Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ibrahim Ali and PAS: WIll they reconcile for PRU13?

Ibrahim Ali: Shoot first ...

There are a few salient facts about the politician Ibrahim Ali that you must know when crucifying  him for his gedebe talk about burning Malay-language Bibles that use Islam's "Allah" instead of god.

1. He became the MP for Pasir Mas after beating the Barisan Nasional candidate. Ibrahim contested as an Independent candidate BUT under the PAS banner, meaning he was a de facto Pakatan candidate! (PAS is a component of Pakatan Rakyat but that you know already);

2. Ibrahim Ali is not a member of UMNO;

3. Perkasa, the NGO he founded, is not a part of UMNO or the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition;

4. He does not hold any post in Government;

5. The guy graduated from ITM, which means: 
a. He is not stupid 
b. ITM does not brainwash its students to be pro-Government

6. Ibrahim Ali was a PAS member before he jumped to UMNO, Semangat 46, and went into the unholy alliance with PAS/Pakatan Rakyat in PRU12.

PAS proudly presents ... h e r e

For PRU13, one thing certain is the dood won't stand as a candidate in Sabah or Sarawak after his stunt with the Bible. UMNO has always kept a healthy distance: Ibrahim and Perkasa are less harsh towards UMNO after Pak Lah stepped down but UMNO has always been wary of Ibrahim. So, that leaves PAS. What are the chances that Ibrahim Ali will contest once again as an independent candidate under the PAS banner? I say the chances are slim but, ahoy, this is politics. As a corporate chief reminded me at the Press Club last week: "In politics, there are no fixed friends and no fixed enemies; only fixed goals."


  1. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Which means he is a jumping frog and how to believe him, he is not stupid because he is from ITM may be the constituents.

  2. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Once bitten and beaten twice shy!
    PAS has principles.
    Ibrahim is a slave for his principals.


  3. Anonymous2:10 pm


    We know you are a fan of Ibrahim Ali but no need to carry it too far with Pas for Nik Aziz has Written Off this KATAK a long time ago!!

  4. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Heh Heh!

    Rocky dah run out of ideas!

    Ibrahim Ali dah di buang Negeri tak laku di Kelantan and hoping UMNO will tak him back and you say What?!

  5. Anonymous2:36 pm

    No Rocky,,

    He is going to contest under the DAP. LGE and Karpal will welcome him with open arms.
    That would be a better

    As for your had to be joke of the year or PAS are made up of morons to take him back.We can only see Ibrahim Ali contest under UMNO because he is Mahathir's mouthpiece. Maybe Mahathir can squeeze Najib to give him a ticket with UMNO.But whichever party he contesting also he will lose. That's for sure. It's about time we have rules for elected reps to resign when party hopping.


  6. LeMAO,

    That was what many thought. Ibrahim isn't called the King of Frogs for nothing.

    The fact remains, he's around because of your political masters, mate. Live with it.

  7. Anonymous3:03 pm

    3. Perkasa, the NGO he founded, is not a part of UMNO or the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition;

    Alamak Rocky, Perkasa tu 'Sub-Contractor and Spokeperson' for UMNO and doing UMNO/BN dirty work, still.

    Macam nak bakar Al-kitab, suruh non-bumi balik Tongsan dan India, buat butt-dance, buat threat & warning dan macam-macam lagi...

    lagi pon Godfather of Perkasa tu is Madey, UMNO tu Madey punya.

  8. Anonymous3:13 pm

    No Dong Zhong, No Hindraf = No Perkasa aka Ibrahim Ali.

    Long live The Katak.
    But in DAP, you cannot leap out.
    Leap into DAP, you can?


  9. Talk of frogs, look at Anwar and Sabah. Anwar created bigger frogs there. and still hoping to get some frogging post 2008 and likely after 2013.

    Ibrahim Ali is a smaller frogs to the Sabah frogs. Pandikar Amin jumped 6 political parties.

  10. Anonymous3:26 pm

    if he joins back pas he can single handedly bring down the whole party for good, once and for all.btw, where he get so much money to fund those kakis to do his dirty works ah?

  11. Anonymous3:28 pm


    Agree! he will compete under DAP Banner and suddenly turn around and say the non-Muslims can use the "A" word. hahahahahahaha

  12. Anonymous3:36 pm


    Ibrahim katak is known for many years as an Umno mole. Umno is scared to be associated with him because of his pedigree - brainless. Yet he managed to secure the support of Mamakthir and Mooheedin. He will not win in the elections but then we won't hear the last from him because his views will continue to be aired in pro-Umno papers and blogs like yours.

    Obviously you are trying to reach out to the Mamakthir camp now that the Bijan camp is shaky.


  13. Anonymous3:36 pm

    rocku bru is trying to spin that ibrahim ali is a pas proxy after the bible burning debacle, so pethatic, no shame blogger , thinking some people will buy his childish spin.................

  14. Anonymous3:39 pm

    dont think your false flag / spin will work , ibrahim ali is tun mahathir storm tropper , ie umno lah.............

  15. Short answer - No!

    In trying to be another Pastor Terry Jones, and hoping to gain his 15 minutes of international fame, this katak will be kicked out at GE 13. The Rakyat can smell a waste of space a mile away.

    PAS will not touch with a 10 foot pole anyone who advocates Bible burning, in whatever format IA may have specified. Many PAS members also graduated from ITM. By the same token as your reasoning, they are not stupid either!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  16. trifling-jester4:39 pm

    trying to spin this fool as a PKR endorsed candidate. didnt hear anything in your piece about how your paymaster's patron mahathir endorsed his views as well?

  17. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Ha ha!

    Semua tak ngaku Tok Brahim tu sekutu PAS dan Pakatan ke? Tunjuk gambar depa kempen untuk Tok Brahim masa PRU12 dulu je Datuk Rocky, biar depa ni malu!

  18. Jesus6:44 pm

    Attention ALL fellow CHRISTIANS!!!

    If you vote for PAS or PAKATAN RAKYAT means you'll be voting for IBRAHIM ALI.

    He had insulted your religion (bible) & a vote for PAS/PAKATAN RAKYAT/IBRAHIM ALI means you're supporting the bible you had been reading all these while to be BURNED to ASHES!!!

    Do you still want to support PAKATAN RAKYAT???? You might be a DAP supporter but do you think supporting DAP itself will HELP protect your religion from further PAS crazy attacks???

    Yes, your future is important but isn't your religion important too??? So come PRU-13, I'm very sure Christians should have already an answer, correct???

    1. Anonymous7:39 pm

      All commentators are bastards,u talk shit and u are born losers.Dont waste ur time and do something good for ur ownself and ur family.

  19. PAS has sacked Ibrahim Ali.
    Rocky is dreaming for PAS and Ali become friends.
    Sometimes I wonder what kind of a brain Rocky has.

  20. This is a shit blog.
    Don't you know that....Anon 7.39 pm?
    Are you married....SONTOLOYO?

  21. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Rocky is bcoming a real rockhead as the election approaches. The super katak ibrahim ali is a puppet of mahathir & was not favored by pak lah in 2008 elections bcos of khairy's hatred of mahathir. Since pak lah was ousted this super katak has since returned to his master mahathir. Do u realise that rocky never writes any good thing about khairy? Thats bcos like the super katak, rocky is also a mahathirs puppet and all 3 hates khairy & pak lah

  22. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Aiya , rocky no need to spin about this ibrahim ali lah.. He is dead meet in kelantan & will never ever be voted in by pasir mas folks again. Perkasa is only syiok sendiri.

  23. Datuk Rocky,

    Preaching of Islam is regulated. All imams, bilal, khaitibs and even in some states, teachers and preachers of mosques must get approval from Jabatan Agama. This is to ensure that only qualified persons are able to be mosque officials and even preachers.

    One cannot print Al Quran as one pleases and distribute in mosques. Jabatan Agama even monitor Al Quran. Many imported Al Quran are not allowed into the country.

    But none for Christianity.

    So, how does Christianity be regulated? Not just for the Christians. Also for the Non Christians.

    When it is not regulated, then one can get a Malay bible with 'Allah' instead of God, sometimes in Jawi, being distributed to the Malays.

    That's seen as attempt to proselytize Muslims, which has been provided as an serious offence under Article 11(4) of the Federation of Malaysia Constitution.

    So, one want to blame Ibrahim Ali if he discovers these Malay bibles with 'Allah' instead of 'God', being distributed to the Malays?

    Why not blame those who print and/or distribute the Malay bibles with 'Allah' instead of 'God', sometimes in Jawi to the Malays?

    Your readers must stay focused. Ibrahim Ali reacted to something which already had happened.

    This (distribution of Malay Bibles with 'Allah' instead of God and to the Malays) is an extension to what happened in Red Rock Hotel in Macalsiter Rd in Penang on 5 May 2011 and in Damansara Utama Methodist Church in sect 13 P Jaya on 3 Aug 2011.

    Majority of Malays are very angry with this. Even PAS MP like YB Nasharuddin Md Isa and former PAS VP YB Dato' Dr Hassan Md Ali mentioned these two events time and again in their speeches.

    And they are neither PERKASA nor UMNO!

    Be realistic. Provoke and anger the Malays further, plenty of 'Ibrahim Ali' would come out from the woodworks.

  24. Anonymous2:13 am

    Pakatan is facing doom's day. No matter what they try to achieve, it always backfired.

    and pakatan supporters are also losing steam after FOREVER claiming to represent the "rakyat".

    Born losers!

  25. Anonymous4:58 am Tua mcm Tun M, pun Pakatan takut..only one person can teach liar Anwar Ibrahim, Tun M...that y Anwar so afraid of Tun M, anwar knw he can lies to his stupid followers n keep cheat them...n perhaps PR followers will continue believe Anwar Lies.....dt y his blind followers will keep attack old men Tun M....wise Guy...who will take up any questions even from Anwar paid media, but Anwar coward to answer question frm media...n label them ....Anwar after PRU 13 ur finish...Anwar the longest survive liar.

  26. Anonymous6:34 am

    Rocky's posting on ibrahim ali is a classic piece of spin work from Rocky. He knows that this katak has made a grave sin by calling on muslims to burn the bible yet he tries to link him to pakatan instead.

  27. Anonymous7:12 am

    Ibrahim ali is a goner. For sure. ABU .

  28. Anonymous11:33 pm


    Whoever you are, your posting does not reflect that you are "seorang yang beriman".

    Thus, we can't really take whatever you said something that we can ponder and ambil iktibar.

    Keep on posting as we occasionally need baduts to keep some of us entertained.

  29. Anonymous5:13 pm

    UMNO has no balls , it gets perkasa ibrahim katak to do all the dirty work. So definitely this katak is with umno otherwise mahathir & rosmah would not be attending perkasa evil events.