Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Busted! of the Week

And the winner is ...

“The government has learnt nothing and continues to kill Indians in police custody."

Uttered by PKR vice president N. Surendran [Police murdered security guard, Free Malaysia Today, 24/1/13]

You're Busted!, N. Surendran
Busted! #1. This young politician-lawyer has spewed rubbish before but this one's so good (or so bad, depending on which side of the political fence you are)  it has inspired me to come up with this segment I'm calling BUSTED! in the tradition of Amir Muhammad's funky Politicians Say the Darndest Things Vol l and Vol ll.

N. Surendran's latest outburst reminds me of lawyers Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy when they were growing up and flirting with Pakatan Rakyat's politics a few years ago. These Hindraf's leaders have moved on, both totally disillusioned with Surendran's bosses who promised the Indians the moon and the sky in the last general election, and I suppose that's why PKR needs someone to draw the attention of the Indian voters.

Surendran narrowly beat Dr Nik Mazian Mohamad, who promised heaven for Muslims and non-Muslims if they vote PAS [Read Oh, My Goat! by Seademon].


  1. Anonymous12:14 pm

    The public perception is growing that the authorities are all 'partners in crime' by concealing the truth about the many deaths in police custody.

  2. Anonymous12:15 pm

    RB, I think you are a disgrace. He was merely stating a fact that many suspects have died in custody or upon being arrested.

    Why can't you have some sympathy towards the victims of such atrocious action by the uniform personnels?

    I don't see you uttering any statement nor condemnation on such tragic incidents.

    Such incidents can happen to anybody, including your loved ones or friends. Perhaps if such were to happen to your immediate family, you would then start cursing and swearing

    Instead you choose to condemn a statement made by a politician who has made a stand against such incidents.

    What a heartless person you have become. Remember God is watching us.

  3. Anonymous12:15 pm

    The public perception is growing that the authorities are all 'partners in crime' by concealing the truth about the many deaths in police custody.

  4. Anonymous12:17 pm

    RB, I think you are a disgrace. He was merely stating a fact that many suspects have died in custody or upon being arrested.

    Why can't you have some sympathy towards the victims of such atrocious action by the uniform personnels?

    I don't see you uttering any statement nor condemnation on such tragic incidents.

    Such incidents can happen to anybody, including your loved ones or friends. Perhaps if such were to happen to your immediate family, you would then start cursing and swearing

    Instead you choose to condemn a statement made by a politician who has made a stand against such incidents.

    What a heartless person you have become. Remember God is watching us.

  5. Anonymous12:21 pm

    It appears that Rocky's modus operandi is always the same. Everyone who highlights the shortcomings of the BN government is the devil instead, be it N Surendran, Tommy Thomas, you name it.

  6. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Lateffa Koya had said the samething but wht only Surendran is singled out.

  7. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Best quote from Rocky ever
    "I am a journalist, fair and balanced"

  8. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Sugumaran's death joins a list of other alleged police killings like the custodial deaths of Chang Chin Te earlier this year A Kugan and R Gunasegaran in 2009 the deadly police shooting of schoolboy Aminulrasyid Amzah in 2010 and various other fatal police shootings in the past two years.

    1. Anonymous9:11 pm

      why indian always die in police cell?? why not chinese or malay?? to me all of them should die and go to hell.. why i must be sympathy to them?? why you defend them?? why you dont defend the victim that indian,chinese or malay criminal?? human right? bullshit and f*%# your human right.. if i caught you doing harm to me ,my family n properties, i will beat you to death.and that is my right and i willingly pass my right to the police to beat that criminal.

    2. Anonymous9:19 pm

      sugumaran and kugan is a big time crook man..they deserve to die.. and for aminulrasyid he die because of his doing..stupid act..

      when something happen to us or to our neighbour we will definately look for police,urge them to investigate,to catch the criminal.. but when its not happen to us you will blame police because being harsh..

      dey tamby you ingat senang ka mau siasat penjenayah? you ingat senang ka mo dpt pengakuan penjenayah? penjenazah sekarang jadi semakin berani kerana wujud lawyer jahanam mcm latipah koyak dan surendraharam yg selalu pertahankan penjenayah...

      for please Mr Police..just shoot thise criminal..im dont want my tax money to be wasted to those criminal.. please use my tax money to buy guns n bullet to fight those criminal n shoot them. they have waive their human right when the do the crime..i mean a serious crime..

    3. Anonymous9:22 pm

      please la jgn tunjuk hebat la nak defend penyangak haram jadah macam sugumaram dan kugan tu.. bukan pasal depa tu india tp pasal depa tu memang penyangak.. ingat polis saja nak tahan depa ka.. lagi satu kirang ingat penyangak ni nak bagitau mak bapak dia ke yg dia ni penyangak?! bodoh dan banggang la sapa yg pertahankan penyangak semua tu..

  9. Anonymous12:54 pm

    A United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention 2010 visit to Malaysian prisons and detention centres reported in 2011 that between 2003 and 2007 over 1 500 people died while being held by authorities.

  10. Anonymous12:57 pm

    The police said there was insufficient evidence to launch a murder probe into Sugumaran's death and urged eyewitnesses to assist them in their investigations. Eyewitnesses claimed that policemen had handcuffed Sugumaran before allegedly assaulting him fatally together with a mob of more than 20near his house in Batu 12 Hulu Langat last Wednesday

  11. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Rocky hanya berani bantai non-malay saje..... kalau orang melayu yg buat statement tu lainlah ceritanya !!

    Ibrahim Ali suruh bakar Al-kitab Rocky pon diam saje,jangan-jangan Rocky pon ahli committee Perkasa !!

  12. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Told PDRM many times do no give face...PDRM should go Latin America way...not a single custody...all potential criminals should be made disappeared without trace..dump their bodies in the deepest part of South China Sea. Make criminal lawyer firms close shop like the one own by the trio DAP spin law firm...Any which way PDRM get the blame..might as well do it..

    Shamsudin Sofian

  13. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Oh Rocky,

    What's so mind-boggling about killing an Indian or two? Our government practices a whole genocide on the entire Indian populace, remember? Whole Indian communities are killed, temples are demolished, and Indians in Malaysia are not allowed to become rich, remember?

    The government of Malaysia practices a derogatory caste system so bad that no Indians of the lower castes are allowed jobs, what more letting them become high-ranking officers, ministers etc etc. Have you heard of Indians getting honored by Tan Sriships, Datukships, and Tunships? Nope! Not in Malaysia. In Malaysia, only Malays are awarded that title.

    In fact so acute is the racial problem in Malaysia, Indians who have made it to be rich beyond their wildest imaginations will have their wealth confiscated and that in turn to be given to the local malays. Haven't you heard of the tongkat mentality? THAT'S the tongkat mentality for you.

    In fact in Malaysia, through something called the "New Economic Policy", other races cannot become richer than the original sons of the soils, called Bumiputras. Nine out of the 10 richest personalities in Malaysia are all malays, and to portray some sense of fairness, we have some rich malays who would unbleach some skin and put some Indian sounding names like Ananda Krishnamurthy or Frodo Fernando or Tommy "Thomas" Vivekanappan and portray to the world that Malaysia is fair, camouflaging all the genocide that is occuring all over the land.

    And Mother Theresa was a Broadway broad, too.

    Marking Bagpie.

  14. Anonymous3:27 pm

    What next Rocky? Spin a story on the how idiotic the Bar Council is for criticising policy brutality and asking for the setting up of the IPCMC all these years?

  15. Wave333:28 pm

    Latuk Locky,

    Takde rasa simpati kepada mereka yang kena dera oleh polis, lepas tu meninggal di dalam tahanan polis.

    Bukankah itu lebih berdosa dari berbohong?

    Adakah kenyataan dibawah nyata or bohong?

    Najib: Saya tak kenal Altantuya

    Rosmah: Saya tak miliki cincin RM24juta

    Hospital Tung Shin tidak diserang.

    Polis tidak pukul peserta di Bersih 3.0

    Latuk, apa rasa kalau Latuk hilang satu ahli keluarga kerana dibunuh dan pembunuh itu tidak diberi hukuman sebelum ajalnya.

    Apa pula dosa kuat sembahyang lepas tu terima rasuah. Untuk menghalalkan rasuah itu, dikatakan commission.

  16. Anonymous3:33 pm

    What is the point of Malaysia being known the world over as a developed nation, but it has no soul and no compassion for the sick, the invalid, the defenceless, the weak, the aged, and the poor among us. This is not the kind of society anyone in Malaysia can be proud of.

    Let us instead build ourselves a civilised, caring and humane society which everybody is proud of, regardless of whether we are individually rich or poor. Let us regain our moral compass and a compassionate heart.

  17. charleskiwi3:34 pm

    When are you going to write, without fear and favour ?

  18. Anonymous3:46 pm

    How policemen have been shot dead by criminals? Any one making noise?

    Those who died in police custody are probably better off dead.

  19. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Could you shed some light on Why were there 'kunyit powder' on the dead persons face. New weapon to control violent guys?
    Why were the policemen, after arresting the guy, went off to 'supposedly bring a land rover to transport the guy to the station. Then what happened to the police walkie talkies that each one carries.There were 2 patrol cars and a motorbike after the 'culprit' Why not use the waja which can seat 3 at the rear.
    Why was the deceased NAKED and when did he bacame naked and who stripped off his clothings?
    Normal SOP for the police is to use a land rover to transport a dead person.Why did the policemen have to go to the station to bring one?
    A lot of unanswered questions rocky !

    1. Anonymous9:25 pm

      next time ask the police to sent those crook tho this guy house for custody

  20. jeremy4:45 pm

    if you ask me -- pakatan is emboldening criminals and demoralizing the police force..

    crime rampant since when? example: in selangor -- since pakatan took over...police want to be tough - they think twice-lah -- these criminals will run to PKR or DAP and these two parties will do their darndest to demonize the police.

    look at the mushrooming of massage parlours.

    corruption? haha. that's a joke... they are the ones who bribe police to get out of a situation. not only that -- start investigating them and they make sure -- by hook or by crook -- investigations will be terminated.

    we've seen how intoxicated they are...wprse than BN. BN you can whack.. Pakatan -- ayoyoyo...

    as for surendran -- i rest my case..

  21. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Is this the same Serendran who claimed 300,000 indians in Malaysian havent got citizenship?

    Is this the same Surendran who believed what that professor bullshit claimed 700,000 people attended #112?

    Is this the same Surendren who claimed PKR party election 2010 was clean and fair?

    If this is the same Surendren, my advise to him is please shat the faks ot. Dont simpy accuse that police here are murderers. Do we not know about kugan, amirul story? Why cant he let police complete investigation first b4 jumping to politicise everything.

    This son of a goat ungrateful bloke! Where is the list of 300,000 eh?

  22. Mr Angry4:46 pm

    Anonymous 12:17PM.

    Yes, God is indeed watching us. But I don't remember God letting people use his name in vain to condemn another. Your opinion is yours, Judas.

    The allegations made by a lawyer first of all, people who should be using LOGIC to defend and UPHOLD the law, not THROW allegations. This outburst is unacceptable and reflects on his view of law enforcement. How about the good cops out there? They are corrupt murderers too huh?

    N. Surendran is a joke, and an insult on the entire legal community. Sensationalism is the bread and butter of fools.

    I don't think the entire government office walked into the prison cell and took turns beating the prison guard to death.

    Police custody is not some holiday, you are put in a room loaded (Depending on district) with other guys who have probably done worse things than you can even imagine. Rape, drugs, murder, violent mental illnesses. Most people just live too comfortably to realize that people like that are very much real.

  23. sandy4:47 pm

    anon@12:15pm :

    you must be a pathetic idiot.

    stating a fact?

    hello -- you cannot read?

    surendran said "...contunues to kill INDIANS in police custody"?

    you are ma disgrace if you think this remark is ok.

    Typical ...

  24. durgabhai4:51 pm

    latheefa koya simply hates anything that's BN..

    these people are simply full of hatred and venom...

    just because we don't protest like them doesn't mean we have no sympathy...don;t be stupid lah. these are politicans using everything to inflame and to make people hate the police or any isntruments of the government.

    you get it or not -- surendran and latheefa are politicians.... they are worse than the politicians they hate.

  25. Anonymous4:56 pm

    "between 2003 and 2007 over 1500 died"

    Show us the name list lar, anybody can say any figure, but where are the proof? Do you also believe the 300,000 without citizenship, do you? You believe Surendren not bluffing on this too? Why not you question him ab this too before believing watever tiz ungrateful goon say.

    That's integrity u know, u cant lie on something then get away with it then talk ab other thing expecting others to believe too. What lar this kind.

  26. Anonymous5:07 pm

    "Eyewitnesses claimed that policemen had handcuffed Sugumaran before allegedly assaulting him fatally"

    - why cant Surendran wait for police to complete invistigatation?

    - why not wait for all those so called witnesses to come forward first?

    - if those so called eyewitnesses are afraid police will murder them if they open their mouth, why dont they go see Surendren, surely he and Anwar Sivagi will protect them from Police Evils.

    Simple straight forward thing also this budak Suren cant think straight ar. Must pooosing2 like snake. Every thing blame police. Curi kereta and got tamkap then died in lokap also blame police. Next time, budak Surendran must demand all gangsters and curi rompak thiefs be covered first before they go to work ar. Bolo maciam tommy tomas this lunatic.

  27. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Rocky oh Rocky, what have they been putting in your brew??? Have a heart, at the very least push for a murder investigation, let the evidence tell the story...

  28. Anonymous5:19 pm

    surendran said "...contunues to kill INDIANS in police custody"?

    Bladdy racist this PKR Surendren. Police are mostly malays. So generally speaking this racist bigot accusing malays of murdering indians.

    Surendren, how about the DAP indian lawyer with his indian gangs accused of murdering sosilawati and other malays in estate? Have you demanded the Bar Council to suspend this lawyer's firm.

    This DAP and christian DAPs continue to cheat hindus and muslims you know. Why quiet? Coz the murderers are indian DAP

  29. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Noting police do is right in their mind. Every single thing they will try to find fault in Police. They think police is god who must know who are bad guy before taking action against him. Dummy surendren mandrem

  30. Anonymous5:34 pm

    And this is the same guy say 2,000,000.00 (TWO MILLION) indian malaysia have no IC??

    what the british say is true;

    if you happen to encounter a dangerous situation between a snake and this pariah which one should u hit first?

    SEN-DRI, SEN-DRI mau ingat lah...

  31. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Maybe you can add this = Najib expects opposition attack as Permata gets new project

  32. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Dear Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam,

    We dont forget about u also!!

    remember aaa MACHA remember aaaa....

    wait after the election,aaaa MACHA!!!

  33. Anonymous6:15 pm

    These ingrates are never satisfied with law and order in this country. They politicise about almost everything done by government as if they can do no wrong.

    These kiasus are racists and hypocrites.

  34. Anonymous6:17 pm

    To the clown who said that those who are in police custody are better off dead has the typical BN arrogant mindset. We do have laws to follow, unlike pol pot, Robert Mugabe or mamakthir mohamed.

  35. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Day by day the disgust and contempt is building up AGAINST the descendants of the cinapek and keling pendatangs

    freedom of thought in cyberworld is exposing their deep-seated hatred against UMNO who represents the Malay Muslims

    PERKASA should be more empowered

  36. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Perhaps there should be a diplomatic mutual swop between China, India and Malaysia.

    All keling crooks be deported to India, cinapek sepet sengkelet sent to PRC.

    Then these brain damaged toxic laden poisoned pendatang descendants will have NO spin to accuse the police of racism

  37. Anonymous6:39 pm


    There are all kinds of aid to the poor, sick, invalid, aged, etc. You dont read enough.

  38. mat syabu7:13 pm

    Pr loves criminals. just dont know why?

    buat semak lokap je

    and they still read ur blog....

  39. Anonymous7:33 pm

    This Surendren chap, did he win his position in pkr election, or was he appointed? If its the latter, well try harder to please your bosses Suren. Tak habis2 nak kondem pihak polis. Dah le tu, rasis pulak, mengatakan police continues to kill INDIANS. What utter rubbish statement is this.

  40. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Latuk Rocky, you are also a busted but the difference is you are a rich busted paid by UMNO to write rubbish!

  41. Anonymous8:30 pm

    notice the many comments which shows to the present state of pakatan riot's mind.?

    its mind boggling that we do have this type of people in our midst.

    well, the fair-minded silent majority will drive them off this coming election. these rioters have shown their true self in constant lying and propagating hate amongst us.

    do you think this lot is fit to lead malaysia?

    thank you for being so frank.

    1. Anonymous7:11 am

      ABU Anything But UMNO.

  42. Anonymous9:31 pm

    kalau aku dpt tangkap sendiri bersama kawan2 penyangak itu..confirm sampai mampus penyangak itu akan dikerjakan.. masa buat jenayah tak pulak ko fikir hak org lain..

    surendren dgn anak koyak ni kalau anak dia kena bunuh ke rogol ke,aku nasihatkan polis kalau dapat tangkap suspek tu sila bersopan santun dan berbudi bahasa semasa jalankan siasatan.. sila tempatkan auspek tersebut di hotel 3bintang.. tolong hantar suspek ke spa..pasal kalau tercalar sikit nanti heboh masuk berita..polis jahat ..polis brutal..polis kasar..polis zalim..

  43. Anonymous10:21 pm

    300,000 no citizenship. why worry. just go back to india. if they cannot go back is that malaysia's problem?

  44. Anonymous10:26 pm

    you are questioning police sop? who are you? police answerable to you?

    1. Anonymous6:53 am

      Certainly not to u who is a rent seeker but to the rakyat who pays PDRM wages.

  45. Anonymous10:42 pm


    Yes. And no indian student in any school from year 1 to university. Everyday you can see indian houses being burnt together with those inside. No indian shop. Not even one in the whole of Malaysia. Never an indian cabinet minister, never an indian judge (any malay judge in Singapore), never see an indian driving cars, or in business. The Vietnames are selling thosai, capati, wadei and papadom. No indian in the government service, police or army. They are not interested anyway. No indian MPs in parliament, no indian doctors, lawyers or accountants. And 300,000 indians want to be citizens? They must be misfits of some medical experiments that went haywire. If they are sane they wouldnt want to step on Malaysian soil.

    1. Anonymous7:09 am

      We are talking about police brutality here lah you stupid mamak. Don't rant your nonsense on unrelated issues.

  46. Anonymous11:00 pm


  47. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Nampaknya kebelakangan ini rocky memang suka belasah puak-puak India ya...

  48. Anonymous12:52 am

    Anon 1254,

    Where is the list of names of 1500 who died under police custody? Can you provide?

    Anon 1254, helloooo.....thambi, ahpek mamat, mana listnya? With Surendram?

  49. Anonymous12:58 am

    Surendran said: continues to kill Indians in police cstody"

    -and all the pakatan wanabes AVOID commenting on this racist statement by PKR Surendran.

    Why ar? Coz u DAP racist bigots are HYPOCRITES typical Patrick "m****rf****r Teoh" niamah c***i type

  50. Anonymous1:04 am

    Kenapalah puak2 pembangkang ni suka sangat membela penjenayah? Macam kilat puak2 ini menuding jari menyalahkan polis. Bagilah pihak polis siasat dulu.

    Kurang ajar Surendran ini menuduh polis terus bunuh orang india dalam tahanan. Dah sewel pengikut Anuwar.

  51. Anonymous1:07 am

    Yang buruknya pencacai2 pkr ini, bila mereka tak suka/ tak setuju apa yg Rocky tulis, mereka hanya tahu kutuk beliau.
    Tak ade kelas langsung.

    Kalau tak suka apa dia tulis, jgn baca atau dtg sini lah. Pergi lah kat Mkini ke, boleh le jadi hero kat sana.

  52. bourne identity1:10 am

    i suppose these pakatan kencing rakyat leaders want to turn malaysia into a european country full of human rights for the minority including criminals. What about the safety and wellbeing of the majority then?
    Criminals in EU and the UK can even get LED tvs in their cells and force the government to lower the walls around the prisons.
    Simple choice to choose - choose a more peaceful malaysia or choose a new malaysia with radical PAS members, gay and israel loving PKR or super racists anti police DAP?
    Has anyone ever noticed that soince the police's hands are tied tighter and tighter because of too much human rights... unheard crimes have increased where even children are exposed to.
    I choose a peaceful malaysia - minus criminals protected by publicity crazy politicians... like this part time politician and part time lawyer.

  53. Datuk,

    These pr guys are always caught misleading people with false facts. When pointed out to them it's wrong, they censor it. And would you believe it that haris Ibrahim does this too. He lies, practice unfair crony rules and protect those perpetrators of falsehood and those caught fraudulently impersonating haris own readers. I now believe haris is a fraud. I've documented this at hakbersuara. Wordpress.

    Ps haris thinks he can hide the falsehood he perpetuated. On Internet there's no way he can do this.

  54. Anwar makes sure..Sabah is no more a security blanket...for Najib....you can expect Rocky to do his spinning work.
    Sarawak also claimed to be a security blanket by Najib....and this State is in real jeopardy to BN too.
    Rocky extremely silent.
    Seeing thousands...Horn-bills strapped up with rockets...trained by DAP...and ready to rock n roll with BN...Rocky have no smart ideas for Sarawak????
    Come on Rocky....wear your thinking cap and spin your top.

  55. Mustapha Ong5:42 am

    Dear bro,

    I have observed that over the last 2 years, the Indians here in Malaysia are really behind a lot of things happening in this country.They are the new thugs around and acting like samseng everywhere, worst than the "botak Chin era."

    I do not blame them as they think that the majority of the Indians are like Ananda Krishnan (but he is not an Indian and please do not mistaken as he is Sri Lanka)are wealthy and rich.

    Now they got big contracts here and there but some are involved in "AliBaba" as project commissions need to pay first with 50% deposit befors getting the projects from BN agents.

    I have many encounters with them in public especially on the roads and shopping malls. They think they could bully a 70 year old man like me and say things abusive to others. Last week, one tough Indian at the grocery store in Damansara Perdana, came out with his fist and wanted to box me and I said: "If you think you can bully me, just come over to the padang there and start your balls rolling. He did as he was among some of his Indian and Chinese friends, but no Malays as they all "malas nak campur" dengan Indians.I took just within a minute to kungfu him and knocked his private part and tummy. Know what happened, he fainted and I called the police to arrest him right on the spot and he turned out to be a drug addict from Little India Brickfield, extracting protection monies from the traders."

    I salute PDRM as they are getting tougher and tougher and doing the right thing to protect the public. They should used the Special Branch SOP and make these guys sit in the iced room "naked" and extract information from them to get to their leaders.

  56. Anonymous5:51 am

    The guy is a real busted

  57. Anonymous8:57 am


    As long as his masters keep feeding him he will continue to do his dirty deed!!

  58. Anonymous11:04 am

    DAP indian lawyer with his indian gangs accused of murdering sosilawati and other malays in estate

    Every Bumiputera MUST claim the constitutional rights and defend it to the last breath

    Don't let these pendatang descendants think they can ever take Putrajaya

    Over the Bumi's dead bodies!!

  59. Anonymous11:07 am

    The real rakyat MUST support the honorable PDRM who risk life and limbs to protect the citizens

    Never listen to cheapskate keling pendatangs out to score cheap political points

  60. Huhu, another Keling suffering this "Indians are victims" syndrome. Get a life.
    As though we care about you to kill you. There are Malays who died in prison, you know.
    But we don't jump and go stark, staring. raving mad accusing the cops killed them.
    We regard it as takdir Allah.
    We are not litigatious people. Guess we are not so into courts and lawyers like the Indians.
    Yeah there are more Indian lawyers. And many, many more Indian multi-millionaires than the Malays.
    We have one like Syed al-Bukhari and you all have been putting him down. Simply envious.
    Malays never made Indians victims. It's your own race itself who do you in. You know the caste system. And some Indians who regard themselves Brahmins and superior. Some are ashamed to regard themselves as Indians.
    Dey, I am Christian machai. How often have you heard such declarations.
    You maybe small in number. But you sure exert yourself and act like you are more entitled and have more rights than others.
    I know so because my Indian neighbour is a prime example.
    My parking lot in front of my house is used as their parking lot, their rubbish dump and their land to do what they pleased.
    But their parking spot is turned into a beautiful, pristine garden. Untouched.
    Now is that not infringing on other people's rights?
    Give me a Chinese neighbor anytime.
    Indians should consider themselves lucky because of UMNO and the Malay voters. If not you wont have Palanivel or Samy Vellu.


  61. Anonymous11:25 am

    This Mustapha Cinapek Ong is really stupid. We are talking about police brutality and the death of a person here and he is talking about his so called heroics in kicking someone's private part.

  62. Anonymous12:12 pm

    for God sake, all of them are criminals.. and for that school boy it was his fault, he didn't had driving licence and what did an under aged school boy doing driving in the wee hour of early morning at 2am during school day..
    why want to blame the police? The police had so much to do.. with the selfish and arrogant road users, the mat rempits, drug addicts and the list go on...

  63. Anonymous1:02 pm

    This is why we need to change the government, Home affairs minister will not lift a finger to help. He will insist that his death is just a perception and the police are innocent, even the courts are of no help...THIS BN GOVERNMENT MUST GO. All these cops and judges and AG must answer for all these murders when PR wins.

  64. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Polis Raja Di Malaysia....

  65. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Four policemen are alleged to have chased after, handcuffed and then smeared turmeric powder on the face of a security guard, before beating him to death together with a mob at Taman Pekaka, Hulu Langat yesterday.

  66. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Semasa perkara ini berlaku,empat orang anggota polis amat marah dan memukul Sugu mengikut perasaan. Apa tujuan sebenar? Tidak lebih dari mententeramkan keadaan,tetapi mengapa memukul sesuka hati,ikut nafsu? Sekarang apa macam? Percayalah, mimpi ngeri jadi kenyataan, bayangan tali gantung bermain di fikiran.Kepada pegawai dan anggota yang lain,jadikan lah pengajaran,tanamkan dalam hati apa jua perkara buruk yang dilakukan akan menerima balasan.Please be informed,when you're in this situation no one can help you out except God. But while on duty or not, His name seldom or never come across your heart,fikir2 lah.

  67. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Merujuk kepada kes kematian C. Sugumaran, berumur 40 tahun, yang dijumpai mati terbujur kaku pada 23 Januari lalu – memandangkan kematian Sugumaran kini dipersoalkan dan disyaki bersangkut paut dengan keganasan polis – Gerakan Malaysians for Beng Hock meminta dengan tegasnya supaya penyiasatan dijalankan dengan segera, dan tindakan yang sewajarnya harus diambil sekiranya terdapat sebarang tanda-tanda yang mencurigakan, bahkan mengantung jawatan polis-polis yang terbabit dan melancarkan penyiasatan mengikut Seksyen 302 Kanun Keseksaan.

    Menurut beberapa orang saksi, C. Sugumaran dikejari polis, digari di belakang badannya, mukanya disapui serbuk kuning dan dipukul sehingga mati.

    Gerakan Malaysians for Beng Hock mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya sebarang keganasan polis, tiada sebarang anggota polis yang berhak menggangap diri sebagai hakim atau melampaui hak undang-undang.

    Menurut suatu laporan Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu pada tahun 2011, terdapat lebih daripada 1,500 nyawa-nyawa rakyat terkorban dalam pusat-pusat tahanan dan penjara-penjara di antara tahun 2003 sehingga 2007.

    Kes-kes yang disyaki berlaku di bawah keganasan polis meningkat secara mendadak sejak kebelakangan ini, banyak pertubuhan-pertubuhan serta institusi-institusi telah pun menggesa supaya Suruhanjaya Bebas dan Salah Laku Polis (IPCMC) ditubuhkan, namun ianya langsung sekali tidak diambil berat oleh Menteri Dalam Negeri Hishammuddin Hussein dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri Muhyiddin Yassin, yang enggan membuat sebarang balasan ke atas seruan-seruan tersebut.

    Keadaan ini mengakibatkan tiada sebarang anggota-anggota polis atau pengawai-pengawai kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab ke atas kes-kes penyeksaan dan kematian di bawah tahanan, di mana mereka yang menyalahgunakan kuasa atau menggunakan keganasan seharusnya dihadap ke mahkamah.

    Memandangkan keadaan yang bertambah buruk dan nyawa-nyawa yang terkorban semakin meningkat, Gerakan Malaysians for Beng Hock menggesa kerajaan mengambil tindakan dengan segara untuk menyiasat kes kematian Sugumaran dan menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Bebas dan Salah Laku Polis atas permintaan rakyat.

  68. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Please Rocky.... is this hunting season for indians bashing?
    OFF course indians do die alot under police custody and what do you think our police are? Saints? Come on...

  69. Anonymous5:23 pm

    The montelball fella is a real idiot. This article is about the busted Surendran fella, but the mangkok hayun talking s**t about sabah sarawak. Wat la so bodo.

  70. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Personally I would want to give the police the benefit of doubt. But of late, there are simply too many unexplainable deaths. Seemingly healthy individuals would suddenly die of heart failure, asthma, pneumonia and lung infections, overdose of drug, or even hang themselves in the cell. According to report, this case was witnessed by several eyewitnesses. So it is better for the police to clarify everything. It is not good enough just to deny. The authority must quickly establish the cause of death and reveal the truth to the public.

  71. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Actually nothing is wrong with us Malaysians but many Indians here still carry those DALIT-inferior complex kind of feelings wherever they go. Their caste system is still widely and strongly practiced here silently among themselves.

    The problem is them, not us... I feel it about time they shed off those inferior complex thingy.


  72. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Monsterball lau ren,
    U check who brought Anwar into Sabah can or not? and whether that person still supports him today?
    Those who knew him WELL personally sure CABUT far far away fm him la APEK!

    Apek ni keeps harping the same tune, hai, boring le same old laput comments! Pagi2 go for taichi okay or not, will keep yr mind clean, healthy and refreshed at all times.


  73. Anonymous11:32 pm

    mustapha ong

    you're our hero!!

    we need more of your kind to screw these ungrateful lot!!

  74. Anonymous1:39 am

    Asalamualaikum datuk...
    dulu saya tidak berburuk sangka dgn kaum lain dim`sia ni...sejak en.dollah pi..m saya jd terlalu buruk sangka dgn kaum lain lbh2 lg org india...saya jugak jd takut kerana masih rasa sangsi ps kaum lain yg seugama dgn saya....
    pemain utama sbb kebencian ni bkn org lain...pemimpin parti politik sampah yg low kelas yg mereka fikir klo m`sia huru hara depa boleh perintah m`sia(langkah mayatku dulu)sampah pun ada rega pemimpin politik mcm ni mulot busuk sebusuk bangkai org...

  75. Anonymous2:26 am

    Anon 7:11 am

    ABCD = Asal Bukan Cina DAP!

  76. Anonymous3:23 am

    Maybe hardcore fans of the Indian Lieyar can ruminate on this:

    Hypothetically plausible scenarios on the post GE consequences which most Malaysians suprisingly refuse to contemplate would be etched along these lines. I say surprising, given events on the global stage and the cryptically ironic allusions hidden in terms like 'ABU' (ash in English) and "Arab Spring" currently being bandied by the opposition. The remotely possible scenarios are as follows:

    1.Pakatan Rakyat wins the elections by the narrowest possible margins (give or take 10 seats). They form the coalition government as their supporters expect. Then PAS start jangling nerves by calling for Syariah imposition on Muslims which Anwar acquiesces to (thus revealing his real Wahhabist inclinations). To go with the PAS Syariah, PAS begins moral policing on the non-Muslims with the tacit approval of the conservative evangelist wing of the DAP which raises the heckles of the non-Muslims completely blindsided by a sudden twist of fate. Then its a steady state slide into an Egyptian chaos.

    2. A slight variation of hypothesis 1 would be the DAP giving blanket approval for Syariah imposition on Muslims on the promise that the non-Muslim polity would remain largely unaffected which would raise the heckles of the liberal wing anyway (both Muslims and Non-Muslims)and which would only momentarily delay the inevitable wholesale imposition of PAS Syariah in any case.

    3. A subtle variation of scenario 2 above would be the buying time scenario in which a 'creeping' PAS Syariah' narrative eats into existing liberties. Under this scenario, the domain of PAS Syariah is gradually and surreptitiously extended over the Non-Muslim polity via a series of measures that nullify the Non-Muslim way of life which would pave the way for wholesale imposition of PAS Syariah on all Malaysians in the near future.(I am given to understand by reliable informants within PR that this is the agreed upon scenario amongst the PR parties given that it would be palatable for the non-Muslims and Muslim liberals alike eager to exit Malaysia with their wealth intact in a planned exodus)

    4. Yet another permutation, would see PAS holding both DAP and PKR to ransom given the wafer thin post GE situation and attempt a quid pro quo deal to have PAS Syariah imposed wholly or partially in return for their political support failing which we are plunged into minority coalitions, political uncertainy and eventual chaos.

    Whichever of the above permutations materialize (remember these are remotely hypothetical scenarios dependent on a statistically impossible PR win), the die is cast. Malaysia would descend into an Egypt like abyss wherein secular (PKR/DAP) and religious groups (PAS), once united by their opposition to the detested Mubarak ( read:BN in the Malaysian context) are now engaged in an all for nothing gargantuan struggle for Egypt's (Malaysia's) democratic future.

    That is why some investors spooked by the remotest likelihood of PR winning are hedging their bets on Malaysian stocks (even though at $689million, Malaysia to date is the second largest recipient of foreign investment inflow into ASEAN after the Philippines, according to the data).

    Warrior 231

  77. Anonymous3:37 am

    It would do Malaysia good if the selfstyled urbane, educated and liberal, smug middle class contemplate Egypt's once 'golden age". For any right thinking and sane Malaysians, the telling excerpt below would probably make for some sober reflection on the consequences of over-exuberant hate:

    “I have spoken to many members of Egypt's middle class recently, who told me that they felt pity for Mubarak's situation now. His mistakes were overstated before, and from their point of view, they had better lives in the Mubarak era than they do now. They are extremely confused as to why their country is in such a tight spot at the moment.Economic difficulties were the main factor prompting Egyptian people to take to the streets and overthrow the regime. However, after two years' turmoil, Egypt's economy is now on the brink of collapse. The Egyptian pound's devaluation has accelerated, devaluing nearly 8 percent in only two weeks. The GDP's growth rate in 2011 was only 1.8 percent, compared to 5 percent in previous years.”


    And after digesting all the above, the haters and bitters can hurry on to the link below to sup on the latest consequences:


    as well as the one below, to dwell on the plight of a population deceived by false promises and misplaced hopes:




    Me fear mongering on behalf of the BN? Nah....all I am doing is precisely what the Egyptians were warned against when they began embarking on their political frolic...enough said. So dont hurl barbs but put your thinking caps on for a change for rationality will set you free.

    Warrior 231

  78. That fucking shithead PERWIRA trying to prove Anwar's keDAILan party... will be rejected by Sabahans..with his idiotic low class 6 year old brain logic.
    He does not trace the life story of Anwar Ibrahim...to the present time...with his "REFORMASI" and "Hantam Tetap Hantam" slogans and why.
    No one is perfect...that's a fact.
    We prefer Anwar than Najib as PM...and PERWIRA need to sink this conclusion into his coconut head.
    The "lau ren " has spoken...vigorously and full of VOOM POWER!!

  79. budiman3:25 pm

    going by the DAP logic..

    those policemen are actually opposition members (policemen or otherwise) doing the bidding of their political masters to tarnish the image of the PDRM and the government.


  80. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Busted Bastard!

  81. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Egyptian secularists and Coptic Christians against the Muslim Brotherhood and the stealthy imposition of syariah law?

    I bet that the Turkish government and army are watching this very closely.

    Can the Muslim Brotherhood take it's struggle from the streets to the give-and-take of parliamentary democracy without alienating it's conservative supporters and the Islamic clerics, before the Egyptian Army says enough is enough and cracks down?

    In Lebanon, the President is determined to face down the Islamists who have issued a fatwa against "mixed" civil marriages.

    And in Malaysia, PAS inveighs, yet again, against celebrating Valentine's Day.

    I hope that the warrior gets to celebrate Valentine's Day with his nearest and dearest, and with a glass or two of the finest Glenfiddich or Glenmorangie!

  82. Anonymous10:36 pm

    anon @ 4:06 pm, we should all celebrate the compulsory circumcision of all Malaysian males under PAS rule. Yeah!

  83. Anonymous11:04 pm


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