Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wah .. Bank Islam lodges second police report, Anwar Ibrahim keeps mum

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Original posting:
Another police report against Wawa! See the Malaysian Reserve report. After the initial din, I wonder why Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is keeping mum on Bank Islam chief economist Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin's case. Cutting losses? I can understand that. PKR lawyers, meanwhile, are at odds on how to go about this case., I hear. A case involving the compromise of banking secrecy is always tricky, more so when you already have a history, in PKR's case the charges against PKR chief strategist Rafizi Ramli.
Wawa maintains that he is innocent. But of course.


  1. Anonymous11:54 am

    when i work with him a decade ago, it seems clearly that he is a hardcore anwar whn all this happen, i doesnt suprise me.

  2. Anonymous12:06 pm UMNO even use bank to silent the opposition !!

  3. Anonymous12:09 pm


    Not only Anwar will be keeping mums, PKR also will be keeping mums and worried sick if the leak info is on Tan Sri Khalid vs BIMB!

    Even worse if the emails directly sent to them.

  4. Anonymous12:15 pm

    it's all UMNO conspiracy.
    they pay Bank Islam to do second report. they pay the police to accept the report. they pay rocky to blog about it. they pay wawa to say things at the forum.
    they pay anuwar to pay PKR to pay wawa to do all those "secrecy" things.

  5. UMNO is desperated.Minute od bank Islam board meeting ia top secret.Ha ha ha.This is not under bafia.If you leak the info on account holder of the bank,yes this i

    1. Anonymous5:58 pm

      Tu sebab report kt polis la ngok. Klu bafia report kt bank negara le. Adooiiii ni la org kta bodo tak bole di ajar.


    2. Anonymous1:56 pm

      Apalah penyokong Anwar ni bodoh sangat. Apa takde otak ke bila tuduh repot polis konspirasi Umno? That stupid guy yg bercakap di Singapore is for whom? Is it Umno ask him or instigate him to talk? I tell u all what is conspiracy is all about. Macam mat Sabu kena tangkap khalwat lah. Somebody force him to hotel perdana in kota bharu and push him inside the room with the lady so they can kongkek. After that hah Umno lodge report to jab agama islam kelantan. So like dis case hah, umno set up one forum and this innocent and stupid banker was given a text to talk talk lahh

  6. Jasper Bloodstone3:19 pm

    Bloomberg report in the Singapore Biz Times today - "Bank Islam files police reports against Azrul".

    Bank Islam statement: "The bank wishes to reiterate that his suspension is totally unrelated to the contents of the paper he presented at the regional economic conference in Singapore."

    Yeah, right.

    Perhaps we should ask ISEAS to release the transcript of Azrul's talk at this conference, instead of relying on what was reported in the Singapore Straits Times on January 11, 2013. That should clarify what he actually said, and what he didn't say.

    It looks like this is heading for the courts. Hopefully, the alleged "violations" will be made public.

    Azrul is, after all, entitled to his day in court, as too is Bank Islam.

  7. Anonymous3:32 pm

    anwar keep mum? all in this world need anwar to talk, such a gread leader is he. ha ha ha

  8. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Nuar said "All the judges and all the advocates are under my thumb"

    Salleh Telegu

  9. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Why should Anwar interfere? Azrul is a chief economist who has given his prediction and opinion.

  10. Anon 341pm

    Precisely. But the fact is Anwar was quick off the block defending this Wawa and slamming Bank Islam. Which is why I'm curious as to why he's so quiet now.

  11. Agreed, dear Jasper.

    But take it from me, it's not about Wawa's petty predictions made in Singapore. In fact, it was so silly of him to expose his cover like that, especially this close to general electioin!

    I too hope the alleged violations will also be made public. I hope I will be able to help make it public.

  12. Anon 1209pm,

    Khalid Ibrahim the MB of Selangor? And Bank Islam. Oh, I didn't see the connection at first but thank you, that's a mighty cool angle.

    No wonder there was some correspondence between Tricia Yeoh and Wawa, I was told. Tricia was working in Khalid's office not too long ago.


  13. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Mat Keluang,

    Ha Ha Ha u, Anwar especially Khalid Ibrahim better laugh while you can!

    What if the police report is about the internal minutes with regards to Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim vs Bank Islam, which 'Wawa' leaked the internal discussion to AI and KI.

  14. Datuk,

    Is this Wawa deranged?

    He clearly breached BAFIA and CBT and could be charged under Penal Code. At least at this point, he should be investigated under both laws.

    Yes, only criminals are investigated under these provisions. 'White Collar Crime' is still an act of crime.

    Anwar didn't make a sound this round becoz he thinks Wawa could get away under the Penile Code.

  15. Anonymous5:21 pm


    Yep, not only wawa will be in a deep trouble, so too will be Khalid, Anwar and PKR.

    Predicting whose going to win, is an easy job, even octopus and parrot can do that.

    Leaking internal minutes and discussion papers on - an on-going court case to outside parties is a serious offence.

    Not only he is binded by his employment contract, he is also in a serious breach of professional ethics.

  16. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Whether or not anwar comment is his business. Rocky, why are u so sibuk & consumed with azrul? Get a life man....

  17. Curiosity kills the cat...Rocky.
    Your curiosity is always to find fault with Anwar.

  18. Someone asked Rocky Bru why he is so sibuk with that Azwar

    Mr Anonymous or whoever you are. we need bloggers like Rocky Bru to inform us on what the other side is doing.We are all intelligent people, we read all blogs and we weigh them according to what we perceive.

    What Azwar did was unprofessional.i am not surprised because if it is true that his father was the ex CEO of Bank Islam when it incurred three billion losses in 2005, the unprofessional behaviour seemed to run in the family.I am not saying that former CEO was involved .What I am saying is he was the CEO at that time and by the look of it that huge loss could have been prevented if he was more able to manage his people and subordinates stringently at that time.

    And if he really is the father of Azwar he could have learned from that lesson and advise his offspring to be MORE PROFESSIONAL.

  19. Anonymous2:00 pm

    The public should be concerned that moles are being planted in financial institutions to leak info to 3rd parties. This would be seen as a weakness in our banking system which could affect FDI. What he did is certainly criminal. I have worked in the private sector and I personally know that cases where employees divulge info of a confidential nature that can be used by competitors are reported to the police and pursued as criminal cases in the courts. Don't forget the minutes contain info on corporate exercises which can be worth alot of money to competitors. It is wrong to say minutes of meetings are not confidential. We are talking about high level Board discussions on the bank's business plans!

  20. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Very soon, the PM in waiting will rummage his closet to look for the neck brace and shout UMNO conspiracy.

  21. Dear haris,

    Please don't publish this. Previously I was being misled it was RPK but now realise its incorrect. These are pr cybertroopers fraudulently impersonating other people. These people are sick.

  22. Anonymous9:33 pm


    How come Umno doesnt use Court to silent opposition? All courts judges judiciary belong to Umno wat!

    All banks also belong to Umno wat! Tiunyeseng!

  23. "Ellese A" is drunk.
    This is Rocky's blog..NOT HARIS!!
    He is a coward. ....another...educated cracko.