Monday, January 21, 2013

The Untold Story of Wawa Part 2: Bank Islam's police report

"Kesalahan yang berbentuk jenayah" ... CBT?

Why did Bank Islam file a police report against its Chief Economist? Last Friday morning, a police report was lodged at the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur not too far from the headquarters of Bank Islam. The report was made by the bank against its own Chief Economist, Azrul Azuwar Ahmad Tajuddin, 39, who showered himself in limelight by making a prediction at a regional forum in Singapore on behalf - but without the permission - of the bank that the ruling BN coalition would lose in the next general election.

The Benchmark has the scoop h e r e.

Wawa on Saturday threatened to sue, sue, sue if you slander him so, my Dear Readers, tread careful. Don't bust your butt.


  1. Somebody's butt on fireeeee!!!!

  2. Bro,
    Wawa position was no longer tenable even before his Singapore outburst. He ia an active PKR leader and appeared in PKR's party conferences. He know that his involvement in politic is against company's internal Code Of Conduct and perhaps BAFIA/Islamic Banking Act and now Islamic Financial Services Act.

    He deliberately (or cleverly) fired a volley in Singapore knowling that he will be quoted. He is building his credibility (or lack of it) so that he will be a star candidate for PKR in the next GE.

    He need this attention and at the moment he is doing well.Thanks to all the attention. From nobody to somebody.PKR need this for, economist being victimised by ruling goverment for speaking up is definitely a winnable candidate.

    Perhaps we should ignore him and deprive him from all the attention. Let the law take it cause.

    We must admit that PKR do have good strategy in promoting artificial credibility in the form of Rafizi and now Wawa.

    Admittedly, we contributed greatly to this artificial credibility. Wawa will be a candidate for Putrajaya and I am willing to bet my fortune for it!!!!

  3. Anonymous9:37 pm

    a police report means guilt proven? It that was the case, there are many guilty ones out there if one recalls the number of such reports made?

    Today, the media was told off by the court for saying incorrect things about a politician.

    This 'wawa' is about to do the same.

    And these buggers who fitnah won't learn?


  4. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Dei bullshitting butthead, I suggest you ask master Anwhore to stuff asinine predictions up your arsehole in a nook where the sun never shines and the moon never peeks ever....You would love his fingers stroking you there, I bet as much as Anwhore loves having his finger tingling male gspots...hahahahahahahahahahaaha

    Warrior 231

  5. Anonymous9:41 pm


    At the glance by looking on the police report, if I am sitting on the Board of Bank Islam representing its single largest shareholder, I should be more worried on the courier within the Bank who give access on board papers to unauthorized personnel happen to be as Chief Economist. The bigger question now who is the courier within the Bank who provide the Chief Economist with that confidential document???
    My best advice to Chief Executive of Bank Islam...Now catch that courier if you can or you as good as gone!!!

    @ X- Chief Internal Auditor

  6. Anonymous9:59 pm

    What is the top secret ? Another Raja Ropiah or Cowgate type expose? Getting hotter day by day

  7. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Yawn..u call this news rocky? How about reporting on deepak? After all its abt the PM isnt it?

  8. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Its very clear that the bank is trying to frame azrul

  9. Everyone in the whole world knows why.
    He is truthful....intelligent and brave....and it needs a Najib's shoeshine boy to twist it make that poor economist looks like an idiot.
    Yip....twisting time is here.
    Chubby Checkers must be happy with Rocky's version...more moves...more modern and only Rocky can do it better than Chubby.

  10. Anonymous12:23 am

    Anjing yg menggigit tangan tuan yg kasi dia makan..........

  11. Muslim tak boleh pelia anjing.
    Apa macham kasi makan?
    Rocky pangil...."woof woof woof" mari2 makan di ini blog ke?
    Rocky boleh kasi Ibrahim Ali report polis tamkap dia mian2 sama anjing.
    Kami kasi Rias Hishammuddin...satu ekor pug. Rias..itu of the organiser of recent walk.

  12. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Why worry about Azrul when the US Federal Reserve and the US Treasury Department can easily "bungkus" Malaysian banks, if they choose to do so?

    Just see what they did to Iranian banks and the Iranian financial system.

    And Dr M's brave talk of gold dinars notwithstanding, this government will be very careful not to antagonise the US.

    Gotta play ball in this day and age, bro!

  13. Anonymous2:24 pm

    It is quite normal for any organisation to tolerate certain amount of indiscretion from their personnel, until it gets too far.

    In this Wawa either underestimate his bosses resiolves or he purposely do it to achieve something.

    Could be another classic you-know-who tactic.

  14. Anonymous4:37 pm


    We are all waiting to see Rocky in Court! Or perhaps he might do the tail between the legs bit like the Kalimullah Case!

  15. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Bangang nya ahpek monsterball tu. setiap kali komen dia tak menyentuh perihal tajuk, tapi asyik nak hentam pemilik blog ini. Dah lah tu, ego dan sombong dia menulis hanya memperbodohkan diri, dan pencacai2 DAP bukan main suka keadah attack the messenger ni.

    Patutlah mereka senang diperbodoh oleh DAP tokong microsoft dan profesor kangkung 700ribu tu.

    Ada lagi specis DAP yg tak puas2 kat sini, hehe.

    1. Anonymous10:52 pm

      Inilah komen orang yang bodoh dangkal & tak bermaruah. Apasal nak kutuk monsterball pula? Itu dia punya hak lah..

  16. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Wtf this monsterball fella grumbling about? Is he the best Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng could offer?

    Ideally, they should appoint this dick Deputy Head of Penang Institute think tank, or better still replace the Christopher Zairil microsoft appointed guy.

  17. Anonymous7:09 pm

    monsterball said...
    Everyone in the whole world knows why.

    ----before, these DAP species talk like god and tokong. Now, they think they are god and knows everyone.

    Hi noball, go ramp your dick with ur 4 ex-wives lar, if they hv no taste lar. Wonder why all left u dick? Haha

  18. Anonymous9:25 pm

    All 4 wives left him??? Poor fella, no money in this world can buy this bigot happiness.

    Small wonder spending most of his time blogging than dicking

  19. Dear Monsterball,

    I'm afraid I can't publish your latest comment and I must request that you use discretion and intelligence when making references to the Quran. No need to try doing a Patrick Teoh here.

    I know you are very worked up by how untenable Wawa's position is but let's be rational.


    1. Anonymous10:56 pm

      Hey rocky why the double standards. Why no censoring of racists comments from that idiot who keep on spewing derogotary name calling of indian & chinese races ?

    2. Anonymous11:03 pm

      Rocky, i think you are the one who is so worked up & preoccupied with azrul and not monsterball. Thats why u hv bn working overtime spinning. BTW the name is azrul, very unprofessional of you to engage in name calling..

  20. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Listen listen listen , Kak sharifah listen is talking here so all of u must listen. Monsterball is my hero so u all must listen listen listen to him ok..Must listen & respect an elder & experienced person like monsterball.

  21. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    You should just publish his comment and let "everyone in the whole hole know" what kind of character this dick is. Aaah silly me, everyone in the whole world already know lar.

    Listen listen listen monsternoball bigot, listen here, dont bang your dickhead on the wall just because Datuk Rocky block your nonsense comment. You still have mkini, fmt, mi, haris blog, mt to vent your anger there wat. They love you there, unlike your 4 ex wives.

  22. Anonymous11:29 pm

  23. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Asking that monsterball goon to be rational is like telling a dog to speak, in english some more!

  24. Dear Rocky...I don't know why you said "No need to try doing a Patrick Teoh here"
    Pat is Pat...I am I.
    For your knowledge about Islam came from none other than the late Ahmeed Deedat...South Africa.
    I still miss one of your great Islamic teacher...if not the greatest..of our time.
    Do you know who I am talking about?

  25. Anonymous11:02 am

    Montelball-my knowledge ab Islam from none other than Ahmeed Deedat"

    This dick claims he is knowledgeable ab Islam, but in Susan Loone blogs and others he curse and belittled Islam.

    If he respect Islam, he would have been critical of his Pat and call for Pakatan to demand action against Pat. Instead, this hypocrite kiasu tried to spill hatre among people by spinning what Ibrahim said. If he knows Islam in the context of Malaysia, he would understand the sensitivity of kalimah Allah.

    Did he ever said anything about Pat's curse on Islam? Nope, coz this dickhead thinskin is a hypo arrogant, so boastful of 4 wives who all left him. Hehe, shows how much this goon never understand Islam.

    Ibrahim said "burn malay bible which used Allah" being issued proviso when all other means failed. his monsterbust said "burn all bibles". That is completely different from what Ibrahim mean.

    But we all know what kind of people these pakatoons are. They can spin twist and divert name calling etc but point fingures at others.

    Ahpek, u can blaff all yor 4 wives, but you cant blaff all muslims with your so called South African Islamic knowledge.

    Hehe, quote name of one Islamic scholar and bang bang bang claim to know about Islam. Wtfish lu kiasu

    1. Anonymous6:15 am

      Oi you mamak dei. U ingat u siapa hah? Kak sharipah listen punya husband kah? Lebih baik u pegi teach itu pompuan a lesson about listen listen listen. Jangan tunjuk pandai mau ajar orang lain sini. Menate!

  26. Anonymous11:11 am

    Anonymous 10.52 said...
    Inilah komen orang yang bodoh dangkal & tak bermaruah. Apasal nak kutuk monsterball pula? Itu dia punya hak lah..

    Listen, listen, listen....betul, betul, betul mat anon

    Inilah komen orang yang bodoh dangkal & tak bermaruah. Apasal nak kutuk rocky bru pula? Itu dia punya hak lah..

    Kena batang hidung puak sendiri, baru nak bercakap psl maruah. Tyunieseng lu hipo

    1. Anonymous6:21 am

      Menate babi, asyik bodek rocky ajo...Mu takdo kejo lain koh? Sayo raso mu ni puak mamak nok tunjuk melayu sangat padahal nampok mace mamak sangat.

  27. Anon 11.02 am....I forgive your idiotic personality.
    I can see Mahathir has done a wonderful job over you.
    And Rocky will not approve my quotations from the "BOOK" to expose you.
    You lucky bastard.

  28. Anonymous11:33 pm

    orang bukan Islam..sila guna ayat kitab anda kalau mau merujuk kepada sesuatu..tak payah pakai Alquran..sungguh keji!!perangai macam orang PASsial aje..memetik Alquran tak tentu hala..