Wednesday, February 21, 2018

So Guan Eng and the DAP don't need the Malay votes

Guan Eng's tunnel vision: If t h i s is true,
Dr M and Junior can't represent Malay voters lah

Orignial article:
21 Feb
Guan Eng's tunnel vision about multiracial politics 

In MCA leaders avoiding Chinese-majority seats, Lim Guan Eng mocks his political foes from the Malaysian Chinese Association, Umno's major partner in the ruling BN coalition, for needing Malay votes to win the elections. The way I see it and the way most people will see it, the beleaguered Penang Chief Minister mocks himself. He insults the  Malay voters. 
If a Chinese leader contests and wins in a non-Chinese-majority area or an Indian leader in a non-Indian-community constituent, isn't that testimony and validation of multi racial politics? 
Doesn't it show that voters are able to decide NOT on racial background? 

Guan Eng is a complete moron to say that MCA can't represent Chinese voters if it's banking on Malay support. What's wrong with Malay voters, mo? The DAP does not need Malay support, is it? 
But wasn't that what you and your party claimed to have been fighting for? Preaching us for decades about Malaysian Malaysia and all that bs? And now you are whining and bitching ... just because the MCA seems to have achieved it! 
I am a Malay voter so Guan Eng does not need my support or my vote but I would still like to tell him: maybe you can't undo your mistakes with regards to your underground tunnel but you can still go and fix that tunnel vision of yours. 

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Could Nur Aina Nabihah have been saved?

"Police had questioned the father in June last year after the victim's biological mother lodged a report after finding swellings on her body.
"Police referred the case to the deputy public prosecutor but no further action was taken." - Man charged with murdering nine-year old daughter, The Star, 12 Feb

Those two paragraphs appeared at the end - yes, at the very end - of the news article. Based on Journalism 101's inverted pyramid, editors usually leave the most insignificant part of a news article last. If the sub editor needs the length of the story reduced to give way to another item (such as an important late news or a last-minute ad), she would just need to chop the story from the bottom. Am glad the editor didn't have to do that in the case of this story. For in those last two paragraphs lies the most tragic part of the story of the senseless murder of little Nur Aina Nabihah.

"Police had questioned the father in June last year after the victim's biological mother lodged a report after finding swellings on her body. 
"Police referred the case to the deputy public prosecutor but no further action was taken." 

What happened? What did the police establish after questioning the father? What was actually referred to the DPP by the police? Why was no further action taken? Will we ever learn from these deaths?

Friday, February 09, 2018

Why GE14 won't be called before May

“The three months probe will start today ... Only after the review is completed will Felda be able to take disciplinary actions." - Shahrir Samad 

Thanks to Shahrir Samad, the Felda chairman, many will now assume  that the general election won't happen until May. 
During a press conference (that started 10.45pm) last night, Shahrir announced the Felda board's decision to establish a special committee on legal review tasked to recommend legal/disciplinary action against Felda officers/directors implicated in a forensic audit investigation into Felda's "lost" Jalan Semarak land issue. Findings by the audit firm have been submitted to the PM but these findings were not shared with the Press last night. Shahrir declined to even reveal the name of the audit firm. 
That aside, the latest committee will require three months to complete its review, Shahrir said.  It's February so three months will take us to May. The Holy Ramadan starts middle May and Hari Raya is mid-June. The Constitution dictates that GE14 must be held by August this year.
PM Najib is not likely to call for a GE if the Felda Jalan Semarak land issue is not fully resolved. Too much at stake there. 

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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Tabung Haji's hibah: Why it's a gift of love

Generally, Tabung Haji depositors are appreciative of the 2017 hibah announced by Tabung Haji yesterday. But as usual, it is the smallest who makes the biggest noise. If they can hush for just a minute to really analyse the numbers and put things in perspective, instead of listening to just their own voices, these people may actually see that Tabung Haji depositors - the non-Haji depositors as well as those saving up to go to the Haj - have all done quite well for themselves.

Short of conducting a survey, I asked my contacts in the financial sector and also those who are queuing up to perform their Haj through Tabung Haji. what they thought about the latest hibah. All were quite impressed with Tabung Haji's performance, given that 2017 wasn't exactly the best of years for anybody.

One ex-CEO of a giant of a financial institution wrote back: 
"I think it is a reasonable return of 4.5 per cent for non-Haji depositors compared to 3.5 per cent bank deposits. Remember, (these) people can withdraw their money as and when they require. 
"For those saving to go to the Haj, they get 6.25 per cent, which is good given the low returns on cash, money market and fixed income instruments. For example, the yield for 10-year MGS is below 4 per cent." 
On the social media, some depositors expressed disappointment with the returns they are getting from their savings in TH. They felt TH should have done better for their money. Fair enough. But one or two people are accusing TH of cheating its depositors.

This dude on FB may have the "key" to why such people may have been so unreasonably unhappy:

To date, 7 per cent (600,000) of TH depositors have been to the Haj and still maintain their accounts with TH. Out of the remaining 93 per cent of 8.7 million depositors, some 2.7 million have registered to go to the Haj.

Monday, February 05, 2018

War against Fake news: Why we need to win it together

Msia and Spore join nations around the globe
 in the war against FAKE news

Some Opposition politicians have accused the Government  of wanting to use a proposed new law against fake news to silence anti-government elements aka its political enemies. Well, some Opposition politicians are stupid. You don't need me to tell you that but I will tell you that anyway.  Because Communications Minister Saleh Said Keruak is not going to say that because he has to play nice and explain why Malaysia needs such a law:

“The fake news are not only a matter of concern for those from the ruling party but also those from the opposition parties and members of the public. We should determine together that the fake news problem can be resolved.” - Law against fake news not for political interest: Salleh 
Fake news according to the Daily Telegraph 

Fact is, fake news is not just a Malaysian problem. Just last month, the UK government said it was going to set up a new national security unit to tackle fake news. US president Donald Trump says even the great American mainstream media - not just the social media - have been faking it these days. Singapore has launched its war against fake news, h e r e.
Trumping fake news in America

Here in Malaysia, we really know how to fake it. Let's not blame it just on the ruling party's so-called cyber troopers; the Opposition's propaganda machinery has had more experience in this department. In any case, an anti-fake news law should serve neither the ruling party nor the Opposition; it should be meant to protect the Malaysian public against fakehood and half-truths.