Thursday, January 24, 2013

Najib's Gaza: Continuing a proud tradition of a peacemaker nation called Malaysia

The Peacemaker in Gaza

Selawat for the Rasulullah.

Any Malaysian who is not proud to be a Malaysian should go to Sarajevo because even today, 20 years after the last great ethnic cleansing attempt by their Balkan neighbours, the Bosnians will thank you for your nation's courage in standing up to an international community that was looking the other way. If Dr Mahathir Mohamad had closed his big mouth or shut his vocal chords, perhaps today there would not be any country called Bosnia-Herzegovina. Thousands more Muslim children would have died and their women raped in front of their husbands and sons. I was in Sarajevo in the mid 90s, and I was in the Non-Aligned Movement meeting in Jakarta in 92 when the former Malaysian Prime Minister spoke up and never stopped speaking up for the Bosnians thereafter, and before that I was with reporters from the world at the main steps at Wisma Putra in KL when we told the former Yugoslav envoy to leave our country and never come back.

At the time, Dr Mahathir was seen as an irritant. A recalcitrant. But he made us mighty proud to be Malaysians. You can ask Musa Hitam, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Anwar Ibrahim, Rafidah Aziz - all of them played a role in making us, a small country in Southeast Asia, a powerful voice speaking for peace.

After Bosnia, we have spoken up for various countries in Eastern Europe and Africa. Closer to home, Malaysia recently helped find a conclusion to the long-standing strife in southern Philippines. Many had tried and failed.

For years now, Dr Mahathir has quietly helped with community development projects, including building mosques and schools, in southern Thailand, something that has not been widely reported. The Perdana Global Peace Foundation, which he founded, has highlighted the plight of the peoples of Rohingya in Myanmar and, of course, Gaza.

Today, this proud Malaysian is proud to see Najib Razak, the current Prime Minister, continuing the brave Malaysian tradition of fighting not just for other Muslims but for the trampled, the bullied and the underdogs in this unjust, dog-thumping world.

* A first for a Malaysian Prime Minister by Barking Magpie


  1. Anonymous12:19 pm

    if you are trying to tell the BN allies and UMNO, we all know how great our nation is in helping other nations.

    if you trying to tell the fackertan rakyat people, forget it. Their mind are like bigots and most of them have allergies when they heard the word "peace, unity and BN"

    ps there are no voters atas pagar except those voters who wants "extras" or selling their voters to the best bidders. these voters no matter who govern the countries are the real tyrant.

  2. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Peacemaker my foot! Tak cukup pecahbelah rakyat dalam negeri, dekat Palestin tun nak terus pecahbelahkan. Solve the Ibrahim Ali menace first!

    1. Anonymous3:17 pm

      Pecah belah atok hang, patut juga kepala gerabak hang penyokong tegar Yahudi, tak sangka hang pun kata org yg support Hamas tu pecah belah. Kalau tak faham issue baik duduk diam2 drp memalukan diri sendiri

  3. charleskiwi12:58 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    You only mentioned what this shenanigan did but you failed to mention how he marginalised the pendatang of Malaysia ! Even if the people were to accept his manipulated figures that the population of all the pendatang in Malaysia is about 45% of the total population. Why are these percentages not reflected in the civil services ? Are these pendatang Malaysians ? Yet these pendatang pay 90% of the taxes and also don't they need to have to eat ?
    Please remember a real journalist does his work without fear or favour, are you practising what you are trying to preach ! May be that is why M.M. is giving away their papers for free when it was a print the people of Klang valley used to look forward buying to read every afternoon !

  4. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Ahh..more propaganda for mahathir.

  5. Anonymous1:06 pm

    I support palestinian cause. That's why Najib should not have appointed APCO to advise BN.

  6. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Perdana global peace only talk cock & do nothing. Useless & ineffective.

  7. Anonymous1:18 pm

    The palestinian cause is not the monopoly of mahathir najib or any person for that matter. No need to politicise & claim sole credit.

  8. 4evr Slave to Mamakutty1:27 pm

    Alahai, Mr. Peeee M berlumba-lumba pula dengan MamaKutty bab Palestin. Negara sendiri tak terurus. Pastikan BN tidak kalah teruk cukup ler.

  9. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Rubbish, Dr M is a racist. He used his 20+ years as PM divide the Malaysian according to race. He discriminate the non Muslim even though they have contribute to this countries for decades but easily sell the citizenship to illegals Muslim who arrived to this country in months. Dr M is a traitor of this country. His privatization project only enrich his cronies. He hijacked the NEP in favour for UMNOputra wealth but the common Malay still being poor and lag behind others.

  10. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Rocky tak baca news ke ?

    Lawatan Najib ke Gaza di kecam oleh Encik Abbas of PLO,kantoi sekali lagi Najib !!

    Sebenarnya Najib patut buat lawatan resmi ke Mongolia, ni baru jantan !!

    Kah..kah..kah....hidup Najib !!

  11. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Yes Rocky

    Anyone would have been proud to be a Malaysian. The pride in your posting is obvious. Kudos to Tun, Najib and Rocky too.

    And who is Erna Mahyuni again? Some inconsequential little pest on Malaysia's illustrious wall.

    1. Anonymous10:03 pm

      Kudos to Mamakthir who has managed to con the Malays for 30 years.

  12. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Yes, we will all be even prouder if our beloved PM takes a bit time off to talk sense to those chest-thumping shouting-hoarse untouchable gangsters who kept threatening the minorities back home,latest being to burn another religion's holy book.Our own citizens, irrespective their belief ,do deserve love and care too, don't you think Datuk?

  13. A proven rouge...a suspected murderer is our peacemaker in Gaza?
    As usual...cuddling...kissing or hugging a baby or a Najib's usual capture Muslim votes and telling Malaysians...he is a caring PM....and hope all Malaysians will forget...he was not an elected PM at all.
    Najib is simply a show-dog...for Mahathir who still is governing behind the curtain.
    Coming back from can bet uMNO b will pay to have...few dozens Umno b members at the airport..welcoming back.
    I think.....this will be his last performance...and I think Rocky knows the truths...but keeping on practicing lousy low class journalism for the sake of easy money ...into his pocket.

  14. Anonymous1:57 pm

    India? Narendra Modi? The Chief Minister of a major state in India?

    Recall how Muslims in that state bore the brunt of violence in Hindu-Muslim riots. Including, let it be said, mass gang rapes of Muslim women. All documented and corroborated.

    Did the Malaysian government at the time condemn this and protest to the Indian government?

    Or is it business as usual, where pragmatism and political realities trump moral indignation and outrage?

    Back to the PM's visit to Gaza. Will it change the attitude and views of the US administration? Will Malaysia ever be trusted as a "honest broker" by the Palestinians and the Israelis?

    With the re-election of a more rightwing government in Israel, a settlement of the Palestinian issue will be a long time coming.

  15. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Bru, cmon, you and me and most of the enlightened folks know this is just a PR stunt hopefully to score a few brownie points for nearing GE13.To show genuine compassion, for starter, he could fly nearer home to see how our improvished Ibans,Penans, Murut and all our other interior fellow brothers and sisters who are losing their harvesting lands and rivers which is their only means to feed their families to well-connected tycoons. The pen is mighter than the sword if it's put to good use, Bru.Thank you.

  16. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Your heart is full of your heart the only good muslim is dead muslim or PAS version of muslim....go and wank yourself

    Ibrahim kati

  17. Anonymous3:24 pm

    fuhh...teruk Datuk Rocky kene hentam sama itu Dap punya dogs...kesian Tun M dan DS Najib pun kena..alaaa...relaks la geng Dap cina...waktu zaman Tun M la korang banyak buat duit...sekarang pun buat duit banyak...menyalak apasal...nak kuasa politik. jugak la ni...takde salah Tun M bagi kerakyatan kat Malay Muslim Filipina. Kena la tolong sesama Islam, hangpa xsuka hangpa bagi la balik kerakyatan, pi la migrate mana2... hangpa pun sama jugak dapat kerakyatan dulu...hangpa duk ikat pegang kuat Peliwat Negara Penyokong keselamatan Israel dgn harapan dpt control. kuasa politik dan ekonomi. Bohongla kalau hangpa kata xdapat apa2 masa Tun M perintah. Kroni pala hotak hang. Ada cina mati kebuluran ka? Hargailah status quo sedia ada, hormatilah hak kami. Berhentilah menyalak, kalau xnak boleh berambus drp sini.

  18. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Thanks God to Allah S.A.W the most merciful and Compassionate that created Tun Mahathir in Malaysia.

    Tun Mahathir is the saviour of Islam and bumiputra of this Tanah Melayu.

    Without him, bumiputra will be marginalized, racially discriminate economically and above all the master of politically divided.

    The Pendatang systematically Cheated, lie and manipulated the bumiputra for hundred of years.

    We now realized that this is part culture of the pendatang.

    He show us the true face of this pendatang.

    Thanks Tun, God bless you

    1. Anonymous10:01 pm

      Mamakthir managed to convince this idiot that he is the best leader of the Malays when mamakthir is nothing more than a mamak pendatang.

  19. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Dr Mahathir is still an irritant now, albeit mostly for the wrong reasons :)


  20. Pendatang pays 90% taxes? Wonder who is spreading this hogwash.

  21. Anonymous3:59 pm

    UMNO BN should fix the country's unjust discriminatory apartheid policies first before trying to be a hero & capitalise on the palestinian cause & injustices.

  22. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Why does Najib run away every time there is a crisis of sorts in our own country ? I mean he couldn't stand Mamakthir in the kitchen, and he willingly left the kitchen ! What kind of leadership is this ? Perkasa wants to hold a "burn the Malay bible" festival, and Najib keeps quiet. So he goes to Gaza to kiss the butts of Palestinian children ?

  23. Wave334:26 pm

    Latuk Locky,

    Most Malaysian does not realise this, they are missing the intended intention. PM spouse is going for a worldwide tour under the Rakyat expense.

    It is so obvious, Gaza, China, Italy, which previous PMs did not go all these places at one go, not even the dictator for 22 years has been to all these places. Our first non-elected PM went to more places than other previous PMs.

    Women just loves shopping, what more needed to be said on PM's spouse that has a reputation for it, number one in Malaysia.

    Najib knows that UMNO is going after his scalp after the 13th GE. With all the scandals and politicking, can Najib still afford to be traveling aboard, with such critical time now. It is not Najib doing, it is the insistence of his spouse. The boss of the house.

    Women has time to shop even when the world is ending soon. That is how addictive it is. Not one Birkin bag but various Birkin bags of different colours to match.

    Why nobody notice?

    Najib is quite a likeable person, acting like a Santa Clause. People just loves Santa. Even it is so, we are not able to make ourselves to like him with the kind of baggage that he carries and follows him all around. His corrupt Ministers have given him a bad name. His deputy sabotage his 1Malaysia culture.

    But... there is still time for Najib to salvage some likeable votes to his bag, if he has the courage to mention the word "Talak".

    This is one baggage his has to get rid off.

  24. kalau baik katakan baik...ini semua tak betul. Diri sendiri sahaja yang betul. Yes... your kiasuness is in full display.congrats!

  25. Anonymous4:56 pm





  26. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Sigh ...

    These brain damaged retards will never appreciate any good done by Tun Dr M, Najib, UMNO or BN.

    Aaahhh if only we could send these ingrates to the war-torn areas and swop citizenships with those Palestinians ... how wonderful!!

    1. Anonymous9:59 pm

      Good done by the criminal Mamakthir ? And the scorpene scandal plus the killing of Altantuya around Najib's neck is a good thing ? What dope are you smoking ?

  27. Anonymous said...

    Bru, cmon, you and me and most of the enlightened folks know this is just a PR stunt hopefully to score a few brownie points for nearing GE13.To show genuine compassion, for starter, he could fly nearer home to see how our improvished Ibans,Penans, Murut and all our other interior fellow brothers and sisters ...



    If this is merely a PR stunt by the PM to score "a few brownie points", I say let's get him to do more. Because this is the kind of PR we need to tell the world we care and that we are not afraid of what Israel and its guardian the US think. In fact, we should get our Opposition leaders Anwar, Kit Siang and Nik Aziz to also go to Gaza so that they can score the much-need "few brownie points".

    As for our Murut, Iban and other pedalaman brothers, don't be so condescending. Not everybody measures wealth as you do. I agree, though, that the government must protect Mother Nature from the greedy taukes who happen to be great supporters of Opposition politicians from Malaya.

  28. Anonymous7:03 pm


    I believe your type is nice greedy salesman but Pukul Amah sampai mati punya.. 9evil inside..

    Malaysia is not enough & world too..everything related to Malay progress make you feel uneasy & mad..

    Before calling Ibrahim Ali menace.. you should fight to eliminate Dong Zhong, Hindraf even Patmanaban and regard s them for real satanism

  29. Anonymous said...
    Yes Rocky

    Anyone would have been proud to be a Malaysian. The pride in your posting is obvious. Kudos to Tun, Najib and Rocky too.

    And who is Erna Mahyuni again? Some inconsequential little pest on Malaysia's illustrious wall.

    1:44 pm


    Erna Mahyuni kena baca sejarah. Kalau Mahathir diam membisu seperti yang dia mahukan, beratus ribu orang Islam di Bosnia tidak terbela. Also she needs to do a little bit of homework. Sub-editors don't necessarily need to sit on their butts 24/7. Take a trip to southern Thailand, see the mosques and the schools that Mahathir has built. Talk to the locals.

    And don't forget, kesat hingus tu..

    1. Anonymous6:13 am

      Rocky is a rockhead. Who bombed the serbs into submission? Mahathir mamak ke? Did msia fight the serbs to protect bosnia? Mahathir only know how to talk.

  30. Aiya Charleskiwi,

    90 per cent of the "pendatangs" (your word not mine) don't pay taxes is more likely.

    1. Anonymous6:18 am

      Our hard earned money are used to pay taxes to najib who in turn feed rocky who is on his payroll. Talking about biting the hands that feed you! Rocky ini shameless, always hanging out in bangsar spending taxpayers money

  31. Anonymous said...
    Yes, we will all be even prouder if our beloved PM takes a bit time off to talk sense to those chest-thumping shouting-hoarse untouchable gangsters who kept threatening the minorities back home,latest being to burn another religion's holy book.Our own citizens, irrespective their belief ,do deserve love and care too, don't you think Datuk?

    1:54 pm


    Ibrahim Ali, you mean? Didn't he contest on Pakatan Rakyat ticket in PRU12?

    He did, didn't he? PAS ticket, to be exact. Bugger!!

  32. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Bro. Eddy,

    Everything this pendatang what to claim..even taxes they claim they pay 90%.. This bugger forget that they are the most likely to run away from taxes by tax evasion or so called creative auditing.. All Bullocks..

    Bro Rock,

    Love your take on the 90% pendatang not paying taxes.

    This pendatang also so mad when Ibrahim Ali want to burn their bible.. When Muslim protest against the Muhammad video, they say no need to be mad, not important.. Rasist Biggot..

    1. Anonymous11:01 pm

      Stupid comment. Ask the instant citizens created by mamakthir - where they got pay taxes ? They are parasites feeding on bumiputra constitutional rights.

    2. Anonymous6:21 am

      This sounds like a mamak who wants to show that he is more malay than any one else

  33. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Datuk...pening tengok gelagat puak2 pendatang ni. ..bukan ke tax terbanyak dr sykt2. .bapak tamak semua nk dibolot. .yg paling baik pun mereka. .orang lain semuanya jahat. ..sudah2 lah bodohkan orang. .sapa nak undi pr. .nampak sangat gabungan palsu tak sekats

  34. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Gee! I often wonder how people like you could have a peaceful sleep and could write / say things like this without blinking.

    Why are you lying to yourself and turn a blind eye to all the injustice that Najib, Mahathir and BN have done to Malaysia and its rakyat all these years? Do you not have a conscience?

    I guess history has always show that there are people like you who are willing to sell your soul to the devil for personal benefits.

  35. damansaraman11:57 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Based on many of the comments here, I think we can safely said that Malaysia is the most racist country under the Perikatan / Barisan Nasional leadership.

    I really pity our fellow non-Bumiputera citizen that they to live in such a horrible condition.

    While maybe they look like laughing and enjoying both their personal and professional life here; but in actual fact they are suffering and living in fear behind the closed doors of their home.

    How could their forefathers allowed them to such never ending inhuman risks by agreeing to form Malaysia together.

    I am sure they are now cursing their forefathers for their unfortunate fate since becoming Malaysian citizen

    I really pity them

  36. Anon heart is full of love for the country and people.
    If you can see that...sorry for your low IQ brain.
    And...7.03pm ...greedy people do not talk like me. Your understanding of people's characters...very poor.
    Both of you are half pass sixes that Mahathir is very proud to make sure are one.

  37. Anonymous2:37 am

    but u still cant take care of indonesian maids.

  38. trifling-jester3:29 am

    Anon 9.03pm

    If you spell it as Rasist Biggot, youre likely dumb enough to be taken for a ride by this "journalist" known for his one sided reporting, umno ball carrying, syncophantic ways.

  39. Anonymous6:34 am

    Najib's trip will persuade the disgruntled pakatan especially PAS voters to swing to UMNO/BN.

    If the chinese think they can be kingmaker by voting along chingkie lines,then they must be prepared to face the consequences.

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    P.S. DAP deserves PAS and PKR deserves both.

  40. Anonymous9:38 am

    Anon 1.33 - Abbas who? an Israeli and American stooge! A President of what? not even a state! What have he done for his country?

    If Mahathir, Palestine is already a proper and independent country!

    Eddy 3.54 - Pendatang pays 90% of taxes, we don't force you to come to Malaya. Do we?

    By paying 90% of the taxes doesn't mean that you can be an ungrateful pendatang, belittling the locals, saying bad things about the country, arrogance!

    BTW, Ibrahim Ali? you should ask PAS, didn't he won the election on PAS' ticket?

  41. Anonymous10:05 am

    Pukimak2 diatas cakap apa pasal Mahatir? Lu orang mmg suka cina2 dap pukimak kan! Apa baik sangat Pas bro. Melainkan kapirkan Umno. Tapi islamkan Dap. Dap kan komunis lupa ke. Kalau pas perintah konpom tergadai malaysia. Ada masjid runtuh. Ada gunung botakkan. Tengok lojing. Tengok pedu. Guna Anwar kaki buntut sebg penasihat.

  42. Anonymous10:17 am

    Datok, looks like your blog is not being targeted by the dark side. I noticed lately there are more stupid negative comments that intelligent ones. You might want to just delete some of them. No need to waste the space.

  43. Anonymous10:42 am

    Monsterball 1:56

    If you say Rocky is practising low class journalism, why you are still here?

    Probabaly you have no class at all.

    I wish you coukd be more factual and sensible in your engagement at this sute, otherwise, better for you to ger lost.

  44. ALTANTUYAJIB10:48 am

    Malaysia bought 2 Scorpene War submarines for what... peacekeeping mission for Discovery channel ah???

  45. Anonymous11:04 am

    Pendatang's accounting record all upside down wan la.. calculate from bottom to up! Think we so ignorant of the situation arh?

    Just like yr 90%.. count from bottom means 10% only pay taxes ma...


  46. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Peewee 11:04 am

    Interesting comment

    Do you have access to the Income Tax folks' records on taxpayer statistics?

    Malaysia's richest people are well known, based on published reports. The tax authorities would surely ensure that they pay their taxes promptly.

  47. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Orang Asli are the only true natives of malaysia. The rest are all pendatangs.

  48. Datuk,

    For the benefit of some of your very narrow minded readers and commenters here:

    Shell, BP, Esso etc also pay a lot taxes. Much more taxes than what all these Cinapeks aggregated income tax paid annually. That doesn't give all the CEOs/Directors/Senior Managers the rights as citizens.

    Paying tax is a statutory obligation, which many of these Cinapeks don't do. For the record, 7 out 10 biggest taxpayers are corporations managed by the Malays.

    In fact, almost all the brains, operators and owners of underworld vices like illegal gambling, prostitution and Ah Longs are Cinapeks.

    To add all that, very few sons of Cinapeks volunteer in any of the recruitment of Police, ATM, fire brigades etc.

    If they don't pay taxes, they are the source and part of the underworld crime, they do very little to keep the nation safe and defense of realm intact, why the hell do we give them a voice and pander to their whims and fancies?

    If they don't like it here, like Prof Tan Sri Khoo Kay Khim said, "Can berambus!".

    They came here as economic immigration. Trust me, they are still around because they can make a good living here. If they can get a better deal elsewhere, they would hv berambus on their own already!

  49. Anonymous4:08 am

    Panglima Seri Taring Cinta Tulang, kami setuju 200% ...

  50. Anonymous4:10 am

    anon@10:57 pm says, "Orang Asli are the only true natives of malaysia. The rest are all pendatangs".

    Orang Asli says, "Cinapeks who cannot speak our Bahasa can go back tongsan".

  51. Anonymous8:44 am

    anonymous 10.57pm -care to read the definition of malay by Syed Hussein Ali of PKR - it shows how shallow you are on Malaysian history nor do you understand the origins of the malay.

    ALTANTUYAJIB - by the same logic then, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand are also doing peacekeeping for discovery channel (btw fyi they have / in the process of buying subs!!)


  52. Anon 10.42am....ask Rocky to release my respond to you.

  53. PERWIRA is now proving he is an expert in accounting.
    All he knows is top...and bottom.
    No sides ways...around from circle...around from circle.
    PERWIRA is good to check additions and subtractions....a one track minded to assist an Accountant who will have his final say...before passing to Auditors.
    Any young clerk can do better than PERWIRA.
    He has to carry Najib's balls to pray his gaji buta job is secured.

  54. Anonymous12:06 am

    The boy najib is holding in the picture looks very uncomfortable & wants to be free from the clutches of najib

  55. Anon 1208am,

    The boy Najib's holding in the picture looks uncomfortable, you say. And you think the boy would be more comfortable if it was Anwar's laps he was sitting on?

  56. Anonymous7:17 am

    Rocky, at least the boy wont be C4-ed by anwar.

  57. Anonymous2:01 am

    Former pm tun m did agreat job showing to the white people what the brown,dark skin people can do for their country. In 1998 the most mentioned words used by these white were cronies and bailout to disgrace leaders of these people.Now as we can see these white shameless eat their own words.Kudos to tun m.

  58. Anonymous11:00 pm

    The palestinian boy in the picture looks like he would rather be somewhere else but najib is stopping him from leaving by holding him back.

  59. Anonymous7:48 am

    Abbas rejects Malaysian PM visit to Gaza saying it divides Palestine
    Wednesday, 23 January 2013

    Abbas's bureau said “[The visit] undermines Palestinian representation and reinforces the division and does not serve Palestinian interests.” (Reuters)



    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced on Wednesday the Malaysian prime minister’s recent visit to Gaza, saying that it “enhances division and does not serve the Palestinian interests,” reported local news agency WAFA.

    “The Palestinian presidency announces its rejection and condemnation of the Malaysian prime minister's visit to Gaza,” a statement said.

    Abbas's bureau called on the Malaysian government to provide “clarification,” saying that Prime Minister Najib Razak called Abbas earlier and told him that Malaysia was going to provide humanitarian aid to the strip, and that he will meet a Palestinian delegation in Cairo afterwards.

    “[The visit] undermines Palestinian representation and reinforces the division and does not serve Palestinian interests,” it continued.

    The bureau considered the visit a contribution to a conspiracy aiming to “divide the Palestinian land;” one that “serves Israeli plans to keep Jerusalem isolated from the Palestinian state,” the agency reported.

    On Tuesday, the Malaysian prime minster pledged solidarity with the Palestinians on his first trip to Gaza, throwing his support behind reconciliation efforts between Hamas and Fatah.

    Najib, who entered via the Rafah crossing from Egypt with Foreign Minister Anifah Aman and other officials, was met by Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniya.

    Speaking shortly after his arrival, Najib said his visit was intended “to show solidarity and our support for the struggle of the Palestinian people.”

    “We may come from thousands of miles away ... but we are one Umma (Muslim nation) and we believe in the struggle of the Palestinian people,” he said.

    Najib also expressed support for renewed reconciliation efforts between the Islamist movement Hamas and the rival Fatah party, including attempts to form a consensus government to pave the way for new elections.

    Amid criticism of his visit from Fatah headed by President Abbas, Najib said a unity government would be a good “response” to Israeli elections which were under way on Tuesday.

    “We believe in this unity government and we pray to Allah that the talks will be successful and a united government will become a reality in the near future,” Najib said.

    Haniya commented on the vote, warning that "the trend of the Israeli elections suggests a move from an extremist government to a more extreme government."

    “This requires us as Palestinians, and Arabs, and Muslims, to build a unified strategy to confront rising Zionist extremism.”

  60. Anonymous12:19 pm

    We take ablution more than 5 times a day to cleansed ourself and to purify .Malaysian MUSLIM now are more sickEST and "hati BUSUK",DO ZIKIR ALOT TO CALM YOURSELF AND CLEAN A SPECK OF BLACK SPOT IN YOUR HEART THAN ONLY YOU WILL SEE THE NUR......TO LOVE EACH RATHER THAN TALKING RUBBISH