreaming the other day about migrating to Sabah ...! 

 Outgoing Archbishop: Kind, considerate CM
Published on: Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Kota Kinabalu: Outgoing Archbishop Datuk John Lee said the State Government has been very supportive of the Catholic Church and its activities in Sabah.
"I want to thank the Chief Minister and the State Government for their support given to the Catholic Church during my tenure.
He (Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman) has been considerate and fair to all religious organisations regardless of denomination," he said.
Lee, who was accompanied by his successor Archbishop John Wong and a Sacred Heart Cathedral delegation, paid a courtesy call on Musa at his official residence at Sri Gaya, Monday.
The delegation also paid special tribute to Musa for the kind approval of five acres in Kg Nagasiba where a church would be built.
A senior church leader, Thomas Fong said that the Nagasiba community had been seeking for a church in the village for the past 20 years, as a nearby church, Queen of Peace at Kg Kobusak, could no longer accommodate the needs of the growing community.
"We are here today to meet our Chief Minister to thank him personally and the State Government for the approval.
"The whole Kg Nagasiba community would like to thank the State Government for this wonderful gift," he said. The church would also carry out a fund raising project for the new church.
Meanwhile, Musa said the State Government would continue to support religious development in Sabah as spiritual growth was important in the overall development of a well-rounded society.
He said this was clearly demonstrated by the yearly allocations the State Government gives to non-Muslim religious organisations yearly.
"I also wish to thank Archbishop Lee for his sacrifices and hard work during his term of office," he said.

Thanks to regular commenter Parameswaran for reminding me about this incident in Selangor, just to illustrate a shocking contrast: "NOISY" HINDU TEMPLE FINED 

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Untold Story of Wawa Part 2: Bank Islam's police report

"Kesalahan yang berbentuk jenayah" ... CBT?

Why did Bank Islam file a police report against its Chief Economist? Last Friday morning, a police report was lodged at the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur not too far from the headquarters of Bank Islam. The report was made by the bank against its own Chief Economist, Azrul Azuwar Ahmad Tajuddin, 39, who showered himself in limelight by making a prediction at a regional forum in Singapore on behalf - but without the permission - of the bank that the ruling BN coalition would lose in the next general election.

The Benchmark has the scoop h e r e.

Wawa on Saturday threatened to sue, sue, sue if you slander him so, my Dear Readers, tread careful. Don't bust your butt.

Please return William Yau to his mom

We can blame the parents all we want but that's not going to help little Yau, who was taken from Goh Ying Ying and hubby Yau Kok Kang when they left the 6-year old and their two other little kids in the car last Wednesday to check out a shop in Putra Heights. It will also not stop other parents from making the same mistake and paying dearly for it. In my years as a journalist and working with like-minded people to set up the NURIN Alert that evolved into today's NUR Alert, I've seen parents make the same mistake over and over. Sometimes the child is found and sometimes the child is lost forever. Yau's parents must not lose hope and we must not stop praying for their boy's safe return.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pantang Maut Sebelum Ajal

The story h e r e.

Chief Economist to sue bloggers, etc who slander him

With updates (Jan 20)
In my Friday, Jan 18 posting The Untold Story of Wawa the Chief Economist of Bank Islam, I predicted that "the next 24 hours should be hot". Well, I did not expect Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajuddin,suspended form work by his employer, to react in such a manner as to threaten to sue "bloggers, politicians and others" and lament the "state of Malaysian democracy". Must have been hot under the collar!

Read Jahabar Saddiq's report h e r e. Tell me if he doesn't sound like some I-will-sue politicians we know.

Update: Big Cat's Wawa
Still, Wawa has the right to seek redress if he thought he'd been maligned. This is a great democracy where you can instill a million doubts in the judiciary and link it to the ruling Government, and then file a multi-million ringgit lawsuit at the first opportunity you get. How many times have we witnessed that?

But like I wrote earlier, this ain't about some petty PRU13 predictions. My blog readers make all kinds of predictions all the time about the General Elections in my comment box (but they do it in their personal and usually anonymous capacities). This is about  the integrity of Bank Islam and the secrecy of our banking and financial industry.

I predict the next few days to be even hotter ...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Three things Anwar Ibrahim must do to make up for the 112 flop

"Tetapi dengan jelas dapat dilihat, selama ini masyarakat Cina alami kepahitan hidup dalam kerisauan, sebaliknya tidak nampak cahaya jalan keluar. Struktur kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat tidak terkeluar daripada berlaku pertindihan dalam isu perkauman, dalam budaya dan dalam kepentingan keagamaan. Maksud kebangkitan rakyat mereka hanya condong kepada kekuatan sesuatu kaum untuk mendukung satu kuasa politik ..." - Lim Fang, Sin Chew 15 Jan 2013

Apparently, the Jan 12 rally organised by Pakatan Rakyat has left a lot of Chinese, including Lim Fang, the writer of the Sin Chew article which I have retitled Kecewa Dengan Janji Kosong, Pakatan perlu UBAH Pakatan disillusioned. 

He's asked Anwar Ibrahim to walk his talk and prove his sincerity by spelling out clearly three things in the Pakatan's manifesto:

1. Deny PAS its "Negara Islam" goal (PAS is Pakatan's most powerful component party after DAP)
2. Free the restrictions imposed by the BN Government on Chinese education/schools
3. Champion outstanding issues related to the economic well-being of the Chinese in this country

Friday, January 18, 2013

Migrating to Sarawak (or Sabah)

Sarawak fascinates me. I was in Sarawak more times last year than I'd been in my first 50 years on Earth. I hope to be there more often this year. I'm thinking now - while waiting for news of a bank lodging a police report against a top staff working undercover for a political party - that if I were ever to migrate, I'd head for Sarawak. Or Sabah. If these states won't accept me because look like a Filipino celebrity or a miner from Nunukan, then I'd consider a foreign country like Canada or the UK. Not the US. Never. Too many undercover agents there.

Please check out these Sarawak sites that I've added on to my blogroll: Sarawak Monitor and Mulu View. Fascinating Sarawakian voices.

The untold story of Wawa the chief economist of Bank Islam

Lawless Banker? Surely Wawa is aware of Article 97 of Bafia!
A tale of treachery and sabotage. If you are wondering why Anwar Ibrahim, her daughter Nurul Izzah, and PKR chief strategist Rafizi Ramli are visibly and terribly upset over the suspension of Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajuddin - to the point of calling for a boycott of Bank Islam - it's because they have a lot to lose. And I mean a lot.

In their tweets ("Zalim ... Bank Islam? - Anwar) the trio may not have admitted to knowing Azrul. Very soon, however, they will have to own up to the fact that they not only know the Bank Islam chief economist but know him intimately.

Wawa, as Azrul's fondly known to the three, is not the regular bank employee they are making him out to be. Wawa and the PKR leaders communicate frequently, passionately and discreetly. Anwar, Nurul Izzah and Rafizi will admit that they have been in regular contact with the Bank Islam chief economist for quite a while. They have been using him over and over and over again.

Wawa has been their "insider", their "fly on the wall" at highly classified internal meetings and meetings with Bank Negara, and the spy who has been leaking to his handlers, including to Anwar Ibrahim directly, confidential information of the Bafia kind, from Board papers to correspondence between the central bank and the banking and financial institutions.

Scores of e-mails
Wawa's political misadventure in Singapore (he told a regional forum in his capacity as Bank Islam chief exonomist that Pakatan Rakyat would win the PRU13) left his bosses with no choice but to take disciplinary action. As a bank officer, he was contravening the law. And as this was not his first offence, Wawa was suspended pending a Domestic Inquiry.

The investigation, however, has brought to surface affairs and conduct more sinister than just political over zealousness. Dozens of email correspondence between Wawa and Anwar, Nurul Izzah and Rafizii show a serious security breach in the bank, something which wlll spook the secretive banking industry. The actual content of those emails have not been made known to the public but it will. What is certain, Wawa could not have the best interest of Bank Islam at heart.

The next 24 hours should be hot.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

RCI Sabah: Pendatang Dulu, Pendatang Sekarang

When we were Malaya ...
The author Syed Akbar Ali has come up with a brillaint suggestion: set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into how and why 1 million citizenship was granted to Chinese and Indian migrants not that long ago.

"Allow me to irritate our other immigrant citizenry : would it be too out of place to suggest that we have a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate why 1.0 million immigrants (mostly Chinese and Indians) were given citizenship in Malaya in the 1950s?   
I mean surely there must be at least five million Malays on the Peninsula today who may be wondering why or how that particular incident happened?  Were they consulted? Was there a public referendum? 
Is this a fair request? Or its not fair?  Lets not argue about the fairness. Lets have a RCI first on the issue - how and why 1.0 million Chinese and Indians (including my mamak gang of course) were given citizenship." 

Read OutSyed the Box's Alamak They Were ISA detainees

History can teach us useful lessons, one of it is never to assume that the present-day Malaysian-wannabes in Sabah (or, for that matter, in Sarawak and Semenanjung) are less qualified, or will be less loyal, than those 1 million Chinese and Indian migrants. Or less credible than those corrupt KDN officials who were selling our blue ICs for money.

Read A Voice's ("Anifah Aman for PM") RCI's witnesses' credibility questioned
Big Dog's Ghost of Christmas Past

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guan Eng's RM75b mega project

Smell a rat? The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency,which is being "fortified", should go in where these foreign investors have allegedly pulled out. We can't let a RM75 billion question left unanswered. Lim Guan Eng can't just brush the consultant's claim as if it was nothing; the consultant, too, can't be allowed to make claims without substantiating them. At stake is the nation's reputation as an investment destination.

Original posting:

The Malay Mail's front page report today says "the (Penang) state government had a lot to be worried about following the expose of the RM75b mixed development project in Balik Pulau".
The newspaper was quoting a consultant for the developer of the project after Lim Guan Eng, the Penang chief minister, said the project "simply does not exist".
RM75 billion is a big, big number. Lim can simply claim that "parties were trying to smear and attack the Penang state government". But is that a fact?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Opposition's media deranged as Rakyat snubs first 2013 Sunday rally

Malaysiakini said it was 100,000, the Malaysian Insider put it at 80,000 but Keadilan Daily says today it is 700,000! And it quoted a bekas professor! I shall not add insult to injury, so please read the story h e r e yourself.

The blogger Dave "The Spanker" Avran was right after all about the Opposition's pre-occupation with numbers. From his post Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat: Hooray for Boredom:

As expected, there is a dispute in the turnout, with Malaysiakini claiming a whopping 100k in the 30k capacity Merdeka Stadium, Malaysian Insider claiming 80k, the Bar Council claiming 70 – 100k and the cops claiming 40k. 
The Spanker says that if they are using Microsoft Excel to tabulate their figures we will definitely hear some adjustments in 2 weeks time.

Protesters on the Roof (and in trees!) Here's something to back Keadilan Daily's claim, courtesy of Twitter:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bank Islam thinks BN will fall in PRU13?

Bank Islam Malaysia's Chief Economist Opposition. Meet Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajuddin, politician in banker/economist's clothing. A Trojan? Saboteur calling other people potential saboteurs? PKR candidate for PRU13? Anwar's Mole? Take your pick. One thing Mr Triple-A Tajuddin has not been able to do is to tame his obvious political leanings. As a result, the Chief Economist for Bank Islam became an election punter during a forum in Singapore and put his money on BN losing the PRU13!

Not only that, this guy says businesses and civil servants aligned to BN will carry out economic sabotage against the Pakatan government after PRU13! Masyallah ...

Click here for aritlce

The bank, I am sure, is mighty red-faced right now. But the bank's management can't claim ignorance as this isn't the first time the dude has made very partisan political statements in his capacity as the bank's Chief Economist! 

The Malaysian Insider's article below was dated Nov 2011!

Click here for entire article

Anwar's Taharin Square

Shamsidar Taharin
From tennis court to the court of law
Perhimpunan Shamsidar. Just so you know, tomorrow's political rally promoted by Anwar Ibrahim's Pakatan as the protest of 1 Million People has also been labelled by Umno portals as the Perhimpunan Shamsidar, after Shamsidar Taharin, the wife of long-time Anwar aide and now Pakatan big wig, Azmin Ali.

Shamsidar is due to appear as a main witness for the Anwar Ibrahim vs S. Nallakaruppan epic court battle. Anwar is suing his former tennis partner for RM100 million for calling him "bisexual". Both Shamsidar and Nalla were big players in the first sodomy trial 15 years ago.

Read Utusan Malaysia's Himpunan Shamsidar: Apa Muslihat Anwar?
The Unspinners also have a posting h e r e.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

So, screw the RM207 billion, let's try and change the Jalur Gemilang again ..

"Instigating uprising is a crime ... Instigating change of flag is TREASON." - An sms message sent to me by an ordinary, peace-loving Malaysian (who happens to be a lawyer)  this morning.
1 million Malaysians want change of flag? They wish!

Pulling out all stops. Earlier today in Jakarta Anwar Ibrahim was still babling about the RM207 billion "Death Railway" money that Japan paid to Malaysia. Apparently, nobody told him that Tokyo had confirmed yesterday what we sensible Malaysians had suspected all along, that the claim was hogwash! 

But that's also how desperate the movement has become. With the general election drawing nearer and no game-changing issue in hand, they are pulling out all stops. So, the Japanese denied the RM207 billion, so what?! They still have Deepak's RM13 million gems for Rosmah, that would make the people angry. Right?

Not so. This Saturday's gathering is aimed to provide the biggest political platform for Anwar before the 13th general election. It is not about "Amarah Rakyat" (the people's anger). The people are angry at blatant lies like the RM207 billion stunt Nizar tried to pull. Rakyat marah dan meluat also with their lying campaign, malicious fabrication, and dangerous racial & religious games.

The majority or the people can see through the Bersihs. They will show their anger at the polls, which will not be held this Saturday.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Pakatan's RM207 billion mega railway project derailed (by the truth)

Officially, the biggest lie or/and dumbest political stunt of 2013. Thanks to Nizar, Malaysians witness first hand how gullible some Pakatan politicians and their rabid supporters in the likes of Malaysian Chronicles (RM207 billion hijacked by Dr M) and Malaysiakini (How could RM207 billion Death Railway fund vanish?) are.

And how their Ketua Umum perpetuated the lie/dumbness (Explain RM207 billion compensation: Anwar).

Unfortunately for them, the Japanese Government has issued a formal statement denying Nizar's claim that Tokyo had paid the RM207 billion to Malaysia.

So, really, can we trust the likes of Nizar and these portal with anything?

Wednesday January 9, 2013

‘Japan did not pay RM207bil’

PETALING JAYA: Japan never paid RM207bil to the Malaysian Government as compensation for victims of the Death Railway project in the 1940s, according to the Japanese Embassy.
Its Second Secretary Takaharu Suegami, responding to PAS working committee member Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin who was reported to have said so, said the latter's claim was “outside the involvement and knowledge of the Government of Japan”.
“All questions arising out of the unhappy events with regard to Malaysia have been fully and finally settled under the San Francisco Treaty which entered into force in 1952,” he said in a statement yesterday. Nizar was quoted by Harakah Daily as saying that the embassy had confirmed that the money was handed to the Malaysian Government in 2004.
The report stated that the money had yet to be distributed to families of the estimated 30,000 Malaysians who were forced labourers of the project between 1942 and 1946.
Suegami said both countries had also signed an agreement on Sept 21, 1967, whereby Japan agreed to supply services and products to Malaysia totalling RM25mil.
The grants, he said, had been used to build two ships, among other projects, but there was no transfer of an undisclosed amount of money.
“Malaysia agreed that any question from the events of the Second World War that might affect our good bilateral relations would be fully and finally settled with the agreement.
“All the supply in accordance with the agreement was completed by May 6, 1972,” he said.

Felda's timely suit vs an untimely announcement to the Bursa

Felda fights malice. Lawsuits have been a near-monopoly of the Opposition until Felda moved to punish lying politicians. I am not a fan of lawsuits by big corporations againsts individuals but politicians and lying politicians, especially, are fair game but the lies about Felda settlers and their newly-listed Felda Global Ventures Holdings have gone on for too long. I think it is also healthy that we do not allow the Guan Engs and Anwar Ibrahims and Husams to dominate the courts (despite insisting that our judges - like our elections - aren't fair and clean). 

I am, however, not in favour of politicians suing individuals, eg Husam vs Sheikh Kickdefella, Rais Yatim vs Din Sharpshooter, and DAP politicians vs some or other poor journalists. The threat by Singapore PM to sue a blogger was another example of using a Hummer to kill an ant. For that matter, I will not agree if Najib Razak takes out a lawsuit, say, to silence the likes of the Malicious Sarawak Report or other Opposition media for maligning him. The PM should be the fairest game of all.

So, congrats FGV, shut the anti-Felda settlers up!

Mavani was marked to be FGV's COO (not CEO) designate

Someone"doctored" announcement to Bursa. But what's not so clever and certainly not subtle is FGV's announcement earlier this week to the Bursa on the appointment of one Dr  Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah as Executive Director and ... drum roll ... CEO Designate! Read h e r e

I was told that the majority of the Board members were caught by surprise, including the current CEO Sabri Ahmad. One prominent Board member is expected to announce his resignation over the manner the announcement was made. Some people's excuse is that FGV is a newly-listed company and is still learning how to make a proper, basic announcement to the Bursa. In reality, the political manoeuvrings in the organisation have begun. You don't have to be a politician to play politics. These people, in my view, are fair game also!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Pakatan's RM207 billion railway project

In Malaysia’s case, a separate agreement was reached in July 1967: a sum of M$25mil (Malaysian ringgit) was presented to be used to purchase two ocean-going vessels from Japan. There was, however, some wangling before the agreement was actually signed. The Japanese Government demanded that the Malaysian Government guarantee it would make no further demands. This was rejected by the Malaysian Government. It was not until September 1967 that the agreement was signed after Japan withdrew that demand. The two governments, however, did agree that the gift of M$25mil would be the final and complete settlement of the unpleasant events of the Japanese Occupation. Source Danny Wong Tze-Ken Department of History, Universiti Malaya.

Nizar's Death knell. Since losing his MB post, Nizar has struggled to remain politically relevant. We can understand that he wants to hit back at his political foes. But making use of victims of the Death Railway from the World War II era? It reminds me of Hindraf's trillion-dollar claim from Britain back in 2007, supposedly to compensate living Malaysian Indians whose ancestors were brought to this land, presumably by force, to work the colonial masters' estates. Nizar's RM207 billion is smaller than Hindraf's but his goals are as lofty: fan the sentiments of the Malays, who represent a considerably bigger voting base than the Indians, and try and score points against the Federal Government (note the reference to ETP below!):
Mengikut rekod persatuan bekas buruh paksa ini, jumlah 30,000 buruh ini melibatkan 60 peratus bangsa Melayu, 20 peratus India, 15 peratus Cina dan 5 peratus bangsa lain. Nizar yang juga Ajk PAS Pusat berkata, dengan jumlah RM207 bilion itu setiap keluarga dianggarkan layak menerima sehingga RM3 juta wang pampasan. “Banyak! pemberian pampasan ini kepada mangsa lebih baik dari ETP yang dibuat oleh kerajaan, sekurang-kurangnya dapat mengatasi sedikit masalah ekonomi orang Melayu,” katanya.
As with Hindraf, we will soon learn of Nizar's only agenda here, ie his political survival. Wisma Putra will undoubtedly come out with an official statement but before they do, SatD rings Nizar's death knell in his latest posting Japanese WWII reparations: Are PR politicians on LSD?

SatD's articles are, as always, meticulous in his research so think before you leave comments h e r e. 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Not your average Muslim country ..

"... (Malaysia) is the world’s most important Islamic-finance centre. Just over a fifth of the country’s banking system, by assets, is sharia-compliant; the average for Muslim countries is more like 12%, and often a lot less. Malaysia dominates the global market for sukuk, or Islamic bonds. The country issued the world’s first sovereign sukuk in 2002; in the first three quarters of 2012 it was responsible for almost three-quarters of total global issuance ..."
The prolific commenter Warrior 231 reminded me in his latest comment (just in case Anwar Ibrahim, the ex Finance Minister, plans to claim the credit, he said) that Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the Prime Minister  when the world's first sovereign sukuk was launched by Malaysia tercinta10 years ago. He provided me with this link to The Economist's latest take on us:

Islamic finance

Banking on the ummah

Malaysia leads the charge in Islamic finance

OF MALAYSIA’S claims to fame, leadership in financial services is not an obvious one. Yet in some ways the country is the world’s most important Islamic-finance centre. Just over a fifth of the country’s banking system, by assets, is sharia-compliant; the average for Muslim countries is more like 12%, and often a lot less. Malaysia dominates the global market for sukuk, or Islamic bonds. The country issued the world’s first sovereignsukuk in 2002; in the first three quarters of 2012 it was responsible for almost three-quarters of total global issuance (see chart). Malaysia is also home to the Islamic Financial Services Board, an international standard-setting body.
These are big achievements for a relatively small country of just 30m people, of whom only about 60% are Muslim. In neighbouring Indonesia, which is home to the largest Muslim population in the world, only about 4% of the financial sector is sharia-compliant. Although the much richer Gulf states and Saudi Arabia have bigger Islamic banks, it is Malaysia, argues Iqbal Khan of Dubai’s Fajr Capital investment fund, that is the centre “for thought leadership in Islamic finance”.
How did the country carve out this niche? Malaysia’s Muslim heritage, outward-looking nature and links with financial hubs like Britain and Singapore made the place a natural candidate to bridge the worlds of religion and capitalism. The central bank, the Bank Negara Malaysia, is also supportive.
Two institutions in particular, both set up by the central bank, have contributed to Malaysia’s pre-eminence in the field. The first is the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF). Established in 2005 and boasting about 2,000 students, INCEIF is the world’s leading university for the study of Islamic finance. The International Sharia Research Academy, housed within INCEIF, brings together scholars to produce an internationally acceptable rule-book for Islamic finance.
The second institution is the Islamic Banking and Finance Institute of Malaysia (IBFIM). It concentrates on vocational training, offering a variety of certificates in Islamic finance. IBFIM also acts as a consultancy to banks and firms that want to become sharia-compliant.
Zeti Akhtar Aziz, the head of the central bank, says that these bodies are the “pipeline to provide the banks with talent”. And not just in Malaysia. There are currently students from 80 countries at INCEIF; and IBFIM has taught people from Afghanistan, Nigeria, Palestine and elsewhere.
All of which gives Malaysia greater status within the ummah, the global Islamic community, important to a country that often feels on the periphery of the Muslim world. There are more tangible benefits, too. The Islamic subsidiary of Maybank, a big local lender, already accounts for about half of the group’s customers and is expanding abroad: it set up a subsidiary in Singapore 18 months ago and has also moved into Indonesia.
Ms Zeti argues that sharia-compliant banks are inherently more stable than conventional peers. Speculation is forbidden, and because charging interest is prohibited under sharia law, returns are based on profit-sharing. Perhaps. Islamic finance is hardly foolproof: Dubai’s debt crisis in 2009 showed that sukuk can help to inflate debt to unsustainable levels. But whatever its pros and cons, Malaysia will provide much of the evidence either way.