Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Old men rise again

Did you hear about Halim Saad and his lawyer Abdul Rashid Manaf teaming up to buy over a 30 per cent stake in CN Asia Bhd?  You heard right. The deal's going down next week, I was told. 
A younger Halim

If all goes as planned CN Asia will become the second national oil company with focus on overseas assets. 
Halim is on a hot streak, having helped Sumatec Resources become the first PN17 firm to have a RM1bil market capitalisation while Rashid Manaf took over Focal Aims Bhd in preparation to help Tan Sri Liew knockout the salarymen at PNB and SP Setia. 
Both Halim and Rash Manaf are veterans. Instead of taking it easy in their twilight years, these old guards have become flag carriers (again).  
Question is, where are the young guns? 
Who killed the young Malay entrepereneurs? Khazanah Nasional? PNB? Can't be the DAP ... 
To be cont'd ...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

CIQ's PAC response: How to undermine your own government's move (This is NOT a manual)

A fight Singapore can't win (Life of Annie, Wed 30/8)
Singapore threatens Malaysia ... again? (Apanama, Tue 29/8)
On government shooting its own foot: Jazlan shows the way
Original article:
Nur Jazlan was circumspect when Singapore raised their toll, a move aimed right at Malaysian individuals and businesses entering the Republic. But when Malaysia reciprocates Singapore on the toll charges, he is decisive! And angry, too. You wonder where this Umno Pulai MP's heart is sometimes (some of us have stopped wondering about his brains!). 
The following comment by a JB man who is an FB critic of the so-called 1 Million motorists say no to unfair charges at JB CIQ was written with Malaysian leaders the likes of Nur Jazlan in mind:

  • Kunathasan Chelliah Aiya, when Singapore puts all kinds of ristrictions on Malaysian cars entering Sg, no one makes noise, cos it seems Singapore has a "clean" government. When Malaysia imposes a levy, all the criticism. Believe me when I say that Singaporeans will still keep coming into Malaysia by the droves. Maybe, 10% less. RM16.50 is peanuts to them. Just filling up their petrol tanks with ROM97 can recover more than enough. What about the grocery shopping by the cart-loads, makan, and car wash? Yes, Malaysians with Sg cars and working in Singapore will have to dig deep,........that also, $S300 per month max la!

Read what Nur Jazlan said h e r e about his own government's move to make those Singapore plate numbers*** pay a little bit more. Bear in mind that he'd said earlier that Malaysia should worry about Singapore viewing us as doing tit-for-tat against them. 
Now you'd notice that Lim Kit Siang, the Johor's Gelang Patah MP, is keeping quiet, probably still on Hari Raya leave or more likely just contented to allow the apologists within Najib Razak's administration throw the spanner into the government's work. 
Rest assured, though, the DAP strongman will soon be jumping the bandwagon to join Jazlan in this own-government-whacking opportunity.  Kit Siang has a long history of opposing privatisation projects that benefit the Rakyat, including the North-South Highway and the Penang bridge but he's Opposition and you'd expect that. 
What's Nur Jazlan's excuse for shooting first and asking questions later? As PAC chairman, Nur Jazlan can get highway authority LLM to come and explain to him the rationale.
Or if he's too lazy to do that, just read Jebat Must Die's explanation and A Voice's reason lah. 
*** Malaysians are allowed to own and drive vehicles that are registered in the Republic, which means they pay road tax, insurance, etc to the Singapore government. Singapore, on the other hand, would not dream of letting its citizens own and drive Malaysian plates on its roads. Obviously we need to grow balls and be more kiasu, too. Follow Jazlan's fellow Johor politician The Patriot's arguments in Better late the never on the VEP for Singaporeans ... 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Balan-ced blog, explicit content

Wan-nabe: Name already submitted for MB post! Source Malay Mail
If you like the stuff made by Balan Moses, veteran ex-NST journalist and author of the book Brickfields and Beyond. there's good news: the man is opening a blog soon. He told me the blog will basically park his thoughts on current affairs, including cuttings of his weekly column in ABN News. 
For a sample of Balan-ced Perspective, his latest piece on the sorry episode the Reluctant MB-to-be and why Wan Azizah as MB of Selangor might weaken PKR's position among the people in the State who thought they would be ushering in a new era of state politics by rejecting the BN ... 
I have my own thoughts on my residential state, Selangor, but I have to save it after Raya due to the explicit nature of those thoughts ...

Friday, July 25, 2014

More like Menyakit rather than Menyayat tHati

Common sense. Sometimes bloggers sans formal journalism training are called up to defend journalism against journalists themselves, as in this case of Big Dog barking at the editors of mainstream Malay-language daily Berita Harian for their Distasteful and de-Dignifying front page (see below).

Staged for "front page effect" or did they really belong to one of our stewardesses?

I wonder how different is this with the case of the Sky News' reporter tampering with evidence? Read Sky News apologises after reporter rifles through MH17 victim's luggage.