Sunday, June 08, 2008

To wear or not to wear the Songkok?

Is the DAP anti-Songkok now? According to The Star, someone people in the DAP's central executive committee want the party's assemblymen in Johor NOT to wear the Songkok at the opening of the state's legislative assembly on June 19. The Sultan of Johor is expected to be there.
If the news is true, it's strange for the DAP to want to do that. It's mischievous, even, especially given the Johor Sultan's passion for the songkok .

Sure, the songkok is a Malay headgear. It is also a Malaysian headgear. No?

Read The Star article, To wear or not to wear the Songkok, here.
p/s Waiting for Kit to state DAP's stand on the songkok in his blog. He has blogged about songkok issues before, here.


  1. Anonymous4:17 pm

    typical la...drink, smoke, womanise and buy nombor ekor not a problem..but when people touch on the songkok issue, get worked up.


  2. Anonymous4:23 pm

    These stupid DAP idiots should wake up. Wearing songkoks doesnt make anyone less Chinese. Lim Kit Siang, tell your stupid DAP members to wake up to the reality of a new Malaysia. This is a new Malaysia, not the chauvinistic Malaysia in which DAP is cocooned. DAP bodoh.

  3. Anonymous4:24 pm

    If there is a dress code in the state assembly and it includes songkok, than it is fine to wear it. It has no religious implications, just a head gear. No one should be against wearing the songkok. I think the DAP should not be trivial about it.

  4. Anonymous4:49 pm

    It's not something new. DAP leaders had been criticising MCA of wearing Songkok in formal functions for years... it's irony how they are eating their own words now.

  5. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Totally agree. To wear or not to wear the songkok. Why they want make such a big issue? The main issue that they should be highlighting now is the fuel prices which affect all of us. My next opinion is directed to the original blogger of this article and not anyone, not our govt, not our beloved Agung or Sultan.
    By wearing a songkok or follow other protocol doesn't mean that one is clean or isn't a racist. I think my main question is on the human rights issue, "Kenapa kita nak paksa orang disongkokan untuk menunjukkan kita ni orang Malaysia?"

    Note: I only wear songkok during Hari Raya.

    Tanjung Aru.

  6. Anonymous5:00 pm


    You all have believed that The Star report is true?

    Very funny - you hate MSMs but when they report like this, you whack DAP.

    Apa logic ini?

    Have you all not seen how The Star and the other MSMs slant their news pieces to be in th good books of those in the centre?

    Blogging is not about just picking a news about the opposition from the MSM and whacking the opposition to glory.

    Even if people want to change, the MSMs love to play up such things and then have a field day getting people to slay the opposition.

    Who are the lalangs now?

    MSMs? Bolggers? Opposition?

    Don't confuse the rakyat anymore.

    We have already been fuelled by rising price of fuel.

    And The Star chose an issue/story to distract the commoners and we are falling for it.


  7. keep falling to the MSM spinning. :D

  8. Anonymous5:24 pm

    I beg to differ that the songkok is a Malaysian headgear. Not until we accept that the headgears of all communities, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban, Bidayuh, Sikh etc are Malaysian headgears.

    Remember the furore our racist ex-PM and his ilk caused when Ku Li donned a headgear with a cross-like thing on it some twenty years ago? Believe it was a Kadazan headgear. I can remember all the stupid racial and religious innuendos our racist ex-PM and his machais made against Ku Li.

    And to suggest that assemblymen wear the songkok because the sultan has a passion for songkoks is just not on.
    What if the sultan has a passion for mini-skirts? Should the assemblywomen show up in mini-skirts? We should learn how to respect wishes of the assemblymen not to wear the songkok.

    Then again, I must say I am not in any way anti-songkok. I would have been happy to wear one. It would be a great day for Malaysia if the assemblymen choose to wear a songkok on their own free will to the Johor state assembly opening.

    And when assemblymen, say, in Sabah of all races show up in the finest Kadazan or other Sabahan headgear for the opening of the Sabah state assembly without raising any eyebrows, then we have truly made progress.

    Until then, we seem to have proven yet again that we care more for form than substance.


  9. Anonymous5:29 pm

    The songkok is nothing more than a hat, I use to wear one in school for certain occasion. Actually I have 3 songkok and my cat is sleeping on one too.

  10. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Is it really true that the DAP reps do not want to use songkok especially when in attendance with the Head of state especially where the sulatn or Agong are in attendance. I wonder if its true that DAP reps have said this or its the fantasies of the local media to sensationalise issues to put flavour in them. If its true SONGKOK aeems to be the issue then lets remind DAP that songkok has no bearing to religion.You know in INDIA everyone irrespective of releigion uses that headgear. If thats difficult to do then DAP be ready to make an exit in the next GE. Afterwhich you wouldnt have to force yourselves to mind all these except to MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS. Rafiqi,

  11. Anonymous5:38 pm

    another racialist chauvinist in multiracial society must be tolerable konon..pakai songkok pun jadi issue ke


  12. Salam Brader,

    1. DAP memang 'Iblis' besar yang mahu melenyapkan apa saja identiti Melayu/Islam.

    2. Tetapi sekarang Iblis besar ini dah ada kawan baru?

    3. PKR=Setan dan PAS=Jin. Kemudian UMNO=Sesat? Habis pada siapa lagi orang Melayu nak harap dan percaya sekarang??

  13. Long time ago..a group of Jayees were in HongKong...for an International Convention...consisting of all Malaysian Chinese.
    We are proud Malaysians and are patriotics...representing out country..with pride. We sang .......only folks"rasa sayang"...and few identify ourselves Malaysians.!!
    Songkok was recommended and we was representing a religion and one we decided not to wear that.
    If DAP have the same is their rights. After all..if we want to talk head gears....then..there are so many head gears from thousand of years traditions by great Malaysians be proud of.
    And DAP have the support of Malaysians. Who are these people....teaching DAP how to be true Malaysians?
    Lets not make an issue from discrupt unity.
    Unity....must not be forced to do this or that by Malaysians Muslims....if they are totally sincere in unity. Majority Muslims are very open minded...sensible and logical!!
    It is UMNO and PAS continueous race and religion....dirty politics...dominating it for 50 years successfully.....that is now.. proven out-dated ...and being voted out in 5 ONE!! Malaysians wants...truthful....productive...non corrupted ministers..and stop wasting time...talking insignificant issues..blown become so important..which is not really so.
    It reminds me...that one must wear the special hat to attend a Jewish wedding in the Synagogue!
    The Jews maybe a great race....but their religious traditions sucks....and majority modern Jews do not wear the head gears too.
    Until and unless....Malaysians are all united as one....don't give all sorts of stupid terms and conditions to be united..which infact is..what..UMNO loves to divide and rule...including their own race.
    UMNO and BN are clear racialists don't they try to teach other Malaysians to unite.
    Bottom like.. a non corrupted government and much much more important than all these issues....purposely brought divert the attention...on the main issues..the terrible oil prices. Whether the ministers wish to wear a saree...cheongsam...or..baju does not long as they are respecting the Royalties sincerely.
    What matters most...are the issues facing us ..right to make sure..poor Malaysians do not suffer..and here..we are talking how head gear is??

  14. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Wearing the songkok should be done with complete dress code of baju Melayu, sarong and samping. The alternative is to wear a suit with tie and without any headgear like what they do in Dewan Rakyat. I don't understand why there should be any ruling in Johor that ADUNs in suit with tie need to put on the songkok. Is wearing suit without songkok being disrespectful? In that case would you say that MPs are also being disrespectiful.


  15. Recently, Rachel Ray, a celebrity chef was criticized by a commentator for appearing in a Dunkin’ Donut advertisement wearing a black and white scarf. The commentator wrote in her column that the scarf looked like a keffiyeh, which according to the critic, “was a symbolic support of Muslim extremism and terrorism”. She went on to say that “the keffiyeh has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad popularized by Yasser Arafat who had worn the scarf, a regular adornment of terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos."

    Go to - '' for rest of "limbo rockin' with the songkok."

  16. Oh, For God's Sake, Rocky!
    Could U use some of yr frame to kick certain persons in their "proverbial butts" - Its a Malay Head Gear, Its a Chinese underwear, Its an Indian....!
    Its Ceremonial! End of Story!Then all DAPians stop using Batik!
    And stop using Coats, Ties & Trousers! And stop using shoes! Use what your ancestors used!
    Please, do not irritate the Rakayaat! We put u in Office, We can take U out! Grow Up , all of U!

  17. Anonymous7:06 pm

    what the heck!!! stupid DAP ADUNs. idiots!!

    if this small issue of dress code u all can't handle it well, how will u handle big issues in the future? don't run for election, don't become ADUN or MP if u can't accept that u r living in malaysia.

    plez act smart okey!! wearing songkok or baju melayu doesn't make u less chiness. u r still chiness people even if u r wearing kimono or cowboy suit or astronaut suit or punjabi's traditional cloth.

    it doesn't make u a british or english people or james bond if u wear tuxedo. u r not Japanese if u wear karate or ninja uniform. u r still chiness for god sake!!!

    go back to school and learn again how to respect other culture!!!

  18. Anonymous7:37 pm

    They're showing off their true colors day after day. No more hypocrite, that what they say.

    Are we ready for that Melayu oooiii!!
    Go to PKR site and see how they condemn melayu kering-kering.

    I hate DAP!!

  19. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Bru, u deserve a pat on the bum for kali's tan sriship expose. He was on that list i guess but due to the spy-link claim and his contribution to destroying and ruining umno, the king i guess decided not to award him the TS. BTW, all Umno members must be made aware of Kali's DKK brother and s'pore operative Brendan Pariah has been tasked with churning out articles calling for removal of ministers who are against, Pak "FlipFlop" Lah, KHairy, Kamaluddin Dolah, Kali. Dey! Kali n Brendan, the Malays are watching and spying on your movements. Najib/Muhyiddin, make sure these TRAITORS or PENGHIANAT and their sponsors are investigated and incarcerated immediately Okay!


  20. in indonesian wearing a songkok or a 'pici' does not indicate a person is a moslem as it has turned into a national headgear. i recall sometime ago when i was there attending a church service there were some who were wearing songkok and receiving communion during the mass service. i think DAP Johor should not get carried away with it since it has been all this while fighting an equal Malaysia for ALL MALAYSIANS - so be a sport and cut the crap !

  21. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Songkok as an inferior race headgear shouldn't be wear by any other's just a disgrace.


  22. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Bro Rocky

    I think you should read a letter on rintihan seorang ayah in blog

  23. This is one of many reasons why I will not vote for DAP - from cradle till grave.

    To the hell with DAP.

    Sang Songkok

  24. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Tunjuklah pe'el perkauman kau yang tak pernah dibuang dari zaman lky di sini.

    Typical perangai cina, tak habis2 membeni melayu. pernah kah mereka berterima kasih dengn raja2 melayu dan orang2 melayu kerana dapat jadi warganegara.

    Next election jgn kau mimpi undi orang melayu lagi.

  25. DAP wants to stretch their luck knowing full well that the idiots representing them will be strongly dealt with by the Sultan so that they can make an issue out of it. Let's see if they dare. There is a limit to flirting with the powers and influence of the Sultan of Johor. If it is provoked, then the people of Johor and the govt will stand behind His Highness.

    I don't thing they'd dare. Let's see if the DAP has the stomach or is just full of mouth.

  26. We people have been wearing all sorts.There is nothing ours.Even shirts and pants are not ours.So dont wear.Try go naked.Don't wear like orang asli,it is also not kita punya.Like said,go naked.

  27. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Songkok or no songkok, Malaysians of all races should grow out of this "phobia" and "obsession" so that the "new" Malaysia can emerge from this stupid "cocoon" (that's where MCA will die inside).

    Even non-Malay ladies love to wear the "kebaya" (correct spelling??) on Fridays....

    Yes, a dress code in the state assembly, does wearing a coat and tie (or monkey suit) makes you any less "Malaysian". Grow up the rocket!!


  28. Anonymous9:15 pm

    "....especially given the Johor Sultan's passion for the songkok ...."

    I think the reason why the Johore sultans like to wear the songkok is because their songkoks were actually the ones worn by the former Johore Military Force (JMF) who wore them as part of their formal military attire. Johore had their own private "army" if you remember and the sultans' passion for military uniforms resulted in them being seen in uniforms in one form or other, they being the C-I-C of their "army".

    Even today you see the Johore royalty in some form of military uniform or other with a western style sword by the side. Johore used to be the most westernised Malay state among all the Malay states and it had an English Sultanah even.

    But coming to wearing the songkok at state functions etc, why can't a decent formal suit be acceptable? Or formal traditional attire be it Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban etc to reflect our diversity which we always boast of?

    Our former PM likes his Nehru suits to reflect his heritage so what's wrong with it? I haven't see him wearing songkoks for a long, long time.

    I note that the Catholic bishop and the Evangelical Christian head have both been awarded Tan Sriship by the King last weekend. Were they required to wear the "traditional" and "cultural" songkok when they received their awards? Did they?

    The rulers are rulers of all races and religions i.e. for all. I don't want to go into politics but I think so long as people dress and behave decently and formally as befitting the occasion, it should be OK.

    Lets not make this into a big issue when it should not.

    P/s a friend of mine said the songkok is not Malay or Muslim but has its roots and origins in Hinduism and Buddhism which came to this part of the world a couple of thousand years ago before the advent of Islam.

  29. Percaya atau tidak, walaupun May 13 lama berlalu dan berbagai usaha dilakukan bagi memperbaikinya akan tetapi selepas PRU12, kita melayu dah tahu siapa sebenarnya yang kita terima tinggal satu bumbung dirumah dan tanah kita?
    Kita (semua bangsa) akan hidup aman daripada perancanaan politik perkauman DAP (yang kerap menuduh UMNO sebagai perkauman) yang diterajui oleh KIT dan KARP disappear bersama sama perasaan total hatred nya terhadap orang melayu atau apa sahaja berhubung kait dengan melayu! Khalas

    kepada KIT dan KARP ini tiada niat fitnah atau andaian supaya kamu berdua dibunuh atau seumpamanya.

  30. DAP up to its tricks again?
    Have the leaders can’t control their branch chairmen?
    This is the antic the people don’t want to hear
    What is wrong wearing the songkok?

    It doesn’t mean you betray a trust
    It doesn’t mean you are Muslim
    It doesn’t mean you are betrayer
    Of whatever one thinks about

    It means one knows how to show respect
    In the August House and state assemblies
    If these kind of politicians can’t stomach
    They shouldn’t be playing the field

    Take of it as a uniform
    You can’t ignore it
    You have to wear it
    Don’t the DAP people know?

    DAP leaders talk about tsunami in GE
    They don’t talk about their changing ways
    They should talk about tsunami in them
    So the country can see a change in government

    What is songkok anyway?
    It is just a hat to wear
    To shield the heat
    Why make the silly issue out of nothing?

  31. Anonymous9:50 pm

    What's wrong with the songkok? For God sake it is just a dress code. A dress code to show your respect to the Sultan. What's the issue?

    And did i tell you I'm a Malaysian Chinese, too?

  32. nstman right on bro. Pasal isu songkok ini I thought dah settle dah, sebab DAP Rep dan Speaker at Dewan Negeri Selangor kan pakai songkok, I think DAP Rep kat Perak pun pakai songkok.

    Kalau tak pakai songkok juga maka apparently some DAP members are rascist sebab mereka boleh terima pakai western style suit dengan tie tapi tak boleh terima pakai songkok orang melayu.

    I would like to hear what Lim Guan Eng has to say about this songkok issue and also comment from Mr DAP himself YB Lim Kit Siang.

  33. Anonymous10:01 pm

    I voted Opposition and dreamed of change, after voting BN for past 4 elections.
    I swear I'll vote BN again for PRU13 if DAP asses refused to wear songkok.
    It's becoming plain to see that they are anti-Malay and everything associated with it. It's not corruption, bad governance etc that they hated. It's everything that is Malay.

  34. Bro,

    Kenapa bodoh sangat wakil rakyat ni? Kalau songkok pun boleh jadi isu, pergi balik negeri Cina la.

  35. cammon la...
    UMNO ckp minyak naik korg tak
    melenting... DAP ckp jgn pakai
    songkok korg bising... up2 DAP la..
    their in house rules... dia org xckp pn org lain xboleh pakai songkok... juz their adun only... same like umno la... xboleh sapot usul pembangkang walaupun ada rasionalnya....

  36. Anonymous10:33 pm

    this is really childish.
    its really sad to know that these immature DAP members are the one who represent people of johor.

  37. Anonymous10:45 pm


    This is just so typical of these ungreatfuls. They want to try out whether the 'lembik's in UMNO and PKR would say anything... and believe me, those pondans wont say a thing and DAP will move on to another agendas in belittling those dumb Malays. But little does DAP know that the silent macho Malays are watching them closely and critically.

    Dont push your luck, DAP.

  38. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Pissed off with the all narrow minded, blurred vision & out of touch politicians from both sides of the divide.

    Lim Guan Eng should put his house in order, UNLESS he wears the same hat as his morons.

    Do it now or we will do it for you when the next poll comes calling.

    We have no patience for such stupid antics. Dammnit, don't those idiots have any common sense.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. There are two ways to get people wear songkok. One is educating them about the meaning of songkok, make them feel proud of having it. Address all questions raised by the people who refused to wear. Two is using force and rules, like forcing people to wear helmet. Today you still see many didn't wear helmet especially in the kampung area. Is it the failure of education?

    Somehow in the Chinese culture, whatever put on top of the head must be something grant and symbolic. Like the crown of the kings. It shows the power over others, or above of others, so to be respected. Nobody wear something that make them look like inferior and feel inferior. Try to imagine yourself to wear something that you feel like insulting yourself, like holding a board in front and behind you with the word "I am a thief" on the street.

    I am not saying wearing songkok is like holding the board. Please do not relate to that.

    May be some suggestions to make songkok an acceptable culture.

    1. Put that in the school text book from the primary education so that kids learn the culture of others, especially those culture that other races MUST not feel resent about. And it has to be done both ways. Otherwise the parents may re-educate the kids of the hidden agenda!

    2. Make all that has Datuk or Tan Sri title above to wear songkok as part of their attire and ranking. So all races wearing songkok showing in the public eye, it will become common. It is showing by example.

    3. Make more occasion for PM, DPM and all very high ranking officer to wear songkok in every events. It is quite easy to carry songkok right?

    4. Perhaps allow different songkok coding, color or anything, unless it is a rule that it must be black with certain shape. You know, if there is no restriction on how the songkok looks like, there can be a business for fashion!

    Hope the suggestions are fine and possible to implement.

  41. Anonymous11:17 pm

    rocky... i've linked your piece to my blog.. DAP DAP.. don't know what they are thinking of...

  42. Anonymous11:22 pm

    I don't care if u wear a pita bread on your head and call it a beret.. can u just focus on saving Malaysia????

    Pissed Off

  43. Anonymous11:32 pm

    i think the malays got to wake up....

    you still think that everyone should follow your cultures....

    you get angry when people try to give opinion or voice out....

    there is no system in malaysia, not one system that all races can accept and move forward.... together, with loyalty, with conviction.

    unless the malay-agendaed government learns what is good governance, don't fooking expect the non-malays to agree to whatever stupid ideas dish out to them without questions.

    be good muslims and stop calling others stupid when your own worldwide image yet to be recognised.

    we are malaysians, one word, not malay-sian.... ok. cheers

  44. DAP should use their heads to think how to solve rising prices and not to worry about the songkok.

    Looks like DAP is not all Malaysian Malaysia after all huh?

    DAP - A Malayphobia Party

  45. Patriotic 1994 said:

    Nobody wears something that makes them look inferior and feel inferior.

    Ho! Ho! Ho! You are absolutely right.Took the words right out of my mouth.The other 3 reason are:-

    1. right to choose
    2. right to choose
    3. right to choose

  46. Anonymous11:46 pm

    since when did the songkok become "Malaysian headgear?" it is very sinister how the term "Malaysian" is being abused by certain quarters to impose their ethnic and cultural indentity and practices on to other races.

    this is not what our fore-fathers practiced or stood for in the drafting out of the constitution. it is a threat against the spirit of mutual respect and protection of the respective non-Malay/non-muslim cultures and identities in Malaysia.

    would it be respectful to expect Malays to wear the "potu" or hold jossticks to prove that they practise "muhibbah" and racial integration. as the saying goes, "do not do unto others, what you would not have wish to be done to you".

    many non-Malays have been intimidated in this songkok wearing saga. it has been forced on to non-Malay atheletes, policemen and women and at various other so-called official functions.

    no one can deny that the songkok is intrinsic to the Malay culture and community, and in this country the Malay race is intrinsically linked politically as well as religously to Islam.

    because of such realities,it is totally inappropriate to insist that non-Malays be indentified with such a culture-sensitive icon of Malays or to mislead non-Malaysians in Malaysia or abroad to assume that all Malaysians are intrinsically Malays or ethnically Malays or muslims.

    such misconceptions are already causing unecessary conflict and misunderstanding in the area of religous conversion and social relations. it would be grossly insensitive to impose such regulations on non-Malays.

    in view of such subtle attempts of "cultural-revisionism" I would strongly urge all authorities concerned to put an end to such practices. it should cease immediately at all official and cultural levels.

    if at all such cultural and religous senstive icon is to be "shared" among Malaysians, it should be practised collectively whereby each ethnic group participate in it by appropriating each others' cultural and religous icon at official functions.

    this would mean that Malays should wear cultural-religous icons of non-malay- non-muslim races and vive-versa. the cultural-religous identity of each races should be give equal prominence at all so-called official functions.

    the Dap is right in rejecting such cultural revisionist practices among us in the political arena. let us not be a nation that condones the hijacking of non-Malay cultures in the name of nationalism.

    true nationalism is a reflection of freedom to practice one's culture and religon without any form of encroachment and displacement. let not the ugly head of racial or religous superiority be allowed to reign over a multi-cultural, multi-religous Malaysia.

  47. Anonymous12:00 am

    Why can't they be down to earth like Guan Eng ? They will not rugi anything. The old DAP chieftans like Kit Siang and Karpal may have to go faster than they expected - mantea

  48. Anonymous12:18 am

    nstman, as usual you are firing from your unwashed anus, not making any sense of the shit you churn out day in day out.
    The issue here is very simple, the songkok is not a Malaysian headgear, its a Malay headgear with Indian origins, Nehru wore it all the time.
    Actually this songkok thing is not an issue, but my question is, will the Malays put on an Indian, chinese, Iban etc headgear without making a big deal of it?

  49. Anonymous12:27 am

    If you look at the old photograph of 31st August 1957 at the Merdeka Stadium, when the Tunku proclaimed Malayan Independence, you will note that the Tunku and all the Malay Rulers did NOT wear the songkok at this solemn occasion but Malay attires of their respective states. The British representatives wore their formal attires depending on their ranks. See

    Why are we now making this wearing or not wearing a songkok a big issue? Does somebody have a hidden agenda there somewhere? And why are some people stoking the fire?

    I think the issue and concern being raised here is that there is no freedom of choice. On many occasions, attendees are REQUIRED (i.e. no choice) to wear the songkok. All other formal attires are NOT sufficient or acceptable. That's the crux of the issue - there is simply NO CHOICE but to comply. And some don't like it - no democracy.

    I remember in the early days after Malaysia Day, the native representatives of Sarawak used to attend their State Assembly sittings in their traditional attires. No problem then to them or to those who came dressed in other formal attires.

    And in the various international media reports on China's Peoples Congress (Parliament) sittings, minority groups (including Muslim minorities) attended in their traditional attires. No problem. See

    So where have we come to since independence? Why is there an issue? Why do some people always see this as an affront to them and their culture and get all riled up?

    I for one would wholeheartedly welcome anyone who comes to my function in any proper and appropriate attire and behave themselves properly.

  50. ڤمباچ يڠ ماره ، اداله دري ڬولوڠن چينا دڤ راسڽ. مرك مراساكن يڠ بلوڬڬر سماچم چاكڤ تق سروڤا بيكين كران ممڤرچايأي بريتا تيه ستار.

    ديوراڠ چوما باچ سورتخبر چينا ساج...اڤ يڠ ديوراڠ تاهو؟

    Agak2 orang DAP paham tak?

  51. Anonymous12:45 am

    Why should they wear songkok? they can't even speak Malay properly. Despite living in this country for more than 100 years they speak Malay less fluently than a Bangla who come here less than a year. Just look at Lim Keng Yaik, Samy Vellu and Lim Kit Siang. They totally butchered the language with their pronunciation and misplaced 'imbuhan'. Imagine an American of Chinese descent in Congress speaking like this. It just not happening but in Malaysia we give them Tun-ship. We should strip them of their citizenship.. this ungrateful people.


  52. Anonymous2:01 am

    I suggest that Chinese members should wear their baggy trousers, Mao Tse Tung tops and pigtails. Indian members should put on their dhotis and no shoes.
    Then all is fair and square!
    And in the meantime life gets harderfor the rakyat while the DAP churns out various nagging policies What a load of bitchy ideas. (Apologies to all female dogs for using that word) By Catwoman

  53. Anonymous2:06 am


    Your post said, "According to the Star,...", and then next paragraph,

    "If the news is true.."

    What this tells me is that you yourself are NOT SURE if the Star report is true or not. I suggest that your check this up with DAP before even posting this, and I'm sure it's not difficult for you to do this.

    If it is true, then I feel DAP's view on this is not beneficial nor wise. But what if the report is NOT true? Can we really believe the msm like the Star?


  54. Anonymous2:25 am

    "Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Songkok as an inferior race headgear shouldn't be wear by any other's just a disgrace.


    As a superior race, you should go naked!.... it's just no shame.


  55. Anonymous2:30 am

    The songkok is a Muslim headgear. Look it up online, see the history books, speak with kids who grew up attending Kebangsaan schools. All our parents and grandparents know that the songkok is a Muslim headgear.

    So if you are not a Muslim, like most of the DAP politicians are, why should you wear the songkok?

    I grew up studying in Kebangsaan schools, one of the few Chinese to do so in an age where Malaysian education is becoming increasingly polarized. I am very proud of the racial harmony we had, and growing up, I definitely remember the songkok being a Muslim headgear. My Malay friends would only wear the songkok whenever they go for Muslim prayers at the school surau.

    Now unless there is some major effort at revisionism, and there is a major effort by the government to suddenly gazette and call the songkok a non-religious headgear, I think you should respect the rights of the non-Muslims to not wear religious attire that are not from their religion. This right should be respected in the same vein as the rights of non-Muslims to pursue their individual choice of a religion.

    - Observer

  56. Anonymous2:47 am

    who never follow constitution?

    if wearing songkok is considered a national wear.... all will wear, but has there being agreement?

    please respect the sarawakian and sabahan too and please don't pick on the chinese, you guys just hate chinese for nothing.

    please face the fact, you can frustrate the chinese but you can wish the chinese away.

    unless the malays behave like true malaysians, this songkok thing will never go away.

    please behave like true MALAYSIAN!!!

  57. Anonymous2:59 am

    See all the unnecessary, unwarranted, hatred and racists remarks?

    51 years of independence and we have all gone off-course.

  58. As a malaysian chinese, i would love to wear a songkok if there was an occasion for me to wear one. I would view it as assimilation to the malaysian identity, would not have connected same to religion afterall, during my schooldays the chinese girls were wearing baju kurung to school and there weren't in Islam or anything like that. My advise to those politicians, try to think malaysians, be proud being a malaysian, we make what we believe in as our malaysian identity, we don't have to oppose everything. Certain items should be viewed as "so what if i wear/ i do " it doesn't make you any different thereafter.

  59. Anon Jasman,

    Have to give The Star's report benefit of the doubt. After all, the report quotes the DAP Johor VP ....


  60. Anonymous5:01 am

    'kepala dia dah besau!!

  61. Anonymous8:36 am

    songkok is not a Muslim headgear. Malay wear songkok during non-religious occasion like wedding and silat ceremony too. Every Friday prayer try to observe some Malays are wearing songkok, some are wearing white skull caps, some are wearing serban/turban and some not wearing any headgear at all. If it is religious headgear why didn't anyone wear the same headgear? and if you never been in a mosque during prayers it is perfectly alright not to wear anything on your head if you got short hair. It's for practical purposes.


  62. Anonymous8:43 am

    The DAP CEC Members

    A bunch of idiots still living in the past.

    Our sportsmen wear in the Olympic parads and our judges wear in their official functions.

    What's wrong with these DAP chaps... have they lost their sense of priorities?

  63. To this moronic Z A K, who wrote:

    "... Kalau songkok pun boleh jadi isu, pergi balik negeri Cina la..."

    I say: I may disagree with DAP stand on the songkok,BUT your blardy line "pergi balik negeri Cina la..." is F**KINGLY NOT AP, there is NO NEED FOR PEOPLE TO TELL OTHER MALAYSIANS TO balik negeri Cina for Malaysia is HoME, get it, you f**king moron -- why don't you go cabk that F**KING orifice of thy mum where the sun don't shine?

  64. Anonymous9:06 am

    Songkok is not a Malayu headgear. Original Melayu headgear is Tengkolok. Songkok is being worn in Indonesia, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Nepal,China and numerous other countries in the world regardless of race or religion. DAP should be allowed to wear 'SERBAN' like PAS.


  65. Anonymous9:28 am



    ...i wonder if some of them would still be around now if not for the SONGKOK. so for whatever its worth/ is have some RESPECT FOR THE SONGKOK.....

    hidup melayu/TM tanah airku

  66. Evidently the DAP Central Committee has lost the plot as well.

  67. Rocky more little birds are chirping saying that Abdullah is not going to defend his post in UMNO.

    You heard about this?

  68. Again, we fall to the MSM/ BN's trick in picking up small issues to melaga lagakan.

    Why is the newspaper so prejudiced? Like RPK said, if Malay ( for example , PAS) said that they do not want songkok vs kopiah, it would be a political statement. If chinese, it will be racism and probably against agong etc. bla bla.

  69. Anonymous9:57 am

    Actually, why all the fuss? DAP state assemblymen in Penang, Selangor and Perak (and may be Kedah)and parliamentarians are all wearing songkoks.

    Anyway, the songkok most probably originated from India, (together the keris - which was much earlier)!

    Many things and customs came from India to the Nusantara - Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, duduk bersila, giving respect by putting the palms together, etc., etc.!!!

    So go ahead wear the songkok.

  70. Dear rocky

    can u pls highlight what our mufti of perlis has to say about kenaikan harga minyak at

    very interesting and thought-provoking.

  71. Anonymous10:10 am

    To wear or not to wear.

    That is not the question.

    The questions is working out a solution to all Malaysian.

    It should not be forced, if you give the choice maybe people will wear them.

    Chinese who wants be Malaysian

  72. Anonymous10:32 am


    this is a petty issue. of course MSM would find anything to stir up multi racial issue into supporting umno-bn.if umno-bn do right things right, most probably all these petty problems would not surfaced.

  73. DAP don't be dumb la. It is a symbol plus a dress code and it is not like the tudung which is more religious thing and on top of that we live in Malaysia. Wear the songkok or next election, I'll not vote for you!!!

  74. Anonymous11:00 am

    haa eloklah tu. memang bagus PR ni, yang lain dok menyokong sangat DAP tu. tak tau ke hati perut diorang macam mana? sampai PAS yang ada dalam pakatan pon dipinggirkan. sekarang ni pakai songkok pon x bagi? bodoh betul lah DAP ni. buat ape sokong orang macam ni? nak merosakkan bangsa je. ada orang dalam pakatan cakap UMNO cuba menakut2kan orang melayu dengan isu perkauman, orang dalam pakatan cakap, nak satukan semua bangsa. sekarang dah ada dah perbuatan2 berbaur perkauman. kawan lagi ngan orang macam tu!!!

  75. Bro

    There has never been any consensus on a National Dress Code since or before Independence (1957; none that I am aware of, and unlike a famous PM, I have not been asleep all this time!

    This problem about the songkok has to do with what the powers-that-be want to foist on all M'sians and whether they have any other agenda in mind.

    An inkling of it can be found in the only officially approved Malay Dictionaries used in our schools for the past 20-30 years.

    A 'songkok' is defined as a headgear worn by a male Muslim! If you don't belief it, go take a look at your child's school Kamus.

    Even a dress code must pass the test of reasonableness. If there is any ambivalence as to its links with a particular religion, then it should be shelved for the dress code at the State Assembly.

    Whether Nehru wore a songkok-like headgear, and what the origins of the songkok were, have no relevance to the issue. I can't agree with you Rocky that Malay culture is equivalent to M'sian culture, when in the first place 'Malay Culture' is not defined even in our Constitution.

    Ultimately, it is matter of individual choice, whatever the Sultan of Johor might desire.

    The era of 'so it is written, so it shall be done' was rejected by humanity several thousand years ago!

  76. Anonymous11:44 am

    Malaysians by and large are discriminators, not by choice but by neccesity, as they now indulge in squabbling over a ..... headgear!! Yes, it certainly appears that racism is alive and well.


  77. rocky, ask Jeff ooi where he stands on this issue! He talks bangsa malaysia all the time!

    Indians in India wear Songkok too. Nehru used to wear one.

  78. When I was in the boys scout, I wore a songkok. no big deal

  79. Anonymous11:49 am

    FC 12:45 AM said:

    "Why should they wear songkok? they can't even speak Malay properly."

    What do you mean they can't speak Malay properly??

    I suggest you watch videoclips of DAP Members of Parliament debating in the Dewan Rakyat. They speak Malay just fine and everybody understands them.

    So why are you being ridiculously prejudicial??

  80. Anonymous11:58 am

    I thought all Malaysian has a choice or is it a just a sweet talk only?

    If songkok is indeed a head-gear only, then is it compulsary to wear it? If it is stated in the regulation, then no choice lar.

    Wearing songkok is just like eating curry. Some people just dislike eating curry, then why must force him? Does he needs to eat curry just to show respect to the host eventhough he doesnt like? If he frankly tells the host he doesnt eat curry, does the host will get offended?

    Curry Eater

  81. Anonymous11:59 am


    DAP not just being petty, but also disrespectful.

    A lot of your commentators don't realise that the wearing of the songkok is not because they have to attend the dewan, or because its part of the uniform (in fact, you CAN wear a uniform with military headgear), but because the Sultan is present.

    It is traditional, and respectful, to wear the songkok when having an audience or meeting the sultan. On any occasion. Period.

    Perhaps the DAP needs to be reminded that the Sultan is the Head of State, and deserving of our love, respect, loyalty and sacrifice. Or have they forgotten the Constitution since winning some seats in GE12.

    Cheers !!


  82. Songkok issue page N4.

    Public transport 'system overhaul' by Leong Shen-li on frontpage.

    Way to go, guyz. Please continue to debate on a non-issue.

    I'm certain the MSM and our 'elected' BN/PR representatives will provide more entertainment to avoid their responsibility of installing better governance.

    Oh yeah, can I insist in having my Mykad color-coded according to my ethnic origins.

  83. Anonymous12:24 pm

    I don't agree with dap on this but, i think we know why they are cautious.

    Still remember how tengku razaleigh (semangat 46) lost the election? Well, today, how many politicians willing to wear the hat that razaleigh wore then?

    Guess we are paying heavy price for politicizing cultural customs.

  84. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Why not just compromise?

    The DAP Assemblymen can all wear a RED-coloured songkok OK? Maybe with some trimmings? And a rocket crest too?

  85. And to think there were Turks who were hung during Ataturk's reign for refusing to take off their fez and wear hats!

  86. Dear Rocky,

    To me these DAP clowns would not feel any peace if they do not stirs up some controversies.

    Given at times like these they still make up issues on petty matters is what made me glad that I never vote for them.

    There I said my piece.

  87. Anonymous12:59 pm

    If there is a Sikh Assemblyman, will he be required to wear a songkok on top of his turban?

    Or remove his turban and wear a songkok?

    Come to think of it, is wearing a "traditional and cultural" songkok together with a western style suit appropriate? Since when?

    I always thought songkoks are more appropriately worn with the appropriate bajus.

    Is wearing a cowboy hat with a formal suit appropriate dress in say New York? I know the Naked Cowboy there (no relative of mine) wears it but then he, know.. wants to show off his stuff.

    Coming back to Johor (minus Batu Puteh), if the DAP Assemblymen don't wear the songkok, will the Sultan slap them as his ancestors did? Will the Speaker refuse to let them into the Dewan as he said he would?

    I just can't wait for June 19.

  88. Salam Rocky,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I admit I was emotional when I just typed when came out from my heart yesterday.

    I mean, the whole country is bracing the higher fuel prices. AlL of us are affected. The PM and his whole team are trying their best and we are sure that they too dont want and they wont like to get cursed at. IF they can, they would give free petrol..

    Most of us, Many quarters and professionals are giving their ideas to solve or get some sort of formula for ALL OF US, to cope with in this trying moments and to make thing worse, the world oil price increases everyday because Israel opened their mouths and said they might attack Iran.

    I was even thinking of writing to the Letters of the Editor giving my opinion that maybe the BN Government should give some sort of incentives for those cars users who might want to switch to NGV, Natural Gas Vehicles.
    The installation charges is quite steep and with the government help many many be interested to change for petrol to NGV.

    Suddenly, I read about this very petty thing of to wear or not to wear the Songkok!!

    Whats the big deal? Really Rocky, whats the big deal?

    Why are they like babies, crying out to their elders "Ah..what to do ah.want to put on the songkok or not.. ma?"

    Just imagine, IF a representative of the rakyat CANNOT even decide on a small petty matter like this HOW on EARTH are they going to represent the rakyat and be a leader to the rakyat??

  89. Anonymous1:29 pm

    if the DAP bigdicks does not want to wear a songkok don't force them.

    they don't understand the constituitions well.

    that's the reason they will be deem to be treated like second class citizen.

    dimana bumi dipijak, disitu langit dijunjung.

    if you are in rome, do what the romans does.

    if you are in malaysia, do what the malays does.

    if you in hell, do what the demons does.

    if you in DAP, do what the lee kawan you does.

    fuc u all, i'm almost broke becos of the fuel rise and you buggers are concern whether to wear or not to wear.

    now already stop wearing underwear, soon will be naked, wow luv to c that bujang lapok teresa into parliament in this state. at least that's more entertaining then what we already seen.

    -next rise RM5/litre!

  90. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Hey Monsterball

    Apa sibuk2, go play with the kids.
    Only adult can comment here.

  91. Anonymous1:37 pm

    especially given the Johor Sultan's passion for the songkok .
    look everywhere outside Malaysia about the songkok,learn more...........DAP!!!

    keturunan Bugis.

  92. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Why waste time and energy on this issue? There are so many other pressing issues.

    And if this news is true, then it speaks a lot about their mentality. And can our politicians give more thought to what they are about to say before making statements?

  93. Salam Bro,

    Hmmmm Payah nak cakap pasal DAP nie Sbb Senior Hardcore diorang jenis yg payah nak terima buah org. Sepatutnya semua ahli DAP kena ikut mcm YB Lim Guang Eng. Low profile, Utamakan kebajikan rakyat dan kerja sebagai Menteri Besar/MP. Kurangkan buat Isu. Sekarang Isu yg Utama adalah kesensaraan Rakyat dlm berhadapan dengan Harga Minyak. Sepatutnya semua Ahli Pakatan Rakyat berganding Bahu dalam mengatasi isu ini. Dan terus membuat gesaan terhadaap kerajaan BN (B**i Nasional) utk mengurangkan kenaikan ini. Tinggalkan isu yg remeh temeh dan tumpukan kepada tanggungjawab yg lebih besar seperti mandat yg telah rakyat berikan. Setakat isu songkok ini bak kata orang² Tua², Ular menyusur Akar takkan hilang Bisanya.....

  94. Songkok = Malay = Muslim
    That's the problem when you politicise religion. DAP refused to wear the songkok when they were not in the position of power. DAP never dreamt that they can become the government that lead them into this issue. Malaysia should practise like Thailand where religion was never a made into a political tool.
    It's just a songkok and wearing one will not convert you automatically into Muslim. It's how you perform as ADUN that counts. Please show respect to the Sultan.... I would as a responsible Chinese Malaysian.

  95. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Say only against Ketuanan Melayu wahatever. This on the other had is a clear case of Chinese Supremacy lorr. Shy leh me as chinese guy read this. I wear songkok and baju melayu full set some more when i go for my malay fren weding all. So difficult meh? No big deal also?

  96. susah benar DAP ni nak mengikut prosedur berpakaian. Hello kawan pakai songkok bukan bermakna u tu dah jadi Islam. Tiada kaitan Islam dengan Songkok tuu... kat india ramai yang pakai songkok tapi bukan Islam pun... hmm takut bebenor dgn islam rupanyer

  97. You know bro , this is one of the reasonS that i could never understand how Hamidi is a life member of DAP. Its typical Cina Kwai attitude and aptitude.They dont get the Malaysian Issue walau pun shouting for a malaysian malaysia.Most Malaysians gave theM a chance on the GE8 and the Cina bukit arrogance and ignorance is still there . NIAMAHHHHH !

  98. Anonymous4:25 pm

    why bring up this issue? wearing songkok will not make you less chinese. wheres your malaysian malaysia spirit? gone ah?

  99. Anonymous5:34 pm

    jediraj --

    hamidi is a lackey of kalimullah.

  100. Mr Rocky

    Little things effect little Minds....

    Who cares if one wares Songkok for official functions.... what we need is a "good head."

    Stop wasting time deliberating on silly issues like Head Gears, we have more pressing issues ie How to mitigate the current fuel hike and how to resolve raising prices that effecting the Rakyat.

    I sometime feel we have unsuitable MPs and MLAs representing The Rakyat. Its always about race and religious matters beeing debated.

    Waste of energy and parliments time..... seriously please attend to the grave situation we all are about to experience ie multiple social problems ie food, robbery etc etc etc which i force see in the next 6 months.

    My coffee lady was speechless when i asked her - apa macam minyak naik, she said - banyak susah, orang sudah naikkan harga sayur, ikan, tak tahu macam mana mau hidup, she cleans my office while having a full time job in another company.

    She said, dia orang ni ada hati ka, tak kira langsung kehidupan seharian orang lain:(

    Well, that says it all, i guess.

  101. Anonymous8:31 pm

    now see who got more angry and worked up by these "PETTY" issue.

    Its so easy to stir up the malays...........the chinese these and chinese that, not respect malay, blah, blah....

    for more than fifty year, ask yourself, what has the government done? why the people are still so divided?

    what happen to the muhibbah project and see what happen to the national cannot find any success and the so called sincerity?......chinese's fault?

    if the chinese are corrupt, the government should educate them.... but if the immigration officers are corrupt.......don't blame the chinese....these officers study law before they become officers!!!!

    all the hates here proved one thing to me though.......even if you are borned religious, it is not necessary that you will be kind auotmatically, one still need education...from the government, a sincere one, not one with filling the police stations with almost one of a kind and resulted in so much injustice and discrimination.

    for a change.....if the malays are kia-su, make 100% one kind army but you really need to have a multi racial police team, its social....not just for balance, its common sense...... we learn to understand each others' problem, its community.

    I, not a police, was once asked to be a translator by the police to speak to some chinese nationals... no chinese police in a station.

    hai....go see singapore, so many malay police and of of cause, there are chinese police too and indian too......the chinese don't like to be police?

    and do you know how others feel when they are people die in the police station? or women detained in the police station?.... its a better question than quarrel over "dress code"

    back to dress code....hello, please make sure everybody likes it first.....not simply send to a malay tailor and then blame other as anti unity.

    look at your ownself, understand others before you crown them with accusations.

    please..........please, are we malaysian? me no chinesian but malaysian.

    the songkok is a malay items like sarong, like it, take it, don't like it......just respect it.

    please no hard feelings, me just feel so unfair, there's no justice here.


  102. Anonymous9:04 pm

    balik tiongshan la cina babi..
    menyampah betul tengok cina anjing ni menjejak kaki di tanah melayu.

  103. The Songkok,
    +50 influence with certain factions,
    -50 influence with own faction

  104. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Hi Rocky - I hope you are not trying to stir up racial sentiments by provocatively blogging only one side of the story. I hope you, as a journalist with ethics, can also present the other side of the story.

    The reason why many Chinese object to the songkok is because, right or wrong, Chinese perceive the songkok to have been Islamicized by the Malays so they associate the songkok with Islam. That is why they, as non-Muslims, do not want to wear the songkok and that is also why they gladly wear batik and eat nasi lemak and keropok lekor and don't mind staying in kampung style chalets. These other elements of Malay culture are not perceived to be associated with Islam.

    For the songkok to become part of the Malaysian dress, it cannot be associated with just one race or religion otherwise, it will not gain widespread acceptance.

  105. Anonymous11:40 pm

    So it looks like the DAP is racist after all.

  106. Sorry Bru, tak puas lagi.
    Inilah akibatnya kalau pilih tunggul kayu jadi MP. Bak kata seorang mantan menteri, sekarang ni penyanyi karaoke, tukang urut dan macam macam yang bukan AHLi dah jadi wakil kita!

    Kepada Melayu yang terLIBERAL tu (bak kata Wak Khir) nilai balik segala selogan Malaysian Malaysia, Keadilan, Kesamarataan dan Kita Malaysian Mahh!! adalah kepuraan yang nyata. Ianya akan hanya bertitik noktah apabila tiada ujud lagi sebarang perkara yang berhubung secara langsung dengan MELAYU di Tanah Melayu ini.

    Bila di baca cara post daripada pengelola Blog Terkenal yang tak nak makan duit rakyat,(Mr Pussy, saya ingat dia handal sangat) baru baru ni, dia pun dah terlupa dia siapa diri dia sebenarnya apabila dengan cara membabi buta mencabar mufti (setelah segala gala yang ada padanyanya kembang apabila di puji melambung lambung oleh para Malaysian Malaysia Fan)Kalau iapun nak tunjuk kat orang yang badan dan anu awak tu berkurap, tapi janganlah suruh orang lain pun tunjuk anu kat orang!

    Berhubung dengan perkara remeh yang ditimbulkan dan DIPERJUANGKAN oleh DAP, kemungkinan besar cerita yang KONON nya Tanah Melayu akan di REPUBLICkan pada 2057 ada kebenarnya.

    Kepada yang cuba berdalih,"STARLITE " accusing us while discussing, as stirring up racial sentiments ~ my answer is WTF.(why?) YOUR guys brought up the stupid issue, while the majority of us think we should look forward to live happily (by giving out as much as possible to please you, and thanks God now that we certainly realized that it will never be enough) DECIDED,we MUST put a stop on it, PERIOD.

  107. Anonymous1:01 am

    it is part of the "ketuanan" racist mentality and aparthied-driven superiority of some so-called "bumiputera Melayus" to superimpose their racial chauvinism on to others.

    if it was not so, non-chauvinistic Malays will stand up against such racial and cultural posturings.

    imagine the hullabullo and outcry from the umno youth jihadists and their sympathesizers if the Chinese or Malays were to state that all official functions should represent the equal depiction of authentic cultural and ethnic attire of Malaysians.

    would parliment tolerate the kadazan headgear, the chinese cheongsam or the Indian cultural attire for so-called official functions? why was there such an outcry over a Kadazan headgear and the accusation that it looked like a cross? where we all the so-called malay harmony and nationalism proponents then.

    were their mouths sealed with sticky ketupat or was it simply a cases of my Melayu songkok is more superior than any of you "second-class" non-Melayu kafirs?

    it is no secret that non-Malays have been at the receiving end of some of the most dastardly comments against their cultural practices and costumes and to their religious faiths.

    if the magnititude of these vicious malice-driven verbal assaults were made against the Malays or muslims with equally venom i can gurantee that the jihad boys of umno would have executed them. and so we witness this sandiwara of so-called cultural revisionism and hegemony.

    the issue is about respect. if Malays respect the cultural identity of other races in this country, they would not make such racist demands. it is a blatant act of ethnic superiority and such attacks has been condoned in the name of harmony and nationalism.

    those who insist that songkok wearing has nothing to do with Malay culture or islam is both intellectually and morally dishonest. i suggest a quick education on why Malays adopted the songkok as part of their attire in the first place.

    it is convenient to fool some of the people some of the time, but it takes a habitual liar to propagate deceit and cultural revisionism on a national scale.

    as i have stated before, it is a blatant attack on the soverignity of one's race, culture and religous beliefs to insist that they wear attire that is intriscally part of another culture, ethnicity and religion.

    after fifty years of independence, it is time to speak the truth without manufacturing convenient "taquiah".

  108. Anonymous1:03 am

    Just look at the sheer hatred for the Chinese exhibited here just because of a songkok or is it really an issue about the songkok in the first place ?

    Just because some DAP members do not want to wear the songkok, the whole DAP is branded as un-Malaysian, to balik China and all sorts. Best of all, some even accuse the DAP of being racist. If this is not ironical, I do not know what is ? Please lah, tepuk dada, tanya selera.

    By now, some of you cannot stand the sight of TDM. But I have yet to hear anyone suggesting he should balik Kerala.

    UMNO has ruled Malaysia since independence and with the exception of 1969, has not lost any state to the opposition with the exception of Kelantan, but that is different because it is PAS and they are Muslim. Now, some of you expect the DAP to come out with better solutions than UMNO when they have just taken over Penang ? Even when they have more MPs than the other parties, they cannot be the chief minister anywhere else except Penang. Please lah, how many of you even voted for DAP in the first place ? You would not vote DAP even if your live's depended on it. You would rather vote UMNO.

    You feel UMNO has not done enough for you so you voted PKR. Since you hate DAP so much, please ask DSAI to stop working with DAP and ask him how he will form the next government ? I shudder to think who you would vote, once you get disenchanted with DSAI.

    Please ask yourself why you do not like UMNO now. Even TDM with all his patriotism cannot achieve the objectives of NEP in the 22 years in office. How many of you have benefited from NEP ? I for one support the NEP but not when it is abused to the current stage and only benefit the few chosen ones and there is no trickle down effect. Even a former Singaporean Malay is better off than a Malaysian Chinese for he can own a big bank. But it is okay, he is a Malay and a Muslim so not issues there.

    If you yourselves do not care how NEP is being carried out and are happy to let UMNO abuse the system for their own benefit, then you deserve UMNO.

    There is only so much that you can bite the cherry before it is finished. There really is no free lunch. The Chinese are made to realise this and reminded time and again. But its ok, we will survive. After all, we are constantly asked to go back to China when you find any issues with us. No one owes us a living since we are not Malays and most of all not Muslims.

    RPK, you are so wrong, where is the compassion Muslims are supposed to have for the other races without regard to colour of their skin or their believes ? Maybe many of you are Malays first then Muslims.

    Unwanted Malaysian

  109. Rocky!
    I have been speechless since this news was posted!
    Why are we all "Non Malays" wearing batik?
    Why are we all "Non Malays" wearing shirts & trousers & shoes?
    Tis all not Chinese, Indian ,Mah!!?
    Pakai lah sarong , & seluar macam dari China atau India!
    PLEASE for Godsake, its simply a ceremonial headgear for a ceremony!
    And all those who get yr Datukships etc - do not wear anything "Malay"!!!
    There was a chief judge many years ago, who stopped the use of "horse hair wigs" by "Barristers & Judges" in Court.
    These"wigs" very very English, are expensive, have to be purchased from London,very uncomfortable & of no use at all! That is / was being sensible & proper!
    But the "CEREMONIAL" songkok!
    Does it make me less of the person that I am/born as? Certainly not!
    Besides, I am occupying an office!
    And those who protested/objected, wear a suit instead - its very Western,very expensive & very uncomfortable & many of u will look quite funny in them!


    Rocky..PLEASE UPDATE and MAKE ANOTHER POST. DAP is obviously a victim of MSM spinning

  111. Kasi fahamlah, DAP takut nanti kena paksa masuk Islam dan disunat ... hehehe ... dia orang semua kolop.

    Kalau dah cina PAP tu cina PAP lah. Cauvanis cina yg pekat tapi menyamar cakap perkara universal value. Malaysian Malaysia itu hanya klise tetapi untung perjuangkan penguasaan cina. Lihat apa jadi di Perak apabiula mereka berkuasa.

    Tukar nama jadi DAP ke, tahu cakap melayu di Parlimen ke, atau apa sekali pun, ...selamanya PAP adalah parti rasis perkauman cina.

    Cina PAP ini perangai mcm babi menyondol, anjing menyalak, dan yahudi degil.

    LKY pernah kata di Parlimen bahawa melayu bukan kaum asal di sini. Bahasa cina tu bahasa asal di Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines, Brunei dll. Apa pasal bahasa kebangsaan Singapura dan lagu kebangsaan itu bahasa Melayu?

    Cina PAP tak suka rasmi Masuk kandang lembu menguak, masuk kandang kambing mengembik. Rasmi dia adalah mintak betis nak peha, dapat peha nak ... auw

    Hai ... mcam ini punya orang PAS dan PKR buat kongsi kuasa.

  112. Anonymous10:41 am

    who to blame for all this??? in school songkok is a lambang for a musliman. Masa time sekolah, bila hari jumaat, budak budak melayu pakai songkok ngan baju melayu. So, orang cina and india dari tadika lagi dah dah diajar songkok hanya orang melayu saja pakai and untuk orang islam saje.

    So siapa yang salah? mungkin awal awal lagi kalau semua budak sekolah boleh pakai baju tradisi masing masing? Atau songkok ni pun satu keistimewaan orang orang bumiputra? ada yg tak kena ni, bumiputra ni bahasa sanskrit yg wujud beribu ribu tahum dari India?? Sepatutnys ditukar supaya menjadi lebih melayu.

    Insan yg memikir dari luar kotak

  113. Anonymous10:43 am

    Nope, the songkok isn't a Malaysian headgear.

    It is associated with Muslims simply because it is mostly worn by most Muslims in Malaysia wear them to perform certain ceremonies like praying, attending weddings, funerals, among others.

    Nevermind the fact that it is also worn in Parliament or by the military during some of its ceremonies.

    The sarong is more Malaysian than the songkok. All my life, I've seen many of my non-Malay and/or non Muslim Malaysians wear them.

    (Before some idiots get confused and emotional, I'm not saying that the sarong is a Malay and/or Muslim thing, ok.)

    The songkok is more Indonesian than Malaysian.

    Many Indons can be seen wearing them in public even if they are not Muslims.

    Do you see Mr Tan or Mr Raj doing it here?

    That's just my personal opinion. if you don't agree with - tough.

    - SPANKY.

  114. Anonymous11:15 am

    Problem solved la bro, DAP CEC said go ahead with songkok.its not a problem.

    Whyla make this an issue? Thats the problem when the ruling government lose election badly, find every single possibility to attack the opposition at all cost even if it bring the economy and racial harmony down. all for the sake of political gains and image.

    childish bigots

  115. Kepada galactus

    Songkok, baju melayu,baju kurung, baju kebaya dan sewaktu denganya ialah pakaian melayu. Adat istiadat melayu dan bahasanya ialah tunjang kepada adat-istiadat rasmi Malaysia. Perkara ini tidak dapat dinafikan oleh sesiapa pun kerana termaktub dalam perlembagaan. Jika tidak kenapa tidak Lagu Negaraku dibuat dalam pelbagai bahasa ? mungkin kita boleh buat rangkap pertama dalam bahasa Melayu, rangkap kedua dalam bahasa Iban,Bidayuh,Mandarin dan Tamil. Pelik bukan ? ya, memang pelik, dan tidak ada satu pun negara dalam dunia yang berbuat demikian..

    Songkok dan baju melayu bolehlah dikatakan sebagai pakaian seragam, sama seperti baju sekolah dan semasa istiadat konvokesyen sesebuah universiti, para graduannya memakai 'Mortarbord'. Kenapa mereka tidak boleh memakai tanjank melayu (seperti pengantin), atau tanjank iban (maaf saya tidak tahu namanya) ? kerana ia adalah adat universiti tersebut.

    Janganlah saudara terlalu emosional dan perkauman, ingatlah, kita tinggal di Malaysia, perlulah ikut adat dan budaya Malaysia.

    Saya akui saya seorang Melayu, mungkin saudara fikir kaum saudara perlu korbankan semuanya tetapi orang melayu tidak perlu, fikirkan semula. Adakah majoriti orang melayu islam suka dengan undang2 jenayah sekular ? jika diberi pilihan, mereka lebih gemarkan undang2 huduh mengikut islam. Adakah majoriti orang melayu gemar daging khinzir di jual secara terbuka ? adakah majoriti org2 melayu gemar kandang2 khinzir di buat secara terbuka ? adakah majoriti orang melayu gemar anjing dipelihara oleh jiran2 mereka ? dan banyak lagi persoalan yang tidak disukai oleh orang melayu, tetapi mereka sanggup korbankan kerana mereka sedar, mereka tinggal di bumi malaysia, rakyat berbilang kaum dan perlu saling bertolak ansur dan bertoleransi antara satu sama lain.

  116. Anonymous12:53 pm

    My friend Kuthubudeen says he does not wear the songkok because it is a Hindu headgear.

    Yes, Hindu, he insists, so it is not appropriate for him. It is not Javanese nor Indonesian but influence from old Hindu culture and religion. Go to Bali to see, he says. He cannot fathom why Malays who are Muslims are following Hindu culture.

    More appropriate to wear the skull cap like the Jews. That is the right headgear, he says.

  117. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Monsterball, it is very wrong and mischievous of you to insult the Jews by saying that their religious tradition sucks! What do you know of the Jews? You are simply one ignoramus like they say shoot from your arse instead of your mouth! The rest of your long comment is nothing but rubbish, rubbish, rubbish! Don't take up valuable space in rocky's much logged on to blog with your nonsense!

    Joe Public

  118. Anonymous3:04 pm

    rocky sir,

    actually it's good to have debate like this, but only in a sensible way, do malaysian know where we all what the chinese should do (in civilized way) to make this country smile if it is all chinese’s faults.

    It is clear that majority malays, be they professors or pengamoks, they simply dislike chinese and hated them very much....but for what? anybody know why? singapore doing better than malaysia? too many chinese shops, too many towkays? control petronas? control banks? chinese communists? they kill malays, they cheat them? stole all their money and women?

    i think and re-think.... all those action seems more the other way round...., I deduced it as just plain jealousy, nothing else. what say you?

    not wearing songkok is anti malay, anti negara? so wearing songkok is the solution, all the hatreds will go away, so simple?

    even the chinese behave 99% like malays, embrace islam, eat curi everyday, the malays will still hate chinese......period.

    should we all wait for durians to drop and ask the foreign workers to pick them up and tuck them into our mouths, no need to move.... well then....don't expect the chinese to contribute 90% of the taxes like raja petra said in his blog.

    in order for the malays not to hate the chinese, a sincere government is required.... to educate, yes, to EDUCATE!

    the chinese don't care who become the prime minister as long as he can rule well, be him melayu, kadazan, negritos.... even an indian..... no chinese, is ok.

    as far as i am concerned, chinese came to malaya long before we have any sultan, to do businesses and contributed their sweat and blood to this land, in different form and through history became what it is today MALAYSIA.

    so i challenge all the malaysian malays (not indonesian malays, filipino malays or south african malays but true malaysian malays), for the good of malaysia to state how or what malaysian chinese should do in order to make the malaysian malays feel at ease with them....jangan simpan hati...tiba tiba jerik BAB……I

    stop from stopping us to move forward but move forward together to make this nation GREAT……..not becoming a pariah state where we all suffer and perish together.

    terima kasih

  119. Anonymous3:05 pm

    rocky sir,

    actually it's good to have debate like this, but only in a sensible way, do malaysian know where we all what the chinese should do (in civilized way) to make this country smile if it is all chinese’s faults.

    It is clear that majority malays, be they professors or pengamoks, they simply dislike chinese and hated them very much....but for what? anybody know why? singapore doing better than malaysia? too many chinese shops, too many towkays? control petronas? control banks? chinese communists? they kill malays, they cheat them? stole all their money and women?

    i think and re-think.... all those action seems more the other way round...., I deduced it as just plain jealousy, nothing else. what say you?

    not wearing songkok is anti malay, anti negara? so wearing songkok is the solution, all the hatreds will go away, so simple?

    even the chinese behave 99% like malays, embrace islam, eat curi everyday, the malays will still hate chinese......period.

    should we all wait for durians to drop and ask the foreign workers to pick them up and tuck them into our mouths, no need to move.... well then....don't expect the chinese to contribute 90% of the taxes like raja petra said in his blog.

    in order for the malays not to hate the chinese, a sincere government is required.... to educate, yes, to EDUCATE!

    the chinese don't care who become the prime minister as long as he can rule well, be him melayu, kadazan, negritos.... even an indian..... no chinese, is ok.

    as far as i am concerned, chinese came to malaya long before we have any sultan, to do businesses and contributed their sweat and blood to this land, in different form and through history became what it is today MALAYSIA.

    so i challenge all the malaysian malays (not indonesian malays, filipino malays or south african malays but true malaysian malays), for the good of malaysia to state how or what malaysian chinese should do in order to make the malaysian malays feel at ease with them....jangan simpan hati...tiba tiba jerik BAB……I

    stop from stopping us to move forward but move forward together to make this nation GREAT……..not becoming a pariah state where we all suffer and perish together.

    terima kasih

  120. Anonymous4:57 pm

    What does values do the songkok ultimately represent?

    1.Modesty (most head coverings are symbolic of acknowledging ones humility).

    2.Masculinity ( women dont wear songkoks). Also adds a few inches to ones height.

    Muslim men are not required to wear songkok during prayer. Its just handy for keeping the fringe off ones face.

    Personally, as a woman, I think men ( regardless of race ) in a snappy uniform and smart songkok ( maybe cheekily tilted slightly to the side) look pretty hot.


  121. Anonymous2:21 am

    I am Chinese, i like to wear songkok and baju melayu with sampin.