Monday, October 05, 2015

19 deaths a day and you know who you can blame?

The world's deadliest roads

Why, Najib Razak, of course! I am typing this very slowly because of a swan neck finger injury suffered in a minor bike vs bike crash recently. The pain would wake me up some nights but I am grateful that it hadn't been more serious. Reading Life of Annie's weekend, sudden solo campaign on Road Safety (and watching those terrible clips) makes me realize how lucky I have been. 

Thanks to Annie, I now know that 19 Malaysians die in road crashes every day. That's like 7,000 a year! Half of them bikers. Most of them young and healthy. 

Indeed, Malaysia has one of the world's deadliest roads and yet it's seemingly business as usual. Some of Annie's readers are so angered and frustrated they are holding the Prime Minister responsible!

Of course it is not fair to blame the Prime Minister for the deaths, just like it's nonsensical to blame him for the ringgit woes or for the haze. 

Nonetheless. this is an area I believe the Najib Administration should pay more heed to and can make a big difference. Make it a national priority to bring down the number of accidents and deaths on the road. We don't care who you blame - blame everyone and anyone you like - but the government must spend more (money, resources, time, whatever it takes) to make our roads safer and our young ones live longer and happier. I hear the government's budget on road safety campaigns has been cut drastically over the years. Why is that so? And where are the corporate citizens, shouldn't they be concerned, too?

Annie's commenter has a point: if the authorities are weak in enforcing the law, nobody's going to respect them, both the law and the authorities. When that happens, you can't blame people when they start blaming the authorities ...

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Thursday, October 01, 2015

What are you not telling them, Arul?

Update, Oct 1, 730pm:
Ignore the "noise", Najib tells American investors re rabid critics of 1MDB

Original posting:
BBC is known for its hard talking journalists. But you gotta like how 1MDB boss Arul Kanda handles the questions.


BBC reporter: "It's not just the Malaysian authorities that are investigating 1MDB. There are also at least four international bodies who are saying that there is something wrong with the way that this company is being managed. What do they know that you're not telling us?"

Watch the video to hear what Arul has to say.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Huang's Petaling Street faux pas

How some Malaysians reacted to news that
China is against terrorism, discrimination and extremism 
I spent 25 days last year riding in China and I loved every minute of it. I was treated well by the people, Ughyurs and Hans alike, even though the machine guns at the numerous sentries along the way served as a constant reminder to the visitor that all was (and still is) not well. Because of that, the last thing I'd want to do is to make fun of China. But the Chinese envoy to Malaysia really ought to be more diplomatic and less Guanengish and not be so judgemental of others, least of all his own kind and patient hosts, when making statements about race relations in Malaysia. 

We are well aware of China's own track record when it comes to its own minorities and the use of violence, so let us not go there.

Envoy in the news: Good intentions, wrong headlines!

Dr Huang Huikong can rest assured though that our police and authorities sans machine guns are more than capable of handling a few thousand red or yellow shirts who threatened to disrupt racial harmony in Malaysia, be it at Masjid India or Petaling Street. 

Not helping with matters
Over a million tourists from China visit Malaysia annually because we are beautiful, peaceful and cheap. Our Tourism Minister is even prepared to make a fool of himself as long as more Chinese come to our country, especially now that the Ringgit is so weak. ,You see, we don't even blame China for our currency's predicament when other countries in the same boat are claiming (not without justification) that it's Beijing's doing.

So please, Dr Huang, give us more credit lah. Promote Petaling Street and peace but no need to make any more claim about China's sterling race relations and all that crap or how Beining would not sit idly in the face of discrimination blah blah blah because all that's not helping. 

p.s. The picture above is just a gambar hiasan, a file pic. The blogger Big Dog had posted it on his FB and asked friends to add a caption to it, just for fun. Neither YB Hishammuddin Hussein, our Defence Minister, nor Big Dog reacted that way to Huang's claim. As a matter of fact, Big Dog seems more irritated by Nazri Aziz, the Tourism Minister in Anifah: Nazri is out of line!
Huang has also brought out the best of Helen Ang's sarcasm in Ambassador settles the question: We ARE Chinese -- Hooray!

Monday, September 28, 2015

How? How is Malaysia anti-Chinese?

My beloved Malaysia oppresses her Chinese?
How, if so, does anyone explain so many very rich Chinese in this country under the rule of this "racist" Umno?

The non-Chinese rich are in red, red being the so-called racist colour:

1, Robert Kuok, 91, $11.3B, diversified
2, Ananda Krishnan, 77, $9.7B, telecom
3, Quek Leng Chan, 74, $5.6B, banking & real estate
4, Lim Kok Thay, 64, $5.5B, casinos
5, Teh Hong Piow, 85, $5.4B, banking
6, Lee Shin Cheng, 76, $4.6B, palm oil & real estate
7, Yeoh Tiong Lay, 85, $3B, construction & real estate
8, Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary, 63, $2.9B, diversified
9, Goh Peng Ooi, 60, $1.6B, software
10, Lee Oi Hian & Lee Hau Hian, -, $1.5B, palm oil/chemicals/real estate
11, Tiong Hiew King, 80, $1.4B, timber/media
12, Surin Upatkoon (aka K.K Lau), 66, $1.3B, telecoms/lotteries/insurance
13, Danny Tan Chee Sing, 60, $1.3B, real estate
14, Vincent Tan, 63, $1.2B, diversified
15, Lau Cho Kun, 80, $1.1B, palm oil/real estate
16, Tan Heng Chew, 68, $1B, motor vehicles
17, G. Gnanalingam, 71, $985M, ports
18, Kuan Kam Hon, 67, $980M, synthetic gloves
19, Jeffrey Cheah, 70, $950M, real estate
20, Azman Hashim, 76, $865M, banking
21, Shahril & Shahriman Shamsuddin, -, $860M, oil & gas
22, Yaw Teck Seng & Yaw Chee Ming, -, $820M, forestry
23, Desmond Lim Siew Choon, 54, $780M, real estate
24, Chen Lip Keong, 68, $750M, casinos
25, Syed Azman Ibrahim, 55, $740M, transport/motor vehicles
26, Mokhzani Mahathir, 54, $700M, oil & gas services
27, Lim Kang Hoo, 61, $650M, real estate
28, Ahmayuddin bin Ahmad, 59, $600M, ports
29, Chia Song Kun, 65, $560M, food production
30, Ninian Mogan Lourdenadin, 61, $550M, real estate/retail
31, Kamarudin Meranun, 54, $540M, airlines
32, Ngau Boon Keat, 67, $535M, oil & gas
33, Anthony Fernandes, 51, $530M, airlines
34, Lim Kuang Sia, 63, $510M, rubber gloves
35, Ong Leong Huat, 71, $435M, finance/real estate
36, Chong Chook Yew, 92, $380M, real estate
37, Ling Chiong Ho, 64, $350M, palm oil/ships
38, Lim Han Weng, 63, $340M, oil & gas
39, Loh Kian Chong, 39, $325M, motor vehicles/palm oil
40, Leong Hoy Kum, 58, $320M, real estate
41, Lim Wee Chai, 57, $315M, rubber gloves
42, Gooi Seong Lim, 65, $310M, property/construction
43, Kua Sian Kooi, 63, $305M, insurance
44, Khoo Kay Peng, 76, $300M, retail/hotels
45, Khoo Cheng Hai, 74, $285M, real estate
46, Lim Teck Meng, 78, $280M, Manufacturing
47, Ng Chin Heng, 66, $275M, real estate
48, Tan Chin Nam, 89, $270M, real estate
49, Abdul Hamed Sepawi, 66, $255M, timber
50. Kong Chong Soon, 74, $240M, real estate

Thanks to Helen Ang for reminding us who, really, are the racists in this country.Some Malaysians are perpetuating the idea that the Malays and Umno are pursuing a racist agenda. Nothing is further from the truth. But why is Najib so tidak papa? Why isn't he taking action? 

I don't remember Helen asking so many questions in a single posting as she is in her latest one, How did racist Umno allow so many Chinese to become so rich?

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