Thursday, January 17, 2013

RCI Sabah: Pendatang Dulu, Pendatang Sekarang

When we were Malaya ...
The author Syed Akbar Ali has come up with a brillaint suggestion: set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into how and why 1 million citizenship was granted to Chinese and Indian migrants not that long ago.

"Allow me to irritate our other immigrant citizenry : would it be too out of place to suggest that we have a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate why 1.0 million immigrants (mostly Chinese and Indians) were given citizenship in Malaya in the 1950s?   
I mean surely there must be at least five million Malays on the Peninsula today who may be wondering why or how that particular incident happened?  Were they consulted? Was there a public referendum? 
Is this a fair request? Or its not fair?  Lets not argue about the fairness. Lets have a RCI first on the issue - how and why 1.0 million Chinese and Indians (including my mamak gang of course) were given citizenship." 

Read OutSyed the Box's Alamak They Were ISA detainees

History can teach us useful lessons, one of it is never to assume that the present-day Malaysian-wannabes in Sabah (or, for that matter, in Sarawak and Semenanjung) are less qualified, or will be less loyal, than those 1 million Chinese and Indian migrants. Or less credible than those corrupt KDN officials who were selling our blue ICs for money.

Read A Voice's ("Anifah Aman for PM") RCI's witnesses' credibility questioned
Big Dog's Ghost of Christmas Past


  1. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Yea, while you are at it why not have a RCI on how the indigenous Orang Asli were robbed of their native land..........

  2. Anonymous2:50 pm

    kah..kah..kah.... usah Rocky pusing-pusing cerita, tak lama lagi Rakyat Malaysia akan tahu siapa 'Mastermind' dlm Projek IC Sabah !!

    Agak siapa 'Mastermind' tu ?

    Madey ? Samy Velu ? Anwar Ibrahim ? Nik Aziz ? Chua Soi Lek ? Tian Chua ?
    KJ ? Rockybru ? Mak cik Siti yg jual nasi lemak in puduraya ? ataupon Balck Rosie & Deepak ?

  3. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Did the Malays in the 1950s already have citizenship papers or blue ICs? Or did all races receive citizenship at that time?

  4. my god, bukan main bodoh lagi kau ni!

    just because some one said it, you must simply go ahead and parrot it.

    are you not capable of thinking and reasoning?

    are you not capableof seeing the obvious difference between the two way citizenships were given?

    you are one really sick person, rocky!

  5. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Yes please set up the RCI and question why the the Malay rulers and UMNO allow this

  6. Anonymous3:17 pm

    These are totally 2 different issue. The inital granting of citizenship is done LEGALLY with the consent of involved so that we can achieve independence. The current ILLEGAL granting of citizenship is done illegally by UMNO in order tocheat in the election, purely driven by lust for power and wealth. UMNO sell out their own country and citizen just for the power unlike the UMNO lama.

  7. charleskiwi3:44 pm

    You again proved what you are, a true lackey of Umno in the name of a Malay When you failed to mention that the big difference between the RCI and the RCI you advocated is that the that the granting of citizenships to the pendatang and the imported muslims is all the pendatang were born in the country. Whereas all the imported muslims were all foreigners who has never ever contributed to the nation. They were solely imported to keep the scumbags and parasites remain as tenants in Putrajaya and also to justify the numerous policies the morons implemented in favour of the muslims and the inflated muslim population in the country.
    If you fail to even comprehend these you are not a journalist that do not fear or favour reporting the truth and consequently a disgrace to journalism !

  8. Jasper Bloodstone4:10 pm

    Too clever by half, this attempt at revisionism.

    While we are about it, why not have a RCI about how the original indigenous inhabitants of peninsular Malaya were sidelined, marginalised and discriminated against by the waves of immigrants from greater Nusantara?

    What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Eh, Bru?

  9. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Woi Rocky, orang ramai dah lama tahu UMNO/BN bagi IC kat pendatang haram di Sabah utk beli undi...

    expose RCI kali ni nak menyenangkan PR buat tangkapan pada mereka yg terlibat dlm projek IC di Sabah apabila PR menjadi Kerajaan selepas PRU13 nanti !!

  10. The 2 million Chinese and Indians were given citizenship ..having proven they and their children were Malaya.
    Sabah case is totally different.
    Twisting time is needed to save their cheating games.

  11. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Mamaks on a roll i see. First the listen gal and now syed stupid fucking ali. Ok Rocky, if you have as much balls as you do bullshit, i would dare you to put this suggestion to the general public. Put it in the malay mail or that toilet paper utusan/nst. Publish this comment and do it. Or shut up? Your call asshole.

  12. Anonymous6:26 pm

    looking at the comment of all the PR geniuses, i have concluded that the malays are actually came from inda and china,
    whilst the chinese and the indians are the local org Asli.

    and since when Pakatan so worked up about org Asli and pendatang? Did they know that nik aziz is siamese descendant (now you know why he is so against and try to destroy islam) and anuwar is actually mamak kutty descendant?

  13. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    What happened to you lately that you began to hallucinate like Ibrhim Pekasa? Have you been to Sabah or KK? Have you seen those Pinos whom the locals despised, competing every space and economy with the local Dayaks,Ibans,Kadas,Muruts etc and not paying a sen tax.But we west Msians seem to love these Pinos just bcoz they happen to be muslims- maybe you can suggest we reside them here and kick out those tax-paying indian-chinamen to east msia to put a full stop to all these endless nonsense quarrels.

  14. Wave337:33 pm

    Quote: The author Syed Akbar Ali has come up with a brilliant suggestion: set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into how and why 1 million citizenship was granted to Chinese and Indian migrants not that long ago.
    >> It sounds quite ridiculous. It was due to the formation of Malaya that everyone was granted citizenship, but not all of them took up the offer. We talking about things happening after the formation of Malaya and Malaysia. It is irrelevant base on frame of time.

    Quote: History can teach us useful lessons, one of it is never to assume that the present-day Malaysian-wannabes in Sabah (or, for that matter, in Sarawak and Semenanjung) are less qualified, or will be less loyal, than those 1 million Chinese and Indian migrants.
    >> Very true, those whom are fedup with how Malaysia is run, have already migrated elsewhere. It would be embarrassment when people migrate from Malaysia. Unlike US, everyone loves to go there even middle east people. Malaysia certainly has a lot of pull factor. The full factor is created by a muhhibah culture. Does Indonesia with only one race has stronger pull factor from Malaysia? I am sure, we can find a lot of Vietnamese boat people whom wanted to die for Malaysia. Malaysia did not even take one of them because it has no value. The value UMNO is taking about is not about patriotic, it is about blind supporters to maintain UMNO in power. The issue is not about patriotic, is about having long term fixed deposit.

    Please do not twist it into another matter.

  15. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Listen, Listen, Listen,

    If we are to send back the filipinos..

    We must also send the Chinese and Indians back to China and India,

    That Patrick guy, and LGE should be in the first tongkang!

    Don't forget to send that Bavani lady back to Kerala and Ambiga to Madras 'naik' kapal bawang.

    Let them make noise in their own country. Their country need them more than us, with the pollution and free speech problems in China and women's right in India.

  16. The Sabah RCI is to determine whether citizenships were given in line with the Constitution, law and government policy. It's obvious that Maha Firaun acted in an ad hoc dictator's fiat mode in riding rough-shod over the Constitution. Religious bias was his determining factor, not the "useful citizen" test! Blue IC's were illegallu issued surreptitiously!

    Where and what was the need for Firaun to intefere in the population mix in Sabah, and embark on social re-engineering, like a latter day little Stalin, Hitler or Mao?

    As for the "'50s 1 million citizenships", I'm not sure if any Arab-hater has the facts in his hand. E.g. in 1955, the census revealed 5.9 million population, comprising 2.9 million Malays (49%), 2.3 million Chinese (39%) and 600,000 Indians & Others (12%). The Indians, Others & and Chinese, who by 1957 had their roots in Malaya for over a hundred years, had contributed spectacularly to the positive economic growth of Malaya. These are undisputed historical FACTS!

    Race, religion and even language test were not applied in approving citizenships. No hanky panky was perpetrated. It was all done above board and not in secrecy, to get a fledgling nation going.

    No "deal" was struck between the Tunku, Sultans and the outgoing Bristish Colonial Administration.

    Compare the two secnario and everyone can see the evil havoc created in Sabah by the likes of Maha Firaun and his blind, sycophantic followers and supporters.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  17. Anonymous8:21 pm

    anon 4.28 - ko ni lanchau juga....dasar penyokong PR yg x guna...taik betul

  18. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Holy cow, should we talk about how the seafaring melayus displaced the orang asli ? Why don't you talk about displacing orang utans ? Kah kah kah, bodoh betoi peminat Umno. .....

  19. Anonymous8:29 pm

    `set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into how and why 1 million citizenship was granted to Chinese and Indian migrants not that long ago.'

    FULLY AGREED!!! lets initiated this idea and proposal.

    Dato Najib,

    no more SWEET TALK, take action!!! we dont like the pendatang living in this tanah melayu ANYMORE!!!!

  20. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Umno ni memang terror...macam-macam boleh jual...agama di jual, bangsa di jual, negara pon di jual !!

    Bangkit Rakyat !! hancurkan UMNO !!

  21. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Hi bro,
    Granting of citenship to chinese and indians to those who QUALIFY before was to enable the granting of independance for malaya .That was the deal.
    No citizenship no merdeka. Faham ?
    But in sabah it was two in one.Make money and get votes.
    Well, its not a sin if they qualify.
    I know of 3rd generation chinese and indians who are only "Red Ic holders".
    I hope najib will not be cowed and brow beaten by mahatir.Najib must have balls to do what is right to put right what is wrong presently.
    Appoint KJ as full minister and get rid of dead woods and morons.

  22. Anonymous10:24 pm

    At least the sabah pendatangs speak fluent malay n practice the malay customs. Unlike the 1 million malaya pendatangs. Sadly even their 2nd n 3rd generations can't speak proper bahasa melayu.

    1. Anonymous4:41 am

      As long as the pendatangs don't use chopsticks or toilet paper, let's give them citizenship. Never mind they commit incest and marry 4 wives.

    2. Anonymous3:25 pm

      But Sabah not belongs to malay ,its have own pribumi customs ,,

  23. Anonymous10:30 pm

    So what if the govt given their fellow muslims citizenship ? They were from malay archipelago mind you.

    1. Anonymous4:43 am

      Wow, so now Pakistan, Afghanistan, middle east, all have become the Malay archipelago. Let's redraw the map too !

    2. Anonymous3:29 pm

      But why Sabah ? Sabah not belongs to muslims only ...islamic law can not Apply here ...

  24. Anonymous12:35 am

    Let's trace back to the time of Parameswara, the traitor from India ...... then you will no the origin of ....


  25. Anonymous12:45 am

    Lets do that Bro..

    Lets do the RCI on these pendatang tak sedar diuntung.. Let them now their actual place.. Sejarah pun x tau nak putar belit fakta... bunch of idiots..


    1. Anonymous4:37 am

      Yeah, these pendatang engineered by the social policies of mamakthir - in the same mould as Hitler's final solution. Let's do another final solution in this country. Berani tak ?

  26. Anonymous4:18 am

    So mamakthir's grandfather should have been barred from this country ? Shahreezat's grandfather too ? Nor Yakcop's father? Apdal's grandfather ? Looks like most of Dumno leadership were illegals......

  27. Anonymous4:34 am

    Mamakthir and his social engineering policies. In the same mould as the Nazis and Pol Pot. This man is a criminal and needs to be hauled up in the international Court of Justice.

  28. Anonymous8:36 am

    Hey Rocky, in the 1950s, before independance of Malaya, there was no Constitution that defines who is a Malay and who deserves to be granted citizenship. And there was no law or procedure defined then on how one might gain citizenship. So how to conduct an RCI to investigate why 1 million citizenships were given to Chinese and Indians? Based on what? Tunku was working based on the principle of fair play, equality and justice for all. The Chinese and Indians who came had worked hard and contributed to Malaya. He wanted Malaya to get independance and in order to do that he needed to unite all races and give chance to everybody. In the Sabah case, however, the RCI must investigate based on the Constitution and prescribed laws.

  29. Anonymous10:43 am

    There is such a thing as Kepulauan Melayu ok, not Kepulauan Cina and not Kepulauan India. There is no such thing as the Malays coming from Nusantara or Indonesia, stealing land from the orang asli. No matter how much you want to spin or deny, this is the truth. tanah Melayu and Indonesia and Nusantara did not even exist then,,ok.

    If you want to talk about origin, new gene research have shown that all of us originated from Africa, and the movement of the earlier people to this part of the world was from Africa, migrating to the east, before moving to the north and south. And the study also showed that the Malay genes are much older than the Chinese genes. Remember orang Perak?

    Be that as it may, the issue here is that long before the formation of Sabah, Sarawak, Tanah Melayu (by the British), the sea people of Sabah and Southern Philippines have been calling both lands as their home land. And many of them had no knowledge of the politics that the British and Americans created with their 'this is my land now, and that is yours'. So, even though Sabah joined Malaya to form Malaysia,, these people still have the freedom to move between their two homes. Same goes for the locals who now found themselves to be part of Indonesia Kalimantan, when to them, they have always been part of the area that they have lived for centuries.

    So, after Malaysia was formed, not all of these people were given Malaysian citizenship, esp those that were then in the southern part of Philliphnes. Was it fair for them to be displaced due to the politics of outsiders that have no rights over them?

    To make matters worse, the Christian philliphne gov did ntohing to help these people, instead chose to persecute them for being Muslims. So, they ran here. Since our country in a majority Muslim country, and Islam ask of us to help our brothers and sisters, it is only right that they are helped and given due consideration for their plight.

    The question here is whether all was done above board. So far, from what has been said, the decision of the top officials were above board, that is the agreement to grant them citizenship, but the implementation of those at the bottom level, including the immigration officers involved in the exercise, were anything than above board. Again, it is the same problem of litle napoleans taking advantage and not performing their duties above board. In this case, these same people that are now directly or indirectly saying that there's some hanky panky going on, were the ones that were found GUILTY of making a profit without the knowledge of their superior...they were the ones that were doing the hanky panky-ing. So, if anyone is dodgy, it is they who took money from the immigrants, who abused their power and the trust given to them for profit.

    The problem still persists until today. Example, the top gave direcive to ensure that foreign experts working in Malaysia should be given PR with no unnecessary hassle, and yet I know of a friend, whose husband is an expat with the expertise in one of the key knowledge area that Malaysia wants, until today...12 years of staying here and being married to a local, has yet to get his PR because the officer in charge at the immigration branch that they went to, chose to punish him for marrying a lcal woman. Who is at fault? The gov or the litle napolean?

  30. Anonymous11:51 am

    why then was this whole issue DENIED previously? And when it is blown up, you bring up it was done legally and even dare to to compare it with the Chinese and INdians during Malaya? Why not just admitted the whole fiasco from the beginning?

  31. Dear Anon 1043am,

    The Malays must be the most accommodating race of people on Earth. The "tak apa" characteristic, in this case, should be praised. Not exploited or taken advantage of.

  32. Anonymous12:08 pm


    Are you eating maggots? No house to sleep in? No bank account? Cannot go to kfc or pizza hut? Cannot travel? Children cannot go to school? When sick cannot go to clinic? Mother in law a sex slave? Never been to klia? klcc? F1? Never on lrt? highway? This country not good enough for you? What are you complaining about? Want to go back to your 'motherland'? No? Why not?

  33. Anonymous12:18 pm

    anon 2:20

    Now tell that to the chinese government. For your infor Beijing would not take even one of you!! And here you still call yourself chinese!

  34. Anonymous1:57 pm


    soon excavators will discover eureka that chinese pots vases and sculpture were buried all over East and West Malaysia - to prove that they are the original aborigines

    meanwhile scraps of hindu temples will be uncovered side by side the chinese heritage finds

  35. Anonymous2:02 pm

    wave spigot 33

    we the Malay Muslims and Bumiputeras of Malaysia WANT to retain UMNO/BN as the government for years to come

    you not happy? as minority spigot buttwasher33 has NO say

  36. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Yeah a GREAT idea!! Compare the criteria used by the 1st world country to determine if the criteria used to grant 1 million cinapek sepet sengkelet and keling kasta pendatangs FOC citizenships were fair and justified.

    If not then revoke and send them packing. Their skin pigmentation will rule against them being original settlers of this region.

  37. Anonymous2:10 pm

    anon @ 10:05 pm,your endorsement of KJ points to him being a trojan horse to destroy UMNO from within

    he talks a lot but no action taken to uplift the rakyat's welfare

    compared to Najib's super active programme, kj is the male tai tai

  38. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Anonymous @4:18 am said,"So mamakthir's grandfather should have been barred from this country ? Shahreezat's grandfather too ? Nor Yakcop's father? Apdal's grandfather ? Looks like most of Dumno leadership were illegals"

    Just how stupid can anyone be? They came, are welcomed by the bumiputeras, adopt the local culture, integrate with the customs and lifestyle and YES YES YES, they became adopted as Melayu.

    Unlike ching chong, yenna dai speaking pendatangs, tak sedar diri dan diuntung

    came here poorest of the poor, grab wealth off Tanah Melayu and use taxpayers money to educate themselves

    and still DEMANDING to live like their datuk and neneks from communist china and kasta india

    chinese schools, chinese language, tamil schools, yenna dai language etc etc

    still not satisfied

    YES the Melayu Baru wants the RCI done on the FOC 1 million citizenships given to kuli kangs and kasta toreh getah

    The Melayu Baru have enough of colonisation from the brits, cinapek sengkelet and keling kasta

    1. Anonymous9:09 pm

      Heh, heh

      The "Melayu Baru" wannabes will be s******g in their pants when the big brothers China and India come calling!

      Who you gonna call, eh? Big abang Indonesia?

      It seems to me that talk is cheap and ersatz bravado is a dime a dozen when it is not put to the test.

      Just ask the Malaysian government if they are willing to take on the "big brothers",

      I am sure Wisma Putra will deploy it's finest minds to come up with an answer!

  39. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Anonymous @ 8:36 am said, "The Chinese and Indians who came had worked hard and contributed to Malaya."

    Haiya no need to grant citizenship lah, just give them work permits, get them to work their butts off and when contract ends chase them back on tongkangs.

  40. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Yeah even kasta bavani NEVER compared with china or india

    these pendatangs are having it SO GOOD they do not want to migrate to their ORIGINAL motherland

    That says a lot huh, Rocky?

    1. Anonymous9:14 pm

      Strange logic, that, when these "ORIGINAL motherlands" are calling the shots in the region and everyone is making like diam-diam or desperately hoping that Uncle Sam will stick around and save their posteriors.

      And how pitiful is that?

  41. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Anon 12:08 pm

    We don't want to go anywhere because we have every right to be here, and every right to complain about the theft of public funds by BN. You are happy and therefore choose not to complain, and that's your right.

    So shut the Fxxk up and close your ears if you don't want to hear citizens of the country complain.

  42. Wave336:15 pm

    Latuk Locky,

    The answer is all here. It is much better than your spin.

  43. Anonymous8:33 pm

    6:02 --- make a police report. theft of public funds is no small matter. go make a police report. dont just listen and believe cheap baseless pkr talk.

  44. Anonymous8:40 pm

    anon 6:02

    And dont forget who gave you that right. And dont think that right cannot be withdrawn.

    1. Anonymous7:06 am

      Orang Asli are the true natives of malaysia. U are also a pendatang so dont talk as if u fucking own this land.

  45. Anonymous9:54 pm

    easy mah

    unhappy cinapek sepet sengkelet and keling kasta can migrate to red dot

    ada berani kah?

    1. Anonymous7:02 am

      Lu ingat lu siapa? Lu balik lu punya kampung pelihara lembu di indon riau lah. .ini tanahair Orang Asli. Saya rasa orang Indon pun tak mau lu...

  46. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Yes all Bumiputeras must support the RCI on those 1 million pendatangs given FOC citizenships

  47. Anonymous12:10 am

    Apa pula nak suruh orang migrate pukima. U ingat ini u punya country saja kah.. Orang Asli are the true owners of this country..jangan perasan sangat..

  48. Anonymous12:16 am

    We the malay muslims of Malaysia want PKR & PAS. ABU Asal Bukan UMNO.

  49. Anonymous12:21 am

    Yes rocky, the malays are the most accomodating race. They have accomodated 50 years of UMNO BN misrule & plunder of country's wealth. Enough is enough. ABU Anything But UMNO !

  50. Anonymous12:44 am

    Yes rocky malays are a very accomodating race. In fact they have been too accomodating of Umno BN 55 years of misrule & plundering of country's wealth. So enuf & its time to boot out BN. ABU Anything But UMNO !

  51. Anonymous2:25 am

    Bunch of idiots,

    50 tahun duduk Malaysia bahasa melayu pun tak pandai.. Sejarah want to claim the land is their... ungrateful bastard..

  52. Anonymous6:04 am

    Hello Brew...sudah jadi barua umno. All yoour income halal. You don't even understand the meaning of democracy. Everyone is entitled to his opinion just like you are. But the best part you are paid for your opinions whereas others just do it 4free. thats the difference.
    In Malaysia, everything must be played to UMNO's liking. Hei! how about writing truely on Mahadey's scandal. Giving out ic's is the worst crime anyone could do to their country and at the same time put the blame on others.

  53. Anonymous6:37 am

    "confidential information of the Bafia kind, from Board papers to correspondence between the central bank and the banking and financial institutions...As a bank officer, he was contravening the law"

    Rocky, BAFIA Sect 97 is only about banking secrecy of customer affairs not the kind that you described above.

    At worse, its conflict of interest a breach of banking ethics but contravening the law?? It would surprising if the bank did make any report..internal action yes if they follow the disciplinary procedure, but that's it.

    Check your facts otherwise what else you write will affect your whole article

  54. Anonymous9:56 am

    Obviously umno ordered all their cyberbloggers to demonise rci. While they were at it, they simply link each other to male it seem that what theyre saying is worth reading when it is not. Among them anjing besa, another prick, outshat, etc. From a sabahan to all of you semen anjing bloggers who know jack shit, i say: fuck you!

  55. Anonymous10:28 am

    there are 162 witnesses being called to testify and by the end of it a certain kind of mechanics will be available to be digested. The day to day hearing will only provide answers to a portion of what's going on, what the fuss?....:)

  56. Anonymous1:41 pm

    anon 12:21 - 'misrule and plunder'. where and when? specific please. dont listen to gossip. lets see facts and figures. are we like the filipinos, living in squatters just a km from the city? do we have a bokassa here, killing opposition leaders? dont write nonsense if you are having a good time here. want to try zimbabwe or euthopia. maybe myanmar should open your eyes and bring you back to your senses. then you know what misrule and plunder means.

  57. Anonymous1:44 pm


    ACT NOW NAJIB!!!!!

  58. Rather funny that you a Singaporean, don't know about your status today though, can wonder about the status of Indians and Chinese. My parents and I were born here in Malaya. Can you tell me where your parents and you were born in?
    As for Ayed Akbar Ali, I am sure his Indian relatives are as close to him as his Malaysian ones.

  59. Anonymous10:29 pm

    anon @ 9:09 pm, please don't dream. China has advised the chinese in Malaysia to be loyal to Malaysia because big brother has NO interest whatsoever in "rescuing" ingrates who fled motherland due to greed.

    Anyway big brother has too many citizens to care for, they have no place for disloyal ex-citizens.

    Boo hoo hoo, you are on your own, better suck up to UMNO/BN.


  60. Anonymous10:33 pm

    oh yeah anon @ 9:09 pm, Big Abang Indonesia WILL send their fearless warriors to defend NUSANTARA from yellow invasion.

    Indonesia forced the chinese to drop their tongsan names and adopt Indonesian names. Also NO chinese schools there.

    Malaysia should learn from Abang Indonesia on how to handle these cinapek sepet sengkelet and keling kasta.


  61. Anonymous10:34 pm

    ABCD = anything but chinese DAP
    TIBAI = tolak individu bernama anwar ibrahim

  62. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Cina-Cina asyik sibuk pasal orang asli, tapi tak mahu cerita pasal hubungan mereka dengan Sultan-Sultan. Malah orang asli inilah yang sebenarnya orang yang mendokong Sultan-Sultan, contoh yang jelas ialah orang laut yang merupakan kumpulan utama yang menjadi tentera laut Melaka. Begitu juga bila Raja Kedah pertama mendarat (merong mahawangsa) di Kedah, orang asli inilah yang mengangkat dia jadi Sultan. Tanpa sokongan penduduk tempatan, tidak mungkin Sultan-Sultan ini boleh berdiri.

    Begitu juga bila Melaka jatuh kepada Portugis, orang Perak itu sendiri datang meminta anak Sultan Melaka menjadi Sultan mereka. Melaka tengah lemah, dan orang Perak (orang asli) boleh membina kesultanan mereka sendiri, tetapi mereka sebaliknya meminta orang Melaka (Melayu) menjadi Sultan mereka.

    Lama kelamaan orang asli ini menjadi Melayu kerana pengaruh asimilasi dan agama Islam, proses ini boleh dilihat di kalangan orang asli bukit yang memeluk Islam, mereka mula memakai baju kurung dan hidup cara orang Melayu.

    Hubungan orang asli dengan Sultan di semenanjung lebih kurang sama seperti hubungan orang Kadazan/Bajau/etc di Sabah/Sarawak dengan Sultan di Brunei. Dulu Sabah & Sarawak dibawah Sultan Brunei, jika Sultan Brunei tidak jatuh, kemungkinan besar orang Bajau/Kadazan/Iban/etc, akan di isimilasi menjadi Melayu Brunei.

    Jadi tidak timbul soal orang Melayu meyingkirkan orang asli kerana hakikatnya Melayu itu sebenarnya satu budaya yang diserap oleh orang asli itu sendiri. Boleh dikatankan di dalam darah orang Melayu sekarang ini, mesti ada darah orang asli, kalau tiada, maka itu Melayu macam Khairil Johari lah, memang tiada darang orang asli langsung.

  63. Anonymous11:49 pm

    TIBAI = Anwar
    CHIBAI = Najib & UMNO

    ABCD = DAP

  64. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Yeah right u may consider abang indon but indon consider u nothing but a copycat. Malingsia & Ganyang malingsia! Pooi tak malu..

  65. Anonymous12:00 am

    Orang Cina/India lupa bahawa sebelum merdeka, orang Melayu adalah rakyat pada negeri mereka masing-masing yang kerajaannya adalah Sultan. Manakala Cina/India itu sendiri penduduk yang tiada bernegara. Malah perlembagaan negeri Johor itu sendiri ditulis semula pada tahun 1800, sebelum merdeka negeri-negeri dibawah Sultan sudah mempunyai menteri besar, jabatan kerajaan dan lain-lain. Pemberian kerakyatan pada orang Cina/India pada masa dulu sama saja dengan pemberian kerakyatan di Sabah, bezanya, pemberian Kerakyatan dulu agak tidak teratur kerana ada yang tidak fasih berbahasa Melayu juga diberikan kerakyatan, ini perlu di buat RCI, kenapa ada yang tidak fasih berbahasa Melayu juga diberikan kerakyatan padahal telah di tetapkan di dalam syarat kerakyatan ketika itu.

  66. Anonymous1:57 am

    hahahahaha anon @ 11:49 pm,

    chibai is a chinese word - in your face


  67. Anonymous2:03 am

    kesian cinapek sepet sengkelet

    negeri asal mereka pun tak sudi nak layan karenah remeh

    konon nak ngadu nasib, mintak dibela

    tetapi nasib malang sungguh - China kata "bo layan, no time, no profit"

    so sad ... ish ish ish

  68. Anonymous9:42 am

    Haha bodoh punya cakap orang melayu mempunyai darah orang asli. Oh ya so sekarang nenek moyang kau pun orang jakun & penan juga lah.. Tak malu semua nak claim asalkan dapat rampas tanah orang asli. Lepas tu mau claim abang indon pula padahal indon sudah mau Ganyang Malingsia.

  69. Anonymous2:28 pm

    `When the chinese in Indonesia refused to use javanese names and insisted on using chinese names Soekarno put them on board an old ship and had it towed to international waters.'

    Really ka? can we do the same here?

  70. Anonymous2:42 pm

    `When the chinese in Indonesia refused to use javanese names and insisted on using chinese names Soekarno put them on board an old ship and had it towed to international waters.'

    Can we tuned up the ship propellar blade into a one way direction (no reverse mode) equipped with GPS navigation straight to their motherland?

  71. Anonymous3:43 pm

    anon 9:42 am, Nusantara adalah kawasan yang serumpun, bahlol

    tak macam cinapek sepet sengkelet kulit kuning pucat lesu

    yang terang terang TIDAK berasal dari Tanah Melayu

    dah lah cabut lari dari negeri asal, sekarang ni tok nenek moyang pun dah TAK ngaku pertalian saudara.

    malah kerajaan negeri china PRC tidak lagi mahu ambil cinapek sepet sengkelet sebagai rakyat

    abang Indon tetap Muslim dan adat resam sama saperti Melayu Malaysia

    kalau cina singapore dgn cinapek Malaysia bergabungm maka abang Indon dan adek Malaysia akan bersatu

    padan muka cinapek sepet sengkelet

  72. Anonymous3:47 pm

    anon @ 9:42 am, "indon sudah mau Ganyang Malingsia" - ini hanya perbuatan segelintir penyokong anwar

    ramai rakyat Malaysia masih ada tali persaudaraan dgn abang Indon

    Abang Indon pun telah ganyang dan rogol perempuan cina lalu ganyang dan bunuh lelaki cina

    itulah cara terbaik utk "layan" cina tak sedar diri

  73. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Serumpun my foot. Indon already want to ganyang malingsia & u want to serumpun? Haha. At least china india spore never threaten malaysia & its citizens. Indon already protested at msian embassy so many times & msia dont even dare to speak out especially perkasa umno. Jaguh kampung saja...

  74. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Everything also want to blame anwar. Stupid. Next time cant shit also say its anwars fault.

  75. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Bukan cina tak sedar diri, u yang buta. Zainuddin mamak maidin sudah dikutuk kau kau oleh media indon dan presiden susilo sebab biadap. Macam you lah biadap biawak

  76. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Jangan perasan sangat indon mau gabung dengan msia. Mereka lebih suka duit singapura dari scorpene msia yang tak berfungsi...kah kah kah.

  77. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Anon 3:47 pm

    In your dreams, mate!

    Spare us your sick, twisted and fetishist fantasies.

    What's it with you and "rape", anyways? Don't have a fulfilling and proper sex life, izzit?

    I am surprised that Bru allows racist and incendiary drivel like this in his blog. Or, maybe, "unseen hands" are stirring the pot for their own nefarious motives.

    "Ketuanan", anybody? Or frustrated dreams that see the less able and less hardworking being left by the wayside?

    I doubt that the Indons will spare much sympathy for the travails, trials and tribulations of their erstwhile fellow Nusantaraites. Because the Indons know exactly on which side their bread is buttered.

    Tough patootie, brudder!

  78. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Ya la tu cinapek ini tak guna balik tongsan lah. Habis tu kenapa pula hero worship lee chong wei ? Macam mana nak buat kena juga rely cinapek tokpek untuk menharumi nama negara kerana yang cakap banyak tu tak boleh diharap.

  79. Anonymous10:12 pm

    If you think they are coming to save you, you ought to have a brain scan. You dont mean anything to them.

  80. Anonymous11:45 pm


    sebut sahaja "Allahuakbar" maka cinapek pun lari lintang pukang


  81. Anonymous11:47 pm

    @Anon 2.57pm

    Did the Malays in the 1950s already have citizenship papers or blue ICs?

    Not the way as we are today, but they are the rakyat of their respective Sultan, paying tax to their respective Orang Kaya. The different with chinese/india at that time is that chinese/indian at that time is stateless or refugess. Some of them seek to be british citizen, but the British don't have the power to give citizenship without the agreement by the Sultan, until they try to do that with the creation of Malayan Union, which Malays oppose.

  82. Anonymous11:49 pm

    alahai anon @ 9:51 pm

    Le Chong Wei cerita lama lah, sekarang ni ada cerita baru

    Shila Hamzah Champion of Asian Wave 2012- Malaysia Boleh

    Judges Cina semua terpegun


  83. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Aiyoo.. all this chinapek... want to claim glory to evelything... Chong Wei also want to claim aa?.. we also want to claim Misbun maa, without Misbun siapa Cho Wei?... tadapa punya...hahaha...

    For those who say we are malay are pendatang from indon.. you guys must be vely stupid.. while we downt really mind being called that because this is actually part of the kepulauan Melayu yuh...not kepulauan Cinapek.. i see the Chinese are so sensitive being called pendatang...why?..terase ye?.. because you guys are really pendatang maa.. why malu?.. admitt saja lah...hahaha


    1. Anonymous11:48 am

      Itu satu malaysia yang najib cakap semua hogwash.

  84. Anonymous12:12 am

    @Anon 9.42

    Kalau kau betul-betul baca sejarah, kau akan tahu memang orang Melayu itu ada darah orang asli. Di dalam sejarah Melaka ada diceritakan tentang hukuman makan orang. Pesalah di bawa kepada orang asli yang tinggal di Melaka ketika itu untuk di makan hidup-hidup. Sekarang aku tanya kemana perginya orang asli ini? Mereka dah memeluk Islam, jadi Melayu. Pada masa dulu Melayu itu sesuatu yang tinggi peradabannya, orang ulu (yang kebanyakkannya orang asli) akan memeluk islam bila dikunjunggi oleh orang Melayu. Jadi orang ulu ini jadi Melayu bila dia jadi Islam. Sebab itulah timbulnya istilah masuk Melayu. Kalau nak tahu Melayu yang ada darah orang asli, yang hidung besar dan hitam tu lah. Kalau hidung mancung dan kulit merah, tentunya ada darah arab atau caucasian. Kalau tak ada darah Melayu langsung tapi mengaku Melayu, tengoklah Khir Johari dari DAP.

    Sebenarnya banyak lagi kau tak tahu, contohnya orang asli dulu kebanyakkannya dijadikan hamba oleh golongan pembesar-pembesar. Jadi orang asli ini beranak-pinak jadi apa? Jadi Melayu, mereka tak mahu jadi orang ulu dan dipanggil batak. Bila sebut hamba, bukan hamba macam hamba kulit hitam Amerika sana, tapi lebih kepada hamba didalam kerajaan Islam. Antara sebab J.W Birtch dibunuh pun adalah kerana nak menghapuskan sistem perhambaan ini.

    1. Anonymous11:43 am

      Cerita karut & dongeng dari tukang karut...

  85. Anonymous8:25 am

    Misbun? Ha ha you must be kidding. He didnt win anythng in his younger playing days.

  86. Anonymous8:31 am

    U might want to claim you are serumpun with indon but indon dont want to claim serunpun to u. U tak malu ke? U tak ada maruah ka? U paham apa itu GANYANG MALINGSIA?

  87. Anonymous8:37 am

    No wonder our education system going downhill. History can also spin to say orang asli also melayu. Why not claim bill gates, lionel messi, obama are also all melayu?

  88. Anonymous8:54 am

    Cinapek tokong lim pun sayang kat Siti Nurhaliza

    Siti Nurhaliza and Rossa: Music can unite Malaysians and Indonesians

  89. Anonymous8:59 am

    tokong lim hero-worship Malay Siti

    Penang to mark Malaysia day with Siti concert

  90. Anonymous9:10 am

    Malay Malaysians also hero-worship:

    Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, 1st Prime Minister of independent Malaya

    Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary (born 1953)Businessman

    Amir Luqman Fashion Designer

    Leftenan Adnan (1915–1942), Warrior from mainland Malaya

    Jalani Sidek, Misbun Sidek, Rashid Sidek, Razif Sidek, Hafiz Hashim, Roslin Hashim Badminton

    Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, Kelantan FA

    Mohamed Fairuz Fauzy Racing

    Lat, famous cartoonist

    Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie bin Sheikh Mustapha Malaysian orthopaedic surgeon first Malaysian to go into space

    so who is lee chong wei again?

  91. Anonymous10:04 am

    aiyoyo anon @ 9:51 pm, what telah happen to you

    The Ketuanan Melayu bumiputras NEVER resent the free citizenships given to keling kasta and cinapek sepet sengkelet.

    So why should you abhor the NEP which is a reaffirmation of the special status of the bumis.

    The free citizenships were not given to high class extremely educated scholars or princely descendants - it was given to impoverished illiterate coolie kangs and kelings.

    Imagine the REDUCED quality of Malaysians citizens. These pendatangs also bring along uncouth and uncultured practices which the bumis HAVE to tolerate.

    Some of these religious and cultural habits are really disgusting but the bumis are gracious as always not to complain too much.

    You could always return to eunuch communist country or gang-rape tendency of caste system country.

  92. Anonymous12:58 pm


    dah takde modal, last last caci dan kutuk lagi

    ish ish ish

    masih belum terlambat - nak sedar diri diuntung ... hee hee hee

  93. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Itu nama nama yang ramai you sebut semua jaguh kampung aje termasuk itu space tourist (pelancung angkasa) Monyet pun Amerika pernah hantar ke angkasa.. Senang aje.....

  94. Anonymous3:12 pm

    There is an idiot who believes the americans will come and save him. HA. HA.

  95. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Tunku Abdul Rahman, I respect. Lat cartoonist pun I respect. In fact ramai Melayu yang I respect seperti Anwar Ibrahim, Khalid Samad, Zaid Ibrahim, the late Raja Aziz Addruse, Tok Guru Nik Aziz, National Laurette A Samad Said dan ramai lagi. Tapi siapa ini Norshahrul Talala ? Dia pemain bola piala dunia? Olimpik ke? Atau jaguh kampung...

  96. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Some of the comments here are very racist making all sorts of derogatory remarks about the chinese and indians which comments are without any substance or constructive value but purely to insult them. I am surprised that Rocky allows such low class comments to flourish here, perhaps his blog has deteriorated to such level that only reflects his plummeting reputation.

  97. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Orang Asli pun mau referendum kerana tanah nenek moyang mereka telah dirampas

  98. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Tanggal 3 Mei 1964 di sebuah rapat raksasa yang digelar di Jakarta, Presiden Sukarno mengumumkan supaya askar revolusi Indonesia "meng ganyangkan" Malaysia.

  99. Anonymous6:01 pm

    1 Malaysia? Truly dead and buried if you were to peruse the comments posted in this blog. Congrats Rocky, your posting has shown that 1Malaysia is nothing but an empty slogan

  100. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Eleh cinapek aje boleh kutuk orang lain termasuk Rocky

    tapi bila kena batang hidung sendiri aksen macam "high class" konon

    dah tentu keturunan kuli kang yang cabut lari drp negeri asal, sekarang dicap "disloyal, unwanted overseas chinese"

    hidung tak mancung pipi ttersorong sorong

    It takes accurate INSULTS to kick you out of your self-righteous man-made cinapek self identity

  101. Anonymous9:15 pm

    anon @ 5:30 pm

    Presiden Sukarno was a shrewd politician dearie. His strategy was to enable Malaysians access to weapons for self-defence lah bodoh!

    Sejarah tak tahu, aksen pandai konon.

  102. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Oi bahloi, go to wikipedia and read for yourself lah sokarno was bent at crushing malaysia when declaring ganyang malaysia. Tak paham maksud ganyang pun nak berlagak macam paham. Otak lembu dah lah malas research bodoh pulak tu. MORONIC ARSEHOLE

  103. Anonymous12:55 am

    alahai anon @ 11:13 pm

    urgent need for anger management therapy

    that was the politically correct claim lah anak abu, that's why he was a first class shrewd politician

    unknown to wikipedia too, adake wikipedia jadi dia punya bible


  104. Anonymous6:11 am

    Political correct statement from sokarno? Is that the best answer you can give? Ha ha ha You seriously need to get your head examined bcos your novice otak lembu is fast turning from moronic stupidity to lunatic. And that my DUMNO bootlicker is an understatement..

  105. Anonymous12:38 pm

    well well well ...

    an ignorant imbecile attempting to be a political analyst pathetically depending on wikipedia for his cinapek sepet sengkelet reference??

    please lah save us all from your pseudo-intellectual comments that is not only demeaning but toxic as well

    sheesh .....

  106. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Cabutan dari Hansard Kerajaan Britsh:

    FEDERATION OF MALAYA INDEPENDENCE BILL, HC Deb 12 July 1957 vol 573 cc633-715

    LORD SHEPERD: ………..the Tunku Abdul Rahman, Prime Minister of Malaya. He is already a man of great stature and a respected Prime Minister of the Commonwealth. ……. I think we must recognise, too, that under his leadership the Federation of Malaya has made a number of concessions which took a good deal of heart-searching to make.

    LORD OGMORE: …….. I do not know of any country in the world other than Malaya where, as it were, the immigrant population, or at least the population of descendants of immigrants, is almost equal to the indigenous population.

    SECRETARY OF STATE FOR COLONIES, MR ALAN LENNOX-BOYD : Now, a word about the balance achieved between the rights of Malays and Chinese. The special position of the Malays was recognised in the original treaties made by His Majesty in previous years, and Her Majesty Queen Victoria and others with the Malay States. It was reaffirmed when these treaties were revised.

    It was confirmed in the 1948 Agreement, and reference was expressly made to it in the terms of reference of the Reid Commission. So the Malay privilege clauses in the articles of the Constitution do not, in the main, introduce any precedent, but give recognition in the Constitution to the existing situation.

  107. Anonymous12:48 pm

    SECURITY POSITION IN MALAYA. HL Deb 01 July 1948 vol 157 cc267-84

    THE EARL OF LISTOWELL: ……Consideration has also been given to the best method of ridding the country of, those who abuse its hospitality. This was referred to at some length by the noble Viscount, Lord Elibank. The law in force at the moment in the Malay States permits the deportation of any person in a State from Federation territory.

    MALAYA (SITUATION), HC Deb 06 April 1950 vol 473 cc1368-404
    Mr Snow: …….I am very disturbed by the fact that, by and large, this trouble in Malaya is CHINESE. The Malayans themselves, so far as I can gather from reading such documents as I can find, are not in this rising; it is Chinese in origin. If that is so, is it not time that we provided more and more scope for the native Malayans—I use that term advisedly—to participate more in the economic life of the country? I think the hon.

    Member for Hornsey will agree with me when I say that many of these Chinese merchants who live a very ostentatious life and who provide a sort of social PROVOCATION the whole time, are at the root of the trouble.

    Mr FLETCHER:………I believe that as we have recognised Communist China it would be perfectly in order for us to ask that the ports of Amoy and Swatow should be opened, so that we can SEND BACK these people, who clearly should be welcomed there for their political attitude, and who clearly are not welcome where they are at the present moment.

  108. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Well, what do you know, a half past six mentally deranged cuckoo and nincompoop trying to pass off as learned and square off with me? Aiya, you are no match for me lah..Wasting my time, turns out you not only have bird brain but otak lembu as well. I think you should square off with what's that name, Sharifah Listen Listen instead maybe both of you can talk animal cock language..ha ha ha

  109. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Well, what do you know, a half past six mentally deranged cuckoo and nincompoop trying to pass off as learned and square off with me? Aiya, you are no match for me lah..Wasting my time, turns out you not only have bird brain but otak lembu as well. I think you should square off with what's that name, Sharifah Listen Listen instead maybe both of you can talk animal cock language..ha ha ha

  110. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Dalam usaha Sukarno yang menentang penubuhan negara Malaysia, beliau juga telah memulaukan Laporan Suruhanjaya Cobbold yang ditugaskan pada tahun 1962 yang bertujuan untuk meninjau pandangan rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak terhadap penubuhan Malaysia. Sukarno telah melancarkan kempen ‘Ganyang Malaysia’ pada awal 1963. Konfrontasi Sukarno telah berubah dari sekadar perang kata-kata menjadi konfrontasi ketenteraan, hal ini berlaku selepas Suruhanjaya khusus PBB yang dibentuk untuk mengumpul pendapat rakyat setempat tentang pembentukan Malaysia. Sukarno menjadi semakin tersinggung apabila Tunku mengumumkan terbentuknya Malaysia sebelum Komisi PBB itu mengumumkan hasil siasatannya.

    Pada 12 April 1963, sukarelawan perang dan para gerila Indonesia mula bertindak menyelinap masuk ke dalam sempadan Malaysia. Ketika ini, penyelinapan dan pencerobohan masuk mula dengan menyerang Balai Polis Tebedu di Sarawak, yang terletak kira-kira 5 kilometer daripada sempadan Indonesia.

  111. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Konfrantasi Indonesia terhadap Malaysia menjadi semakin tegang apabila Malaysia terpilih sebagai anggota tidak tetap PBB pada bulan Disember 1964. Sebagai protes kepada penyertaan Malaysia menjadi anggota PBB, Indonesia telah menarik diri daripada keanggotaan PBB pada Januari 1965

  112. Anonymous10:41 pm

    anon @ 6:19 pm and @ 6:20 pm

    What do you know! You posted SAME comments twice a difference of 1 minute apart!

    Hahahahahaha ... GOTCHA, got under your skin huh?


  113. Anonymous10:44 pm

    anon @ 6:21 pm and @ 6:27 pm

    old chap, looks like I made you look up history huh?

    you might just pass ILMU SEJARAH by the skin of your teeth!



    Now for the PRESENT:

    Siti Nurhaliza and Rossa: Music can unite Malaysians and Indonesians


  114. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Indonesia hari ini mengecam Malaysia amnya, Zainuddin Maidin dan Utusan Malaysia khususnya, kerana menghina tokoh demokrasi mereka, BJ Habibie.

    11 December 2012

  115. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Indonesia hari ini mengecam Malaysia amnya, Zainuddin Maidin dan Utusan Malaysia khususnya, kerana menghina tokoh demokrasi mereka, BJ Habibie.

    11 December 2012

  116. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Article by Erna Mahyuni

    JAN 23 ― Sometimes, I think the nation would be better served if Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s vocal chords took a trip to Siberia.

    After all, few things have been as powerful and as destructive as his voice.

    With that voice, he suggested Operasi Lalang. With his words, he brought low two institutions: the royalty and the judiciary.

    But to silence him forever is to play by the rules he set. Kill dissent, smother criticism, strangle freedom of expression.

    We may not like to listen to Dr Mahathir, but we have to give him the same rights we long for and deserve.

    As he enters his twilight years he continues digging his own grave, this time by insisting we scrutinise the citizenships granted to the non-Malays during Malaya’s independence.

    That he equates Sabah’s illegal immigrants with the Chinese and Indians is insulting. But hardly surprising.

    Dr Mahathir believes that to elevate the Malays, it is necessary to trample on the other races. In his heart, Malaysia has always been “Malay-sia.” Land of the Malays, for the Malays, by the Malays.

    What a lie.

    And it is a lie perpetuated by the fools in Perkasa and the more right-wing elements in Umno.

    This country would be nothing without the “pendatang.” Dr Mahathir also forgets that many so-called Malays have ancestors who were also in their days “pendatang.” The Bugis. The Minang. The Javanese.

    Go to Kelantan and you will see Malays who have Thai ancestry. Go to Johor and you will find Malays who can name Chinese among their forebears.

    USM professor Zilfalil Alwi, wrote a paper “Asal Usul Melayu Berdasarkan Fakta Genetik” (Tracing the Origins of the Malays by Analysing Genetic Data) where he theorised that early Malays could also have been Indian priests who had arrived at the Malay peninsula to propagate the Hindu faith.

    That would make sense, seeing the predominantly Hindu Malay population in Bali. Who eat pork unreservedly, to the horror of our Malays when they visit the island.

    Dr Mahathir says “Melayu mudah lupa” but himself forgets that non-Malays have worked for the country, fought for the country, died for the country. If tomorrow, should all the non-Malays leave en masse, the country would be crippled.

    Non-Malays have served in government, in the armed forces, as well as in the police. Can Sabah’s illegal immigrants say the same? Can we say that Sabah’s “instant citizens” fought off the communists or, in the Confrontation, say they fought off Indonesia’s armed push to put an end to Malaysia?

    Unlike Sabah’s illegal immigrants, the Chinese and Indians did not come from countries who still privately believe that Sabah and Sarawak should belong to them.

    If one day Sabah’s illegal immigrant population dwarfs the natives, would it be surprising if either Indonesia or the Philippines attempts to again “claim” the Borneo states as many of its citizens are there anyway?

    While Sabah’s illegal immigrants have contributed to the economy, the natives do not embrace them as kin. They cannot claim a shared history, they cannot pretend to have become part of the process that led to Malaysia’s birth.

    They did not win the right to citizenship. They do not deserve to be citizens merely because they are willing to vote for Barisan Nasional.

    Dr Mahathir also forgets the Orang Asli, who, among all the peoples of Malaysia, most deserve to be called “sons of the soil”. But they have benefited the least and suffered the most from Malaysia’s creation. We take their land, send missionaries to “save their souls” when we can’t even save them from poverty.

    To the Orang Asli, we are perhaps the real pendatang who have taken everything and given them little in return.

    They are barely even recognised in our history books or schools. How many Malaysians, for instance, can name the many Orang Asli tribes? Instead of recognising the Sakai and Jakun as the “real” bumiputera, “sakai” and “jakun” are now Malay derogatory terms.

    If you insist on semantics, Dr Mahathir, then technically we are all pendatang.

  117. Anonymous8:51 pm

    poor anon @ 5:10 pm, your heart-rending outpourings cannot stand in court or in the historical archives.

    poor thing, we still love Tun Dr Mahathir for his ever sharp and accurate insight into the psyche of the pendatang especially the chinese christian DAP tribes.

    May Allah bless Tun always and reserve a place in Heaven for dear Tun Dr Mahathir.

    P.S. Tun has sacrificed a lot for Malaysians, who in the world is Erna Mahyuni and what has she/he done for Malaysians???

  118. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Yes music can certainly unite msia & indon but DUMNO BN including zainudin mamak maidin are tearing them apart. Tahniah BN. Ha ha ha

  119. Anonymous11:06 pm

    I purposely post twice bcos bird brain plus otak lembu of yours need to read more than once to have any understanding of such comments. Kah kah kah. Next time i will post same comments 3 times for kepala hotak kau.

  120. Anonymous4:51 am

    repeat broadcast anon @ 4:16 pm and 4:17 pm

    January 22, 2013 News: The esteemed organizers and participants of the Malay Archipelago Seminar Seminar: Islam in Southeast Asia Challenges and Hopes held at Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia lauded MILF Chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim for his humbling participation and humility in magnanimity.


  121. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Oi bird brain cum otak lembu, what has your posting got to do wth anything. This mamak idiot is even quoting MILF. WTF? Better u hv a nusantara conference wth your fellow mamaks like sharifah listen listen, mahathir mahafiraun, zainuddin myidiot.