Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Felda's timely suit vs an untimely announcement to the Bursa

Felda fights malice. Lawsuits have been a near-monopoly of the Opposition until Felda moved to punish lying politicians. I am not a fan of lawsuits by big corporations againsts individuals but politicians and lying politicians, especially, are fair game but the lies about Felda settlers and their newly-listed Felda Global Ventures Holdings have gone on for too long. I think it is also healthy that we do not allow the Guan Engs and Anwar Ibrahims and Husams to dominate the courts (despite insisting that our judges - like our elections - aren't fair and clean). 

I am, however, not in favour of politicians suing individuals, eg Husam vs Sheikh Kickdefella, Rais Yatim vs Din Sharpshooter, and DAP politicians vs some or other poor journalists. The threat by Singapore PM to sue a blogger was another example of using a Hummer to kill an ant. For that matter, I will not agree if Najib Razak takes out a lawsuit, say, to silence the likes of the Malicious Sarawak Report or other Opposition media for maligning him. The PM should be the fairest game of all.

So, congrats FGV, shut the anti-Felda settlers up!

Mavani was marked to be FGV's COO (not CEO) designate

Someone"doctored" announcement to Bursa. But what's not so clever and certainly not subtle is FGV's announcement earlier this week to the Bursa on the appointment of one Dr  Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah as Executive Director and ... drum roll ... CEO Designate! Read h e r e

I was told that the majority of the Board members were caught by surprise, including the current CEO Sabri Ahmad. One prominent Board member is expected to announce his resignation over the manner the announcement was made. Some people's excuse is that FGV is a newly-listed company and is still learning how to make a proper, basic announcement to the Bursa. In reality, the political manoeuvrings in the organisation have begun. You don't have to be a politician to play politics. These people, in my view, are fair game also!


  1. Anonymous11:52 am


  2. Anonymous11:56 am

    When did this guy ever involved himself with Felda?

    He will not appreciate it's history and will not have the interest and bother on the sensitivity of settlers.

    This is the sort of issue ANAK should have taken up.

    Bodoh PAs for putting a school dropout to champion Felda issue

  3. the mean machine12:17 pm

    Why bother about others business that do not concern you.Just mind your own business as what you want to do when Umno is no longer in power.I wouldn't be surprised if early one morning you happen to be standing on Anwar's doorsteps,waiting for him to open the door.

  4. Anonymous1:12 pm

    I thought the pkr goons dont trust our judiciary. But they are always the first to 'see you in court'.

    What a comedy.

  5. KY Ong2:13 pm

    “Allah”……this word had indeed became a very sensitive word.

    DAP & PAKATAN RAKYAT said it’s OK for the non-Muslim to used this word as to describe their respective god. However, the Sultan of Selangor said yesterday that the word ‘Allah” should be restricted to Muslims only. So which is which now??? Confused, ya???

    Puzzling, right??? Regardless whether which is which, I only know 1 thing.

    DAP overpowers PAS in Pakatan Rakyat. PAS supporters are a bunch of cowards of whom have no guts & courage to defend their beloved god-religion. All PAS supporters could do is to quietly observe how other religious group ‘HIJACK’ the word they often used to describe their god. No wonder people said PAS hides like a ‘tikus’ whenever they see a DAP rocket. It’s NOT only the dignity & the self esteem of PAS supporters that are now being threatened by the Chinese & the Christians of DAP, even their own beloved religion & god is now being threatened but amazingly PAS hasn’t got the BALLS yet to retaliate. All PAS leaders had been doing is to agree & be the “MR.YES MAN” of DAP.

    What an embarrassment!!!

  6. For the word "Allah"....the Christians have decided to continue using the word in their bibles..that has been used for centuries.
    For everything else....politics is it for or against.
    Some like Rocky must talk one sided politics for a living.
    Many visitors like me....their to explain the other side.
    Which side will prevail???? ...93 days more and counting.
    After that...PR win or lose...supporters carry on with their usual all never depend on the government help at all.
    BN lose.....susah er for thousands government workers.

  7. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Where got Allah being used in Bible Malay version in centuries.

    Where got Allah being used in English version in centuries.

    Anyway, the matter is out of topic, so shut up!

  8. monsterball konkek jambu dan maid8:09 pm

    Monsterball tua kutuk

    Tahun berapa bible melayu dikeluarkan?

    Only in 1800 when european were here to proselutise the local.

    Only used of all is by christian coptic of arab.

    Allah is god's name not god. Bible used god as gud so used tuhan laaa.

    Kristian God is not called allah.

    Bodohlah Monsterball

  9. Go buy a Bible produced by Indonesia and look it up.
    It's FOC by Gideons to most hotels.

  10. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Rocky, in a company it is the Board that appoints the CEO, how come here the board members are caught by surprise. Who then is appointing the CEO designate? By what authority?

    What kind of corporate governance is this?

    Of course the board members will resign, so would you if you are a board member and have fiduciary duties to the company but someone else is doing the decision-making in the shadows.

  11. Allah is a word..IDIOT!!..and words are never exclusive to anyone.
    In the whole world....only Umno b idiots claim to be theirs....keep playing dirty religion politics.
    Indonesia...a country with 250 million.....the largest Muslim country in the world...have no problems for other religions to use the word...Allah.
    Umno b with so call...3 million members will fight tooth and make is exclusively from Islam.
    I tell you....the whole world is laughing at the donkeys and monkeys.
    You know why it is such a big big issue in Malaysia????
    To divert Muslim voters attentions... away from corruptions and murders...and what is better than having the opportunity to lay down your life to protect your religion.
    That's what the Umno b rouges and thieves want all you idiots to do.
    No takers....SONTOLOYOS!!!{Javanese word for IDIOTS}
    Heard Jesus last words at the cross?
    "Eli Eli. why have you forsaken me?"?????
    Eli Eli...Allah Allah...sound alike?
    The word is copied wholesale from the Jews!!
    It's a Hebrew word...spoken when your great great great grandfathers were still living on tree-tops with blow pipes ....hunting for food.
    Want more???
    There is no doubt that Islam is the greatest religion in the world was Buddhism 850 hundred years ago.
    All documented and proven......throughout South East Asia.....and it needs Umno idiots and goons to chase away Muslims and embrace another faith....with the ring leader..laughing to the banks with stolen money.
    Yes... Malaysians Umno b hypocrites.... will make true Muslims in Malaysia very shameful....with heads bow low in shame...and more will vote for change....mark my word.

  12. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Aloo monsterball who is the hypo dont be blinded my hatred ..the fact that u r living well in this country is the undeniable truth so stop making biasedd..remarks and ask urself who is the culprit know what im talking about...before u say anything else i already knows what kind of a person u are..haha