Friday, January 11, 2013

Bank Islam thinks BN will fall in PRU13?

Bank Islam Malaysia's Chief Economist Opposition. Meet Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajuddin, politician in banker/economist's clothing. A Trojan? Saboteur calling other people potential saboteurs? PKR candidate for PRU13? Anwar's Mole? Take your pick. One thing Mr Triple-A Tajuddin has not been able to do is to tame his obvious political leanings. As a result, the Chief Economist for Bank Islam became an election punter during a forum in Singapore and put his money on BN losing the PRU13!

Not only that, this guy says businesses and civil servants aligned to BN will carry out economic sabotage against the Pakatan government after PRU13! Masyallah ...

Click here for aritlce

The bank, I am sure, is mighty red-faced right now. But the bank's management can't claim ignorance as this isn't the first time the dude has made very partisan political statements in his capacity as the bank's Chief Economist! 

The Malaysian Insider's article below was dated Nov 2011!

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  1. IT.Sheiss3:17 pm

    A real estate agent told me yesterday that property prices will likely rise again after a BN win.

  2. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Calling all civil servants..
    Think twice before you cast your vote

  3. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Muka macam pondan, mesti kena balun bontot dgn anwar sampai jd mcm ni. Kan?

  4. BNationalFeed&LOOTcorp3:50 pm

    RM250,000,000 + RM130,000,000 can't Buy Off this fella???

    Malaysia apa pun Boleh Cowtim one what...

  5. Anonymous4:05 pm

    stupid Rocky,not only Bank Islam think BN will fall in PRU13, Madey and Rosmah also think so !!

    .....and the sad thing is you think otherwise !!

    1. Anonymous2:06 am

      Didnt know dat u r mahathir's uncle and rosmah's mum. U must b cousin to deepak eh!

    2. Anonymous9:46 am

      Many PR election candidates in GLC. Sime Darby also not excluded, especially in its HR Department.

  6. See how sarcastic Rocky is...cancelling the word "Economist" and made that graduate becomes "Chief Opposition"
    Is this not a 4th grade blogger?

  7. Salam Datuk,

    The thing is, The Straits Times report cannot be found. A search of the chief opposition economist's name at Spore Straits Times online came out with 1 result. Skeptical of the TMI report.

    Best regards

  8. Anonymous5:01 pm

    I think you and me more prefer that chinese guy analyst of an international investment bank who forewarned a frightening future for the people if BN loses.Gosh, he scared the daylight out of so many folks !

  9. Anonymous5:08 pm

    this is the freedom in the country. you can speak your mind and still keep your job and your head. i hope it does not start a riot among chief economists in singapore. you know if they say 'the pap will lose the january by election in ponggol or someplace in singapore'. do they have a bank islam branch in singapore? ha ha ha

  10. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Bodo betula Bank Islam ni..mamat muka camni pun bole jadik chief of Bank Islam pun mgmnt wajib kene jawab ngn TH..duit Bank Islam pun dr duit TH gak entity gomen.

  11. Anonymous5:35 pm

    PKR - Parti Kelentong Rakyat

  12. Anonymous7:27 pm

    What's the problem? Most people believe his (Azrul's) views anyway. At least he dares to speak the truth.

    1. Anonymous2:10 am

      "Most people believe..."

      Who are u to speak on behalf of "most people"? U tokong?

  13. Anonymous7:28 pm

    no doubt they will fall, and they will sabotage whatever they can to tarnish PR and Anwar, as what happening in penang after PR win

  14. Tabung Uji8:01 pm


    Itu bapuk economist only doing his (or her?) job taking order from the no 1 pirate in Tabung Haji, who is also a strong Anwar arse-licker, Ismee Ismail. So leave the bapuk alone okay.

  15. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Bank executives can't comment on politics?

  16. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Dear Latuk,

    Aiyoh, you also always give your opinion on many topics, so can he. What's so wrong about him saying BN may lose? It's only an opinion lah. Also, you're paid to spin, he's not.

  17. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Not surprise bro. BI chairman is munir closefriend of Kali, ally of kj, mentee of AI. Najib deserves To be attacked for being lembik! He he let the show begin!

  18. Anonymous9:32 pm


    What happened to your commitment to "freedom of speech"?

    Or is some speech more "acceptable" to you than others?

    Maybe Jusuf Kalla, who was a speaker at the same forum in Singapore, could give you pointers on this!

    This is the same Pak Kalla who opined recently that Indonesia may be ready for a non-Javanese President.

  19. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Agreed with your Dato'. This is not the first time Chief Opposition of Bank Islam made this kind of statement.

    This guy had resigned from Bank Islam earlier and joined another GLC. He's not able to perform his job at that institution and with his good connection with Bank Islam 's management, he managed to join Bank Islam again

  20. Anonymous9:50 pm

    It is not Bank Islam but the gay boy.He left MIDF crying, for Bank Islam after being chased out from the male toilet in MIDF. The person who bailed him out is Rashid Ismail,an Anwar crony.The ststement is call pay back time

  21. Anonymous10:14 pm

    the BN must work hard to prove that his calculation is wrong


  22. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Let,'s all pray for this to really happen.Malaysia has long been deprived of good governance.No more cronies ,no more bailing out kins and Umnoputras,no more cow condos,no more carpet land deals..let's really pray hard.


  23. Anonymous11:10 pm


    How generous of you to publish PR cybertroopers' comments. Well, this is what we call walking the talk.

    Despite championing the so-called press freedom, you won't find this kind of hospitality among PR's circle of demons. Same goes to pro-opposition portals like TMI and MKini.

  24. Anonymous11:50 pm

    ABU Anything but UMNO

    1. Anonymous10:05 pm

      ABCD...Asal Bukan Cina DAP!!!!

  25. Anonymous11:54 pm

    TMI and Mkini are not pro opposition portals. They report good and bad news on both sides to give the public a fair chance to evaluate the news unlike rocky here who we all know is on the payroll of UMNO BN.

    1. Anonymous12:14 am

      You gotta be kidding...

  26. Wave3312:37 am

    Anon 11.10pm,

    I really think you have insulted Latuk Locky. What do you mean by generous? This is where a compliment becomes an insult. Latuk Locky believes in freedom of expression of opposing views. It has nothing to do with generous, it is being ethical, that's all. Latuk Locky can take the heat which many UMNO cybertroopers has no guts on it.

    That is how we should behave to accept criticism. Ah Jib Gor, has deleted all opposing views in his Facebook. Latuk Locky has more ethics than our beloved PM. Sadly, it is a fact, that many blind partisan UMNO supporters are supporting a PM which has no guts on accepting criticism.

    How can you call it walking the cock? When did Ah Jib Gor allows such comment in his facebook.

    You are right, we will not find this kind of hospitality among UMNO's MSM circle of demons. No free airtime in RTM1 or RTM2 for Haji Awang.

    Same goes to UMNO controlled MSM like Utusan Malaysia and TV3.

    Now, say sorry to Locky and tell your beloved PM to walk the cock.

  27. Anonymous6:05 am

    Will you be saying he might be a Trojan horse, etc if he had said BN will win big in this coming GE? There are many issues you can highlight concerning exposure of corruptions committed by VVIP but you have always choose to comment on very trivial matters, like this one - just an opinion from a bank guy. Are you the same Rocky of 5 years back?

  28. Anonymous8:04 am

    From what i heard, this guy has a reputation of slandering the government in public.
    He did the same during one of the Islamic forum events partly organised by Bank Negara in front of foreign delegates.

    Bank islam should kick him out

  29. Anonymous8:27 am

    Wht u expect fom a kelantanese.this guy s not honest I used to work in same ofs with him suspct him passing details to anwar whn he was with bank negara

  30. Anonymous8:35 am

    Just wondering, when Chief Economist is going to present a paper in Economic Forum, reckon materials must be vetted and verified by Management first(i.e. CEO's office). You are right Dato', Bank should not distance itself by just issuing a press release.

    Just wondering, if existing Federal Government, Government agencies and Linked companies decided to withdraw all its investment and deposit from the Bank next Monday, can Bank Islam sustain its business?? Reckon it will be a disaster to the Bank

    This is not the first time Chief Economist made a statement that cause trouble to the Bank. How can he escaped from such disciplinary action??

    Interested to know more about this guy and visited the Bank's website. Surprised to see its Management lineup (CFO, CTO, CRO, CIA). What Tabung Haji and MOF is doing ???

    Where is the Agenda Bumiputra/Islam and Pembangunan Anak Bangsa?? May be anak bangsa can only be a teller and officer in the Bank.

  31. Anonymous9:50 am

    Hello, not only this guy, nearly all top and senior Bank Islam are PAS and PKR supporter. Najib mmg tgh tidor sekarang ni. Aku harap dia kalah kat Pekan tp BN menang supaya Muhyidin boleh naik.


  32. Anonymous9:53 am

    is suggest n recc that if BN wins the election, boot the guy out. his prediction is bad. just like enron.

  33. Hehe say wat u want. End of day the millions out there in the kampungs will determine who wins. No point living in denial. FYI, m very much a kampung guy who knows d diff btween empty promises & reality. Good luck guys. At least site like tis lets u release sm of the steam & feel good. Happy weekend !

  34. Jasper Bloodstone11:47 am

    Anon 5:08 PM

    Since you have mentioned Singapore and economists, you may remember the case of a certain Andy Xie who made certain controversial comments about the city-state.

    If I remember right, he had to resign from his job with a leading US investment bank and was shunted into relative obscurity.

    Fast forward to now and this issue of the Bank Islam chief economist's comments at a forum in Singapore.

    The bank has reacted fast. Today's Singapore Straits Times carried a letter from Dato' Sri Zukri Samat, Managing Director, Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd. In the letter, Dato' Sri Zukri wrote that "Bank Islam is not a party to the regional forum and is not related or involved in any way in the event. The views expressed by Mr Azrul are entirely his personal view and should not be linked or attributed to Bank Islam whatsoever."

    So, it seems that Mr Azrul was speaking in his personal capacity. That, as far as I know, isn't a crime. If he is sanctioned by the bank, it's an internal disciplinary measure.

    There could be parallels with the Andy Xie case.

    Stay tuned.

  35. Anonymous11:50 am

    retard @ 11:54 PM should know that they receive foreign funding with vested interests

  36. Anonymous11:52 am

    ABCD = Anything but chinese dap
    TIBAI = Tolak individu bernama anwar ibrahim

  37. Anonymous11:57 am

    yo LMAOROTF @ 10:18 PM, you praying to One Almighty or Three-in-one

    Yeah if your prayers are answered (nauzubillah) you'll have rampant LGBT, extramarital affairs, daily violent demos, shouting and assault jostling for power, gag orders, flag change every season, fairytales about one and all .......

    just like the foreign sponsor america

  38. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Yes.. He is 100% in gay blog. And wawa (his nick name at bank who are not IT savy kantoiii after he charged his iphone at my frens Mac (computer)and left the iphone there. Allah Maha Besar..all photos in his iphone were displayed at my fren's Mac. All the photod, obscenes with his boyfrenssss and images of bataxx pelxx ...istighfar byk2..

    He left bank Ixxxx for sime darby just for a while and make a comeback. No one likez him at bank coz he is soo girlish...use compact powder n lipstic.

    Luv to skip friday prayer...pls sack him...plsss

  39. Anonymous1:11 pm

    I Know this, guy. When he was in MCKK, we used to called him kakak Wawa and .. The likes of Wawa all align to Anwar ... Wonder why ...

  40. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Pray we must,but how can we trust again the people who had been given the chance the last time did not deliver what they had preached and failed to. upkeep their promises.All the things that you mentioned such as cronism,bailing out and most important thing corruption now are happening to the group we used to thrust before.Lets wait and see where will the fence sitters side this time.

  41. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Tmi and mkini i think is paid by foreign funders........ So write based on what is good for the paymasterla.........

  42. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Who the heck listens to an economist or an analyst from Bank Islam? They are not even in the same league as the top-tier banks.

  43. ROCKY!!! Such a historical event...why no reporting?
    Go view the videos.
    Are we all traitors???
    Time to be fair la ...Rocky boy.
    The best for me was the night carnivals atmosphere.....same as as BERSIH 3....dancing ...singing all night long.
    Come on Rocky...REPORT!!

  44. Anonymous6:31 pm

    oh well, that's the guys opinion. We are not homogeneous and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just because it's not the same as yours does it matter? I think people have already made up their minds about who to vote for. There aren't that many fence sitters. So let's just wait till election time. If he's wrong he's wrong - no need to be so bitchy about the whole thing.

  45. Anonymous6:32 pm

    whats the big deal? you wouldn't call him ugly names, and would praise him to the sky if he parrots the good things you always say about BN/UMNO. Hypocrites all.

    sri hartamas

  46. Anonymous6:52 pm


    The Closer the Election Gets ROCKY WILL EXPERIENCE MORE PAIN!!

  47. Anonymous8:24 pm

    emang goblok ini bloger ya, pikiran kayak kodok dalam tempurong ya ,gak ada kalss ya ternyata ini goblok partai setan amno ya. kakakakaka...kapan yang gak senang sama pemerintah semua dibilang oposisi. kayak gine standar gobloker malingshit ya.

  48. Anonymous8:26 pm

    kakzkakaka memang goblok ini malingshit amno ya kayak bocah gak ada standar ya ini malaingshit punya folower partai setan amno. kakakakaka

  49. Anonymous9:14 pm

    come closer to GE13, these type of people will expose their true selves and face

    everybody knows that there are such plants everywhere

  50. Anonymous9:39 pm

    These are the same people who kowtow to foreign investors to bring in funds, technology, skills and jobs.

    And I am talking about the gahmen here. Not Anwar Ibrahim, LGE or the Opposition.

    So, if that Bank Islam economist was giving his take on the political situation as he sees it, what makes you think that foreign investors won't take notice?

    As they do with other analysts and organisations that prognosticate on the Malaysian economy and politics.

    And the free flow of information and opinions are key factors they take into account in making their investment decisions.

    It's a pity that the Bru guy doesn't see it that way.

  51. Anonymous9:55 pm

    This wawa use to be in the panel ste up mustafa muhamad he tibai the taxless salary as researcher for govt he used to sapu the company's computerr n later lost it his car kena pecah and kept silence.he wil talk in french to someone every now n thn if thers ppl near him.I know him well sneky guyy.

  52. Going by the attendance of KL112, THis gal? blundered BIG TIME!!!.

    Bank Islam should sack him - not6 ofr his political leanings but for not being able to read the signs...

    PKR's decline is already obvious since these months back and yet he could not read it>>

    No wonder Bank Islam is not among the top banks - its filled with nincompoof personnel...first not being able to smell a good economist to hire as a Chief Economist...and the CEO should be sacked for employing an idiot!

  53. GOing by the failure of KL112, this GUY blundered BIG TIME!!!

    He cant even read the declining PKR fortunes as the electorate get wiser to the incompetencies, lies and failed promises by the PAKATAN, yet he dare claim BN will lose in the 13th GE.

    Bank Islam should fire this guy..or is he a Gal? NOT for speaking his mind, but for not being able to read that NAJIBs government wil recover ALL thje states baCK FROM PR in the next GE.

    Its no wonder BANK Islam is still not the FAVOURED BANK, with such a CHIEF Economist, its not wonder the BAnk could not read the political socioeconomic situation to take advantage for business gains.

    I think the CEO of Bank Islam should be held accountable for recruiting a ninconpoof of an economist.

  54. Anonymous11:26 pm

    The end is definitely near for BN. Good riddance to bad government

  55. Anonymous11:37 pm

    hahahhahhahahhahahha loser!! Sorry, I meant you rocky...after today's massive turnout. you are an effin loser.

  56. Linosan12:11 am

    JuST a cursory glance at the comments show that all dont thinj too highly of docky. Why i wonder? looks like worst than a gutter guy. no self esteem left :(

  57. Anonymous7:02 am

    hello TMI,
    This may be out of topic but I need to send an email to someone in the telecommunication industry. I stayed in Bdr Sri Permaisuri where unifi is the state of the art now, but till todate after my application for a unifi line I am still with nothing, bro dah 1.5 years and nothing???, TMI marketing team is too effcient but the execution part is a screw up. The only answer I get is, there is not enough port at Villa Laman Tasik; come on, if that is the case stop your marketing in the areaa and don't give people high hopes. Get it moving. How much longer must we wait ???

  58. Rocky's pain will be very painful...if he does not come out with a post to spin the historical all the 100,000 are paid to be there.
    He MUST think of something fast...or Umno b will cut him off from their payroll.
    NAJIB kor???.....speechless!!...just talk cock on water problem in Selangor...pitying residents dwelling in flats...have to walk 10 floors carrying water.
    I repeat...walk 10 floors.....hahahahahahaha
    He has no idea that lifts are installed..for all flats more than 5 floors..........hahahahahahaha
    I am sure Rocky was there....correct?

  59. Anonymous10:45 am

    You sholud thank Rocky for allowing your comment to be shown in his blog.Try Mskini or other Oppo's blogs Poodah they will entertain you.Talking about 100k..another Poodah for you.Even your idol AI was given 2 fingers by the participants when they started to walk out as soon as he took the mike.


  60. Anonymous said...
    You sholud thank Rocky for allowing your comment to be shown in his blog.Try Mskini or other Oppo's blogs Poodah they will entertain you.Talking about 100k..another Poodah for you.Even your idol AI was given 2 fingers by the participants when they started to walk out as soon as he took the mike.

    10:45 AM


    Dear ANon,

    I don't need a thank you from the likes of Monsterball. As long as readers like you can put up with commenters like him, I am grateful. A lot of people still don't understand the meaning of decency in engagement. They abuse the goodwill people show them until it's too late. ANd then they blame us for taking it away from them.

    Cheers, it is a little wet but a great, peaceful Sunday!

  61. Anonymous said...
    ABU Anything but UMNO

    11:50 PM


    You mean Anything But Unity?

  62. Anonymous said...
    the BN must work hard to prove that his calculation is wrong


    10:14 PM



    There's one thing the whole country can count on, and that is the fact that you guys can't count. The DAP election fiasco proves that. Yesterday's "1 million" rally another proof. So the Bank Islam's chief economist's numbers don't need to be count-ered. Waste of time.

  63. Jabalnur,

    Or, the Bank Islam CEO should offer his resignation for misleading the regional masses.

  64. How many times must this Anon 10.45 AM keep writing the same old stuff?
    Actually he is wondering why Rocky does not ban me at all.
    He cannot differentiate a man being paid to perform and a racist like him. can a good sport....accepts all the a man.
    Furthermore....Rocky and I have gone a long long way together.
    He cannot ban me la...very sinful to do that!!
    He heart is like gold...his is silver and you Anon 10.45 like deadwood.....gone case.

  65. Mat Sabu is the man who coined the famous "ABU" Anything But Umno...and Rocky spin it to become..something else.
    Any way....ABU is one of PR's slogan..and Mat Sabu from PAS...did take away votes from Umno b.
    Nice to note...Rocky is spinning... at his usual best.
    Wet Sunday...a sign of a fresh new tomorrow to come.
    How to declare 13th GE date..with all signs going against Najib?

  66. When Rocky writes and responds...all commentators comments.. put on hold.
    He is having headaches what to do.
    Ignore the post out...journalist class dropped few notches.

  67. Anonymous3:50 pm

    goblok gak ada standar ini folower setan amno emang malingshit aja ini anjing amno ya, kakakakaka

  68. Anonymous3:54 pm

    wakakakakaka.ternnyata setan amno hanya bisa kasi beras aja sama itu kaum india ya, kasian ya malingshit amno udah gak tega sama kebangkitan rakyat dia. teman saya bilang itu bapak najib udah diserang strok ya . kasian ya.

  69. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Hahaha.. is he hoping that IF PR wins he could be appointed Finance Minister or at least Bank Negara's Governor? hahahaha what an idiot!

  70. Anonymous5:16 pm

    to BNationalFeed&am, Malaysia is not a cin-cai land like you all in pkr. How pathetic, dream on.. this is the promised land, land of 1Malaysia with the good Malay Governance and Constitutional Monarcy. Thank you Najib.. Malaysia boleh! cin-cai tak boleh, cin-cai ho home!

  71. Bedul6:58 pm

    Awat bos-bos si Wawa ini diam saja. Membisu more like it.
    Jadi betul lah oghe cakap Bank Islam Kelate cartel.
    Katanya sama jugak di DRB Hicom dan Perodua.
    Kelate rules, lah Rocky.
    Ghama yang ahli Pah (PAS) seumur hidup.

  72. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Mamat ni punya presentation sama spt yg dibuat pada management akhir tahun lalu di outside meeting . Pihak pengurusan sudah maklum kandungan presentation jadi untuk mengatakan tidak mewakili Bank adalah mustahil. Pihak pengurusan pengurusan penting spt CFO, CRO , CIO dan CIA semua adalah non muslim. Ketua Jabatan Shariah adalah ahli Pemuda Pas dan surau digunakan oleh ahli ahli penbangkang untuk menabur fitnah dan kebencian yg mana mendapat kelulusan JAKIM. Dari Dato Seri dan Pengarang Urusan BIMB Holdings semua Kelantanese....

  73. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Rocky o rocky, ABU also want to spin kah, u r a real low class blogger. Anything but unity is the apt description of PERKASA!

  74. Anonymous12:38 am


    I know the Truth hurts but no need to hantam the dude locky with all the name calling. You are behaving more like little kids! Lack maturity.

  75. Anonymous3:36 am

    Bersih comprising only Yellows backed by oppositions could only muster 25,000 but Anwar claimed 300,000.

    #112 comprising Yellows, Hijaus, Orens, Unggus and Full Opposition could only bring out 40,000 but one dunggu professor claimed 700,000, more than Hishamuddin's 500,000 or Mkini's 100,000.

    When that dunggu monsterball wanabe also bragged that it was 100,000 little did this corrupted DAP Setapak ahpek realized that he had made a fool of Anwar's 300,000 Bersih attendance. It means that this arrogant monsterball wannabe is implying the dunggus attendance dropped significantly from before.

    Ahpek montelball, you can fool your dunggu pakatoons some times or all the times, but you cant fool all the people all the time.

    Lu leli alogan n manyak hidong tinggi maciam Tokong Lim lu apek.

  76. Anonymous4:41 am

    TMI and Mkini not pro opposition portals?

    What a bunch of cowards, can't even admit what they are.
    Keep taking money from the likes of Soros.

  77. Anonymous7:40 am another P_orno R_egime puppet.

  78. Kaladin8:38 am

    Sir Bru

    While I don't always agree with your views, I am glad that you publish opposing views in your blog.

    Unlike, shall we say, a certain politician who seems to have made Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and AirAsia his own particular bĂȘte noire topics in his blog.

    This particular politician also seems to have picked up the habit of suppressing opposing views and posts in his blog, often under the guise of "awaiting moderation".

    It's funny, that in this day and age, certain bloggers and politicians are afraid of opposing views and reasoned arguments.

    One wonders if they have their own particular agendas to push.

  79. Wave3310:00 am

    Dear Kaladin,

    You are so right.

    Latuk Locky, is so much more better than our PM in accepting opposing views. Kudos to Latuk Locky!

    Latuk Locky for Prime Minister?
    First you have to cut off your pony tail to get voted in.

  80. How nice....I hentam them....they hentam back.
    Keep it up Rocky!
    Let all readers the racists talk and ah pek talk.
    Spinning OK...exposing abusing goodwill.....what goodwill?
    You are a journalist and trained to listen to both sides.
    Your blog mus be democratic. are talking .......only to Umno b idiots..goons.....dumb and dumber. members.
    Chose your path of life.
    Paid to spin is OK.
    Do not let the Devil suck up your soul....for a salary....SONTOLOYOS!!!

  81. Anonymous10:19 pm

    The Company i worked for had a policy where employees must get prior approval before presenting papers to outside parties n contents are vetted to protect the company's reputation becoz mgt can say he is giving his personal views but what he says can create "perception" problems for the company

  82. Anonymous11:18 pm

    The guy lost his job. Happy?
    Hope u eat well.

  83. Greetings & Salutations,

    The last time i check, the constitution allows freedom of speech, freedom of association. So let the dude talk. Did he hurt anyone physically? NO. So let him be. Uncle Rocky, you can do better than this.

    UMNOs are in denial right now, just like in 2008. I still remember back then, when I told everyone I knew, that BN is going to have a tough battle in GE12, as their leaders are week, but the people in UMNOs refuse to listen. I would foresee worse fate awaits UMNOs / BN in GE13. I'M NO SOOTHSAYER but, ask the grassroot, the people around, and you will know what is really their concern, their thoughts, their wants. Don't wait for some report from "Semua Bohong" (as someone named it to me), the "facts" in their reports have been under par lately (as always).

    Corruption Perception Index (CPI), is at ever so high. This is not due to SPRM is doing their job more diligently, but due to people are more well informed these days. We are World CHAMPS of Corruptions. Look at beginning of 2012, how SPRM is being bombarded by one expose' after the other. The NFC, Awang Adek, PM & DPM own staff. How they (SPRM) have define political contribution into ones personal account as being acceptable. I still wonder what sort of investigation been carried out by DPM, on his own staff.


  84. Excveyea ....Rocky must be happy that ...that Bank Islam economist guy lost his job.
    Keep spinning Rocky.
    Malaysian Chinese have a will be what you talk and eat.
    You talk will be reborn a cockatoo da too.
    Maybe a cockerel to fuck all hens....but never a human being again.
    If you believe thee is a spirit better believe not all humans will be reborn humans.
    All Umno B crooks will be reborn deformed and as beggars.
    Me....a romantic monk disrobed and cast out....making millions business..having 4 wives...hahahahahahaha

  85. Anonymous4:58 pm

    "Not only that, this guy says businesses and civil servants aligned to BN will carry out economic sabotage against the Pakatan government after PRU13! Masyallah"
    rocky, fyi masyaAllah means "What ALLAH wishes." that phrase should always be used in a positive way. Malays tend to use it wrongly.

  86. Anonymous12:19 pm

    geng support anuar mesti LGBT....pondan siam...budak MCKK batch 90...konpom pondan...nama glamour dia WAWA....anuar sgt suka...aawwwwwww