Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim vs Shabery Cheek

And the winner is ....
Tun Salleh Abas said WE are the winner. The people who are interested in the issues and in public discourse. "I think the program should go on," he told me after last night's DEBATE between Shabery, the Information Minister, and Anwar, the former DPM, MoF, and now advisor to PKR.

Shabery did quite well, I thought. He got floored a couple of times but he got back on his feet to carry on. No mean feat. He had the balls to engage Anwar at what Anwar does best. I don't think many BN politicians would relish the idea of standing against Anwar Ibrahim in a debate, especially on the subject of the Government's unpopular decision to increase petrol prices by 41 per cent and diesel by 63 per cent.

From the word go, Anwar attacked that decision as untenable and one that gave rise to inflation. He pooh-poohed forecast that the country's oil reserves are drying up. "Fifteen or twenty years ago, the government forecast that our reserves would dry up in 2005". The keyword, he said, is "... if no new reserves are found".
"And if our MPs don't even understand this ... susahlah (we're in trouble)."

Shabery played the blame game, but not excessively. Anwar was Minister of Finance. He was part of the policy-making BN machine. The Info Minister reminded Anwar that in 1997 he was subscribing to IMF prescriptions, such as pushing up interest rates sky high, which hurt a lot of business people and the layman.

Both speakers conducted themselves very well. They were not emotional and stuck to the topic. Congratulations. And to Agenda Daily for organizing it.

I agree with Tun Salleh, this program should go on. Let's hope Agenda Daily has more in store for US.


  1. Anonymous11:00 pm

    For this debate, it is for Anwar to lose, and he didn't. Shabery should be credited for having the ball to debate agst Anwar, but nevertheless, and I beg to differ from Rocky's opinion, I think Shabery didn't do too well especially his personal attacks on Anwar. This is a debate on the issues, not the personality. There is no win or lose here of course, Anwar want the platform to propage his views and project the image he wants to project - I think he is successful. Shabery wanted to discredit from the moment the moderator says go...and he fail in his mission as the Anwar is too smart to fall for his personal attack tricks. So tho we the people are the winner, Anwar has got what he wants and Shabery has got what he deserve.

  2. Anonymous11:02 pm

    bro, sorry this time, u got it wrong, i am not a fan of annuar, but i think the Malaysia CIO did too bad to explain why Anuar plans baseless. No concrete point from the Cheek guy, i saw very arrogant inexperience young minister try to make wrong points right. It a total flop to BN or UNNO if Cheek is the sample of UMNO leadership. Sorry bro.

  3. Anonymous11:02 pm

    And the winner is Dr M. Hang jangan pi jual Agusta. Jangan lepai AI. Jangan bg muka pd Spura. Pi bina jambatan bengkok tu. And Badawi did the opposite. And the good Dr said HALF past SIX. Look what happened in KL on Monday, and how Anwar can tel cops, i will come c u on my terms. And Syed Hamid...i have proof SMS. Other home ministers wil say, i made the decision based on intel reports. Obviously we wil have to review the inter gathering ops on weather the blockade prevented gathering or there were weakness in intel gat operations. Dunla say, my proff is SMS. Half past 6. Dr M wil be smiling, laughing, all da way

  4. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Anwar was really focused on the prevailing issues with good answers. Shabery was very provocative.
    Is it necessary to raise issues of 1974?
    It shows under pressing moment BN turns defensive instead of arguing valid points. Also it was not necessary to speak about other countries which BN leaders do so often to defend themselves.

  5. Anonymous11:08 pm

    sabery cheek dare to debate against anuar ibra. Other UMNO politicians chicken out , became cold turkey and cry babies.


  6. Rocky,

    Shabery is an embarrassment to the BN Government. His personal attacks on Anwar only showed lack of wisdom and shallow knowledge of the economy.

    And dear Shabery, please bring a handkerchief next time to wipe your frothing saliva on both sides of your lips.

  7. Anonymous11:09 pm

    I think the winner is us the people but DSAI as well for being professional and sticking to the subject unlike shabery with his blow below the belt style - so unprofessional!

    Fedup taxpayer

  8. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Now I know why TNB is held ransom by the IPPs ... Wali Kota

  9. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Pak Rocky,
    Debat ini membuat saya ingin menghantar anak-anak saya ke Majlis Debat secara aktif atau menghantar mereka tuition debat.
    Ia memberi ilham kepada saya, daripada mengajar anak-anak karate dan silat atau mengajar mereka mengunakan senjata, lebih baik mengajar mereka mengunakan otak, dan bersikap kreatif!

  10. i beg to differ brother. sabery kept going astray from the main issue and was only interested in taking a swipe at Anwar. yea, yea, anwar the former minister, the ketua perusuh jalanan and all that shit...

    BUT was the debate supposed to be about Anwar or the fuel price woes in the first place?

  11. Anonymous11:18 pm


    I disagree with you.

    Question: "In 2006, when there was a price hike, the government said it would improve public transport. Now they are saying that they are going to use the substantial savings for the benefit of the people. Can we believe that?"

    Shabery: "All the countries that have cheap oil - look at Venezuela and Iran, look at their high inflation rates. We can now overcome our food price crisis. Our rice is cheaper than Thailand. We don’t have to demonstrate on the road or hold indecent concerts."

    He can't even answer a simple question like the above. Either he has inadequate sense of hearing and understanding the question or merely beating around the bush avoid answering the question.

    I can't believe that Shabery for steeping as low as to resort to personal attack on Anwar. The debate is about Oil not Personality.

    Verdict: Anwar 1, Shabery 0






  13. Anonymous11:22 pm

    The goverment effort thru Shabery Cheek failed miserably. He didn't take the opportunity to explain with facts but choose to go on "personal attack" mission against Anwar.

    All in all, he repetaedly ask us to belief what the government did is the best for the nation. He is out of touch with the rakyat suffering......


  14. Anonymous11:22 pm

    If this type of debate program is to go on, professionalism etiquettes must be observed at all times. You can't have a coffee shop style of debates.

    Although Shabery is to be given credit for having the balls to debate with DSAI, he lost his professionalism when he used personal attacks against DSAI. And that made him looked cheap. He is off course at most times. And I agree ~ DSAI was focussed on the issues.

    You are wrong, Rocky.

    And I do hope the UMNO cybertroopers are reading this.

  15. Anonymous11:24 pm

    I felt letdown by the debate just now between Anwar & Ahmad Shabery. They did not give much input into the subject matter, especially Shabery who is more interested in going for personal attack towards Anwar. He should have counter Anwar's reasoning with facts & figures done by the government to lessen the impact of the increase of fuel price. Instead both of them debate as if they are campaigning before the general election.
    Such a waste of time staying-in to watch the so-called debate.

  16. The only confirmed loser was Nordin Kardi (the Minister's wakil) who came off like a sneering schoolground bully. Tan Sri ke?

  17. Anwar is so cool when Shabery attacked him personally. Digging past issues is not the way to move forward.

    Let's see what mainstream media gonna feed us tomorrow morning ;-)

  18. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Sorry Bro Rocky dont agree with you, Anwar stuck to his facts and gave valid and cogent plans as to how to reduce oil price. Yet shabery laid some low blows, personal attacks on character. No losers here tho but definitely pushes up Anwar's ratings.

  19. I am currently overseas and I missed this debate... Anyone has a youtube link or whatsoever so that I can enjoy it.

    Thanks !

  20. Anonymous11:31 pm


    Your entry on this topic just shows how biased you are in your views! This Minister at SO MANY times, and i mean so so many many times deviate from the whole topic of the debate, which involves too many unnecessary personal attacks and quoting of history and examples on other nations. This guy, is just like BN, running away from the issues at stake here!

  21. Shabbery failed miserably and if he has any face, he should quit on 24-hours basis, effective midnight.

    Personal attack on public debate patform is no go go; Shabbery just showed or revealed UMNO true colors and its bad for business. No way FDI coming into country if cabinet ministers like Shabbery qualities, i.e. Coconut zero brain!

    Anwar is Malay of Global Standard, surpassed TUV (Germans) benchmark, no way fight against Shabbery (Sirim) quality.

    Wonder rest of cabinet minister have any feeling of dumbness by remaining in cabinet under Prime Minister Pak Lah.

  22. I think the shabery guy is no where near DSAI's capability. I think DSAI was very professional. He kept reminding the crowd that he would not attack the personality but this shabery 'diots really repeat his attacks and that shows how lousy he is .. what to do ? He is from BN .. nothing more that form but no substances...


  23. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Very interesting Rocky, this time you got it wrong. Shabery hit below the belts which I think was very uncalled for and he seems to forget the topic of the day. Furthermore, his answers were very general and only touching the surface with no supported facts and figures but instead he threw accusations to Anwar. Anyway, your posting seems more to one sided these days. Kenapa Rocky ? ikut angin ker ?


  24. What can I say. It's just a show. Yes, we're the winner. But what did we win? Any relief soon? Any improvement in governance? Any cheaper alternatives to alter our lifestyles?

    Politicians can debate all they want till kingdom come, using the US model, using the Westminster model or even using them Holy Books. The bottom line is, what's the effect on me.

  25. gua kat opis, segan nal layan streaming. nasib baik ada anilnetto.com

    nampak gaya mcm pak sheikh tapau saberi kow-kow

    tak sabar nak balik rumah nak layan youtube ni.


  26. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Sorry lah. Shabery is a joke with main focus on personal attack at anuar.. that is WAY out of topic.
    - mojo -

  27. Anonymous11:36 pm

    thought this debate is about fuel.

    but one guy is talking about feud & the other...

    about how the rakyat feel.


  28. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Shabery Cheek's points sounded rehearsed. At times, he deviated from the questions and issues. Anwar did the pre-emptive move by raising the IPP issue which the BN side was ill prepared for. The VC who represented Shabery was totally out of league with meaningless ramble.

  29. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Brave of Shabery to debate with Anwar and for this we should commend him. VP material.

    BUT, he barely escaped being mauled by Anwar who was just holding back and concentrating on trying to give a good impression to the rest of Malaysia. THAT was his audience, not Shabery!

    I'm quite sure no umno leader would debate with Anwar after this.


  30. I am NOT Anwar supporter, but I think Shabery was eaten alive on national TV.

    Personal attacks - Shabery did it repeatedly.

    What did Shabery promise he would do after the debate again?

  31. Anonymous11:46 pm

    bro rocky...
    saya ni skolah takat SPM jer. keje sebagai technician.
    tapi wat ken i sey is imformasi ministar kennot de-butt wit bung nuar... so malu lah...
    mana dia blajar ekonomi??? org mcm ni ka paklah sent to de-butt with anwar???

    evan anwar hed sey..." sy sanggup de-butt dgn pakar ekonomi sekalipun"

    agendadaily must look for tissue sponsor...


    technician kilang keropok

  32. Anonymous11:47 pm

    I strongly disagree with you. Shabery did poorly - the debate was supposed to be about issues and he should have presented Government's side with fact, figures and arguments. Being personal and making some stupid potshots was not for this kind of debate. But I guess he is too dumb to know it and has probably played to a different gallery. DSAI is a winner, though...

  33. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Yup! That Cheek guy is a shade too faint in his ATTEMPT to discredit Anwar. So u got it wrong this time bro. What I saw and heard was Sabery taking a few digs at Anwar via personal attacks, and didnt get to the point. He didnt answer the questions (did he miss the points or what?)raised either. I am no fanatic fan of Anwar, but after tonight, he earned my respect for he did not retaliate to personal attacks, he stuck to the points, his concern was genuine and he actually made sense (at least to the people in the house tonite). What did this Cheek guy do? He kept on talking about Anwar never changed, confused and didnt understand the matters debated (or purposely didnt want to understand?) comparing Malaysia to Norway...NORWAY, can you believe it? I wish I didnt watch the debate. Now I am worried sick that the country is run by the likes of this smart a**.


  34. Anonymous11:50 pm

    I thought Anwar was cool, focussed and articulate. Shabery would have come off okay, just okay, had he not turn personal. But kudos to the Information Minister to take on this debate. I don't think his other more experienced colleagues in the cabinet would have done as well. They would have volunteered! You need b**ls and brain!
    If anything, the debate gave Anwar lots of mileage.

  35. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Frustrating. You are right Bru, that AI knocked down SC a couple of times. But just no finishing, that's the frustrating bit. SC kept coming at him with low blows and all but AI couldn't finish the job.

    One fighter is too raw, the other too mellowed down.

    Kudos to the organizers.

  36. Anonymous11:54 pm

    anwar did great because he focus on the topic.

    zamri ppbss

  37. Anonymous11:58 pm

    frankie, the information is wrong. Venezula and iran have cheaper oil but inflation is too high. - that is what our stupid minister say. He must undestand that these countires have been embargo by USA so they cannot get oversea products

    zamri - ppbss

  38. Anonymous11:58 pm

    I thought we lost.
    Was there any workable/realistic step by step way to reduce oil prices?
    As "Taring" said, all talk but does not help the me.
    What was seen is who is more smooth and who is to blame. That will be enough for the rabid Anwar/Umno suppporter to talk about, "ooh...did you see how Anuar/Shabery behave/looked?"

  39. Anonymous12:01 am

    Rocky bro,

    In my opinion: Arang kata buntut kuali hitam, buntut kuali kata arang hitam.

    Loser: Rakyat Malaysia. Just like kamasutra, in every positions still kena FCUKED.

    Winner: TDM. His name being mentioned many times compare to the present PM.

    Pak Lah: zzzzzz....zzzzzz...zzzz

    Me: Just a gunung guy.

  40. Anonymous12:03 am

    The VC represented Shabery talk cock..!Anwar you are great!!! Good luck on the TWO appointment esok,,!!

    Shabery,,Quit the Cabinet post!!!


  41. yeah yeah we the people won and the people will win any which way. But in a debate there is a loser and a winner. and in this case Anwar won hands down and BN became defensive and unable to focus on the issue and being personal which are traits of people who have no point and not confident. Rockybru you are wrong bro.

    There will be a lot of spin about this next few days like the people won but lets face the fact, all the feedback I've seen say Anwar was the clear winner. It is great to see a leader who can debate and focus and put his points across. No way Pak Lah can do it. Anwar has the plans for a better M'sia.

    BTW Iran and Venezuela are too dependent on oil and have no other industry or manufacturing sector like us.Also they are busy with army build ups and terrorist groups. and rice is Thailand is cheaper than Msia and RM for RM, their rice is better quality.

  42. Anonymous12:06 am

    rocky, are you shabery close friend!! You must judge who is a true leader and focus in his objectives. I think since shabery praise you, you start to pro-umno ke????

    mohd mahathir

  43. Thumbs up to Cheeky but as the above mentioned .. personal attack and glorified BN and UMNO suck ..

  44. Anonymous12:09 am

    The clear evidence from tonite debate, Petronas is able to secure additional massive income from overseas operations. These overseas expansion program were initoated during Mahathir's time cannot be simply ignored no matter how you want to hate Mahathir.

    I used to hate Mahathir, but due credit I must give to him. Beside that, another project I am proud of is the building of North-South Highway which at the inception I protested too at that time. Looking back it is not bad after all, you can drive to Penang in 4 hours. Do you ever think Lim Kit Siang will acknowledge the benefits he is deriving from North South Highway he is using now?

  45. Anonymous12:09 am

    Jangkaan saya tepat sama sekali! Shabery dengan kecetekan ilmu kepolitikannya berbanding DSAI tidak mampu untuk menangani debat ini dengan hujah2 yg bernas malah sebaliknya hanya memaparkan ketidakcerdikannya. Sikap tidak beretika yg dipamerkan oleh Shabery jelas mencerminkan corak pemikiran dan penilaian yg lemah di dalam memahami sesuatu isu atau persoalan yg dilemparkan.Seharusnya cadangan atau struktur penyelesaian yg diutarakan oleh DSAI dibahaskan dari pelbagai perspektif dan bukannya dibanjiri dgn fakta2 sejarah berbau peribadi dan tidak menguntungkan rakyat. Sedarlah, rakyat yg sebenarnya mempunyai kuasa mutlak di dalam menentukan segala2nya.BANGUNLAH!!
    DSAI, anda adalah KEBANGGAN kami dan Shabery, anda adalah KEMALUAN BESAR kerajaan BN!

  46. Anonymous12:11 am

    This is a good entertainment though...wonder how many people watch this on TV? This American-style debate will make people watch RTM more than TV3. LOL

  47. Anonymous12:11 am

    I disagree with you.
    The Info Minister talked no sense and could not even answer a straight question from Anwar's wakil. Moreover it was below the belt of him to attack Anwar personally.
    Anwar on the other hand was clear with what he wanted to bring across to the audience. And he spoke facts.
    1) Govt allowed debate with an agenda i.e. to character assassinate Anwar.
    2) The cabinet are of donkey intellect and the govt is a 3rd grade circus.
    3) Govt got a chance to explain to public why the fuel hike but they mess up big time. Instead of explaining, they showed their ugly side.

  48. Anonymous12:14 am

    Here the account:


  49. Anwar vs Shabery, who won? the Rakyat won. I hope there will be more debates of this nature. Let us savour this historic moment where almost the whole country stopped a while to listen to what the BN government and the Pakatan Opposition has to say about the drastic oil price increase. This is a tremendous boost to democratic discourse in Malaysia and I agree with Shabery that it is a hell lot better than demonstrating in public.

    Next debate the debaters should stay away from personal attacks though and just focus on the issues being debated. The rakyat Shabery must know now are not stupid and Anwar should be commended for keeping his cool in the face of the personal onslaught by Shabery. Maybe next time Kadir Jasin should be moderator instead of Johan, he probably can keep the debaters talking on the issues rather than deviating too much.

    All in all, Kudos to Shabery for having the balls to face Anwar whose oratorial brilliance is second to none in Malaysia. Oklah Kudos to Abdullah also for allowing the debate to see the light of day. Next stop should be debate between PM Abdullah and Ku Li, Malaysia in economic crisis, inflation and stagflation, the way forward.

  50. As much as the debate was civil and orderly, it is not exactly going to be very welcome by UMNO.

    This civility does not coincide with what is convenient to UMNO and its conduct and behaviour.

    This civility contrasts to the road blocks of yesterday created by just the whims of the Home Minister. He will never produce any evidence that he says he has got as he has none.

    This civility will confuse all and sundry. It does not go down well with the demon that UMNO paints Anwar by and tomorrow they want to arrest Anwar. Now after this deabte they still want to?

    All of a suddent he demon that UMNO has painted of UMNO and Pakatan over the last few months and especially the last few weeks may seem to go to waste. You can well bet this will be last debate. Unles of course it is going to be one like Mohammad Mohammad Taib or Bung Mokhtar who is going to talk on behalf of UMNO.

    Certainly Shabery talked well. No doubt he made a few jouvenile mistakes. Pardoned. But the greatest damage he caused was even engaging Anwar in this most civil debate. For this he has to pay a price. The war lords have to make sure.

    Now the rural folk at the heart of UMNO support can see a Pakatan that is equal to task and govern. They would have seen that Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat are not really the demon that UMNO makes them out to be.

    This setting the back ground, it is not too difficult to extrapolate what is going to be reported or not reported by MSM tomorrow. Is it going to be front page or is it going to be sidelined. Or is it going to be spun?

    I shall see in the morning.

  51. Anonymous12:17 am

    anwar hasn't actually been brilliant as finance minister. if not for mahathir, we would be in deep shit. what else can he focus on? there's nothing to hit shabery under the belt with. yes, it should be all about anwar and his cheap tricks. 50 sen? i'm going to call him 50-sen man from now on. cheguu

  52. more comments here.

    One could easily judge who is the clear winner.
    Anwar Ibrahim focused on the issue.
    Shabeery Chik only interested in personal attacks.

    Even the last question "what have the govt do with those money saved in 2006 for public transportation" was not answered by SC. Instead, he chose to attack AI for the last time.

  53. Anonymous12:18 am

    Next time in a debate, Shabbery should control himself, be serious and focus on the subject..no personal attacks... and next time I would prefer somebody else.. not Anwar as his opponent.


  54. Anonymous12:19 am

    Pakatan Rakyat should list down all the IPPs and their taukehs and Pakatan (PKR, PAS and DAP) members should group themselves up to make a protest against these IPP companies and their taukehs instead of creating massive jam and luring all our innocent citizen to protest at Buntuk concert at Kelana Jaya. Leave innocent Rakyat alone, protest against the IPP.

    Dare Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz list down all the IPP companies do a massive protest against their heinous act of profiterring at the expense of suffering Rakyat.

    IPP contract terms was drafted then more favaourably to ensure the IPP projects then is bankable, fair enough. Shouldn't now these IPP have some sense of corporate responsibility and governance to grant the Government to review the terms now that these IPPs are making tons of money.

    I call upon all Pakatan supporters to demand their leaders to do that since Anwar has mentioned in tonite debate the main culprit is the IPPs

  55. Anonymous12:19 am

    Dear all,

    Anwar Ibrahim made an interesting disclosure during the debate. Pressed on the fact that IPP was a product from his era, he invited all and sundry to check the facts. And the facts, according to him, is that he, as Finance Minister and Deputy PM, DID NOT agree to the IPP pricing back then.

    Bru, check it out please. If it's true Anwar DID NOT agree to the IPP's terms, why did he not put his foot down man?

    What difference was he then as UMNO man than this Shabery Cheek?

    -- Timoti --

  56. Anonymous12:22 am

    Sorry bru! I think u purposely make an entry in so called "bias' so that will attract to your commments. heheheh . Anyhow, personally I believe Shabery in many instances made a personal attacks on Anwar and away from the topics eventhough Anuar repeatedly make it clear that it is not about Anuar issue. Anuar on the other hand, stay calm forwarding its lines of arguements. It really showed a quality of BN leaders Ehhmm.... I wonder how BN leaders will comments on the debate.

  57. Anonymous12:24 am

    Anwar presented his case and conducted himself like a Prime Minister. He was poised, he was patient, factual, responded to questions, to the point and most of all, did not succumb to retaliate to the innuendos and personal attacks. Bravo.
    I know there are many of us out there who are doubtful about this man, but I personally believe that we have no one better to lead this country than the man we saw on tv just now. I hope Malaysians would give him the chance…

  58. Anonymous12:25 am

    I disagree with you too. I believe you may be too polite and trying to be neutral

    But the difference in stature is so obvious !!!!!

    Dato Seri Anwar come across as poised, intelligent, articulate and persuasive.
    He is so cool with the personal attacks and very charismatic.

    Re debate, the others have said it all !
    I am not a Anwar support yet I would be proud to introduce him as our PM

  59. Anonymous12:25 am

    Anwar presented his case and conducted himself like a Prime Minister. He was poised, he was patient, factual, responded to questions, to the point and most of all, did not succumb to retaliate to the innuendos and personal attacks. Bravo.
    I know there are many of us out there who are doubtful about this man, but I personally believe that we have no one better to lead this country than the man we saw on tv just now. I hope Malaysians would give him the chance…


  60. Anonymous12:26 am

    It takes guts to face a seasoned speaker like DSAI. Datuk Shabery Chik was courageous, but was too arrogant IMHO. His childish and unprofessional remarks and attacks is shameful... unbecoming of a cabinet minister in public do...

    The winner? TV9, Astro Awani, Bernama TV etc.... their viewer ratings must have sky rocketed...

  61. Anonymous12:26 am

    Shahril commented Anwar should focus on Diesel not Petrol,,!!!

    Another Ex Semangat 46 Asshole,,talking cock!!!!!Tak tau tajuk Perbincangan!!!!!


  62. Anonymous12:30 am

    I disagree with you too. I believe you may be too polite and trying to be neutral

    Dato Seri Anwar come across as poised, intelligent, articulate and persuasive.
    He is so cool with the personal attacks and very charismatic.

    Re debate, the others have said it all !
    I am not Dato supporter, yet I would be proud to introduce him as our PM

  63. Anonymous12:30 am

    Sha-biri-biri responded like a third division semi-pro player.
    An-war stick to topics like any other professional division one player.


  64. Anonymous12:32 am

    Shabery tak jawap soalan pun. Dia lebih suka buang masa dengan serangan peribadi. Memalukan BN sahaja. Bukan kah lebih baik dia mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menerangkan dengan fakta dan data yang jelas kepada rakyat sebab apa BN naikkan harga minyak secara mendadak? Anwar lebih fokus, jelas dan meyakinkan rakyat. Jawapan "lari dari tajuk" dari Shabery menyebabkan Anwar sentiasa tersenyum leret kerana berjaya memperbudak-budakkan Shabery. Anwar tidak emosi dengan serangan peribadi. Tahniah!

    Keputusan : Anwar - 1, Shabery - 0.

  65. Anonymous12:32 am

    anonymous raudah

    SC kept on talking abt historical things, to be specific, personal attack to AI.... but AI presented on facts and figures, which malaysians are waiting for all this while.. congrats to AI, our aspring leader.. no way BN ministers can debate as gud as AI

  66. Anonymous12:35 am

    Anwar majorly owned Shabery there. I don't think anyone can seriously think that Shabery came out equal with the master orator. However, as many have already pointed out, props to Shabery for actually turning up.

    As I watched, I kept waiting for Shabery to pounce on the fact that Anwar was proposing to drop the price down to 2.20/litre, which would still effectively be more than the original 1.92/litre. While Anwar's argument that increase was too high, too fast, he himself declined to claim to reduce the price to the previous one ... and bearing in mind that before the elections during campaigning, Anwar kept saying that he would not increase prices at all from the 1.92, and would, in fact, *reduce* it further ...

    But Shabery probably was not entirely comfortable with himself and a little too preoccupied with the character assassination attempt.

    And of course, the UUM VC ... pergh ... with an ally like that, Shabery was effectively facing 3 dudes -- Anwar, Zulkifli Sulong and the Tan Sri VC.

  67. Anonymous12:37 am

    Salam Bro,

    Precedent been set.

    Well done.Bolehlah kita sesama menilai yang mana 'intan dan yang mana manikam'.

  68. Anonymous12:38 am


    read the analysis in your Malaysia Today's link above.

    No big deal, at the analysis and comments there not helpful at all at least to me who is suffering from the fuel hike. I am not interested in politic sandiwara.

    The fuel hike clear display now the profiteering by IPPs at the expense of citizen.

    I totally support the suggestion by the poster above ("bloodsucked") the protest against these IPP companies.

  69. Anonymous12:41 am

    This minister got guts.... kena bagi dier minyah atar and minyak urut... org debat minyak petrol dan diesel.. dier go personal... anyway thanks for the free airtime...


  70. Anonymous12:43 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Shabery - was very shabby-looking with his mouth full of saliva ala Lim Keng Yaik.

    Cheek - Chickened out at crucial situations and resorted to below the belt attacks on DSAI.

    Shabery Cheek mentioned something about Finland comparatively with Malaysia.
    Does the bloke know that in Finland
    education and healthcare is free for its citizens ????

    Please lah Shabery...do your homework before opening your froth flowing mouth......

    End Result

    Anwar 1 Shabery 0
    PR 1 BN 0
    Pak Lah - Kad Merah
    Johan Jaffar -Kad Kuning
    Dr Mahathir -Gantung Seumur Hidup dari semua pertandingan.

    Possession: PR 75% BN 25%
    Tendangan Sudut: AI 0 SC 5
    Penalty:Tendangan akan dilakukan di Ibu Pejabat Polis KL sebelum pukul 200ptg 16hb July 2008.


  71. Anonymous12:43 am

    Sorry bro, you're a lost cause. You're not independent anymore ... judging from the comments it seems obvious that you chose to spin the other way ... ada offer kat NST or Utusan ke ...

    Umno member still

  72. Anonymous12:44 am

    Quote of the Day: Anwar: "I Sokong PETRONAS, yg i kutuk adalah Kerajaan BN. Ahli2 Parlimen mereka tak paham paham lagi ke?"

  73. Bro Rocky,

    Anwar did focus on the issue but his
    economic thoery of dependence on PETRONAS money is similar to
    a young man living on his dead father's hard earned savings.

    No real economic idea.

  74. Anonymous12:45 am

    I just saw Wong's blog ... spin dia sama dengan yours la bro ... how odd!

    Umno member still

  75. Dear Bro,

    From my 1 hour focus throughout the debate....I have my own opinion that

    a) DSAI always focus to the subject matter of the debate
    b) DSAI only smiling when the young minister, Ahmad Shabery keep attacking his personal and past issues. Ahmad so arrogant by calling him Saudara Anwar while DSAI call Ahmad - Datuk.
    c) DSAI always keep repeating that why government so sudden to increase the fuel prices but Ahmad Shabery always gave the same reason that made known to us already.

    What we the rakyat want know is the justification that you the BN government increased the fuel prices....all the standard economy, world fuel prices, we all KNOW already ...but u Ahmad Shabery....really misused the debate forum by arrogantly attacking Anwar on personal issues. What type of Information Minister are u? Now, everyone knows that u are ex-S46. No wonder u got the post. No matter what u Ahmad Shabery got a balls to debate with Anwar....but most of the ground people said U better step down !

  76. Anonymous12:46 am

    Does Malaysia lack of good candidate for the Ministry of Information post? There is no difference between the previous and the current information minister. Both can't answer just a simple question!!!


  77. Anonymous12:46 am

    firstly.. Shabery... pls try & wipe the foam from your mouth next time u do public speaking,k?...

    Ok... the minister had 2 things going 4 him..
    1) he had d balls to be there
    2) he hit on the only good point of the nite from him - why only 50sens when DSAI promised to reduce fuel price from RM1.92.

    However, DSAI answered (2) quite astutely.. & defused the point.

    Overall... from a pure debate point of view, it was a clear DSAI won.... professionalism, well thought answers, charming personality... his opponent had to resort to personal attacks to get applause.

    So DSAI 1, Shabery 0... PR 1, BN 0...Rakyat 1, Gomen 0

    last point... that Nordin Kardi fella was obviously a back-up speaker for Shabery... it was more like a statement than a question!!
    DSAI, rightfully & good naturedly chidded him too!

    hmm... ok... DSAI 2, BN 0!!

  78. Anonymous12:48 am

    personal attack apa?

    I dont think anwar had been offended on the alleged 'personal' attack!

    Shabeery did quite good but a few personal attack made him looked like loser by anwar supporters.

    What about his submissions which cover 95% of the debate?

    I bet all the buggers who blamed and concentrate on shabeery's small and 'ciput' personal attack instead of the crux of the debate, still do not believe and confident anwar's solution to decrease the oil price!

    U can see the proof in the comments made here, no one puji anwar's solution is a brilliant idea or desak govt to follow anwar's proposed solutions!

    The result, nothing new by anwar and it was another political gimmick!

    Anyway, i must praise anwar on his maturity and coolness.

    -chindian anti rethoric-

  79. Anonymous12:49 am


    Hate to say this.
    Is that Tan Sri our utmost acedemic scholar?


  80. Anonymous12:51 am

    bro. Go,talk to an ordinary guy on the street before you blog. STREETGUY

  81. Anonymous12:52 am

    I slap my head when I heard Cheek's representative Dr Nordin Kadri speak. With people like him as Ketua Pengarah Biro Tata Negara and now Naib-Canselor of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), no wonder our university graduates have problems looking for jobs. Instead of radiating his data-crunching intellect, the man gave everyone a mindless lecture.


  82. Anonymous12:52 am

    dearRocky,What's wrong with u these few days. You seems 2 be lost not knowing to differentiate. Anyway I'm 100% not agreeable with U. I don't fancy Anuar but I do agree with him 4 the first time in my life. He talk on facts and fig n our stupid ministerkeep on with his personal attack. I dread to think what is going to happen to Malaysia and our future generaton with our dummy minister under the leadership of our sleepy PM. Anak Mami

  83. Anonymous12:53 am

    The debate videos for the debate are ready at mediarakyat.

    Find out more at http://mediarakyat.net

    mediarakyat site admin.

  84. Anonymous12:54 am

    i think both did badly. poor show coming from ppl who are supposed to enlighten us on the issue.

    anwar's so-called 'plans' to reduce fuel price were so unconvincing, while shabery take on anwar's past looked like an attempt to regress into anwar's personal behaviour.

    the rakyat wanted to know the rational of the recent dramatic price hike, but what we get was a show of arrogance from both parties.

    result? : ZERO-ZERO

  85. Anonymous12:54 am

    Anwar is the winner. Shabery should tender his resignation letter.

    As a BN supporter, I am very ashame with him!!!He is out focused!!!

    Forgot to congrate Shabery for his gentleman & braveness to set up this open debate. At least he is not like the other typical BN Minister who are really chicken!!!!

    Congrate also to Bro Anwar for his professionalism & good explaination!!!!

  86. Anonymous12:56 am

    Com'on bro rocky.R u joking. Shabery d winner? 1st, his facts was all wrong? 2nd, most of the argument were off-topic. 3rd, the continuous personal attack on DSAI was just very immature & childish.
    4th, he repeatedly wrongly/misinterpreted DSAI by saying that DSAI wanted extra money from Petronas in order to achieve that minyak murah while what DSAI said was by improving mngmnt in the gomen & then start charging IPP with real gas price instead damn cheap price (much less than market price). This just rugikan Petronas & gomen even more. DSAI was actually attacking gomen mgmt & nothing about taking more that what Petronas had gave the gomen. Hence, I'm not sure what Shabery is thinking. Is he listening? or bz thinking of his next move on what to say.
    On the other hands, DSAI is very relax, factual and professional. Hands down, its DSAI show.
    Anyhow, the bottomline is to Pak Lah, should DSAI idea is valid & make sense, drop the ego, apply it. Remember, it is about rakyat!!

  87. Anwar pooh poohed Shabery regarding the oil depletion in Malaysia. He shouldn't have because there is such a thing called "peak oil", of which the world is talking about currently.
    Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline.

    Perhaps the debate should have included a couple more experts including
    1. An Economist, perhaps one of those smarty pants from Bank Negara Malaysia.
    2. Scientist from our local University

    Anwar has made his point on the possibility of cutting back IPP profit and giving a portion back to the people. But an economist would be able to determine, with facts and figures, not merely rhetorics, up to what extend the government can do that without jeopardizing economy growth in the long run.

    As for the presence of a scientist/environmentalist in the debate, it'll help people understand that it is not just cutting/subsidizing petrol will contribute to the problems we are facing now, but how to cut back in our lavish lifestyle and learn to consume less. Take less and give more towards the environment.
    I read somewhere,
    "Because the world's petroleum supply is effectively fixed, if global oil consumption is not mitigated before the decline phase begins, a world energy crisis may develop because the availability of conventional oil will drop causing prices to rise, perhaps dramatically."

    Yes, we should be talking about short term relief for the needy by lowering oil price a little if not a lot, (and having Anwar sounded like he's actually concerned for the people in need almost made me drop off my chair laughing - I had some personal matter involving him during his time "serving" as the Education Minister, that convinced me that the last thing he bother is defending the oppressed), but what we REALLY should be talking about right now is how to cut back and be less dependant on oil and try to plunge some money into R&D to find other alternative to fuel.

    It is a famous quote that ,"Stone Age did not end because of lack of stones, Oil Age will not end because of lack of oil". We need to have debates and discussions comprising of many parties, political or non political, to address the issue at hand.

    Well, every journey begins with the first step. The debate, hopefully will progress into a more articulate discussion, not for scoring political points, but actually try to solve some issues. Jangan sampai Parti Pembangkang and Ruling party bertaki, Rakyat mati kebuluran.

    The issue for politicians is not about politicking. The issue is US,the Rakyat.

  88. Anonymous12:58 am

    Anwar Ibrahim won, he looked, acted and sounded as a statemen, perhaps even a prime`minister. Dr M, forgive Anwarlah, compared to Najib, Muhidin and Badawi, you know, Anwar would be able to pull it off. All economies have recessiion, but ours is depression.. with Anwar at helm, and DR M by his side, perhaps depression will go away, and then we can tackle the recession. As for Shabery, hitting below the belt is not what having balls mean, rather its a sign of a coward. It pains me, when we are being compared to Iran and Venezuela... what next Uganda and Somalia. As for IPP, Anwar cant run away from collective cabinet decisiion. If I am not mistaken, Najib and Badawi were also part of the cabinet...they too must shoulder the blame... Shabry... go ask Badawi and NAJIB...COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY..11

    I would like to be known as Foaming minister, SHAFTED in moutth??

  89. someone said it 100% correctly, you be proud to say Anwar is or PM than Pak Lah. Najib...too much dirt on him and not a true man, no back bone as Dr.M stated...hen pecked husband la.

  90. Anonymous1:06 am

    DS Anwar for PM, tomorrow petrol will reduce to RM2.20/liter...its achievable, so go for it.

    DS Anwar for PM, you are PM material. You made DS Shabery foaming to the cheek in defense of the govt's position.


  91. Anonymous1:06 am

    Congrats to both of them!! but, i, still waiting for the answer! Solution! yes increase subsidy...but then, what next? Still no solution! why do you want to increase subsidy when u know the oil well is running dry soon? why no effort for biofuel renewable energy, hydro electric (bakun) etc etc? Did any of them mention about it? well in any case, i will not support bisex GUY to be the next PM!

    Lady From Hell (Scotland)

  92. Anonymous1:08 am

    again...minister of misinformation..ini psl minyak laa bukan psl anwar 1974

  93. Anonymous1:10 am

    Hi Rocky,
    Are you serious when you said that Shabbery didnt get emotional? All those personal attacks were uncalled for and way out of topic. If this is a debate between presidential candidates in the US i am sure his rating would drop by double digits at the end of it.

  94. Bro. Now i understand why many umno leaders were so against the debate from going on. They must have known what shabery cheek is really capable of. And i beg to differ from your assesment. Anwar won hands down on this.

  95. Anonymous1:16 am

    nordin kardi should be banned from future event like this.

    other ppl support umno too, but dont be too obviouslah especially when you're on tv. this guy pass spm tak?


  96. Anonymous1:17 am

    Roc you must have lost your hearing aids and refuse to give credit to a better debater and Shabery did not know what he was suppose to debate on. This is not a debate for a choice of an American Presidential candidate (where personal attacks are allowed) but, the subject chosen was on fuel hike. Healthy and intelligent views should be made, not resort to personal attacks, Shabery was way out of line. (wanderer)

  97. pretty good debate, lazy to watch full through...
    but no matter how u kutuk shabery cheek.. i agree almost wholeheartedly since he came up with more facts and figures....
    in fact it sounded like total opposite when i switched on the tv...
    the only thing i heard the datuk seri saying was... ingatlah rakyat... ingatlah rakyat... but no clear indication of what he really had in plan.

    but either way, i guess it definitely went in his favour, and that might not be such a bad thing because at least there had been a good debate

  98. Anonymous1:18 am

    bro rocky,

    of course tun abas is already the winner after that compensation he got from the gomen with the help of the de-facto law minister.

    as for me, until the price of fuel and other critical commodities start to go south there is nothing much to cheer about.

    as for the debate, anwar is more focussed to the issue than shaberry who seems only fit to ceramah to the kampong/new village/estate folks based on his presentation contents last night.

    it would be more interesting scenario if was paklah or kj instead of shaberry.

    anyway, the fact is anwar was Tun Dr Mahathir's protege at one time and a product of an outstanding visionary statesman which is Tun himself.


  99. I LOVE it! We should do this more often.

    I applaud Shabery for having the balls to debate the issue. Not like koro MB Rustam Ali who rejected the idea for debate!

    Shabery done well! The moderator can be better, and the two panels are totally s**cks! Just wasting people time asking stupid questions and long speeches.

    Anwar totally refused and diverted the question Shabery asked about whether Anwar will continue with subsidy system after we have no revenue from oils.

    Lastly, BN MPs should be more outspoken and not just keep quiet every time gov policy is implemented.

    I wish we had Paul Ron!

  100. Anonymous1:20 am

    If I was asked who won, I'd agree with Tun Abas.

    But on the night, as chi8 said, it was all for Anwar to lose, but he didn't. He laid out quite convincingly in my opinion what he felt was the basis of reducing fuel price.

    Remember, it was all for Anwar to lose, and Shabery to stride home.

    Shabery on the other hand preferred to bring viewers to Anwar's student leader days, and suggesting he always took to the streets to voice his displeasure.

    Again, Shabery compares prices and figures to different and irrelevant countries or regions.

    Many a time Shabery ended like the proverbial sitting duck; his personal attacks, his IPP references (duh!) and when he paused for just one second too long, Anwar took the opportunity to calmly hit back.

    I'm no Anwar fan, but on the night, he must have convinced quite a few of his leadership.

  101. Anonymous1:22 am

    anwar pm.... dont think so !!!....

  102. After listening to both of them, i said to myself... OMG!!!! BN is in deep shit after allowing Minister Shabery to debate against 'loose cannon' ANWAR.

    Anwar with lots of facts in his pockets while Shabery - lots of AYAQ LIOQ coming out from his mouth (eeee, geli la bro! next time pakai la sapu tangan!!!)

    Anyway, BN has got lots and lots of explanation to do after this...

  103. Anonymous1:31 am

    presentation wise, Anwar is a better orator than Shabery. Dud, our Pak Lah also cannot speak like that. But so what if Anwar is, he is what he is. pandai cakap saja. Points wise, zero macam Hillary Clinton. Menegak benang basah. That's why both of them are second rated. Credit to Shabery, it aint' easy but someone's gotta do it. - attendan pam minyak

  104. Anonymous1:33 am

    From Parliment ... to this debate ... why la our politicians acting like uneducated people ... Looks like PR is the only option for our country

  105. Anonymous1:39 am


    of course,there is a winner in every debate. rakyat are the spectatator.they are not the winner. anwar is the clear winner of this debate. he succesfully explained his plan,he don't attack shabery personals.

  106. Anonymous1:43 am


    Lu punya blog ramai PR cybertroopers dan Anwar matisusah fans. Tak boleh usik Anwar Ibrahim sikit pun ...


  107. Rocky bru,

    From the debate, it is now clear that Anwar didn't oppose the gov's fuel price hike. This was really different from what he said during the election. He very much opposed the hike then. But now he said the hike should not go beyond 50 sen. Why didn't anwar say what he said during the election. To reduce the fuel price. But instead he supported it by saying it should not go beyond 50 sen. So Anwar is also a flip flop. Just like Pak Lah. And for the honourable Info Minister. Instead of having someone better than Zam, we are having a clone of him in the form of Shaberry. I am proud to see that he got balls to go against Anwar but frustrated as he focused his mind more on firing personal servo against Anwar. If he stick to the topic, I think Shaberry wasn't so bad at all. The debate has shown to us all the true colour of Anwar, which didn't impress me in any how. And what Shaberry did had only projected how useless the government is. Period.
    Lesson learnt: We have to depend on ourselves to move on.

  108. Dear Anonymous Aurora11!

    I certainly didn't declare Shabery Cheek the winner, mate. Read my posting again.

    In fact, I said he was floored a couple of times during the debate by Anwar.

  109. Anonymous1:52 am


    Dissapointed that you could not maintain neutral stand. From the many many comments it was obvious how the rakyat saw the debate. I know shabery is ur friend but as journalist you should know better.

  110. Anonymous1:54 am

    So, mixing with a former CJ, Tun Salleh makes you feel like you are also a.. err.. ermmm.. a retired Tun as well!? And pride has gotten over you!?

    Come on Rocky, i really miss the old you. This new you, trying to be neutral and fair and all.. is not really working, because it's been covered with a think layer of fakeness as well as unfairness.

    Starting form your recent "Stop Blogging Protest", it is sad. Really sad. Because somehow i can tell u are slowly tuning your mind towards the ideologies of BN and UMNO.

    Has Tun Salleh changed your MIND!?

    Well if yes, maybe you shouldnt call yourself Rocky nomore!

    How bout..ermmm.. Pocky?

    Once a Rocky's Bru fan.

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. Dear Once a rocky's bru fan,

    Tun Salleh Abas is not, er, a great Umno fan, not since 1988, at least, if you know what I mean ...

    Btw, since you are also using the nickname "Rocky is dead" (very similar comments), you'd understand if I only publish one of you here.

    Thank you

  113. Anonymous2:28 am

    More of the same and Malaysian politics may yet have a hope.

    Not an all defining debate but a good start nonetheless.

  114. Anonymous2:29 am

    As usual lah our friend bro sees nothing shine in anwar for he is truly ce det's.

    He is not looking objectively on issues or the truth..bending graphs if necessary. His sole mission is to bring down pak lah n resurrect his mentor legacy.

    Prepare folks cos we r entering a new age..2012 soon.


  115. Anonymous2:32 am

    With this debate, Anwar would have won back whatever points he lost in last week's farce (sodomy case, hiding with the Turks, Bala's SD).

    Mat Taib, Khairy, we'll like you two to be next. :P

  116. Anonymous2:50 am

    Debate yg hebat ini sebenarnya tak membawa kemana pun masalah ini. DSA takan anda mampu mengeluarkan idea 50 sen sahaja.Anda mengatakan PKR akan mengurangkan bebanan rakyat,tapi setakat 50 sen shj!i believes he got more to offer.Itu bukan DSA yg kita tahu!..bg saya Shabery bukan calon BN yg baik utk menjawab segala soalan or jgn ada kat situ langsung. Anda tidak layak utk berbuat demikian. Kita harus berbincang dan meganalisa segala fakta dari segi pendapatan ekspot dan bhn2 utama yg kita keluar untuk dagangan ekspot. Itu akan lebih menampakkan rakyat duit serta pendapatan yang mana harus ditambah atau dikurangkan. BN HARUS MEMBUAT PENJELASAN YANG TERANG DAN TEPAT KEPADA RAKYAT- EDUCATE THEM!segala proses yang dibuat oleh kerajaan untuk memperbaiki keadaan sekarang. Debat ini utk menunjukkan kita ini mengamalkan cara demokrasi, tapi tak sampai langsung maklumat itu. Cerita tentang fasa & langkah kerajaan serta mengambil kira pandangan PEMBAKANG. cara ini akan membuat rakyat lebih percaya dan ingin menunggu proses ini dilaksanakan. Bukan serangan sinis, ini taktik lama

    Im not a big fan of DSA..tapi tak setuju Pak Lah meletak Shabery... Tan Sri Nor MANA?. Dia sepatutnya berada disitu...apakah atas arahan DrM anda tidak boleh berada disitu... Kehebatan anda untuk menangani masalah sebegini ditunggu2...Come on Anuar takan 50 sen shj...or u got something better yg anda tidak mahu dedahkan sekarang ...adakah anda mahu membolot selepas menjadi PM nanti...Conspiracy2!Rakyat yg jadi mangsa...Masalah ini boleh diselesaikan jika masing2 tidak tamak & menunding jari...Pak Lah Buang semua menteri including menantu yg menghacurkan Kerajaan & famili...Sayang sekali Barisan Paklah seharusnya yg terbaik...tolong jgn pekena Paklah lg..it goes to everyone!duit Petronas, IPP- we can do something about it...Anuar tak diperlukan dalam soal ini..dia hanya mampu mengurang 50 sen tapi cuba menghasut sabah dan sarawak. Dengan sinis setuju pulak dengan Petronas(Dr. M)...Politik2 Putar Belit.

    Pasal apa debat duit minyak shj. M'sia tak ada sumber pendapatan lain ka?Ekspot kita dah out ke? barang Elektrik kita teruk sgt ke? Apa jadi dengan Felda?! CPO tebiar sapa punya kerja ini?Apa Khairy buat dgn sekutunya dlm dunia bisnes.For anuar kalau nak bg cadangan utk rakyat dengar next time...harap yg lebih konkrit lg. bentang dari mana 2-3 billion nak datang for 1st quarter n 2nd quarter and so on ...for BN bentangkan perancangan satu persatu dan apa yg tercapai setakat ini...update the latest news...economics details not stupid political attacks!kami rakyat dah cerdik boleh buat pilihan oi

  117. Anonymous2:52 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I hope i didnt attack you in the wrong way. As honest as i can be, my comments had and have no hostility of any sense towards you. And believe it or not, it is purely out of care and concern. If i dont care, i really wouldnt be bothered to comment on your blog. And the reason why i used the nick "Once a Rocky's Bru Fan" should have more impact and thought on you than on myself. I have nothing to lose. I still have Malaysia Today, Susan Loone's Blog, People's Parliment, Zorro-Unmasked, Disquiet, Patrick Teoh's Niamah to go to and lay my comments among people who never stop critisizing the BN/UMNO government while your blog becomes out of touch with blog readers like myself.

    And as for "Pocky", if it offended you in anyways, let me hand you my sincere apology here.

    Yes, the person using the nick "Rocky is Dead" is me too. And there, you see? You have intellect and you are smart cause you have guessed right. But your action, or rather decision not to publish the comment, just shows your bias-ness (i dont know if there's such a word).

    The comment was totally different from the earlier one. And i respect your decision not to publish it, but tell me, but first ask yourself thoroughly before telling me, is what i suggested in my second comment true? Or at least there is some degree of truth in it?

    And again, there is no hostility meant here. This is purely a thought and an action that arises from care,concern and hope on my part as a blog-reader towards a blog i used to like to visit. Nothing more. I dont own a blog. It brings me no credit by calling myself "Once a Rocky's Bru's Fan". Until oe day i have a blog, and the smae situation arises, i might just nickname myself "Once a Rocky's Bru's Fan, Now a Pocky's Bru Fan."

    It's 2:45am now. Think about it bro. If i dont give a shit, or more politely if i dont care, why on earth am i replying your comment?

    And after this, i am going to fall straight in bed. Going to skip my shower. Too tired.

    Wish you well and ermm.. be "yourself" while you are enjoying KT!

    Once a Rocky's Bru's Fan
    (you can opt to not publish this comment if you still find it offensive. nitez.)

  118. one-sided lah bro...umnofellas all taking personal swipes, childish as usual, and tak focus on main issue...ade ke bring up concert issue?

    started off well, and then descended into what Umno does well...discredit, personal attacks,deviate from issues.

    but one thing, shaber is one of the better speakers in Umno, unlike ZAM, nazri et al..aiyo...they would have made a spectacle of themselves...

    the debate went suprisingly well,and didnt descent into free for all, and should be a permanent feature...

    as for UMNO fellas...they will never, never, ever changelah as we could all plainly see on live TV...more interested in politics than discussing the welfare of and issues affecting the people...nak muntah tengok bab tu.

  119. Anonymous3:15 am


    haven't been following your blog long enough to notice the change as suggested by many commentators here...but it's quite (read: very) difficult to follow why you seem to favour the performance of the cheeky MP to the charismatic DS. He got floored a couple of times alright! And in my honest opinion, after the first time, he got up only with his head spinning and reeling from the blow. No wonder he was frothing at the mouth! The only respectful thing he did was being present!

    Anyway, my honest opinion is YOU won! This is exactly the kind of reaction you wanted to provoke out of your posting.

    Cheecky frothing MP : Balls only
    DS : Got what he came for
    Rocky : The winner!

    Oh yeah...UUM should set up branch campus in Timbucktoo...and guess who should be sent there?

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. Anonymous3:26 am

    shabery cheek = inFOAMation minister.

  122. And since you mentioned Tun Salleh here...I am also upset, why despite the intial quest for truth and justice and transparency in govt without fear or favor, you are keeping quiet about the compensation paid out by the govt to ex-judges, in this case that Zaid sellout.

    What gives them the right to decide on their own that there was injustice/wrongful dismissal and what gives them the right to decide on the quantum of damages without PROPER process?

  123. Anonymous5:48 am


    Be rational and fair-minded or at least "intellectual" sikit-lah !: My children are reading your blogs ocassionally. You are teaching BAD JUDMENT & BAD VALUEs on good decent debating skills. If my children is learning debating skills , I wouldn't want them to learn the lowly tactics of personal attacks and irrelevant attempts at discrediting opponent in debates exemplified by this Minister Shabery.
    He clumsily avoided so many crucial and pertinent issues threw at him by Anwar and the questioners. As a taxpayer, I am convinced public fund has been wasted on maintaining him.
    We can all have different viewpoints of whose is the winner, but on the basis and rationals ? Come on lah Rocky, dont shame yourself unnecessary!!

    pelandok chuan

  124. Anonymous6:11 am

    the debates should go on. lively and civil, a step to a mature democracy. I'd say both did pretty well, and I disagreed on those who said Anwar did not resort to any personal attack at all. He's just so good at this game that it's (almost) unnoticeably subtle. But in any case kudos to Shabery, he's got guts.

  125. Anonymous6:30 am

    I would like to see Ku LI vs AAB debate. Najib vs Muhyiddin debate.

  126. Anonymous7:25 am

    Ramai yang kata BN lari dari issue...

    Dont think they lari...they just dont understand the issue...

    If you father's brother is a minister, or even close to the high rank BN people, highly likely, you dont understand keperitan hidup...

    Whats the different between filling their S Class, RM120 worth of fuel and RM180 now? To them thats nothing...

  127. Actually, sometimes i dun understand what Shaherby said in connection to the questions, below the belt attacks are a NO NO in real debate. Anyway, i watch the last 2 questions so may not be the best judge. He basically said "We already are the best, can't do better" and though i think he is ok, he is not from a performance based company. Petronas just came out with another record profit. Imagine how much more profit they can make if they are efficient.

  128. Actually, sometimes i dun understand what Shaherby said in connection to the questions, below the belt attacks are a NO NO in real debate. Anyway, i watch the last 2 questions so may not be the best judge. He basically said "We already are the best, can't do better" and though i think he is ok, he is not from a performance based company. Petronas just came out with another record profit. Imagine how much more profit they can make if they are efficient.

  129. Anonymous7:35 am

    Shabery cuma dapat credit sebab dia berani berdebat.

    Public Mutual

  130. Anonymous7:46 am

    Kalau Zainuddin Maidin yang berdebat dengan Anwar semalam lagi bagus. Hahaha


  131. Anonymous7:49 am

    The debate was totally one side and DSAI was the clear winner.

    The basics are very simple, the current BN government has no clue on managing under crisis.

    All the points raise were not answered at all by Shabery, especially the part of where the money supposedly saved by the oil subsidy is utilized by the BN government for the rakyat in terms of transportation projects.

    The plain point of gradual increase of the petrol price rather than the abrupt increase by 40% is also not gasped by the BN government.

    Managing under crisis would basically mean lining up a series of benefits and programs before increasing the oil price but this was NOT done. Now we can see various programs trying to be initiated as an after thought, this clearly shows mismanagement and personal interest at play.

    What would have made sense was a series of programs initiated a couple of years ago as we all know that the price of oil has been going up for sometime now example

    1. lower taxes for cars
    2. increase NGV stations nationwide and allow other oil companies to have NGV stations and not just Petronas
    3. bring in hybrid and electric cars into the country
    4. lower or remove totally road taxes (for lower capacity cars example 1000cc and below) - this will help ease a small burden to the lower income group

    The above are only a few measures, there is a lot more and as you mentioned if the BN government can plug all the crony projects and mega projects, this RM5 billion subsidy for the rakyat should not be a burden.

    If the BN government is willing to listen to constructive criticism, we should see the price of oil reduced by RM0.50 and measures being implemented in a transparent manner to show the rakyat details and cost reduction and savings of wasteful mega project.

    For a better Malaysia

  132. yang aku dok perati lah... baik kat blog, atau forum... penyokong tegar bn nih.. macam suka sangat harga petrol mahal.. mereka mati-matian mempertahankan langkah kerajaan tu...

    jadik.. kata lah satu hari nanti, PR berjaya mengambilalih kuasa dari BN... boleh la kita mintak orang BN ni bayar harga minyak masa tu mengikut harga pasaran semasa... untung tu buleh la kita guna untuk bagi subsidi untuk rakyat jelata yang lain...

  133. Anonymous8:02 am

    First of all, who is Shabery debating against? Anwar is no ordinary ex minister. You are talking about an ex finance minister, education minister and deputy prime minister and a short period of handling Malaysia when Dr. M was out.

    He know's what is going on within the government. Who is corrupt, which companies is UMNO croonies and etc. IPP was something interesting that I didn't know. If not for the debate, had the rakyat know?

    But I agree with this: we did not get a conclusive idea on why BN should raise the oil?

    And in fact, the only way G to argue it's way out is via an economist. It's not about having the balls (now I think it would had been crush by now) to debate with Anwar.

    This is what happen lar, when we appoint any TOM, DICK and HARRY to manage our country.

  134. Besides Shabery, are there any other Ministers which have the IQ, courage, and the facts to debate with Anwar ? Jangan takutlah, this is not toimoi.

    Through debates, people will get to know whether our Ministers can think on their feet. Yes, make them stand, as sitting too much can make some people fall asleep.

    insyALLAH, little by little, open discussions will be the way in Malaysia. I think in the future, there will be lesser opportunities where the Minister can just read speeches prepared by a team of writers over many days.

    With consumer prices going up, our Ministers must think on their feet, think creative, think out-of-the-box to solve the rakyat problem. If they cannot solve our problem, why should they be elected ?

    Have a nice day !

  135. Anonymous8:20 am

    Rocky Bro,

    SC : He should be credited for being extremely brave taking on the old lion of actor and did very well to expose him to the public of what kind of species that we are dealing with.

    It is a good platform to expose to the viewers `what` kind of street politicians that we are dealing with.

    He spoke with facts & figures and did try to put AI of track, it works a little not much.

    AI: He is an actor - if P Ramlee is still alive today he could be acting for new film " Laksamana Do Re Ar " - got it? You can see his great impressionist in his face. His facts are taken from some people on the streets somewhere.

    He successfully manage to indoctrine his political ideology and his putting shot were "I`ll be back - I shall be elected in the coming snap election "

    RAKYAT 1 : We are still suffering due to the price hike of fuel.
    Rakyat 2: Our life sometimes being destroyed due to mass demonstration here & there.
    Rakyat 3: How to run business when people shy away from travelling when the fuel is up.

    AAB: Believe me our oil is much cheaper then other countries.

    TDM: I am no longer a PM and I am no longer an UMNO person - but people still mentioned my name. Apa nama....

    And the winner is...the guys who advertise TVC - worth every sen that is paid.


  136. Anwar won ...hands down.
    He ignored all insults and stick to answering questions...to the point.
    Shabery was caught...totally surprised...from the start....when Anwar proposed 50 sen reduction...from savings and practical cost cutting actions..on other Depts...without touching one sen from Petronas reserve funds.
    From there onwards....Shabery spent more time insulting Anwar and hero worship UMNO past and present PMs...ignoring answering questions...to the point.
    He avoided questions on corruptions.
    If that is UMNOs best...to debate against Anwar....it clearly shows...why Anwar must be the next PM.
    Voters for RP can be proud..no regrets at all.
    After this...many UMNO members should wake up and join Anwar.

  137. Anonymous8:23 am

    The only credit goes to Shabery is having the balls to take the stage against Anwar Ibrahim and beaming the session live. But point to point basis, its like comparing a new entrants into EPL against Man U. The former Zainuddin Maidin or even Mohammed Rahmat could even better if not been humialiated.

    - Dicko

  138. we Malaysians witness political history in the making , our own version of political debate that has never been shown before. It augurs well for everything I guess and thus it has a far reaching effect on all aspects of our life politics or no politics. Malaysian are known for its abiding attitude that transcends to nothing good and productive. For fear of losing salary or promotion, we just take an admant stand of siding with the leader or boss despite change is imminent in that department or company. Remember, things change and we must change in order to be competitive. As for the debate, it does not matter who wins. But Saudara Anwar does impress me in the manner he presents his points. But as for for substance is concerned, I gusess both did perform equally good. Again syabas to the Minister Datuk Ahamd Saberi for being that person in our history who has change the scenario of politics Malaysia and sets precedent to things to come. And seeing the positive result of it and surely as Malaysians we want more of it. Both, Ahamd Sabery and Anwar would go down in history as the first two personalities that make it happen. And history is neutral, only PAKATAN SEJARAH MALAYSIA!


  139. Anonymous8:30 am

    Dear Rocky,
    Clearly Anwar is a winner. He sticks to the issue while Shabery has to resort to personal attacks more than once. I'm sure Anwar can dig up Shabery's past in Semangat 46 if he wanted to. I would expect more substance from Shabery judging from his oratory skills during last perhimpunan UMNO meet.

  140. Anonymous8:30 am

    Shabery has done a good job for this debate. His does not gives personal attacks on Anwar but facts. Personal facts on Anwar that everybody should not forget.

    Anwar is good to give the rhetoric statements while he was in or out of the government. Anwar should walk the talk.

    Syabas Shabery.


  141. Anonymous8:33 am

    The debate illustrates what happens when you pit youthful inexperience with a masterful seasoned campaigner.
    Just look at Shabery's facial expression at the start of the debate compared with towards the end!
    The 4th Floor boys should learn from this...all the knowledge procured in youth is no match for experience!

  142. Anonymous8:35 am

    It's no brainer that this kind of debate between the ruling party and the opposition should continue and be made alive. People need to hear the truth. Truth can be painful sometimes. On this issue, BN failed miserably. Anwar did a good job in explaining the economy of the average Malaysian street. His solutions make sense and they are doable and practical. IIP coompanies have agreements with TNB, which may be tricky to renegotiate, but the government has the power on their licences. If IIP refuses, go after their licences! See how fast they move...Go Anwar GO..BN just can't do that easily coz of its relationship with its cronies. So, we need to get rid BN first. Right, people!


  143. Anonymous8:36 am


    You seem to show your bias on and off these days. Come on Rocky, having been such a great editor, you really think Shabery got his points across? Be honest in your assessment lah.

    I am no Anwar fan...but Shabery attacked Anwar on the 1974 issue and IMF on two or three occasions. He was attacking but no substance. But Anwar's arguments are worth considering.

    And in a debate, the starting speaker gets the last say..why was Shabery given the last say when it was Anwar who started???? Strange..

    But still, I wouldn't want Shabery cheek to be PM, he was emotional and he was sneering when Anwar talked. But Anwar smiled when Shabery kept going for personal attacks. Cheap shots lah, Shabery.

    And that Kardi fella, what kind of VC do we have these days? He actually told Anwar, why talk of IPPs when the issue is Petronas and oil...MY God, a VC who doesn't know the basics of power production. Shudder to think what kind of varsities we have....


  144. Anonymous8:36 am

    Anwar said PR wont touch Petronas but Shabery didnt get the point and still insist that PR will take frm Petronas....
    I think Shabery go out of line here...

    - kelmarin -

  145. Ladies and gentlemen

    The results. Out of 10.
    Overall performance: Prince Rawna 8.5 Kid Shah Berry 8.
    Substance: Prince Rawna 6 Shah Berry 6.
    Fairness: Prince Rawna 8 Kid Shah Berry 6.5 (Below the belt penalty - too many personal attack)

    Still the undisputed heavyweight auta champion of the world. The Booyyy from Turki, Prinnnceee Rawna Al Burriiii!!!!!

    ... But Kid Shah Berry was a welterweight. He can keep his job.

    Nordin Kardi ... hmmm fail. Shd be send to the Secretary's Pool at JPA.

    How about the next debate ... 66 year old PM vs old 84 year old ex PM/ ... hehehe

  146. Hi Rocky, sad to watch the debate. Anwar was a clear winner coz he stick to the point. Unlike SC, he hit below the belt.

    I would like to ponder, btw Anwar and SC, siapakah yang menderhaka kepada UMNO. Anwar never left UMNO, he was sacked for Allah only know the truth.

    But SC did 'divorce' Umno to join Semangat 46. Siapakah yang lebih setia. AI atau SC?

    Saya juga bekas pemimpin kecil Umno. Saya tinggalkan Umno bukan kerana saya tidak setia tapi kerana Umno meninggalkan perjuangan sebenar.

    SC juga tidak menjawab soalan yang dikemukakan oleh Sdra Zulkifli Sulong. Ke mana perginya wang RM4.3 bilion yang dijimatkan ketika harga minyak dinaikkan pada 2006? SC tak jawab langsung apakah dia takut rahsia wang itu ke poket siapa?

    Saya tinggal di seksyen 27 Shah Alam. Jika saya memandu ke Kompleks PKNS hanya mengambil masa 15 hingga 20 minit (tanpa jam). Tapi jika saya gunakan perkhidmatan awam, ia mengambil masa antara satu jam ke satu jam setengah (itu pun jika bernasib baik). Dari seksyen 27, saya naik bas kena pergi ke Seksyen 25 atau Taman Seri Muda, tukar bas baru ke Kompleks PKNNS. Begitu juga bila nak balik? Apa cerita ni? Walhal jika dari kompleks PKNS ke seksyen 26,27,28, bukit lancong, putra height tanpa membelok 360 darjah ke Taman Seri Muda, boleh sampai dalam tempoh 30 minit saja.

    Bagus ke perkhidmatan awam tu? Podah.


  147. Anonymous8:44 am

    I think you people are unbelievably stupid. It's not about who wins or who loses. It's not about who speaks better, smiles more or who's cooler.

    It's about facts and figures, the global food and oil crisis and how to cushion the impact of it and reduce the burden of the people.

    If all of you use your brains and concentrate on what they are really saying instead of how they look and talk, and act, maybe I'll have better feedbacks.

    With the exception of a few (you know who you are), most of you should be sitting up on a tree and picking nits off each other.

  148. Hi Rocky, sad to watch the debate. Anwar was a clear winner coz he stick to the point. Unlike SC, he hit below the belt.

    I would like to ponder, btw Anwar and SC, siapakah yang menderhaka kepada UMNO. Anwar never left UMNO, he was sacked for Allah only know the truth.

    But SC did 'divorce' Umno to join Semangat 46. Siapakah yang lebih setia. AI atau SC?

    Saya juga bekas pemimpin kecil Umno. Saya tinggalkan Umno bukan kerana saya tidak setia tapi kerana Umno meninggalkan perjuangan sebenar.

    SC juga tidak menjawab soalan yang dikemukakan oleh Sdra Zulkifli Sulong. Ke mana perginya wang RM4.3 bilion yang dijimatkan ketika harga minyak dinaikkan pada 2006? SC tak jawab langsung apakah dia takut rahsia wang itu ke poket siapa?

    Saya tinggal di seksyen 27 Shah Alam. Jika saya memandu ke Kompleks PKNS hanya mengambil masa 15 hingga 20 minit (tanpa jam). Tapi jika saya gunakan perkhidmatan awam, ia mengambil masa antara satu jam ke satu jam setengah (itu pun jika bernasib baik). Dari seksyen 27, saya naik bas kena pergi ke Seksyen 25 atau Taman Seri Muda, tukar bas baru ke Kompleks PKNNS. Begitu juga bila nak balik? Apa cerita ni? Walhal jika dari kompleks PKNS ke seksyen 26,27,28, bukit lancong, putra height tanpa membelok 360 darjah ke Taman Seri Muda, boleh sampai dalam tempoh 30 minit saja.

    Bagus ke perkhidmatan awam tu? Podah.

  149. Tuan,

    Agenda Daily must be congratulated for this effort! Well done Anwar Ibrahim and Ahmad Shabery Cheek! The real winner is freedom of expression, within agreed bounds and tradition!


  150. Anonymous8:55 am


    Comment anda ini menunjukkan bahawa anda ini berat sebelah sekali, mungkin anda telah pun dapat kontrak dari UMNO atau mungkin dari Datuk Najib ... Memang menyedihkan melihat komen anda ini. Anda patut melihat debat itu sekali lagi ....

    Sekian Salam

  151. Anonymous9:09 am

    It is very sad to see that yang paling bodoh among the fours who were given opportunities to speak are a PROFESSOR. To bad Nordin Kardi

  152. Anonymous9:11 am

    Job well done oleh Presiden Kelab Sejarah, ooops tersasol pulak, sebenarnya Shabery adalah Menteri Penerangan Malaysia. Menteri Penerangan Malaysia telah berjaya di dalam debat berhubung sejarah peribadi ahli politik negara, eh, tersilap lagi.

    Sebenarnya debat malam tadi pasal Minyak atau pasal sejarah peribadi Anwar Ibrahim. Kalau pasal Minyak, rasanya Shabery telah terpesong jauh dari tajuk. Kalau pasal sejarah peribadi Anwar pulak, ummm, rasanya Shabery belum berapa matang lagi.

    Bagaimanapun, secara keseluruhan Shabery telah berjaya mengangkat Kerajaan Barisan Nasional ke satu era baru. Era apa saya pun tak tahu.

    Secara keseluruhan, saya berpendapat, Anwar Ibrahim masih di gear satu. Ataupun baru bagi 20% sahaja dari kemampuan sebenarnya. Anwar masih boleh beri jauh lebih baik tetapi berdasarkan prestasi lawannya, Anwar tak perlulah membazir minyak nak pergi jauh-jauh.

    Hakikatnya, semalam adalah malam Anwar. Setelah sepuluh tahun disisih dari siaran televisyen arus perdana, semalam Anwar mendapat 1 jam untuk bersama rakyat Malaysia dikaca TV. Anwar walaupun masih belum memberi yang terbaik, tetapi ternyata prestasinya semalam adalah yang terbaik dari seorang ahli politik di Televisyen Malaysia semenjak Amanat terakhir Tun Dr. Mahathir di persidangan agung UMNO sebelum beliau bersara pada tahun 2003. Malangnya, apa yang kita saksikan semalam, mungkin kali terakhir dapat kita tatap wajah Anwar kerana mungkin esok, kerajaan lebih suka memenjarakan Anwar sebagai hadiah kepada Menteri Penerangannya yang hebat itu.

    Kalau sebelum Mac 2008, Malaysia memiliki tokoh wartawan yang setiap kali ingatkan pilihanraya akan pasti teringatkan erection sebagai Menteri Penerangan, kali ini nampaknya tahta raja badut itu sudah diwarisi oleh tokoh sejarah yang tak empuk direbus.

    Berdasarkan prestasi Shabery didalam debat itu, adalah wajar bagi Abdullah mengekalkannya sebagai Menteri Penerangan Malaysia. Bahkan saya mencadangkan agar ahli-ahli Parlimen dari Pakatan Rakyat supaya mengesyorkan satu usul Percaya di Parlimen sebagai tanda terima kasih kepada Menteri Sejarah, ooops, Menteri Penerangan Malaysia itu.

    Ternyata Shabery telah berjaya menandingi kehebatan lawak Menteri-Menteri Penerangan sebelumnya, seperti Mat Bulat, Kadir BowTie dan Zam Erection. Syabas.

    Petikan Dari : Saudara KickDe Fella

  153. Anonymous9:16 am

    why the fuck does Malaysia need an information minister? As if the govt not own the media already. Most truly democratic countries dont have Minstry of Information. Might as well call it Ministry of Propaganda. Erase this useless mouthpiece of the govt and save the rakyat some money.


  154. Anonymous9:17 am

    In terms of REAL debating, I think Anwar failed. His proposal basically was : maintain status quo, but have a more responsible government. Whaaa..? He was supposed to wow us with a brilliant economic proposal that supposedly no other leader in the country had thought of.

    If all he wanted was to maintain status quo, then really, assume we had the best government in the world i.e no corruption and the global oil prices remained the same, THEN WHAT???? How is his 'proposal' meant to be implemented?

    Bleggh. Uni kids debate better than this.

  155. Enough said.

    NST Online last night declared a draw!
    Clearly not the approved message so correction in print edition!!!!
    Today all concentration on Cheeky and debate story relegated to lower half page 4.

  156. Who is winner or who is loser is not important. the bottom line is what we get from the debut.... nothing... those people just to show who is heroes!!!! malaysian suffer now... worse can to be worse...what the action to Malaysia...

  157. Anonymous9:32 am


    I would to suggest that saudara KJ come forward and back his father-in-law friend -ASC. KJ, do u dare to debate with Anwar?

    Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Pandan

  158. bro, u too missed the point and got it wrong badly. shabery didn't stick to the issue which is FUEL HIKE. Rakyats were hoping to hear steps/action plans to be undertaken by the ruling govt during these trying times, on that part he failed miserably. He was and is so out of touch with the reality, the rakyat issues,not to mention the economics term and whatnot. Short on ideas, resorted to personal attacks against AI(how irrelevant huh!!! Asked about public transport, he answered something else, how to give credit? A big "F" in Econs 101, whaddya reckon?
    And that Nordin Kardi? oohh, to think that he is a VC, speaks so much of our state of education. How can he allowed himself to be humiliated in front of national scrutiny by asking stupid questions is really mind boggling.
    And you still wanna give credit for these 2 blokes?

  159. Shabery kantoi.... orang tanya lain... dia jawab lain... aper daa....

    Memang lawak tengok dia merapu tanpa fakta .. orang tanya pasal pengangkutan awam... dia cerita pasai harga beras....

    bengong ke apa?

  160. Anonymous9:44 am

    SC dengan bangganya menyebut kerajaan BN yg memajukan Petronas! I totally disagree.. if it were on their hands, damn.. you definitely won't know where the money goes!


  161. Shabery Chik bukanlah Menteri Penerangan... tetapi Menteri Kegelapan... dia sendiri gelap tanpa fakta.

  162. salam,

    sekali lagi pakatan gagal menunaikan janji. harga 50 sen bukan diturunkan pada harga asal rm1.92 sebelum pru12 tetapi harga pasca pilihan raya iaitu rm2.90.

    kerana apa anuar mengambil keputusan mengurangkan 50sen dari harga semasa iaitu rm2.90?

    1)penjimatan adalah sebanyak rm5 billion dan lebih mudah bagi anuar memeutar belitkan fakta bagi mendapatkan penjimatan dan set-off.

    2)rm15 billion (kos subsidi pengurangan harga 50sen dari rm1.92) penjimatan amat sukar di laksanakan.

    kesimpulannya anuar bersetuju selepas pilihan raya harga minyak wajar dinaik 48 sen kepada rm2.40 iaitu kenaikan sebanyak 25%. Jelas di sini anuar menipu rakyat melalui janji kosongnya akan mengurangkan harga minyak dibawah rm1.92 pada pru12 yang lepas.

  163. Anwar presented his idea more profesionally but Minister failed in profesionalism when he started to attacks anwar personally starting from 1974's demo. What thay got to do with the present economy situation?

    While anwar stay focus on his idea, Minister fail to counter Anwar. When minister said, the inflation is high in other sample country, anwar counetered it.

    Anwar managed to counter Nordin Kardi question but Minister didnt answer the Siasah editor question but diverted to personnel attacks.

    Even in winding up the debate, anwar stay focus but again Minister was doing personnel attacks and not winding up his debate.

    If Minister feel anwar attack, Tun Razak and Dr.M just because of the petronas then I feel sorry for the BN supporters. Dr.M is not even umno member at this moment is the true picture on who attack TDM more at present.

    My conclusion, all 4 segment Minister fail and Anwar win with score 4, 0.

  164. Rocky...

    At last the most rational comment for last night debate.

    You have the best blog bro!

  165. debat yang sangat menarik. menteri penerangan tidak menjawab soalan yang diberikan oleh panel mengenai penggunaan keuntungan kerajaan hasil kenaikkan harga minyak dan menyerang datuk seri anwar secara peribadi.beliau juga tertanya mengenai mengapa anwar ingin menurunkan harga sebanyak 50 sen kenapa bukan rm 1.92. beliau tidak faham dengan statement “langkah awal” yang diperkatakan oleh datuk seri anuar. manakala datuk anwar berdebat secara profesional, tiada sebarang hujah secara peribadi hujah2 yang hebat dan menjawab kesemua soalan yang diajukan. saya di pihak neutral merasakan datuk seri anuar ada pemenang bagi debat kali ini. harap program2 seperti ini kerap diadakan

  166. Anonymous10:01 am


    People are mistaking bells and whistles with substance.

    Anwar is a great orator. He can beat even the best of them, Dr M, Razak, Najib, Pak Lah, Soekarno, Jesse jakson... he can rouse people with is words. But is he better than any of them.

    If cakap pandai is the criteria, we will have make a snake oil salesman as our leaders, which come to think of it, ir is quite true.

    Anwar won the debate of course, but he lost on substance.

    But for many Malaysians, it is the first time that they see him talk. And he did put up a good showing.

    But like you said, we won because Pak Lah, and I hate to give him credit for this, was brave enough to let the devate go on.


    quinn the eskimo

  167. Anonymous10:06 am

    The whole nation was glued to the tv set last night. So am I. but at the end of it what do we get? who won? we all the losers la. Anwar want a platform to win people's heart on tv (nationwide exposure). the minister whats to show people who anwar really is. both of them got their chance. we are still the same. Why are we listening to two no expert in economy debating about the economy? Worst case the next day we start debating about who won. Its just another entertainment tengah bulan. month end we will still dig our tabung.


  168. Anonymous10:06 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Nampak sangat bahawa Ahmad Shabery ini masih minda budak-budak dan tidak mengikut perkembangan ekonomi semasa.
    Bagi saya Shabery tidak bersedia lagi untuk berdebat isu ekonomi atau isu-isu semasa memandang faktafkat yag dibangkitkan keluar dari topik. yang dia pandai ialah membuat serangan peribadi ke atas Annuar. Yang lebih memalukan ialah makluk yg menggelarkan dirinya sendiri sebagai interlektual negara, dengan soalan bodoh dan seniasa tersenyum seperti kerang busuh. Bagaimanapun, debat seperti ini perlu diteruskan dan saya pendebat mewakili kerajaan perlulah buat home work dan fokus pada tajuk. Syabas keepada Johan Jaafar kerana berjaya selaku penantara debat berkenaan. Agendadaily well done.

    Ahli UMNO 1969

  169. Anonymous10:06 am

    wait bro, i know the only sense UMNO guy who can better debate with Anuar. it is KJ, believe me he can do much better than this foamy guy. I really want to see KJ vs Anuar in live TV debate. Pls bring on the son in law. Let do people sponsor live debate program, start the pay pall account, for the show, I throw money, anytime. KJ can be even better leader to this country, well if we all still agree that Anuar is suck and UMNO should continue lead.

  170. Anonymous10:07 am

    'Ia memberi ilham kepada saya, daripada mengajar anak-anak karate dan silat atau mengajar mereka mengunakan senjata, lebih baik mengajar mereka mengunakan otak, dan bersikap kreatif!'
    SILAP TU!silat tu warisan datuk nenek moyang kita, silat juga ada mengajar anak anak gunakan otak. orang Melayu yang tak pandai bersilat takpa tapi jangan menidakkan silat!.


  171. Anonymous10:08 am

    I would like to take those personal attacks on Anwar as valid points. They tell us the facts of Anwar, the real person.

    Dear Malaysian, if we are responsible citizen, don't we want to know the history, track records and character for us the judge and evaluate our future PM? Or do we just continue with BLIND support syndrome?

  172. Shaberi is brave enough to take on Anwar on live tv and that is the only credit I should give to him. Once he made personal attacks on Anwar not once but repeatedly, all went downhill for him. He sounds stupid, looks stupid and smells stupid too I guess. No facts and all except for the TIN KOSONG that he rumbling again and again. Now the rakyat knows what kind of ministers we have running our country.

  173. Anonymous10:17 am

    If the debate was a football match, then cheeky Shabbery have lost 10-0 ! Guess he'll do well explaining the foams in his mouth..instead of firing personal attacks on DSAI. Is this the best BN has to offer? My only concern is with DSAI.. dunno what they will do to him now that he has made BN to look like a fool. I'm in awe of DSAI. So cool and with a relax front, very persuasive, charismatic, smart, articulate... there should be more like him. There's no one in BN that comes close to DSAI, not to mention being in the same league as he is. No wonder he's among the Top 100 influential people in the world! Shabbery and all the BN people..wonder where they are in the standing..guess they'll do well in the Top 10 jokers in the world.. Lastly, May Allah eliminate all injustice (eg. fitnah) in this world..and dumped those who commits them in HELLFIRE and rot for eternity! Amin.

    - Islam Sejati

  174. Anonymous10:25 am

    NST has not changed at all ... the Chief News Editor is busy playing balls games and sucking up to top bosses. Just look at the front page story today , Oi mahu spin , spin la betul betul ... Rocky saya rasa anda patut mengajar editor editor di nst ini .. putar belitnys langsung tak masuk akal... sampai dia orang pun dibelit ... NST employ Rocky la as consultant he will teach you a thing or two ....

  175. Anonymous10:28 am

    Dear all beloved Malaysians,

    Anak Malaysia should thank God for having such a prominent and caliber leader like ANWAR. Try to think which tokoh politic in kandang BN has such capabilities? Whoelse on par with ANWAR?

    If not, why shouldnt we appreciate this 'gift' who even take over gov from now on, may only have another 10 years or less to lead our country? Given the fact 10 years is short to bring us back on track and shine again, time does matter! If we still let BN rules for rest of this term, the damage might be too unbearable. The earlier we find a new good 'CEO' of the country, the better our future will be.

    to those who still anti-anwar, you could be described as a farmer who is happy with having worms keep attacking your farm while ignoring someone able to help you kill the worms and rejuvenate your productivity.

    Even we have Anwar aboard, that could be just 10 years or less. That is too short and can you afford to delay any longer...


  176. Anonymous10:30 am

    Shabery was no better than a schoolboy debater. He is fluent, no doubt, but only in generalities. And the snide personal remarks against his opponent shows he is sorely lacking in factual arguments. If it's a school debate, I would award him generous points for his cheap shots and repartee. But since it's a debate between politicians, we have to stick to the issues at hand. On that score, Anwar came off better and proved to those watching that he is a gentleman and a leader worth betting on. I will take a chance on him rather than Najib or Muhyiddin.


  177. Anonymous10:34 am

    Misinformation Minister was very out of topic! He didnt even answer the question from Zul. Such an idiot. What a disgrace to the nation!

  178. Anonymous10:36 am

    actually ...rocky wins.


  179. Anonymous10:42 am

    Dear Rocky,
    I agree with you. We should 'salute' Shabery because he was brave enough to face Anwar for a debate live on TV. I am sure none of the cabinet ministers dare to face Anwar for any open debate like this one. Maybe Tok Pa is the one who should face Anwar last night.
    Anwar did stand for he Rakyat.
    But, as long as BN is still in power, I don't think there will be much changes. But, maybe the government should consider agreements with the IPPs.
    Other thing, the government should do more in improving public transportation systems in the country using the money that should go to the rakyat, not only in the Klang Valley but other highly populated cities like Georgetown, Ipoh and Johor Bahru.
    The KTM commuter service also has to be improved. Since the increase of fuel price, people are looking to use the commuter to working places and now the trains are become crowded like 'sardine can'. Maybe a longer train and more frequent service should be used in the peak hours.
    Again, congrats to the organizer of the debate. Well done to both debaters. But, what is next?

  180. Normally, I wouldn't be bothered about two politicians wanting to debate and talking crap about each other but somehow last night I turned on the TV and saw the debate.

    My summary was that Anwar out-debated Shabery because he resisted the temptation to make political rhetoric and had more facts. Shabery ended being a typical politician by making personal attacks and political rhetoric. He started fine but his fact driven argument started to crumble bit by bit and he finally had to resort to the politicians' staple diet - crap.

    At the end of the day, both of them got it wrong. The main issue they were talking about centred around our oil, our "khazanah", our treasure and how we should use it to continue surviving. Guess what, they both missed the point. Our actual treasure shouldn't be oil or money or things, it should be our brains. Our mental capacity to survive.

    Oil is finite, it can run out, it can and is being manipulated. We should do something about our brains, train our people to think so that nomatter what happens, we know how to fix things and we can come up with ideas of how to make our economy strong so that we don't have to rely on the family jewels to survive.

    These people remind me of a family where the parents are dead and they left some property to the children. The children are fighting how to manage the property in order to survive. They don't realise that the property can run out one day. They never think of using their brains which can produce ideas (which are the real treasure) indefinitely.

    We need leaders with brains and we need our young people to be trained to think, not memorize things so that when they grow up, they can take over this country and run it properly.

    It was such a waste of time last night. I wished I was on stage to f**k both of them up and the rest of the political family.


  181. Anonymous10:45 am


    I want to see REAL debate in Parliament between leader of the government and leader of the Opposition. Pak Lah vs Wan Azizah. Bet we'll all be asleep in less than 5 minutes... hehee


  182. Anonymous10:52 am

    It's a hands down Anwar WIN.
    Shabery lost major points when he attacked Anwar's past and personality.
    Also Anwar conducted himself maturedly with his good humour displayed whenever Shab attacked him.
    It was the mark of a leader who showed charisma and well learned approaches to previous attacks.
    Well done again Anwar.

  183. Anonymous10:53 am

    Rox Said:

    " I think you people are unbelievably stupid. It's not about who wins or who loses. It's not about who speaks better, smiles more or who's cooler.

    It's about facts and figures, the global food and oil crisis and how to cushion the impact of it and reduce the burden of the people.

    If all of you use your brains and concentrate on what they are really saying instead of how they look and talk, and act, maybe I'll have better feedbacks"

    Right on, Rox!

    There was limited factual points brought out by BOTH parties, if not wishy washy explanation.

    It should have been longer with both parties being able to prove WHY one can bring the price down with the proposed mechanism and WHY one needs to bring the price up based on economic justification.

    If people are just plain stupid and concentrate more on the debater's foaming mouth, smiling face, statemans look, bad coat etc INSTEAD of the facts presented - then they are just as equal as the simians who heckle the speakers with stupid "Hidup Melayu" chants.

    Do you think that the medicine man manages to peddle his goods because his potion is REALLY effective or because of his selling skills?

  184. Rocky,

    This Cheeky strawberry minister represents the flip flop BN cabinet. No wonder his cheap shots at Anwar throughout the debate did not make him focus on the topic. Why can't he comes out with statistics and counter measures that the government has initiated to counter incresing inflation?
    Sorry guys, as many observed, Anwar is the ultimate winner of this debate!

  185. Anonymous10:56 am

    Shabery did better than I thought he would, but I'd say if one had to declare a winner one would have to choose Anwar. Shabery lost his train of thought a couple of times, and it didn't help that he kept frothing at the mouth. Anyone who saw Kennedy debating a sweaty Nixon would know that matters.
    Anyway, Anwar made some excellent points. A very interesting debate.

  186. Anonymous10:57 am

    menteri tidak jawap langsung pun semasa ditanya pasal $$ selepas minyak naik 30cent 2006.

    kenapa? tak paham soalan? tak ada jawapan? jawapan tidak boleh dibahas? atau soalan tu bodoh sangat?

  187. Anonymous10:58 am

    Politician cannot be trusted.

    How sure are we if Anwar become PM, he will not leverage on Petronas coffers for his political power and support?

    He raised about the unfair terms of IPPs?

    Does anyone remember Malakoff, an IPP? What about MRCB? Do they ring some bells?

  188. Anonymous11:04 am


    STOP flogging Salleh Abbas just because you're wring a book on him.

    If he's such an honorable person why accepted RM500,000 of rakyat's money from Zaid Ibrahim at the time when the rakyat are suffering.

    All I can say is Shabery has balls, But again he's not a real Umno man. He was a Semangat 46 product. Umno people got no guts to face Anwar.

    It should have been Anwar vs Abdullah Badawi.

    Media Observer

  189. Anonymous11:10 am

    Makcik ni sekolah tak tinggi mana pun, cakap omputih pun berserabut tapi melihat debat semalam, sekurang-kurangnya makcik paham apa yg Anwar cuba terangkan berbanding dengan apa yang Shabery hujahkan.

    Walauapa pun janganlah kerajaan sekarang membebankan rakyat.
    Nak pergi pasar pun dah takut sekarang ni.

    Mak Enon

  190. Anonymous11:13 am

    Sorry Shabery, u faced a wrong person. U got the ball, but u shooted at your own goal. You're wasting your time attacking DSAI personal & provocative. U are not focused & ran away from the main issue & question.

    What a silly & stupid question from Nordin??? You thought IPP generated by the hydro? water? air?

    I'm 100% confident with DSAI explaination supported with concrete facts.

    Shaberi got 3*
    DSAI got 9*


  191. Anwar played his part very well and his points were simply fantastic even though this green horn kept attacking him personally.Credit should be given to this new Information Minister even though he had out of the points at times.Infact,he has the guts to compete with this veteran opposition leader and if Pak Lah or Najib would be standing against him,Malaysians would be shaking their heads I believe.

  192. Anonymous11:15 am

    Though must give it to an UMNO minister for having the guts to be gutted alive live on TV, it is embarrassing that Shabery didn't stick to the topic of the day, going on a personal attack seemed to be his game plan.

    In fact, he didn't give any concrete answer to the question about what happened to the savings supposedly obtained from the previous fuel hike, that were supposed to be pumped into public transportation.........I really wanted to hear what he had to say, but alas...dissapointment, as expected.

  193. hi,

    i don't understand how you couldn't see the diff between debate the "issue" and debate the "dsai personality".

    the main purpose of the debate is to provide us with the insight of what our leader think about coping with our current situation, solutions and what is happening and i believe everybody would agreed that Datuk Seri Anwar score highly on this. Meanwhile, Datuk Shabery main reason was Anwar history.

    Anwar = facts and figure, Shabery = history and common knowledge

    sign off - crash

  194. Anonymous11:17 am


    I don't agree with many of the commentators said above. I think that Shabery did quite well. Indeed he had guts to challenge Anwar which we all known is an outspoken person in the politics arena for the previous years.

    However Shabery is using this debate to attck Anwar personally in every session with less facts and figures, eventhough he said is truth that the process of decreasing the petrol price to rm2.20 is not an easy task, which Anwar could only speaks of it rather than realising the theories given.

    But I agree too that both speakers could handle themselves very well. They were not too emotional and stuck to the topic.

    Debate is a good program for public's food of thoughts. The program should go on.

  195. Bro Rocky,
    Tahniah pada Shabery yang berjaya memperbodohkan diri sendiri dan kedangkalan beliau memahami soalan dan tajuk debat.
    Tahniah juga kepada beliau kerana berani debat secara langsung berdepan dengan DSAI yang penuh hujah dan fakta.
    Saya beri 5 bintang kepada DSAI kerana berjaya menjawab soalan dan tidak terkeluar dari tajuk debat.
    Kepada Shabery , maaf kerana gagal tetapi berjaya menunjukkan BN/UMNO hanya mampu menyerang personaliti DSAI dan hanya memalukan Kementerian Penerangan dan PM.
    Saya lebih tertarik kepada kenyataan Dato' Salleh Majid (Dalam Awani Atma Khas) tentang meningkatkan nilai ringgit berbanding dollar US dan melakukan urusniaga petroleum menggunakan matawang lain selain Dollar US.
    Fakta yang diutarakan oleh DSAI adalah untuk jangka pendek iaitu menurunkan petrol sebanyak 50 sen dengan menggunakan RM 5 billion daripada penjimatan 40% kuasa IPP dan dividen Petronas dan sumber-sumber penjimatan akibat ketidakcekapan pengurusan agensi kerajaan, untuk jangka panjang, pengukuhan RM adalah lebih bersesuaian.
    Kedangkalan Shabery dalam pengetahuan hanya menunjukkan beliau tidak mampu berhujah secara fakta dan tepat dan asyik membandingkan dengan Iran, Venezuela, Finland dan Swiss iaitu perbandingan yang ternyata tidak sama situasi dengan Malaysia.
    Iran dan Venezuela menghadapi embargo dari US dan menyebabkan inflasi naik walaupun petrol murah, manakala pendapatan perkapita untuk Swiss dan Finland adalah hampir 20 kali lebih besar dari Malaysia dan kenaikan petrol untuk mereka tidak membebankan rakyat mereka berbanding kita yang jauh lebih mahal sekiranya perbandingan dibuat.
    Serangan Shabery keatas kisah lampau DSAI pula menunjukkan beliau cuba membuat provokasi dan DSAI berjaya mengawal dan tidak melayan usaha biadap dan kebudakan Shabery.
    Walaubagaimana pun tahniah kepada agendadaily yang berjaya merealisasi debat secara langsung.

    5 bintang untuk DSAI dan Shabery patut letak jawatan kerana ketidakmatangan beliau berdebat.


  196. Anonymous11:29 am

    to Lynn
    i hope you enjoy the 'best' life being crony to "somebody".

    too bad 99.99% of rakyat doesn't qualified.

  197. Anonymous11:32 am

    kilat, assuming you are DYING because of out of water in the desert for many many many days.

    So now you found one pool, full with water....and you gonna think...is the water Drink-able?

    That's you, never dare to change even now changing is the ONLY way to survive.

  198. Anonymous11:33 am

    Guys.. was Shabery previously in Semangat?


  199. Anonymous11:37 am

    Form, demeanour and substance are what debaters are judged upon and on these three counts, Anwar won.

    I am no fan of either debater. In actuality, I'm no fan of ANY politico. But caught up in the hype I was,and tuned in to watch.

    Anwar was visibly nervous in his opening spiel but found a second wind as the debate waged on. Shabery started off well enough but it was downhill from thereon.

    Shabery repeated ad nauseum irrelevant '74 shenanigans and comparisons to Venezuela/Iran. Apart from that he commited a mortal sin in not answering a direct question poised. Such chicanery does not bode well for anyone's credibility - but we're used to it since Dr M's off tangent ways in straying off-topic.

    Anwar was not too substantive either - failing to inform us where he would garner the additional 2 billion by way of sheer number crunching. But he was a hecuva lot more informational than Shabery. Anwar was obviously playing to the audience - the Malaysian electorate at large. And I am sure this will be lapped up all across the land.

    Overall verdict: Kudos to Shabery for agreeing to debate and putting his job on the line. However,if he is deemed to be the best debater within government ranks, we're all screwed. It is an eye opener that we have schmucks and incompetents who run our land o' plenty. Anwar mostly toed to the subject at hand and was relatively better prepared. He made his points, had a better demeanour/body lingo and scored major points in not making this a visceral rabbit punchin' bout. Thought that it was analagical w/ the Lloyd Bentsen - Dan Quayle debate with the former winning it hands down.