Saturday, January 26, 2013

So what if Najib's visit pleased the Muslims?

Not everyone is pleased with Najib Razak's visit to Gaza on the eve of Maulidur Rasul, the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim,  is one of the unhappiest. Read Anwar: Najib's visit unwise. He's even unhappier than even the Americans, who are intrigued by the Malaysian PM's initiative, if we go by the Bernama's article below [read also the NY Times' article here]. Anwar said Najib should have contacted both Hamas and Fatah and labelled Najib's meeting with Hamas premier as a "mere political move to please the Muslims". 
What's wrong with trying to please the Muslims? Especially if the Muslims have been under siege for so long, like the Palestinians. 
Malaysia has categorically stated that the PM's visit was a "humanitarian" one. You can't help it if people wanted to politicize the occasion. Najib went in, laid the foundation for a college Malaysia is building, and left calling for Palestine to unite. How is that bad for Malaysia or/and Palestine?
No Muslim leader from outside the Arab world had set foot Gaza before Najib's trip. Hopefully, others will be encouraged and inspired to do so after the Malaysian's historic visit. 
Anwar, too, should go out there and reach out to the Palestinians. It may please the Muslims and irk the Americans or/and the Israelis but as a leader he shouldn't worry about that, unless he can't afford to make these guys unhappy for some reasons or other. In which case, he should hold his piece over Najib's Gaza initiative and just entertain people like the good EU envoy ...


  1. so what if anwar said najib fcuked up his visit to gaza? Terasa ke?
    In case u missed it PLO Leader Abbas showed the centre finger to Najib for trying to play politikus ! Mat Mongol should try to save his skin at PWTC rather than accumulating frequent flyer points. Yr cikgu the mamak is gunning for him....
    burp !

  2. Anonymous5:05 pm

    I don't care if people want to condemn or criticize him. But for me, I am proud with his effort and courage to visit the people of GAZA and legitimate government of HAMAS and the legal PM of Ismael Haniyeh. There really need a support and recognition from international leader. May Allah bless and forgive to our PM, Najib. The great deed can outweigh all the sin he made in his entire life. If he lose him PMship, I am still adore him.

  3. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Ha Ha!

    By Hamas and Fatah, you got him ROcky!!

  4. Anonymous5:35 pm

    PLO is history. They betrayed the Palestinian. Abbas . . . do look in the mirror at youraelf.

  5. Anonymous5:50 pm

    This treacherous pig is double-dealing anti Muslim bastard of a jew lover who will stoop to put words into people’s mouth to get of the hook:

    "The question now is, did Hamas actually offer any option of recognition for Israel? In his latest explanation following Nik Aziz’s remarks, Anwar repeats this claim by Nur about Hamas’ stance.
    Besides quoting the views of the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Anwar also quotes Ismail Haniyeh, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority representing Hamas:
    “If Israel withdraws to the ’67 borders, then we will establish a peace in stages... Number one, we will establish a situation of stability and calm which will bring safety for our people — what (Hamas founder) Sheikh (Ahmed) Yassin called a long-term hudna (truce). If Israel declares that it will give the Palestinian people a state and give them back all their rights, then we are ready to recognise them.”
    Unfortunately, this statement quoting Haniyeh is not accompanied with any source nor any date given. A quick check, however, reveals that it is a quote from a Washington Post interview with the Hamas leader, six years ago, days before he was set to be appointed as prime minister following Hamas’ victory in the polls.
    But here is the problem: 24 hours after the Washington Post published the report on February 25, 2006, Haniyeh said he had been misquoted, and said what he meant was “political truce”, a cessation of hostilities that frequently flared up tensions between Hamas and the Israeli Defence Force.
    “I didn’t talk about recognising Israel during the interview with the newspaper,” Haniyeh said.
    In fact, a Hamas spokesman, Salah Bardawil, told the Jerusalem Post a day later that his movement had a recording of the interview with Haniyeh, to prove that Haniyeh did not make the statements that were attributed to him.
    “Haniyeh, in response to a question, said that if Israel met all of Hamas’s conditions, he would be prepared to consider ‘peace in stages,” said the Hamas spokesman. According to him, when the reporter pressed for further clarifications, Haniyeh explained that he was talking about a long-term truce with Israel. (Jerusalem Post, February 26, 2006)
    The spokesman also said: “...There is no connection to what the sheikh [Haniyeh] said to the headlines in the newspaper.”
    And further: “I call on all of the media to be cautious and accurate in the writing of their reports and not to revise the words of the interviewee.” (Ynet News, February 26, 2006)."

    Read the whole thing here as revealed by his henchman:

    2. He is in actual a Jewloving zionist lackey who will sell out the Muslims at the bat of an eyelid. His fear of Hamas is not without cause for after all, he is all for the Fatah,who are willing to sell out Palestinian rights to nationhood for a sliver of land under Zionist control.

    Read all that here

    Given his well known love for Israel, any surprises that he is willing to pawn off the rights of Islamists like Hamas. After all, he can even instruct his henchmen to “sell” kalimah Allah:

    Bloody bastard of a munafik. Little wonder his minions working in organisations behave treacherously like he does. His tongue is as twisted as how his dick is twisted.

    Palestinian Arab Student

  6. Anonymous5:59 pm

    But the president of the Palestinians is not happy with that visit and says that it divides rather than unites!

    Seee here for the news -

    If Abbas is not the authority to comment, who else?

    We never learn!!!!


  7. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Anwar don't dare to visit GAZA leader even FATAH because he didn't want to irk his many jew friend especially Wolfowitz .
    Anyway He's not even shown any single act to support Palestinian cause.

  8. Anonymous6:07 pm

    "There is a realisation between Lee Hsien Loong and myself that we have to put the past behind us. The future of Malaysia and Singapore are inextricably linked. Iskandar, for example, is hugely dependent on Singapore, just as Singapore is dependent on Malaysia - they need the space and costs are going up in Singapore. I told him, you can be Manhattan but I could be New Jersey."
    (Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in a televised conversation with CNN's Fareed Zakaria on the sidelines of the forum in Davos)

    This was in the Singapore Straits Times today in a report titled "Indonesia the hottest draw for investors".

    It's interesting that the PM has acknowledged that Singapore could be the "Manhattan" in the region. It's also an intriguing analogy, although it's not likely to play well with the more nationalistic elements in Malaysia.

    It's also intriguing given the fact that Singapore has strong diplomatic ties, excellent relations and strong trade and investment links with both Israel and the US. It is in this context that the PM's visit to Gaza should be viewed.

  9. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Sudahlah Rocky....apa pulak Najib nak tunjuk hero kat Palastine, Najib ni paling takut bini, lepas tu Madey,Deepak dan Ibrahim Ali !!

  10. Anonymous6:29 pm

    anon 4:59
    go back to school. you comment like a stupid child.

  11. Mahathir was the most vocal against USA and Jews on the Palestine war.
    I wonder why mamak ..PM for 22 years...never go to Gaza at all???
    Simple to understand la.
    Mahathir had a plan to win all the no need to please Muslims in Malaysia.
    Najib is losing alot of Muslim votes...and he has to do something about it.
    It's a 13th GE promotional political visit.
    Losing 13th GE is worst than getting wounded in war torn Gaza for Najib.
    Rocky sure knows how to spin.
    Why should Anwar copy what Najib is doing.....when so many issues back home...Najib keep proving is "1Malaysia" and "People First" slogans are bullshit and nonsense...
    and Rocky dare to put out a post on corruptions and Alantuya's terribly cruel murder at all.
    One asked another post...why am I in this blog.
    Simple...this is an Umno b blog to debate with you BN idiots.

  12. Aiya, you missed that Arabiya news report about Abbas' response, man. Of course Najib's visit was just to score Brownie points with the poor Malays who don't know anything about the Palestinian problems.

  13. Anonymous11:56 pm

    The fact that Najib took the time out to make a visit to the faraway land shows his unwavering support for the Palestinian cause. It means a lot to him and the Malaysian government and it means a lot to Ismail Haniyeh and for the Palestinian people in general.
    It may not change the situation on the ground but at least our leader cared enough to pay a visit to our Muslims' friends over there and see for himself a country ravaged by decades of war and conflicts. Perhaps the younger generations don't fully grasp the true word of peace; might already hardened to the viloence around them. Nevertheless, we do hope peace will arrived. Sooner rather than later. They have already suffered for so many years. They don't deserve to be in that situation.

  14. Anonymous9:46 am

    Salam Rocky,

    I wonder if Anwar visited Gaza, what would you have said? Or if Anwar ever became PM and visited Gaza.

    I bet you would simply use the say the same things that Anwar is saying about Najib

  15. Wave339:49 am

    Again people missed the real reason.

    As I said it was the insistence of the spouse to go shopping on the Rakyat expense. Najib has traveled more places in a short time compared to the previous PMs. It is a worldwide tour to shop for Malaysia number one shopper.

    Shopping is being polite to say, without any publicity went for cleansing too. With the amount of guilt, only this place offer sanctuary to those whom repent.

    Unfortunately, the Rakyat will not be that forgiving or forgetful.

  16. Anonymous2:53 pm

    I don't mind if anyone, including Najib, if they want to visit West Bank, Gaza Strip or Las Vegas Strip. It is up to them. But please allow Christians to visit Jerusalem, Bethleham and other religious sites. They have no political motives, just like Muslims want to visit Mekkah, Christians want to visit their holy sites.

  17. Anonymous3:21 pm

    I think the whole world is jealous of us including arabs because this show that our pm is the best in the world.hidup Pm! hidup umno!

  18. Anonymous4:27 pm

    haiya wave33 go fly kite, the rakyat will never believe your imbecile and retarded views

  19. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Spore- foreign friends got excited about Spore, after hearing the overblown publicity as they call it- till they really got to live and work there. Was disappointed. tahan only 2 years bcos they had to, some checked out before that. Who wants to work and live there - so expensive some more having to see only fugly slit-eyed cheap cibais and their flat asses and matching titties no matter how well dressed they were, was too much after a while.

  20. Rocky does not approve all my comments.
    Another...I said thousands will be paid to greet Najib at airport...chun chun...prediction.

  21. Anonymous12:54 am

    I love Gaza .i love Najib our hero

  22. Mahathir traveled much more.
    He went to North Pole twice!!
    These bloody Umno b elected PMs think they own Malaysia....spent like payers money.

  23. Anonymous4:47 pm

    On his gaza trip , our beloved PM said to the people there, U help me I help you!

  24. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Hugging kids & all that. Typical Najib public relations stunt before the elections.

  25. Mr Angry4:31 pm

    Of course Anwar is pissy about the trip. Israel is a direct ally of the United States and Anwar is the bitch on a leash for both of those countries. Plain and simple.

    The Palestinian people need our help, not on the grounds of religion, but on human rights. When such kindness is hardly found in this world due to the United States of Police, at least Najib made the effort of extending a hand to the battered region.

    Maybe Anwar will do the same and visit Gaza, except with a gun in his hand and an Israeli flag in the other.

    1. Anonymous9:18 pm

      Mr A 4:31 pm

      Err....didn't the Arabs go to war against Israel years ago?

      And get their butts royally kicked?

      Fast forward to 2013. Where are the Arab states, the mega-rich Gulf sheikdoms and the OIC when it comes to supporting the Palestinians?

      The reality on the ground is that an obdurate and obstinate Israeli government continues to call the shots, while everyone else makes don't know.

  26. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Rocky. Manakan anwar suka Najib ke Gaza. He already compromised on Israel laknatullah security. In short akidah dia amat diragukan.

  27. bourne identity11:05 am

    with all the help and hidden wealth he has - anwar prefers flying off to meet his papa jews in Washington rather than Gaza.
    Even senile mullah Nik Aziz.... with PAS's syiah approach to islam that is similar to Hezbollah has never wanted to visit Gaza.
    So what if Najib and others visited Gaza...they went there under the radar range of Israeli guns...and there are even MOSSAD agwnts in Gaza which is known for car bombings.
    Kalau tak ada telor nak lawat Gaza - dont blame the telor...blame it on your own hearts and mind.
    Jangan dengki kepada yang berani.
    Some negative comments here.....i wonder do they think with their brains or square telors - if they had telors ...