Monday, August 10, 2009

Loke Siew Fook, did you write that about our Sultan?

update: "No, I did not," says Loke.
The YB has left a strong denial in my comment box, which I am reproducing here:-

Dear Mr Rocky,

I strongly deny the allegation that I have written the article to insult the Sultan of Perak and Raja Nazrin. I have no prior knowledge whatsoever on that particular blog

My ONE and ONLY blog is

I have NEVER written anything that insult the Royalty, Malays or Islam in my life. There is an effort to slander DAP Youth and myself and spread lies that we are anti-Islam and anti-Royalty.

I do not know who is behind that blog and I have nothing to do with it.

As a responsible blogger, I hope you can first verify the facts before making any assumptions. I will be lodging a police report today to deny the article and I hope you can publish my explanation to clear the air later. Thank you.

12:08 PM

Original article:
This is the second time in less than 5 hours that I'm naming on my blog the DAP Socialist Youth's national leader, Loke Siew Fook (pic).

This time, it is about allegations made over the weekend by some blogs that Loke, who is also MP for Rasah, had called the Sultan of Perak and son Raja Nazrin by some unsavoury names in a posting dated Aug 6 on the blog The Might of the Pen.

The blog has since been deleted. But not before My Anger ["This is Downright Sedition"] and Melayu Bersatu ["DAP hina Sultan Perak and Raja Nazrin pulak"] had saved the "evidence" in pdf file.

Click here to read what Loke was supposed to have written about the Sultan Perak and Raja Nazrin on the blog. I hope Loke will come out and clear his name soonest.


  1. Anonymous2:07 am

    make mighty pen pay for his irresponsible 'FREEDOM' of speech

    together with wits0, jimcurry and toyol buster

    hahaha what nics ...

  2. Anonymous2:48 am

    When I wrote the truth of the bastard parasite race called the chingkies, everyone lambasted me for being a racist, including the Malay faggots and lovva boys.

    Look See Fuck is a bastard(slang). A pigface shitarse who thinks this country belongs to him and he can do what he wants. A fuckhead pendatang who will never lose his pendatang self.Who does he think he is by issuing pondan threats? This is the same shithead who will stir things up like a bloody sus barbatus and run and hide, getting his malay underlings to do his dirty work ala one eight.

    His diatribe against the Sultans is the pits. The words clearly impute that he and his ilk are prepared TO ABOLISH THE MALAY MONARCHY AND MASSACRE THE ROYALTY ALA NEPAL, EGYPT, AFGHANISTAN, ALL COUNTRIES RULED BY MAOIST, MARXIST OR PSEUDO MARXIST THUGS. Now let him and the other chingkie bastrads dare deny his shit here:

    "If you still insist in building an impossible bridge between two mountains, just for that clap of your ‘creativity’, then let us warn you that our actions too will have far reaching consequences; we will destroy those mountains to mere ashes, and stuff your filthy mouth with the last peck of that dust and prepare you for your last journey to the gates of the condemned hell!

    Dei bastard kaffir Chingkie, we know who is going to the fires of hell, apply those words from the gutter to urselves for we would be mighty pleased to do you the honours. When the moment comes bastards, dont plead or cry or squirm like pondans for if a man is prepared to spew shit like you, Yang Bangsat, he should be equally man enough to take the consequences. Or are u a trannie arsewhore who is of the baling batu sembunyi tangan variety. I wouldnt be the least surprised if you ad your ilk are one, shithead, pigarse licking unwashed dickhead.

    I have called on the ISA to be applied many times before things get out of hand, They are surely spiraling out of control now, no thanks to the "liberalisasi" we have adopted post-Tun Dr M but obviously have not learnt to handle as demonstrated by this shithead and many of his ilk.

    P/S : Look at how the chingkies reveals themselves for all to see,through this shit's own words:

    "When injustice becomes law,
    rebellion becomes duty! If rebellions become the order of the
    day, the nation is simply ruled by the criminals and the corrupt."

    for criminals : read the Triad
    for the corrupt : read the DAP inspired Phakatan of Rogues (PR)

    Now aint the Warrior been telling the truth about what the Chingkie bastards have been up to the past 1 year or so? A thrust for power and subjugation, the same attempts that foundered in 1945, 1948-1960, 1969......

    "Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. In the first stage of life the mind is frivolous and easily distracted, it misses progress by failing in consecutiveness and persistence. This is the condition of children and barbarians, in which instinct has learned nothing from experience".
    George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905

    Maybe the last sentence sums up the Chingkie bastard race.

    Warrior 231

  3. Anonymous3:02 am

    Report polis ,apa tunggu lagi, bagi polis yang siasat...

    uncle buck

  4. Salam Rocky,

    Bro you are making the Socialist party sympathizer's and the 'anwarism' cum PR's loyalist .. are very mad. And now their "Bloods are running Upstairs''..!!

    Some might just over-look this YB LSFuck write-up in the blog concern..!!

    As always they would rather go after you Bro. Then after that DAP Socialist youth chairman...!!

    You are doing good and very good indeed. Thank you Rocky's Bru , for alerting us..!! Your distractor's will call it .."stirring thing's up"...but who cares.!!

    Like I have had said before this YB is "Kureng Hajour"..!! In fact they are the one who always "stir thing's up"..!!

    Some times or rather most of the time's..!! This Socialist party loyalist and die hard sympathiser's do 'get away' with their racist comment's...!!

    This is because some soul's in M'sia are matured enough, not to respond upon it. And yet they don't give a damn ..of this matured soul's feeling..!!

    Once again TQ Rocky Bru..!!!

  5. Anonymous3:12 am

    Correct me if i'm wrong, why would that article in sjsteam blog claimed to be written by Loke Siew Fook (assuming he's behind that 'might of the pen' nick) when he already has his own blog (, and his recent postings in his own blog you could see it got nothing to do with Sultan Perak. And you can also compare his writings in his blog with that article, can't really say it's him.

    Secondly even if (for sake of argument) he contributes to that not really well known blog (why would he be anonymous i dunno), it is possible that someone could have stole the password and hijacked the blog like what just happened to tukartiub's blog, although Hisham didn't address it if you notice right after the isa rally few posts made are clearly someone else messing around.

    Just my 5 cents..


  6. Anonymous3:26 am

    If Loke really wrote that then he should apologize to the Sultan for being rude despite of some facts in the article.


  7. If its true Bro, then this Siew Fook fellow is a Clear and Present danger to our country, the Raja-Raja Melayu and the Perlembagaan. This is a clear case where the ISA should and must be enforced.

    The IGP should immediately detain this person and The Home Minister should stop give harmless and useless warnings and do his job and sent Siew Fook under ISA for 60 days to investigate who else co-authored this dastardly and dangerous post, after that the AG should charge Siew Fook and his racist chums for sedition. They are a threat to nationtal harmony and security and by extension our economy which depends on stability to prosper.

  8. Anonymous3:40 am

    Loke Siew Fook tulis dalam blog dia...

    …..I further my studies in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Bangi and obtained my first Degree in Development Science and currently a candidate for Masters of Public Administration from Universiti Malaya…

    Haiyah.. Jangan kasi malu sama Malaysia.. Baru candidate for Masters.. itu baru?

    Ini macam punya sekolah pun sudah mau ingat jadi KETUA ker? Sikit pigi angkat lagi sekolah kasi tinggi, balu mali cakap besaq baru cun!

    Kasi MALU sama saya punya anak2, lu tatak tinggi sekolah eksyen sulah mayak melambong tinggi!

    Apa betut lu cakap itu machiam sama saya punya RAJA?


  9. If its true Bro, then this Siew Fook fellow is a Clear and Present danger to our country, the Raja-Raja Melayu and the Perlembagaan. This is a clear case where the ISA should and must be enforced.

    The IGP should immediately detain this person and The Home Minister should stop give harmless and useless warnings and do his job and sent Siew Fook to kamunting under ISA for 60 days to investigate who else co-authored this dastardly and dangerous post, after that the AG should charge Siew Fook and his racist chums for sedition. They are a threat to nationtal harmony and security and by extension our economy which depends on stability to prosper.

  10. Anonymous3:47 am

    The Blog has been deleted or unpublished, it means the Author realized that he was wrong but now this article is re-published by you and the others to make Sultan looked bad indirectly to the whole world.


  11. Bro,

    If true Mahathir ever says 'Kemerdekaan ini adalah satu kesilapan bagi Malaysia' I will agree with him

  12. Bro, this racist bastard is going overboard! Thank you for always being there for us bro!

    Pls feel free to come to my blog!

    House PK

  13. Anonymous4:01 am

    This bugger is TOO much ...Enough is enough ....I hope the government can do something...if not these species will do other damaging things to the country. Now KDN, are you going to be just a fence sitter here? Don't be cowed by them. Don't be a bapok ....Just do your job ....these DAP species are provoking, insulting the Malays/Muslim institutions..Use the law to nab them ....

    These species should be asked to leave the country ...They are becoming more and more 'kurang ajar'. Take back their passport ...don't retain them here...they are sick and RACIST to the core ....Dia ingat ini negeri bapak dia punya ...???

    Ooii Apek, lu balik tongsan sudah lah ....kitaolang tak mau lu sinilah ...babi ..

    - Sick
    (ps .....where is my RPG?)

  14. Read a bit of it....I have not read this bloke only reservation of it, coming from the fingers of any of the DAP folks, is the language used. Its a little too good for them, don't you think?

    What makes me wonder more though, is how a highly regarded and respected royal household can so very quickly become the subject of such ridicule and disrespect.

    No doubt, UMNO and Mahathir showed the people the way. That it was alright to ridicule and insult the Malaysian royalty and you also get rewarded for it. Only, he did not have to reduce himself to the kind of language that has been used here. I guess what these blokes did not have in terms of power to contain the royal household as Mahathir had and did, they substitute for language I would not use on my enemy.

  15. Anonymous6:34 am

    Kalau betul, kita harap pihak berwajib akan mengambil tindakan tanpa fear or favour.


  16. Anonymous7:24 am

    cannot find the writer, just simply hentam the dapsy fler.

    typical of you bloggers, fired from a shotgun & hope a pellet hit your target.

    for all you know, its not surprising the writer(s) could be from amno or utusan.

  17. Anonymous8:08 am

    well,no action has been taken against him and this will encourage others to do the same.

    melayu sekarang dah bacul dan anwar dan nik aziz yang betanggung jawab atas ke jatuhan bangsa melayu.

  18. Anonymous9:06 am

    Tell you the truth, nobody nowadays buy your shit anymore.? Funny Warrior is always coming out with his chinku staff and hate when you have something.?
    the oldest trick in the world of spinning?Sheesh! how low you can you go man! Nobody is an idiot to write something bad about the royals and get away with it.
    You are unbelievable nowadays and most think you are not worth much.


  19. Anonymous9:07 am

    Desperados will resort to anything.

    DAP is forever in denial mode. They go stir shit here and there and then say they were misquoted and want to sue.

    PAS will clap their hands when this happens.

    PKR will keep quiet when PAS and DAP start fighting, because they actually want to be the hero by patching these two up.

    In essence, all three parties are trying to play 'Divide and Rule'. But they got the game all wrong. They are instead playing "Rule and Divide".


  20. Anonymous9:11 am

    Sultan-sultan dulu kena teruk dipanah oleh Dr. M. Tiada rakyat yang bangkit mempertahankan Sultan. Daulat Sultan pun tidak kedengaran. Sudahlah itu, DAP dan UMNO, jangan jadikan Sultan sebagai boneka dalam pergelutan politik anda. Hipokrit namanya.


  21. Anonymous9:20 am

    Rocky and readers,

    I just want to know the following. And this is asked without prejudice:

    Is there some kind of legal allowance to take court action against this individual yang mencemar kedaulatan raja dan bangsa melayu? Against what the constitution labels as an entrenched hak?

    If not, will there be any legal backlash on those who act in a vigilant manner against said individual by a registered group?

    How about individual, private vigilant actions: Can it be allowed? Is it allowed for the sake of PR?

    Without Prejudice, but hunger for action

  22. pejuang9:31 am

    above is another blogger who told HRH to go and fly kites.

    I hope that we can address this penderhaka's and send them packing. Just because they couldnt keep their own people from jumping ships, they release their anger towards the Sultan?

    Lets send this ungrateful pendatangs back to hell

  23. This is why we still need the ISA>


  24. Anonymous9:34 am

    Anonymous 3:12 with value 5 cents:

    So you are saying that it could not have been written by him?

    Simple. Issue such a statement of denial.

    It will then reduce the case of Baling-Sembunyi-tangan to Baling-tak-mengaku.

    Then once we get a hold of proofs, a tak-mengaku-case is much more severe than anything else.

    And while we are at it, how about said politician (plus you yourself) show the seriousness of contempt against such derhaka-views by CONDEMNING the writer of the article, whoever it may be. Heck if it is AMNO as you so hard to suggestively deflect, then we will hamstrung the concerned UMNO individual, with you as the Knot Tier. Ada fair ka?

    Remember: being silent about a certain thing is a veiled admission of agreement.

    Hooray! Warrior 231 is back! As usual, your backed-by-facts viewpoints are a pain-in-the-ass for your nemesis to swallow. Bro I am with you. Anyone wishing to touch and sneer Warrior231 has to touch and sneer me first. Hehehehe.

    School us with more of your writings, bro.


  25. Anonymous9:38 am

    Salam Bro Rocky,

    Para pendokong Pakatan Rakyat sudah melampau!

    Minta maaf tidak mencukupi. Tindakan undang-undang perlu dikenakan terhadap mereka-mereka ini.

    Dakwa sahaja mereka ini mengikut peruntukan undang-undang yang tersedia.

    Kita akan lihat (berdasarkan komen dan maklum balas di blog) bahawa majoriti yang mempertahankan Sultan dan institusi raja ialah orang Bumiputra.

    Apa jadi pada bukan Bumiputra? Mana perginya 'Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara' dalam diri mereka?

    Persoalannya: Kenapa bukan Bumiputra tidak mempertahankan Raja?

    Mungkin: Semangat Rukunegara masih tidak sebati dalam diri setiap rakyat Malaysia.


  26. Anonymous9:48 am

    Anon 7:24 a.m.

    Yeah, and could be from PKR or PAS as well, who knows right?

    Based on the articled wrote by the blog, I strongly believed that they are from your side - The Ketuanan DAP side!

    So, dont worry, we will make sure these fellas will be brought to justice!

    Let the police investigate and find out who behind this blog.

    Will lodge a police report ASAP! Let's see what will happen next.

    P.S: They have pushed the wrong button!










  28. Mohd Bakri10:11 am

    Seems like some jihadist friends of Nordin Top and Azahari visit your block on a regular basis while hiding their shitty hides beneath an "Anonymous" nick.

    It is not suprising to observe their bloodlust rage against those whom they "assume" or even for use of a better word, "look-like" the "enemy"... someone to run amok and kill for bangsa, agama dan harta? .... sounds familiar rocky? -jemmiah islamiah wannabes?

    Well, what do you know rocky, you lead some interesting groupies, a bloodlust pack of anjing jihad mat amok ... all you need is too feed these hungry dogs something that looks like a piece of blood-stained flesh. Better still, say that Loke Siew is part Jewish or support the right of Israel to exist...

    Why not brother, go for it, Sayyed Kutb and Haj Al Huessini and all of Al Azahar university will fund you and will promote your status if you did... and don't forget... an extra contingent of big-breasted houris for you and your chums in jennah.

    That won't be too hard eh Rocky... its not too hard for a ketuanan journo to whip up something for abang melayu kita ya... i suggest you try getting a pic of Loo Siew Fook, something with his fist clenched up, something like the one you selected of Utaya Kumar... won't be that difficult to find...

    As historian and researcher Farish Noor states, the word "amok" was coined specifically for mental midget bloodthirsty scum like these... it is in their genes to find or "fabricate" something out of nothing, to twist statements inorder to feed their amok cravings.

    No one is above critique or accountability. Not the Sultans, not the King, not even the Police, Umno or the Barisan regime. Malaysians have once again rediscovered their mederka spirit and voice. Not even the ISA, killings and intimidation will be able to stop this.

    Watch, wait and see... Here comes a new Malaysia, one that is about to circumcise the ketuanan foreskin and its maglinant filth. Malaysia Returns!

  29. Bro,

    After i read the pdf..wallaweii ade org sudah berani wooo..Well in Islam they are two major types of Kafir. 1) Kafir Zimmi 2) Kafir Harbi. But this guy is too much n he is under no. 2 category. After our country got Babi flu + unstoppable haze, now this shit guy want to have war with our sultan. too much man, know is see that our PR really want to turn our country to become a republic. Hello org melayu masih bodoh lagi ke????????????

  30. Bro, aku x salah org kafir yang sentiasa nak jajah org Islam. Tapi aku akan tetap salah kan orang Islam & Melayu yg terlampau bodoh + gila kuasa + berpecahan sesama sendiri.

  31. Anonymous10:37 am

    Bro Rocky,

    Cina DAP sekarang semakin berani dan kurang ajar. Malah mereka berani menghina Institusi Raja negara kita. Ini adalah kerana mereka mendapat semangat dari orang Melayu sendiri yang sanggup menggadai maruah bangsa sendiri demi kepentingan diri mereka.

    Indidvidu Melayu yang saya maksudkan itu tidak lain dan tidak bukan dari SiPetualang yang bernama Anwar Ibrahim.

    "Ampun Tuanku, Sultan dan Raja Negeri di Negeri Tanah Melayu ini, Patek pohon mencadangkan supaya Tuanku-Tuanku dan Raja-Raja menarik semula semua Darjah dan Gelaran yang telah diberikan kepada SiPetualang yang bernama Anwar Ibrahim ini."

    Ampun Tuanku.

  32. Anonymous10:37 am


    If I were to say Kapitan Yap Ah Loy was the Chinese Bandit leader and also the pimp with gonorrhea....will the chinese in Malaysia get angry.

    Din Pungkok
    Tanah Liat
    Permatang Pauh

  33. Anonymous10:44 am

    Hahaha...a bunch of Masters of the Universe born out of incestous relationships calling for the ouster of the chingkies.

    We chingkies are patient. We will wait for people like Warrior 231 to die young cos the incestous genes that made them will cause them to die out soon.


  34. Anonymous10:50 am

    bila chakap benar pun marah. Apala lu macam ini

    Melayu Celaka Ahh (MCA)

  35. Anonymous10:50 am

    anon 9.48am,

    ya, you flers flush out the culprits and haul their asses to court & if found guilty, hang them by their balls, if not don't simply whacked the chingkies...

    just like the TBH case, just becos two dap chingkies didn't give their sample, rockybru & bunch of bird brained bloggers jump the gun and insist the dna found on the body belong to them...

    ya, got monday blues, just whacked them chingkies, rite? rite... and make yourself feel good!

  36. Anonymous10:57 am

    Is this who i think it is?? The telltale signs are there,
    Check it out:-

    Loke Siew Fook..
    Look See Fuck....
    Lu Si Fer...


    DAMN always knew you all DEVILS in disguise! Also like cockcroach, multiply and consume everything!! Most countries are sooo fed up of you guys they just want you to go back where you come from!!!

    F@*K YOU!!!!! MUTHAFUCKA!!! GO Back To Hell!!!

    What China don't want you? Go to Singapore then and bring your KIND with you!!!! MUTHAFUCKA!!!

    @#*!!!!(notice the extra exclamation)

  37. Mr.Loke.. please explain yourself before the situation gets out of hand.

    p/s At this moment this is a friendly advice.

  38. If the government just quite on this.....i dont know what to say!

  39. Anonymous11:08 am

    A police report is being lodged at 2pm today at Dang Wangi by Loke. OBVIOUSLY the comment/article is BULLSHIT, cos the blog authors are running scared now and have closed their site. Those of you who still think it's a genuine comment by Loke, do please come down to the police station to taunt him. You chicken shits.

  40. Rashid11:17 am

    Ini semua komen dan blog adalah satu ciptaan dari Barisan Nasional untuk mengelirukan rakyat. kalau kita lihat semua ini 'so call' comment, tidak ada nama dan ia adalah ditulis oleh beberapa gang sahaja. Kalau Barisan betul-betul berkhidmat rakyat hentikan semua tidakan yang kejam terhadap rakyat dan mewujudkan polisi yang mesrakan kepada rakyat dan bukan kroni.

  41. Pendatang11:18 am

    Let me see how can I put it nicely... hmmm...

    Frankly, if you ask me, I am very digusted with the royal family of Perak. Father and son theme is repulsive! I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way and we all know why. And, the audascity of them to continue to talk about all sorts of "righteous" topics in public is simply shameless!

    So, in my own personal opinion, perhaps the manner that this fella express himself is very loud and crude but nevertheless, speaks the truth. The bottom line is this, you cannot force or imtimidate or bully anyone into giving respect. Respect also doesnt come automatically just because you are a royal or VIP or older or smarter. Respect has to be earned. If these royal or VIPs want to be respected, they better damn well hell do what is right in the name of integrity and conscience!

    Ya, ya, ya, ya.. all the propoganda about how these royalty are a symbol of the malay race, sigh..please la!! are both parties so insecure that they need to attach themselves to each other? Does the Malay fear without the royal orchestra, they are nothing? Or is it the other way around, the royal orchestra is afraid of becoming insignificant if they are not attached to something that is majority and claim to be its representative? Which is which?

  42. Frankly, I don't believe an MP would be so insensitive to write such a piece.

    Perhaps he was not in control of his website when that article was posted.

    If he did, then the party should discipline him.

    - Anak Bangsa Malaysia

  43. Anonymous11:22 am

    glenfendish 9:06 AM

    "ptuiiii"... That spit just landed on your fucking face.

  44. Medaline Chang11:22 am

    Er don't you EVER verify what you post Rocky? It's an innocent and straightforward question which is why I will put my name here as opposed to the many ANONYMOUS ppl who "support" you. Oh and why do you think the blog has been deleted, dear Rocky?

  45. Anonymous11:29 am

    Old Fart - so stinko

    you should count your blessings that the anger and fury is released in words at this stage

    you would not want to see the emotions expressed in actions do you??

    remember the origin of the word AMOK

    so get off the high horse and take your pseudo-self righteous stance out with your stench

    polluter sheesh

  46. Anonymous11:45 am

    Right time to abolish the vernacular schools

    no inkling of history
    no inclination towards nationhood
    no grasp of Bahasa Malaysia
    need to run oso run to hongkong china singapore

    wei, wat dis man?? why like dat one, mai anikuan leh

  47. Anonymous11:46 am

    memang bangsa yang tak mengenang budi orang melayu pulak memang berperangai baghal asik doperbodohkan DAP lah melayu raja china tak ada disini hanya raja melayu yang ada

    org felda murtad

  48. Anonymous11:52 am

    I do hope those who have the evident to report to the police.
    I am begin to wnder why the blog has been deleted?
    berani buat berani tanggung...
    I am waiting what will be the comment of the PK components to this .....

  49. Anonymous12:02 pm

    I, like most of Malaysians voted for this shit ass of a party last GE. We were foolish enough to think that they will make this beloved country a better place. But what they have done time and again is show how much that they are simply much worse than the current government.

    Alas the more i see the antics of DAP's racist stand on a lot of issues i cannot help but have the dreaded feeling that they are just power crazy people who have longed to be in power so they can make this country theirs. All the crap of a just Malaysian is just a smokescreen to actually change this country into a Chinese state. To follow their ideology.

    I Malay and my Indian friends who voted for them before, now regret our decision. And that goes for the whole illegitimate Pakatan coalition.

    But i believe God works in mysterious ways. And this is how God shows us our mistakes.

    The current government may have it's flaws, but i'm sure they're learning now. Afterall in all 52 years of Merdeka, the Chinese have always seized their chances that the economic stabilty BN have provide to them. Hence Chinese Malaysians are very succesful and mostly very rich if not the richest. Even with the so called NEP favouring the Malays.

    It's who that seize the chances are the ones who reaps the gains. What more could anybody want?. Unless they are Greedy Gluttons.

    I'd rather give BN another chance.
    Unless there is a better choice, hmm Malaysians?

    ex-PR supporter.

  50. Dear Mr Rocky,

    I strongly deny the allegation that I have written the article to insult the Sultan of Perak and Raja Nazrin. I have no prior knowledge whatsoever on that particular blog

    My ONE and ONLY blog is

    I have NEVER written anything that insult the Royalty, Malays or Islam in my life. There is an effort to slander DAP Youth and myself and spread lies that we are anti-Islam and anti-Royalty.

    I do not know who is behind that blog and I have nothing to do with it.

    As a responsible blogger, I hope you can first verify the facts before making any assumptions. I will be lodging a police report today to deny the article and I hope you can publish my explanation to clear the air later. Thank you.

  51. Anonymous12:24 pm

    yg satu bela china ketok ketampi
    yg lagi satu pakai sarong je tidur malam dgn suami orang lain

    yg satu tendang pintu
    yg lain tak mau cakap BM

    yg satu kata singh is king
    anaknya mahukan republic of Malaysia

    yg "terbunuh" pula bapa pada anak luar nikah
    isterinya pula guru pulak tu

    yg auta mau chin peng dinobatkan pejuang bangsa
    lagi satu bagi keturunan si-butcher ni 999 tahun tanah melayu

    baru baru ni pulak ketua muda nak halau Raja ke neraka

    TG pula mintak duit (haram??) drp UMNO "jahanam"

    ish ish ish ASTAGHFIRULLAH

  52. Anonymous12:38 pm

    To what depth will you sink?
    Fabricate articles and statement purportly from website forced to shutdown because of being targeted by UMNO police stooges and pin it on an opposition MP.
    If true that such a seditious article exist please report to police for action.
    Why must all the UMNO cybertroopers rebroadcast many times. It is like insulting the crown prince and the sultan repeatedly.
    Shame on you!

  53. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Yo man..,

    I got school mate Chinese, Indian once time ago in 90's. We study, sport etc together. Now everyone have own lifestyle, carrier but still keep in touch. Suddenly our country raise racist issue start with hindraf and others. So wat to do man. Should I kill each others. One thing I thank to my fren is they teach me basic their language as they told I might need it in the future.
    Yes now I understan Tamil/Mandarin and when I heard some chinese/indian speak with themselve condemn the Malay I only quite as they don know I did understand wat they said.
    Thank you guy, wat you said long before now is correct.
    Ohh forgot me from Felda N9.


  54. Observer12:43 pm

    More lies by Rocky Bru. How typical.

  55. Rocky,
    Hentikanlah project memperbodohkan Melayu!

  56. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Rocky, you point a finger at Loke and three pointed back at you. Yes, you sure stir up lots of hatred on your article. Is this responsible journalism? You will pay for this when you face God as your time will come.

  57. Sal-i-din1:50 pm

    As a PKR supporter I'm disgusted and pissed off with what was written about the royals.

    PKR and PAS petition Tuanku.

    DAP pulak whack. Apa ni?

    DAP has been showing its true colors since given a taste of power.

    In Penang the racists have played out the last Indian village in Penang. And Indians were there long before them too. You should read some of the racist DAP supporters aka Penangnites comments at Malaysia Today. In Perlis pulak, pigness as usual.

    This Loke must be jailed if responsible. Melebih.

    Another by-election called.

    This time PKR NOT DAP please.

  58. Rocky,

    Get your facts right first, then blog !

    Dont use ape2 jua cara untuk perbodohkan org Melayu.........kalau nak perbodohkan Melayu UMNO, GO AHEAD !

  59. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Your long lost buddy,, that Bernard aka Zorro has posted this:

    The commentors there has harshed words for Raja Nazrin and the Perak Sultan. This is no difference than that was posted by Loke Siew Fook.

    Please get them too.

  60. Before u spreading any rumours, would u check for the truth of its contents? whether the article really came out from the hand of tat particular person?

  61. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Yeah Godfather, and your mother's a PIG! Oink! oinK!! oInK!!

  62. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Apahalnya lah masih ada orang Islam Malaysia nih yang menyokong golongan kafir harbi DAP nih????? Sampai ada yang anggap antara UMNO dan DAP, lagi baik DAP. Sudahlah ... sebelum terlambat tolak DAP nih.

    Anti Kafir Harbi DAP

  63. Anonymous2:46 pm

    "cannot find the writer, just simply hentam the dapsy fler.

    typical of you bloggers, fired from a shotgun & hope a pellet hit your target." ..anony 7:24 mirror with u?

    Yoo Rock..shud write short article bout which part of Kuasa Sultan did mahathir took.. Some newbies cant seem to understand or just plain stupid to understand.


  64. Sheesh Rocky !

    I think you need to dedicate your next home page to an apology to YB Loke.

    Otherwise, you have lost whatever little respect I still have in you and will treat you nothing more than an UMNO cyber-trooper!

  65. Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa2:58 pm

    heiyyaa itu lancau loke.s.f manyak cilakak punya cingna dap.

    lia singaja bikin ini macyam arrr (1)mau kasi tutup olang tatak baca anwabelahing punya hat, (2) mau kasi tutup olang tatak baca itu teoh punya hat, (3) mau kasi gomen nama busuk bila tangkap sama lia isa punya dalam (4) mau kasi summa olang mulayu tatak hantam pas mingnum beer punya hat (5) mau kasi nigala kacyau hulu-hala bilakang tatak pimbangunan maaa. bila nigala ini macyam kacyau arrr itu mafia unterworld atak manyak jadi gumuk. lagi gumuk ini mafia cingna cinkwai arrrr, lagi kuat kasi ikat summa olang cingna. lagi kuat itu ikat arrrr, tintu tatak lagi mali mca kaaa gelakan kaaa. itu macyam arrr, nanti tintu umno satu kali jyatok mati woorrrr.

    sikalang arrrr cingna cinkwai tatak mau bikin kacyau selupa itu 13mei punya pasat arrr 13mei kaluuu habit lorrrr lia. jadi sikalang arrrr lia olang bikin hulu-hala ini macyam laaaaa, selupa taktik gorillaa kaaa selupa telolist kaaaa, summa misti pakei culi punya pukul.

    heiyyaa manyak susa mau cyakap. tapi wa ingat arrr, gomen ada belani kaaaa kasi tangkap itu cibai loke? ini cingna cinkwai pok punya hati lalam arrr, sutak lama baca itu mulayu gomen punya olang summa serupa itu anjing bising-bising tatak gigit punya. manyak bising kasi tapi arrrr apa action pong tatak.

    sikalang gomen manyak selba sala, mau tangkap salah, tak mau tangkap pong salah.

    tapi itu macyam arrrr kita olang biasa manyak susa laaaa. mau niaga susa, mau kilija susa, mau baca sikola susa, mau cali makan susa. bilakang itu lancau cingna cinkwai misti kasi plopaganda gomen kasi summa olang susa.

    gwa ingat arrrr, itu macam punya cingna ninkwai arrrr kasi tangkap simpan lalam piti sejuk kasi beku sutak laaaaa. apa mau manyak manyak cilita sama lia. kasi tangkap. kasi tutuk mulut. kasi tutup mata. kasi buang lawut lalam. satu kali cilita habit summa hat. ini macyam bikin wa tabik kasi singkaporrr. sana singkaporrrr arrrr mana atak olang busuk ini macyam cibai loke punya?

  66. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Bro, tumpang lalu - came accross an interesting report by parapu curri, and would like to share it with you and your readers:

    HIGHWAY ROBBERY? Talking about wastage and leakages, someone (MACC?) should conduct an investigation into the goings on along NKVE from Rawang to Slim River: I commute almost daily from PJ to Slim River; what I notice is the highway surface being constantly scrapped off at different stretches and tarred back. Mind you those areas scrapped off are in perfectly good condition.

    Daily parts of the highway lanes will be blocked for "road work" or so called "naik taraf". After they finish one stretch, bill the govt or plus, or whoever, they will move on to scrape the next stretch. This goes on and on. It is really sickening to see perfectly good road being dug up so a contactor can 'repair back'. Now you can see patches of different shades of tar all along the highway. Apart from causing inconvenience and danger to motorists, this is a big WASTE. Regardless of who does the job, in the end the rakyat pay.

    Roads especially highways should last a lifetime, if they were built to spec in the first place. So don't give us the 'naik taraf' bullshit.

    How do you explain this craziness? My theory is that somebody (a minister's crony?) had bought all this heavy machinery for road work and had to use them, rather than leaving them idle. The contractor also may have imported foreign labour sitting around doing nothing. This is also a scam for somebody to get PERPETUAL INCOME from road work. Now, aint that smart?

    You think the MACC will act on this or not?

    I have noticed the same thing but didn't make much of it. I hope the LLM will investigate, as the are many more potholes around that need filling up.

    mat taib

  67. Anonymous3:07 pm


    Its either Umno has run out of political ideas,or its Umno is desperate to win back Malays support.?
    There is not a day that goese by without headlines or news of this is anti this and anti that. Would the rakyat be correct if they were to assume Umno is trying to play the religion, the monarchy and race card to the hilt, and has MSM and your blog as the messenger? Could this also be a ploy to deflect other news, such as corruption etc. away from the rakyat?
    I suppose, you are a man of some influence, and as a human, would it not be your duty to expose wrong doings by the powers that be and to highlight the down trodden regardless of race and gender? Why provoke racial sentiments, and now that Loke has made a strong denial, is it not your duty to give him the benefit of the doubt? Please, be a human, if you are capable, stop fanning racial hatred.

    just fed up

  68. Am not a fan of DAP but you should have checked with him 1st.
    Its basic journalism ethics..

  69. Anonymous3:10 pm

    So what if he denies it? These DAP fuckers are all liars anyway. When they are in a rut they just do what they can do, deny everything. Read Kg. Buah Pala and all racial issues coming forth after the DAP came to power.

    ex-PR suporter.

  70. Anonymous3:14 pm


    Bila artikel dapat sambutan, juak-juak pembangkang yang tulis akan mengaku depa yang tulis. Tetapi apabila artikel pembangkang disiasat kerana fitnah dan menghasut, semua tidak mengaku!!! Sebiji macam perangai RPK, kah, kah, kah.

    p/s: sudahlah lempar batu sembunyi tangan lepas tu ramai pulak yang menggunakan nama Melayu tetapi membela penulis artikel yang menghasut itu, tetapi bukannya menghentam penulis yang kurang ajar tadi!!! Bakri, Bakri.

    Raja Bakriah

  71. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Shamsul Yunos (my anger) works for you at the Malay Mail. Perhaps, you and shamsul set up the phoney blog. caputred the positing and then deleted the said blog. If indeed, this is not the case, why didnt shamsul just write the piece in the Malay Mail before blogging on it.

    Zainol bin Ketot.

  72. Rocky, you are not exactly a nobody like me. You owe it to your subject matter as well as to your readers what you say, even if it is someone else's allegation. More so now that you are heading a MSM. Just because you put this out in your personal blog, I do not believe it absolves you of the higher standards demanded of you unlike that that is expected of me or even demanded of me.

    Loke did not deserve the kind of vitriol that comes off the likes of Warrior 231. In fact, I would say, that when a friend comes to my house, I would expect that he does not use my balcony to shout abuse at my neighbours who may be his enemies. That would be the last I'd invite such a friend to my house. But you keep entertaining this creep!!

  73. Jumat3:38 pm

    I am so sick of all these racial politicking. I just wish all of you could die sooner and leave this place in one piece for all of us, the innocent, colour blind younger generation. Bloody old farts who are self destructing our country go to hell! and that includes you the blogger of this site

  74. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Mr R. Bru,

    get your facts right before trying to stir the pot of bigotry and hatred!!

    see below....
    from Malaysian Insider...
    By Leslie Lau and Neville Spykerman

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 — Rasah MP Loke Siew Fook denied today he was the author of what appears to be a seditious blog posting against Perak’s Raja Nazrin Shah in what the DAP’s Lim Kit Siang says is part of a “bloody-minded” campaign by Umno to demonise the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) party as anti-Malay.

    A number of pro-Umno blogs have stepped up their campaign against the DAP and have posted screenshots of the allegedly seditious blog posting, attributing it to Loke and lambasting the PR party as an anti-Malay racist organisation......


  75. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Damage has been done, doesn't matter anymore whether Loke did it or not. Words will spread, "There I TOLD YOU DAP is... all along". Not surprised if some PAS members too would be affected by this.

    What i see Rocky is merely pointing out what he read not making the allegation itself, the umno blog that started the chain naming Loke Siew Fook as the writer should be responsible for it. I dunno but there seem to be pattern of character assasinations lately especially towards DAP politicians.

    Anyhow, i too disagree with what he wrote but i do afraid somehing sinister at work here.


  76. Where is PAS? Masih takut sama DAP ka? oooo lupa...PAS sekadar melukut di tepi gantang (gantang tu pulak DAP yang punye). This is typical PAS. Bila DAP hina Islam, Melayu, Raja they will just keep silence. Silence majority of Malays are watching you PAS! Orang Melayu bukanlah bodoh sangat nak bagi undi dekat pengkhianat agama!

  77. Shariff4:30 pm

    Good one Rocky - hypocrisy seems to be your modus operandi sinc you took on the Malay Mail position again.

    As someone who time and time again keeps going on about responsible journalism and blogging and the need to verify the facts - you went right ahead and linked Loke to a website which he clearly denies anything to do with.

    Did you actually email him or ring him before you made the accusation - or did you make the accusation and waited for him to deny it?

    In the latter case - all you have done is just stirred up Warrior231.
    Since Loke did not make the comments can he now sue Warrior and you for libel?

    Damn - some of the Pro-PR blogs can also be full of non-facts - but you have taken it to anew limit.

  78. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Ketuanan melayu cara umno.Matlamat menghalalkan cara.


    Imbasan daripada
    Umno gadai tanah Johor kepada Singapura
    Khairul Azlam Mohmad Mon | May 15, 06 1:46:04 pm MYT
    KUALA NERUS, 15 Mei (Hrkh) – Pemimpin Umno dan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) didakwa telah menggadai sejumlah tanah di negeri Johor kepada kerajaan Singapura pada awal tahun 1980-an lagi.
    Pemimpin Umno pada waktu itu telah menyerahkan tanah seluas 51,170 hektar kepada Singapura dengan bayaran RM350 juta, kata Pengerusi Majlis Tindakan Rakyat Kelantan, Dato? Paduka Ibrahim Ali.
    Beliau mendakwa Menteri Petanian dan Asas Tani yang juga bekas Menteri Besar Johor, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin bertanggungjawab menggadai tanah-tanah orang Melayu kepada Singapura.
    ?Saya terkejut, rupa-rupanya pada tahun 1980 sewaktu Muhyiddin Yassin jadi Menteri Besar dan waktu itu Musa Hitam jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri tiada siapa pun tahu didedahkan bahawa pada tahun 1981, kerajaan Johor di bawah Muhyiddin telah menyerahkan tanah di kawasan Sungai Lingu iaitu di Bandar Tenggara Johor sebanyak 51,170 hektar kepada kerajaan Singapura,? jelasnya.Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap pada majlis Ceramah Perdana Menentang Penghinaan Terhadap Islam di perkarangan Maahad Tahfiz Wa-Tarbiyyah Darul Iman, Tok Jiring, baru-baru ini.
    Katanya, kawasan tersebut tidak jauh dengan Kota Tinggi yang merupakan kawasan hamparan air seluas 51,170 hektar.
    Menurutnya, kawasan berkenaan dipajak kepada kerajaan Singapura selama 60 tahun dengan kadar bayaran RM350 juta dan tidak dibenarkan sesiapa pun memasukinya sekarang ini.
    Beliau mendapat maklumat tersebut ketika menghadiri suatu Majlis Dailog Kepentingan Bangsa Peringkat Negeri Johor pada 7 Mei lalu bersama Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.
    Menurutnya, taklimat tertutup itu dikendalikan oleh bekas Setiausaha Kerja Umno Johor, Encik Hamzah Othman yang juga bekas pengerusi guru-guru besar bersara.
    ?Sebelum itu, ada satu taklimat tertutup yang diberi oleh Encik Hamzah Othman, bekas pengerusi guru-guru besar bersara yang pernah jadi Setiausaha Kerja Umno Johor dahulu sewaktu Muhyiddin Yassin jadi Menteri Besar. Dia bagi taklimat dengan tayangan slide, cukup dari segi maklumat, dengan petanya, pelan toponya,? jelasnya di hadapan lebih 10,000 orang hadirin.
    Sehubungan itu, beliau turut melahirkan rasa kesal dan dukacita setelah enam tahun menganggotai Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno dan 13 tahun menjadi Ketua Bahagian Umno tidak mengetahui isu tersebut.
    Katanya, empangan tersebut dibuat setinggi 193 meter dan jika pecah atau dipecahkan seluruh Kota Tinggi termasuk Bandar Tenggara boleh tenggelam.

    posted by rakyat tak bodoh.

  79. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Typical of PR especially DAP. Coward like anything....after they stir shit, they run...hide behind their momma's skirt, deny this deny that saying,

    "No it is not me, how can I do it....blah blah blah" ...come on lah...own up man ...don't just delete the blog and deny. ...TAKUTkan on the backlash ? That is why assholes, you people must think before doing anything....remember every action has a reaction ...I did not say it, a mat salleh named newton said it ....don't stir shit too much..the Malays are begininng to feel more and more fed up..UNDERSTAND !!

    Btw, Warrior 231, you are right all along...these pigs stir shit and then they run ...let's call them "piglittle"...

    - Simply Fed Up

  80. Anonymous4:56 pm

    As a true citizen of M'sia, i would like to DEMAND the govt to :




    * MAKE THEM USE A NATIVE/MALAY SOUNDED NAMES (like in Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines etc)






    - Simply Fed Up
    (Just my 2 cents 'cos I'm really fed up)

  81. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Mr Loke Siew Fook,

    In all honesty, we wouldn't be able to certify whether what you say is true or not. But let us assume that the loftiness of your office precludes any misjudgments or labellings of "liar" on you, and so we accept that what you say is true.

    And now we come to this: Would you issue a statement of condemnation against whoever that was that wrote it?

    Because you realize that you can be equally guilty by just nodding in agreement over what was said. Perhaps it would be a simple matter to allude to this allegory:- namely that we request Anwar Ibrahim to GIVE A SPEECH AND CONDEMNATION ON THE EVILS AND VILENESS OF HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS WHICH IS FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM.

    How about it, YB Rasah? Or how about it, YB Permatang Pauh?


  82. Anonymous5:10 pm

    1.As historian and researcher Farish Noor states...........

    response: once a faggot's fan always a faggot nutcase minion.

    Not even the ISA, killings and intimidation will be able to stop this.

    2.Watch, wait and see... Here comes a new Malaysia, one that is about to circumcise the ketuanan foreskin and its maglinant filth. Malaysia Returns!

    response : yeah, we are waiting ,smacking our lips to drown you in your blood after disemboweling you fuckhead.

    3.Seems like some jihadist friends of Nordin Top and Azahari visit your block on a regular basis while hiding their shitty hides beneath an "Anonymous" nick.

    well look at this way, uncircumcised chingkie arse licking pondan, a jihadi goes to heaven which ever way the coin tosses, win or lose is immaterial. You- gonna rot in hell, as the firecock of the chingkie pig buttfucks and mouthrams you for eternity....

    4.jemmiah islamiah= can't even get the spelling right, wanna talk about jihadis, houris et al. What a mafucking pabuggered, granparaped unwashed dickhead of a trannie birdbrain.

    5.Not the Sultans, not the King, not even the Police, Umno or the Barisan regime

    Response: the first 2 exposes your real fucking intentions right? why not come out of momma's panties and say the obvious? u wanna get rid of the monarchy.
    the rest affirms the other reality, the one a shithead like you believes like a thought zombified brain neutered gutter scum and sewage bacteria. Again, dont wiggle your boneless butt like a trannie whore for them chingkies to arsefuck. Say it clearly like a Man which you aint so u cant, cockless cum guzzling pig arsewhore: "Only PR are the maksums and beyond reproach".

    6. Why not brother, go for it, Sayyed Kutb and Haj Al

    Sayyod Qutb= dead, martyred, kaput
    Husseini : say who?
    al-azhar: hahahaha says a lot of your shit jammed brain. Hey, why not bring NUS, Cambridge or even Harvard into the equation

    7. That won't be too hard eh Rocky... its not too hard for a ketuanan journo to whip up something for abang melayu kita ya... i suggest you try getting a pic of Loo Siew Fook,.....

    Response; yeah, brother anti, havent we heard a pondan mouthing about abangs in his comments. dei bakri pundek, son of a spayed bitch, u know something, pretty stupid of u, a chingkie masquerading as a malay in these parts.Slip outta your panties and camisole and assume your real id for a change for we know who u really are!

    Warrior 231

  83. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    I really don't believe an individual will be so stupid as to commit political suicide the way you claim Loke Siew Fook is. It is extremely easy to fake a site and put it in pdf.

    In fact, all someone has to do is to to save your homepage, open it in a webeditor, change the contents without touching the formatting and print it as pdf. As easy as editing a word document... but then, you already know that, don't you?

    Just like the so-called justice for tbh site, gone after a while...

    If he are guilty, by all means punish him. But if he is not, you realize that you are playing a "lose-lose" game, i.e., no matter who win power in the end, the entire country lose.

    Have a conscience, bro.

  84. dare2do5:13 pm

    woiii, baling batu sembunyi tangan ke? hamsap lo.

  85. Anonymous5:13 pm









  86. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Rocky, you do not sit in an ordinary chair in MM but you are showing how biased you are. This guy has not denied saying it, what else?

    Or maybe you have conveniently forgotten the umno mob protest and their banner in Kuala Trengganu that portray our beloved DYMM as "natang"?


  87. Anonymous5:38 pm

    This guy Loke Siew Fook has the guts to post on your Blog a Denial
    to the so called seditious Article that was posted on a particular Blogsite, so Rocky, don't you think
    its rather prematured to accuse
    him of being the actual writer of that offencesive Article ?? If he DID actually wrote them then he deserves to face the music BUT, IF
    he really got nothing to do with that and had NO knowlegde of it then WHAT ?? Are you all man enough
    to extend your apologies to him ??
    So, until and unless its proven that he is infact the offending
    writer I would suggest you Bloggers
    DO NOT simply condemn a person. Please be rationale and not start
    being hasty yourself in shooting it out. Are you all so easily stirred up by some Stirrer ??

  88. Anonymous5:52 pm

    DAP loyalist seem think they' re untouchable !!!

    Corrupt racist DAP bastard !!! This DAP is full of shit eternally !

    They can curse UMNO with everything and without a fact but they get angry and full of emotions when talking about this racist DAPigs !

    They think their so angelic . WTF !


  89. Anonymous6:00 pm

    rocky, i think your blog has become a breeding ground for racism...

    keep it up... if your blog is all about that and you are doing a pretty good job at it.

  90. Bro

    I don't know if these guys all read your blog thoroughly or just spotted a word or two and then proceeded to shoot from the hip.

    The DAP guy has clearly denied he's the author of these words about the Sultan and has clearly stated he's going to make a police report.

    What more do all these anti ultras want?

    Who are the real racists and bigots?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

  91. Anonymous6:12 pm

    This is the standard denial of DAP. They will always denied what they have said or done.

    YM Lim and Gobind denied he advised the two DAP guy to give their DNA sample.

    Ronnie Liu denied knowing about the 84 contract and said it was given by the former governmenr.

    Lim Kit Siang denied he questioned why MACC investigated Mebers of Parliament during a parlimentary debate.

    A lot of other denial.

  92. Anonymous6:12 pm

    This is the standard denial of DAP. They will always denied what they have said or done.

    YM Lim and Gobind denied he advised the two DAP guy to give their DNA sample.

    Ronnie Liu denied knowing about the 84 contract and said it was given by the former governmenr.

    Lim Kit Siang denied he questioned why MACC investigated Mebers of Parliament during a parlimentary debate.

    A lot of other denial.

  93. Anonymous6:14 pm

    This is the standard denial of DAP. They will always denied what they have said or done.

    YM Lim and Gobind denied he advised the two DAP guy to give their DNA sample.

    Ronnie Liu denied knowing about the 84 contract and said it was given by the former governmenr.

    Lim Kit Siang denied he questioned why MACC investigated Mebers of Parliament during a parlimentary debate.

    A lot of other denial.

  94. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Cari sampai dapat. Takpayah masuk ISA, BUANG DUIT..

    Kasi halau semua keturunan dia KELUAQ dari Malaysia.

    Dia nak pakai Lawyer bela dia. Kasi HALAU semua keturunan Lawyer yang nak ambik kes dia.

    We dont need these kinds around!


  95. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I can see a pattern of events - trying to project DAP or a theme to put the non-Bumi in a bad light.

    Why jump to conclusion of a seditious article written by an unconfirmed author using Loke Siew Fook's name.

    Anyone could have easily setup a blog using any name and still be anonymous. Technically it is very easy using an IP proxy and out of reach of Malaysian authority to trace the origin of the Author.

    However, it is very irresponsible of you to publish such an entry when the "accused" (Loke) was not given the opportunity to respond first.

    Looking from a third party viewpoint I suspect that the article is written by BN's supporter if not by BN's machinery as part of their scheme to bring down PR's state rule.

    Judging from the language used such as those of warrior 231 I am sure he is part of BN's cyber warrior - one can see through it easily.

    anti-warrior 132

  96. Reading the posts from the two blogs, My Anger and the other one ... all I can say is .... there goes 1Malaysia!

  97. Anonymous6:33 pm

    All you "Melayu' (really pendatang from Indonesia) listen real carefully once and for all !
    If you guys are really so smart why are you always using vulgar languages to express yourself. It only reflects the kind of people you are and the education your parents and your teachers must have taught you. Did they not tell you guys that when the heart overflows the mouth speaks ! You are really a bloody disgrace to your race.
    Again if you guys are so smart, why do you have to have the Indians like pariah Mahathir and the many half breeds in UMNO or even in Malaysia to pretend to be Malays to be your leaders.
    Can't you guys get the real'Melayu'
    to be the leaders for once or is it because you can't find them or may be do not have them or can't find them amongst you ?
    Also you keep calling the non Malays pendatang to go home and other names and yet you why would spend millions by sending delegations after delegations to beg these pendatang, who had abandoned this God forsaken country to return to serve in Malaysia with lots and lots of incentives ? Why do you have to beg these pendatang to return to Malaysia ? Might I add with very little success.
    Is it because there isn't enough Ketuanan Melayu with descent brains
    and training to serve and save the Ketunan Melayu ? And is this why so many of you are going to America, Europe, Australia or even Singapore for medical treatment when your life is at stake ?
    Come real pendatang from Indonesia !

  98. Anonymous6:43 pm


    Nowadays there are so many ways that anyone can frame anyone by cutting and pasting seditious things on his blog to frame him. I believe Loke Siew Fook is one of such victims and the culprits are UMNO cybertroopers and agent provocateurs all out to cause racial trouble to justify Rais latest attempt to filter the internet. Najib of course knows and he is playing sandiwara by saying govt has no intention to filter net. But then in response to LSF's purpoted posting, Najib will change his mind. UMNO cybetroopers know it is very difficult for LSF or anyone to check the blog since it has been completely removed. THIS WHOLE FRAMEUP STINKS and regrettably, you Rocky, allow yourself to be a party to it.


    Before you start ranting and raving about cina babis, etc, look no further than your own backyard in PWTC to know who the real trouble makers are, many of them being Javanese pendatangs like the Toyol who should be deported back to their homes for inciting trouble

    Wira Malaysia

  99. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Shit! Another evil plot by Umno again!


  100. Well, if he does it... then he should own up.

    Now, lets compare the writting in this blog to Antony's actual blog.

    Here is his writting
    "I'm urgently looking for an Office Assistant to be based in my service center in Jalan Tuanku Munawir (junction to Lobak). The tasks are manning the service center from 9-5 daily (Mon- Fri, Sat 9-1), handling public complaints and general office admin"

    This is the writting from the accused blog
    "When these basic freedoms and liberties are robbed of the people, then the only civilized course of action by any responsible citizen who cares about his nation, is to ensure that his voice is heard loud and clear! Get this straight into your ever conniving brain! When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty! "

    No offense but did you sense the difference in the choice of words and the construct of sentences? Antony wrote with basic English 'flair". While it is good to be angry, reflect on the question by one of the feedback that the article is just too glaring that it is meant to be an insult.

  101. Anonymous7:27 pm


    I have seen the supposed offensive article in the deleted blog which you posted and read some of Loke Siew Fook's articles. The style of language is different for both articles and I am convinced that someone, possibly from UMNO is trying to frame Loke Siew Fook. It is part of a wider game to make Malays hate DAP which is gaining support among the Malays.

    fair play

  102. Vergis Mathew7:42 pm

    I do not think that Mr Loke Siew Fook would write sucha stupid and hateful article. He is a responsible and good man.
    Please don't just the gun here and do some research first. I believe all those UMNO blogger would believe anything when it come to DAP politician.

    Vergis Mathew
    Taman Tun Dr Ismail

  103. nstman8:08 pm

    Rocky, well done. Good job. Being a point man for the Barisan has its benefits. Keep it up brudder.

  104. nstman8:22 pm

    Rocky, you are acting as judge and executioner. You have a lot to explain. Your credibility is at stake.

  105. Ini anak babi si siew fuck ni tak nak ngaku pulak dah, memang jenis takde telor punya kaum la depa ni!

    How you don't know people are using you name and running that blog? Now i believe you asshole will put the blame to BN lagi la kan cibai?

    We want you rsign and fuck off from Malaysia! Period!

    House PK – Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai

  106. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Mr. Loke,
    Baru tahu TAKUT ke? Jgn cabar org MELAYU wlaupun DAP anggap MELAYU dah layu. Tak heran kalau MR.Loke ada 10 blogs sekalipun. Memang bleh pun. Agaknya klau ramai yg menyokong tulisan lu tu, agaknya lu tak kan report punya atau kata itu bukan lu punya blog - sbb lu d anggap juara.

    Bila lu kena hentam baru gelabah. Pepatah melayu ada cakap "TERLAJAK PERAHU BOLEH D UNDUR, TERLAJAK KATA BURUK PADAHNYA". Lu ada faham ke maksudnya.

    Kita hidup dlm masyarakat majmuk. Wa harap, mulai sekarang, semua Malaysian chinese pergi beli buku Sejarah Tanah Melayu atau suruh aja Prof.Kay Kim ajar semua Malaysian Chinese,asal usul mereka. Wa tguk majoriti Malaysian Chinese BUTA SEJARAH so jadilah mereka golongan BUTA HATI, BUTA OTAK, BUTA PERASAAN dan golongan yang TIDAK BERTERIMA KASIH.

    Wa, rakyat Malaysia yg sentiasa berterima kasih.


  107. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Loke Siew Fook,

    Don't worry. The people can judge for themselves. Tnese UMNO agent provocateurs all out to start trouble for you. You did the right thing by making a police report. Notice that so many of these UMNO agent provocateurs have come up one by one to hit at you. Just ignore them as they are all part of this BIG SANDIWARA

    Rakyat Malaysia

  108. Rocky here is leading an inquisition.

    A pound of flesh, perhaps? Shylock would have been proud of you.

  109. There are a lot of shit going around.

    Do you think Loke would be stupid enough to write something to belittle the royal?

    These are the making of the BN to disseminate misinformation.

    BN is on the war path. So please do not be so stupid to believe it.

  110. to all the commentators here....

    let's look at this one

    I dare the blog owner to be fair and publish this

  111. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I want to congratulate you...firstly, you got the MMail job....and if you keep this up...who knows, you will be the next chief of the whole newspaper...then you can cancell the sue kalimullah had against you wattt...okk apaa...tapi...u need to keep blowing the horns of BN lah...buat masa nie tak cukup lagik ok....u are just 30%.,,,,,u need to do more


  112. Anonymous10:32 pm

    To all the Chinese-haters,
    What you guys wrote is beyond redemption esp.warrior 321.If you have a case against this dap guy go and get him ISA.DONT generalise all chinese are pigs.Maybe you shd petition all non-malays be banish to sabah sarawak for good and stop this stupid quarrel once and for all.

    Still called a pendatang

  113. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Why why you have been the top stirrer for BN, sorry for UMNO. Create choas among the races and BN wins by default is your stratgy. You are well placed to do great damage to emerging voices. Your mantra is to divide and rule which the colonist has well taught you UMNOputras. You stir the untrained minds and create fear among citizens. This is the type of rule which you desire.


  114. Anonymous11:25 pm

    i see so many ass-lickers in here. LSF has already denied it and yet some shit-holes still trying to stir shit and talking abt some ketuanan thing. Whereas Utusan stirred shit and fan racial sentiments and our dear ole Rocky kept quiet like a pussy mouse. If u want to talk abt being fair, then stand up to what is right, dont be a traitor to the nation. Dont be a turncoat. Be a true M and uphold justice! Otherwise, anyone also can tok kok!


  115. Anonymous11:50 pm

    your blog is full of shit.. and kepala udang.
    Muhau , aiso guno om tasu!!!

  116. Anonymous12:27 am

    Why this chinese full of hatred , i see many comment pro DAP full of racist ! and hatred towards Malays . But as usual this is how DAP play to stir a racial issue like chinese newspaper .

    Remember Telesa kiok ? who trying denial everything like mulut longkang !!! when we show the evidence . She just playing dumb .

  117. Anonymous12:34 am

    So much vitriol and hate over a blog allegedly started by someone. :)

    Hey, I also want to start a blog. I will blog in the name of Warrior 231. :D

    I will blog about multicultural Malaysia, about equality, about the need for us to get along, truth, fairness, honesty, all the good traits in men, etc.

    I sure hope no one would call for the arrest of Warrior 231.


  118. why isn't my post posted bro?

  119. Anonymous12:45 am

    bloody bastard and son of pig u loke siew fuck..

    go die balik tongsan la

    dont blame others when their blood go upstairs..since u r the one who bloody fucking racist idiot here.


  120. Anonymous1:19 am

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    To all the Chinese-haters,
    "DONT generalise all chinese are pigs.Maybe you shd petition all non-malays be banish to sabah sarawak for good and stop this stupid quarrel once and for all."

    Still called a pendatan


    When the opposition blogs intentionally disregard the rule of the game by generalizing the Malay-based-party's shortcoming to all the Malays, nobody cares instead the pig eaters took that opportunity to bash all the Malays at will. This is facts that no one can deny and is still going on till m today.

    Why no one cares about the feeling of all the Malays (the majority). What is this? Just because the Malays kept their mouth shut, they don't mean that they don't have the right to show their sentiments as much as you do? Don't they? Be fair! bro! My advise to you is that don't pinch people's butt and expect them to not feel the pain.


  121. Anonymous1:34 am

    "It is part of a wider game to make Malays hate DAP which is gaining support among the Malays.

    "fair play


    If you say DAP is gaining support from some of the Malays in Pas and almost all the malay in PKR then i would probably agree with you. The thing is Malays in pas and PKR do represent the whole Malay. Don't you think result of Manik Urai revealed otherwise -- The Malay is beginning to realize whom this fellow Dap actually is? Don't lah syok sendiri!!

    Manik Urai voter.

  122. Anonymous2:02 am

    Anonymous said...

    "All you "Melayu' (really pendatang from Indonesia) listen real carefully once and for all !
    "If you guys are really so smart why are you always using vulgar languages to express yourself. It only reflects the kind of people you are and the education your parents and your teachers must have taught you.


    Firt of all I don't think you are a nonMelayu. Because nonMelayu always claims that there are civilized people but when come to writing such as in M Today you can judge what kind of people they are. Kah, kah.

    You are definitely a Melayu. Am I right? Because if you are nonMelayu then by right you should aware already the type of vulgar words that the nonMelayu so fond of throwing towards you in the M Today. And that is done without you (a Melayu) not being allowed to surf into that chinkie zone.

    Ha, ha welcome to hypocritical world of fishy zombies (PR munafik).


  123. Anonymous2:25 am

    DAP DAP dah takut already, the guy said that he did not do it ......but DAP is a liar party, I won't bet a single cent on that ..

    This is only the reaction in blogsophere provoke the Malays, you'll get it ...scums, cowards, traitors ..!!

    And the DAP cheerleaders here in this blog have nothing to do but to blame UMNO, Mahathir, Malays, Rocky etc. They use the same script all over again that is to blame anything/anybody (esp. Malays) except themselves ......Podah!!

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

    ps ....kesian Rocky jadi punching ball...

  124. Anonymous2:46 am

    Nowadays very easy for a bloger to write any article, send that to a friend and tell the friend to submit on your behalf. From somewhere of course.

    Initially, if the writer is not very sure the kind of respond that he is about to get therefore more logical to start with a trial run. In the mean time, the writer would keep a close watch on the market.

    If his article is being accepted and praises wholeheartedly by his goon members then he will be very happy to announce that the article is his. Otherwise, the insurance is there already for use just in case the need arise -- "sorry bro, not me who posted this item, bla, bla.."

    Anyway, many of you got it right when you are saying the writer of this controversial article is not that stupid in the sense that after having throwing a stone but then he is not that stupid fellow to not hide the hands. Yes, he did hide the hands (this is the truth) and as such he is a smart alec..


  125. Anonymous2:47 am

    Anon 5.13 pm - may have problem with No.5 - if vincent tan gets angry how? Habis lah mahathir!

    new fart

  126. Anonymous7:46 am

    DAP nafi lagi.Itu je kerjanya:

    Liu: Saya tidak terbabit dalam serbuan rampas bir

    Andrew Ong dan Kuek Sek Kuang Keng | Aug 11, 09 7:20am

    Exco kerajaan Selangor Ronnie Liu menafikan berulangkali tuduhan bahawa beliau campurtangan dalam keputusan Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) untuk merampas minuman keras dalam satu serbuan yang dilakukan.

  127. justmy2SEN8:22 am

    I can see the pattern NOW..

    DAP says/claim and tohmah anything they want...kutuk JI as extremist..hentam sana hentam sini tanpa bukti sesuka hati!!!!


    and magically everything is OK although damage to others' reputation has been done..
    and i don't understand the govt will act like nothing happen even this can be classfied as damaging the country's peace and law order


    ...and the cycle goes on and on and on and on...

    i really hope the goverment will investigate this matter..who's behind sjsandteam and also their commentators as i also read the blog and there's lots of libelious statement been made sesuka hati there and comments which do not agree with them, will not be displayed showed how fanatics these people are

    ps: Partly i blame the govt for taking these matters TOO LIGHTLY... it's like the govt have preferential treatment towards non malays where non malays are permitted to SAY ANYTHING..calling Malays pendatang, kutuk islam..

    BUT god forbid should Malays say something unfavourable abt non malays (even if its the truth) like stating that AN ILLEGITIMATE CHILD BY LAW IS AN ILLEGITIMATE CHILD...

  128. Wait a minute.. Suddenly its not you huh Siew Fook?

    Then why your own pakatan fella said that it is you who wrote the blog? ( >> << )

    Who's the liar? You? Zulkifli Noordin? Or every single of you in pakatan are liars?

  129. Anonymous9:08 am


    Sorry Malay I dun wan to hurt you I dun wan to make you cry innosent Just cleaning my closet


  130. Anonymous9:16 am

    To all the Chinese in Malaysia, especially those from DAP.


    If you do, you might not realise what you are asking for.

    Need I say more?

  131. Anonymous9:36 am

    "I have NEVER written anything that insult the Royalty, Malays or Islam in my life. There is an effort to slander DAP Youth and myself and spread lies that we are anti-Islam and anti-Royalty"

    You saying you are anti-MALAY then?

    Sick n Tired

  132. Anonymous9:38 am

    Looks like you are part of the establishment and a key figure spearheading the onslaught on Selangor's key state reps. Should Selangor falls, I have no doubts your rewards should be gratifying. Maybe to settle this once and for all, I think your advice to your masters should be to call for a snap election,then get on with real governance, instead of political bickerings since o8.

  133. Wow! i tot Rocky champion researching before publishing articles that would potentially be slanderous?! where is your journalistic investigation huh? conveniently missing? did you call up Loke and ask him whether he did wrote the articles?

  134. Anonymous10:19 am

    Dear NSTMAN and MICHAEL,

    What credibility and respect for Rocky are you all talking about? You must be joking.


    You saw the heading for this blog? Doesn't it sound like a threat???? Of couse it was....

    Rocky, we all have to answer to God. I will have my day and you yours. Good luck.

  135. Anonymous10:20 am

    You orang kat sini jangan main sedap aje cakap sebarangan..... Berani cakap, berani la tanggung...jangan ingat you orang takda letak nama, boleh lepas macam tu je ke.... Unit Jenayah Siber Bukit Aman boleh pi angkut bila-bila masa aje..... Watch out your word..... You can run but you cant hide.....

  136. Anonymous10:23 am

    Warrior 231...

    Really obvious eh, bro..that bastard called Mohd Bakri is actually a fucking chingkie-swine masquarading as a malay..simply a menifestation of a looser with crisis of identity problem..memang tiada maruah puak laknat ni ..macam biasa lah..

    Just see the selection of his vocabs & phrases.. not to mention the spelling too..

    "jihadist" - a true muslim will understand JIHAD real meaning and will never-ever had a very shallow understanding like a kafir whom only solely associating the meaning with terrorism or put it to a level of insult to its meaning.. Do you understand jihad diri & jihad harta?..nothing to do with bombs lah idiot..satu lagi projek oleh CINA BUKIT BODOH TIADA MARUAH?

    "agama, bangsa & "harta" - harta?? hahahah..macam agenda utama pukimak cina bukit butuh laknat je bunyinya.. Every malay know that the last word do not form any chemistry at all with the first two and sound sucks!.. kantoi! The moment a muslim go jihad against kafir laknat, "harta" is no longer part of the course..satu lagi projek oleh CINA BUKIT BODOH TIADA MARUAH?

    "Jemmiah" - Melayu tak eja macam tu lah dlm bahasa melayu lah bodoh...itu ejaan sekolah vernacular ke? Its "jemaah".. even the arabic style influenced Pak Syeikh YB BABI won't spelled it as "jemmiah" also.. satu lagi projek oleh CINA BUKIT BODOH TIADA MARUAH?

    My advice to Mohd Bakri a.k.a Cina Babi in disguise..don't try or to pretend to be something that you do not really understand and know nuts..make u look really fucking stupid lah when u trying hard to spin it..understand pendatang piggy? have an identity and maruah lah..don't stoop so low like a babi..or your type already born babis and nothing much u people can change or do anything about it, right? kah..kah..kah..

    p/s: Just see the mumbling & bitching from piggy offspring like that Godfucker kind...bising dalam blog je berani... jumpa atas jalan lah kalau berani.. Ada berani kah? The truth speaks for itself... kah..kah..kah.. konek kecil memang mcm tu..sekali kena sunat terus menjerit mcm pukimak..cina bukit memang suka cakap besar macam bagus tetapi hakikatnya penakut macam pondan & bodoh..itu fakta.

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  137. mustang10:28 am


    memang di sini ada ramai komentar2 yang bukan sahaja bodoh dan bangap dan memang lah sangat marah dengan KEBERANIAN saudara.

    Bodoh dan bangap sebab menuduh saudara mengada2kan cerita ini.

    marah saudara kerana membongkar elemen2 yang kurang baik dalam PKR yakni, DAP.

    macam lah saudara meminta2 sangat jawatan Malay Mail.

    bukan kah saudara tinggalkan NST tahun 2006?
    bukan kah kalimullah yang menjatuhkan Malay mail sehingga susah hendak menyelamatkan akhbar tersebut dan sejurus bangsat kalimullah tinggalkan NST, yang pegawai2 berkenaan meminta jasa saudara untuk menyelamatkan Malay Mail?

    what? your stupid attackers think you were an opposition supporter now working for mainstream.

    bodoh sangat!

    you've always been mainstream but critical of the establishment.

    your attackers who are obviously Pakatan sympathisers and harscore racists are simply angry that you are exposing the dirt.

    BODOH semu kau orang.

    Rocky is his own man-lah...

  138. So Siew Fook has denied that he had reviled the Sultan and the Regent of Perak in the blog, it is mighty strange that he did not deny the disparaging article he purportedly wrote about Dr Ridhuan Tee at the same blog.

    YB Siew Fook denial in Rockybru's is too little too late and since he is under the microscope of public opinion he and his party the DAP should have issued a public condemnation of the article that reviled the Perak Monarchy also, otherwise people will think that he and his party the DAP agrees with the seditious article.

    DAP always like to put BN in a "damn you do or damed if you don't position", so how does it feel to have to swallow your own medicine? Bitter, Pahitkan..

    3. In any case the Police is investigating and with the help of digital forensic experts they should be able to trace the blogger responsible and haul him/her to court and charge him/her for sedition at the very least.If found guilty then the the full force of the Law must be brought to bear on on him/her.

  139. wow, Warrior 231, you sound really f**ked up dude. grow up la bro, you sound intelligent, but like a baby at the same time.

  140. Anonymous11:08 am

    everyone here has no brain..Period!!!
    Self service idiots.. no wonders the politics in malaysia sucks...
    Racial issue my foot!!!

    Orang bukan malaysian!!!

  141. Anonymous11:10 am

    to the two camps here.. Shut up and serve the people and dont play Spin Doctor!! ..
    Ignorant human beings...

    orang Sabah

  142. Anonymous11:15 am

    To all the Chinese in Malaysia, especially those from DAP.


    If you do, you might not realise what you are asking for.

    Need I say more?

    so pls say more?.. let your true color come out!!!..Remember that there other race's also in malaysia..pls inlighted us & pls give youe full name so as we ca report you to the Police...

  143. I don't need Umno to tell me what DAP is all about. We have Pas and PKR doing that. Pas collaborating with the kafirs and Pkr Malays being racist to their own kind makes me sick to the stomach. All thanks to Nik Aziz and Anwar. In my opinion both traitors to the religion and race.
    But it is the Chinese who have only themselves to be blamed for all the racial tension due to their constant and unrelenting bashing of the Malays and Islam. Non-stop day after day. I find it extremely irritating to be lumped into one category..Umno/Bn supporter. I'm Malay, I have nothing nice to say about DAP and PKR so assume automatically that I must be an Umno member and a non-malay hater. And with that herd mentality going round in Pakatan now it's alright to bash me and my family and my entire race.
    Like what Anonymous 6:33 pm was doing.
    Good one, anon 6:33. That's the way to go. Call one a racist by making a racist statement.
    So alright, call me a racist,unfairly enough, along with the rest here who are valiantly protecting their rights, their race, their dignity and pride. Call us racists, go ahead. I think i can accept that. We're taught to be racists by the very people who call us racist for they are one just as much, maybe even more. The only difference is we can actually handle the name calling. The rest just go wee wee wee all the way home.

  144. anti-net11:27 am

    Thus the reason why internet medium such as Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, ETC ETC ETC cannot be trusted. It can be misused by any party causing a lot of damage.

    I too could start a, place your picture and start campaigning for Anwar or better still Badawi.

    Imagine what your paymaster will have to say?

  145. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Part 1

    Commentators who are riled by my comments fail to comprehend several issues pertaining to the norms of commenting:

    1. the expression of views based on facts no matter how unpalatble should be accepted and debunked based on its factual merit. That is the conduct of civilised beings engaged in meaningful discourse. If one cannot rebut with a cogent fact-laced argument then one should not resort to hiding one's intellectual deficiencies by:

    a. assailing the personality of the critic

    b. resorting to cowardice by calling for his banning etc.

    the vast majority of my comments address the issue at hand with additional input serving as corroborative evidence or to elucidate the theme i have brought to the argument. Occasionally, I will use the arguments marshaled by the other party to underline the flimsiness of their premise or to show up their buffonery. I also wish to stress that my use of vulgarities is designed to evince my disdain and hatred for certain racial groups as a counterfoil to their vileness against my own race. It is certainly within my ambit to react in the like manner as much as they do in other forums, one of which happens to be the now defunct sjsandteam ( a reading of their cached posts which i have in my collection, not only the one mentioned here would reveal the extreme hatred towards the malays and Islam)

    2. In relation to the above, the central premise of my arguments against the chingkies are briefly elucidiated as follows:

    a. the prevailing tensions and socio-economic inequalities are the result of 150 yaers of Brit-Chingkie hegemony in the local economy pursuant to which vast swaths of the indigenous population not only experienced economic disenfranchisement but also geographical dislocation and demographic displacement. In fact,
    Kahn(2007) is on record of delineating the existence of Malays in urban areas pre-1940s. Many articles and journals clearly establish Malay predominance in areas currently populated by the Chingkies. While the peasant agrarian economy may not appear "sexy" or consequential to the British, its thriving existence clearly put paid to the myth of the indolent native, a point emphasised by Al-Atas(1977). In fact, the extensive and contigous existence of Malay littoral empires clearly point to the involvement of the natives in trade and empire building. In fact, historical accounts do talk about the mineral economy in Perak during the era of the Dutch, and the prime role of Long Jaafar and Ngah Ibrahim in opening up the Larut mines. The point i am trying to stress here is that, the Malays were economically displaced and this has much to do with the connivance of the Chingkie comprador class in cahoots with the Brits as well as the deliberate marginalisation and subordination of the Malays by the British.

    3.In the context of politics post 1957, one of the quid pro-quo items accorded to the Malays in return for according citizenship rights to the Pendatang (immigrant)is the acceptance of the special rights and priveleges of the Malays under the umbrella of the Malay sultanate. in fact, the valorisation of the Sultan is central to malay culture and norms and the malays do not consider the continued existence of this institution as an anachronism. This is in complete dichotomy with other colonies such as India, Ghana, Nigeria etc where the role of local potentates were effectively crimped and eventually abolished. In fact, the Sultans serve as a bulwark against the eventual demise of Malay priveleges.

    4. The term "Pendatang" is not a nomenclature deliberately applied for fun etc. It is a sobriquet rooted in historical facts and realities.Numerous census data compiled will show the massive influx of immigrants to these shores between 1840-1930s with the advent of the cash crop (rubber) and the mineral based economies (tin and to a lesser extent, gold.In fact, strife in the native countries. ex"the Opium War and the Taiping Rebbelio of 1840s and 1850s.........

    Warrior 231

  146. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Part 2
    We know for a historical fact too that the common excuse given by the Brits were that the Malays were not amenable to plantation labour or working the mines. This is another myth perpetuated by the brit bastard when:

    a. the rubber plant itself was transplanted from brazil and there was no rubber planting/producing culture to speak off. Further the pliant nature of the indentured system, the low wages and slave like conditions precluded local involvement. Fast forward to contemporary times and you find the Indonesian, bangla occupying the same position the Indian occupied a century or so ago.But we cannot deign or entertain the notion of granting citizenship rights to the indons, do we?. Similarly, the vast majorities of Chingkies arrived to work the mines and in the case of johor, for gambier under the Kangcu System.The fact that you find few chingkies in Kelantan and Trengganu is indicative of the material nature of their migratory patterns + the segregationist stance adopted by the Brits to keep these states out of the economic loop. Be that as it may, Pendatang captures this first wave migratory pattern just as the malay language captures the second wave as " pendatang tanpa Izin (PATI) something the indons et al dont rail against nor do we find the chingkies raising a furore over it!

    Warrior 231

  147. Part 3

    4.The term of "pendatang" also connotes a cultural implication. It implicitly means an intrusion into the inner sanctum of a societial construct. In this sense, the term "pendatang" extends beyond its literal connotations. The Chingkie will always be a pendatang to this land as long as he valorises an alien culture that has been transplanted onto this shores, archipelago even. It is only when he crosses the threshold of assimilation that acceptance ensues.And that subtle movement to assimilation is what distinguishes us from the animal world. those of who are into biology will know the deleterious impact of transplanting alien species into diffrent natural settings. Cases of such debilitating effects are legion, the rabbits and frogs in Australia being prime examples for the demise of local species.Like their animal counterparts, the introduction of alien human species has an adverse impact on human ecologies. This impact is not so much a food chain/reproductive impact as in the animal world but more of a pernicious and invidious toll on human ecologies in terms of culture, norms and values.The problem is further aggravated if the inducted race refuses stubbornly to assimilate by adopting the indigenous language, way of life.This intractable problem is further compounded when a particular race affects itself to be superior and insidiously attempts to subvert local norms.Such is the case of the Chingkie "beer selling" antics in Selangor.

    Although, I consume alcohol, i would never consent to its sale in Malay/Muslim areas simply because my conduct is an abberation to the prevailing norm.Not so to the chingkie, he does not see his behaviour as intrusive, neither does he take into consideration that he is essentially a minority pendatang. Rather his consideration is based on crass commercial reasosn only,the innate desire to assert his superiority over what he perceives to be an inferior culture, and a loathing for Islam. This is the selfsame Chingkie who cavils when his pigeating rights are infringed. It smacks of selfishness, a kiasuism operating within a lowclass mentality. in the wild, the nuisance created by an inducted species is alleviated by their cullung. In human ecologies,subtle or forced assimilation ( as in the West), deportation ( as in the case of Nigeria under shehu Shagari in 1979/80), pogroms as in the case of Poland, China and slaughter (Indonesia, 1998) are the norm. In Fiji, it momentarily led to to political neutering. In Malayisa, we have been spared these horrors by a tolerant and live and let live majority. But even patience has its limits, one wonders whether the recalcitrant Chingkies are unaware of ground realities or are just palin naive. There is no need for a rocket scientist to figure out the repurcussions of prolonged baiting.The choice is with the chingkie, abide and live peacufully in subservience as agreed uner the Constitution or revolt and ........ The consequences of this latter option would be too difficult to fathom.

    Warrior 231

  148. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Tahniah kepada PM DS Najib kerana memberikan komitmen untuk membawa pihak yang tidak bertanggung jawab tersebut ke muka pengadilan.

    "Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara!"


  149. Rocky ,

    I suggest for those who are guilty of insulting Islam and the Sultans being strip off their nationality . They don't deserve it ; never been grateful and thankful. The Malays and Muslims have been tolerant and patience enough after all these years.We have sacrifice a lot but no ; have they ever utter a word of 'terima kasih' to us for accepting them to be Malaysian?

  150. Anonymous12:55 pm

    - Simply Fed Up
    (Just my 2 cents 'cos I'm really fed up) @ 4:56 PM

    SOKONG 200%

  151. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Anon @ 6.33 pm

    "Is it because there isn't enough Ketuanan Melayu with descent brains and training to serve and save the Ketunan Melayu?"

    this fella is preaching to the majority?

    can't even spell 'decent' correctly

    obviously ZERO historical knowledge and current knowledge

    dei, the BRAINS are also migrating OUT of singapore

    this fells is forever in a state of denial

    1) actually, move BIG funds out of vernacular schools and siphon the money to sekolah kebangsaan

    that will automatically attract great teachers to SK

    2) Bumiputras will make a PACT to BMO (Buy Muslim/Malay only)

    there are many other ways ...

    but with just this 2 methods first, will produce the DESIRED results

    care to PREDICT??

  152. Anonymous1:12 pm

    rocky i wonder what ur kids will think of you if they know the true you.

    insaf la brudder.


  153. Anonymous4:24 pm

    So this blog is becoming a racial bashing blog.

    Sadly, this is a reflection of UMNO's policy of education and Greed for power.

    Emotion will run high - the majority of Malays are being used as pawn in the political game by UMNO. If you cannot see the game plan then you must be blind.

    Imagine a country which caters for one particular race and marginalized the other 35-40% of the population is not going to progress and compete in the global market.

    The Greedy elite just like the juntas in Burma will not give a damn about the plight of the ordinary citizens but care only about their own wealth.

    Wake up the silent Malays and dont be led like a lembu!

    anti-warrior 132

  154. we are jumping the gun. are we sure he is the one who wrote it? he has denied it. this is the net folks, a dog could be on the other end of the investigate it and publish the investigation.

    i've seen Loke speak in Seremban on teoh's death and he was well spoken and didn't insult any religion or malays.

  155. Anonymous4:27 pm


    Your blog rocky's bru was very credible before you took upMM$40,000 job.Now it has become the pig sty of the following in terms of dirt, filth and stink:

    1) Warrior 231
    2) D Muha haha
    3) eddy
    4) sick
    5) House
    6) Subuh

    If you want regain the credibility your blog once had, then send all these UMNO wild pigs to a mass culling process. The carcasses of Warrior 231 and D Muhaha being the most contagious should be chopped to 1000 pieces and fed to the crocs in the Klang River.

    Long Live Anwar

  156. Anonymous5:03 pm

    I think it is the owner of the blog "The Might Of The Pen" ( that is behind the seditious article on Perak Sultan.

    I think the public should not be too quick to point the finger to Loke Siew Fook since he had denied he is the owner of this blog.

    The police should investigate this with the help of MCMC to find out the identity of blog owner and charge him accordingly.

  157. Anonymous5:18 pm


    There they can make as many illegitimate children as their please.

    And give birth to as many kids they can possibly want?

    There they can freely throw insults to their Leaders, The Government of People’s Republic of China?

    There they can coexist beautifully, just communicating in their language and demand the FREEDOM to do whatever they want?

    There they easily earn their livelihood to afford them own all the properties, have mistressess/ gigolos and send their Children to any desired schools of their choice?


    why not SUE your ancestors for RM100m each for bringing you so much misery by migrating to a land so far away and so alien to your ways of life?

    Or maybe like Hindraf, SUE the British Kingdom for abandoning you here?

    Or maybe SUE China for not rescuing you from the so claimed being badly abused and discriminated by the Malays?

    Aduh, ramai suka pakai nama ini sekalang.. kena tukar to;


  158. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Someone said,

    "I sure hope no one would call for the arrest of Warrior 231. "

    Before anyone does that, the police must arrest Zollo, PP Haris Ibrahim and the likes, bloggers and their commenters who many years ago started fanning this hatred which was and still 'en vogue' in cyberspace ie. hatred for anything Malay/Islam (whether you all use UMNOputra, MACC etc, the connotation is still "Malays"), btw the police must also arrest the Mahaguru cyber traitor for the Malay race, RPK regardless of where he is ...anyway he is a coward as he ran away ...typical of Pakatan ...piggy starts to do shit stir, then piggy runs away ....or piggy denies..

    Just my 2 cents only.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  159. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Anon 6.33 said this,

    "....only reflects the kind of people you are and the education your parents and your teachers must have taught you......"

    Hey bitter Anon, that was my cannot write differently? kah kah kah ....bodoh punya olang lah lu ....kah kah kah ...wah, vitriol huh...what about the Malays not being allowed to be in yr comfort chinkie area in Malaysia Today?...talking about vulgar have amnesia is it? ...what kind of language is being used in Insider, Mkini and all those so called liberal Malaysian portals by the Malay haters? we have not even checked the Chinese portals yet ...I think it is worse... In the chinks comfort area, the Malays are not even allowed to defend their dignity, their religion, their race and their pride ....Here I have to thank Rocky for his open mindedness.....

    Fu** all of you Pakatan ass*oles!!!! The people who taught me how to write like this are none other than you, Pakatan goons ...don't bring my parents or my teachers in it, understand that yo piggies!!!

    Hey scums, remember this, I am a good learner...the more you all curse, swear and hentam the Malays, the more I learn ....kam sia manyak manyak hor !!!! You get what you sow lah ass*oles ...kah kah kah ...

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  160. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Warrior 231 is not a baby, but a big UMNO wild pig foraging in the dustbins in the backlanes of Chow Kit from his sty in the PWTC


  161. Anonymous7:37 pm

    woooooooo!!!!!!!!!! warrior 231 is using his shitarse words well.

    go on with the good game shitarse. from now, your name is shitarsehole231.

  162. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Finally these Malay-haters HAD to swallow their misplaced arrogance

    Warrior 231 showed them how to debate with gusto and INTELLECT, backed with solid data and clear rebuttals

    Eddy, Wira and many others too are no match for these MT lovvas

    Way to go guys, we are proud of you, including our cool dude Rocky

  163. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Warrior 231,

    I find you very eloquent and intelligent.
    You state your case and present your facts, unlike the DPPed lebaikudin.

    Ms Eu Mei Fatt

  164. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Must be UMNO's payed website.

  165. BlueTongued10:45 pm


    These chickens still dun own up to what they write.
    I think some one needs to start a blog, a twitter account or a website which tracks such seditious language all over the internet, picks up and reports them all at one place..

    needn't be a Blog that writes seditious things..
    Websites like Malaysian Insider, MalaysiaKini, MalaysiaToday and everywhere these zombies leave there filthy comments to every post and article..

    Its all palpable..
    It needs to be picked up and reported to the country..
    so they start knowing whats really going with DAP dudes and supporters..
    and what kinda FOX is PAS sleeping with..

    PAS supporters should know how rabidly anti-islam these pathetic creatures are.


    These Rats cannot hide..
    all sentiments at one place, with links to original source..
    Comments of users included..

  166. BlueTongued10:47 pm

    Rocky on the other hand, be careful of the comments u accept on ur blog.
    You shudn be publishing comments with obscenities and sedition...

    There have been ppl going overboard, calling "bastards", "kafirs" all sorts of the things..

    Dun end up trying to be like DEM

  167. Tulang Besi11:00 pm

    From the fire here in this blog..
    I can smell ...
    Guess all this name calling, blogging seditious stuff.. racist remarks...
    We are gonna get down to the streets one day..

    DAP u have taken this too far..
    There are limits of tolerance..
    on the streets u wont have the numbers.

    I just pray things get back to cool..
    Just switch off comps.. stop bloggin the shits against each other.. go and hug out.. talk nice with each other.. let the heat dissipate..

  168. Tulang Besi11:04 pm

    Also reminds me of this..
    "what goes around, comes around"
    Pakatan and DAP zombies started all this Kurang Ajar speech on the internet.. all this bull shit now u see flying on the internet is bcos of dem..
    And now seems a lot of it is coming back to them, and dey cant seem to handle it.. They are yelling.. screaming der lungs out..

    Dun call names u ***
    U're the one who started it..
    Swallow the shitty nuggets down ur foul throats now!!

  169. Micheal Richards11:08 pm

    Goodness me.
    No wonder Malaysia has become the laughing stock of Asia.
    I wrote this before some months back.
    You are all very good at your scapegoating and your racial stereotyping - and it is all true:
    The Chinese would sell their mother for a fast buck; and hell they voted for the BN for over 50 years despite what UMNO did to them (so you only have yourselves to blame). The Indians have been suckered by that bloke in the toupe for over 30 years (so you only have yourselves to blame as well). The Malays have been too content waiting for handouts by each leader that has come along.

    When is it a crime to criticize a monarchy and the leadership of a country.
    Do you people believe in democracy, justice and the use of brains?
    Your education system is delivering pygmies who can't compete in the real world. What is it with Chinese, Tamil and Malay schools? All the schools are useless. And before the Chinese get on their high horse - they are no better than the others.
    You complain about not being treated as equals - but as soon as anyone talks about curriculum being in English - you morons start whining.
    Last time I looked this country called itself Malaysia... so if you have a unified school system like every other civilized country than you should shut up and get on with it. So either play ball at being Malaysian or stop complaining when the Malays start their racial crap.

    As for corruption - your leaders are some of the most corrupt in the world.
    I still cant believe we fell for that idiot who walked into Brisbane carrying several million in cash. We really did think he could not speak English and let him off.
    Yet you buggers let him off as well.
    Frankly you are on par with Nigeria and other screwed up corrupt nations.
    It makes me laugh when I see you go on about how you should respect your religion when after prayers you indulge in some back pocket deal. Hypocrites!
    Some of you here make out that your race is the some chosen race; whether you are Chinese, Indian or Malay.
    Give me a fucking break when did anyone of you (in Malaysia) not the ones in India and China, ever do anything that made a difference in the world? Where are these smart, innovative people? No one?
    Right - not a fucking soul.
    So go on whine and bitch about each other. The rest of the world is moving ahead and you morons will stay in this backward hole of yours whilst the rest of us actually get on and do something positive. Hell - your women prefer a white guy anytime compared to your sorry assed faces.

  170. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Dey DAP macha,

    Just admit that DAP people put up the website and chicken out when Zul Kulim aware about it.

    The site was linked by other pro DAP blog previously and the link was removed after the issue arised. Why don't they condemn it before?

    Lim Mang Kok

  171. Tabik Spring to Warrior 231, bro you have showed us like minded brethrens the way.

    Your shock and awe verbal precision bombing on the Malay haters and racist anonymous pigs had them reduced to whimpers and crawling for cover back to the comfort of their cracks and crevices.

    Keep up the good work.

  172. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Ohh.. what's relation between lim kit siang and sjsandteam?

    There's a lot of sjsandteam link in lim kit siang blog.

    Pls check it bro.


  173. Anonymous12:06 am

    Come by boat...go back by boat.

  174. Anonymous12:10 am

    "Wake up the silent Malays and dont be led like a lembu!"

    anti-warrior 132

    OK bro! i am one of the silence Malay. Are you suggesting majority Malays are politically blind in that we could not differentiate between the lembus and the human being? Common man! this is not the opposition blog for all of you guys to swallow each other stupidity.

    And one more thing, you seem to imply either you and those weird guys (your pakatan lickers) who have a gay and enjoys the life style which is synonymous with the castle of Sodom, in actual sense not a bunch of animals led by another animals?

    What a stupid suggestion: Don't be led by a lembu, instead chose the piggyswine sodomites? I suppose these pakatan brain are still suffering from the complication of JE. Kah,kah, kah!!!

    story teller

  175. Anonymous12:31 am

    A lost piggy aka Anon 8.30 pm said,

    "Must be UMNO's payed website."

    This piggy must be DAP's spy hiding just around the corner ...scared to come out ...but will stir shit of course, then it will run away ...the baling taik terus cabut type ...

    - piggy catcher

  176. Nani, who is us? You, personally?

    Jeeez, what kind of crap argument is that?

    That's the kind of argument that was used all over the world to justify all sorts of things in South Africa and America. If that is your mentality, you deserve a kick in the ass.

    How are we to move forward if people insist on others being grateful to you for no action on your part?

  177. 123 Contact1:28 am

    Aiyoh, Warrior 231, so boring lah, repeating the same thing over and over. Kesian

  178. Anonymous1:45 am

    I have read the offending article. Other than the title and the ending sentence, there were valid points. Unfortunately the title and the last sentence have negated the article completely.

    And of course the people jumping most on this are those people who regularly cuss, curse and swear in their own blogs about Anwar, DAP and others, yet don't see the irony of their actions against this.

    The only difference is that Raja Nazrin is royalty and somehow that means no one can insult him they way they can others. We have no lese majeste law in Malaysia. We have sedition, but really it is such an all encompassing concept that anyone really can be charged for sedition including this blog.

    I would not wish wish anyone to go to hell or write in such a away yet the most fierce commentators here are the one who regularly use such language on others.

    Maybe they should look in the mirror.

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall

  179. Anonymous10:11 am

    My brethren..

    Really fun to see how these chingkie pigs reacted to our words.. Bravo!

    They even resorted to name-calling with the filthy animal they themselves consumed...cursing a non-babi eater with babi/pig? . Really funny..

    Ever heard about "you are what you eat" ?

    What do you called a babi-eater then?? Sound extremely worst..simply cretin to the core.. kah...kah..kah...Cina babi memang bodoh..tak reti guna cermin..making a fool of their piggyself..

    See how stupid they are...anything Malays is UMNO... and their pigbrain can only think that UMNO & malay race only revolved around those people like Najib, Mahathir,Hishamudin, KToyo et. al...memang bodoh..

    satu lagi projek gagal oleh cina bukit..they keep on insulting our religion, race and sultans..stupid eh? Slowly spelling their own doom..their current generation probably craving for another 1969 a virgin slut craving for a fuck with a pole in that chingkie twat..

    What make they think that the people that open the door for them to stay cannot kick them out by whatever means? Ungrateful bastards deserved to be eradicated especially the decendant of the pendatang pigs..

    I got a new slogan better than 1Malaysia: ZEROPIG -

    p/s: Bro warrior 231..they're craving for our blood?kah..kah..kah...probably piss off in pants and skulking away when they meet us face to face...can u imagine that it is something coming from a typical chingkie butterfinger cybernerd?

    Bro, lend me a .45.. I won't hesitate to blast those fucking pigbrain skull short distance. Quite sometimes never practice using it.. I'm really waiting for that time to come..they probably thought they already had enough to go physical with the malays once again..hahaha..dengan air pun takut..pasti lari mcm lipas..

    Sepatutnya mereka hari2 kena pasang colok sepanjang sungai Kampung Baru tu dan muhasabah diri...itulah akibat buta dan ayik menafikan sejarah..

    or else..they will have the same fate like the babis in bukit pelanduk..they really asking for things they do not really understand..let they numbered their own days shall WE..?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  180. skilgannon106610:39 am

    Warrior xxx mentioned "revolt". An interesting concept, and, maybe, the first time that it has been raised in this forum.

    Seems to me that there are a whole lot of "pendatangs" out there. Oh, sorry, that does not include our indigenous brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak now, does it? I am sure that the Kadazans, Dayaks etc would be thrilled to be included under the benevolent umbrella of the "sons of the soil".

    Be that as it may, but Warrior xxx's posturings ring hollow when so many Malaysians (of all races) are working overseas. Let's see now - in Singapore's Changi Airport, there are several Malaysians working as auxiliary police personnel. Why trade a guaranteed lifestyle in Malaysia to toil in Singapore? Can it be that the lure of the Singapore dollar outweighs the siren call of the Malaysian ringgit? Or the fact that, at the end of the day, food needs to be put on the table, kids have to be educated and bills have to be paid, and if you can earn better bucks in Singapore, then why not?

    Perhaps Warrior xxx may want to ponder on why Malaysian VIPs and VVIPs love to gather in Singapore for shopping, R&R and medical treatment. I am informed that in some cases, such R&R includes indulging in the "fruits of the vine" or in expensive single malt whiskies.

    And in any case, like I posted in another thread, as long as the Malaysian government is desperately seeking investments from anywhere, China and India will continue to call the shots. As too will Japan, the EU and the US. And, hey, maybe even a little pipsqueak like Singapore, whose close proximity to Iskandar Malaysia has aroused all sorts of emotions amongst the "patriots" amongst us.

    Unless you want to tell all of them to b****r off and that Malaysia can do it on it's own, pendatangs be damned!

    A simple challenge, yes?

  181. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Warrior 231

    1. What is your wish of the extent of assimilation?

    2. Where you place religion in your ideal assimilation?

    3. Can the assimilated Malaysian continue to consume alcohol as you did?

    4. Do you honestly think that any politician be it from BN or PR would forego the privilege status of the chosen one? If no, what is the point of assimilation?

    5. If there is no solution for this, don’t you think a check and balance two party system could help to mitigate the continuous wider gap between the rich and poor?

    6. However if you think the Malaysian journey is on the right path and our progress is within your approval level, then I see this as our difference. There is no right and wrong, simply we can’t resist the capitalism waves.

    A Former Hahahaha

  182. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Part 1

    Another troubling facet in most of the comments posted here is the clear lack of intellectual capability to dissect an issue in a rational and dispassionate manner. More often than not, the blogmaster earns the wrath of irate commentators who are apparently angered by his neutrality. Compounding this unwarranted annoyance, is the notion that they have a right to dictate what Bru should/shouldn’t write. This a clear infringement on Rocky’s freedom of expression; the right to choose and air the views he feels are the most pressing. It should be noted that such an infringement by itself harbours a subtle message, a dire warning of things to come. It simply reads: write what we want you to write or else!!!!!. Now readers, how far is this removed from censorship, thought control and control over freedom of expression? How far is this removed from thug rule, press/blog intimidation and other forms of pernicinous and perfidous stunts designed to assert complete control over the media (in whatever form)? How far is this removed the application of rigid and punitive laws designed to keep the freedom of expression under rein?

    By and large the "anti-rocky" crowd display a pathetic grasp of the language and that together with their apparent cognitive incapacity to fathom the subtexts in most of Rocky's posts strengthens my previous presumption that most of these droids are actually logical thought extinguished and intellect neutered zombies. I would expound on this theme in detail lest I be accused of being pro-rocky and reckless in my assertions.
    The evidence that I will utilise to frame my case will be the above post that generated this comment thread.

    If one cares to read the original texts carefully, one would notice how carefully Rocky couches his words lest he be accused of "stirring shit". The post begins with an allusion to Loke being mentioned in a preceding post which by itself reveals the true nature of the DAP man:

    "This is the second time in less than 5 hours that I'm naming on my blog the DAP Socialist Youth's national leader, Loke Siew Fook"

    In the next sentence, Rocky pointedly uses the noun" allegations" to underline the point that what he is about to explicate is still very much unverified and subject to further clarification. He further stresses this line of argument by highlighting the fact that such unsubstantiated claims had gained traction in amorphous entities hinted by the collocation "some blogs". Next, in keeping with his professional, unbiased approach, Bru uses the vague, nebulous "some unsavoury names" without going into the specifics of what 'names" refer to.

    Warrior 231

  183. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Part 2

    The next paragraph is replete with evidence of laudable journalistic ethics at work, yet again a testament to Rocky's strict adherence to the mere reporting of events.
    The extract reads:

    "The blog has since been deleted. But not before My Anger ["This is Downright Sedition"] and Melayu Bersatu ["DAP hina Sultan Perak and Raja Nazrin pulak"] had saved the "evidence" in pdf file."

    The paragraph opens with a value neutral statement intimating factually that the "offensive" post had been deleted. It then proceeds to underline the unverified and unsubstantiated nature of the allegation by placing the noun "evidence" within parentheses. This is a stock journalistic tool used to imply something as being either true or false subject to the verification or denial by the relevant parties involved.

    In addition, an in-depth analysis of this paragraph will yield additional insights into how Rocky operates in this blog. For instance, what appears to be spin to cursory readers and charlatan commentators is actually replete with subtle discourse strategies that places the issue within a neutral context.

    In the subsequent paragraph, Rocky invites the reader to peruse the said article (at the reader's leisure). This invitation is actually a move designed to:

    a. afford the reader the leeway to form personal judgements regarding the contents of the article. In Reader Response theory as propounded by Fish (1980), the nature of reader insights and reactions ( wrought by his cultural norms, weltanschung, personality) to a certain text affirms its reality. In other words, subjectivism is the operational word and for each subjectivial construct to materialise, the author dutifully absents himself from the target text, something that Rocky pratices.

    b. In tandem with (a), remove the notion existent within the reader that Rocky is attempting a spin. In other words the invitation, is Rocky’s way of intimating to his readers that: “ go and have a read and decide whether the allegation of unsavoury name calling are substantiated by the evidence. If viewed objectively, Rocky is actually manifesting neutrality and a scrupulous adherence to reportage, not spin meistering. Such an approach is very much in keeping with Rosenblatt’s assertion, in Literature as Exploration (1938) that it is important for the teacher to avoid imposing any "preconceived notions about the proper way to react to any work";

    c. the third implication of Rocky’s move is to provide the “evidence” as a tangible reality not a manufactured entity. In other words, the article does exist and the links are the proof of such existence whilst its authorship is left

    After providing the reader with the relevant resources, Rocky goes on to reassert his neutrality in the third paragraph.. By deliberately infusing value neutral phrases like “was supposed to have written” into the text, Bru avoids being accusatory or judgemental. The phrase by itself is a symphonious echo of the earlier “allegations”, “some unsavoury” comments etc. Again the subtext reads :Loke could /could not have been the culprit. And in keeping with non-judgemental, non-accusatory style, Rocky invites the personality in question to clrify the whole “the soonest”. (Whether a 12 hour lapse in responding despite the knowledge of his appeareance in a prominent blog onstitutes affirmation of guilt by default is moot and purely conjectural).

    Warrior 231

  184. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Part 3

    Which brings me to the final issue, was the title incendiary/accusatory/exculpatory? A firm no would be the stock answer. Any neutral observer imbued with a sense of fairplay would immediately know that it was rhetorical question that required a simple yes/no response. Observe the fact that Rocky didn’t deploy any emotionally charged language therein. He could have framed it like these for the pure sensationalist effect:

    LSF, Did you write something defamatory / something crude/something incendiary……

    But the fact, he didn’t clearly shows that Bru, was just treading common ground practicing mere reportage. The fact that what Bru wrote could elicit such asinine comments from certain quarters in indicative of ;

    a. their intellectual incapacity to critically evaluate what was written
    b. a lowlife mindset prepared to stir shit for the kicks
    c. the limited ability to deconstruct issues in a rational and dispassionate manner .

    It is a shortcoming gripping a significant segment of the population . It is borne of an insular looking mindset, a siege mentality caused by feelings of race and cultural superiority, a thinking developed from an agglomeration of racial pride, material greed and sheer pigheadedness. A mentality springing form an insecure self, a disdain for constructive engagement and an abdication to truth and integrity. It is a way of thinking founded on the quicksand of lies, perversion of truth and the abnegation of conscience. It is a historical curse , a pox on humanity. For when Chin Shih Huang annihilated his rivals , lopped off the heads of scholars, burnt their books and built the Great Wall, he was walling in the Chingkie mind, imprisoning their conscience, incarcerating their soul. Walled in to their dissolute ways, walled off the civilizing world, the chingkie grew into the metaphorical pig, a pure manifestation of sloth, connivance and greed. The wall emaciated his self, shriveled his intellect, withered his feelings. For in the mad quest for homogeneity, obedience and obeisance, Shih Huang had forgotten that what differentiated the chingkie from the pig was something ephemeral yet real, transient yet permanent, amorphous yet tangible, something that money could not acquire, lies could never conjure, rationalization could never erase : the conscience. The Walls the Chingkie constructed forever walled themselves into prejudiced little worlds away from the sea of humanity, away from themselves as well
    “The Great Wall ... is evidence of a historical inability of people in this part of the planet to communicate, to confer and jointly determine how best to deploy enormous reserves of human energy and intellect.”
    Ryszard Kapuscinski : Travels with Herodotus

    The symbol of the wall is intractable from Chingkie psyche. In itself it is a metaphor waiting to unfold……………………

    Warrior 231

  185. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Who are you Mrs Eu Mei Fatt? Trying to fool us you are Chinese by praising Warrior 231? We are not that bodoh like you UMNO agent provocateurs think! Just like your Najis, you think you can insult people's intelligence? No way, brother! You are Mrs Eu Mei Fatt is nothing but another UMNO agent provocateur turned babi. Most probably you and that idiot babi hutan Warrior 231 are the same person! All you babi hutans, you attack the cina, but when your UMNO bosses kena again Asian Financial crisis like in 1998,you come back crawling to the cina babi, sepet, etc whom you kutuk! Why? Because only cina sepet can rescue you from the bankruptcy you are in! That time cina sepet said, lick the pig shit from the soles of my feet, and the first one to do so would be UMNO babi hutans like Warrior 231, D Muhaha, etc. That time you will say, the cina are the greatest, they are an asset to Malaysia. Typical munafiks! Go to hell all you UMNO babi hutans! Jangan kacau in rocky's blog to pollute it!

    Hidup DSAI! Hidup Reformasi!
    Mampoi UMNO! Mampoi Warrior 231 dan semua UMNO babi hutan.

    Ha ha ha ha....


  186. Another than his ah pek bashing, can Warrior 231 articulate a vision for this country? A way forward for everyone?

    Just another mudslinger, I think.

  187. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Observer 1:38 PM;

    I feel sorry for you, real sad…
    Get real brudder, jangan nanti pakai seluar asyik terlondeh..

    Those blissful boom years with Micheal Richards are long gone. Tak laku, History! Those MatSalleh then were the laziest creatures on earth, so ampu awak lajin to squeeze every blood sweat and tears out of their coolies and slaves.

    This is year 2009. Feeling the heat?


  188. Anonymous10:08 pm

    "Wake up the silent Malays and dont be led like a lembu!"

    anti-warrior 132 @ 4:24 PM

    greatest joke of the century

    what a pathetic attempt at brainwashing

    no facts and figures just wishy washy baseless allegations

    IQ = retard

  189. Anonymous10:17 pm


    just getting to taste the bitter medicine of reality, huh??

    that the MELAYUS have higher IQs, read extensively, write a whole world better and definitely can debate in a class of their own

    wei, admit it lah, HARDWORK is not everything

    real TALENT is the new key to success - get that into your skulls, pronto

  190. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Hidup DSAI! Hidup Reformasi!
    Mampoi UMNO! Mampoi Warrior 231 dan semua UMNO babi hutan.

    Ha ha ha ha....

    Observer @ 1:38 PM
    this one close to the brink of bipolar affliction and psychosis

    dsai is a has-been, comprende?
    UMNO will be there for a long time and so will Warrior 231

  191. Anonymous11:13 pm

    correction to Part 2

    .......whilst its authorship is left in abeyance subject to affrmation or denial by the presumed culprit.

    Warrior 231

  192. Anonymous11:45 pm

    "That time cina sepet said, lick the pig shit from the soles of my feet, and the first one to do so would be Amno babi hutans.

    "Hidup DSAI! Hidup Reformasi!


    Even before cina sepet ask anyone, lick the pig shit from the soles of my feet, a sacred BABI and his bastard parasites would have made it already..hmmm, the fact remains: only babi lick the pig shit. kah, kah, kah.

    Hidup DSAI!
    Hidup reformasi babi!!!


  193. Anonymous1:38 am


    Mat Salleh Bapak segala Slavery Coolie sulah peligi

    Gang Towkey barua mereka yang komplot kaya pun lamai sulah mati,

    Wang mau sponsor pelojek haram itu ini sulah tatak lagi

    Sama Melayu sekalang mayak cemburu, iri hati…

    Alahai tamplong...


  194. Anonymous8:52 am

    Can’t stop laughing while reading how human is being demeans as animal and make use of ecology to put forward a ridiculous theory. I didn’t know Darwin natural selection has now become our favorite subject or perhaps it is being selected for argument sake? Only a species that lack the power to defy his genes of his birth would fall into this indoctrination. I smell the paradox of putting the blame on his past greedy master when he notice there is no evolution and progress from his present master. In the ecological sense, he want to turn the tiger and leopard into a dog and pig in order to survive the law of natural selection.

    A Former Hahahaha

  195. najib manaukau1:02 pm

    Someone pointed out the one spelling mistake I made as they said 'You can only see the dust in my eye but not the mole of your own'. You know why ?
    It was because I was educated in Malaysia does that answer your question.
    Aside from the one spelling mistake I also wrote a fair bit on several other subjects which he appeared to have no qualms with ! Is that an acceptance of the my view and my presentations ?
    Or do you want to hear more on how 'smart' the Ketunanan Melayu are ? I can spend the next one month to do that or as usual you will call me names use vulgar languages and threaten to kill me or cut off my limbs.
    You guys are very good at that, lots of words, but no actions. I am waiting, pendatang from Indonesia, just like all the Chinese from China. The real Bumi of Malaya are the Orang Asli everyone else are pendatang from Indonesia.
    Your Indian pariah Mahathir had openly admitted that. When he compared the white Brits coming to Australia in large number and took control over Australia from the original natives.
    By the same token he said the Malays too came in big number from Indonesia and took over the control of Malaya from the helpless Orang Asli so did the Chinese in Singapore, too bad.
    Or do you pretend not to know the history behind the story? History will also tell you the Indonesian pendatang came to Malaya as pirates ? Led by the chief who eventually became the ..... with due respect need I say more. The pariah himself is not a Malay his father came from Kerala, India ,even though he dresses, eats, prays like one. So did President Obama and he is still known as Afro American. If you need further evidence have the pariah Mahathir, his children and all the other UMNO members DNA tested to see if they more indeed Malays except to say they are playing Allah or God. Only Allah or God can decide who you are Malay, Chinese or Indians not these goons and half breeds from UMNO. Do not try to be Allah or God.
    The result will show they are not Malays! The Malays need them there first to make up the numbers and no doubt their slightly bettee brains. If all you Ketunanan Melayu is not prepared to do that you may retain the false believe that you are the majority. This number was made up by pariah Mahathir to justify for the many atrocities (if you would let me know the numbers I be glad to obliged) he committed during his 23 years rule of P.M. in the name of NEP.

  196. Anonymous6:54 pm

    To: A Former Hahahaha @ 8:52 AM

    What is your point?

    We know this is an ATTEMPT to appear LEARNED

    In case you are unaware, the joke is actually on you

    Trying very hard to be an 'INTELLECTUAL' konon

    You are simply no match for Warrior 231

  197. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Ptuittt,Perwira, Warrior 231,

    No matter what you say and how much you deny, all 3 of you cannot rid yourself of this stigma of BABI HUTAN UMNO! The more you whack the cina apek, sepet, whatever, the more you UMNO babi hutans will continue to depend on him, to the extent of licking the tahi babi from the soles of his feet! High time you UMNO babi hutans realize that the world does not owe you a living, and you got to slog hard as anyone to earn your keep. You call DSAI pengkhianat to the melayu. In fact he is trying to teach you how to fish so that you can live a lifetiem. But what do you want? You UMNO babi hutans want others, especially the cina apek to do the fishing, while you take the fish! That's what DSAI is trying to tell you, but you call him pengkhianat! You UMNO babi hutans are in fact the real pengkhianat to the melayu.

    Hidup DSAI! Hidup Reformasi!
    Mampoi semua UMNO babi hutan!

    ha ha ha


  198. Anonymous10:26 pm

    p/s: Bro warrior 231..they're craving for our blood?kah..kah..kah...probably piss off in pants and skulking away when they meet us face to face...can u imagine that it is something coming from a typical chingkie butterfinger cybernerd? Bro, lend me a .45.. I won't hesitate to blast those fucking pigbrain skull short distance

    Brother Anti,
    No Fear. damn I am waiting for them chingkie bastards and wormy chibais with a new weapon, an arse harpoon, which when fired will pierce their arseholes, carry their torso after cutting through the bastards bowels and stick 'em up against any wall where they will moan like trannie whores and bleed to death like the trussered pigs they will be.and when as they scream and groan in pain, i will pour some firewater from Rusia and watch them scream the friggin shit out of their fuckin bodies as their soul bolts the daylights to chingkie hell.and once their shitty tongue lolls out, i will pour in some firewater into the pigs oral cavity and toss in a grenade and walk away as he blows up to smithereens. Talk about 1000 pieces or sillions of them...LOL

    A.45 would be too fast too soon for the people i have identified here.

    "Because only cina sepet can rescue you from the bankruptcy you are in!"

    Response: Hahahahahaha: the chingkie slime is a bastard boghead of a dickhead. Not only is he a liar, his motherland is an even bigger lie whore!!:

    "But the latest set of first-half numbers provided by provincial-level authorities are far higher than the central government’s national figure, raising fresh questions about the accuracy of statistics in the world’s most populous nation. GDP totalled Rmb15,376bn ($2,251bn) in the first half, according to data released individually by China’s 31 provinces and municipalities, 10 per cent higher than the official first-half GDP figure of Rmb13,986bn published by the National Bureau of Statistics.The Global Times, controlled by the People’s Daily, the Communist party mouthpiece, reported that the public reacted with “banter and sarcasm” to NBS figures showing average urban wages in China rose 13 per cent in the first half to $2,142."

    My brethren, this clearly shows how the fucked up liar the Chink motherland bastard is that even its denizens can't believe what they read....all the talk about economic growth must be pure shit!

    any surprise as to why the chingkie race is like that? Ancient culture already embedded in his wanked up genes by his motherland!Dei anuswar, zaid, haris, sharif, mohd bakri et al pepundeks, time to suck chingkie cock! arsewhores!

    Warrior 231

  199. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Slap that fucking chinkie