Saturday, January 19, 2013

Three things Anwar Ibrahim must do to make up for the 112 flop

"Tetapi dengan jelas dapat dilihat, selama ini masyarakat Cina alami kepahitan hidup dalam kerisauan, sebaliknya tidak nampak cahaya jalan keluar. Struktur kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat tidak terkeluar daripada berlaku pertindihan dalam isu perkauman, dalam budaya dan dalam kepentingan keagamaan. Maksud kebangkitan rakyat mereka hanya condong kepada kekuatan sesuatu kaum untuk mendukung satu kuasa politik ..." - Lim Fang, Sin Chew 15 Jan 2013

Apparently, the Jan 12 rally organised by Pakatan Rakyat has left a lot of Chinese, including Lim Fang, the writer of the Sin Chew article which I have retitled Kecewa Dengan Janji Kosong, Pakatan perlu UBAH Pakatan disillusioned. 

He's asked Anwar Ibrahim to walk his talk and prove his sincerity by spelling out clearly three things in the Pakatan's manifesto:

1. Deny PAS its "Negara Islam" goal (PAS is Pakatan's most powerful component party after DAP)
2. Free the restrictions imposed by the BN Government on Chinese education/schools
3. Champion outstanding issues related to the economic well-being of the Chinese in this country


  1. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Economic well being of the chinese????
    At least 70% of the economic pie controlled by chinese. To champion further means what? another 30%.
    Crumbs are for other races??? WTF

    1. Anonymous1:30 am

      Too right. As long as they not getting 100 per cent they always see themselves as victims

    2. Anonymous2:28 am

      Typical chinese mentality. Why malays are too stupid to accomodate all these. Malays must change n must not allowed all these nonsense. Even malay majority seats are given to non malays under bn banner to contest. Why are malays too stupid,

    3. Anonymous7:37 am

      Don't talk about "they". Just talk about this idiot Lim Fang. Condemn his shallowness for all you want. He could be an MCA or Gerakan member out to create mischief.

  2. Wow, you guys are so good in missing the elephants in the room. Amazing don't you think? Like your friend Ms Listen who turns out to have made herself a pariah in the country all by her own deed. Her own community disowns her..and what is that that is coming out of the RCI? But then again for all your posturing you guys do think that kind of cheating is good and can take you to heaven with 72 virgins waiting there for you. Wonder what Helen Ang has to say about that too....or is it that that thing is not happening for you guys?

  3. Matter #1 & Matter #2 might seem possible but I have strong doubts about matter #1. PAS will certainly by hook or by crook ensure all their silly & crazy laws to get implemented regardless whether DAP or PKR likes it or not.

    In short say...

    1) If you vote BN, UMNO might short change you.

    2) If you vote for PR, PAS will take over the "UBAH" exercise from DAP. PAS will UBAH the country into Afghanistan.

    Like that how la??? FINISH already lor.

  4. Anonymous5:39 pm


    Keep screwing yaself up with each other when G.E. is just round the corner. How intelligent you guys are!!!

    Both sides just simply cannot give in to each other. The party who gives in will be seen as the weaker one, while, the party which gets its' wishes granted will be seen as the dominant one.

    With DAP & PAS together as a team, it would either be....

    The Chinese trying to live in Afghanistan or the Afghans trying to live in China???

  5. Anonymous5:53 pm

    3 things anuwar will ask the chinese to do.

    1. get more china dolls
    2. get more china dolls
    3. get more china dolls

    the rest, he really don't care. after all the chinese in Pakatan, are good at getting dolls and spas.

    or could be get more better software for calculation purposes. don't use sempoa. can only go to 5 counts. that's why DAP CEC failed.

    or banned bahasa malaysia and melayu school get more mandarin school and christian is the official religion.

  6. It takes a small fry reporter for Rocky to think of this post.
    So many of the walkers spoke out their reasons...Rocky is not interested.
    But this post shows...his blame game getting lousier and lousier.
    Few days more...he gets his reward...his fat salary for January.
    78 days to 13th GE....his fat salary will be terminated or extended.
    It not 50/50 chance.
    It's a cocksure result.
    Anwar will be PM...Rocky will talk like a parrot..saying...ark ark ark.. .like Zobra....the big bully...both can talk to the walls.

  7. Anonymous8:12 pm

    I do not know if this is news to you…if it is not then never mind.


    PONTIFICAL ACTS Vatican City, 16 January 2013 (VIS) – Today the
    Holy Father appointed Archbishop Joseph Salvador Marino as
    apostolic nuncio to Malaysia and to East Timor and as apostolic
    delegate to Brunei. Archbishop Marino, titular of Natchitoches, was previously apostolic nuncio to Bangladesh.

  8. Wave338:41 pm

    Latuk Locky,

    Lebih, lebih buat apa.

    Asalkan Bukan UMNO, dah cukuplah.

    Takde UMNO, takde korupsi.

  9. Anonymous8:47 pm

    The people who want to get rid of BN are more interested in putting BN leaders behind bars. Is this the reason why they want putrajaya? If it is they are not even half as good as BN. The main responsibility of a government is to make sure there is food on the table. Not vengeance. Or else we will be like the middle east countries. No development. Just putting people away, one after another and the country will have no end of riots and subsequent governments will last no longer than 6 months. This, we dont want to see. The opposition here is not that clean anyway. Look at Selangor. Not even a full term and already corrupted. Penang , covering up dirt. So dont talk about corruption if you are dirty yourself. Anwar was knee and elbow deep in corruption. He is an expert on the subject because he was in it, in case you dont know.

  10. Anonymous9:18 pm

    That guy Lim Fang has to be a Chinese educated chauvinist. We don't need PAS to deny its goal of an Islamic state. It can't win enough seats to form a government by itself. On Chinese education, Dong Zong is way ahead on what is required. Economic well-being of the Chinese ? Every government should champion economic well-being of all, not just the Chinese.

    With meritocracy, minimization of corruption and leakages, truly transparent government, all these will be achieved. By writing this piece, this guy demonstrates his shallow and chauvinistic brain.

    Pakatan should just ignore him.


  11. Jijan Mali9:59 pm

    Tolak PR dlm PRU13 ni. Satu undi untuk PR adalah satu undi untuk PAS-pis-pus, DAPpigs, P'Gay'R dan
    satu undi untuk tuhan 'Allah Trinity' DAPpigs mereka tu. Jangan kita gadaikan masa depan anak-anak
    dan cucu kita dengan memangkah parti-parti yang bersekongkol bawah PR dlm PRU13 nanti.....

  12. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Hi BRu,
    The next thing PR MUST do is to nail those pro bn bloggers for writing misleading topics and spinning like crazy without basis.

  13. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Mamam mana takder jalan keluar?? Amongst the top 20 richest Malaysians are the Chinese.

    98% of the shop owners along my block are Chinese.. My Chinese neighbour, three belli young daughters (18, 20 n 23) each having their own Honda, Apak guna Merc!! Can afford to bela four huge dogs some more.. (each month hantar grooming pulak tuh)

    No light at the end of the tunnel?? Too many JOKERS yg tak tau apa ertinya bersyukur.


  14. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Economic woes for chinks:

    Their honda crv / crz not enough.
    100000 in their bank accounts not enough.

    If they have to have same standards of living like the melayu, that means they are very low caste and hina.

    If they loose money to ah long and gambling, its the malays fault for being damn lazy.

  15. Anonymous11:50 pm

    All about improving chinese well being. Wtf. This is a multiracial country.

  16. Anonymous12:03 am

    112 is not a flop, in fact far from it no matter how much rocky wants to spin & fabricate. BN should do sonething before MCA is wiped out in next election.

  17. Anonymous12:06 am

    Rocky if i were u dont worry too much about pakatan. Just worry about ABU & soon u will be out of job.

  18. Anonymous12:14 am

    Tolak BN. Satu undi untuk BN adalah satu undi.untuk korupsi penyelewengan rasuah kronisma penipuan sistem pengajian yg kian merosot, rasis ala perkasa, pembunuhan ahmad sarbani amirulrasyid teoh beng hock kugan lynas penindasan rakyat royalty minyak yg tidak dibayarAES, dll.

  19. Anonymous12:16 am

    Any chinese school in Canada, Australia or UK funded by their govts?

    1. Anonymous4:52 pm

      None - maybe funded by their triads!!!

  20. I told you so.
    When PERWIRA talks...he talk cock.
    If that cina apek is so rich as a shop keeper....why you idiotic Melayu cannot copy?
    How many shops are there around the your are living in?....for you to say..."98%"....50 shops or 5 shops??
    5 need to say 98% la....idiot.

  21. Anonymous6:00 am

    Support RCI for 1 million FOC citizenships for chinese and indians

    research for aborigines RIGHTS and revoke these 1 million pendatang citizenships

    or impose heavy penalties that will transfer their wealth to compensate aborigines sufferings due to this influx

  22. A vote for PR is a vote for Taliban PAS with its hudud. Once u hv tis hudud in place, there wont be any reversal. No where in d world a country run on hudud prospers. It works only in Dreamland

  23. Anonymous9:32 am

    They dont need chinese schools in canada australia uk bcos unlike malaysia those countries practise meritocracy. Everyone is given a fair chance in education & not.based on race quota even though asians are minority there.

  24. Anonymous11:40 am


    There is no race quota in the malaysian education system. No chinese doctors, lawyers, engineers from public universities in Malaysia? In the 70s only 6% of medical students in MU were malays. The govt merely corrected this imbalance but the tough standards remain. An idiot cannot get through university no matter what race he belongs to.

    You cannot set up a chinese school in europe. You FOLLOW their system if you wish to remain there.

  25. Anonymous3:35 pm

    anon @ 9:32 am

    "canada australia uk practise meritocracy"

    no wonder no chinese politicians clamouring for chinese schools

    the chinese there are cooks and dish washers in chinese restaurants, or grocers and laundry workers - that's meritocracy

  26. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Three things rocky must do to restore his credibility if there is any left. 1. REPENT TO GOD. 2.REPENT TO GOD. 3.REPENT TO GOD.

  27. Anonymous7:31 pm

    112 is a success. Congrats to Anwar & Pakatan. The end is near for BN. Good riddance.

  28. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Another stupid comment from pea brain fella. One of australian ministers is a former sabahan chinese. Maybe u only mix with mamak cooks & dishwashers & dont know of any asian doctors engineers actuarists there. Typical katak di bawah tempurung.

  29. Anonymous10:16 pm

    anon 12:14 -- satu comment oleh orang kurang ilmu, kurang membaca dan kurang fahaman dan sempit pandangan.

  30. Anonymous10:04 am

    Aku suka perjuangan asal PAS
    Aku menyampah dengan perjuangan PKR
    Aku benci dengan keangkuhan DAP
    Masalah aku, PAS diperkuda PKR
    Dan kedua-dua PAS dan PKR mengikut telunjuk DAP
    Kesimpulannya, aku benci PR.

  31. Anonymous5:14 pm

    112 Flop ? Hahaha....that's your wishful thinking. You don't have long to wait. Don't worry, we won't go after you - you're just a small-time hired hand. We'll go after your bosses. You can spend more time at the warongs in Bangsar.


  32. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Aku benci UMNO
    Aku tak boleh harap MCA & GERAKAN sebab tak ada bola semua pun dengar cakap UMNO
    Aku pun tak boleh harap MIC, PPP, Perkasa sama aja pak turut UMNO
    Kesimpulannya, aku benci BN. ABU ASALKAN BUKAN UMNO

  33. Anonymous1:12 am

    Muka anwar tak seri
    muka nik aziz letih lesu lelah
    muka hadi nelayan tak jadi
    muka tokong daddy's boy boy
    muka limks ronyok tak cukup tidor
    muka karpal taubat selalu

    Ahhhh muka DS Najib manis berseri sebab tak tipu tak korup

    Janji selalu ditepati
    Aku sokong Najib, UMNO dan BN