Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Post-CNY thoughts on Monkeys with Keyboards

Bukit Kiara, 10 Feb 
I must confess that at times I try to drift away from the cyber world. Blogging has always been toxic from the start but lately it has become really unhealthy! Bicycling provides a good means to help me escape and that's what I have been doing quite religiously with some friends these past couple of weeks, as some of you on my FB and Instagram would have noticed. 
But over the Chinese New Year, as I was riding the Kiara Hills among the monkeys, I bumped into cyber "friends and followers" who were also sweating it out in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, who also happened to not share some of my views on politics. One elderly chap said he could not stomach the fact that I was actually defending the Prime Minister on my blog! His idea of consistency and integrity (on my part) was for me to attack Najib Razak the same way I had attacked Pak Lah when he was PM! I tried explaining but of course he - like others like him - wouldn't listen. At least the young walking mom, even though she held different views and beliefs, thanked me for the couple of times I had taken the trouble to respond to her comments!  
Thankfully, in real life we tend to be more agreeable to disagree ... 
Because in real life, you have to be yourself and you deal with real people. In social media and the cyber world, anonymity is providing unscrupulous people a perfect cover to behave like the proverbial monkey. Some of us have long forbidden visitors to our blogs from commenting as Anonymous. A. Kadir Jasin, for example, requires his commenters to use a moniker. Of course, a nickname doesn't give away the real identity of the person who is leaving the comment but at least the blog handler doesn't have to deal with scores of Anons at the same time! 
Me, I've allowed people to comment on my blog as Anons because I understood that there were some people who just could not afford their real identities to be blown. These people would leave intelligent and useful information, too. But in this cybertrooper and RedBeanArmy era, we have too many monkeys with fancy keyboards making use of the cover provided by Anonymous to spam your space. 
So, what I will do is I will stop publishing comments by Anonymous. I don't need to. In the space of a week (my last posting was Feb 2) my comment box has been inundated by hundreds - yes, hundreds! - of "Anons". I don't think that's being fair to me so I'm doing a Kadir Jasin on you Anons and I will tell you: Leave a nickname, a moniker, a pen name ... or don't leave a comment! 
Better still, leave your own real name when leaving comments. 
What are you afraid of?

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Najib not a suspect in Swiss, Najib not involved in Altantuya. So how now?

KL Feb 2
So nice of the Swiss Attorney-General to make himself understood more clearly. It would have been nice if he had the foresight and had come out with a less ambiguous press statement earlier. Obviously, he did not realize that there are quite many Malaysians with low IQ, despite their high education and cushy professions. That was why when the Swiss issued his original statement, these people were jumped with joy. They believed the Swiss authorities were zeroing in on Najib Razak, our Prime Minister.

Because that's what they wanted to believe in. Pity.

Read Switzerland says Najib not a suspect

And so good also of Sirul to come out and say that Najib Razak had nothing to do with the murder of Altantuya. Of course we already knew that. The Courts had established that a long time ago. Only some people, because they wanted so badly to bring down Najib, the same people who wanted you to believe that the Swiss AG was coming for Najib, they wanted people to think that Najib was behind the murder.


Najb Tidak Terlibat, sumpah Sirul

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Who else's getting Saudi money and why the MACC might have been ill-advised

KL, last day of January 2016:
If you're tired of tired of the anti-Najib bullshit that Jebat Must Die, Clare Rowcastle Brown and the blocked-for-a-day OutSyed The Box and Din Turtle and the rest of the Geng Loceng have been dishing out, and you ain't swallowing the crap you think the not anti-Najib bloggers like Lim Sian See, Big Dog, A Voice and RPK (and Rocky's Bru, of course) are shoving down your throat, there are always those in between:

Najib Razak in the clear - Where did it all begin?
By Gopal Raj Kumar

"...  Bersih, Sisters in Islam, the PKR, PAS, the Christian evangelical churches and yes the Vatican’s representatives in Malaysia through various organizations, donations and alliances are recipients of Saudi money in one form or the other. Several Sultans of Malaysia have also been recipients of the largess of the Saudi royal family over the years which they have not disclosed ..." 

[Read on and, if any, please leave comments h e r e]

Thursday, January 28, 2016

MACC Boss speaks out

Updated 29 Jan:

Still the Boss

Original Article
Kuala Lumpur, 28 Jan:
Looks like Abu Kassim has had enough with overzealous officers and even panel members giving press statements as if they were sole and authorized spokesmen of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC). Or, worse, as if the MACC is a platform for them to state their political aspirations. 

Good move, Tan Sri. Don't let them get carried away. 

p.s. I was not the only one who noticed the excessive "freedom" of giving statements from within the MACC of late. 
Some tweets from yesterday: