Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chief Economist to sue bloggers, etc who slander him

With updates (Jan 20)
In my Friday, Jan 18 posting The Untold Story of Wawa the Chief Economist of Bank Islam, I predicted that "the next 24 hours should be hot". Well, I did not expect Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajuddin,suspended form work by his employer, to react in such a manner as to threaten to sue "bloggers, politicians and others" and lament the "state of Malaysian democracy". Must have been hot under the collar!

Read Jahabar Saddiq's report h e r e. Tell me if he doesn't sound like some I-will-sue politicians we know.

Update: Big Cat's Wawa
Still, Wawa has the right to seek redress if he thought he'd been maligned. This is a great democracy where you can instill a million doubts in the judiciary and link it to the ruling Government, and then file a multi-million ringgit lawsuit at the first opportunity you get. How many times have we witnessed that?

But like I wrote earlier, this ain't about some petty PRU13 predictions. My blog readers make all kinds of predictions all the time about the General Elections in my comment box (but they do it in their personal and usually anonymous capacities). This is about  the integrity of Bank Islam and the secrecy of our banking and financial industry.

I predict the next few days to be even hotter ...


  1. Economist Pak Man Telo3:37 am

    This is just my humble comment(s) on the issue:

    1. This is about the integrity of Bank Islam and the secrecy of our banking and financial industry.

    Well, this is just cakap2 terrer only. Did the banking/financial industry able to explain the billions in illegal money flows? You know those not recorded in our balance-of-payment?

    2. If the economist had said that BN will win by 2/3 majority, will you light that expensive cigar of yours Rocky, sit back and smile?

    3. What if other economists predict the same thing that the Bank Islam economist predicted? Raise hell somewhere?

    4. So if democracy, then why he speak his mind, other ppl hantam?

    1. Anonymous2:54 pm

      Economist Pak Man Telo

      You are ah chong telo pretending to be another melayu. typical christipher ross lim aka zairil.

      only a chinky dap argue by diverting d issue to other unrelated issue like illegal money outflow

      if the economist said bn to win 2/3, u willdispute it. no issue there.

      what if it is other economist, . . . he will beequally another idiot. economist hv no access to political surveys.

      in democrasy la ppl speak mind and other hantam. under pas islamic nation, it is derhaka to ulul amri and one get beheaded.

      bodoh punya apek

  2. Anonymous4:20 am

    If you willing to live by the sword, you are willing to die by the sword. Anybody from Proton wish to give their so called professional opinion on the national car??

  3. Anonymous6:15 am

    Please, please, please sue. The first to be sued should be Rocky. Those who writes shits like the stray Dog, A Hole In The Wall and others should be sued. Please, don't just threat, go ahead - sue.

  4. Anonymous7:06 am

    Well you can proceed with legal action and not threaten only. I agree you; you should take legal action , you have expressed your opinion and others disagreed but they should not assinate you by defamatory remarks. Since so many NGOs talk about freedom of speech now you have it. Freedom of speech must have likmitations. Sue them Azrul.

  5. The oppposition is employing what is now term as "paper terrorism", sue them and inundate them with paper tsunami in court, thus prolonging the cases, cheap but expensive tricks!

  6. Funny, work in an UMNO established bank, yet condem, condem, condem.

    Going by this fellas interpretation of democracy, he has the right to his opinion, but did he realize that other people also have their own opinion, but when opinions are expressed against his favour this guy wants to sue, sue,sue...sounds fimiliar

  7. Funny, work in an UMNO established bank, yet condem, condem, condem.

    Going by this fellas interpretation of democracy, he has the right to his opinion, but did he realize that other people also have their own opinion, but when opinions are expressed against his favour this guy wants to sue, sue,sue...sounds fimiliar

  8. Anonymous9:20 am

    Go ahead azrul, sue this slimeball rocky & his cohorts who engage in lies & falsehood. They are scums who only worship money & will do anything to appease their paymasters najib & mahathir

  9. Anonymous9:25 am

    Aiya rocky suing doesnt mean great democracy. Such a stupid statement from you as a seasoned blogger. The day you are convicted & sent to jail will be a great democracy for this country.

  10. Anonymous9:50 am

    WAWA, your name suit you well..

    Your manja name show what a pussy you're..

    I also doesn't hesitate to send this comment, to let you know that swineboy like you doesn't deserved to be the chief economist of Bank Islam because your analysis of GE13 really suck big time!

    WAWA aka Jambu Anuwar, you behave just like you idol Brother ANUwar Berahi aka BABI, that is when your shit get exposed you will start suing others, but at the same time, you yelled 'democracy' doesn't make sense at all..

    WAWA aka Jambu Anuwar,you just another pakatoons hypocrites !

  11. Anonymous10:34 am

    WAWA behaving exactly like his seniors from MCKK, the power-abuse-covinct ANUwar and BAFIA-offender-Rafizi Lembu..

    Same as WAWA, when these pakatan shits scumbags got exposed, these 'ANUgerah tuhan' will start suing others, so that the public will never knew anything about their dirty business

  12. Anonymous11:01 am

    Ahhhhh What's Good for the Goose is Also Good for the Gander.....

  13. Anonymous11:14 am

    WAWA, there is a saying 'if you couldn't stand the heat, just get out of the kitchen' lah!

    Next time WAWA, think twice before you open that stink and vile mouth of yours!

  14. Anonymous11:34 am

    you're the guy who went on a rampage against your great friend Kalimullah kan...and in the end settled out of court...hahahahaha...false bravado rupanya...

  15. 9"I predict the next few days to be even hotter" so said Rocky.
    Ibrahim Ali is doing much better than Rocky in fanning.
    He said burn all bibles with the word of Allah.
    Compare both...Rocky is like a hen ..talking...needling...making small fire.
    Ibrahim a roaster..shout shout shout.
    Both making hot lunatics.

    1. Anonymous8:11 pm

      And you monsterball
      , is a WaWa...

  16. Anonymous11:41 am

    wawa is showing HER true color!

    and HER true color is another ANUwar Jambu!


  17. Anonymous11:43 am


    wawa starting to behave like Tokong?!

    Just like Tokong, he also couldn't take criticism!

    Macam thin skin pondan

  18. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Makhluk saperti ini sama genre dengan Isteri kapada Pengerusi NFC. Cuma nya ekonomist ini reverse-kan prinsip insider trading,masih degil memegang amalan free speech tetapi atas pletfom majikan nya, dan berucap di Sinpork, serupa macam LGE, dan sama macam Ketua UMUM..

    Mahkluk saperti adalah hasil daripada dasar terbukaan 1M4U Jen Y liberal kelainan enggage open sky vernakular gajet human rights pro demo KRA KPI suami kapada FLOM sekular pro AS Pro Barat MUFC 1M.

    Cuma nya peminpin yang menaraju 1M juga UNCTAD dan Neville Chamberlain.

    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

  19. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Rocky.. berani tulis , berani tanggunglah, apa nak takut Rocky kalau tak salah !!

    Jangan jadi macam Najib,dah kena belasah Deepak pon senyap aje, tak berani sue, takut kerana salah kot !!

  20. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Bodoh punya jabalnur. U hv the right to speak but no right to slander & defame others. Thats why we hv law on defamation. UMNO bloggers are scared.

  21. Anonymous2:38 pm

    When 'change my mode' rias sued the bloggers, all that was shadow boxing only and was 'kow timmed' to settle it by pm najib. In the case of azrul, the bloggers better be prepared to pay up big time if they are found guilty of fanning and causing disrepute to azrul.

  22. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Ni babi mana yg mention pasal deepak si keling putar ni?

    Tak abes2 pencacai bontot mengangkat hero tamil mereka.

  23. Anonymous4:06 pm

    The password is "SWORD"..the money will flows from sue lah..the value of SUE now reach to billion..nothing ma...

  24. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Hello Monster no balls,

    Looks like you are really hung up on Rocky? You have serious issues with regards to Rocky. I suggest you visit a shrink and get your head examined. Other than that why don't you go and fly kite. People like you are a big loser in this world. Poorah

  25. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Hei pusillanimous shitbag WAWA

    I suggest you cocksuckle your dear leader Anwhore and lick his shitstained arse clean. Then bend over for his customary arsefuck and as he buttfucks you, yelp and scream like a shebitch in heat, trannie boy.

    That will knock some sense up yer filthy arse and into yer poopbrain not to take job vows for granted or for a fucking ride, wasted sperm.

    Warrior 231

  26. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Rocky & his scumbag network of lying spinners can only survive in malaysia where they enjoy protection from the executive govt. Such standard of blogging can never survive overseas where they are considered nothing short of thrash blogging.

  27. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Najib tu penakut tak berani debat anwar tak berani sue deepak. Rocky tu pandai sembunyi belakang najib saja. Belagak macam pandai sangat tapi penakut juga.....

  28. Anonymous7:15 pm

    elok saman rocky bru untok mennegakan integriti beliau, bahawa tulis nya tidak menyindi atau fitnah..............atau tidak melicious.....

  29. Anonymous7:16 pm

    ..saman jangan tak saman.......kita democasi........demo fitnah dema jawab..............

  30. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Rocky rocky rocky , not only 1 person want to sue you, a lot others too. I am sure you.had a fun time apologising to kalimullah....ha ha ha

  31. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Azrul, sue those pricks kau kau. We are with you & admire your courage & determination.

  32. bourne identity9:00 pm

    he likes and threatens to sue...and sue.... biasalah jambu-jambu like him, They like the word is sumbat oleh Anwar Al Juburi.

  33. Anonymous9:18 pm

    We pray and hope that Wawa's prediction comes true. By then if there is still justice in Malaysia, we hope all those scums of the nation like Mamak, Rocky, Syed and Big Dog should be sent to jail in the same room. Let them rot there.

  34. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Go Azrul go, sue the hell out of them. Teach these treacherous lying bastards a lesson.

  35. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Tulisan rocky ni kita semua sudah lama tau. Menipu dan memfitnah sudah menjadi kebiasaannya.

  36. Anonymous10:30 pm

    So happy lah all the Penyangak kelentong and Racist (PKR) goon nak sue lu bro.. why? Lu tembak diorang kow2 sampai lidah kelu seribu bahasa x bolei jwb lu.. kecian lah.. vely lame...typical kiasu type... cannot answer.. sue lah.. bunch of idiots..


  37. Rocky, Syed, Big Dog...the Umno b so call catch fishes and votes.
    Mamak and Najib's shoeshine boys.

  38. iskandar12:58 am

    anon@11:34am said that you "went on a rampage" against kalimullah? this guy must be on drugs, misinformed or simply-lah spreading lies..

    hello bodoh, Kalimullah, his machais in NST and NST SUED Rocky-lah.

    settle out of courtt? true. but that has to be mutual.

    you faham tak,bodoh ?

  39. wawa ni memang-lah PKR lover...nak sue sue ni style PKR and his master Anwar.

  40. loyarburuk1:02 am

    Wawa understands what slander is? the basis of slander and libel?

    and if bloggers and so on can prove that what they alleged is true, no malice etc...slander can't stick

  41. kawan1:04 am

    bro -- if that wawa sue you...COUNTER sue dia balik..

    SUE dia, bro..sue dia!

  42. Anonymous4:38 am

    rocky, how come my comment tak keluar? you takut ker nak publish my comments.

  43. The 3 blind mice can talk cock....but will not sue anyone....just like half Indian...half Malay...who is bullshitting all Muslims...his parents are Indian blood at all.
    All you need is go to Sungei Petani...and ask for mamak
    s as charcoal.

  44. Anonymous8:46 am

    Malaysia is not a democracy. An economist.gave his views & he is subject to harsh treatment for expressing his prediction.

  45. Johnny9:32 am


    six years ago in 2006-07 -- when kalimullah, his machais in NST and the NST sued you for defamation -- waaah...all of them jumped on the wagon of your defence , singing chorus supporting you.. all of them -- before you could say "ayoyo" were supporters of DAP, PKR, even PAS -- in the guise of civil society bodies..Haris Ibrahim and Malik Imtiaz jumped at the chance to defend you, Elizabeth Wong became your friend and sat on the Allblogs exco, Jeff Ooi was your bro-in-arms, Zorro adored you (haha)....

    after 2008 general election when it was clear that you were not going to join their "struggle" in Pakatan, they began attacking you.

    Bro -- they capitalized on your situation to seize the moment...without that, SIAPA DIORANG?

    Those Pakatan machais are after your blood..

    Just read their comments and their blogs.

  46. bro,

    bukan nak cakap apa, eh.. tapi yang terkencing dalam seluar dalam kes "sue sue" ni ialah si Wawa tu.

    Of course, di buai dan belai kasih dalam debu...oleh orang2 tertentu, ada harapan si wawa ni survive, kot.

    You dah "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" punya kulit tebal and sudah bab veteran dalam hal "sue sue sue"...

    Kena telanjang si Wawa baru tahu.

  47. Anonymous4:12 pm

    hello Monster NO Balls,

    it must be eating you alive to see Rocky having such a blogs whereas you got nothing except being Anuwar Brahi's and Tokong shithead 'machai'. you and your likes, Bruno, SakTongkol, Aspan Beruk, Joe Black Heart, God Farter, Walla Bangang, etc etc are all DAP's stooge. Eat your heart out come PR13. ha ha ha

  48. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Umno bloggers will be out of job after elections. Ha ha ha

    I married 4 times.
    You dare or not?????
    I walked the talks.
    What do you do??? talk talk blowing hot air.

  50. Anonymous1:01 am

    Yup Johnny, they are also seething with hatred at anwar for having failed to deliver Malaysia to their clan on a silver platter

    even though they are smiling ear to ear and loudly supporting him for PM

    and now they are also exasperated with nik aziz and hadi for not being obedient to their plan

  51. Anonymous1:05 am

    Anon @ 10:53 pm said...

    "Umno bloggers will be out of job after elections"

    Yes sirree, they will be semi-retiring after a very successsful PRU13 where UMNO/BN wins 3/4 majority


  52. Azrul is facing charges for BREACH OF TRUST, by the Bank.


    By pushing his luck a little too far by talking about POLITICS and pleasing his PKR buddies, he brings it upon himself to get Bank Islam to finally get itself together and report Azrul's BREACH OF TRUST, which has been going on waaay tooo long.

    God is Great.
    Truth prevails.

    So, Rocky and all the bloggers out there, keep it up , bro!!

    1. Anonymous11:08 pm

      ABU Anything But Umno

  53. Anonymous2:09 am

    Monster with No Balls,

    You married four times cos you are such a loser. Since you balls are firing blanks, the four x wives needs someone with firepower not someone who fires blanks and taking potshots at Rocky. Ha ha ha

  54. Anonymous9:12 am

    monsterball - sorry old gizzer but married 4x - is not a show of big balls but man... you must be one difficult person to live with. No woman can stick it with you for long bcos you are one bitter dick!! they either live a very short life or they run away and not look back when they get to know the A-hole that you are ;)

  55. Bloody Anon 2.09 am..idiot...all my ex wives still love and respect me.
    You know nothing about life....shut the fuck up!
    You got fire power?.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Rocky dare not even say his power of love is greater than mine.

  56. Anonymous6:53 pm

    This monsternoball kiasu arrogant scumbag, makes fool of himself everytime he comments...4 ex-wives!!!even all the wives left this cinahpek! Sums up everything about him, and PR wanabes.

  57. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Listen listen listen, Kak Listen is talking here so u must all listen ok. Monsterball is my hero ok so u must all listen listen listen to him.

  58. Anonymous11:30 pm

  59. Anon 6.53PM does not read the holy book for sure.
    He is making a fool of himself....and gets Rocky to protect.
    Lucky bastard!