Thursday, February 28, 2013

A manifesto and Hindraf

"Hindraf is extremely disappointed ... Our disappointment is deep and distressing - caused not so much by what it says but by what it does not say." - Pakatan manifesto a great disappointment to Malaysian Indians

Waytha: "They have been using the transcend-race card once too often"

Hindraf isn't the only one disappointed with Pakatan Rakyat's manifesto. I was amazed at how boring and un-original it is, and I have a feeling that many in Pakatan are bothered by the manifesto's failure to make an impact with the rakyat and there are suggestions that the team that came up with the manifesto was merely reproducing BN's best and most popular policies with added costs and open bribes

And not to mention those amateurish, embarrassing, OMG-type "errors"  (Oil royalty blooper blamed on typo).

I spoke to a couple of economists the other day who said they spotted right away more than a few holes and inconsistencies in the numbers, too.

But if these failed to bother Anwar and Co, Hindraf's "deep and distressing" displeasure should. Hindraf's rise contributed immensely to Pakatan's cause against the Abdullah Badawi regime back in 2007 and 2008 right up to the detention of its leaders including Uthayakumar under the ISA, the self-exiled of Wathamoorty,and the banning of the organisation itself. After the better-than-expected results of the 12th General Election in March 2008, however, the Indians - in general and those represented by Hindraf - started to feel isolated, abandoned and even betrayed.

P. Waythamoorty: "Pakatan Rakyat has chosen to completely ignore the needs and interests of the Indian community in the country in its election pledges."

Anwar Ibrahim:  "Pakatan Rakyat's manifesto transcends racial groups as well as various subgroups including the Indian community, which is not neglected".

Waythamoorty: "If this was the case then how does he justify the specific pledges to the Malays, Chinese, Orang Asals, Sabah and Sarawakians, the ex-Armed forces and Felda settlers in the manifesto? The provisions there do not seem to transcend racial groups and subgroups. Enoug has been said of Pakatan moving away from racial politics ... They have been using this once too often as a cover to ignore the problems of the Indian poor and marginalized."

If Waythamoorty thinks Pakatan will drop everything and entertain Hindraf like it did in 2008, I wish him luck. I alerted the PKR man R Sri Sanjeevan, after his tweet praising the Pakatan manifestor sky high, that Hindraf wasn't happy with the manifesto. He had the same transcends-all-races reply:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The wisdom of Malaysia's non-violent approach

 "... a violent confrontation between the Royal Sulu Army and Malaysian security forces could undermine the final stages of the Malaysia-mediated peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Mindanao. In the worst-case scenario, there is fear it could also trigger a revival of militancy by the Moro National Liberation Front, which signed a peace accord with Manila in 1996." - Malaysia, Philippines: Ethnic tensions are at the centre of a standoff, Stratfor, 26 Feb

Critics are a dime a dozen in the Lahad Datu invasion incidence. Even (df) Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who held many important portfolios but Home Affairs when he was Dr Mahathir's "blue eyes", thinks he knows how to do the job better than the Home Minister. 

But with the details that we now know come greater clarity and a little bit of wisdom. There are more - much more - at stake here. The easiest and fastest way to resolve the so-called arm conflict would be through violent. But with the benefit of hindsight, I think everybody would agree that if we had the bloodlust of some politicians who disagreed with Hishammuddin Hussein's diplomacy and non-violent approach towards the armed Sulu invaders, there would have been a massacre of old and starving men and women in Lahad Datu. 

It would have been great PR (public relations) disaster. 

The might of the whole human rights world would come down on us. 

We would have been so embarrassed to be Malaysians.

Clearly, and whether Anwar likes it or not, it's a coming-of-age in Lahad Datu. For Hishammuddin, too. 

Read Terence Fernandez's Bloodshed: An Absoiute Last Resort (Malay Mail, Feb 25)   
Also read Lahad Datu, Sabah Oil and American Interest

Friday, February 22, 2013

Malaysia's GDP growth bucks global trend ...

Msia's fourth quarter 2012 GDP is fastest quarterly growth since 2010, says Reuters
6.4 per cent. I was tempted to add "blame Umno" to the heading of this post but that would be unkind, malicious even. There's no kick in politicizing good news but like it or not political commentators will hail the nice send-off for 2012 [4Q2012 National Accounts, Economics Malaysia, 20 Feb] as a harbinger of good news for the ruling BN coalition led by Umno as the general elections draw closer ...  and another feather in the cap of Prime Minister Najib Razak 

But could the numbers have been manipulated? I mean, the government - er, Umno - does that all the time, right? According to this economist who has a column in the Malaysian Insider, the news portal sometimes accused as an anti-Najib, no, the data were not manipulated. Some of the numbers in the last quarter GDP report are for him "worrying" [Quick reaction to Malaysia's RGDP growth for the fourth quarter: Irony and non-celebration, the_earthinc, 20 Feb] but, unfortunately, not for the reasons those blame-Umno-for-everything group would want to hear.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

From Malaysia to Annapurna, with love

Monyets & Yaks
to trek Nepal's rugged mountains for a good cause.
 A group of Malaysians calling themselves MY team, including blogger Anas Zubedy, is planning a 12-day (14-30 March), 80km trek to Thorong La, one of the highest mountain passes in the world, to also help raise funds for Malaysia's underprivileged children. 

Take a break from politics, go H E R E.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ubah DAP, gag-nam style!

Gag lessons from Israel and Malaysia. The gag order issued by Lim Guan Eng on the DAP-PKR, Boo-Chua spat is bewildering but it helps show people the brand of democracy the Pakatan Rakyat politicians actually subscribe to (and they are supposed to be more democratic than the last member of the trinity - PAS!). 

LGE: G for Gag
For all the talk about transparency and freedom, these politicians are the first to suppress information and deny the public their right to know what's going on. This is not the first time the Pakatan politicians have resorted to gagging; in fact, they have done it way too many times. Just Google. I found it amusing that one of the countries that resorted to the gag order efficiently in recent years is Israel. In the Prisoner X cover-up, the regime's gag order prevented the media in Israel to report the matter for over two years! 

Prisoner X
The gag order was lifted - partially! - only very recently as the world is shocked by details of the whole affair, of Prisoner X's (alleged) suicide in custody, the outright lie told by Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr to Australians:
Speaking to ABC's “Foreign Correspondent” program, Carr had to admit he lied about the government being unaware of Zygier’s existence. Previously he had told ABC, “It's never been raised with me."  
In an attempt to justify the gag order, Israeli PM Ben Netanyahu said that 'overexposure of security and intelligence activity' could harm Israel's security.
Israeli PM Netanyahu: Gag order in the interest of Israeli security
"We are not like all other countries. We are more threatened, more challenged, and therefore we have to ensure the proper activity of our security forces."
Sure, the world understands. They need to sweep everything under the carpet. The deceit. The outright lies. The security of Israel.

But what's DAP and PKR's excuse for their gag order?

Read The Big Fight for a twist to the popular perspective.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Najib at DJZ's: How sincere is the PM towards the Chinese community?

"... It’s difficult to imagine how the Chinese community could fair any better under a hypothetical alternative Malay ethno-nationalist regime, or an Islamist regime."
I feel inclined today to assure my fellow Malaysians that not all foreigners are like Nick Xenaphon. There are many who have worked and lived in this beautiful country and who will tell us how lucky we are to belong here. These foreigners don't have any hidden agenda and they won't benefit from a "spring" in Malaysia. And sometimes they see things more affecting us clearly than we do. Take Nile Bowie, the Russian Today correspondent in KL, for example. While Najib Razak's presence at the Dong Jiao Zong's CNY open house was politicized by the pro-Pakatan social media - with many questioning his sincerity towards the Chinese community - this outsider seems to have no doubts whatsoever:

Najib's foreign and trade policy with China:
"Under Najib’s administration, Malaysia’s relationship with China has expanded tenfold and cooperation has never been better ... China has been Malaysia's largest trade partner, with trade figures reaching US$90 billion in 2011; Malaysia is China’s largest trading partner among ASEAN nations." 

Najib's 1Malaysia (national unity) vis-a-vis the Chinese Community:
"... under the ruling party, the Chinese community have been able to practice their culture and religion without hindrance, and pursue their business interests with minimum intervention from the state. Despite the discontent voiced by social media users, it’s difficult to imagine how the Chinese community could fair any better under a hypothetical alternative Malay ethno-nationalist regime, or an Islamist regime."

Najib's commitment to improving Chinese education in a Malay-majority Malaysia (or was his visit to DJZ's open house a ploy to fish for Chinese votes?):
"The children of both Prime Minister Najib Razak and Foreign Minister Anifah Aman are Mandarin-educated, reflecting the importance that Malaysia has placed on Chinese-education and toward China as an emerging world power."

Go to Nile Bowie's blog to read more.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Take your unholy politics outside, please!

Read the report by PhM at The Mole
I was encouraged reading this piece. It lifted the spirit, so to speak. It goes to show that ordinary Malaysians are sick and tired of the mad, partisan politics. And when they are sick and tired of all these antics, they stand up and say so. Yes, it can be embarrassing, as this particular Reverend found out. But I hope more ordinary Malaysians will be brave enough to stand up not just in churches but also in mosques and temples and tell off the holy men whenever they get carried away by worldly politics, and remind them not to tarnish the place of worship.

A timely reminder for the increasingly vocal Uskop Paul Tan, I think.

The Australian calls grandstanding Senator's idea "stupid"

Was he scheming and waiting for this moment?
The Australian's cartoon seems to suggest so

Malaysia "on any measure is one of the most democratic and freewheeling nations in Southeast Asia. "Its elections are certainly not perfect, but they are better than in most parts of the world. Indeed, its very openness allows people such as Xenophon to grandstand there." - The Australian

We Malaysians are too polite. We should be more like the Aussies - they say it as it is. Like Greg Sheridan, the foreign editor of The Australian, who has been covering this region for years and who must know his politicians more than we do. He seems to know Nick Xenaphon, the Undesirable Immigrant, at least as well as Mr X's buddy Anwar Ibrahim does:

"Xenophon wants the Australian government to send electoral monitors to the forthcoming Malaysian elections. This idea is stupid and impractical." Read what else Mr Sheridan writes, h e r e.

Read also A Voice's o Tell is like it is, Anifah.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Azim's ultimate handshake or untimely comeback?

Azim, former Umno treasurer
Azim Zabidi, the former Umno Treasurer, has somehow managed to revive a joint Iris Corp Bhd - Patimas proposal to offer biometric authentification services to the Election Commision. 

Nur Jazlan: Johor MB potential,
some reckons
The proposal was thought to be dead and buried but now, minus Iris, talk is that Patimas is about to bag the contract on its own. Azim is only one of two substantial shareholders in Patimas. The other is China Private Equity Ltd, a firm listed on London's AIMS market. 

Azim recently put a motion to replace Patimas entire board, and replace them with buddies such as UDA's Nur Jazlan Mohamed Rahmat, a likely winnable Johor candidate for PRU13. [Read Nur Jazlan joining hands with Azim Zabidi in bid for Patimas, Feb 4].

Quite a few people are looking at this as some former "4th Floor" boys coming back to the picture, at a time when PM Najib Razak could do without them. Just the other day, blogger Big Dog was bitching about some former Level 4 operatives in the driver's seat of a mega, mega deal in Johor. Read his The Four-in-Triple finger lickin' good!

The real reasons why Australian senator Nick X was politely refused entry into Malaysia

updated; Australia to fight Xenophon deportation

The Undesirable Immigrant.The article I'm attaching below was sent to me by a very learned informant and is reliable and impeccable. It is hoped that his detailed explanation of how the laws work (and who Nick Xenaphon works for) will help all of us understand why the Government had no choice but to bar Mr Xenaphon from setting foot into this country.

Immigration Act 8(3) ... bars “any person who is a member of or affiliated with any organisation entertaining or teaching disbelief in or opposition to established government” or/and “any person who, in consequence of information received from any source deemed by the Minister to be reliable, or from any government, through official or diplomatic channels, is deemed by the Minister to be an undesirable immigrant.” 

The detention and deportation of Independent Australian Senator Nick Xenophon in Kuala Lumpur’s LCCT terminal has enraged the opposition, prompting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to condemn the actions taken by the Immigration Department as a “gross abuse of power.” 

Immigration Department chief Datuk Alias Ahmad said that Xenophon, who came to Malaysia to meet Anwar Ibrahim and several Election Commission (EC) officials, would be deported because the senator had allegedly tarnished the image of Malaysia. Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr issued a statement calling for the swift release of Senator Xenophon, and expressed disappointment over the situation, reflecting on Australia’s strong diplomatic relations with Malaysia. 

Xenophon was part of a seven-member international team of election observers invited by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who claimed that the expenses allocated for the fact-finding mission were borne either personally or by their respective governments; the other members of the team have since cancelled their visit to Malaysia. Xenophon expressed concerns regarding issues pertaining to electoral reforms and criticized the government’s crackdown on street protests as “authoritarian” in nature. 

Immigration Chief Datuk Alias Ahmad stated that Xenophon was barred from entering Malaysia under the Immigration Act 8(3). A closer look into the stipulations of the Immigration Act shows that Xenophon’s deportation was legitimatized either through clause J, which bars “any person who is a member of or affiliated with any organisation entertaining or teaching disbelief in or opposition to established government,” or clause K, which blocks the entry of “any person who, in consequence of information received from any source deemed by the Minister to be reliable, or from any government, through official or diplomatic channels, is deemed by the Minister to be an undesirable immigrant.” 

The state’s official explanation was that Xenophon’s deportation was “a result of his participation in an illegal street protest in Kuala Lumpur last year,” referring to stipulations in the Peaceful Assembly Act which bars foreign nationals from taking part in unauthorized street protests.

Some activists who took part in the Bersih demonstrations have expressed their discontent over Xenophon’s deportation through social media; others see the issue as another example of the opposition inviting foreign interference into the nation’s political affairs. 

Anwar Ibrahim has previously appealed to the Australian government to monitor the upcoming general elections in an attempt to ensure their legitimate conduct, inciting harsh criticism of the opposition leader, who was thought by many to be falsely equating Malaysia’s electoral standards with that of Afghanistan, Iraq, or the Congo. In response, Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr refused to send observers, stating that Australia cannot and will not influence how Malaysia’s elections are run. 

Members of Barisan Nasional have addressed Ibrahim’s ties to US Government-linked foundations such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in the Malaysian Parliament, and journalists have also uncovered letters written by Ibrahim, which were addressed to NED President Carl Gershman in Washington D.C. discussing the deployment of election observers to Malaysia.

Xenophon, an independent senator from South Australia, has spent much of his career highlighting social ills associated with Australia’s gambling epidemic and fighting for farmers rights by calling for major Australian super markets to offer pricing transparency. 

It is unclear what prompted Xenophon to illegally participate in the Bersih 3,0 rally, but his deportation is a sign that the Malaysian Government isn’t afraid to be bold in expelling those seeking to downplay the legitimacy of the Electoral Commission, even at the expense of a potential diplomatic row. 

The Electoral Commission has provided logical and consistent refutations to the allegations of electoral discrepancies made against them on numerous occasions. As Malaysia draws nearer to GE13, it has become self-evident that members of the opposition are attempting to leverage electoral discrepancies for their own political gain, with the hope of disparaging their political opponents in the ruling party.

To date, the parliamentary select committee has addressed the concerns of civil society groups by passing 18 amendments to the electoral roll, and the United Nations has confirmed that Malaysia is completely in-line with international norms and electoral standards. 

Xenophon studied law and obtained his Bachelor of Laws in 1981 before establishing his own law firm; if Xenophon sought to participate as an international observer in Malaysia’s elections, he should have not taken part in illegal street rallies in this country, and he should have adhered to the stipulations required within Malaysian law by applying to be a recognized observer. 

EC chairman Tan Sri Adbul Aziz Mohd Yusof recently stated, “To date, no foreign observes have applied to come. Besides, there must be an application from an international observer who intends to watch the way our polls are conducted before being chosen.”

It is a basic prerequisite in line with international norms that any individual acting as a foreign electoral observer be completely independent, nonpartisan and holding no affiliations with any political party. Many may feel that the senator’s deportation was an unjustified abuse of power, but the fact is that Xenophon was invited to be an electoral observer by Malaysia’s de-facto opposition leader while skirting Malaysia’s peaceful assembly act and laws that required him to formerly submit an observer application, effectively going against the Australian government’s own refusal to take part in observing GE13.

The opposition has continually attempted to mislead voters by crying foul over the electoral commission, even when Pakatan Rakyat cleanly took five states in the 2008 elections. Before talking of living under “authoritarian” rule, 

Malaysians should also not forget the long reach of deportation power in Australian law, which routinely grants persona non grata status to non-Australians for minor offences. Xenophon’s deportation is an unfortunate incident, but foreigners are required to abide by Malaysian law if they wish to have some kind of presence observing elections or staying in the country, otherwise, it is perfectly acceptable for the authorities to take action in safeguarding political affairs from intrusive foreign elements.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dong Zong's open house and a mail the Special Branch must read

We have been tipped-off that some quarters are planning to embarrass the Prime Minister when he attends the Chinese educationalist movement’s, Dong Jiao Zong (DJZ), Chinese new year gathering tomorrow (Sunday 17 Feb). According to a reliable source, some supporters of a certain political party are planning to embarrass the Prime Minister by putting up "a show of support" for opposition leaders when they turn up about the same time as the Prime Minister’s scheduled arrival at the event. - Another Political "Stunt" to embarrass the PM?
The last time a BN rep attended a DJZ event
The lion's den. I was not surprised when Najib Razak agreed to accept the invitation of Dong Jiao Zong, the Chinese education pressure group, to their Chinese New Year Open House [tomorrow, Sunday, in Kajang, Selangor]. 

The PM knows that he's worked hard enough to win back a lot of the Malay-Bumiputera and Indian support lost by his BN coalition in March 2008 and the Chinese voters, especially the young ones, have begun to warm up to him. But there are still plenty of skeptics and  hardliners out there. So, if the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain. I think even the DJZ fellows, educated as they are, can appreciate this. [Event signals better ties between Govt and Chinese community, says chairman, Malay Mail, Feb 14]. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim definitely sees it, too, hence the last-minute announcement on his blog yesterday about joining in the DJZ's celebrations.

Like most Malaysians who have witnessed the rise of the current politics or madness before their  very eyes, I am happy to see those responsible (for the madness) coming to their senses and unite for a celebration like this, no matter how briefly. 

This is how things should be. The Malaysian way. 

However, in view of some disturbing recent events - from the Yes/No and rockets flying at the Psy Concert/BN Open House in Penang to the intrusion of armed foreigners allegedly at the "invitation" of a Malaysian Opposition politician and talk of racial/religious riots post-PRU13 by a maverick ex-IGP and more recently even the increasingly outspoken Bishop Paul Tan, all of which are part of the mad politics - I hope the security and well-being of the Prime Minister take precedence tomorrow. We can't assume everybody is keen to see better ties between Najib's government and the Chinese community ...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

PKR duo blame Najib and Thai PM for Pornthip's no-show (Surendran is BUSTED! again!)

Anwar Ibrahim's PKR says these two PMs blocked an autopsy on a security guard. 
Malaysian Foreign Minister slams PKR duo for the accusation that PM Najib and his Thai counterpart had conspired against Pornthip and PKR. Read the Mole's scoop H E R E.

I suppose this is the time for Surendran to bring out his im-pecker-able source, the trusted one who had given him information, in writing, that Najib had called PM Yingluck Shinawatra personally to block Porntip form coming to Malaysia to perform an autopsy on an Indian man who died after running amok.

But I don't think Surendran is going to come out with anything. For this is yet another one of those attempts at blaming the authorities, the Government, the civil servants, the Malays, the Prime Minister and now our neighbours to score political points and instill hatred and distrust, without proof. Just claims that so-and-so told them so.

And the racial undertones in this one. Disturbing.

Watch the video ...

That's why this guy Surendran has got himself this blog's BUSTED! award for the second time in a row (he is aided by Sivarasa in this latest stunt but we've decided that he should not share the spoils). Surendran is the only recipient of the title so far, having bagged the inaugural and #1 BUSTED! award for this stunt last month. And you wonder why PKR has fallen so badly from grace since March 2008!

I am waiting for Najib Razak, one of his trusted ministers, or an aide to issue a statement. If the PM had indeed called his Thai counterpart to talk about some second autopsy that a publicity-magnet forensic expert had allegedly agreed to conduct, that would be the first between sovereign nations!

Pornthip says no to another second autopy in Malaysia

Sick of the sick politics?

Thai forensic expert says no to PKR. We don't know if it's about the fees or if her life is at risk (which won't be for the first time), or maybe she has wisened up to the ways of some Malaysian politicians. In any case, read the news of the pullback if you'd missed it due to the CNY holidays, the Psy excitement and the Siou controversy still brewing in Sabah's Kadazan community,  h e r e. 

And, for the love of human decency, a short plea from a regular reader to politicians like ...
Sugumar: Political exploitation of a family's grief?  By RJ
The sudden retraction by Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand to do a second post-mortem on C.Sugumar is a slap in the face of people like N. Surendran of PKR. 
These are the people who have come to premature conclusions as to the cause of death and then make allegations.  Dr Pornthip had agreed to take on the task  but made an abrupt about-turn immediately afterwards, citing personal reasons.  Sugumar had died after he ran amok in Taman Sri Nanding in Hulu Langat on 23 Jan. 
Some quarters have since alleged that the police had beaten him up. 
PM Najib then ordered a forensic report be submited to the Cabinet. 
Dr Pornthip, a high profile pathologist, must have made some preliminary inquiries before declining the brief. Could she have concluded that she did not wish to be embroiled in a political blame game?   
And could she have concluded that Malaysians are up to the task of doing a professional job themselves? 
Let's wait and see. 
Until then, will Surendran and his cohorts please stop capitalising on a family's grief? - RJ
 RJ writes extensively on political exploitation

A day for Love

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Much ado about the NO-thing

So, are you ready ... to go and check on your hearing?

updated:  Now, watch and listen to the other version, the one with the audible pause before the 'NO', if you know what I mean ... Clcik here. Watch it as many times as you like, that audible pause won't go away ...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Now they claim that "Look East Policy" was not Dr Mahathir's idea

Look East Policy was Anwar Ibrahim's, according to writer Ali Cordoba who, according to Free Malaysia Today, writes extensively on local politics. Very extensively, indeeed! Hehe. Malaysians - and Japanese - know better, however: the Look East Policy is the brave brainchild of Dr Mahathir when he became PM in 1981. At a time when nations were looking up at the West, the Statesman guided the nation to look at the dynamics of Japan, China and South Korea.

Accused of being pro-American and anti-East – which is not the whole truth – Anwar responded with the look east policy and promoted the Asian Renaissance - Ali Cardoba, Free Malaysia Today

The renaissance man of Malaysia

 | February 12, 2013
Knowing the Barisan National culture, would it not have been easier for Anwar Ibrahim to have joined the ruling coalition after his release in 2004? Instead, Anwar opted to face the BN’s brutal force in full brunt!
“The demands of the people remain to be good governance, accountability for corruption, political empowerment and social justice.” said Anwar in an Asian Renaissance forum in 2011 in Phnom Phen, Cambodia. Anwar has always fought for all that he mentioned in that event.
He added that “regimes that have gone past their expiry dates but continue to paint a fa├žade of peace, security and even prosperity through the use of an elaborate propaganda machine are only delaying their final reckoning.”
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had recently claimed that he was once hoodwinked by the religious piety of Anwar, and warned Malaysians not to fall prey as well. The statement reveals one of Mahathir’s greatest weakness, which is his very poor judgement of character.
In order to compensate this lacking, Mahathir is pressing the charge against Anwar with the good old tactic of a sort of trial by the ‘web’.
History will record that it was Mahathir who brought Anwar to Umno’s folds, and it will also state that it was the former PM himself who helped carved the path for Anwar’s sharp and rapid rise within Umno’s ranks.
Then, in 1998, Mahathir suddenly realised Anwar was not fit to run the country, thus the path for the former DPM’s downfall was laid.
The scenario was played out in other occasions, with the downfall of Musa Hitam from the post of deputy PM and the removal of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as the PM of Malaysia.
In all these occasions, Mahathir showed that he was possibly hoodwinked by his deputies.
Will Najib Tun Razak face the same song? He is the chosen one, like Anwar was in the past. The direct challenge for the BN, with Anwar leading a strong and powerful opposition group, is the lack of intelligent responses to Anwar’s accusations against its leaders.
Since the downfall of the Sodomy 2 strategy against Anwar, the latter launched a non-stop campaign against BN leaders and former leaders, including Mahathir.
Brave moves by Anwar

Manifestly ill at ease with Anwar’s offensive – which is a very powerful strategy in the eyes of the populace – Mahathir launched his own scathing remarks, belittling Anwar’s role as a BN leader and as a deputy PM and finance minister.

The sinister part, of the Mahathir accusations, are that they are based on hearsay and are made with much ado to create confusion about Anwar’s ability as a leader.
Yet, much to the BN’s own peril, Mahathir’s remarks against Anwar has backfired with more accusations of fraud, money siphoning and abuse of democracy surfacing.
Facts will prove one day that Anwar contributed at large to the progress and development of the poor and needy. His opposition to Mahathir, in the face of a panic stricken Umno in the 1998 crisis that hit the country, is legendary.
Refusing to hand over public funds to save privateers, while establishing the anti-corruption agency well before the crisis started in Malaysia, are two brave moves by Anwar. These cannot be ignored.
The creation of the Malay Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia or the ABIM, was a historic moment in Malay youth development in the country. The ABIM contributed largely, in the consolidating of the Malay community and in representing Malaysia at international level.
Anwar’s campaigns in the early 1970′s raised the focus on Bahasa Melayu (BM), while his tenure as Ministry of Education also contributed in creating more awareness about Islam among the Malay students.
It has not been forgotten that Anwar launched several low cost housing programmes that has helped the low income earners to own a house, despite the hurdles that came into existence after his downfall as finance minister.
During his days at the Finance Ministry, the Malay community did benefit from micro-credit schemes.
Thus, Anwar did not abandon the Malay-Muslims and the poor of the nation for his own personal gains.
After his removal from the government and from the Umno and sent to rot in jail, to be forgotten like former Umno leaders in the past, Anwar was financially broke. His family was on the brink of being insolvent, with the court cases piling against the former powerful figure of Malaysia.
Unlike those who benefited of the last ditch efforts of the Mahathir regime to salvage the government and ULC’s and GLC’s, Anwar had to battle it alone.
Anwar’s come back

True to say that there was a crowd supporting him, in his every move against the BN while being incarcerated. But the oppression against him and his supporters were unbearable at times.

Yet, Anwar rose against all the odds to become one of the rare local political figures who made it back from the gutters. This come back has not been sitting well with many Umno and BN leaders.
The Ahmad Badawi regime thought, by freeing Anwar from jail in 2004, the latter would probably join forces with the Umno-BN – a move that would have killed the opposition force.
He decided otherwise, and joined the opposition and led it to a massive electoral gain that shocked the ruling coalition. if this does not show the courage and sacrifices made by Anwar for the people, then Mahathir can be said to be sarcastically right in his criticism of Anwar.
Accused of being pro-American and anti-East – which is not the whole truth – Anwar responded with the look east policy and promoted the Asian Renaissance.
Today the BN will claim that anything Anwar did while acting as deputy PM and finance minister was only to carry out the coalition’s policies. Yet, it is evident that Anwar had a bigger role in crafting some of these policies, implementing them altogether.
Today, Anwar has taken the mantle that once belonged to the prime ministers of Malaysia, that of being the unifying factor of a racially divided nation.
Before the fall of Anwar from power, Mahathir was seen as the one man who could bring both Malay and non-Malay voters to the fore, giving the BN an edge in electoral battles against a meagre opposition force.
Anwar’s second birth

Now, the role has completely reversed, with Anwar leading the Malay and non-Malay spectrum of voters while Mahathir is reviled for numerous economic and social misgivings.

Anwar has, since his release from jail and behind bars altogether, insisted he wanted change in Malaysia.
What is in it for the former Umno leader? He has been accused by many in the government and by Umno-BN supporters of being greedy, wanting the PM post at all cost.
The truth is the contrary to these allegations by the opponents to Anwar’s second birth in Malaysian politics.
Anwar is, in effect, the renaissance man of Malaysia. Leading the opposition to greater gains in electoral battles and pressuring the ruling coalition to correct its path time and again, are signs that he is the chosen one.
This time, he is not Mahathir’s chosen replacement.
He is, de-facto, the PM to be of Malaysia and this is the direct result of the 66% majority vote he won at the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-elections in 2008.
It is the choice by the people, that propelled Anwar to the post of leader of the opposition, for the people and by the people.
Ali Cordoba writes extensively on local politics.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh, Pedu!

GREEN is one of the colours that Lim Guan Eng asked his supporters to wear to the Psy concert at at the Barisan Nasional's CNY Open House in Penang today. That's because he fancies himself, his father's party the DAP, and its partners in Pakatan, namely PAS and PKR, to be pro-environment. So pro-environment that Anwar Ibrahim has even pledged to close down Lynas if Pakatan gets to Putrajaya and he becomes the Prime Minister, a promise he won't keep (or get to keep), I'm quite sure. So, so green that when one Wong Tack said he would burn down the Lynas plant if it remains open after the General Election, these politicians just kept mum. 

But they can't hide behind their wall of dumb silence when the following pictures go viral worldwide, images of the destruction of one of the most beautiful places in Kedah, which happens to be governed by PAS:

Pictures courtesy of #savekedah campaign launched

Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Someone told me"

Jake Bugg, (only) 18. Someone told me is a line we're always using in our postings but this lad has turned it into a melodic number. Kind of remind me of the young, acoustic Dylan although Bugg says Bob isn't a major influence on his music. 
Enjoy the vid, and the holidays. Soon enough, I will share with you what Someone (just) told me over breakfast ..

Ahjib Gor's firecracking Gong Xi Fa Cai

Lim Guan Eng's greetings at the very end of this posting, right down there in the gutter ... GO THERE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Original Posting: 
Selamat Tahun Baru Cina
semua pembaca dan pengomen di blog ini.
Moga sukses selalu ..

It's just turned midnight but the distant staccato of firecrackers is like the sound of a thousand drums ushering in yet another new year on the ancient Chinese calendar. In the usually still Puchong night air, this is music to the ear. Reminds me of my own Hari Raya.

Talk about drums ... if you have not watched this very special CNY ad on video featuring our Prime Minister, you must. Click Gong Xi Fa Cai: Najib h e r e or Beating the drum for CNY, h e r e

Never been done before. And only in peaceful and prosperous Malaysia.

--------------------- GUTTER SECTION --------------------------


“Just because Perkasa is supported whole-heartedly by UMNO does not give Perkasa immunity from the law or the freedom to insult non-Muslims and deprive non-Malays of their basic rights. Malaysians are grateful that Muslims and Malays also reject such extremist tactics that are similar to those employed by Hitler and the Nazis in Germany before the Second World War.” - Lim Guan Eng


For context, real also:
1. Guan Eng defends Hitler remarks (Malaysian Insider, 27-4-2011)
2. Guan Eng's Brown Shirts (Syed Akbar Ali, 31-12-2012)

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pinggir Zaaba 12: We have no choice but to sue

Biut no one's listening: The sign in front of the affected Pinggiran Zaaba homes
PZ12 vs MRT Co.  I've been getting a bit of flak for using "elites" to describe the Taman Tun Dr Ismail folks who have decided to sue MRT Co, the government corp tasked to build Klang Valley's multi-billion ringgit mass rapid transit system. In order not to let the word cloud the issue, I shall refer to these plaintiffs from now not as "elites" but as Pinggir Zaaba 12 or PZ12.

From doorstep to train:
Just two sarees' long
As I'd noted in my earlier posting, I know some of these people personally. The other day, I was having a drink in the garden of  one of the Pinggir Zaaba homes. The home belongs to a respected member of our society, an Indian chap who spent 28 years of his life in the Navy and was already representing Malaysia in the Olympics when I was a toddler! He was saddened by the way things have turned out. 

"The MRT is a very good project for the people but it has divided my street in a bad way ... turned good neighbors against one another." 

There are 25 homes on the affected PZ street: 12 are suing while the other 13 are against suing or undecided about suing MRT Co. 

A notable member of the PZ12 would be Akramshah, the blogging son of Sanusi Junid. Akram is the deputy president of Blog House Malaysia, the same organisation where I am the Advisor. In his latest posting Does Suing MRT Co Makes Us Pinggir Za'aba, TTDI Residents Elite, Akramshah explains why the PZ12 had to sue (and why it's not political) ... 

"... the plaintiffs are suing MRT Co as they have no other choice. As the agency charged solely on this matter, MRT Co has curtailed all avenues of engagement and even the Media has had to tip-toe around this issue. Some wondered why I used my father's Tan Sri title in the press release - it  is to clearly showcase that the suit is being brought by BN supporters against a BN project. It is not political - the plaintiffs are not politicians. They are aggrieved citizens that have a case. They need the government to listen."
Read more h e r e.

p.s. Did the mainstream media "tip-toe around this issue"? I hope they do not. They must take it up seriously as it affects not just the people but also the image of the government. There are already people in PZ who are saying that it was Najib Razak the Prime Minister who had told MRT Co not to entertain any demands from the PZ residents. That, of course, is not true. But if the MSM don't report it, the pro-Opposition or/and anti-Najib news portals will have a field day. And why wouldn't they? 

Friday, February 08, 2013

Why UH is right to deny Pornthip a chance at redemption

Dear Readers, 
I wrote Bring on Pornthip, let's get it over with (2/4/13) because I don't think a second autopsy on Sugumar can help the Thai expect redeem her reputation. To me, her 80% murder theory in the Teoh Beng Hock case was one of the most ultimate "fails" ever witnessed by Malaysians (apart from the Y2K and Anwar Ibrahim's Sept 16, 2008 declaration). So if Surendran, Latifah Koya and whole PKR want Pornthip back, give her to them. It's their own grave, was the way I saw it. 
I underestimated the overwhelming opposition towards the very thought. It seems that Malaysians have had enough of Pornthip and the PKR antics. My regular commenter Warrior 231 convinced me why she doesn't deserve a second chance (attached, his comments at the end of this posting). And then I received this letter in the mail today supporting University Hospital's decision to refuse a second autopsy on C. Sugumar involving Pornthip. 
In short, she's not welcome anymore.

The Letter to Editor:

Dear Sir,

Malaysian Medical Committee – Only second best?

It is no secret that many Malaysians are in a state of shock over the death of Mr. Sugumaran, a security guard. The details of his death have left many feeling angry, and in this writer’s opinion, rightfully so. Speculators have said that Mr. Sugumaran, a family man, was murdered, not by some common criminal thugs, but police officers, whilst within their custody, as eyewitnesses present. An autopsy was performed, however suggesting that Mr. Sugumaran was not murdered as critics claim. At the ire of many, requests were made for a second autopsy, to be performed by Thai Pathologist, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, famed for her involvement in the Teoh Beng Hock case previously.

However, a question comes to mind - Why isn’t a Malaysian pathologist allowed to perform a second autopsy? Why must a foreign pathologist look at this case? It is without doubt that any grieving family would only request for the best when it comes to a situation as controversial as this. Justice has to be served. More concerning however, what does this implicate in regards to the local Malaysian pathologist and medical committee? Incompetence? Distrust?

For every murder committed, do we simply call foul of the system because it does not provide the desired outcome? The calls made by PKR and opposition members exaggerate a system filled with corruption, a buzzword overly used to build distrust amongst the less informed due to its morally superior standing compared to compromise.

What of the good doctors and good people in the medical body of Malaysia? Why not in still some pride in our own people by providing them the equal opportunity of bringing justice to a fellow Malaysian? Are we so distrusting?

Mr. Sugumar does not deserve such a politicized death. He deserves more than that. Using the passing of a man as leverage to win over sympathy votes destroys the concept. The only wish is that peace goes with the man, that even in death his life is still being abused for a cause other than healing his own family’s wounds.

Thank you.


Warrior 231 wrote on Feb 4 in response to my posting, h e r e
You are wrong on this one, Bru. I am surprised you want sluttish dross like this piece of 'cancered' post menopausal shit conducting weighty tasks such as this. Better for the gov' to expend some dough to get a true unblinkered professional to conduct the post-mortem to the satisfaction of all parties including the usual suspects of loser, whiners and whingers. 
I bet you remembered how flossy conjectured Tongkanese messenger boy was murdered WITHOUT even touching his freaking frigid corpse...I bet she must have used a divining rod there...hahahahahaha
Whore's reputation has alwyas been questionable. And none more discredited than here: 
Hankering for some free laughs, folks. Scroll down to government response to read scumbag's esteemed comments in the above link and see how stupid some idiots can get.
I always wonder how some slimepoop called a human can live with its conscience....... 
Warrior 231

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Taman Tun elites sue MRT

I am quite disappointed that it had to come to this: a group of residents suing a company that is building a transport system for the future. Personally, I am a supporter of the mass rapid transit system and I thought the company, especially its new CEO, had done quite well to continually engage the affected residents. Apparently not. The group that's suing MRT is small but consists of quite influential people. Akhramsyah, for example, is deputy president of the Blog House of Malaysia. They are represented by Tan Sri Aziz Rahman, former managing director of Malaysia Airlines.

Media Release February 5, 2013
Pinggir Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail Residents files a Writ 
of Summons against MRTco

A Writ of Summons against MRTCo was filed today, 5th February 2013 at the Jalan 
Duta High Court by Messrs Nik Saghir & Ismail, Advocates and Solicitors who are 
acting on behalf of the Pinggir Zaaba (PZ) Taman Tun Dr Ismail residents.

The Writ was filed as a result of the detrimental impact of the MRT’s construction at 
close proximity from the front door of their homes, which according to a layman’s 
understanding, is the length of two saree’s.  The Writ also stated that   the PZ 
residents seek a declaration to the effect that the entire MRT project in Klang Valley 
is illegal, unauthorised by law and therefore MRTco should not commence any 
construction of the MRT before complying with all the rules and regulations relevant 

Discussions between MRTco and PZ residents had started more than a year ago 
which looked into a buy-out scheme of “willing buyer – willing seller” proposition.  
The proposal was then rejected by the Special Compensation Committee in July 

“After many attempts at reaching out to the Government and MRT Corp to amicably 
resolve the matter due to the detrimental impact of the MRT's construction at close 
proximity to our homes, we, the residents of Pinggir Za'aba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
find our concerns are still without any resolution. Hence, to protect the interest of our 
families, especially the health, safety and well-being of our children and elderly, we 
are forced to file a civil suit against MRT Corporation today because they weren’t 
listening and we know the Courts will.” said Mr Ho Lee Yoke, a resident in Pinggir 

Another resident, Mr Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Tan Sri Sanusi added “Our 
initial hope was that the MRT Corporation on behalf of the Government would 
provide the care and respect due to us whose homes are precariously near to the 
proposed MRT railway have been dashed. MRT Corporation's own actions since its
CEO began to personally engage us on the matter through to their 
repeated engagements, including meetings to determine the prices they would have 
to pay for buying our homes in PZ stand as their own admission of where their 
obligations to us lie. Our quiet cooperation was instead rewarded by neglect and 

The PZ residents’ predicament certainly bears merit considering the fact that their 
homes are within the railway protection zone under the law. Homes within the said 
Railway Protection Zone will be automatically deemed uninhabitable and 
subsequently worthless in the market.  As Taman Tun Dr Ismail is a highly sought 
after residential area, the arrival of the MRT project that is too close for comfort near 
the homes of the Plaintiffs, this will change the landscape into an area that is shunned by public, property investors and potential house buyers alike.  The MRT 
infrastructure will deprive the PZ residents of their private and proprietary rights as 
well as the enjoyment of their land.

“MRT Corporation continually refuses to acknowledge this reality. There is certainly 
no compassion shown towards the PZ residents which seems to pay lip service to 
the Government’s slogan of “ Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan” as 
demonstrated by MRT Corporation’s apathy towards the PZ residents plight.” Added 

The Writ of Summons that has been filed was an action done without any malice. 
Rather, the filed Writ is the PZ residents’ appeal to the judiciary to provide them with 
some redress and justice. The residents acknowledge that the MRT project should 
be constructed as it would bring great benefit to the citizens of Kuala Lumpur. 
However, it should not be constructed in a way that would harm any party, 
regardless of the number of affected residents. This would be tantamount to 
condoning oppression.

“Last but not least, we still welcome any move to amicably settle this case out of 
court” Added Mr Ho.

For further enquiries, please call:
Mr Ho Lee Yoke
Mr Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Tan Sri Sanusi