Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Pakatan's RM207 billion mega railway project derailed (by the truth)

Officially, the biggest lie or/and dumbest political stunt of 2013. Thanks to Nizar, Malaysians witness first hand how gullible some Pakatan politicians and their rabid supporters in the likes of Malaysian Chronicles (RM207 billion hijacked by Dr M) and Malaysiakini (How could RM207 billion Death Railway fund vanish?) are.

And how their Ketua Umum perpetuated the lie/dumbness (Explain RM207 billion compensation: Anwar).

Unfortunately for them, the Japanese Government has issued a formal statement denying Nizar's claim that Tokyo had paid the RM207 billion to Malaysia.

So, really, can we trust the likes of Nizar and these portal with anything?

Wednesday January 9, 2013

‘Japan did not pay RM207bil’

PETALING JAYA: Japan never paid RM207bil to the Malaysian Government as compensation for victims of the Death Railway project in the 1940s, according to the Japanese Embassy.
Its Second Secretary Takaharu Suegami, responding to PAS working committee member Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin who was reported to have said so, said the latter's claim was “outside the involvement and knowledge of the Government of Japan”.
“All questions arising out of the unhappy events with regard to Malaysia have been fully and finally settled under the San Francisco Treaty which entered into force in 1952,” he said in a statement yesterday. Nizar was quoted by Harakah Daily as saying that the embassy had confirmed that the money was handed to the Malaysian Government in 2004.
The report stated that the money had yet to be distributed to families of the estimated 30,000 Malaysians who were forced labourers of the project between 1942 and 1946.
Suegami said both countries had also signed an agreement on Sept 21, 1967, whereby Japan agreed to supply services and products to Malaysia totalling RM25mil.
The grants, he said, had been used to build two ships, among other projects, but there was no transfer of an undisclosed amount of money.
“Malaysia agreed that any question from the events of the Second World War that might affect our good bilateral relations would be fully and finally settled with the agreement.
“All the supply in accordance with the agreement was completed by May 6, 1972,” he said.


  1. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Ahhhh..politics is all about lies and perceptions..
    Did LGE's son molest a girl?
    Did LGE got affair woth rainbow?
    Did Anwar really screw that china girl?

    Guess all is fair game in politics.
    Just see which side you are on..I guess.

    Faster call for election and settle it once and for all.
    We are dying to vote and may the best party win.


    1. Anonymous8:49 pm

      Rite, only 3 months to go...its time to kick out these Pakatan 1314 and 207 jokers!

  2. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Another pakatan LIAR caught red-handed. Just how many lies are these buffoons gonna produce?

    The latest about DS Najib down with stroke is just TOO much.

    PRU13 will demolish pakatan like another tsunami.

  3. Anonymous6:45 pm

    How to believe pkr? Go round the country bluffing the people every night? Nothing but lies and more lies. Pity the silly and foolish people supporting shameless leaders who have been caught in hotel rooms with prostitutes and married women.

  4. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Malulah Ir. Nizar, seorang Engineer yang seharusnya tahu kira-kira. Itulah, kan elok kalau awak terus bekerja sebagai Engineer. Ini nak jadi politician pulak. Orang politik work in the grey areas; but Engineers, by training, deal in the black & white areas. Either it's right or it's wrong; it works or it doesn't; it's rosak or not rosak. Only lawyers deal in the grey areas.

  5. Anonymous7:37 pm


  6. Anonymous7:53 pm

    hate the sight of anwar's face. the biggest liar in the country.

  7. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Hey Rocky, now that it's been established there was never any 207 billion are we not forgetting the bigger issue ie the poor war victims and whether they were adequately compensated. Why are you pointing fingers at Pakatan and making it a political issue? Everyone knows they screwed up and made fools of themselves, noo need to gloat. If the Malaysian govt in 1967 really accepted RM25million as compensation then our govt of that day screwed up. This amount translates to RM833 per 30,000 victim. And it wasn't even cash, it was two lousy ships! Even if you compound 25 mil at 5% pa over 45 years it equals RM250 million, or one NFC (condo for cow) project or one Puspanahas (toothbrish for tank) project. Please look at how much Vietnam or Philippines received from Japan. Just Google and find out. Easily 10 or 50 times more !

  8. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Rocky sudah kantoi !! akan datang....jeng..jeng..jeng..


  9. Anonymous8:10 pm

    dear LMAORTOF - wtf


    You can ask your dumbass khalid gagap and your racist chauvinist chief minister guan ah beng eng to dissolve the state first.

    but as usual, not only guan eng so stupid and scared to do so, but to dumb to realise that he can do that.

    1. Anonymous12:50 am

      No nid to call names bro.
      You answer yes and I can answer no.
      Its ok in a democracy.
      You vote your choice and I have mine.
      Before we vote just think of the millions and billions of our country gone into individual pockets.
      Just that we have different priorities in choosing good governance.


  10. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Why cant he do proper research and homework first before opening his silly mouth?

    207 billions just utter rubbish hindraf style bluff. Would you believe it? Only p*g and d**key like montelball would!

    I would say the montelball also made to shame with this trash allegation. Mana mau taruk muka lu montelball?

  11. Anonymous9:41 pm

    To Anon 7:19pm,
    To associate an Ir to this stupid outrageous Rm207B issue is so embarrassing. You're right, an engineer should upheld his professional integrity by being ethical. Imagine having an engineer that is not so bright and often caught lying to the public. The consequence can be disastrous.So Nizar should stop this embarrassment or graciously disassociate himself from the fraternity.

  12. arizmaya9:56 pm

    Come PRU13 rakyat will punish PR for their sins...

  13. Anonymous10:13 pm

    kalau nizar ni ada maruah baik dia harakiri saja lah. its a shameful act and lack of integrity to lie and deceit the public all the times.

    i never believe anwar and his retarded goons in PR.

    my vote definitely goes to BN.

  14. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Another stupid and careless whistleblower surfaced in PRs den.Talking about lies and perceptions,this episode is a good example,It is not which side we are on but we must be fair to accept the real facts and reject lies and fictions.This is going to be the main factor which the voters esp the fence sitters consider before casting their votes.

  15. hi Anon 6.45 PM...that's not bluffing.
    That's questioning something Japan promised..and now confirmed no payment being made.
    What's the fuss about?'s compensations money mostly for 30,000 maybe your grandfather or mother.

  16. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Apa la nasib pr dapat pemimpin macam nizar, mat sabu, mahfuz...........

  17. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Japan never promised 207B. If you dont call it bluffing then what do you call it? A blatant liar lies and bluffs.

    'its not me in the video...' Ha Ha. It must an angel f@##@#g.

  18. Anonymous2:04 am

    It is a real wonder why some people, based on the comments,still choose to defend liars.Has lying became an acceptable culture in Malaysia?A leader of PAS doing that and no PAS leaders condemn lying.What happen to their conscience ?

  19. Rocky never ceased an opportunity to spin an issue that meant well and turned it into ugly and something else.

  20. Anonymous6:11 am

    That lyng. Political lies for poliical mileage. Coming from idiot nizar... And the stupid buttman anwr ibrahim believed in the same lie. He was a cabinet member... Nampak sgt sibuk nyuntut ...

  21. Anonymous9:18 am

    LMAOROTF @ 6:32 PM is definitely on the BLIND and gullible side


    P.S. with thousands of blind spots as well

  22. Anonymous9:22 am

    pakatan is full of failures

    failed accountant
    failed engineer
    failed businessman
    failed wannabe prime minister
    failed ulamas
    failed lawyers
    failed elections (erection)

    fail fail fail ...

  23. bourne identity9:32 am

    jangan percaya orang yang muka macam Nizar ni - face like a chicken's backside.

  24. Anonymous11:45 am

    Guys you all know the movie "Dumb and Dumber" This is the seqeual starring Nizar Dumboludin

    on another note see hantulauts forensic analyst regarding the 207 billlloooooooooooon you will laugh your ass of

  25. Anonymous11:53 am

    sorry not hantu laut

  26. damansaraman12:14 pm

    Dear Monsterball

    Did the Japanese Government promised to pay RM207 billion?

    Because that was Nizar's claim!...and what Anwar's latter asked to investigate by saying the Japanese and Malaysian Officials have documents pertaining to that payment!

    If its non existence, then why NIZAR AND ANWAR MAKE A BIG FUSS ABOUT THE RM207 BILLION?

    What do you call that?

  27. Anonymous12:30 pm


    Keep listening to gossip.

  28. And how is your face looks like...bourney?..ada banyat tiat lalat?.....sontoloyo.

  29. damansaraman12:48 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Thank God that my vote for the Opposition in the last GE was not enough to let them form the Federal Government!

    The 'small power' given to them really have shown their true colors, the ugliest colors Malaysia has ever witnessed.

    Even though my vote was never about them being better than BN (I voted against BN as a symbol of protest towards the Sleepy N Stupid Pak Lah plus KJ and his Dumb Blondes Bandwagon), it has shed many shocking realities about the PR Team.

    Just look at the amount of idiotic nonsense that they have created!

    They are ever willing to do anything for the cheapest and dumbest publicity stunts.

    Really Rocky, I just can't stop being amazed and dismayed looking at their antics.

    They really can't be this stupid and irresponsible...can they?

    BN is far from being perfect!

    But with such AN IDIOTIC BUNCH OF OPPOSITIONS, no wonder BN have been winning 2/3 all this while!!!!

    Again, THANK GOD!!!!

  30. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Brace yourself. More lies before GE. Lies and more lies and nothing but lies. The truth, the whole truth and everything but the truth. PKR, the worst political party known to mankind. Producing nothing but lies and more lies.

  31. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Lmao said:You answer yes and I can answer no."

    What kind of response is this? You had asked questions, so its up to others to answer yes or no. Wtf you answering own question, or even asking question on other issues without facts!

    This article is about 207 billions allegation, is it true or bluff?
    Well, this one sure u cant answer in one word eh! Coz u choose selective question only. Wtfish

  32. Anonymous3:23 pm

    That montelball briber still want to talk nonsense ab 207billion! Tyuniaseng lu ahpek, go ask Nizar first whatever proof he has on the 207 bil figure and the payment made, then come back to defend that ultraman, autaman i mean nizarman wanabe.

    This DAP Pakatan blokes never fail, when bluffing thru their nose! Hehe

  33. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Bijan: Rocky sudah kantoi

    Hehe, lu buat lawak bro, 207bilion tu dari Rocky atau Nizar, ada baca?

  34. Anonymous9:01 pm

    I am sick and tired of these lies over and over again. PKR , please stop the lying form Musa Aman and now the Jap compensation of Death railway. tak kerja ker! raise something for the rakyat to figure and think and not blatant lies. FEd up LAH

  35. Anonymous9:27 am

    Ini pkr apa mau tipu lagi? Tiap tiap malam tipu orang. Tak boleh undi pkr lagi. Party banyak tipu.

  36. I love to watch comical cartoons strips. Rocky reminds me of the Road Runner....peeep peeep peeep run always get into trouble.
    Similarly....Rocky talk talk talk...and get fucked up by visitors.
    Road Runner's job is to make people enjoying him getting into trouble.
    Rocky does not enjoy the bashings...but what to is his job to talk talk talk..cock n bull for a living.

  37. Anonymous12:10 pm

    BN.kencing la rakyat selagi boleh.macai umno dpt 20rm benda salah pun jd betul.tgk buletin utama byk sgt.tiap2 hari hujan pun blh cakap empangan takde air.bodoh punya statement syabas.<--off topic

  38. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Tell the dap led by the nose nizar not to show how stupid he is. People are laughing at him. Another pkr clown. Just like jui meng.

  39. Years of 'painstaking ' research has come to this. A simple 1 paragraph denial by a diplomatic staff. If Nizar doesn't feel stupid, it must be because he's a clown.