Thursday, January 31, 2013

Between Vatican diplomacy and the Herald's "uprising"

The Vatican's move to appoint its first ever resident Apostolic Nuncio (the equivalent of an ambassador) to Malaysia was the direct outcome of the meeting the Pope and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak had on July 18 last year (10 years after Dr M's meeting with the Pope). 

The Pope and the PM, Vatican 2012
Full diplomatic relations and the resident Nuncio are hoped to lead to constructive dialogue on issues, including "control over publication" and the "prohibition on the use of Allah in Bahasa Malaysia bibles". The intent prompted the blogger Freddie Kevin to rightly write, "This is the true Catholic way". This is also trademark Najib's way of inclusiveness, his signature concept that appears abstract but is easy to appreciate when translated into meaningful actions, such as making it possible for the 1 million Christians in Malaysia to be represented by a Nuncio.

The interested parties in the Allah issue should now give way to constructive dialogue to resolve the matter. The Guan Engs should stop provoking the Ibrahim Alis, and vice versa; they should let the Nuncio and the Government of Malaysia deal with the matter amicably as agreed. 

As for "control over publication", one only has to look at the editorial in the Herald Malaysia to see how "controlled" the publication is ...

To support an uprising against the BN govt, click H E R E

An Editorial, I'm sure the editors of The Herald are well aware, is a publication's official stand.   As the official publication for the Catholic church in Malaysia, The Herald comes across clearly as partisan, taking sides, contemptuous of anything Barisan Nasional.

This and many other articles on Malaysia on the make the publication feel and read like a political organ eg Harakah and Rocket instead of a religious publication. The Herald makes it seem like all Catholics in Malaysia are against the BN. Try searching for the news of the Archbishop openly praising a BN-led state government for being kind and supportive to the Catholic Church (read here)  ... you won't find it in The Herald, Nuncio. Makes you wonder why, doesn't it, His Excellency?


  1. Anonymous11:12 am

    Ha ha what a joke this write up from Rocky stating that Lim Guan Eng is provoking Ibrahim Ali. Ibrahim Ali has been spewing inflammatory and provocative racist statements all this while and he is accusing Lim Guan Eng. Well this only confirms that Rocky is a tacit supporter of Perkasa.

  2. Anonymous11:36 am

    The authorities must speed up action against Datuk Ibrahim Ali over his Bible-burning threat, says retired Attorney-General Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman, adding any further delay in acting against the veteran politician could be held against the establishment ahead of Election 2013

  3. Anonymous11:46 am

    Hmmm Funny Isn't it?

    If Najib is pally pally with the vatican and its office bearers why is it that they are against him?

    Is it because they know that his visit to the Vatican is purely for his PR exercise at Home to woo Christian Voters?

    Ahhh It means that they are not as Stupid as he Thinks?!

    Najib always thinks that he is cleverer than the rest of us with is Gua Tolong Lu Lu Tolong Gua! Heh heh


  4. Having more religious friends will not clear the case of Altantuya.

  5. Pope applying "Love Thy Enemy" and Rocky has to twist and formulate this something else.
    Why has Rocky missed out...big big news about Tok Guru Aziz..first time..celebrating Taipusam and then...proceed to the Apostolic Nuncio resident with a cake...showing PAS people are true Muslims...totally different from Umno B hypocrites and corrupted lot.

  6. IT.Sheiss3:02 pm

    Nuncio or not, I don't think this issue can be easily resolved.

    Firstly, not all Christians are Roman Catholic and some of the Protestants don't even recognise Roman Catholicism as true Christianity. Also, all Protestants don't recognise the authority of the Vatican, hence won't recognise the Nuncio.

    Secondly, it depends what control the Catholic Church in Malaysia has over the editorial policy of The Herald in Malaysia.

    Third, it depends upon individual priests within the Roman Catholic Church. Some don't take sides in party politics and some even object to their activist brethren who do, while some priest believe it's OK to make political statements during prayer services.

    Tony Yew who is Roman Catholic has commented on politics within his Church, especially during prayer services and from my understanding, he's against it.

    Fourth, there are a myriad of Protestant denominations and most Evangelical Christians in Malaysia are Protestant and the Catholic Church has no influence over them.

    The failed Gunpowder Plot (Guy Fawkes) resulted from the Catholic/Protestant conflict in England at the time, though it was religious, not party politics.

  7. durgabhai3:11 pm

    anon@11:12am: haha..only you think that this is funny..
    you so small and tiny-minded can only see that bit about guan eng and ibrahim ali.
    typical of you DAP supporters, Chinese chauvinists who simply hate Umno because it is Malay and has been leading this country.
    waah. if this country so bad, people like you and your leaders would have kena long time.
    but still you all very happy whacking the government.

    sure gomen not must be delusional to think that there exists in this world a perfect gomen.
    but live happily and peacefully in Malaysia. your complaint is that the chinese not in power.

    but give me this imperfect gomen than the pakatan power-crazy hypocritical leaders..anytime

    and becos of this, Rocky is a "tacit supporter of Perkasa" -- there you go...typical, making sweeping -- not to mention STUPID, statements like that Surendran "govt killing Indians in custody" statement.

    You understand or not, what rocky is writing about?

    maybe too difficult for you.
    or you are bodoh, but pretend to be more bodoh.

  8. adrian3:13 pm


    the authorities must speed up action against Lim Guan Eng for deliberately trying to incite people by demanding that the governmet allow the use of Allah in Malay bibles.

    you call ibrahim ali a clown and you take him seriously?

    besides, he didn;t start all this..LIM GUAN ENG did.

    So, authorities : arrest that man!

  9. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Senang je, hantar balik puak "pisang" dalam putih luar kuning kunyit ...

  10. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Support RCI for 1 million pendatangs

  11. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Rocky, better wake up to reality and the politics that is happening around. Don't be that naive and walk the middle path, especially when you're faced up with someone like Ibrahim Ali who has a track record of being racist.

  12. Anonymous4:50 pm

    The Arab word for God is "ilah" (Elohim in Hebrew=.

    In fact, 'ilah' has been staring at us in our faces and hypnotizing our senses whenever the call of the muezzin rose sublimely from the minarets and wafted over everything profanely manmade to touch our souls and move our hearts to the kiblah at the appropriate times of day to remeber and supplicate his Beneficience.

    Look at the original Azan and its translation below:

    شهد أن لا اله إلا الله
    I bear witness that there is no God but Allah

    and here:

    Note that the general noun is used to allude to the general notion of the supreme being (ilah=god) and the specific noun to refer to the one and only supreme being (Allah), a rock solid affirmation of monotheism that is again firmly reiterated in Surah al-Ikhlas. Hence the followers of the monotheistic traditions from Adam to Ibrahim, Ishak, Ishmael, right down to Musa, Isa and eventually Muhammad (peace be upon all and their families) were known as Muslims. This fact is affirmed in the Quran which iterates that Ibrahim et al (including Isa) were all Muslims and by default, users of the term "Allah", which has been in existence since the dawn of humankind (for what else would a Muslim call his God???!!!).

    Those who fell outside this pale of monotheism are reviled by Allah as idolaters (kaffirs). To further distinguish this group into the animists and pagans (Hindus, Taoists etc) and the heretics (murtads) like the Jews and Christians, the notion of people of the book (ahlul kitab) was introduced. This concept was used to refer to the Jews and the Christians as their religious antecedents were essentially monotheistic in origins as their (Jews and Christian) forefathers were followers of Musa(as) and Isa(as) and by default, Muslims. However due to a rebellious nature,foolhardy interpretations and influences of paganism,the descendants of these followers abandoned the monotheism (tauhid) of Ibrahim, Ishak, Musa, Isa etc's Islam to embrace alien notions and superstitions such as human worship (as in the case of Ezra for the Jews and Jesus as in the case of the Christians). To support this declination into paganism, esoteric nonsense such as Talmudism, Kabbalism and Trinitarianism etc etc were grafted onto epistemology of these man-made faiths that eventually contributed to the emergence of a boneheaded unquestioning clergy and laity whose confusion and kerfuffles over questions pertaining to Logos and their faith have engendered many a schism plaguing many societies today.....but then I have digressed beyond tangent!!

    The minor digression aside, the claim of Christian use to "Allah" gets flimsier when one examines the historical record on the origins of the arab Bible. The first Arabic Bible only came into being 235 years after Muhammad's (pbuh and hf) demise:

    That flimsiness disappears into a puff of molt when one examines the holy Quran in which Allah castigates the Christians and the Jews as idolaters and heretics. Given Allah's castigation and His outright revulsion at the conceptualisation of Jesus as the "Son of God" and given the rock solid historical evidence, little wonder, no sane Muslim of true iman would ever consent to associate Allah with blatant polytheism (syirk) except political opportunist infidels like Nik Aziz and his gang of murtads.

    Warrior 231

  13. rocky, you may have been a journalist and was even in upper leadership of a local daily.

    But with your suspected "professionalism and ethics" plus your very obvious lack of moral values, what on earth makes you think you are in position to advise and tell editors of the Herald???

    stop trying to preach your narrow values to the world!

  14. Now we have a rivalry between religions. These pr are crazies and stoking violence.

  15. the fact that Vatican will appoint its direct envoy will only make The Herald as joke

    Good job Najib

    To Rocky forget thise tauting comments, they are the paid cybertropper

  16. Hey, bro, getting old is it. You seem to be shying awy from the art of deception...better take a rest la..

  17. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Anon 11.12
    Don't blame him lah. His job is to spin to help BN retake Penang and Selangor. Did you ever see him writing anything on corruption exposes of BN? His non comments on these exposes also confirms he supports the doings of these thieves. That's the Rocky of today.

  18. Who throw stones and rotten eggs...provoking violence?
    Why Ibrahim Ali keep provoking religious violence....blood eunuch Ellese keep quiet?
    That pondan may as well say Pastor Paul Tan is provoking violence too.
    Why is Najib applying the golden silence over so many provocations?
    Freedom Fighters stay calm and composed...but walk in rallies..and speak out with no let people like Ellese and all the BN beggars know..their days are numbered.
    It will be a country with productive Malaysians to bring the country forward..not balls carrying..shoe shine boys....hypocrites and lazy blokes...camping at the various government owned companies...makan gaji buta....loving holidays...take sick leaves.....with something that can be done in one day...takes 10 times longer to complete.
    You want race and religion dirty politics??? will get it...not the way Najib has planned....but OUR WAYS....walk the talks....disobedience without flowers to policemen....smiling with no fear.

  19. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Monster, my balls.
    Don't be naive.
    For the sake of power & wealth, PAS is willing to make alliance with DAP. Don't you know that Hadi or PAS have disowned their brethren in UMNO for 'berkawan' with MCA & MIC or non-muslim?

    Just think about this:
    If there is 'Hung Parliament' after GE13, PAS will be the real Power broker. They will squeeze both DAP & UMNO's balls, to their whims & fancies. Do you think they will carry-on to make alliance with DAP when they can get the same option with UMNO. Remember Hudud?

    Both DAP & PAS are made up of mainly extremists. PAS is a just about the same as those Taliban who destroyed the Bamiyan statue. These are remnants of the religious people in UMNO who disagree that Jaffar Onn open their membership to non-Malays. They are also known to disapprove citizenship to your 'grandfather'.

    "..big big news about Tok Guru Aziz..first time..celebrating Taipusam and then...proceed to the Apostolic Nuncio resident with a cake...showing PAS people are true Muslims.."

    PAS!!!, True Muslim, my foot.


  20. Dear Anakbukitgantang,

    The Vatican does not tolerate dissent, something The Herald will find out soon enough.

  21. Anon 10.44pm keep both ears and eyes shut when Umno B applies race and religion politics.
    Who is controlling everything in the country....PAS or Umno b????
    And so...PAS responded towards the dirty politics encouraged by Mahathir...who also made sure every Umno b king pins love to be as corrupted as he was...the 3 powerful ingredients....religion..race and money all as you harm will come to anyone following his examples and advises. Thus a dictator was born.
    Why Anon 10.44 pm....keep missing the root of all problems...and accuse PAS a puppet to DAP?
    And for all what he has written...they are rubbish..not worth responding.
    Lastly he said..."PAS !!!, True Muslim, my foot"
    Right fight the devilish Umno b party....PAS does not need to prove they are true Muslims..
    What PAS needs to prove is that Umno B is bullshitting..and doing extremely well at that.
    PAS will fail to expose Umno b devils..if they be mild and good a country ruled by the devils for 55 years.
    It's plain dirty politics.....for all Muslims to judge..who do they believe more.....Umno B or PAS.
    The art of twisting and spinning taught by Mahathir...seems to work with the hypocrites and false Muslims.
    However....millions of Muslims are awakened....and especially the young well educated Muslims....can think and conclude themselves...not like their parents....listen and easily blockheads....and the parents listen to their young smart children ...and there we have it.
    Can Anon tell everyone...why Najib keep delaying the 13th GE.....if all so cal true Muslims are supporting him?

  22. Anonymous12:51 am

    On the one hand, makan suap scorpene commission & on the other hand, pally pally with vatican, great balancing act from our beloved PM.

  23. Anonymous12:56 am

    Perkasa has been outsourced by UMNO. Even Rosmah & Mahathir have openly launched Perkasa events. ABU Anything But UMNO.

  24. Anonymous7:14 am

    And the warrior now purports to be a theologian!!

    Cue: drum roll and a paean of trumpets....

    Wonders will never cease....

    Maybe that's what happens after a stint in Cupertino!

  25. Anonymous7:51 am

    We rather have PAS than Perkasa & UMNO any day.

  26. Anonymous10:14 am

    anon @ 7:51 am, who are the "we" and are you the majority?

    anyway enjoy your fantasies before PRU13, hehehe

  27. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Monster, my balls.

    You must have read too much of the pro-UMNO blogs.
    You seems to be lazy' reading what I wrote.

    I have never accused PAS, a puppet of DAP. You wrote it. Not me.
    Yes, PAS sure looks like what you say, a puppet. Accept Lynas, all other Pakatan rally are mainly PAS people. That's what PAS is good for, the crowd. That must be good for DAP and the Rear Admiral's party.

    It has been a decade since Mahathir resigned. How could a dictator relinquish all the powers that he once had. Kit Siang & Nik Aziz, seems always not healthy, (rumah cakap pergi, kubur cakap mari) still grasping to power & wealth. In-fact, all 3 of the opposition leaders (like Lee kuan Yew) have their son/daughter/wife to take over in case of their demise. They does not even tolerate dissenting views from their own party members.
    What kind of nepotism is this?
    And yet you dare accuse Mahathir.

    "PAS does not need to prove they are true Muslims"

    Yet, you yourself said they are true muslim by presenting a cake to the Apostolic Nuncio after celebrating Thaipusam with Karpal.
    Or, you think a true Muslim must be someone who put-on an Arabic attire and recite the Koran verses in Arabic?

    "However....millions of Muslims are awakened....and especially the young well educated Muslims....can think and conclude themselves...not like their parents....listen and easily blockheads....and the parents listen to their young smart children ...and there we have it".

    Millions of young Muslim have awaken!
    From their snooze, I guess.
    Yes, after almost 5 years they have seen the true colours of DAP. Many of them vote for the opposition, last GE, because they are angry with Slumberjack.

    So parents of these millions young muslim are dumb or stupid... like blockheads.
    You means the stupid middle age Malays must listen to their awaken, smart young children?

    What a load of shit.
    We are still feeding them, and we have to obey what they say?

    You must be a real racist.
    Your post at 10:35pm, reflects the hatred in you of the anything Malays.
    Anwar al-Juburi can make good use of people like you, fore & aft.

    The dissolution of Parliament take effects, April 28th. That just about 3 months, to go. There is no way the PM can even think of delaying the 13th. GE after April 28th. Why hurry when we might even see more 'true colours' of PR.

    Anon 12:56am,
    Anon 7:52am.

    If not for Dong Zong & Hindraf or other racist NGO and association, Perkasa will not exist.

    Perkasa is only trying to defend, what have been written in the Federal Constitution, for the Malays. In a democracy, the Malays must rely on Ibrahim Ali to counter the demands of other racist Malaysian. Even the BAR council, seems to be against anything Malays.


  28. Anonymous5:22 pm

    The definition of we does not include you and UMNO goons , ada paham sekarang bird brain cum otak udang? ABU. ASALKAN BUKAN UMNO

  29. Anonymous5:27 pm

    PERKASA exist only when you have people who try to undermine the muslim at large and what they stood for.

  30. Anonymous10:30 pm

    aiyoyo enadey anon @ 5:22 pm

    ABU = Allah Bless UMNO

    UBAH = Ular Balik Alam Haiwan


  31. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Yeah Hidup Perkasa!!

    Hindraf, Dong Zong, ButtAmBurger, ButtMan, Tokong, Bra Counsel etc

    are welcome to celebrate the endorsement of PERKASA by the rakyat jelata.

  32. Anonymous10:48 pm

    How can minority undermine majority muslims in malaysia. Another brainless comment by Anon @527. Perkasa only exist to instigate & inflame sensitive issues to hoodwind the rakyat.

  33. Chauvinist and racist duo (stinky old fart and Humsup Monsternoball)

    No more count down eeh?

    I'm countin, and cant wait to see u on THE DAY.

  34. Anonymous9:43 am

    Anon 7.14am

    Unlike godless pagan heathen and motherfucking animists who have got no qualms in spinning lies, talking shit and spewing cock day in day out for SGD$0.50 per comment, we Melayu Bermaruah do not ever forget, we are still Muslims despite our sins and strive to do our best to earn a honest living without even sponging 50 cents from some corrupt Tongkanese helmed slutbag outfit who is so green with envy that it will stoop to sabotage in a jiffy.

    Unlike people who will lick SB arses and suckle Harry's cock and launder money while defrauding the system through rate fixing and other shenanigans, we melayu Muslim Bermaruah have built a country quarter, despite peopled by Tongkanese scumbags like you, into a respected high middle income country on the verge of high income status the honest way.

    Unlike infidel idolater scumbags who would rather earn a piffling SGD0.50 cents in a money-laundering backwater which is institutionalized corruption and financial thieving par excellence, we Muslim bermaruah have ventured out far beyond our shores to learn from the best while giving something in return to transform countless lives theglobe over for the better.

    Say what,we Muslim bermaruah have Islamic finance, what about some motherfucking gay bastard who is paid SGD0.50 cents too many but who cant even comment lucidly on a topic and who spends 99% of his time here taking shameless cowardly swinish potshots at others, has he ever of Christian, Hindu or Buddhist finance? All we can hear day in day out are picayune, esoteric garbage of ersatz quality spouted by poseur cognoscenti who fucks the daylights off his whore mum night times and who cocksuckles the nightlights off Harry and his handlers for a piffling SGD 0.50 selling his arse and his trashbrain to make a living whilst trying to show off that he is some well-informed intellectual wannabe when reality screams into his deluded self that he is nothing more than hog herding , pigpen washing inconsequential godless and worthless slimepoop whose only means to salve an inferiority complexed ego is by acting childish, throwing tantrums, spouting inane garbage and slinging condescendingly pathetic put me downs on others.Must be so emotionally twisted beyond shape that only by talking ill of others does he get some relief.

    What a lonely existence this uneducated failure of a low life inferiority loser scumbag must be leading!!!.

    Hey pig, why the sudden silence?Ran away after having shat lies and outright nonsense here:?

    Is it gonna be twisted into a victory three months down the road, pondan or are you waiting for the thread to drop down to the next page before posting your supposedly face saving nonsense to show off to your pals? Niamah of a pukimak PIG!

    Warrior 231

    1. Anonymous11:16 am

      In your dreams, mate.

      Like they say - the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and he who laughs last, laughs best.

      So, let's see who is still standing 10, 20, 30 years down the road.

      That should be enough to put paid to your picayune fantasies, fueled as they are by "confidential reports" that haven't seen the light of day.

      As for the Tommy Thomas thread, it's gone way beyond it's relevance.

      So, if you want to debate on all things with respect to a certain little red dot, bring it on.

      Only you'd better ask the PM and Wisma Putra where the "OB" markers are insofar as this subject is concerned.

      Because we wouldn't want anything to rock the Iskandar boat, do we?

      Basf, anyone?

  35. Several points, I think your are confusing the pope and Catholicism as being entirely representative of the Christian faith, they are not. The idea that anyone has the right to dictate how others should profess their faith what words they can and cannot use is ludicrous. The over reaction to various christian leaders comments is also strange, to believe that it is somehow improper for them to state their case when their religion and its mode of practice seems to be under discussion by all and sundry is a little naive.

  36. Anonymous2:13 pm

    1. So, let's see who is still standing 10, 20, 30 years down the road.

    Response: this is the very self same lame line that gets repeated in countless other comments ad nauseum ad infinitum. Remember Air Asia, Singapore’s competitiveness, Islamic finance, Changi-KLIA etc etc . It reveals a clear lack of originality and creativity. It reeks a paucity of intellect and a poverty of common sense besides intimating to us all readers how a trash brain functions at its optimal levels. And the whole indignant tone soaking that response is an apt reflection of someone being scorned on account of a lame fucking small cock. Bruised inferiority complexed ego clutching at imaginary face saving straws....hahahahahahahaha (ROFL)

    2. Tony Panamera’s thread “disappearing from view”

    Response; typical pondanish response when exposed as a LIAR. Only sewage pond filth will resort to such underhand tactics when caught waffling garbage. Oh how the once high and mighty condescending know it all cognoscenti has been reduced to nothing more than a gibbering indignant childish scumbag whose pffts have come home to roost and whose esoteric picayune replies are so of the ersatz kind that they are not even worth a read save for free laughs.. Aw come on piggy, show us you have them cojones, no matter how teeny weeny between them skinny thighs!!

    3. OBs, Iskandar Basf, Wisma Putra, Pm yada yada yada engei porei……hahahahahaa

    Response: a collocation of cognoscenti garbage that sounds more threatening than its bite or even bark and that sums up a slimepooped lobotomized brain in desperate need of either “yedukashen” or wholesale brain transplant. Your feeble cowardly threats are nothing more than barks in the dark by a diseased mangy rabid dog sans its fangs. Try harder or maybe deepfucking saggy titted, torn cunted old mama or even throat ramming the filthy bitch will jar your brains back to equilibrium once yourstumpy cock hits her g-spot, Tongkanese pig! Keep practising that first in your wet dreams before applying the perfected skill in a real fuck or the old lady will be mighty crossed with you vermin hahahahahahahaha

    4. Aiyah, pig…don’t run awaylah. At least as a much vaunted cognoscenti and with your esteemed insider knowledge, you could shed some light as to which belongs to old filthy boy scumbag Harry and which to cunt shredded, shriveled clitted whore mummy:



    At least you owe your smarmy fanboy here that one, don’t you think?
    All in all , you are sick idiotic bastard unworthy of a response. I know I keep saying that but you keep popping up with full tosses for me to hook for sixes. (played cricket, not the insect variety, mind you). But I am getting tired of hitting a rank amateur idiot over the fence all over the place. So do us a favour, ask your SB handlers to send someone over with some brains between them lobes and some guile between them words to boot. Oh. I see they don’t have any for such is the ersatz quality of the yedukashen in Singapork that Tongkanese educated in Malay-helmed schools and tertiary institutions have to be imported to fill the void….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (ROFLMAO)

    Warrior 231

  37. Anonymous11:46 am

    monster-tak-ada-ball / mother-fart-ker ,

    Go f**k both your mother f***KER, nobody want to read what you say la asshole.

    a typical 50 cent paid dog and pig cybertrooper.

    write and comment without substantive and full of shit, (repeat) full of dick head shit!!!

    Give your hard evidence or any proof!!!

    after hundred of comment on rockybru....

    ada brani tunjuk lu punya muka?

    show your face?

    show your ball la monsterball?

    like rockybru did, hey at least everybody know and recognized Rocky face ~ a true jantan-men.

    show your ball la monsterball? ada brani ka?

    by the way, between you two and Lee Kuan Yew which one of you are more senile?

  38. Anonymous6:29 pm

    anon 11:16 am, go on, admit defeat lah

    you are not in the same league as Warrior coz your inferiority SHOWS

  39. Anon 6:29pm,

    Anon 11:16 is not in the same league. He is leagues above warrior.

    Warrior's brain suffers a malfunction and he blurts out a diarrhoea of nonsense words.

    Whereas anon 11:16 says it clearly.

  40. Not Catholic9:43 am

    I quote: "This is also trademark Najib's way of inclusiveness, his signature concept that appears abstract but is easy to appreciate when translated into meaningful actions, such as making it possible for the 1 million Christians in Malaysia to be represented by a Nuncio."

    You do realize, the protestant Sidang Injil Borneo has been estimated to represent 500,000 Christians and the SIB isn't part of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church and that ambassador from Vatican has not power to represent those who are not Catholic.

    So when you wrote what you wrote, you clearly have no idea of what is going on.

    You clearly don't appreciate the nuance and naive. Too much political rhetoric with too little knowledge there bro.