Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tommy "Panamera" Thomas

Pic by Minaq-Jinggo

Sometimes, the one who condemns the system hardest benefits most from it. And vice versa. Oh, don't try to understand why, it is incomprehensible. But do read Syed Akbar Ali's Ungrateful _$#@_d Has Two Porsches And Two Thoroughbred Horses? More or less explains why this Malaysian Indian lawyer (I assume he is Malaysian and not Canadian) didn't migrate to motherland India after briefly calling Canada home but instead returned to Malaysia, land of Porches and thoroughbreds ... 


  1. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Racist......nya ,, Rocky !!

  2. Actually there are other ways to make money than to get hand outs from UMNO/BN you know!!

    1. Dear Old Fart,

      Yes there are so many other ways to make money than from BN/Umno. But if you have been getting these so-called handouts from these parties, say so lah. Don't call these BN/Umno people corrupt and yet sttill defend them in court because they pay you bug bucks and they made you a hot shot lawyer in the process. Where ihen is your basic decency?

  3. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Mebbe so, but did TT benefit from quotas, privileges or special dispensations from the laws of competition and the free market?

    Or is he just like any other qualified professional plying his or her trade or occupation?

    And if there are people willing to pay for his expertise, so what?

    It's a free market, after all.

    1. Anonymous10:51 am

      Baca dulu Syed's blog la bodoh. Then baru comment

    2. Anonymous2:13 pm

      Tak baca blog tuan syed da komen yang bukan2.Ini makluk yang suka cerita khabar angin dan fitnah ya tu dia caya.

  4. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Once a ungrateful pariah 4ever a pariah.

  5. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Muka dia macam tengah kena sontot Anwar je.

  6. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Shameless bastard who worshipped the whites but was discriminated because he has brown backside and not wanted by them and returned to PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU to lick his spit. He did not go back to India but came back here to PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU crawling like a pariah dog with his tail between his hind legs.

  7. Anonymous11:09 pm


    inglorious basterd

  8. Anonymous11:31 pm

    This pariah is a typical forked tongued sonofabitch bastard. The bastard had the balls to interpret the constitution for his best pal to be Prime Minister in the infamous Sept 16, 2008 scenario which NEVER materialised, Alhamdullillah for that. But when the Perak Sultan used EXACTLY the SAME method as pariah suggested during the Perak Constitutional Crisis, pariah and his fellow bar drunkards blasted the Sultan (who was an exLord President to boot).

    This is why the legal profession are peopled by a certain ethnicity as its language is amenably suited for their forked tongues. What a parian bastard sonofabitch MF.

    Excerpt of pariah’s constitutional forked tongue twister opinion

    TT: To have a simple majority, whoever wants to be prime minister must have the support of 112 people. The king must be satisfied that whoever he is going to invite to form the government enjoys the support of at least 112 members.
    How he goes about satisfying himself on this point is up to the king.

    Nut Graph : Article 43(4) doesn’t make any mention of the methods he could use. Are there any precedents in the UK?

    TT: In the UK the Queen talks to people, they have their own soundings. But as to other methods that could be used, one is the declaration in writing, a document containing all 112 signatures. The disadvantage is the possibility of forgeries. How can the Agong be sure that the MPs actually signed the document? So in this case, the Agong may decide that he needs more proof. He may summon them to the palace.
    But there could be other methods. It depends on the contingency.

    NG: So the methods that the Agong chooses to verify — whether the PM or an alternative candidate has the support or not — is up to him?

    TT: Yes

    For full evidence of pariah's waffling go here:

  9. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Oi Rockhead, you bloody racist ka? U takut sangat dengan tommy thomas issit? At least he is not a paid spin doctor like u.

    1. Anonymous3:44 pm

      The bloody racist calling other racist. niaamakahai ...

  10. Anonymous1:47 am

    This Tommy is same breed with that silly guy with 4 ex-wives, except different skin tone and different origin.

    Arrogant, greedy, hypocrite, racist, chauvinist....these DAPsters have them all, very special breed.

    135 attacks by Hindus on Christians in India in 2012 alone???hmmm, the christians there must be real bad boys eh!

  11. Anonymous1:51 am

    Small wonders these ungrateful species mostly migrated to Australia, Canada but rarely to the "democratically wonderland" of India, China. Why har thomas?

  12. Anonymous2:30 am

    another A-hole complaining on a well -fed tummy. Never know how to be grateful. Why come back to Msia? Theres OZ and NZ and UK etc . Pleasssseeee.....just go away and forget about us. P*ri*h will always live up to their name- never disappoint us. Your fugly anaks got married to (ugly/rejected) Mat salehs already or not so your cucus can be whites?

  13. If I am no mistaken this Tommy Thomas was a member of DAP and he hails from Kedah.

  14. Anonymous7:41 am

    You get paid writing for BN but he earn his money being smart. In my eyes you are a loser and not him.

  15. Anonymous7:46 am

    I wonder what is the "real agenda" of Syed A A and the Bru-man in pursuing this matter?

    Is it a high-minded excuse for a blatantly racist agenda or a gut-twisting feeling of envy that a fellow Malaysian (albeit of a different ethnicity, religion and skin colour) has had the audacity of being able to use his skills and qualifications advantageously in a free market globalized world?

    After all, there's nothing stopping Syed A A and the Bru-man from exercising their skills globally, assuming that they have the expertise and wherewithal in the first place.

    I suspect that now the naysayers and racists will start criticising the appointments of Tony Fernandes and Michelle Yeoh as "Malaysia Brand Ambassadors" at the WEF in Davis. Another case of wrong ethnicity, religion and skin colour?

    It seems to me that small minded Malaysians abound, and that they subscribe to a particular mindset that begrudges other Malaysians making a success of themselves in a broader and wider arena than good old Malaysia where things come easy to the "privileged".

    It's a blessing in disguise that the world at large doesn't see things that way.

    Even our PM has used the "Manhattan" analogy in reference to Singapore. You can't get more specific than that, can you? Eh, Syed A A and Mr Bru?

  16. Anonymous8:11 am

    Ah, what Tommy Thomas writes scares UMNO. If not, why bother ? Give him more publicity and more people will read his excellent articles.

  17. Anonymous8:11 am

    What's Caught Rocky's Tongue aka fingers?

    His Articles are now reduced to a few liners..

    Content turned to scrapping the Barrel?

    The word is Brainout preceeding Burnout!

  18. Anonymous8:13 am

    Can someone in Umno write like tommy Thomas ? Or reason like tommy Thomas ? Oh, maybe the Warrior can.

  19. Anonymous8:27 am

    Why, o why do we have to be beholden to a government who does what it does with the country and it's citizens using the rakyat's money? All over the world people change their government as a matter of fact without such outburst.

    Ghadaffi of Libya did the same and much more than UMNO "There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity became free for all its citizens in the leadership of Gadaffi. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at 0% interest by law. Home considered a human right in Libya –Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home. Gaddafi's father has died while him, his wife and his mother are still living in a tent. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 Diner (US$ 50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25% of Libyans are literate. Today the figure is 83%. Should Libyans want to take up farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kick- start their farms – all for free. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need in Libya, the government funds them to go abroad for it –not only free but they get US $2, 300/mth accommodation and car allowance. In Libyan, if a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidized 50% of the price. The price of petrol in Libya is $0 14 per liter. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amount to $150 billion – now frozen globally. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation the state would pay the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found. A portion of Libyan oil sale is, credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens. A mother who gave birth to a child receive US $5,000 (14) 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $ 0.15 15. 25% of Libyans have a university degree. Gaddafi carried out the world's largest irrigation project, known as the Great Man-Made River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.'"

    But he was removed.

    Once you steal the rakyat's money, enrich your self and your cronies,are corrupt, defile our beloved religion just to stay in power,failed in many mega projects once to many a time,use the country's monies like it was your grandfather's YOU LOSE THAT MORAL RIGHT TO CONTINUE RULING.

    Granted that that (like Ghadaffi to Libya) that you have done good to Malaysia, Malaysia is not not yours alone, it could have been a whole lot better without the unislamic corruption and cronism, kleptocracy, oh shit many more...

    Change. Change now. This government has no longer the moral right to rule.

    1. Anonymous4:06 pm

      Well said, time to remove this bunch of arrogant robbers.

    2. Anonymous5:31 pm

      Guys, if you want to migrate to Libya just let them know. Cheap fuel, izzit? Your lives become a lot cheaper there, too.

  20. As always, the problem (mostly unreal, fabricated) in this country is created by these ingrates.

  21. As always, the problem (mostly unreal, fabricated) in this country is created by these ingrates.

  22. To anon 10 and 10:10. Have you read the article by SAA. Clear he got handouts from Umno and gang. If you think that Umno is bloody racist, why didn't they hire lawyers from their kind only. Think again.
    This guy is just another double dealing guy. Another forked tounge just like PR leaders.

  23. Anonymous9:43 am


    you sound just like anwar. after years of stealing now say others are stealing. hypocrites of the year - anwar and YOU.

  24. Anonymous9:45 am


    nothing wrong to be paid to write the truth. and if is not the truth you wont be reading this blog.

  25. Anonymous9:50 am

    Rocky, tolong balik Singapura,, ya

  26. Anonymous10:08 am

    Muka macam kene sontot...hahahahaha..

    Once pariah is always pariah..kah..kah..kah..kah..

    Sorry just make laugh in the morning

  27. Anonymous10:55 am

    Come on Rocky, so what he made money on his own...he did'nt rob umno.He made his dues like you and me ? Why your friend Syed so jealous and racicial about it !
    We do have friends [malays]working in the States and could'nt care a damm about Malayasia....
    He has rights to live anywhere if you have dough too?
    Envy is one of the seven deadly sins . Would you like your family to suffer because of your sins?

  28. Anonymous11:11 am

    Tommy Thomas was stripped naked by Syed, and all these pathetic Anons could rebut are:

    Umno got scared by tommy.
    Can Umno write like tommy.
    Wat is Rocky's agenda.
    Rocky's tongue aka fingers.
    Rocky get paid by BN.
    Racist Rocky so takut with Thomas.

    Are these standard replies DAP hypocrites could come up with? Haiya, Hannah Yeoh must be referring "low class" mentality to her own people lah like that.

    But one bloke even tried to divert India to Libya. Alo anon, there was no "135 attacks by Hindus on Christians in Libya" dude.

    Its India, not Libya. Where got democracy in Libya ciput?

  29. Anonymous11:21 am

    Once you steal the rakyat's money, enrich your self and your cronies,are corrupt, defile our beloved religion just to stay in power,failed in many mega projects once to many a time,use the country's monies like it was your grandfather's YOU LOSE THAT MORAL RIGHT TO CONTINUE RULING.

    Granted that that (like Ghadaffi to Libya) that you have done good to Malaysia, Malaysia is not not yours alone, it could have been a whole lot better without the unislamic corruption and cronism, kleptocracy, oh shit many more...

    Change. Change now. This government has no longer the moral right to rule.

    -------------------------------jom ubah--------------------------

    Tokong DAP Lim precisely fits the above description, except that Tokong is better, he did that in just 5 years.

    Yes, change now, change Penang, Kedah too. Surely DAP supports change Kedah. Ask Patrick "motherfu**ers" Teoh. And change Talamgate too.

    1. Anonymous3:51 pm

      Well said... and we should go all out to go for RCI (1 million immigrant given citizenship prior our datuk nenek's blessin)

  30. Anonymous11:25 am

    The point is why Tommy Thomas run down this great country that makes him prosper? sometimes lawyers can become dumbarse just to please his master.

  31. That man, migrated to Canada. Oops, alas, it was not greener on the other side. So, come back to Malaysia lah, so he decided.

    Yeah,greener on this side after all.
    In the same breath,kutuk pulak kerajaan/ pemerintahan yang membolehkan dia mencari rezeki lumayan dalam aman tanpa huru-hara.

    Tuhan dah beri rezeki, masih tak bersyukur.
    Sedar lah sikit Tommy.

    Kalau dah tak suka pemerintahan dan pentadbiran negara itu, kenapa pilih tinggal di Malaysia? Pergi lah jauh-jauh. Dah tak suka, kan?

    Pilih lah China, India, Hong Kong.
    Pilih lah Libya, Tunisia, Mesir...semua dah di "liberated" oleh "people's court".
    Pergi lah sana.
    Best apa.

    Kerajaan sana sure tolong Tommy.
    Best apa.

    Jangan lah jadi hipokrit.

  32. Wahai pembaca,
    baca dulu blog Syed.
    Baru boleh faham.

    Ini bukan isu kaum lah.

    Ini isu KESYUKURAN dan HYPOCRISY dalam diri TT.

  33. Anonymous11:42 am

    anon 10:55

    accuse, accuse, accuse. is this all you can do? nobody is envious. just that this tt couldnt take the discrimination in canada and came running back to malaysia. and you say you are discriminated here? already given citizenship and now you want crutches? no shame lah you.

  34. pelanduk puteh11:58 am

    the PR supporters, whatever rocky stated here are lies, paid by umno etc. but whatever the demigods in PR said is like the absolute truth. i dont support PR because of this. aljuburi, lim kit sial and lim guan babeng know that their supporters will blindly support them. i acknowledge the fact that the present government is not perfect. there are corruptions. but how the heck can you be sure that the PR will not do the same or even something worse? they are also human. and they are also politicians. better the devil you know than the DEVIL you dont.

  35. bapak ayam12:05 pm

    and his list of clients......

    bloody hypocrites!

  36. Anonymous12:33 pm

    So called opressed ,persecuted and marginalised people but driving not one but two porsches.Can someone school this stupid lawyer the true meaning of 'opressed'.

    Hope he will pack his bags again and go back to mother India.I am sure no one will miss his absence.

  37. Anonymous2:04 pm

    One Dapsters said:-

    I suspect that now the naysayers and racists will start criticising the appointments of Tony Fernandes and Michelle Yeoh as "Malaysia Brand Ambassadors" at the WEF in Davis. Another case of wrong ethnicity, religion and skin colour?

    TF and MY did not condemn this country like the pariah Tommy and the racist hippo Dapsters. And who would want to criticize them for nothing if there's no issue.

    Only idiots from DAP would simply accuse others, coz their hearts are always dark and black.

  38. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Anon 827,

    That country Syed was referring to is known as I.N.D.I.A.

    Before you go farther to Libya, Egypt, Syria or Greece, why dont you rebut or compare the 135 attacks on christians in India by hindus first. Coz what Rocky wrote about Syed is about an ungrateful indian, Tanah India and Tanah Melayu, not about racist la wanabe.

    Or, you must be yet another racist bigot who did not read what Syed wrote and then make a fool of your comment.

    I.N.D.I.A. thambi, mamak, ahpek, mamat, bukan Libya.

  39. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Ooi ahpek 1137,

    Its about bloody ungrateful scumbag lar, its not about bloody racist like you and DAP lar.

    U dont have any point to argue except calling others names and racist, do you?

  40. Anonymous2:24 pm


    Cannot comment like dat wat. You will be accused as racist, stupid, moron by those low class "high class chinks" in a single line. They already trade-marked such Komtar line of comment.

    They even teach us that Libya is India.

  41. Anonymous2:34 pm

    This Tommy Thomas must be a hardcore anti Indian indian. Why didnt he use indian name, being an indian. Or maybe he dun have indian name or indian blood like the chinese Zairil with "malay blood" from god know where he got that blood. Tommy Muniandy or AnggapuThomas might sound not commercial.

    Dont accuse me of being racist ok. Coz I am now a hardcore racist, a product of ungrateful pendatangs granted free citizenship by the graceful Tunku.

  42. typeywd 7710ATommy with the tommy gun....boom boom boom ...firing empty shells....all Umno b rats...mice cockroaches...sudah malu..tak boleh tahan....jealous Tommy is successful without ampu Umno b bodek.

    1. Anonymous3:55 pm

      Thats is the most suitable word to.describe who you are asshole.
      Today only got 50 sen.
      Try to write more...apa apa sajalah.
      Nanti Tokong malah ho..

  43. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Dah bagi free citizenship, proper education, business opportunities, dah senang lenang kaya raya, pun bangsat2 ini tuntut lagi isu sekolah2 cina, bantah kirikanan, sungguh tak mengenang budi, tamak haloba kaum ini.

    Yg melayu cuma nak tuntuk hak yg dijamin dalam Perlembagaan dan hak cuma 30% kekayaan ekonom, melayu pulak di tuduh rasis, malas, bodoh.

    Dashyat sungguh golongan tamak bongkak rasis ajaran DAP ini. Yg melayu Pas pula, aduh memang bangang pun.

  44. Anonymous3:32 pm

    his law firm onetime or till now get lot business from bank and GLC... so think about its...

  45. trifling-jester3:56 pm

    just because he did well, he doesnt have the right to point out whats obvious: the corrupt govt of the day? thats quite stupid lah.

    more than a million malaysian professionals have left malaysia because of the ketua kampung mentality. tak suka boleh bla..

    for example, the next time a pakcik has a heart attack (even in KL) at 3am, he wont get emergency stents because our govt cant provide what is basic to most rich countries. so just pray lah. or blame it on rahmat or fate or whatever while some asshole up in putrajaya sells you out directly under your nose. but dont dare oppose this, because apparently having food on your table is more than enough to be thankful for.

    ultimately rocky, even u lose. u just dont know it yet. so in mean time, spin spin spin. it pays the next months bill right?

  46. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Tommy Thomas could have ten Porsches and each one of us could have a Ferrari. Instead, the people driving Bentley and lamborghini are Umnoputras with ill-gotten gains. I am angry too.

  47. Anonymous4:22 pm

    When this corrupt regime falls, Tommy Thomas will be the Attorney General while Zaid Ibrahim will be the law minister.

  48. Anonymous4:29 pm

    `Dont accuse me of being racist ok. Coz I am now a hardcore racist, a product of ungrateful pendatangs granted free citizenship by the graceful Tunku.'

    Bukan itu aje;

    Burit tak cebuk + tak mandi pagi = PENGOTOR!!!!


  49. Anonymous7:39 pm

    You have Successfully gathered all the Hatemongers Together and Perhaps Should set up your Own hate Party!!

    They will love you for it!

  50. Anonymous8:21 pm

    DAP's hypocracy really pissed me! And the Christian DAPs are acting like Talibans now.

  51. Anonymous8:40 pm

    To all those discriminated, oppressed opposition followers , please don't waste your time spewing hatred here. It ain't worth it . You may express your anger, dissatisfaction's and what not, but by the end of the day , you guys sounded like a bloody moron harping on non issues. Take a bloody good look in the mirror of your leaders. Are they saintly and free of corruptions? I guess not, are they morally intact? I guess not either. Do your leaders cakap serupa bikin? That is totally not correct either . So why are you guys trying to correct others when you should be correcting your own leaders first? What sort of government says that a manifesto is not meant to be kept? Podah lah dei! So, you guys take the electorates as fools. Promised them mountains,after winning runs them down. Only fools rush in to sweet talkers, only the dumbest of idiots follows the opposition parties in this country.

  52. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Is he get the Panamera from the one which have been stolen in Bukit Bintang? hahaha...

  53. hoi.... Rocky!!
    Where is my comment????
    Why like that??
    73 days to 13th GE.
    The silence from Najib... speaks for itself.
    Shall we have coffee and cigars...??

    1. Anonymous4:00 pm

      Laucaulah defy al quran...and you are counting the day somemore ah??? on The day u species can shout all around my country to belittle my people??

      Day(s) is not yours exclusively lah motherfucker!!

  54. Anonymous7:48 am

    Anonn 2.34

    You represent the majority.

    Thank you.

  55. Monsterball,

    You whine like a swine about your comments not being published when in fact I publish all your comments EXCEPT one - the one in which you tried to defile the Quran.

  56. Bentleys=Umnoputeras?

    I have no love or hate for these people you troopers called Umnoputeras, but fact is I know many Chinese businessman and Indian ones who own million-ringgit automobiles..Some of them bitch like Tommy "thoroughbred" Thomas but most are citizens who love Malaysia. But Umno members they certainly aren't.

  57. Anonymous2:46 pm

    I used to look forward to the spiritually festive air of christmas with the image of generous and friendly christians

    But now christians have become too political and greedy

    which makes me more racist than ever as a result of politicising by the chinese and indian christians

  58. Anonymous2:59 pm

    geez ... more and more DESPICABLE personalities are coming out of the pakatan trashy woodwork

    UMNO/BN anytime and forever ...

    P.S. the consequence - the majority are getting more racist as a direct result of these contemptible slimy characters spouting toxic garbage

  59. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Tak lama lagi beliau akan paham pepatah "yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran".. dah boleh calculate value of porsches and kuda's lumba for sale if he do not get a job in future...

    - popai -

  60. Anonymous3:57 pm

    [SUIT NO: D4-22A-216-2007]
    2 DECEMBER 2011

    Link :


    Law Journal Bulletin, Issue 2012, Vol 18
    4 May 2012

    Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (‘Bank Islam’) filed a debt recovery action against Tan Sri Abdul Khalid bin Ibrahim (‘Khalid’) based on a Bai Bithaman Ajil facility (‘BBA Facility’) executed between the parties. In an earlier suit against Bank Islam, Khalid alleged the bank had acted in defiance of a collateral contract between the parties in terminating the BBA Facility. When resisting the summary judgment application, as well as in his statement of defence, Khalid had challenged the validity of the BBA Facility agreements and the legality of Bank Islam’s sale of certain pledged shares as being contrary to Islam and/or Syariah principles.

    Lawyers acting for the plaintiff (Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim ) – M/s Thomas Philip

    Lawyers acting for the defendant (Bank Islam Berhad) – M/s TOMMY THOMAS

    Comment : Just wonder if there is a conflict of interest somewhere if the two Thomases are related somehow. panamera mangoosteen boy will have his goose cooked for sure.

    As for Manhattan East these will do for starters:




    to go with the money laundering classification.
    and Punggol East is the early signal for the unraveling I predicted last year.

    Warrior 231

  61. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Very unbecoming of rocky to call commentator that disagrees with him a swine.

    1. Aiyah Anon 434pm who wrote "Very unbecoming of Rocky to call commentator that disagrees with him a swine".


      I didn't call him a swine la Mr Trooper. I said he whines like a swine. And Monsterball knows he does (not is).

  62. Anonymous4:57 pm

    The difference between tommy thomas & rocky is tommy work hard & pays taxes to lembaga hasil whereas rocky hangs around in bangsar & spin stories on taxpayers funds courtesy of his corrupt UMNO paymasters.

  63. Anonymous5:19 pm

    In the” Manhattan” East, optimism is in short supply

    perhaps aware of the economic chaos looming over Singaporkian horizons with Temasik and GIC collapse and CPFs vaporizing even as mafia goons invade its political space;

    it would do well for Malaysia to secure its borders from a flood of hungry refuge seeking Tongkanese, even as we enjoy the fruits of honest labour and astute ingenuity:

    As they say, once bitten before during British Malaya should make us twice shy.

    Maybe panamera mangoosteen can try his luck at wasteland next

    Warrior 231

  64. Anonymous5:22 pm

    rocky,screw all these comments. let's go out and have a grand time getting heavenly drunk on whiskey.

    A fellow drunkard

  65. its ok to leave the country to find better opportunities, no one will stop you from doing that.

    But if you go out of country then come back with your tail between your legs then mock and ridicule what all of us have been working hard for here, that's where the line is drawn.

    Nobody is being racists, just calling out bullshitters when we see one.

  66. Anonymous5:24 pm

    What car he drives is certainly none of your business rocky. At least he doesnt steal & plunder the country's wealth like what BN is doing and which we all know you are only too fond of perpetuating.

  67. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Only in this place where we can have a good fight.Everyone seems have a point to say. We could listen and read from both sides their point of view. On other blogs and newsportals, there's no way you can have that. They are all the same. One way traffic. The word rakyat or people are loosely being bandid around in those places as if their side representing the rakyat side. Shame on them. Imagine when those people are in position of power? All the views other than their own will be blacked out. Those who do get out and get to be read will be threatened with lawsuits. Pretty much from someone who have a penchant to attach the word rakyat on anything.
    You know what, this blog represents what we call democracy and freedom of expression. Everything is fair and square.
    Since the guy whom let the both sides to be heard and listened to is on the side of BN government, and since I would like to keep on listening and reading from both sides, my VOTE will definitely goes to BN. Yeah, definitely BN..BN the saviour..Let's teach those in Pakatan a lesson by giving BN the biggest mandate in history!!

  68. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Looks like these umno goons cybertroopers are getting all worked up by monsterball's comments.

  69. Anonymous6:31 pm

    "Worked out by monsterball's comments"!!!

    Worked out???what a joke. Every time that silly fella opens his mouth, he makes himself more like a fool.

    And bragging to the whole world that he had 4 ex-wives (all left him) was the dumbest thing this racist DApster made of himself.

  70. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Anon 5:24 -- another idiot throwing stones and then hide both hands. say it in the open. a fool who has nothing else to comment.

  71. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Anon 5:34
    Monsterball tu kita syok kacau2, hai kan dan alam nyanyok! Keletek sikit terlompat2 melatah.

    Tu la Monsterball, muda2 dulu naughty2 asyik buang masa keemasan kat BBPark, dah tua tak de ubat lagi..


  72. Anonymous7:29 pm

    3.56 sudah bagi lu citizenship apa lagi lu mau? Lu mau senang lu kerja lah. apa lu bodoh ka?

  73. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Looks like chings' DAP cyber troopers really stupid. A simple blog talking about Thomas and they get very sensitive like anuwar ass.
    most probably the stories are true, aren't they?

  74. Anonymous9:12 pm

    So, the Warrior doesn't agree with the PM regarding Singapore as the "Manhattan" of the region?

    That's interesting.

    Maybe he also doesn't agree with the rapprochement between Najib and Lee Hsien Loong?

    Why should he, when he doesn't have a hope in hell of getting a job in that particular "Manhattan". Unlike, say, many of his country folk (including those of similar ethnicity) who labour to cari makan in that place. Why, I wonder, would they stoop to demean themselves in this way?

    This guy's prognostications with regard to that "Manhattan" have been repeated ad nauseam in this and other blogs.

    None of his dire predictions have come to pass.

    So much for his prognosticatory powers!

  75. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Between Chingkie and Koliang, give me Chingkies anytime.
    They are dirt rich, but they do not flaunt their wealth. Not hoity-toity or mengada-gada like the Indians yang berada.
    Have you seen Indian ladies holding car keys (not hiden in handbags) to show us they own cars.
    For a minority race they sure tunjuk aksyen one. Negligible numbers in race, but they own Bentleys, Beemers, Benz etc.
    Moving on up from Kepong to Damansara Heights and Kenny Hills. Sebangsat-bangsat to Bangsar and Taman Tun.
    If you dont believe me, just take a ride to the elitist areas I mentioned.
    Compare them to the Malays and they are more than comfortable enough.
    Yet they like to say they are the victimised race. But they act, behave and talk Mat Salleh more than the Mat Salleh.Forgot their labour barracks or estate roots.
    It's sad to see their poor remains poor and looked down by they themselves because of their caste system.


    Why are you giving the time of day to Monsterball. In most blogs like Susan Loone and Ktemoc, he is regarded as pariah.
    You don't have to explain to him anything. He is never deleted in your blog or by any other pro-Umno bloggers.
    The monster fails to realize that pro-Pakatan bloggers like Din Merican, Sakmongkol and Zorro have been deleting pro-UMNO commentators.
    He's lucky to have a place in your blog.
    Now he is the darling of Sakmongkol despite his shitty comments.

  76. Anonymous1:02 am

    Hahahaha (ROFL) after working 5 years in Austin, Cupertino and Chicago before a two year stints in Tokyo and Osaka and 7 year job in a globally known MNC in malaysia, who needs a job amongst loser tongkanese moneylaunderers and tax cheats in a backwater called Singapork aka Manhattan.

    Only losers schooled till primary level in Tongkanese ghettoes will scoot down south for a job as a pig farmhand or better as Harry's resident shit licker.

    Some loser can really tickle the funny bone with their asinine antics and childish repartees which dare NOT address the links. Yep the selfsame loser given and who has suddenly embraced 'anonymous' in a desperate last ditch attempt to save face and avoid total ridicule.

    Najib was just being diplomatic and nice to swinedlers ( spelling mistake there) for I reckon he knows as well as I do that a certain confidential report intimates that the day of reckoning is about to dawn over Singapork, give or take 3 quarters and boy are we Melayu Bermaruah all gonna have some belly laugh at losers' expense....hahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahaha.....

    kita tunggu dan lihat..ok.. pighead.

    Warrior 231

  77. Anonymous1:18 am

    Aiyoo 434, the montball consumes it, so whats wrong Bru said he whines like it....its heaven food for their type wat

  78. Anon 4.349 pm...thanks for defending me.
    My respond lost in the woods.
    This is Rocky's blog and we know he he can spin anything.
    Notice..."he does{not is}"?????
    Why must he use a swine to describe my frustrations?
    ah well.......Rocky can strike one back...from the many I gave him..OK la.
    And..PERWIRA.....huh!!...when he speaks....he talk cock...trying to make fun and "hehehehe" cheap thrills.

  79. I do not whim at all nor whim like a swine.
    Rocky is telling us....he can study characters very well.
    I wonder does he knows his own true character?
    Yea....the 3...Rocky..Syed ...Big Dog.
    Rocky started to love Anwar and PR..changed 180%.
    Syed...hero worshiped PAS and support Umno b.
    Only Big Dog is constant. From day one ....up to now...hero worship Mahathir and Najib...and why not...he is the longest Umno b employee amongst the 3.
    For brain....Rocky is best....but like RPK very unreliable.
    If he is 100-% trusted...Najib will offer him millions to stand as a candidate.
    He suffers from cold feet.....cannot take pressure.
    He drinks to calm his nerves.
    Me....smoke 10 cigars and lots of coffee to stay calm...and.....
    74 days to Judgement Day for Najib.

    1. Anonymous5:57 pm

      What is this ahpek idiot grumbling about. 74 days, 73, 72....keep counting u dickhead! Got no better thing to do kar!

  80. Anonymous2:17 pm

    ..and who is this monsterball?

    He used to comment in Malaysiakini forums but was outshined by a commenter Don't play-play @ AkuMelayu. He found out that it is not worth his subscription in the news portal and found Rockybru which is FOC, to be in the limelight.
    Cheapskate is best to describe this "monsterball-less".

  81. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Anon 1.18am, I also know many of "your types" who also like to eat swine ya, he he.. .

  82. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Hey, hey - note how the warrior always talks about certain "confidential reports".

    "Confidential"? How very convenient! No need to worry about facts checking, attributing and other mundane considerations.

    At least a certain Andy Xie had the guts to write a report on Singapore under his own name.

    Whereas the warrior has chosen to remain in a cloak of anonymity, while firing his cheap barbs and citing "confidential reports".

    In a word - pfft...

    As for his much-vaunted links: all they have elicited are collective yawns. From the likes of the US, UK, Australia, the EU, India etc.

    Here's a challenge for him: provide concrete evidence (no "confidential reports, please) about sanctions or penalties directed against Singapore by any of these countries as a result of the aforementioned links.

  83. anitha4:56 pm

    his family home was in Section 16 in PJ -- way back in the early 80s..
    His brother-in-law Fabian Dawson was NST crime reporter now a citizen fo Canada, I believe.

    Section 16 was then (and still is) an upscale section in Petaling jaya. His family home was a double-storey detached house. There was a swimming pool. They had a Chinese amah.

    Even then, the Thomases were considered well-to-do.

    Anyway -- back to Tommy today -- all I can say is WOWWW. you have no shame to be making your riches through your Malaysian and GLC clients and have the gall to be spreading hatred for the government.

    There must be something wrong with you.

    I think the Malays have a line for that : :muka tak malu"..

  84. joshua5:02 pm


    oh my...what warped notion...

    SAA and Bru have an agenda?

    hmmm...maybe they are using their own platform to whack people like Tommy who make money from all these companies that are doing well in this country all this while -- and have the cheek to malign the government...

    you want to single out corrupt practices whatever, yep go ahead,,,because that happen everywhere in the best of democracies...You want to be angry that you cannot protest anywhere you like -- haha...try doing that in Australia -- you are allowed to make noise in just a designated the US, sure and see whta the police do to you..

    agenda, huh? WTF, man...people like tommy are beyond reproach.

    You Pakatan goons expose yourselves, man...your distaste of and aversion to criticisms.

  85. louis Nathan5:23 pm

    Bru -- going by Tommy's life - I love this oppressive country..

    give me this oppression anytime...

    can belasah the country..can make money in this country..can be kaya in this country..


  86. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Ostad Anwar promised the gaping arse hole Haji Monsterball heaven for being die hard UMNO basher.....

    Ibrahim Kati

  87. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Yet again anon 4.22pm is revealing its toilet brain for all to gawk,pee in and shit in.

    Folks, have any of you ever heard any country sanctioning another country for defrauding its own stupid citizens like anon 4.22pm. For example : India sanctioning Sri Lanka for defrauding its (SL) citizens.

    This shows how stupid, uneducated and hilly billish anon 4.22pm. That's not surprising given the shit it had shat here before. Now it is strangely gobbing about Andy Xie. Yes, the very SAME Andy Xie it dissed before for claiming Singapork was money laundering central número uno.

    Better waste your time fucking your old whore of a mother, pig farm hand rather than wasting your time talking garbage through your arsehole. At least, you can play the filial son by giving some joy to the old whore....ROFL

  88. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Note too shithead is not only silent about the links, he is also strangely quiet about PAP's humiliation.

    As for the childish pfft : it just aptly sums up shithead= small boy with smallest cock and teeny weeny brain. Whore mum must be cursing her luck every time small boy fucks the old hag clueless .......ROFL

    Warrior 231

  89. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Keep up your great comments monsterball. Your detractors are so pissed cos they cant face the truth. They are too used being spoon fed government propaganda via utusan nst tv3 star.

  90. Rocky's interpretation of basic decency is to earn a living decently as a traitor or a harm done...for that quality to apply that kind of decency...needs extra intelligence he has..that Old Fart lacks.
    Carrying balls is an art that all decent Malaysians do not wish to learn....but Rocky is very good at that too. He will twist that as an art to be a diplomatic...person that Old Fart lacks spite of being a lawyer.
    Monsterball is a wimping said Rocky.
    MY DREAM!!..."When Rocky is drinking beer to calm his nerves...he is vicious and malicious like an old cow lost in the woods..moo moo here...moo moo there...moo moo everywhere..waiting for McDonald to capture him and make nice beef buggers for Umno b idiots to eat happily...along side PR Muslims...laughing at those clowns...consuming Rocky....bit by bit.
    It's my mid summer night dream.
    Rocky can spin like a top.....I can do needle work well. Both are arts. Rocky performs...I sell my needle art work...making money without depending on Najib like a beggar.

    1. Anonymous6:09 pm

      Keep up your GREAT COMMENTS monsterball. Coz every time you make comment, you make a fool of yourself!

      Dont agree that you are a blady fool monsterball? Go ask your 4 ex-wives why all of them left you, mr fool! Afterall, nobody forced them to leave you. Mau kata pasal duit, i think u are very rich. So, i guess its about your dick lar tu, and money cant buy them to come back to u, hehe. Talk big chinks normally have small dick yg lembek.

  91. Anonymous2:04 pm

    monsterball is a waste of sperm, even his 4 wives agree

    just skip ALL his comments - toxic to your brain health

  92. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Suffice it to say that the warrior keeps changing his script and his narrative.

    It's a pitiful means of acknowledging that all his referenced links and attributes haven't made an iota of difference insofar as his bete noire across the Causeway is concerned.

    As witness his desperation when he resorts to mentioning a "confidential report" on that bete noire city-state. How very convenient to mention an unattributed and possibly apocrypal "confidential report" with no attributes or provenance.

    Like I wrote before - pfft.....

  93. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Warrior is RIGHT

    Exclusive: Bank probes find manipulation in Singapore's offshore FX market - source

  94. Anonymous7:29 pm

    To all malay and Islam haters, here is amiddle finger to you bitters:

    and to further underscore that the meaningless Manhattan East is nothing more than a diplomatic nicety:

    "The Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex in the southern state of Johor is expected to help Malaysia compete with neighbouring Singapore to become the region's top petrochemical hub."

    only stupid, uneducated + pigheaded Tongkaangnese swine will argue otherwise! Enough said.

    Warrior 231

  95. Anonymous2:30 am


    The correct word in Bahasa MALAYSIA is HENTAM not Hantam. One foot in the grave still cannot write bahasa correctly. Shame on you!

  96. Anonymous9:10 am

    The warrior is again displaying his unparalleled ability to chop and change, when pinned down and asked for specifics.

    At witnessed by his resorting to citing a "confidential report". How very convenient, when there is no provenance, no author and no citation. Perhaps the "report" exists as a figment of his imagination, unless he can prove otherwise.

    As for countries sanctioning countries, give me a break. Why not talk about the US sanctions on Iran, and the clampdown on Iranian banks orchestrated by the US Fed and Treasury Department.

    Has that happened to any of the banks (local or foreign) operating in Singapore.

    Would you care to tell us just how many banks from the US, Europe, UK, Australia, India, China, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia are operating happily in Singapore? All of whom are subject to monitoring and supervision by their respective home central banks and financial authorities.

    So, all this talk of black lists and US watch lists etc, is piffle. Because, in the real world, banking and finance activities go on, and Singapore is a global financial hub. Something that Malaysia aspires to become (and maybe it has a teeny weeny advantage in Islamic finance, but not in anything else), but seemingly has been left behind in the race.

    Sanctions, eh? Pfft........

  97. Anonymous2:05 pm

    aiya anon @ 9:10 am, forget about debating with the great WARRIOR lah

    you are defeated with your lame arguments which is generated by the coolie kang inherited impoverished mushy mess parading as anglophile brains

  98. Anonymous2:06 pm

    anon 9.10am

    You can talk really good shit despite being an idiot.

  99. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Anon 5.36pm

    Skilgannon 1066 aka Jasper Bloodstone aka Trifling Jester aka whatever else shitty nick aka now Anon 9.10am's comments shows what poor quality brains tha Singapork SB will hire to spread their lies.

    Or it could be that the SB couldnt get any of the smart ones to do their trolling job and had to resort to a waffling pondan caught with his dead cock down after being exposed for his fraudulent Manhattan cocktalk.

    Why should I compromise my reliable sources/informants for pighead? He is wangling for that info at the behest of his SB handlers and I aint biting. All i would suggest is that he show them the closeups at the links below and ask them which belongs tp Harry and which belongs to his (now Anon's) whore mother



    That will do for now.

    Warrior 231

  100. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Warrior's comments are a lot of hot air but no substance. Written from someone who want to tunjuk pandai but really kosong inside, it's a combination of bird brain and otak lembu.

  101. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Warrior's comments are a lot of hot air but no substance. Written from someone who want to tunjuk pandai but really kosong inside, it's a combination of bird brain and otak lembu.

  102. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Warrior's comments are a lot of hot air but no substance. Written from someone who want to tunjuk pandai but really kosong inside, it's a combination of bird brain and otak lembu.

  103. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Warrior's comments are a lot of hot air but no substance. Written from someone who want to tunjuk pandai but really kosong inside, it's a combination of bird brain and otak lembu.

  104. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Warrior's comments are a lot of hot air but no substance. Written from someone who want to tunjuk pandai but really kosong inside, it's a combination of bird brain and otak lembu.

  105. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Warrior's comments are a lot of hot air but no substance. Written from someone who want to tunjuk pandai but really kosong inside, it's a combination of bird brain and otak lembu.

  106. Anonymous3:15 pm

    And Manhattan East is doing great at sabotaging its neighbours currencies

    "According to a Reuters exclusive news-piece, a number of internal reviews ordered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore revealed that a number of banks entered in an informal collusive agreement in order to manipulate foreign exchange rates of the Indonesian rupiah, Malaysian ringgit and Vietnamese dong. Every day, traders from major international banks talked to each other and settled the “market rates” for the aforementioned currencies in a way that benefited the members of the unofficial cartel. This scandal can become a real threat to the thriving financial sector of Singapore. Trust is a scarce commodity in the financial markets and it is obvious that the governments of Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia will not look kindly on a situation in which their own currencies became objects of manipulation. If other countries lose trust in Singapore and try to find or create alternative venues for trading their currencies, stocks or bonds, it will be a hard blow to the financial sector of Singapore."

    and I dont think Tongkanese shenanigans are going down well with everyone marveling at Manhattan East:

    but I still bet that infantile delusional egos would still be unable to differentiate between poppycock diplomatic niceties and realpolitik trash talk, the same as they are in all things financial/economic. What tools do the Red Dot's SB hire, train and let loose for our collective laughter...hahahahahahaahahaha

    Warrior 231

  107. chow cee bai kia Anon 2.30 am..can you speak and write any Chinese dialects?
    Can your swear...your grandfathers/grandmothers can write as well as they speak Bahasa?
    You think you know spelling well.... SONTOLOYO??? putama..anak sibukau??

  108. And we can expect..Umno B bloody fools has nothing to say... and out come some idiotic statements...focusing on me....making me feel so young...HANTAM TETAP HANTAM.
    Malaysia Chinese kopitian fellas will say....
    "tiew ne mmm tak han"
    You know what that mean?

    1. Anonymous11:33 pm

      Monsterballs sometimes I wonder why you are getting paid for the crap you are writing

  109. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Truly, the warrior surpasses himself for asinine comments, the latest being on attempts to "manipulate forex rates...."

    Ask your friends in the Malaysian banking fraternity to explain to you the topic of "NDFs" (Non-Deliverable Forwards) and what they are used for.

    That shouldn't be too much for the cognoscenti of his acquaintance, right?

  110. Somehow Rocky does have a soft spot for me....approving my comments more often than before.
    As is said...I disagree with him totally...but he is earning a living.
    OK speak...we speak...they speak...all speaks...making your blog exciting and interesting.
    I love to see Umno b members see stars and go crazy with my comments.
    Reminds me of old times....
    LIMBO ROCK!! the Jedi strikes again....hahahahaha

  111. Anonymous1:41 am


    The evidence is pretty circumstantial yet suspiciously (and i stress suspiciously) compelling:

    1.Main players in the saga have vamoosed from the crime scene:

    "Of the 40 to 50 NDF traders based in Singapore, roughly half had either been put on leave, including those suspended while their activities in the market were under investigation, or left their jobs during the Singapore probes, the source said

    2.There is seemingly a general reluctance to act:

    “the Monetary Authority of Singapore issued a statement setting out the banks' obligations under the reviews, although it has not made clear whether it would take action of its own based on the results.”

    3.Even more strangely, some partners simply refuse to acknowledge statements attributed to others raising doubts as to the veracity of certain events:

    “………….with the ABS to review the way NDF rates and the city state's benchmark lending rates are set. The association declined to comment for this story.”

    4.And everyone seems either strangely tongue-tied or as if the cat got their tongue suddenly:

    “UBS, JPMorgan, DBS and HSBC declined to comment. Reuters also contacted the other 14 banks involved in setting NDF rates. Twelve said they had no comment while two did not respond to repeated telephone and e-mail requests for comment.”

    Are all these indications that the book is being closed after being exposed? Maybe, pigfarmboy can provide us some insights after getting the news from his SB handlers, of course instead of waffling like a pondan from within some dark worm infested shithole and trying to act mart smart and street wise with his condescending put me downs when he is not even one a millionth clever as he makes himself out to be …..hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Moreover, in his response, he again reveals the tongkanese immoral mindset when it comes to earning a honest living…gotcha, pigboy…pffftttttt….hahahahahahahaha

    Folks, trust you to read these in its entirety to get the exact pix:

    and as dessert feel free to tuck into these for some primers:

    a.On the sickening moral depravity of ANY form rate rigging:

    b.On the impact of rate rigging (in this case the LIBOR scandal)

    Warrior 231

    p/s; I note a new crackpot here who kept hitting the enter key since 2.34pm to get his/her repetitive shit across ether. Probably, he/she has got an infernally rewinding cassete player in there for a brain. What a colossal waste of sperm.....hahahahaha (ROFLMAO)

  112. Anonymous2:02 am

    Oops...I forgot this paper on NDF which is downloadable at the link provided if you are interested and have brains infinitesimally better than piggy Tongkanese motherfucker and his 'repeat comment' psycho sidekick...(ROFL)

    Title: The markets for non-deliverable forwards in Asian

    Abstract: Trading in non-deliverable forwards on Asian currencies has grown in recent years. The offshore interest rates implied by these contracts differ significantly from onshore
    interest rates and suggest upward pressure on most Asian currencies.

    JEL classification: F310, G150, G180, N250.

    Remarks:I gather the paper was written by the Gwailoh with the two Tongkanese Mongoloids acting as typist and typesetter respectively....hahahaaha

    Warrior 231

    1. Anonymous1:08 pm

      Oops....quick to rush to judgement, are we? Counting your chickens before they are hatched? How pitiful is that.

      Since you have regaled us with your "links", "references" and repeated assertions about an apocryphal "confidential report", allow me to point out a couple of recent news items (which you can easily reference and verify).

      1. "Singapore, US reaffirm ties" - "Singapore and the US reaffirmed their excellent ties during the visit to the US by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Sam Tan. During his visit from January 28-31, Mr Tan met senators Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich, as well as senior officials from the State Department. They had good exchanges of views on regional and global developments, said Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday." (Channel News Asia)

      (so, in spite of "money laundering watch lists and black lists", a senior Singapore Government official is able to have cordial meetings with 2 US senators as well as with senior US State Department officials. How surreal is that? Don't the different branches of the US Government talk to one another about Singapore? Or is Singapore still within the US "comfort zone", unlike, say Iran....or Malaysia? Whatever it is, it rubbishes the notion being peddled by certain quarters that Singapore has been, how to say it, "sanctioned" by the US Government a la Iran and certain other countries. Or, to put it another way, what's the use of a "watch list" if a senior government official from the "watched" country can meet freely and openly with US lawmakers and government officials?

  113. Anonymous4:24 pm

    monsterball pukimak - mongoloid. too much f*cking the unwashed smelly cibais of your kind got to your brains yeah.

  114. Anonymous10:38 pm


    Warrior wins ALL rounds, hands down

    losers eat your heart out!

  115. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Anon 424 You must be referring to Mat Mongol & not monsterball. Altantuya.

  116. Anon 11.33pm what you read sounds like crabs to you....but some read are like music to their ears.

  117. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Pathetic anon 1.08pm

    last desperate attempt to save face after being exposed as LIAR.
    This is as Warrior 231 predicted.

    Dont understand difference between diplomacy and legal issues.

    Now switch the topic to US-Singapig relations...hahahahahaha what a loser!

    Tomorrow come back to talk more shit

  118. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Hei pig, you can defraud your handlers of any 50 cent dime but sooner or later they are going to cotton onto your motherfucking lies and twisted cocktalk to deny the obvious and fuck your arse real bad for taking them for a ride or maybe they are too stupid to know hahahahaha. I just cite 3 examples to debunk your baloney of mingling diplomacy and essentially jurisdictional issues pertaining to financial malfeasance

    1.Contrary to the perception of "calm" since the UBS settlement, recent events make clear that the IRS is still very active in ferreting out undisclosed offshore assets. The IRS is investigating additional banks and other jurisdictions, and prosecuting more Americans with undeclared foreign funds. ………………via the 2011 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative. We've known for months that HSBC is the target of a criminal tax fraud investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), for facilitating non-compliant offshore accounts. In the summer of 2010, DOJ sent letters to HSBC foreign account holders, advising them that they are the subjects of criminal investigations relating to unreported accounts in India and SINGAPORE. DOJ has prosecuted a Virginia surgeon and two Miami Beach real estate developers for undeclared foreign accounts with HSBC.

    2.Tax havens such as Switzerland, Singapore, and the Cayman Islands host an important
    wealth management industry which provides foreigners with an opportunity to evade

    3.A number of havens, however, do not participate in the Directive, most notably Singapore, Hong Kong, the Bahamas, and Bahrain. Strikingly, we find that deposit shifting in response to treaties only occurs to the benefit of the havens that do not participate in the EU Savings Directive.

    Reference for (2) & (3):

    These coupled with UNCTAD data on mindboggling inflow and outflow from small economies like Cayman, Bahamas, Singapore, HK etc are more than enough besides the tonnes of other evidence to conclusively establish the fact that Sipork is moneylaundering central and tax evader paradise, no matter how much a delusional fool like you shouts it down.

    And I don’t have to run any regression or any statistical models of any sort to prove the obvious cos , I, an engineer, aint gonna pretend to be a topnotch economist like your pal, Hisham from Econs Malaysia who defended your arse like a guard dog when all I did was rightfully rip into you with a sewage laced diatribe for trying to slander me (remember Gaius Vinius etc).

    Never been there since as a matter of principle, for truth and justice is what matters to me, a Shia Muslim, more than anything else.

    So get him to check the data which is hot off the oven anyway and while at it ask him to run his slide rule over this as well:

    Surely the Tongkanese should be suing the good professor crazy apart from baying for his blood don’t cha think, hahahahaha.

    Warrior 231

  119. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Part 2

    As I noted above, you are so fucking stupid that you cannot distinguish the fact that the diplomacy is independent of investigations. US-Switzerland relations are a case in point, US was investigating Swiss banking giant UBS but they never ever broke off relations of any sort with the Swiss in the period of investigations. Just one link will do:

    “Our relations are very good. That is also useful in the case of UBS,” she said, pointing to Switzerland’s recent mediation in the Turkish-Armenia conflict and its representation of United States interests in Cuba and Iran.”

    You wanna talk cock or spout shit some more, shameless pig . Better go pffting elsewhere, ersatz cognoscenti….hahahahahahaaha

    And one more thing arselicking cocksuckling pariah dog, tell your SB handlers to try harder against me for I have got every data to pull out to prove that their police island state is nothing but a corrupted failed banana republic where all forms of filthy financial shenanigans thrive behind a façade of self deluding integrity and financial propriety. Don’t think they can fool everyone for long though when shit hits the fan soon.

    Warrior 231

  120. Anonymous5:37 am

    specially for anon @ 1:08 pm

    Singapore airlines fined for price-fixing

    Exclusive: Bank probes find manipulation in Singapore's offshore FX market - source

  121. anon 2:04pm:

    "TF and MY did not condemn this country like the pariah Tommy and the racist hippo Dapsters."

    did TT condemn Malaysia? Nope, he just criticized the gov.

    And because of that all the Umno freakzoids here got their underpants in a twist and start calling him a pariah while accusing others of being racist.

    What a bunch of brainless BNatangs!

  122. "At least he is not a paid spin doctor like u."!!!

    yeah...tommy soooo not paid laaa?

    ...but he got 2 porshe and 2 thoroughbred horses!!!!??? how opressed & depressed is this tommy?

    ..and he can still preach and preach on pr's platforms some more????????? sooo not paid laaaa?