Friday, January 25, 2013

Ex-IGP calls for an inquest into Sugu's death

Quick action. I agree with Musa Hassan. Conduct an inquest, NOW! Don't let mad politics or/and rotten journalism come into the picture and turn this into Kugan 2 to score points for the coming general election.

If there's foul play by the cops, take action.

But please don't rely on the Malaysian Insider's Eyewitnesses say cops, mob beat handcuffed man to death. Because the reporting is weird.

Mental news reporting from the Insider

They are not going to accept the police''s explanation  as usual.


  1. Anonymous4:23 pm

    An endemic lack of trust in the police? Or a case of biased reporting by the liberal social media?

    The Singapore New Paper carried the report today with the evocative headline "Police, mob beat handcuffed man to death, say eyewitnesses".

    Hopefully an investigation will be carried out and the facts established quickly, before it spins out of control.

  2. Anonymous5:07 pm

    No matter what the Police do, the family will never accept the fact that sugumaran was in depress mood for whatever reason. And the fact is clear that he is a danger to the public at large, and he has been causing damage to public property. This factual happening will be forgoten and there will be people who will exploit the whole issue for political gain and the family will go along with the whole process for monotery gain. So no matter what happen the Police (PDRM) will become a target for hate campaign by the public and others who have interest. I think its time for the Police, in most circumstances to let nature take its course until then just do not react. Why should you when you know if you react you and your orgasnisation will not be spared. The hate campaign by ceretain groups has come to a stage where the Police instead of being look upon as peace keepers are now being look upon as scum of the earth. No doubt not all policeman are angels but by an large the majority of the Policeman are still people with loyalty and of high intergrity. Human rights has come to stage where the rights of people who are guilty are protected more then the right of the mejority and the people who are responsible to enforce the laws.I think the Policeman should just do their normal job and dont go all the way to expose themself to unnecessary risk of being humilated later on when they will be suspended or charged in court. The inefficiency of PDRM is partly due to this state of affair, because the policeman on the ground is now demorolised because they realised that if they over react and if there are allegations by the public against them, no body in the Police Force will take interest and defend them.They will have to fight it out themself in court using their own money and friends who sympathise. His whole career will be jeopodise and his family will suffer.The home ministry and the minister himself will not lift a finger for the policeman, because if he does so his political image and reputation will suffer.But in case the PDRM achieve success the KDN and the minister will be the first to make a press statement showing that he has the full support and control
    of the Police Force, for which he should not interfere. The IGP should be doing this task as he is the CHIEF and not by any politician.

  3. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Don't worry latuk. This country is really safe one. If u lost anything even ur beloved one, enforcement agencies will knock your home door and bring "em home safely in 24 hours tome.
    Anyway, my condolences to parent of William.

  4. Wave338:00 pm

    Today, there is already a protest in front of Kajang Polis Station headed by PKR. It cause massive jam in Kajang.

    Handcuffed and beaten to death, it is like tortured to death.

    Polis adalah Raja Di Malaysia.

    Not even one Polis is procecuted for the brutality in Bersih 3.0. Where is the justice?

  5. Anonymous10:44 pm

    If this is the 1st such incidence of purported police brutality, we can say maybe it did not happen. When this becomes so prevalent, it becomes a decease...and a decease needs to be viped out from the core. So, lets not overanalyze... The force is corrupt and the raktat is fed up.

  6. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Rocky, malaysian insider reporting is 10 times more accurate than yours. Yours is full of spin & lies.

  7. Anonymous11:25 pm

    As usual , Rocky goes into damage control propaganda for PDRM by quickly spinning the story. He knows this is Kugan no. 2 & try to divert the blame. This is his usual modus operandi which we see happens all too often. That shows how low class his standard of writings have deteriorate to as he is beholden to his UMNO paymaster.

  8. Anonymous12:03 am

    Tiba masanya kene tangkap jer editor Malaysian insider yang suka menyebarkan fitnah dan suka pecah belahkan masyarakat Msia ni. Kalau org mengamuk dengan bawak parang ape semua kat tempat awam. Ada ke kita nak suruh polis biar jer...bodoh ke ape...N. Surendran mmg jahat muka dasar pelesit..sahaja nak sokong penjenayah..Kalau pembunuh pun dia nak backing atas nama undang2...bodos.

  9. Anonymous12:34 am

    When something like this happens where the police are implicated..the police boss should just say.."We are transparent and anyone can investigate us"...but they instead go into hiding, guard a the hospital morgue with M16s and worse still come up with a real dumbo excuse like a heart attack reflecting the mindset of a kampong pathologist who thinks Malaysia is still living in the 1950s where you can always kelentong the orang kampong and get away with it.

    Time to wake up or just leave so that someone else can do a better a job.

  10. Anonymous12:54 am

    Sorry lah Rocky...EX-IGP talks tak dah boleh pakai dah !!

  11. This case somehow reminds me of tragic incident a few years back when the sister of Sultan of Pahang was stabbed to death by her syabu-crazed son. The young man also died in police custody a few hours after the incident while treated for his syabu over dosed at the Ampuan Afzan Hospital in Kuantan. He was not beaten up by anyone or anything like that. Police detainees did die in such circumstances. Now, as for the Malaysian Insider's report, Jahabar and the gang better come out with hard evidence that the deceased was indeed beaten to death. They must produce the witnesses claimed to be quoted in the story. Otherwise, it would be a case of "hantam saja la buat itu story, as long as it serves our political agenda". Well, you know la, Indian votes are returning to BN. Need to turn that around lah. So, Kugan 2.

    1. Anonymous11:26 pm

  12. Rocky spinning is well known.
    He is also a loving father and can feel for that poor victim.
    As he feels...his spinning character takes over and say..sort of trust his post and comments but not at Malaysiakini.
    Rocky has no split personality.
    He is a blogger... spin master.

    1. Anonymous11:51 am

      And you are the trolling turd...:)

  13. Anonymous7:46 am


    Rotten Journalism you say!

    That,s like the Pot Calling the Kettle Black!


  14. Anonymous8:52 am

    Editor Msiakini dan Msia Insider tu yg wajib masuk lokap...propaganda semata-mata untuk rusuhan kaum demi Anwar Ibrahim dan mangkuk2 ayun....N. Surendran mmg muka pengganas pun kerje dia nak suruh penjenayah yg berkuasa n buruk2 kan kuasa polis...geng2 dapster ni mmg bangang psl dia ckp org cina jer byr 90% cukai kat Msia ni..weii org melayu silap2 byr 90% psl tokey2 cina biasanya tipu income tax...sajer jer geng Dapster ni suruh benci polis sbb dia ingat polis ni balaci untuk jaga kaum dia jer kot..tapi kaum lain diaorg x kisah.

  15. Anonymous10:21 am

    Nobody would say anything if his name is Awang bin Al-Juburi.


    1. Anonymous11:58 am

      Are you from another planet. Everyone Was up kin arms when the same thing happened to the malay school kid who Was shot and framed by the PolDiRaja dudes.

  16. Anonymous11:33 am

    anon 8:00

    police brutality? No one came forward with broken ribs or collar bones. there was no police brutality.

    did the police take action against those who broke the law during bersih? no.

    did you say anything when the police got shot dead by thugs? did you say anything when police got injured by thugs while on duty?

    dont jump the gun. be fair.

  17. Anonymous11:38 am

    12:34 --- YOU wake up. YOU leave. So if your house was robbed dont call the police. If your child goes missing dont call the police. If your wife got raped dont call the police.

  18. Anonymous11:44 am

    anon 4:23

    Did any of the eyewitness make a police report. No. Why? Because they lied and dare not make any report.

    I really miss the police of the 70's. They will whack without mercy any one demonstrating. You people have become big headed. Believing a foreign news report. Silly fool you are.

  19. Anonymous11:55 am

    Inquest is necessary. It's silly for the police to say death cased by heart attack. It s equal to saying death Was caused by lung failure when someone Was actually stabbed with a knife.

    It's good by Hishammuddin to shoot down Kajang OCPD on his denial to conduct investigation.

    PDRM has to realize they are also servants of Rakyat and they need to answerable for their actions.

    Keeping a blind eye to accusations is not good PR.

  20. Anonymous12:25 pm

    We dont have any kangaroo courts. Get the witnesses to testify IN COURT and not outside to reporters who are not interested in the truth but only to sensationalise. Otherwise just shut up and let the police do their job. Dont trust the police? Leave.

  21. Anonymous1:26 pm


    --The policeman was acquited. The malay boy did not not stop when told to do so. He had no driving license. He was speeding. What do you expect the police to do? Sit down, have coffee? Let's not get thing called human rights get to your head. What about the rights of the police?

  22. hehehehehehe...Anon 7.46am...cannot differentiate an arm chair critic and a journalist.

  23. Anonymous11:27 pm

  24. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Rocky, you know I know and many agrees that the problem with our society especially from the opposition ialah kill the agency. But not supporting. Gua memang tak faham lah ramai yg bahalul and will politicised any issue they can use to smear the good names of the government agency. Its not brcause of the agency but hati busuk dan dendam pukimak dan babi mak opposition yg ada dlm hati org org Politik dlm PAS, dap, pkr. Its very simple, any issue crop up, make use of it. To muslim people in pakatan rakyat, saya sebagai org islam juga dlm jabtan ini, kamu nak tanggung dosa sampai dlmkubur ke tuan tuan apabila sebarkan fitnah yg tak sudah2. If u all fighting in a ring with BN, why u all nak cari dosa kering? Dgn cara fitnah.

    1. Anonymous7:05 am

      Sudahlah dengan cerita dongeng kau. Pegilah preach kat utusan & TV3 tu yang hari hari fitnah & bohong sampai there is no tomoro.

  25. Anonymous5:35 pm

    If this guy die during his "sembahyang" I will pity him. But he was running amok with a steel bar in his hand. How I wish those who condemn the police had their loved ones being beaten to death by this crazy man. Then you will be thankful to the police force.

    So far, any proof that this poor guy died because of police brutality?