Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Hai Melayu

"Apalah identiti kamu sbg orang Melayu kalau kamu tak tahu adat istiadat dan asal usulnya kamu sebagai orang Melayu?
Kamu boleh kata "saya Melayu progresif" ... kamu boleh kata "saya ulama" ... kamu kata kamu Melayu socialis ... kamu boleh kata kamu Melayu kominis ... Tapi jangan lupa sejarah kamu. Kamu hilang adat istiadat, kamu hilang asal usual, maka harus kamu lucutkan gelaran kamu orang Melayu, lucutkan keistimewaan Melayu."
It's that time of the year when racial awareness in this multiracial country of ours climbs to its zenith. Just read Just Read's last posting on Umno strongman Zahid Hamidi's statement and the general Melayu Umno sentiment in Increasingly Arrogant.   
But the quotes on Melayu at the start of this posting belong not to a Melayu but to Felicia Ling, a PKR member. The lawyer left MCA in 2008 to join PKR probably because of Anwar Ibrahim's promised "New Dawn". But judging by this furious clipping below captured by Jinggo the other day. the lawyer may have finally seen the light. 
Proof that when it comes to their Sultan, Malaysians regardless of race could still unite. 
As long as the Sultans behave themselves and are good to the Rakyat, that is.

More at Mahaguru58 .

Friday, August 29, 2014

More than a decade after his first "restructuring" of MAS, what makes Azman Mokhtar so sure he can do it now?

Amok: MAS continues to elude his Midas touch
From Bina Fikir to Khazanah Nasional.  I've known of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar since I was a reporter at Business Times and he a haversack-ed young analyst with Solomon. His rise, guided by Nor Mohamed Yakcop who then had the ears of the Prime Minister, was meteoric. In him the Government first placed the trust of restructuring a post-Tajudin Ramli MAS. 
On his way up, Azman was made Khazanah Nasional boss overseeing the government's strategic investments and GLCs, strategic and otherwise. 
Today, many years after Bina Fikir's failed restructuring of MAS, Azman Mokhtar announced drastic measures that WILL save the national carrier, including replacing AJ the CEO and cutting some 6,000 jobs.
 "The combination of measures announced today will enable our national airline to be revived." Azman Mokhtar in MAS to trim staff, routes in reform plan, AFP Friday 29/8/2014
You will excuse me if I have my reservations about Azman and Khazanah's latest plans. Don't get me wrong. I wish he would succeed because I want MAS to fly high again and make us all proud but I believe the time has come to take the airline away from the wizards at Khazanah and let a proven entrepreneur or a group of them save it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The video Anwar Ibrahim doesn't want you to watch

Updated: After my posting below, the blogger Apanama posted another video clipping he wants you to watch. Click h e r e.  Alang alang seluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. 
Read also, Name the 40, Anwar by Bujai. 

"Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim told the High Court today that he will not name the 40 Barisan Nasional MPs who were willing to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat in 2008, saying it would be unfair to reveal them now.
Under cross-examination by counsel Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, Anwar also denied the suggestion that he did not have the numbers he claimed he had to move a motion of no-confidence against former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in the September 16 move six years ago ..."

Original posting:
Apanama posted this video h e r e on Monday 27/9 under the heading Anwar Ibrahim a Bloody Liar.
The blogger is either extremely foolish or so very sure of his facts.
I'm sure he is aware that these days, bloggers get sued for RM100 million for less.
I'm not going to reproduce the video clipping. No point getting two bloggers sued for RM200 million.
So you, my Dear Readers, please hop over to Firdaus Abdullah's blog www.apanama.my and watch the video and decide for yourself if Anwar is a bloody liar. 
Last I check, they haven't started suing people for visiting and reading blogs so hurry up... 
p.s. I heard this video was produced in court during the Anwar Ibrahim vs Anifah Aman trial.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The passenger who cried rape

Nice Doggie. These pictures are believed to be Laura Bushy's ...

Ms Bushy is the passenger who cried rape earlier this month against a 52-year old cabin crew of our beleaguered Malaysia Airlines.

You can view (read) the rest of her (story) in Profiteering from Misconduct by this blogger and Highly unlikely she was "raped" ... by that blogger.

What was believed to be Ms Bushy's Instagram account, where the above screenshots had been taken from, has been deleted after Big Dog caught her online with her pants down over the weekend. Let's say that has raised more than a doggie's eyebrows, here and Down Under.

The investigation into Ms Bushy's allegation is on-going.