Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Musa Aman in the limelight, again! (Migrating to Sabah Part 3)

Dear Readers, most people read my blog for political blood and gore so I will try my utmost after this posting NOT to publish more positive, feel-good stuff about the Chief Minister of Sabah. But it does seem to me that the more his foes (especially from Semenanjung) try to malign him, the more audible and visible his otherwise shy supporters and admirers become. After the glowing salute by the state's Archbishop yesterday (read h e r e), another group community leaders from the state comes forward today to put on record the achievements of their leader. This time it is the KK Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Musa, if you didn't know, helped bring in some RM10 billion in foreign investments to Sabah in the first quarter of 2012, Malaysia's highest. Another good reason why people are lining up to migrate to Sabah.

from the daily express

KKCCCI confident with present State leadership
Published on: Wednesday, January 23, 2013
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Kota Kinabalu: The Kota Kinabalu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry is confident that Sabah will continue to prosper under the present leadership.

Its newly elected President, Michael Lui Yen Sang said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Hj Aman was a capable and effective leader of the state.

"He has entrepreneurial qualities due o his business background.

The state's financial position is stronger than ever with significant state reserve," he said during a courtesy call to the Chief Miister this office in Wisma Innoprise today.

Accompanied by some 40 members including the Management Committee members of KKCCCI, Michael said the chamber was more than happy to cooperate with the government and act as a go-between and facilitator between the government and the Chinese business community in Kota Kinabalu.

"We want to help our members resolve any commercial issues affecting their businesses and help facilitate dealings with City Hall and other government bodies," he said.

Meanwhile, Musa said the State Government always recognized the contribution of the Chinese community to nation building and the economic growth of the state.

"You have played a significant role in the growth of businessesthroughout Sabah. You have also contributed to welfare and educational causes," he said.

He said Sabah was on the right track in terms of its state's admiistration, socioeconomic development and its overall economic development.

Musa who is also Finance Minister said the state has managed to attract foreign investment over the years including last year, which saw the first quarter pulling in RM10 billion worth of investments, the highest in the country.

"More and more foreign investors are showing interests including those from the US, Eastern European countries, Korea and of course China, which is a significant eonomic force now," he said.

He said the growing interest to invest in Sabah was due to its social, economic and political stability, important pull factors for any country.

"Nobody would want to visit your country, let alone invest, if they deem it politically unstable or there is social unrest. Fortunately, we in Sabah are blessed not only with natural wonders and a rich cultural heritage but also with hospitable people who value peace and harmony in spite of our religious and racial diversity," he said.

He said it was therefore important for peace loving citizens in Malaysia and Sabah included to uphold the spirit of unity, cooperation and consideration so as to continue the state's path to prosperity and progress.


  1. Anonymous7:26 pm

    kuatnya Rocky promote Musa !!takkan Rocky tak tahu SABAH remain the poorest state in Malaysia.

    Tak kisahlah berapa foreign investment ke Sabah, semua wang disonglap oleh UMNO/BN...rakyat habuk pon tak dapat !!

    Kalau Musa hebat, majority rakyat di SABAH kini tidak perlu hidup sengsara kerana kemiskinan !!

  2. Dear Rocky,

    Just be careful, soon the oppositions will accuse you of being under the payroll of Musa Aman, because they know Malaysians are very gullible and believe any kind of garbage they churn out.

  3. aiyah don't talk one sided politics and advertise to capture votes for Mahathir and Najib...your shoe shining job will be terminated and your life will be shorten.
    Do continue Namewee says..."talk cock".
    waa... all the BN tikus went to hantam Patrick Teoh.
    You happy?

  4. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Rocky trying to bodek chinese now.
    But chinese wont fall for his spin.
    MCA will be wiped out very very soon.

  5. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Yup , u would expect his cronies to say that wouldnt u? Such shallow reporting from rocky.

  6. Anonymous11:25 pm

  7. should be very proud.
    Everyone can read you like a book.

  8. Anonymous3:54 am

    yuhuuu anon @ 7:26 pm

    kalau nak tahu kerajaan yang makan duit pembayar cukai, tengok video ni

  9. Anonymous3:56 am

    midgetball-miserable-wives, PAS ulamas lagi hantam itu spastic teoh

  10. Anonymous4:30 am

    West Malaysia + East Malaysia = INTACT

    Malaysia + Palestine + Indonesia + Brunei = Islamic countries = INTACT

    those not happy, can start processing migration papers

  11. Anonymous4:45 am

    This commendable visit of PM Najib to Palestine will win him votes from PAS.

  12. Anonymous5:42 am

    The most gullible malaysian would be Gram Kong who would worship & believe everything Rocky the spin doctor write.

  13. Anonymous10:30 am

    For Rocky to be so hard sell on Sabah, I guess BN is really worried about losing in Sabah. If not they wont be commanding their cybertroopers like Rocky to promote Sabah.Cant wait for the GE.


  14. "The commendable visit....."
    It's a visit to catch Muslim votes la.
    Defeated at 13th GE...worst than being wounded at war torn Gaza.
    That has nothing about being brave.
    It's no choice..a good "move to capture Muslim votes.
    Alas! all Muslims ...especially the 3 million young voters want change.
    And Najib must put a post out on Gaza...when so many hundreds of millions exposed in latest Umno b crooks from Malaysians...not important.
    Read and enjoy Rocky's advertising and promotional works...for Najib and Mahathir.
    Najib paid RM77 million for one year to a Jewish advertising get votes. The slogans were the Jewish company from USA smart idea....all fucked up by Najib...can talk...cannot deliver.
    I wonder how much Rocky is getting?
    I think...peanuts...but a big fat fat bonus..if Rocky can help capture votes.
    So far..bad news...not one vote swing to BN.

  15. Anonymous10:17 pm


    did u bother to reflect dat u n yr opinion hv nevrr ever been right

  16. Anon 10.17 pm....I have been wrong in many things...but for our political situations and circumstances...I am 101% right.
    I have lived through the 55 ears under UMNO.
    It is a racist party....and Mahathir make sure the members are greedy for money.
    You are what you are...listening too much to Mahathir...and he is a devil reincarnated.
    Do not try your luck to expose I am a liar.

  17. I have responded to all who commented about me...but you can expect Rocky ...not publishing them...making me look like a fool.
    He has done this to me many times.

  18. Anonymous1:58 pm

    So what is your message to Shafie?
    Keep off from Musa you lanun?


  19. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Rocky. Jgn peduli komen2 all the pukimak2 diatas. U tahu rocky, cm sebelum ini tak generate economy pun. Like Yong Teck Lee! To Musa I support u. There are many people support u like I did

  20. Praise and compliment must be given if due and in this case to the CM.Disagreement is normal.Differences acceptable but the CM is the best ever had by Sabahans.We must continue to support his leadership come what may.