Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holy cow, is this the Selangor we knew?

Updates, close to midnight:
Latest posting by A Voice, here, a MUST READ.
Excerpts: "... Pengerusi kumpulan penduduk ini adalah Mahyuddin Manap, kini ahli PKR Wangsa Maju. Naib Pengerusi, Ibrahim Sabri adalah penyokong Anwar Ibrahim ...

"Orang yang membaca doa di masa perarakan pun adalah ahli PAS yang dipercayai dipanggil orang sebagai Amin."
Bru says: There are pictures everywhere, so the cops have their work cut out nicely for them.

Original posting:

From the underworld and beer issues to non-Muslims-only consert to cow-head/Hindu temple protest. Reading the comment by Old Fart [ "so much hate, so much anger"] under my previous posting, I was struck by the odd significance of the Hindu temple vis-a-vis the state of politics in Selangor before and after Pakatan Rakyat came into power.

You'd probably remember, too, how Khir Toyo's pop ratings plunged over the issue temple demolition as the general election drew near last year. When KT's Barisan Nasional lost Selangor to Khalid Ibrahim's PR, we thought better times were ahead.
But no. The Hindu temple has returned to haunt the state government. This time it's not about the destruction of a temple but the construction of one!

The cow-head incident in Shah Alam yesterday happened during a protest staged by Muslim-Malay residents of Section 23. They were not happy with the Selangor exco's decision to relocate a temple to their area. The picture above tells the story [and read here about the significance of the cow in Hinduism].

The standard script: PR supporters blame BN/Umno or/and PM Najib Razak. I wonder there's going to be a "mysterious letter", with JAIS insignia, to say that the cow-head was the work of some pro-government religious officials. [Eg. Hindu Temple Protest by Racist Malays in Shah Alam]

p.s. Khalid has issued a statement to condemn the cow-head provocation, but that's not going to solve anything. As he was part of Xavier's committee to discuss and approve the relocation of the temple, Khalid had a lot of time to convince the residents of S23 of why the temple should be relocated to their area and why they should not be so "religious intolerant" in the first place.

Why didn't/couldn't he?


  1. Holy Cow, as if rocky bru doesnt know, this is what the umnos like yourself trying to achieve.instill so much issue and hatred in the pakatan led states.but little did rocky knew, the rakyat are not kindergarten kids.they have access to internet and it seems the 50 so called muslims(umno) are non residence commitee.end of Be End coming GE13.holy cow....

  2. Anonymous5:34 pm

    my god !!! you actually spin this!!!you are really a sick person.

  3. Anonymous5:42 pm


  4. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Part 1
    This is my comment on the issue at PP when HI attempted to pathetically jump on the moral bandwagon:

    "Warrior 231 Says:

    August 29, 2009 at 4:47 am

    I would sternly caution some of your commenters here to desist from dissing Islam via their blatantly vile commentaries. In fact, some of their views are inimical to Islam itself although they claim to be Muslims. Only hardcore hypocrites like “malayamuda” will come out with statements like that to tar all Muslims in the name of pleasing the infidels – a spineless capitulation to the jaga hati concept.

    Secondly, i would sternly caution you from publishing comments or views that do not reflect the teachings of Islam. It should be made patently clear to all here that you are not representative of Islam in any manner whatsoever and the valorisation of your personality by an ignorant few is an abomination to the Islamic faith.

    Thirdly, it would do everyone a world of good to refrain from tarring the innocent of performing nefarious deeds. Does anyone here have any evidence that UMNO or BN or any poltical entity for that matter is fomenting the act? If so, submit that evidence but if otherwise stop the slander and calumny for isnt this the holy month of Ramadhan as you lot so piously cakim in mock affectation and indignant condescension. In addition, to rile against a supposedly “evil” foe based on partisan proclivities will only serve to aggravate the situation further

    As a Muslim, I stand in solidarity with my brethren in Shah Alam who have been pushed to the extremes of patience by a state regime bent on obliterating Muslim norms through a series of strategic manouvres designed to slowly erode Islam’s stature in the public sphere. Their act of resistance is the result of an agglomeration of religious grievances brought about by the strident anti-islam/anti-malay agenda being pursued by certain quarters under the guise of liberalism and constitutional probity etc.

    Islam and secularism has thus far had an uneasy truce that was policed by an accomadative yet firm approach to governance. That the sudden proliferation of such issues since 2004 when the so called Malaysian “glasnost and perestroika” emerged from the “liberal” closet should not be lost upon any discerning observer. Weak leadership allows for the dregs of society the space to flourish and that coupled with policy oscillations,broken promises etc allowed for such flotsam to emerge on the national political stage much to the detriment of social harmony and tolerance. What these muck have achieved in terms of performance post March 2006 is miniscule except rend asunder the social fabric with their perputuation of antiMalay/anti-islam policies and inflammatory rhetoric. Such policies have clearly impinged on Muslim rights and Shah Alam 28/8 is one manifestation of how the Muslims have been compelled to react to such needless needling and such obnoxious trampling of their rights and sensitivities. Rest assured that vast swaths of the malay/muslim heartland are united in solidarity with their Shah Alam brethren in light of their recent travails.

    It would do Infideldom a world of good if they desist from further provoking a hitherto placid and tolerant Malay polity lest they be obliterated by a conflagration of epic proportions given the groundswell of support amongts Muslims of all stripes and political inclinations ( be it partisan or neutral) for the actions initiated by the Shah Alam 50 whom I regard are merely acting as defenders of the faith.To the SA 50, my support and prayers are with you given that you had to resort to such a drastic move in view of the fact that a dispassionate resolution of the imbroglio was not forthcoming from a clearly intransigent and Islam-phobic state government."

    Other exchanges are still in progress. Apart from reiterating my stand in support of the Shah Alam 50 (SA 50)I would further add the following observations:......

    Warrior 231

  5. Bro, so sad that this has to happen during the month of Ramadhan. The residents of Seksyen 23 Shah Alam have been voicing their serious concerns about the planned temple to their MB Tan Sri Khalid, MP Shah Alam Khalid Samad and Adun Rodziah and Dr Xavier Jayakumar for quite some time but it seemed that they are getting responses from their Elected state leaders through newspaper statements and blogs only. There should be a face to face dialog between the MB,MP and Adun with the residents representatives, why are elected representatives afraid to meet their own constituents?

    It is however unfortunate and very wrong that the residents of Seksyen 23 Shah Alam have chosen to use a cow head to front their demo. I hope cool heads and common sense will prevail and TS Khalid should go down the ground with his Excos and MP Khalid samad to meet the residents of section 23 for a dialog to resolve this problem.

    Condemning the actions of the residents in regards to the cow head and taking legal action against those directly involved will not make this sensitive issue of the temple construction in seksyen 23 to go away into thin air.

    MB Tan Sri Khalid must have the political strength and resolve to resolve this matter amicably, he alone has the key to lock or unlock this problem.

  6. Anonymous5:53 pm


    muslim untuk semua?...

    after what that bunch of morons did yesterday... keep your religion to urself, thanks but no thanks!

  7. Anonymous6:01 pm

    "Why didn't/couldn't he?"

    Who says he didn't? The highest number of participants reported is 200. Lowest is 50. That seems like a minority to me. Convincing everyone to agree with you is impossible. There's bound to be some holdouts, especially if you're determined to not be swayed.

  8. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Selangor is doing pretty good.

    Only crazy marderfarkers like those from Shah Alam is giving the state a bad name.

    If these sons of bitches are fed up of staying in Selangor, then fuck off and move to Pekan.

  9. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    If whoever's behind this dancing with a cow's head had read the Koran, they'd know that it is not the done thing. The Koran states that quite categorically about insulting the 'gods' of other people. As to why they are protesting is another issue that idiot-heads that run the government (state or Federal) should ponder. I think some issues are meant to provoke, others to make politicians busy. And even the both of them too occasionally.

    - Aru

  10. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Last..last...sampai jugak 'Lembu' di Rockybru !

    Great one , Rocky !! phui....great spin !! We all now can start blaming Khalid and PR gomen for all this mess !!

    Rocky for Selangor !!


  11. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Here is a highly volatile situation where it warrants censure and condemnation and what do we get from you? A suggestion that the Khalid government was tardy in responding to the sensitivities of the residents.

    Most leaders from the BN and Pakatan Rakyat have expressed concern and condemn the actions of the racist protest unless of course you are supportive of strategies adopted by a desperate UMNO who are hell bend on stirring the racial pot to win back support from it’s dwindling base. It is so sad when your ethics and journalistic standards have steeped so low.


  12. Anonymous6:40 pm


    your view is `maybe' its come from the pro government religious officer

    but my guess is its come from DAP youth goon of the hardcore communist cadre wings.

    as we all know, there were expert and the master in spreading propaganda of lies or in other words the `cheater'.

    Joseph goebel should learn from them though!

    looks how Parti Komunis malaya works and you will fully understand their modus operandi!

    looks how they used and manipulate their comrade Teoh Beng Hock.

    Poor Beng Hock as he become a victim of DAP bastard politic ploy.

    and the black sheep is the MACC.

    dont be surprise if the internet is full of comment from this species as though the cow head, cow dung and the hindu temple come from their `cultured' ancestor, grand pa, ah pa and ah ma.


    listen and understand carefully between the line what this demonstrator say.

    the cowhead is a symbol of stupidness of Pakatan Rakyat.

    they have no intention whatsoever to insult the Hindu.

    tangkap ajelah orang yang supply kepala lembu tu

    Mereka ni bukannya ada `itinerary' atau `full detail plan' demo.
    bukan macam anwar ibrahim (taubat bang! taubat!)punya demo planning la.

    tolong jangan jadi macam babi asal nak menyondol aje...

    oh ya,

    Congratulation to both of you Najib and Khairi Jamaludin for championing the chinese.

    the traitor, Kalimullah and Brendan doing a good job for both of you.

    Najib, as usual your comment on permatang pasir election is you `will study' a typical 1950s birocratic style of answer.

    you pun tidor macam pak lah juga ka and put the country on autopilot mode?

    Najib, at this momment, the only reason we do not object you because of Dr. M endorsement.

    just quit macam pak lah
    if you think the job is too tough.

  13. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Part 2

    Fact 1:
    The animal's decapitated head was carried to the State secretariat building and not to any Hindu place of worship. Thus it is patently clear that the intent of the demonstrators was to establish the fact that the PR state govt was COWED by threats, political expediency and the like to mortgage their erstwhile principles of protecting the sanctity of Islam, a fact symbolically alluded by the cow-head and one of the demonstrators himself stressed:

    "Mungkin yang mereka (yang bawa) maksudkan dengan kebodohan. Dalam budaya Melayu, lembu ini simbol kebodohan, pemimpin yang bodoh," jelasnya

    Fact 2:
    That the cow is a sacred symbol of Hinduism and as such the act of the SA 50 was diabolical and untenable as it impinged the rights of Hindus is superflous to the issue. For have we witnessed any Indian govt, NGO nor even the India itself raise a hue and cry over the culling and decapitation of elephants for their tusks, read ivory. For doesnt the elephant occupies an even more important position in the Hindu gargoyle pantheon? read:

    neither do hindus raise a hue and cry for pachyderms incarcerated in zoos or relocated for encroachment into human habitats or in certain cases killed:

    3.Fact 3:
    None of the critics nor any of the charlatan detractors ever denied this statement issued by Xavier Jayakumar and published in MK:

    "Beliau (= Xavier) dipetik berkata, kerajaan negeri bercadang memindahkan pembinaan Kuil Sri Maha Mariaman kira-kira 300 meter dari tapak cadangan asal pembinaannnya kerana ia berdekatan dengan surau."

    Fact 4:
    4.Despite many parties slandering UMNO, BN or other malay groups as the instigators with impunity, none have volunteered a shred of evidence to affirm those false charges or to facilitate investigations

    Fact 5:
    Unless you have been religiously disembowelled, no self respecting Muslim would acquiscece to his religion being the target of dersion, the victim of a velvet glove policy to infidel sensitivities while Muslim views are brusquely and arrogantly brushed aside. In fact those quoting verse 109 should remember that it operates in both directions and is backgrounded by historical events unfolding at that time, so it would be downright puerile to quote it out of context.

    Fact 6:
    I dont see anyone from civil society raising a hue and cry over severd pig heads being stuck on mosque gates in UM and Malacca.Why? Pigs kosher for those of the Muslim faith, eh filthy bastards?

    Warrior 231

  14. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Bro, the info says the cow head spokesman Mahyuddin Manaf is a PKR guy lah. So is the Ibrahim fellow. The other protester who appeared on tv is Amin something - a PAS fellow.

    This is the anti DAP, anti Khalid, anti nude pics faction in Pakatan Rakyat Selangor at work here. Both PAS and PKR Malays are behind this cow head caper. The UMNO boys are in the background too.

    This is a Pakatan pimple bursting into the open.

    Bro, here is another pimple that will burst. Remember the nude pics? The question is why did her PKR Melayu boyfriend upload those pics?

    The boyfriend got angry cos after March 08, she dumped him for someone else. Guess who bro? The MB! Yes Mercedes Benz himself.

    Look into your archives and you will find pictures of the gal and the Merc in "close proximity" in public - there is one shot of the MB's upper arm brushing her front. Scandalous.

    Many things not right in PR Selangor. Hear that rumble? Its not puasa hunger bro. Neither is it a fart. Its Pakatan Selangor. About to erupt.

    Hj Ho

  15. Anonymous6:49 pm

    umno gila babi,hang pun gila rocky..umno dajjal akhir zaman,hang pun sama rocky

  16. Anonymous6:54 pm

    This is SO yesterday's news already. Move on. Merdeka on Monday. Report on that.


  17. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Part 3
    Anyone intent on broaching this issue should address the following questions after debunking the facts I enumerated in the earlier comment:

    1. Why was the temple shifted to the vicinity of the surau in a predominantly muslim area? The fact a separate access road is needed is indicative of its unviable location.

    2.What is the actual status of the original temple. Is it an illegal structure and if so on what legal grounds can an illegal structure gain legal status?

    3. How come the issue involved non-hindus in the decisonmaking process. Xavier is, for instance, a christian?

    4. What is the Hindu demographics in the area. Is there sufficient critical mass to warrant the construction of a temple in a predominantly Muslim area?

    5. Last year, a similar controversy erupted in Ampang. What SOP was formulated to tackle similar situations and how were they implemented in this instance?

    6. More pertinently, where will all this stop given the proclivity of Hindu sadhus throughout Malaysia to establish temples on any road shoulder, under any banyan, overhead rail pass or near any termite mound. Is this a cover for land grab or a sudden effusion of gargoylian epiphany of gargantuan proportions?

    For those out to accuse me of fanning sentiments, let me make it plain that I was banned from commenting by one, Anil Netto, on Kg Buah Pala in which I showed the racist approach adopted by LGE in resolving the imbroglio and his culpability for the whole fiasco based on facts. I operate on the principle of facts, no quarters asked or given and that is why my next bazooka i have for one DPP would undress him as a liar, hypocrite and rabble rouser in HIS OWN words..stay tuned. My silence is not due to anything but a short working visit cutting into my schedule. Now for DPP.....

    Warrior 231

  18. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Awwww I dunno, seems to me that singing Negaraku is a risky affair unless Rais (the orphan) can come to terms on the settlement of royalties to be paid to Indonesia going by this:


    “Copying the song is a violation of intellectual property rights according to the law. We demand that the government take strong action, not just send a note of protest.

    “We have to unite against Malaysia, as they keep on stealing Indonesia’s assets,” Ruktiningsih said.

    Lokananta lawyer Jaka Irwanta said “Terang Bulan” and “Negaraku” were 80 percent the same. “We will take the case to the International Court [of Justice] if the Indonesian government is incapable of taking no stronger action than a protest note,” Jaka said.

  19. Interesting spinning by Rocky.
    Firstly it seems the protestors were not even residents.
    Secondly don't you find it odd that the Police just stood by and let an illegal demo go by without use of force and tear gas.
    Compare that to what they did in Perak against people wearing black shirts.
    Double standards seems the order of the day here.

  20. Anonymous7:26 pm

    This is the New Selangor being sabotaged by those who lost power in the Old Selangor including you Rocky brew !! From: nonbeerdrinker

  21. Anonymous7:26 pm

    So now it's Khalid's fault that moronic melevolent Malay-Muslims did what they did?

    God, you ARE good, rocky !
    I never would have thought to see it from your perspective.
    Bloody good!

    -Unthinking Head, Braindead

  22. Sivakumar7:29 pm

    Di berita dikatakan lembu itu 'suci' bagi warga beragama Hindu. Tanggapan bahawa lembu itu 'suci' bagi orang Hindu itu tidak tepat.

    Orang Hindu, tapi terutamanya orang India secara keseluruhan menghormati haiwan lembu, dan ini kerana di India lembulah yang membajak sawah, dan memberi makanan dan susu dan baja dan banyak membantu kehidupan manusia.

    Oleh kerana itu, atas rasa sayang terhadap budi seekor haiwan ciptaan Tuhan yang juga ada perasaan, maka orang India tidak membunuh lembu.

    Itu dia sebabnya. Lembu itu bukan dijadikan alat sembahyang atau sebagai Tuhan.

    Namun begitu, bagi orang India dan pasti bagi mana-mana manusia yang lain yang berhati perut, sudah tentu terasa dukacita dan sedih apabila seekor haiwan dibunuh dan dihina begitu rupa, seekor haiwan yang tidak melawan itu diheret dan dipijak dan diludah kepalanya. Bagaimana rasanya kalau saudara atau keluarga kita diperlakukan begitu rupa?

    Berbuat demikian hanya berpunca daripada rasa benci dan dengki yang amat mendalam kepada agama lain dan kepada pemimpin-pemimpin politik Pakatan Rakyat. Itu saja. Walaupun mereka mengatakan mereka 'pejuang agama', mereka ini bukan manusia yang benar-benar beriman; mereka cuma mempergunakan agama mereka iaitu agama Islam untuk tujuan politik kotor, dan ini sesuatu yang amat menjijikkan.

    Saya menghormati semua agama termasuk agama Islam, dan saya tidak suka apabila ada manusia yang bertindak atas rasa benci dan hina hingga sanggup mempergunakan agama untuk tujuan ideologi sendiri.

  23. Kereta Lembu tanpa Roda7:35 pm

    Jangan termakan propaganda Rocky bagi pihak BN untuk menjatuhkan Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor.

    Nak faham isu sebenar? Bacalah penerangan terperinci yang diberi oleh YB Khalid Samad dari PAS di sini, sebelum membuat keputusan.

    Jangan mudah terpesong dengan tindak-tanduk golongan-golongan politik tertentu, walaupun mereka menafikan penglibatan mereka.


  24. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Instead of being non-partisan in condemming the act, you choose to spin, you are disgusting.

  25. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Holy cow Rocky, you're full of cow dung, aren't you?


  26. BrightEyes8:03 pm

    Roc, is UMNO Selangor gonna pay overtime to these protesters and minaq jinggo for yesterday's work?

    The so-called 'Gabungan NGO Malaysia' is nothing but a shell org for organizations like Pekida & Pewaris. And we know these outfits are UMNO astroturf groups.

  27. Anonymous8:26 pm


    Why is Utusan Malaysia so silent on this when it is always the first to incite each time some minor incident about Muslims from non-Muslims crop up. Utusan nothing but MUNAFIK of the highest order! Burn copies of Utusan in public!!

    Anak Malaysia

  28. Anonymous8:36 pm


    If Khalid didn't do what you think he should have done, the, why don't you spin them in your Utusan M. Go on....spin.....spin during Ramadan and I am sure you wiill be remembered by Allah.

    Spin lah...kenapa tak spin....

    Lebih bagus bertaubatlah....kamu in jantan ke?

    Dislike Utusan for being pro-BN/UMNO

  29. Aiyaaa... rocky , you should
    go back 150 years to conclude
    current scenario. You are looking
    a fly on the elephant's nail but
    you overlooked the elephant itself.

    Answer this :

    For 130 years these temple was
    there and add up another 20 years
    after sec 19 transformed. What the
    hell did Umno do when protest
    being made by some serounding
    residents who lives mere 50m fron
    the temple?

    Now PR solved their problem swiftly
    and people get thankful for that.
    A credit can i say ???

    For your answer on why MB Khalid
    ignored the plight sec 22 resident?
    Well i live in sec 23 and the
    actual scenario is people are
    happy and satisfied, every step
    was taken promptly and well
    informed. We support !!!!!

    Anyway your intro until the chorus
    tells most of the story and the
    end was way to shallow like one of
    the moron who says he dosen't know
    from where the cow head came from
    and its a total mystery. Even
    after he did a post mo term .

    Looks like the cow brain spells

  30. Mat Soto8:42 pm

    Bro i did spot one poster among the crowd which read"take beer"is it consume beer literally speaking or "takbiir" as the usual Pas supporters during road demonstrations.
    Anyway i wonder what happen to the cow's head...probably landed as "sup kepala gearbox".

    Why this had to be done 3 days before Merdeka is something abnormal when we are launching "One Malaysia"is questionable,was there any motive by the organizer or was it a genuine protest?

  31. Sorry seems to be the hardest word8:44 pm

    As the Prime Minister, Najib should take action to correct this hooligans act.

    The police is under his Government, Najib can't give excuse. He can delay and hope the matter will die-off naturally, at his own peril.

    Good luck 1Malaysia.

    I symphatise with those hooligans for they will have the face the consequence of their action, they can't run away from God. God bless them.

  32. i can only shake my head at rocky's spin... bro..give it up.

    The banner "TAKE BEER TAKE BEER TAKE BEER" can only be the works of bastards in umno...PAS and good muslims will never EVER disrespect TAKBIR in such an insulting way.

    and that motherfucker in the youtube that said "kita cabar khalid..." that speaks volume...this is nothing but the works of umno assholes...ya rabbi ...puasa aku kurus benar tahun ni nampak nya menyumpah sakan pada pauk2 umno babi ni...

  33. Anonymous9:01 pm

    As the saying goes..."we reap what we sow..."

    The leaders and the opposition of this country are both shortsighted. All politicians are guilty of trying to get short term political mileage and be in power instead of thinking long term about the benefits of the rakyat in general.

    We cannot solve this "cow head" problem or any other problems when politicians think they can solve racial issues by 1Malaysia etc.

    It is all about racial integration. Eliminate race based political parties, national type primary schools, improve the standards of living of the poor people, regardless of raise and we will be nation that we can be proud of.


  34. Anonymous9:14 pm

    so????it's the faault of the selangor govt to approved the place. pray tell us where in this country we cannot find a muslim????? in other words if they r not convinced then only mosques can be built

  35. vinnan9:23 pm

    Aiyo! you UMNO Toyols think Malaysians are so dumb as to fall for your provocations. You can deny all you like but we know what the MOO Hidden demo is all about.

    1. If the Indians were to retaliate in kind there would be racial riots followed by emergency rule in Selangor which effectively means the end of PR rule in Selangor.

    2. If there were to be no retaliation Najib would come out as the One Malaysia hero asking for action against the demonstrators.

    3. To make a riot happen the police stood by doing nothing and waited for a riot to take place. This was what the police did at Datuk Harun's residence immediately before the May 13 riots in 1969.

    4. No riot. Khairy immediately comes out to condemn the demonstrators. This is called damage control.

    5. The MOO Hidden demo took place because Badawi/Khairy who have all the 'goodies' on Najib have to repay Toyol for stopping Mukhriz from getting the UMNO youth chief post.

    6. All the great effort expended in trying to topple the Selangor PR government shows that Toyol/MOO Hidden is getting impatient.

    1. to 6. may not be entirely factually correct but then that is how politics work. Hei! even Utusan the village idiot knows this as indicated by its virulent racist rhetoric.
    If I were to be Najib, I would watch out for MOO Hidden. I think he wants more than just the Selangor government. More on the MOOman some other day. Najib needs to tell UMNO that they will never be able to depend on Malay votes only to rule the country.

    UMNO listens? Dream on!

  36. rileks la, bukan politik macam tu? sure oang-oang khir toyo buat menda ni..

  37. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Well, why building a temple for the hindu community needed so much consideration while building for others become a right but not privileges?

    Use the brain, brother, use the brain.

    Life is not about excess but contention.

    Pointing at individual as to the party makes no difference at all. But dragged a cow head o the street is definitely sinful.

    Welcome to 1 Malaysia.

  38. Anonymous9:59 pm

    It's easier to judge the Selangor you really believe this people will listen to reasons??? Look at what we have done to our...sorry...your children with regards to PPSMI? (sorry for the diversion). Every possible reasoning was done, not just by PTAs...what did we get in return...revertion without a blink of an eye. We robbed the future generation of the possiblity of being above others...and that is the gamble the people who fought against PPSMI took. Quite frankly, some Malaysian are just born with a 'bone to pick' with every issue. Logically, the only time the Hindu temple is loud is when they have their yearly parayers...and how does that make anyone's life difficult. We go through fire crackers every chinese new year for hours on but we have learnt to accept it as it is part of the Chinese culture. It is not about tolerance, it is about respect...clearly stated in the quran (correct me if I am wrong). These are are people who just don't practise what they preach. Don't blame Pakatan or the MB. blame the stupidity of these man who threaten bloodshed! I'd rather you asked the question 'How can we as Malaysian help'? Sorry, I'm just so tired of all these stupidities :(

  39. Anonymous10:02 pm


    There is a blog article by the PAS Member of Parliament for Shah Alam.


    It explains how PKNS under UMNO neglected the existence of a Hindu Temple and 'cheated' Muslims to buy up properties around the temple that existed at Section 19, Shah Alam.

    And there has been many positive responses to the blog.

    But I wonder why you did not link up your article to this explanation.

    You do not want to be fair and neutral anymore? If thats the case, why not you say it outright?

    The protestors carried the head of a cow. And you are giving us a 'bull' by saying that the current Selangor government is ineffective too.

    How did you come to this conclusion? You did not factor in the 'instigation' by those who are keen to seize power in Selangor the same way they did it in Perak.

    You do not seme to be getting the full picture of the 'drift', or you are pretending here also?


  40. Anonymous10:03 pm

    i think a chinese guy did it....
    he put the cows head and they want everyone one to fight while they plan and restrategist may 13...this time they win...

    la la la

  41. Anonymous10:08 pm

    You did a very good spin on this topic, mate! Wonder if you are one of the boys in UMNO spin section!

  42. Dear Eddy,

    Agree with you, it's sad that this is happening in Ramadan. And just days before Merdeka.

    As I've predicted, the usual groupies in my comment box find it easier to point fingers at the other side. Pakatan tuduh Umno, Umno tuduh Pakatan. Skrip lama.

    How is the MB going to resolve thies? I don't think Khalid Ibrahim is capable of it. The political problems in his state are piling up and it's not just PR vs BN. It's also PKR vs DAP vs PAS. Azmin was calling for a restructuring in the exco, remember? Even Wee Choo Keong pun whacked the Sgor govt for allowing underworld to thrive.

    The cowhead issue could be a diversion or it could be extremists showing their extreme anger. We haven't seen such extremism for years, decades even.

    Selangor CPO said he's investigating the protest under Sedition Act. I am receiving mails and messages to remind me why the ISA is still relevant.

    So much hate, so much anger ..

  43. Anonymous10:31 pm

    luckily elephant is too big if not they will also cut and use the head instead of cow. malay pigooos

  44. Anonymous10:33 pm

    someone have to put a pig's or a dog's head in the masjid. then you people see what will happen. dare U

  45. Bunnies10:36 pm

    So, what are you trying to say, Rocky? Are you saying that PR is not doing their job PROPERLY and they are no better than Khir Toyo and gang? Please la Rocky!! Of all people, you should know better.

    There is nothing wrong with building a Hindu temple, so there is really no need to imply that building a Hindu temple is WRONG! Building a place of worship is never wrong in respective whether it is built on a piece of land with majority of 1 type of race! Dont be a racist!

    Look at the Muslim Malays' action here. They are violent to say the least!! Who does these Malays think they are? Lord of this land? You call this harmony? So what if there a temple built in a majority muslim place? What about having a mosque built at my place, where the majority is Chinese? You dont see the Chinese going to war about it? You dont see the Chinese burning the Quran or putting a pig's head on the State Secretariat building do you? DECENT HUMAN DONT REACT IN SUCH BARBARIC MANNER!! Period!

    There is really no need for MB Khalid to convince or cajole or begged anyone to accept the decision to build a Hindu temple. This piece of land does not just belong to 1 race or 1 persion. The Malays have to get this fact into their tiny head! How these Malays have these Lord of the land thinking is all the works of UMNO and BN!! This is what happens when you keep drumming all these prince of the land nonsense into a already not clever brain!!

    And.. dont even try to spin this la! Have some decent respect for yourself and others!

  46. Pendatang10:42 pm

    Warrior 231,

    I seriously think you need to go to ISA and chill! Maybe also have your brain checked out while you are there...

    It will do you and your tiny brain a whole world of wonders!

  47. Anonymous10:46 pm

    meanwhile others are preparing for war, physically and psychologically

  48. Dear Bro Rocky,

    It is very typical of those no-head bull of PR blind supporters who always put every damn thing on UMNO/BN to blame!

    It is sickening just to wonder that every evil in Malaysia is the work of UMNO and BN a.k.a some racist Malays.

    My God, If a Muslim is trying to stand for their rights- damn than that is racist - if a non-Malays / Muslim criticizing a Muslim and the Islam religion, then it is freedom of speech?

    Bloody hell...

  49. Rocky,

    I am a muslim, 1st and foremost..

    I agree with warrior 231, i think this halal for jihad..

    Seksyen 23 is predominantly a muslim area, why should they have a temple there.. they can always have it somewhere else.

  50. Anonymous11:07 pm

    States Exco is not a servant to a particular group of peoples.

    State Exco of Pakatan Rakyat suppose to be sensitive to certain issue especially concerning the daily walfare of the rakyat.

    The question is: Has this temple issue been brought for discussion at the grass root level by the state Exco?


  51. Bro Rock Spin Brew.

    A very well spin indeed.

    Its ur Master Toyol paid dogs work.The shit smell that he left behind when he is the MB blasting out day by day from bad to worst. Thats y he wants to topple the Selangor PR Goverment.He wants it more badly than Najis Al Altu.

    He tried many plot ever since the UBN lose Selangor to PR .But he fail.
    !. Ampang Hindu Temple-Paid the Municipal Deputy.(Fail)
    2. Teo Beng Hock-The TP
    Malaysian A1 Corrupte Cows.(fail)
    3.'Sacred Cow Head" Fail.

    Go and tel Tempe , My malay brothers and sisters in not stutupid like he thinks. This goes to u also rock.

    The Rakyat now are very smart. If racial riot take place ,than innocent malaysian of the said etnic will suffer. Not this Toyol or any Barisan Najis Leaders or UBN supporter .

    Malaysia Rakyat knows that very well. The UBN goons will stay safe and sound and later will rule and wag the tax money.

    This in not 1969 Rock.This is IT era. Peoples are well educated. Even the Kampung old folks learn from their children about the way this Regime rule. Go and spin elwhere. My be Sepilok.

  52. Merdeka dari PR11:08 pm

    This never happened under Barisan Nasional government.

    Only under Pakatan.

    And that is a FACT.

    Kit Siang can spin it around and around but he can't run away from the FACT that the people Pakatan states are very unhappy today.

    Merdeka from Pakatan!!!

  53. Mungkin anda semua ingin membaca tulisan terbaru saya berjudul Isu kuil: Dosa lepas menghantui Pakatan Rakyat Selangor.

    Jangan terkejut ada PKR dan PAS berperanan penting. Ahhh ... seperti biasa semuanya salah UMNO. PKR Maha Maksum, PAS Maha SUci dan DAP Maha Diampun.

  54. Proisa11:12 pm

    Bru, I agree with the people who send you the mail about I.S.A.

    Send this people who provoke with the cow head to Kemunting under I.S.A.

    Hidup I.S.A!!!


  55. Anonymous11:17 pm

    rocky... khalid doesnt need to go and speak to the public, the tuanku's rakyat. He runs a state just like the way he runs PNB, by making boardroom decisions without looking at situation on the ground guided by armchair advisors who are actually advising him based on their own specific agenda. In PNB he was protected by the 'DEB' agenda of the federal government. In Selangor? Probably by Ronnie Liu and Teresa Kok. Most likely Teresa.

    I call for Azmin to swiftly kick the guy behind down to Section 23.

    HIDUP DAP...

  56. Excalibur11:22 pm

    Rocky, perhaps you can explain why is the Ketua Pemuda Selayang present at the protest?

  57. Anonymous11:36 pm


    being an umno guy myself, i,m sick of all this.enough i,m quitting umno for good.

    and rocky u r sick indeed

  58. Anonymous11:56 pm

    To all my friends, why should we (the opposition) opt to using ISA as the appropriate mean to solve this temple issue? What is this? After successfully participating in the anti-ISA protest, are we now forced to swallow our words?

    Common guys, these people have no other ways to voice their dissatisfaction. This must be taken into consideration before criticising those demonstrators.

    If the state government is practising transparency and ever willing to put people priority first, this sort of mass is avoidable in the first place. True isn't it?

    Now, let us look at this issue in the context of participatory democracy. One thing for sure, these peoples are not like us, as we have ICT and blogs to say all we want and that include negative and positive words or thing towards our enemy without remorse.

    Another undeniably thing we do is that we could spin to the left and right, just to pursue our goals!! In order to make their voice heard, what do we expect these people to do? Stay at home?

    So, bro and sis, what happened in Shah Alam is a normal human reaction in a democratic situation. We also do our gathering from time to time. So it is only appropriate to assumed that whatever thing going around would come around else well. Fair and square.

    Ketuanan Rojak

  59. Anonymous12:21 am

    Its very funny that people concentrating on the cow head, what happen to the people in S23?!!!!! What happen to them? Don't the MP want to at least listen to their plight before? Just because it is 50 people only doesn't mean that the Muslim there happy with it! Just like the beer issue, the concern is more to the one or two shops there which is the minority, how about the majority residence there, don't PR want to listen to their complain (actually resident there already register a complain to local authorities and no beer bottle left on Khalid's office). This is mind boggling. At least they don't distrupt traffic or small traders like the ISA protest! Anyway, its their right of expression, or you say only you have the so called right of expression?


  60. Anonymous12:31 am

    Ada juga Melayu yang ada teloq lagi di Tanah Melayu ini....selain dari aku..


  61. I say! Shall we bring back Khir Toyo?!!!!

  62. (Part 1)

    Warrior 231

    Don't try and hide behind semantics and 'cowed' spin to obscure your usual racist and religious bigotry, views and stance.

    But what else can we expect from a 'tranny' infatuated sicko low life? Of course, Anil Netto and anyone in possession of his right senses will not consent to publishing your comments if you continue in your standard OTT vein of filth laden tirade, which you have refrained from here, respecting Rocky’s plea.

    The Shah Alam 50 have NOT “been pushed to the extremes of patience by a state regime bent on obliterating Muslim norms through a series of strategic manoeuvres designed to slowly erode Islam’s stature in the public sphere.”

    There is no “state regime” bent on any such strategy manoeuvres. This is a figment of your deranged, sick mind. The Selangor State govt is not filled with a bunch of crazy politicians. It is led by a Malay Muslim MB appointed by the Sultan, not some Johnny-come-lately pendatang!

    The decision to relocate the temple was made democratically. The SH 50 have many legal avenues to make representations and these have NOT been exhausted! Now, there is doubt that the SH 50 actually comprised a majority of residents from Section 23 in SH.

  63. (Part 2)

    So, jumping the gun was irrational and designed to provoke violent reactions, it would appear, by agent provocateurs. And that too in a month UNIVERSALLY dedicated to meditation, peace, forgiveness and goodwill to all humans.

    That is inexcusable and compounded by the authorities who stood by ‘paralysed by the volatile situation’ where previously they harassed candle light vigil holders, arrested reporters and MP’s ‘for their own safety’ and pontificated about lack of police permits! Double standards? You betcha!

    As to the history of the temple go to Khalid Ibrahim’s website and get the facts. The temple has been there since long before Shah Alam was a speck in any developer’s eye! And the Malay majority in S23 is not 90%, 80% or 70% as touted by propagandists. So, what really is the fuss?

    Too, temples do not spring in every nook and corner as you wildly claim; many were or are part and parcel of rubber, coconut and oil palm estates and are now facing this quandary due to the re-development of surrounding areas as residential and commercial estates.

    Your self-proclaimed ‘bazookas’ are no more than damp squibs set off by someone living too far back in the past, a person out of sync with modern times and human progress! And I am not exactly quaking in my boots at your cyber caterwauling. YOU are the real rabble rouser without a respectable cause!! You hate national unity and peace!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  64. regardless which party they come from action should be taken against them. charge them in court.

    BTW the so call PKR member said, not only UMNO members are here...check the video.

  65. Anonymous1:26 am

    This temple issue is just a turbulence in a cup of tea. Without doubt any state government has every right to approve almost anything, but by the same token, the residents has every right too, especially protesting and criticizing any decision which is thought to be unjustly made. If the state government has no respect for peoples' right, then, who does?


  66. Anonymous1:27 am

    Part 1

    "MB Tan Sri Khalid must have the political strength and resolve to resolve this matter amicably, he alone has the key to lock or unlock this problem."

    Yes, Eddy, i agree wholeheartedly with your keen observation and second Rocky on his sagacious riposte. Bru got it spot on regarding the ISA and how sick groupies in the form of rabbits, bright eyed nerds, evil genies in greenbottles etc have twisted this around and started slinging their mud, at the behest of their hndlers, at UMNO.

    Well facts are emerging that this is not an UMNO thingy but surprise..... a PR dissident faction public relations op. Neverheless, as Muslims we should put politics aside and stand in solidarity with them as the proposed temple will definitely impinge on the surau, a fact admitted to by Xavier Jayakumar albeit in an oblique manner, here:

    "Beliau (= Xavier) dipetik berkata, kerajaan negeri bercadang memindahkan pembinaan Kuil Sri Maha Mariaman kira-kira 300 meter dari TAPAK CADANGAN ASAL pembinaannnya kerana ia berdekatan dengan surau."

    Folks here who are calling for me to be ISAed are blowing bubbles and twisting facts in the wind. This is not about fanning tensions, this is about lambasting state government policies that contribute to tension much in the same way the DAP did in Penang over the nutmeg issue.If one follows developments closely, one will note how both issues inherited from the BN has been grossly mishandled by PR whose sole intention is political mileage as evinced by their attacks on their predecessors. Even in the beer issue, a deliberate attempt was made to stoke tensions by a certain DAP warlord when the sale of beer was never an issue in SA under BN.

    Warrior 231

  67. Anonymous1:27 am

    This brings me to the conclusion that the tensions are being deliberately stoked by PR to effect regime change via the following mechanisms:

    a. stoke tensions by deliberately trampling on racial/religious sensitivities fully knowing that the two are ready tinder for a conflagaration.

    b. reasonable grievances raised are deliberately ignored leaving the parties concerned with no leeway except to publicly demonstrate their anger
    (as 28/8 evinces)and thus rouse tensions. In fact, Khalid's admission of such negligence is implicit here:

    Q: why call for such meetings NOW after the issue has been bubbling along for so long?

    Also remember how LGE dilly dallied over KBP in Penang and kept harping on past events when the present demanded address.Shades of that echo in Selangor dont you think?.

    c. through (b) create the impression amongst the populace that certain racial/religious groups are being unreasonable when the reasons for that "unreasonaility" was fomented by the PR government in the first place.

    d. deploy the cybertroopers and other skints to massage public perception that a certain religious/racial sorority is to be blamed and the real instigators are being sponsored by the defeated oppositionists in the respective states. Such demonisation is carried out either frontally or obliquely via prominent blogs and thru commenters who infiltrate mass readership blogs like Rocky's Bru and plant accusations to that effect thus effectively sowing hatred towards certain political parties.

    e)wait for anger to catalyse and strike when the rabble are maddened enough to take to the streets. Probable use of ensuing riots: takeover of the Federal government via the streets something that elections(constitutional means) and frogging (material baits) failed to effect on 16/9/08.

    This is now PR's new tactics for it beggars belief as to how they are confident of usurping power at Federal level as they constatnly harp about unless...... they have something nefarious up their sleeves.

    Yes, the ISA should be deployed but it should be used on the zombie groupies here, blogs, and leaders who are quick to cast aspersions on UMNO or BN or other neutral parties on the flimsiest of grounds and who cowardly cower in silence when evidence stating otherwise is produced.

    The Malay/Muslim polity needs to be vigilant given that the tactics being deployed are much in the same vein as the strategems used by communists to effect illegal regime change throughout history and which was unsuccessfully utilised in Malaysia in the 1945-48 period and in the 1960s. And we know who the Commies/racist pigs are, dont we? (One person in Selangor for instance was indirectly involved with the maoist movement in Nepal. Coincidence?)

    A blessed Ramadhan to Rocky and all the vigilant, enlightened ones here.

    Warrior 231

  68. Anonymous1:33 am

    malaysians, especially the malays and muslims, are a tolerant lot. everyday if they travel to and fro sungei buloh and gombak / kl via the highway they can't avoid seeing the giant golden statue at the batu cave. it's heart wrenching for some to see the statue towering the malay majority areas (including mosques nearby)surrounding the batu cave, but as good citizens they tolerated the existence of the statue. but please don't treat this tolerance for granted. the temple issue in shah alam is a sign of intolerance rearing its ugly head.


  69. Anonymous1:42 am


    Those who blame the police for idly standing by seem to conveniently forget their emotional outburst when police acted against an equally illegal anti-ISA rally on August 1. Such was the umbrage here and elsewhere that one would readily understand why the Police stood by the way they did.

    I am certain that the consequences of public wrath and disdain would have been playing on their minds if they had decided to truncheon and teargas this group of demonstrators who had a genuine grievance to air in the first place unlike the vermin mob of August 1.Kudos to the PDRM for their discretion in allowing a motley crowd to air a genuine grievance.

    So they decided to lay off and what they get for their troubles? More opprobrium and slander from who else but commie-inspired zombie drones flitting about like irritating mossies here.Dengue-fugued minds operating from dengue-infested gutters can only spew more dengue and nothing else!

    Damned if you, damned if you dont must be a popular ditty in PDRM messes all over the country. ;)

    Warrior 231

  70. Anonymous1:46 am

    Pas perlu memainkan peranan yang lebih aktif dalam isu yang sebegini. Kalau dalam isu ternakan khinzir, Eli, SIS dan larangan jualan arak Pas boleh mengambil pendirian dan menjernihkan kekeliruan dan kekusutan, maka apalah jua kiranya dalam isu kuil Pas memainkan peranan serupa?

    Anak Bapak -- pro-toleransi

  71. Anti Spin1:54 am

    For GOD sack u guys!!!! This fucking protester is CLEAR CUT PKR n PAS people..

    What fucking spin r u guys talking about??? Mayb u guys spinned to much b4 this until ur mind n mental now Spinned!

  72. Anonymous2:38 am

    Well the Syah Alam people, they voted these ADUNs in? RASAKAN..

    Kawasan kami, ada kuil baru dibina bawah pokok tepi sungai. Berapa bulan lalu seorang pemandu teksi membawa 4orang penumpang, seorang kaki berbalut patah katanya. Curiga juga nak bawa tapi memandangkan cedera dan nak ke Kuil kata mereka, dia pun ambik.. 10mlm..

    Tiba dihujung sungai berhampiran Kuil tersebut, mereka kenakan parang kat kepala dia, dibogel, tidak sehelai tinggal, teksi dan segala barang serta wang dibawa lari, dan pemandu itu yang sudah tua, ditinggal tolak tersembam bogel!!

    Nah, Seksyen 23 tak lama lagi akan dihantui dengan KISAH2 YANG SAMA...


  73. Singapore2:45 am

    Haha.. Rocky...

    Trick old school.. boleh kesan la... Makcik Tipah dari Felda pon tak tertipu....

    Moral of the story...
    Kalau Geng Parti A buat demo tapi yang berkoasa pejam mata.. biarkan.. biarkan...

    Kalau Geng Parti B buat demo sure kena balun dgn yang bekuasa atau kena mandi air Gatal..

    1Malaysia dapat agak angkara parti A atau B yang buat... hahahaha

  74. Anonymous2:48 am

    Someone mentioned,

    "Send this people who provoke with the cow head to Kemunting under I.S.A."

    Oh cannot, it is "zalim"....remember what Pakatan people did last time? ISA should be abolished. So, just because the perpetrators are Malays, suddenly you guys remember that there is such a thing as, who is racist now?

    Another thing, as stated by Rocky, it was not an UMNO/BN thinggy, this was more of a PKR/PAS stuff, even though there were some UMNO guys in the background. So, please do not just blame UMNO and make it your 'fall guy'. It is just not fair people. Please use your brain even though I know that is hard and for sure you all won't do it 'cos it is sooooooo easy to blame UMNO, Malays and Islam. See some of the pseudo Islamic know all at work here. I remember the head demonstrator was saying that you could find PAS, PKR and UMNO people amongst them......


  75. Anonymous3:11 am


    Yes, the key word is don't spin. Let say if a group of people stomped on a pile of fruit or animal carcass, which is a common phenomenon elsewhere, to our observation it merely signify a way of relieving some tension.

    Of course, any observer/commenter can put a negative spin on what they see for some benefits and if they do that to a particular group of people who stomped at the cow's head, for the purpose of hiking up the tension, by right the spinners are the one who should be ISAed.

    It is only fair for everyone to abhor from making immediate conclusion based on prejudicial observation. Why don't we just except the cow's head might just represent a political party!

    As usual, peoples do mistake. Same thing happened during the reformist demonstration. Unruly is the name of the game. Instead of using carcass, protester would do better to just stomped on the effigy of the party concerned!!!


  76. "What is the Hindu demographics in the area. Is there sufficient critical mass to warrant the construction of a temple in a predominantly Muslim area?" Warrior 231.

    Here are 3 sources of a 40% Hindu presence in S23 Shah Alam:

    1. The residents had questioned to logic of building a temple in the area as the 400-odd residents comprised only 40 per cent Indians while 60 per cent were Malays. — Bernama. MI 30/08/09.

    2.About 40 per cent of the population in the area are believed to be Hindus. NST Online 28/08/09.

    3. The residents had questioned to logic of building a temple in the area as the 400-odd residents comprised only 40 per cent Indians while 60 per cent were Malays. — Bernama. MI 30/08/09.

    40% is enough critical mass to start a nuclear reaction! Nuff said!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  77. Anonymous3:24 am

    Saudara Rocky,

    Kalaulah senario ini terjadi di negeri lain (katakanlah di Perak), sudah tentulah laman blog pembangkang akan putar belitkan isu ini untuk menaikkan rating blog mereka. Itulah saja cara popular buat mereka dalam mengejar sasaran politik. Kini mereka berlagak 'alim'!! Meloyakan, beb.

  78. i feel the earth moves under my feet4:01 am

    DAP was behind the scheming of this demo. There were the ones who instigated the residents of Shah Alam Section 23 to go out and protest. The reason? to change peoples' concentration so that M'sians would not bother too much about the TBH inquest...

  79. Selipar Jepun6:10 am


    Dont justify the ISA based on this incident.

    Those who did this can be arrested under ordinary laws.

    Satu lagi Rocky,

    Jangan nak tunjuk jari kat Khalid Ibrahim dan nak cuba jatuhkan kerajaan Selangor.

    Kau ni cakap macam malaikat tapi motif kau jelas, Rocky.

  80. Funny isn't it how 'A Voice' has Mahyuddin Manaf pegged as a PKR member, whereas Malaysiakini says that he is a 'self-proclaimed PAS member'.

    What's next? Revelations that Mahyuddin Manaf is a UMNO, MCA, MIC and Hindraf member too?


  81. Anonymous6:22 am

    rocky, i had thought you of all people would see and report on how sad and degrading the actions were. instead you chose to spin it. i was your fan but i cant say the same now. its disappointing too as you have now put doubt in the posts you had posted before, even in your case against nst ...


  82. Anonymous7:34 am

    Dear rocky,

    After this piece of spinning by you, I think it is not worth anymore to surf your blog anymore. A clear insult to our Hindu friends also you can spin until all the blame to PR govt! Many blogs apologise to our hindu friends on behalf of their muslim friends. but then you choose to spin! disgusting!


  83. Anonymous9:07 am

    For goodness sake, every citizen in Malaysia is allowed to worship
    whatever religion he/she so chooses. No ONE and NO ONE has the bloody right to tell what and who he/she is ALLOWED to worship, end of story !! The Extremist Group of Bigots HAS NO right to STOP a Temple being built for whatever Religion IF the appropraite Authorities have APPROVED and permission granted. Do you see any
    NON Muslims ever protested against a Mosque to be built, NEVER !! So WHY the intollerence shown by those Bigots UNLESS it was sponsored by UMNO.


  84. Anonymous9:14 am

    Those Bigots Protestors brings Great Shame to the Muslim Religion.
    The behave more like Cannibals and Uneducated Morons.


  85. Anonymous10:37 am

    Rocky lembu,

    kau memang pandai spin. Issue macam ini pun boleh spin, dah dahaga issue untuk belasah PR kah? Bertaubatlah sebelum anda disembahyangkan.

  86. Anonymous11:01 am

    You have your points there ! but Roc! that warrior guy that snmall clit is still polluting your blogs with his sicko views of a muslim pretender!like islam is THE only religion of the world!

  87. Anonymous11:08 am

    Part 1

    As we, Muslims, are observing the fast. let me address the immediate issues:
    1. Before launching into your mindless ad hominem tirades, scoot over to Anil Netto and see whether any of of my comments contain a figment of your overeactive and judgemental imagination. I dare you!I have got the original with me with anil's awaiting moderation tag. But bother, wouldnt wanna impose on this blogmaster's goodwill just for the sake of a ranting madass of a non-entity pipsqueak.

    There is no “state regime” bent on any such strategy manoeuvres.....pendatang ( hey! you are one as one of the links below will show):

    reply: Talking through your .......small boy. What about beer is SA, massage parlours all over Selangor, last count according to Oriental Daily: 4200

    You wanna an expose of what a lying polly Mr Muslim MB truly is . Here try sqauring this:ini:

    with this: PAS already has a ban on alcohol for Muslims in the state of Kelantan where it rules, limiting sales only to non-Muslims.

    and this:The enactment, enforced by Selangor Religious Department (JAIS), can be implemented by the local authorities such as MBSA, pending guideline approval by the state government."

    when he is aremed with section 18 of this:

    dei Trannie, Come onlah answerlah trannie, dont run away and hide behind mummy's torn panties.

    3.Democratically, my foot? An initial relocation to S22 was changed to S23. Dont deny that, that's fact. Why not admit that PR forced this down people's throat just like the beer thingy. ( Hence the need for a town hall "love fest" after the thing has escalated, that is:

    Warrior 231

  88. Anonymous11:15 am

    dear rocky,
    agreed with warrior 231,anyway kesian you kena belasah cukup-cukup kali ni pasal holy cow.harap tak patah semangat k?
    salam dari makcik.


  89. Anonymous11:35 am

    Mungkin yang mereka (yang bawa) maksudkan dengan kebodohan. Dalam budaya Melayu, lembu ini simbol kebodohan, pemimpin yang bodoh," jelasnya.
    i quote the above statement by Warrior 6:41pm.if the above statement holds truth then what do you say about people who eat lembu.does the same rule applys here that anything which deals with lembu is bodoh . Maybe you can clarify further .

  90. Anonymous11:42 am


    "Now, there is doubt that the SH 50 actually comprised a majority of residents from Section 23 in SH."

    State government has to take note of any complaint against the approval of any land development, regardless of the land ownership status or the number of the local resident who objected to it. If the grievance is quite justifiable, a report lodged by one of the local resident, has every right to be considered as representing the whole residents in that area. Ha, ha hypocrite, spinner.


    We are all one human race and we have only one God.

  91. Anonymous11:45 am


    You said in this fasting month dont use French. Okay I wont call them mutherf***ers for this month. Let me just use an abbreviation MF.

    Looks like the Pakatan MFs are behind this protest bro. And I really appreciate the comment which says that the MFing DAP is behind this to divert attention away from the shit that is coming out of the Teoh Beng Hock death.

    The MF Ronnie Liu is up to his neck in deep shit. The Teoh inquest is going to throw up even more shit. Wait till Bu;kini Paharuddin testifies soon.

    This cow thing is a perfect diversion tactic.

    Bro, here is something interesting. The MF Dr Xavier is also involved in putting his hands in the cookie jar. I hope all this comes out at eventually from the Teoh inquest.

    Thank you for highlighting that the MFers Mahyuddin and Ibrahim
    are Pakatan shits. And that the Amin MFer is a PAS shit. These are the guys behind the cow protest.

    I am convinced the ass f***er Anwar Ibrahim is behind this somewhere at the top. It is all a diversion tactic to divert attention away from his "dick in the ass" caper.

    It is not beyond Anwar Ibrahim to stir up racial riots. Lim Kit Siang and Ronni will help him. Then they will blame everything on BN/UMNO and also cover up their own corruption and ass whacking shit.

    Tuan IGP, keep a close eye on these MFers.

  92. Anonymous11:51 am

    Part 2

    3.Too, temples do not spring in every nook and corner ..........

    Reply :a.

    b.According to Hindu Sangam, .........17,000 Hindu temples and shrines still existing throughout the country’s 13 states ......... 90 percent of these temples and shrines are on government-owned lands:

    c.Just for the road :

    d.Well, they have become illegal because the landowners who gave
    the land to these temples have now sold the land for a profit ..........remain unregistered because they are old and precede
    the registration requirement ruling.

    Dei comeonlah trannie, ignorance of the law is no excuselah, trannie. U wanna collect "santha kasu, "undialkasu", vasuls, "varathachanai" offerings etc" boleh tapi bila mau register, itu tarak boleh (cos you have no land title to start with).....a get rich scheme without risks among the sadhus at work here, DPP?

    [in fact all excerpts were deliberately taken from your type of news sources for your "authenticity" cravings and they say pretty much the same. Note: St Zavier talks about illegality in not too many words (in (c).Anyway read the stuff in there for nostalgia ala Pakatan]

    3.As to the history of the temple ............Shah Alam ...

    Reply; As to the history of the settlement, KG Buah Pala ....... almost 200 years......hahahaha LOL:

    "The land now called Kg Buah Pala was occupied by settlers more than 200 years."
    (note how the author makes pathetic allowances for LGE)

    Pathetic isnt it when you have to scrap the barrel to debunk me. Old foggylah, anti-national unitylahlah, rabble rouserlah blah3 bloodyblah when you have no factlaced ammunition to shoot with but dribbles of adhominem urine to squirt!and pieces of fecal matter to fling. That's why you are a trannie ;> You operate within an ambivalent personality in that twilight zone of neither here nor there when it comes to arguing. Physically, you must be one too from the looks of it but keep that to yourself, I am not in the wee bit interested.

    Keep quaking (for I know you are, when you say it aint, trannie boy) as your hypocrisy and lying nature will soon be exposed here with proof in YOUR OWN words.

    Moral : Bila nampak India dan Ular................

    Folks, complete the above blanks for long-suffering DPP's sake.

    Warrior 231

  93. Anonymous11:53 am


    P/S: here is the link at which i commented:
    I am not the only one banned by Anil, there are others, 2 samples (

    1.Anil : I hope you let this thru, cos you delete my previous and very 1st post. Thank you.

    2.p/s: Anil, you have blocked few of my postings that didn’t suit your interest in this entire incident. Very disappointed… though am not ready to flur further allegation against you for doing this injustice.

    That sums up you DPP and ur ilk, you nitpick on me not realising that your PR bloggers are adroit at spinmeistering their desired agenda by denying fair comment based on facts. Ever seen doing Rocky doing that?

    One more thing this censorship thing is common among you, indians. Must be in your genes: demand for freedom of expression and deny FOE when it suits you. No wonder, the legal porofession is teeming with your kind.Master equivocators!

    "I deal in TRUTH...Only the TRUTH and nothing else matters" (LOL)

    Warrior 231

  94. Anonymous11:53 am

    I don't know why...but I somehow know this is coming - claimed that PKR and PAS involvement...

    It seem to me like another tactics to toppled Selangor government.

    a) Saiful was bought over to toppled Anwar

    b) 3 Perak assemblymen were bought over by UMNO (for a car!) to topple the government

    c) Kdah Lunai assemblymen was bought over to support UMNO, and trying hard to persuade others PKR member to defect but fail

    d) Now...this...I guess its just another UMNO trick to toppple selangor government...these guys may have been a 'pengintip' in PKR all these while...and now trying to influence others PKR members to do so..just like the Kedah Lunai assemblymen...influencing all PKR members of his division..

    Steve Seagal

  95. Anonymous11:55 am


    40% hindu/indian..? 60% muslim/malay..? 0% chinese?
    and Sek23 only holds around 400 people,such a low population area..for sure the people living there know their neighbourhood better than u & the similar kind do ..

    I would prefer to hear a solid facts & figure say from Jabatan Perangkaan or Jabatan Pendaftaran rather than a so-called media sources "believe to be" and "is said to be" especially from MI & NST, u people mind to hear what utusan said too..? nay..? these media figures contradict each other..which is which? all such reasonable doubt..

    Putting faith over a media speculation for engaging in arguments..sound dumb enuff to me ..a typical modus operandi of you know who..

    say..are u staying in Shah Alam area, nay?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  96. Anonymous11:56 am

    Why are we so concerned by which party these idiots are affiliated to.

    Lets focus on their actions that need to be censured and condemm by all.

    Our PM has already called for quick action and the Police mentioned about Sedition Act. Lets just wait and see them punished bacause they have made a mockery of 1Malaysia.

  97. Which political party they belong to is an issue here??? Really???

  98. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Since you quoted from the above source, DPP. let me use the same source to show that you are lying about the MB being a democrat thingy and the area teeming with Hindu Saddhus from the sudugadhu:

    Some choice sirloin cuts:

    1. ....felt it was unsuitable for temple .....predominantly malay neighbourhood......

    2.The section 23 Action committee.....Rodziah....demanded
    public hearing...industrial land.

    3.The businessman........section 22 as originally planned

    4. I read in the papers...... by 300 metres.......trying to lie to us........

    a statement corroborated by your esteemed "independent & unbiased" news portal:

    Beliau (= Xavier) dipetik berkata, kerajaan negeri bercadang memindahkan pembinaan Kuil Sri Maha Mariaman kira-kira 300 meter dari tapak cadangan asal pembinaannnya kerana ia berdekatan dengan surau."
    the fact that the location is an afterthought is evidenced by the need to construct a road, fulamak!:

    "Berikutan tapak itu dianjakkan agak jauh, kerajaan dengan kerjasama Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) akan membina jalan raya di situ bagi memudahkan penganut Hindu ke kuil tersebut."

    5.Khalid Samad is a liar.......location (Azman Abdul Majid)

    So., who is lying, trannie boy? Me? You? MB Khalid? Rodziah? KS? S23 residents?

    Respond amd accuse me of stirring up things when i am reprting facts not casting innuendoes like you do, cheapskate trannie. Fact is, ll these misgivings are coming from the horse's mouth to put it metaphorically and the sooner you get that into your brain or do you have one for starters?

    "I only deal with Truth....only TRUTH Matters"

    Warrior 231

  99. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Skg nampaknya isu ini sudah dijadikan isu perkauman. Asal Melayu Islam mempertahankan agamanya dan kepentingannya jadilah ianya RACIST.

    Buat org2 racist Hindu di luar sana;

    1. Apa yg korang buat bila HINDRAF MENGHINA ISLAM dan MELAYU di dalam tuntutan gila mereka? Ada engkau mintak maaf?

    2. Dei tambi, itu lembu simbol kebodohan org Melayu di bangunan SUK. Adakah kepala lembu diletakkan di KUIL? Kalau protestor bawak kepala lembu pergi Batu Caves aku boleh terima akan kebodohan mereka.

    3. Kenapa KEPALA BABI di sangkutkan di surau Melaka takde org yg buat bising? Mana pergi CINA2 yg racist?

    Samalah dgn Melayu Islam yg menjadi barua LEMBU2 di SUK itu yg bersifat apelogatik dan penakut hendak berdialog dgn penduduk. Akhirnya MBSA yg disuruh turun padang.

    Perkara ni takkan berlaku jikalau penganut Hindu sedar diri tentang peri pentingnya membuat kuil2 di tempat yg betul dan tidak suka2 hati pacak sana sini dulu. Dah rampas tanah rezab govt di mana2 pun kemudian minta ganti.

    Wahai org Islam.. tgklah bagaimana layanan KERAJAAN CHINA terhadap penganut Islam di XINJIANG.

    Anti Kepala Lembu.
    Malaysia ni dah banyak lemak..

  100. Anonymous12:32 pm

    yeah so PR supporters what say you now eh??

    jump the gun before checking your facts and you get shit on your face

    forever blaming UMNO huh!

  101. Anonymous12:40 pm

    woi bunnies, pendatang, vinnan, brighteyes & anons

    So what have you got to say now?

    PAS and PKR are the initiators.


    Warrior 231 has as much right to comment as you, get it?

    not happy?? go sell your twisted and expired ideology elsewhere

    and Rocky is not a spinmaster

  102. Anonymous12:41 pm

    This is what happens when the civil servants, be it in the state or Federal agencies, do not go by the rules and play out minority communities.

    So many instances of such behaviour.

    In the case of the Shah Alam development, the civil servants did not bother nor care to understand that the entire area that was to be Shah Alam had a predominantly Indian Hindu population - comprising agricultural estate workers. That would have meant that there were Tamil Schools and Hindu Temples that had existed before the predominantly 'new' residents came in to reside after the agricultural lands were easily converted to residential zones.

    Because of the brute majority ethnic civil servants' of PKNS decision to ignore the earlier realities, the Indians were shortchanged. Many did not get decent compensation/alternatives for housing, education and freedom of worship. Schools and temples that existed earlier became illegal structures structures.

    To make it worse, the idiotic MIC reps who served as ADUNs and Exco members in Selangor did not have a clue of how the Indians were being shortchanged all the while. What can one get, when these fellows were merely 'yes' men to Samy Vellu who loves to swindle his own community through whatever means. All it takes is a warning from Samy Vellu and these MIC ADUNs do not voice out for the Indians, while Samy Vellu increases his wealth from the pay-offs to keep the Indian community quiet.

    The Pakatan Rakyat wants to correct such situations, and this is what the 'new' residents express. No tolerance for peaceful co-existence and acceptance of multi-religious flavour even on the perimeters of their neighbourhood.

    You pack these people on a trip overseas to represent Malaysia and there, these same fellows will be showcasing Malaysia as multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious. They will even promote cuisine like roti canai, teh tarik, fish head curry etc. Why go so far, they will even crave for such food when overseas.

    But back in Malaysia, they display their 'narrow minds and thoughts'.

    Civil servants in state government agencies all over Malaysia have all the while been displaying this 'brute' behaviour of not acknowledging the earlier existence of non-Malay educational and religious structures that helped the non-Malay population remain cohesive in such areas.

    The Malay-dominated civil service was always keen to break up such communities and instead replace it with Malay majority residential areas with places of worship for Muslims only. Even the construction of such places of worship is almost fully funded by the government.

    Other instances of civil servants irrsponsible behaviour.

    a. Raiding 7 Eleven stores in Shah Alam for beer, when it was clear that such outlets had existed even before Pakatan came to power.

    b. Qucikly compeleting land transfer of Kg Buah Pala to the co-operative without the knowledge of the new government. Now the issue is being heavily politicised by the state opposition which is instigating and misleading the villagers.

    c. Not obeying the Speaker of Perak State Assembly and plotting with the Barisan Nasional to 'oust' him.

    d. Allowing the guy Ganesan into the Perak state Assembly, when they were entrusted to ensure no one except the ADUNs. state assembly staff and the Regent with his consort were to be allowed.

    e. Even in the case of the incident in Shah Alam, another batch of civil servants - the police, were just standing by and not doing anything. But in the case of peaceful candle-light vigils, the police just 'smash up' such gatherings held.

    Civil servants also need improved KPIs on how to care for the rakyat.
    Otherwise these buggers will continue to be servants of Barisan Nasional only.
    But then, will the new minister try to 'rein' these buggers with KPIs or will he flow with the needs of BN only?


  103. Confused12:44 pm

    I remember reading this on a forum not too long ago..

    Malay Mail coming to town
    Hey guys,
    Starting this Sunday, March 29, Malay Mail's Klang Bureau will be fully operational.
    My name is Nevash Nair and I will be Malay Mail's Klang Bureau Chief. My email add is Feel free to drop an email if you have something you want the paper to highlight...
    So, lets work together in making Klang a better place...


    Malay Mail has an office in Klang? Since when?

  104. bro rockybru,

    I like the spins but with the current internet reach we know who the are

    look at these 2 sites...the fat pas guys seems to be in UMNO Youth procession. is it him? or he is member of both pas and UMNO?

  105. Apakhabar Rocky?

    Mula-mula sekali, Rakyat ingin mengucapkan Taniah kepada anda selaku penyokong kuat Barisan Najis bahawa Barisan Najis dapat mempertahankan Kekalahan sekali lagi di PRK Permatang Pasir!

    Jumlah keputusan bagi semua PRK di Semananjung Malaysia hingga sekarang adalah PR 7: 0 Barisan Najis!

    Kenapa Madey aka Pop star tak tunjuk muka untuk membantu Barisan Najis buat kempen di Permatang Pasir?

    Kalau Madey aka Pop star mari, ku rasa keputusan mungkin agak berlain la.

    Engkau ni tak habis-habis nak spin lagi ke?

    Sampai sekarang pun tak insaf lagi walaupun di bulan yg mulia ni Bulan Ramadhan.

    Hentikanlah projek memperbodohkan Melayu!

  106. vinnan12:58 pm

    When a Shite bombs the Sunnis they know they are killing Sunnis only. When the Sunnis bomb the Shites they know they are only bombing Shites. When the Kurds have a beef with the Iraqi government they bomb a Shite neighborhood. In Iraq the lines demarcating neighborhoods base on race ethnicity and religion is very clear. Perhaps this is what you UMNO bastards want. However, can you create your Malay/Muslim paradise to the satisfaction of all Muslims. Examples abound around the world demonstrating the failure of such Muslim paradise. Pakistan is the best case in point. At the same time the Muslim terrorist now know if they were to target the government all they need to do is just pick a Muslim neighborhood. One bomb in such an area will have maximum impact on the government for all who get killed there will the same ethnic group and religion as those who run the government.

    Malaysia is peaceful because the ethnic groups live in mixed neighbourhoods. Create urban Muslim enclaves and they will become ready targets for the Muslim terrorist. Mohd Nordin Top bombs Indonesia because there he can find Western enclaves. This is something he and his psychos cannot find in Malaysia. Create the ethnic/religion enclave and UMNO can kiss goodbye to Malaysia. Much as I dislike Mahathir, he never forgot that it is Malaysia's multi-ethnicity and religion which make the country peaceful.

    Do UMNO really want these enclaves?

  107. Warrior 231 & i feel the earth moves under my feet,

    PAS, DAP and PK were behind this
    S23 Shah Alama 'protest' to alienate all Malay and Indian support they received in GE 2008? They planned to bring their own coalition State Govt down and to distract the masses from the TBH inquest? Muahaha, that really takes the cake!

    And pigs and cow heads can fly? Ke, Ke, Ke!

    And where were you when God gave out brains?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  108. Anonymous1:37 pm

    If Muslims were to build a mosque in a Hindu area, they would have been warmly welcomed and Hindus would have even helped to construct it.

    Second thought is that .. does this mean only those with 70% majority can build their place of worship. So if Muslims constitute minority .. would the same rules apply?


  109. Anonymous1:55 pm

    ha ha ha.
    PKR demo 50 people only! Duit dah habis la tu, bayar khalid gagap saman 66.7juta!

    Ini anwar punya rancangan la nak jatuh kan khalid. Nasib baik demo people tak jumpa ronnie.
    Pasti PKR Melayu ada kene tendang dgn Bruce Ronnie Lee.

  110. Well, I suppose the people of Shah Alam Selangor will do well to remember to be careful what they wish for, it is so obvious now, that, whatever the PKR,PAS,DAP election rhetorics, the flowery promises, the outright condemnation of anything BN which got them elected as Selangor state Government does not translate into a Government capable of ruling and administering without fear or favor, which the majority had hoped for.

    I guess MB YAB TS Khalid rule in fear AND favor of his political partners, and apparently, his actions from the ladang khinzir mega,Wong pics scandal right through the allege gangster involvement in the mushrooming massage spa and beer sale issue showed that he is "bagai lembu dicucuk hidung".

    Impian yang indah dijanjikan semasa pilihanraya sekarang menjadi igauan siang majoriti penduduk Shah Alam, Selangor.

    SELCAT to me now means:


    C...Complain, complain and complain about past Government deeds.

    A...Assign Blame to UMNO or Barisan Nasional, no guts and refuse to take blame as Government of the day.

    T...Totally Uncaring Menteri Besar and his Exco ..tidak bertimbang rasa terhadap majoriti rakyat Selangor.

    So Can TS Khalid prove me and my friends wrong, and help resolve the Seksyen 23 temple issue amicably with the same resolve he personally showed to find out the truth in the Teoh Beng Hock death when he quickly appoint lawyers for the state of Selangor in the ongoing inquest.

  111. Anonymous2:02 pm

    since we are all so intolerant, just scrap deepavali celebration becos in a muslim majority country it just create a whole of noise and causes traffic jams all over KL.

    betulkah Rocky? can i join u as a master spinner now? I also want to earn some fast easy money n sell my soul.


  112. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Karpal Singh tenat? Layari :


  113. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Now who is the "Leader of the Spin ? "

    God knows !

  114. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Tak ada orang komen pun.


  115. Anonymous2:59 pm



  116. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Ada banyak jenis UMNO rupanya.

    Di Melaka ada UMNO cap Shah Rukh Khan. Di Perak, UMNOnya cap Lanun, dan di Permatang Pasir ada UMNO cap Duit Terbang. Di Selangor, kalau dulu UMNOnya cap Penyapu sekarang sudah tukar jadi UMNO cap Kepala Lembu. Slogan Satu Malaysia sudah jadi Satu Kepala Lembu.

    Adapun UMNO Cap Kepala Lembu Bahagian Shah Alam pun mengusung lambang perjuangan bongok mereka yang sebongok kepala yang diusung itu. Ada pula kain rentang yang menghina Islam yang menyamakan kalimah membesarkan Allah dengan minuman arak. Dikhabarkan ada sekitar 50 orang pengikut ajaran sesat Cap Kepala Lembu ini berarak dari Masjid Negeri Shah Alam ke ibupejabat pentadbiran negeri.

    Ada yang memberitahu bahawa kepala (ketua) kepada kumpulan Kepala Lembu ini adalah seorang Menteri dari negeri yang UMNOnya bercap Kepala Lembu tadi. Adapun yang meraka bantah adalah pemindahan kuil yang asal lokasinya adalah 50 meter dari surau kepada satu lokasi baru yang berjarak 200 meter dari surau. Kononnya mereka ini benci kuil, tapi benci mereka tanpa ilmu. Mereka tak tahu membandingkan mana yang lebih jauh jaraknya antara 50 meter dengan 200 meter. Maka atas kebodohan mereka itu, mereka disumpah jadi manusia cap Kepala Lembu.

    Kalaulah keris yang menjadi lambang UMNO boleh bercakap pasti dia akan menengking marah.

    "Celakalah UMNO...Bagaimana mungkin keris sehebat aku dinobatkan ke atas kepala lembu, pasti akan hilang seluruh kesaktian aku." maki si Keris pada sekitar 50 pengikut orang pengikut ajaran sesat cap Kepala Lembu.

    Aneh...tiada pula makhluk bertopi merah yang biasanya pantang tengok orang berkumpul dan berarak. Apa mereka juga sudah di"kepala_lembu_kan"? Nampaknya begitulah.

    Dua agama telah dihina oleh kumpulan cap Kepala Lembu ini. Mereka menghina agama Islam dan mereka juga menghina agama Hindu. Sesungguhnya, mereka adalah kumpulan Penghina Agama. Kita mahu lihat apa tindakan yang pihak berkuasa mahu ambil???

  117. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Padan muka melayu shah alam.
    Dari hari kau jatuhkan kerajaan melayu islam dan melantik kerajaan cina kominis, percayalah ! hari2 mendatang kau akan penuh kesialan.

  118. Anonymous3:54 pm

    I am a visitor to this country and i am appalled at this incident.
    Iwas told this is a tolerant country but what is this then!!!
    And the poor animal...
    Didnt God make it also and for what purpose??!
    Indeed this is so shameful...

  119. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Pemuda UMNO Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan pun ada di situ.

    Can you spot the fat fella and the tall fella?

    KJ Baru

  120. nstman4:54 pm

    We have all argued till the cows have come home but are we near to finding a solution? My solution is simple - since a majority of residents are against the idea, why not relocate the temple to another area? Very simple. The residents have decided against integration. We have no choice but to respect this decision. The 1Malaysia concept doesnt seem to work. If Plan A fails, then go for Plan B, which means a new place for the temple. I hope everybody will be happy.

  121. Grokker4:55 pm

    This is getting ugly.

    Sect 23 residents may have a grouse against the building of the temple but bringing a cow's head to the state secretariat is not the way to go about it.

    And some of the participants are from PR! Cow head aside, I hope their support of S23 folk is sincere and not a political stunt for their own internal political ends.

    Does somebody (and I don't mean Khir Toyo and Umno) want Khalid removed as MB? He seems to have plenty of problems from his own side and these annoyances add up.

    I'm not a particularly big fan of Khalid but looking at the line-up in Selangor, I think he's Selangor's best bet, at least until the next GE.

    Somebody said Khalid should stop running Selangor like a (badly-run) corporation. I agree. Khalid certainly has to get a grip on things in his state.

    Somehow I feel the whole thing is contrived and politicians are exploiting religious and racial sentiments to suit their own ends.

    Meantime, I'm going to get some vadei for buka puasa.

    Selamat berpuasa.

  122. nstman4:59 pm

    Toyol is the man, bring back Toyol. Toyol can solve every problem. He he he.

  123. Anonymous5:18 pm

    No wonder year in, year out only AMNO Malays/Muslims are celebrating the farcical event called Merd*rka (to them is aka Mau Duit Ka?) .

  124. Anonymous5:47 pm


    My kawasan, the nearest KUIL is about 15km away... HOWEVER,

    We the business community here are being haunted for the last 15years of PARANG WEILDING hantus! (the term Chinese Apek use).

    Can you imagine, Holiday seasons, we have to close shop earlier for FEAR of their SURE visits! P H O B I A...

    I can imagine, should whoever decide to build one, 200meters from our area, each of us will need to build bunkers with steel doors and each of us need to dress daily iron armoured clothings!!

    My heart goes out to these sek23 folks, hidup mereka tidak akan tenteram macam kami UNTUK SELAMA2NYA.

    Not 40%, just 4of them seen loitering around, the whole community here will be sending signals to everyone TO BE ON THE ALERT!


  125. Anonymous6:22 pm


    as what i've said before to much freedom to assemble and free speech will lead to abuse.

    but the irony of it when the pr supporter conduct illegal demo which cause 1oo's thousand people to be stuck in a massive jam, damages to public/private property, insult the pm/dpm/police etc with nasty and vulgar language it is ok coz what ever they do how illegal it may be is ok coz it was done in the name of democracy and it is supported by all inclusive majority of the netizen.

    but when the malay start to voice their grievences, they are label as racist.

    this is what happen when they malay thelselves are devided and they know that when the malay are divided they become weak and vulnerable thus couldnt even open their mouth coz they will be label as racist / extremist etc.

    we have come to a critical stage where we are not even able to protect our rights and religion which is enshrined under the constitution coz we are now divided and weak.

    some of us are in state of denial and some are the propergator to this mess.

    unless we the malay realised that BERSATU KITA TEGUH, BERCERAI KITA ROBOH we will become begger and slave in our own country and we will ourselves to be blame for it.

  126. Anonymous6:38 pm

    To the person who dances the jig about Indonesians wanting royalty for Negaraku. Delve into history, not just those 'hard' facts that you memorised at school.

    Negaraku came from a French folk tune remembered from days of exile in the Seychelles. It is appropriate as it reminds us of colonialism and exile. That the Indonesians put their lyrics to it and made Terang Bulan is neither here nor there. Egypt's national anthem is from Wagner. Do they pay his family a royalty every time Mubarak enters the room?

    - Ampersand

  127. Anonymous6:39 pm

    To the person who dances the jig about Indonesians wanting royalty for Negaraku. Delve into history, not just those 'hard' facts that you memorised at school.

    Negaraku came from a French folk tune remembered from days of exile in the Seychelles. It is appropriate as it reminds us of colonialism and exile. That the Indonesians put their lyrics to it and called it Terang Bulan is neither here nor there. Egypt's national anthem is from Wagner. Do they pay his family a royalty everytime Mubarak enters the room?

    - Ampersand

  128. Grokker6:41 pm

    Speaking of cows, here's a piece about cows committing suicide from the Daily Mail.

    An extreme example of what herd mentality can do to you, no?

  129. Anonymous6:53 pm

    boringla cite lembu ni....cita lain ada? h1n1 ke,kancil dgn buaya ka....

  130. Anonymous7:51 pm

    your column used to be good but not now. Too obvious leaning. Will look for other more intelligible ones.


  131. Semerah Padi8:22 pm

    Dalam isu ini Khalid Samad memulakan alasannya di blognya begini:-

    "Kerajaan BN telah meninggalkan banyak perkara yang perlu diperbetulkan oleh kerajaan PR selepas kami mengambil alih."

    Kalau begitu:-

    Serahkanlah sahaja kerajaan itu kepada BN sekiranya tidak mampu untuk mengatasi masalah yang ada. Biar BN "clear the mess". Janganlah "mess" hendak disuruh orang lain bertanggungjawab sedangkan kita hendak bersenang lenang sahaja di kerusi Parlimen.

    Beginilah sikap PR apabila gagal menyelesaikan masalah rakyat. Di Kampung Buah Pala pun, lebih kurang sama saja kredibiliti PR ini yang langsung nampaknya tidak kredibel.

    Seperti yang dinyatakan, Pengerusi kumpulan tunjuk perasaan ini adalah ahli PKR, kenapa begitu cepat menuding jari kepada UMNO? Harus diingat, masalah ini adalah masalah penduduk setempat Shah Alam Seksyen 23, bukan masalah kepala lembu ataupun parti politik. Kepala lembu itu hanyalah simbolik kepada tahap pemikiran PR dalam menghadapi rasa tidak puas hati rakyat.

    "Negara Kita Negara Berdaulat"

    Semerah Padi

  132. Anon Perwaira 5.4

    I sympathise with you about the gangsters and trust the problem will be resolved soon.

    But for 14 of these 15 year did you not ask the Selangor State Govt led by UMNO/BN MB's like Khir Toyo to get the cops in and solve the problem?

    Now you expect Pakatan to solve the problem in 1 year when the police are still under UMNO/BN Federal control and not the State?

    Please don't confuse one law and order issue with temples and mosques. Take up the law and order issue with the IGP and PM Najib. I will support you!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  133. Anonymous9:51 pm


    Under the current govt:

    1. No corruption in government contracts
    2. No cronies benefitting millions of our money
    3. No free Disneyland trips and land grab by Mentri besar at our expense
    4. No arrogant exco members
    5. No closed-door decisions and forcing it through the throats of the people
    6. Tougher access to alcohol which measn less chances of misbehaving/destroying lives. 95% of the population can live without alcohol.

    It's a much much better government and my family and freinds will continue voting to keep the fingers of Barisan/Umno warlords out of the state's coffers.

    Rocky, you have no choice but to vote for BN as Umno is your paymaster. They gave you a huge paymend fo VSS and then they offered you abig job with ahuge salary. Keep it up and keep on spinning.

    Cheers, Rocky. Good luck to you.

  134. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Thank God for spin. Everything uncomfortable is spin, regardless of whether it is or not. So let's spin spin. It takes an issue like this to bring out all the racists and crypto-fascists from the woodwork. Malay this and Malay that (please insert your favourite disgusting aninmal). If Malays are demons, pigs, etc does that make you the namecaller any better?

    If truth is spin then only one side has the monopoly of the truth. Keep rocking Rocky babe. You annoy me sometimes, but truth doesn't belong to any side. Let them bay and bark.

    Donplaypuks, I understand your sentiment, but demography alone cannot determine this. There may be 15% Hindus in the area, give or take, but it is the density that counts. If the percentage is scattered all over, one here two a mile away, and fifteen percent (or whatever) altogether-gether, we'll have to play fair lah. But I admire your last sentiment. Way to go.
    - Aru

  135. sick&tired10:49 pm

    obviously UMNO is behind all this to destabilize the pakatan state government. And rocky, someday you will get what you deserve. What goes around comes around.

  136. artchan11:30 pm

    Rocky... the indian temple was there even before bastards like Mahyuddin were born.

    Please save whatever respect I have for you.

  137. Anonymous11:53 pm

    I hope we don't see anymore of this UMNO stupid antics. No UMNO means a real Merdeka for all Malaysians!

  138. AminGL11:54 pm


    Why don't you post this cow head picture to show how cruel minded these people are during Ramandan month?

  139. Anon 11.55

    FYI, the 2 MI reports quote Bernama and the other is from NST On-line.

    So, these 40% Hindu population figures can be relied upon. I mean it's not like Bernam & NST are going to quote figures favourable to Pakatan unless it's pretty accurate!

    To those who have suggested the State Govt find an alternative site, I have no problem if the affected Hindus accept it. But what if the other residents in the new area also object or the new area is way out making it difficult to get there?

    I am sure MB Khalid and his Pakatan team will find an amicable solution acceptable to all parties.

    It takes 2 to compromise in the spirit of our Constitution and 1 Malaysia!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  140. Anonymous12:17 am

    this people in the photo are stupid shithead.

    What wrong with temple build around housing areas?

    Many areas with minority muslim also have big mosque. It is not just that, the azan can be heard mile away, 5 times a day, for as long as the sun rises everyday.

    In sarawak, mosque, temple and church are built side by side. Only in racist UMNO land making too much of noises. The Ugutan Malaysia has been very successful in planting the seed of hatred among the communities. This act is just to further divide malaysia.

    Well done BN and the toilet UNMO paper.

  141. Anonymous12:20 am

    SPIN and SPIM.....very good rocky.

    You can spin better than a helicopter.

    You are just the DOG of BARISAN NAJIS..

  142. Anonymous12:26 am

    Warrior 231 & i feel the earth moves under my feet,......blah2.

    Response:Pathetic isnt it when you have to scrap the barrel to debunk me. Old foggylah, anti-national unitylahlah, rabble rouserlah blah3 bloodyblah when you have no factlaced ammunition to shoot with but dribbles of adhominem urine to squirt!and pieces of fecal matter to fling.

    Exactly as I expected. Not one of the issues I raised were debunked and you go on a fishing expedition of the incredulity of PR self-sabotaging itself. Clutching at the straws eh trannie?. Well, Hassan Ali is doing it right and so is Ronnie Liu. Why not one from the PKR ranks to make a merry troika for Khalid the liar MB.

    As for the brains jibe...OIC, the hindu gargoyle "creates" brainless cretin dimwits before "handing" them brains out to make up for his/her design error. Must be some dysfunctional deity as dysfunctional as the trannie whoreboy-girl you are since you confirmed all earlier assumptions to a tee.Anyway, you must have left the line early and forgot to get the penis and testicles that same gargoyle handed out..hahahaha LOL.

    Now scoot and go and get buggered elsewhere as in Big Dog, the Unspinners, etc. Your trotter prints are everywhere over blogosphere, warthog.

  143. Anonymous1:13 am

    To those who heap the blame on the Civil Service, there a few things that need to be addressed first:

    1. Temples are set up willynilly to satiate some bizarre craving and the white master or Chink taikoh of slavedom acqusices by alloting a sliver of land deep within some godforsaken rubber plantation for unmentionable deeds.

    2. Merdeka dawns, Whiteman divests his stuff for cash or his once mighty conglomerate is swallowed up by Malay business nous as in 1980s under the incomparable Tun Dr M. Transfer of ownership and land deed is promptly effected and the lines where the labourers lived, toiled and died are demolished and evicted or the labourers are offered alternative housing as a goodwill gesture.
    Point: Note, the labourers do not enjoy the right to permanent tenancy, indicating that the lines were transient in nature and without proper assignment or land delineated with specific documents/deeds indicating ownership, the labourer is legally and effectively a squatter.
    Temple/Shrine/spear under Termite Mound whatever = effectively squatting as illegal structures and new owner is entitled to demolish under the law.
    It becomes an issue when folks twist it from a religious angle and the pollies troop in to defend their status as minority turf chumpions.

    fact= 1. the brits did not push for registration of places of worship especially in the estates as they knew those structures were transient in nature.

    Fact 2: the temple committees that were busy helping themselves to the till (kasu)did not bother to register as

    a)they felt that their benefactor would never sell them out

    b) they were ignorant of the law

    c) they had no deed in the first place so what was there to register!!

    moral of the story: Know your actual status and do not cower behind the "ignorance" skirt for it is such a flimsy excuse that it will not withstand the breeze of law.And dont blame others, the CS included, for your self-inflicted woes as they are merely doing the job in accordance with the LAW.

    Finally, the fact that these people were essentially migrants(pendatang)does not give them the carte blanche right to impose their norms on the indigenous ecology should not be lost on anyone:

    "Indian migrants from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu are believed to have built most of these Hindu structures more than 150 years ago. The migrants were brought into the Malayan peninsula by British traders as labourers and rubber-plantation workers. By 1901, at least 120,000 Tamil migrants had already settled in the then Straits Settlements – Penang, Melaka, and Singapore - and the Federated Malay States."

    P/S: The Section 23 M/P does not have a provision for a temple

    2. the proposed construction of a separate road is indicative that this relocation scheme from S22 was an hasty afterthought which they tried to ram down the throats of the malays:

    "Berikutan tapak itu dianjakkan agak jauh, kerajaan dengan kerjasama Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) akan membina jalan raya di situ bagi memudahkan penganut Hindu ke kuil tersebut."

    if tolerance and harmony is to be valorised, isnt the need to move the road by 300m and for a separate road itself indicative of something contrary brewing in the belly of the grassroot.

    Bro anti- Nice point but it would as usual washoff DPP's impermeable piggy back.

    Warrior 231

  144. Anonymous1:48 am

    Not Bad, Rocky. Great Spin, You have done your job nicely and I am sure your bosses are very happy with you. For a man who got loaded from VSS and now taken back to the same company possibly for another VSS soon. You are the cream of the earth and a sick man.

  145. Warrior 231

    You are the one who has been bashing the trannies in several of your earlier comments. Me - NEVER! So, don't LIE about it!! And, don't try and pass your deep sub-conscious infatuation with trannies on me, sicko!

    And you couldn't resist going back to vugarity, filth, racism and religious bigotry, could you? No it's too deeply ingrained in your psyche and your blood and you say I'm scraping the barrel? Facts, proof? You gotta be out of your mind which is likely to be the case. You wouldn't know facts and proof if they hit you in your ugly trannie mug. You can claim all you like, but you've proven nothing!

    And you think you repesent the voice of reason 'for my people'? That's like Dracula saying he represents the welfare of hemophiliacs. Wakaka!

    Go sell your BS elsewhere trannie lover. You are no better than white supremacists or KKK.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  146. Wario 231

    "Buggered". Another of your sub-conscious secret desires, liketrannies, spilling out again and again all over your numerous comments, creep? You can't help it can you, sicko?

    And pray tell us again which people and religion do you claim to speak for that desires, respects and condones buggery? Sorry, I can't hear you. The silence is still deafeaning and my hearing is still perfect! Wakaka!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  147. BengaliBabu2:21 am

    Cow Head!!
    Reminds me of India-Pak separation in 1947..
    Pakistan got carved out in the west (today's Pak) and in the East (Today's Bangladesh)
    I remember incidents in Calcutta where Hindu-Muslim riots were very bad..

    Hindus destroying and burning mosques and everything of a Muslim symbolism.. even the Quran.
    Towards the east in Calcutta in Muslim dominated areas, Muslims retaliated, bringing live Cows infront of Hindu temple and butchering the Cow right infront of the Temple mocking the Hindus.

    Now probably the first time I have ever seen such rage amongst Malays, that is mocking towards a particular religion (than a race)..

    Well in India, Quran burning is a norm on every Protest march the Hindus carry out..
    Thus you see indian Hindu-Muslim relation still very very bitter..
    Hindus are good at Mocking, vandalising anf murdering in Mobs.. and Muslims there will retaliate alwz either immediately or delayed in the form of sneaky bombings, or assist terrorists to sneak in and carry out spectacular Mumbai terror attacks.

    Well after the Hindraf thing..
    I was expecting...
    it aught to happen..
    it was just comming..
    and may come more and more..
    HINDRAF made a blunder..
    They mocked Islam in their letter, reprecussions shud have been expected.

  148. earth under my feet2:48 am


    Suddenly now you become a DAP Crusader. Going round all blogs to make yourself known and act high and mighty, eh? What a stupid shithead too.

    Hey, your loving political party DAP had all the reasons for this kind of thing in order to be 'forgotten' for a little while. Ronnie Liew is in a deep shit as well as the rest....this is a good respite for them....anyway with Anwar Ibrahim, the sandiwara man at the helm of PR, this is chicken feed.....I am pretty sure that his order was: go guys have fun, don't worry about the outcome, we'll take care of it...then I'm sure someone would ask he would laugh and say, BLAME IT ON UMNO, bodoh!!!

    I am not surprised about the outcome, the happenings...everything was scripted .....You guys are giving a blind eye to the fact that this demo was headed and organised by the residents of the said area, apparently they are Malays from PAS/PKR. The UMNO guys were brought in to be the 'fall guy', that is all, then it would be easy to say that this was an UMNO thing....and you guys BLAME UMNO for it like what's happening now....The crime of these UMNO guys? just being plain gullible, they didn't think deeply enough that they were being used by the Pakatan outfits..

    Seeing what i saw, the organiser for this demo was the PKR/PAS guys ....they were at the frontline, Tamby!!! One of them recited the prayer...Bloody hell, don't act so stupidlah and feign innocent!!! This was a Pakatan rakyat's affair, not BN/UMNO.....

    Hey, Tamby, for all your rhetorics, i find you DAMN stupid and racist!!! Your are biased to the core too!! So, stop calling other people racist!!

    That goes for other stupid fools here who say that it was UMNO's fault ....Let me reiterate again, this demo was organised by residents of S23 Shah Alam. They were unhappy with the state government. The lembu was just a collateral damage...I don't think the demonstrators wanted to insult the Hindus (even if it was, that would be a typical Pakatan guys are capable of anything just to attain power) was just to show to the people in charge of Selangor how stupid like 'lembus' they were/are, please STOP politicising this unfortunate incident..ok, lembus?!!!

    Btw, when HINDRAF insulted the Malaysian Govt/Malays, did they ask for forgiveness? Did Namewee ever regretted that he did injustice towards the National Anthem? Your answer is as good as mine.


    ps former nic was "I feel the earth moves under my feet".

    pps.....i am not an UMNO party member.

  149. Anonymous4:02 am

    Wow - i was hoping you would change when Najib brought you on board. I really thought you were going to do the great things you spoke about before. I have followed you since you started because you were right....and you used to point out the spinners themselves (and got sued in the process). I guess you thought us all pretty well. Last time i visit this place. Sell Out.

  150. under BN, we had reformasi demonstration in the country, we had terrorists, and one of the PM has nuclear part links to iran? also one of the PM was alleged to be connect to a mongolia model's murder ... also couple of land slides / bulding or bridges collapses etc .. need i list more?

    so should u think about being FAIR rather than thinking about fare

  151. Anonymous5:00 am

    Lying is in the PR blood, not only among the goons who troll thse parts but right up to its top echelons. Here is a sample.

    1. Khalid Samad has this rubbish to spout in tandem with the other Khalid with Rodziah in tow:

    "They have rights too" pointing out that the 150 year old ...

    Contrast this what Khalid Ibrahim is spinning here:

    "Khalid blamed the former state government Section 19.............. problem."

    Note: "former state government"....when the temple was there in S19 all these umpteen years since the Brits and it was an illegal structure to start with. The BN gov had already had plans to relocate to s 22 as concession to harmony but KI, KS and R thought otherwise!Why?

    2. Both KS and KI claim there was no previous opposition to the relocation. This is another blatant LIE as the facts attest:

    "On Sunday, about 200 residents in Section 23 protested ....... was approved by the previous state government.....

    Assuming that we accept DPP's unverified figure of 60% of 400, we have 240. 200/240= 83% of the Malay residents had expressed their disagreement. This is a clear indication of sentiments in the area, a fact reinforced by the many view against as apparent here:

    In fact the temple, a shed ( if you observe the photo at the link below) is not welcome in S19
    (observe the comment of the guru), another Malay area, so it beggars belief why move it to another one at all with all that traffic to boot! + with no road to boot that you have to construct a separate one!: +

    The fact that most of the residents were against the proposal is what finally compelled the 2 Khalids to come up with the Town Hall thingy to cover up their monkey antics, (the same way KI rationalised the beer thingy away as a federal initiative when i have proved it otherwise):

    "“Perbincangan itu nanti bukan sahaja mendengar luahan pendapat masyarakat setempat...... ke Seksyen 23,”
    (note the luahan indicating NO fact finding had conducted previously as PR tried to ride roughshod over sensitivities and bulldoze acceptance):

    KS is a liar and a pathetic one for trying pull wool over the public's eyes with his cheapshots at UMNO etc ( a Voice has debunked that with his who's who). Lying is a sign of munafikism and to do so in Ramadhan is the pits.Slandering Noh et al is another diabolical gambit designed to provoke anger at BN and the govt by extension. Probably, another PR provocation designed to foment revolt. I may be a scotch and now sake addict post berbuka but I will not stand idly by if I see bastards(slang) like the 2 Khalids twist religion and cast slander in pursuit of their nefarious goals.

    P/S: KS has another commentary about the issue which castigates Pekida blah2...I will "undress" him at my leisure next.

    Warrior 231

  152. Anonymous5:21 am


    Like the pariah dog you are, you have resorted to twisting in the wind to save your nether windpipe. Fast assuming the role of resident psychologist, you have nothing left to offer, trannie but desperate potshots at the messenger which is pathetically laughable and serves as clear evidence of your infantile ego.Thanks for the laughs.

    A peon masquerading as an accountant educated in England...hahahahaha. By the looks of it you must be a standard two Tamil school dropout of a fecal matter. The rest of the folks here and elsewhere in blogosphere are bored death of your antics, cretin and your pondanish efforts to save face when cornered. yawn.....

    Chill out, go into retrospection, throw away all those falsies, the wig , suspenders, mascara etc and work out your identity first, pariah dog. You know you affirmed the trannie thing yourself with your antics and its no use trying to shift blame like the pariah dog you are.

    For when push comes to shove, you are all the same, snakes who slither away in a hurry when the mongoose approaches. Cant reason or rebut with facts, throw asinine comments and tar the messenger (signs of a coward aka trannie for real men who hanker after real women like us normals will never behave the way you do)

    Get your friends here to bugger you if you have no more takers or even better give it to a wildboar to make use of. It is deserving of an animal's unwashed schlong anyway.With that, dont cross my path again unless you wish to reassert the obvious " DPP is a trannie whoreboygirl".

    Warrior 231

  153. Anonymous6:57 am

    The malaysian malaysia protagonists in particular DAP and Malaysian Insider must know that we, the malay and muslims, have limits to our patience. We have been kind and never call in the past, discriminatory and racists practices of others like the racists practices of the chinese business groups and clans and the chinese educationists as racists. If not for these racists and discriminatory practices in the first place dont you think we wouldnt even need the bumiputera 30% policy?

    But no, they never appreciate this. They call a "pak cik" asking a malay to buy from malay as racists (search malaysian insider article). They call us with expletives and derogatory names. And worse they expect us to be dumb and not respond to their taunt.

    This is highly irresponsible, hypocritical and definitely "kurang ajar". Take malaysian insider as the case. They are always promoting skewered journalism disregarding fair and balance reporting. They encourage people to castigate malay and muslims without limitations and respect. Just look at their comments. They call people racists zealots etc but fail to call these chinese businesses and educationists as racists. They never call DAP who protect them as racists. Why? Because they think the malay and muslims are weak and want them to be cowed. They publish utusan article just for the intent to disparage them. They spin and gave prominence to any articles which promote their agendas knowing full well they are not reflective of the realities. They promote the liberals in PAS like Khalid Samad and the ilk as representatives of PAS though its obviously patent that the majority of PAS members have rejected them in the muktamar. This is all purposely intended to deceive and mislead the public.

    What’s worse is that when we write against them, Malaysian Insider censors it. Of late two of my article condemning their rachet journalism have been refused publications. And articles condemning them are often not published under the guise of "lowly rated comments".

    They in short have taken journalism to a gutter level, disregarding truth, fairness and effect of their wrtings yet claiming to be champion of liberal and uncensored press. They promote hatred, prejudicsm and bigotry but condemn others as one. They have no disregard to the effect of their hatred based journalism. As long as their Malaysian Malaysia agenda is pushed its fine. This is dangerous to Malaysia.

    Yet (if you read their latest spin) they now have the guts to ask why people have become intolerant and insensitive. They started it and let the cat out of the bag. They now ask people to exercise restrain when they never practice one.

    We must take down this racists malaysian insider at all costs as they are the prime mouthpiece of the extreme malaysian malaysia agenda. We must stop their incessant uncivilised and disrespectful attack on malay and muslims. For the malay and muslims have limited patience on this hypocritical and “kurang ajar” stand.

    Anon C

  154. Anonymous8:36 am

    Saudara-saudara Islam ku yang dikasihi,

    Aku hairan betul dengan ahli-ahli dan penyokong PAS dan PKR semua ini.

    Kau orang sudah tahu bahawa kerajaan Selangor sekarang ini tidak memberi keistimewaan kepada kebajikan orang-orang Melayu dan Islam.

    Kau orang masih lagi mahu bersama-sama Menteri Besar dan Exco Selangor.

    Kau orang tak perlu bersusah payah membuat protes seperti ini.

    Jalan paling mudah untuk mendapat kembali keistimewaan kita sebagai orang Melayu dan Islam ialah dengan menyokong parti yang memang selama ini dan sentiasa akan menjaga kebajikan kita orang Melayu dan Islam.

    Mari lah kita beramai-ramai keluar dari PAS dan PKR dan menyokong UMNO, parti yang selama 52 tahun mempertahankan dan memperjuangkan keistimewaan kita orang-orang Melayu.

    Sedarlah bangsa ku demi masa depan anak-anak dan cucu-cucu kita semua.


  155. Anonymous8:57 am

    There's just too many places of worship in this country.

    However, Muslims are rather privileged because they can park their cars anyway the please for Friday prayers. Double or triple parking, oh, it does not matter because no summons will be issued.

    But if you stop outside a bank for 5 minutes to go to the ATM, make sure you withdraw extra money to pay for a summons.

    Okay, that's no big deal.

    Here's a pondering thought :

    What real justification is there for a Hindu Temple in ' Malay majority' area? Tourism may hold the answer. It's like Petaling Street area. Tourists flock to the Indian Temple in the middle of China Town and buy goods from the Bangladeshis there.

    Perhaps this is what Selangor wants to do, but forgot to inform the herders just yet.


  156. Draco9:41 am

    Dear Rocky,
    It is becoming more and more apparent that this blog is biased. As an ordinary rakyat, I want to hear independant views not malaise!

    How one earth can you equate this totally unacceptable action by this group of residents to the Selangor government?

    Everyone should either condemn this act or agree with the 50 residents. I think majority will condemn the act and that's how we should voice out to this minority that they were wrong and should not have done it and make sure they will not do it again!

    If every wrongdoing can be equated to a state government then perhaps we should be more understanding to those snatch thiefs. Don't blame them first, blame a state government (or the federal goverment?)!

    I used to visit this blog few times a day. Recently, once a week at most. In near future, maybe I should totally ignore your blog.

  157. Anonymous10:32 am

    on this merdeka day, i wish all merdeka from evil soul of anyone who try to create chaos.

    Good luck to Berukie who only know how to spin and create havoc.

  158. Anonymous10:42 am

    salam Bro!
    bukannya pas,pkr atau umno yang jadi dalang sesuatu masalah. BANGSA tu sendiri yang BANGSAT.sekarang nyanyikan lah lagu NEGARAKU tetapi ada bangsa nyanyikan lagu 'WARISAN"....anak kecil main api////////


  159. Anonymous10:54 am

    what about itu temple? u let them 20ft by 20ft later on the area reached out to a football field!

    Anak Laut
    Sungei Danga

  160. Anonymous10:59 am

    that whats i heard from a 'cow'.
    mother to what?
    baby lembu lah!


  161. Anonymous11:05 am

    Why must it be turned into a political thing? Why can't people see for themselves the bigger problem, that people are going all waging wars against other religions?

    It's not about UMNO, or Pakatan, or Hindraf or whatever fuck all.

    Media's spins, or baseless allegations against certain political parties, does not erase the fact that 50 people marched with a cow's head, with provocative banners to protest against the construction of a harmless place of worship.

    You adults are really ridiculous some times.


  162. Anonymous12:17 pm

    3:36 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Padan muka melayu shah alam. Dari hari kau jatuhkan kerajaan melayu islam dan melantik kerajaan cina kominis, percayalah ! hari2 mendatang kau akan penuh kesialan."

    I am speechless, this anonymous must be from UMNO...sound so racist..whats 'Cina', what's 'Melayu'...cheh...

  163. Anonymous12:29 pm


    Anonymous said...7.40am

    If we can't built temple in seksyen 23 simply because 80% of the residents are Malays, then I believe there are many mosques will have to be taken down because a lot of them are built in area where Chinese and India dominates...

    If this continues, then we are even more separated by 'race' base simply because we can not tolerate other religion...

    And yes, I agree. the way the organizer spoke in the demo sounds intimidating...they are threatening to repeat 513...

    and yes, I agree with Anonymous 9.30am, it can be UMNO's tactic again...Police is just watching. Looking at the way police handle demonstration by opposition party - handcuff, FRU , eg, Police was quite soft in handling this demo and this only happen is the demo is organized by UMNO, or UMNO is behind it.... (sorry, just being logic)...

    7:40 PM

    Steven Seagal

  164. Anonymous1:33 pm


    surely the anti-UMNO cybertroopers are intelligent people right

    i'm sure they can come up with more convincing argument than just the same tired accusation of SPIN or SPINMASTER or Rocky you are not the old Rocky we knew or we are disgusted and won't come back BUT still coming back in droves


    be more like Warrior 231, mau hantam kow kow, backed with facts

    baru syiok

    dpp cannot rebut anymore, instead he resorts to the same tactic of throwing accusations, baseless some more

    heh heh

  165. Yes, dpp cannot rebut this kind of crap anymore.

    If Warrior 231 who is the guy who's been thrashing 'trannies' and 'buggering' and worse all throughout his comments for the last few months, can claim that I am a trannie and buggerer, then there's nothing more to rebut. A CONGENITAL LIAR cannot be anything else but a CONGENITAL LIAR!

    Because no matter how hard Warrior 231 tries, LIES cannot become TRUTH. The proof of Warrior 231's obscenity, filth, racism and religious bigotry is in Rocky Bru's archives and elsewhere.

    A guy who calls others "pariah dog" - last I checked, this is not exactly a term of endearment in the Malay & Muslim Guidebook for Good Manners - is no better than the animal he denigrates; in fact he's much, much worse!

    Yeah, sure, you know all about me and I'm a Std 2 Tamil school dropout. But, you? You look like you never went to school and are the local equivalent of the white supremacist Klu Klux Klan!

    You still have no respect for Rocky, do you? What species of people, family and culture do you come from that continues to defecate in your host's own home?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  166. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Its a start of a new beginning..

    All these while some people especially from the opposite camp think they only can be a big samseng boasting around like they own this world..

    They view the silent majority as harmless creature, powerless, can be bully & nothing to be afraid of and less to be respected ..

    they probably thought this scenario only involved 50 people..and everything is damn to UMNO alone for the blame..really? Good if it only involved UMNO alone but what if it is not? ..better start counting your blessing..

    well, if that is the case , hope they can have a nice sleep from now on..

    keep on poking the hornet nest..nice job MB , MP & ADUN Alibabi (similar to alibaba)

    ..eager to see how u people going to do the damage control other than blaming game of digging graves for finding bones..

    p/s: ever heard what happened to those samseng in kamunting recently? kapish..!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  167. Anonymous2:54 pm

    padan muka melayu yang undi PR..esok depan rumah kau pun dia buat kuil..

    medefinately no to toleransi

  168. Anonymous3:15 pm

    "If whoever's behind this dancing with a cow's head had read the Koran, they'd know that it is not the done thing. The Koran states that quite categorically about insulting the 'gods' of other people..."

    Wow! had read the Quran and interpreted it well?.. or is it just Koran? really..?

    u must be a tok guru by now..everybody can be a tok guru as per mazhab nik ajis like the antics we had in Perak..hahaha..

    why not you read and understand your own Books..

    Below are some extracts from Bhagavad Gita , Vedas & Upanishad..

    [Rigveda 8:1:1] " O friends, do not worship ANYBODY but Him, the Divine One. Praise Him ALONE."

    [Bhagavad Gita 9:18-19] "I am the goal of life, the LORD and support of all, the inner witness, the abode of all. I am the only refuge, the ONE true friend; I am the beginning, the staying, and the end of creation; I am the womb and the eternal seed. I am heat; I give and withhold the rain. I am immortality and I am death; I am what is and what is not"

    [Bhagavad Gita 7:20]"Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures."

    [Yajurveda 40:9] "Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste"
    "They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements" (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). "They sink deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti."

    [Svetasvatara, Upanishad 6:9] "Na casya kascij janita na cadhipah."
    "Of Him there are neither parents nor lord."

    [Svetasvatara, Upanishad 4:19] "Na tasya pratima asti"
    "There is no likeness of Him."

    [Svetasvatara, Upanishad 4:20] His form is not to be seen; no one sees Him with the eye."

    ---What else to say some more..thee shalth walk what thee preach..hath thee?

    So, what with all those idols & gargoyle worshipping, tell us pls?

    I do believe that a good Hindu shall not worship idols according to Bhagavad Gita 7:20 & Yajurveda 40:9..? sound like someone had far long insulted their very own Real God..
    its not just that 50 guy, ok..?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  169. Anonymous3:35 pm


    That local residents, anyway, were only carrying the cow's head which is a symbol of one of the political party who affiliated themselves to PR.

    Hence, the cow's head which was carted around by a group of discontented local residents actually representing nothing more than just a symbol of malaise and lethargy, this state government is known for.

    Please be aware that these demonstrators have never carried any weapons or worse still the WW3/WMD arsenals which could cause untold amount of destruction. So, what the fuss is all about? Nothing actually, unless you guys are sick psychologically.

    Would it be more civilize if any of ya stop being emotional and judgmental over others who refused to fall in line with the autocratic warlord. BTW, two wrongs don't make a right, bro.

    Anak Bapak -- pro toleransi

  170. Anonymous4:17 pm

    ops, my area got mosque even 80% of us are chinese.. so, shall we bring a pig head to urge the mosque to move?

    Dnt trying to think u guys are super smart race! if hitler alive still, i think he would kill chinese, indian but u guys are saved, because... hitler will not kill idiots...


  171. Najib Shukor, Shah Alam5:18 pm



    Link to Khalid Samad's explanations:


  172. skilgannon10665:33 pm

    Jeez - Warrior XXX and anti whatever are getting their knickers all twisted up in unholy ecstacy. That's right - "unholy".

    I am currently engaged in perusing the Federal Constitution and the laws of the land to see exactly where a "Malay majority area" or a "Muslim majority area" has it's rights and privileges explicitly defined. So far, I have drawn a blank.

    The PM has talked about "redefining and recalibrating" the timeline of how Malaysia gets to developed nation status by 2020.

    As a commentary has pointed out, Malaysia's GNI per capita is about US$7,000. This is about US$5,000 short of an advanced economy and US$10,000 less than the projected growth of US$17,000 per capita these economies would enjoy by 2020.

    It means that Malaysia's economy will need to grow 8 per cent a year over the next decade, when the best it has done in the past decade is a little better than 6 per cent GDP growth, and this only twice.

    The PM, in his recent keynote address to the NEAC, has specifically said that "economically, Malaysia is under pressure on all fronts. Our rules remain overly cumbersome and, in certain sectors, restrictive." Malaysia, he said, had "no choice but to change."

    The PM envisaged closer integration with China and India and riding on the back of these emerging super-economies as markets for Malaysian goods and services.

    It is thus strange that people like Warrior XXX and anti whatever seem to be advocating measures and a philosophy that appears to be diametrically opposite to the world vision envisaged by the PM. Of course, fundamentalist zealots like Warrior XXX and anti whatever would only be too happy to see the junking of closer cooperation and integration with China and India -their unspoken fear being that certain local communities will get too "uppity" and "big for their boots". Which is exactly what the KKK said about Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement in the US - that the "niggers" will get too "uppity and big for their boots".

    Here's a challenge to the likes of Warrior XXX and anti whatever - you wanna rubbish the PM's economic thesis and arguments? Go ahead - let's see the hard economic facts on which you base your views.

    Or is that too easy for beings with your advanced intellects and rarefied sense of what is right and wrong?

  173. Anonymous5:51 pm

    """Khalid samad, your explanations are very detail and choice of words are very subtle. So far , no others from PR Selangor are able to explain in such way.
    Nik Aziz, if youre reading this comment ,
    Khalid samad is your best rep ever for Pas Selangor.
    With such an explanation no msm can ever spins anything.
    Not even their rocky bru aka ahirudin atan ( a najib boy after joining malaymail) will be able to spin this issue.""


    brader..ko tulis isu gila babi..ooppss...lembu nie untuk tarik operhatian sapa la wei...tambnah hits ko ya??

    PAS - takbir
    UMNO - takebeer...dulu kini dan selamnya...

    C4 to all....muahahhahahahahhaha

  174. Anonymous5:55 pm

    darndest rocky...

    puak-puak UMNO dah mabuk takebeer...

    raya puasa dan raya haji pon dah tak tahu yang mana...

    siang siang dah kasi korban lembu...


  175. UMNO Spin9:02 pm


    It's your people we knew it. Stop your spin.

    The Police should lock up the sick protesters.

    Why don't you condemn the protesters instead of Khalid Ibrahim ?

    What's wrong with relocation ?

  176. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Well Rocky, i have got news for you. There is a motion currently being debated in the gutter called PP and it pertains to my proposed banning regarding my comments in HI's very own cowhead post. A certain cretin called DPP has rushed over there to plead his case and as usual "i smell roses" is the fragrance of the day hummed by the trannie (confirmed my assertions twice over didnt he?).Enuff said of that reprehensible moron.

    More pertinently, an anti-bru bashing fervour is being whipped up at PP. Check it out yourself. early bird droppings include this:

    "However the same cannot be said about ahiruddin (rocky). He is more toxic..........(Sash)

    Salam sahur and salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak

    "Satu Sekolah untuk Semua Asas Perpaduan; Budaya Melayu Budaya Kebangsaan Teras Integriti Nasional; Agama Islam Tunggak Negara"

    Warrior 231

  177. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Anti Hindraf, etc seems to have got his knickers in a twist about something quite unrelated to what I said. I was merely quoting from the Qur'an, from the chapter of the Cow in fact, verse 108:

    "But do not revile those [beings] whom they invoke instead of God, lest they revile God out of spite, and in ignorance: for, goodly indeed have We made their own doings appear unto every community. In time, [however,] unto their Sustainer they must return: and then He will make them [truly] understand all that they were doing."

    This is an instruction to believers, but if Anti Hindraf has a problem with that, then he should perhaps go back to the Qur'an and seek instruction.

    Another smartass, Hitler, too seems to have his lederhosen in a knot. What he says sounds like the rantings of a race supremacist. Therefore, people who'd be on the side of Hitler himself, killing and gassing in the name of racial purity and so-called intelligence. Hitler killed Jews (I wouldn't say they are idiots, brudder), and he killed the Romany people too. And he would probably kill ignorant idiots like you too given the chance.

    - Aru

  178. Anonymous12:31 am

    remind me of the political party with kepala lembu.
    The leaders (is there any??) in selangor should take the bull by the horn and face the prob. dont asyik tunjuk sana tunjuk sini la...sikit sikit umno/BN. Tak da accountability lansgung...KS pun sama, cakap je baguih, bila komen tak keluar (eventhough the comment was written in civilise way and devoid of any bad word). All I can see is that it will be commented as umno/BN tactic. Dari kedah, perak sampai la ke selangor.
    Accountability my foot. You are not as good as you make people belive you are.
    Ada kah aku terslah undi??

  179. Rozi66,
    The party with "kepala lembu" as its logo is Parti Rakyat Malaysia.
    The party is alive and kicking.


  180. Grokker1:28 am

    Najib Shukor,

    This whole thing looks a bit contrived.

    Anyway thanks for the links.

    Khalid Samad's blog has cleared things up a bit but wouldn't it be good if Khalid (MB) had called for this meeting earlier?


    "SHAH ALAM, Aug 29 -Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim today moved to ease tensions here after yesterday's provocative protests against the construction of a Hindu temple, and said the state government will hold a town hall meeting with local residents.


    He said the state had directed Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) to hold an open discussion on September 5, 2009 which would be attended by the actual residents of Section 23, city council officials and the representatives of Selangor Development Corporation."

    That way patahlah (preempt) niat orang (sebahagiannya dari PR) bersusah payah bawa kepala lembu ke hulu dan ke hilir dan seterusnya menimbulkan tension di kalangan orang Malaysia.

  181. Anonymous1:54 am

    Part 1
    Those Sam Kha lit backers are working up a fit after a beer and tuak session with Ah San Alee Nikki Lee Aziz and Mbee Kha Lit , 3 known liars and bastards (slang).

    Fact of the matter is that KS lied as i showed earlier here.

    He also lied in:here:

    Samples of his lies and doublespeak:

    1.Kebanyakan dari kuil-kuil ini merupakan kuil yang telah dibina semasa tempat berkenaan merupakan estet getah pada tahun-tahun sebelum Malaya merdeka...........

    Question: a.Where is the land deed to show that it is a legal structure? Why no registration of the said temple? Hiding behind "ignorance of the law" is no excuse.
    Implication: temple was an illegal structure to start with and only goodwill on the part of BN effected its transfer to S22 in lieu of rightful demolishment

    2."kami terpaksa menyelesaikan masalah yang diwujudkan BN ini. BN hanya pandai menimbulkan masalah tetapi buntu untuk mencari penyelesaian."

    response: it should read "kami pandai mengeruhkan masalah yang diselesaikan oleh BN. Lebih keruh lagi kami untung!"

    Jeez what a liar when all and sundry know that a site had been allocated at S22 by BN and the PR jokers moved it to "ambil hati" of a demanding minority instead of "jaga hati" the majority.

    3.kuil-kuil yang lama ini perlu dipindahkan ke satu tempat yang lebih sesuai.

    Response; Bullshit! the tempat yang sesuai was never a tempat yang sesuai to start with. It had no accessibility. Till today, Xavier Jayakumar had not rescinded this comment:

    Berikutan tapak itu dianjakkan agak jauh, kerajaan dengan kerjasama Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) akan membina JALAN RAYA di situ bagi memudahkan penganut Hindu ke kuil tersebut."

    + if sesuai how come it was moved 200-300metres away once it was realised that tempat yang sesuai was fronting a surau!

    + how come a mere difference of 1 kilometre or so from S22 to S23 led to S23 being more sesuai than s22 when Hindus were streaming to s 19 for the 20 years or so you claim BN ignored the thingy:

    we are happy.............section 19 and 23 both stand to gain.

    nah gamplang sudah your tembelang sudah pecah Khalid!The hindus at S23 were going in the reverse direction to S19 all these years, what makes u think the 1km difference would be a major impediment

    + how come a tempat yang sesuai is a another malay majority area with only 30 of the 120 families being Hindus?:

    4.“kerana Islam mengajar saya supaya bertindak adil terhadap semua manusia.

    response: u put that in bold. bastard munafik to preen your holier than thou Islamic credentials the same way hpocrites since the time of the Holy Prophet(pbuh & his progeny)have done. The same tactic perfected by Nikki and his ilk. Well i have a question for you, what about the rights of fellow muslims to slaughter cows which YOU and only YOU deem as a provocation:

    "Untuk kenduri itu mereka akan tumbangkan 2 ekor lembu! Seterusnya mereka akan menjamu penduduk dan orang ramai di depan kuil berkenaan........Sebenarnya mereka mahu provoke pihak kuil berkenaan."


    Warrior 231

  182. Anonymous2:46 am

    Part 2
    Now we come to the clutch shot zone and I will be shooting these to see whether you, KS or your mindless, banshee shrieking goons here have the testicular fortitude to reply with shots of their own:
    Chronology of events since august 15:

    1.demostration against relocation and this KS:
    "He claimed that the residents were promised a public hearing but it was never organised."

    2. State gov digs in. Rodziah dismisses need for public hearing yet recommends one (what a lack of backbone from this filth):

    3.Submission of memo to MB

    4.MB starts his "bulldozer"

    5.MB dares UMNO to file injunction

    6.august 26 or thereabouts based on the kelmarin ad the dateline of the report, Xavier outlines his proposal, cajoles residents:

    7.August 28: Residents march to defend the sanctity of Islam and their majority rights. Cow head used a symbol to allude to the stupidity and stubborness of the SG:

    Post demo:
    1.residents not amused with relocation. Choice quote: Khalid samad is a liar .......(azman abdul majid)

    2.Injuns crankup Word Twister Model S23/09
    Choice cut: with siganture of 100 residents

    Now lets examine this soberly and see how the Injuns match KS in doing the word twist;

    report says : 30-40 /120 families Injuns (25-33% of total population.
    How they could coral 100 signatures beggars belief unless they got 70 or so doublecrossing malays! when this :

    show 200 of 240 malay residents (83%) demonstrated against.

    this means the 60-70 odd signatures were "fakes" or injuns residing outside the area!

    + in the MI article, the Injuns claim :"However they say that their relationship with their malays......intact"
    Dei, porahhhhhh! citt!ptui!


    Warrior 231

  183. Anonymous4:07 am

    Shame to those 50 rascals who insulted the sensitivities of other religion. After 52 years of independence, those 50 rascals are still displaying sakai traits with no peaceful coexistence with others. Since those 50 rascals are going against the concept of this country, those 50 rascals are not fit to be citizens and they should be immediately despatched to PNG jungle land where they can also main main with a human head but on further tought, the papuans today should be more civilised and humane than those 50 rascals. The next best place for those 50 rascals is the tong najis!

  184. Rocky,

    You say in your blog post "Khalid Samad issued a press statement" then you quote Bernama news website! Tak lengkap pun laporan Bernama!

    Wei Rocky, jangan lah nak menipu orang Melayu.

    Tampal jer link terus kepada blog Khalid Samad kat sini yang ada penjelasan pasal kuil tu.



  185. Anonymous7:41 am


    No country can progress economically without relying and cooperating with the other countries. Unless you are going backward to the era of colonialism whereby the colonials could just scoop everything and shipped them to the their motherland, FOC.

    In modern era, in order for China and India to maintain the economic progress, the have to rely on export and import. They can't just export thing but at the same time pretend not to import material/products from other countries, don't they?

    Therefore in the context of modern economic environment, strategic approach alone such as: "where there's a will there's a way" without additional measure is not enough. It's going to fail unless two-way communication and involvement takes place.

    By the way do you expect China to refrain from criticizing or showing disagreement with the US in certain issue just because they (China) need the US to import its product more than anything else? You seem to get your knickers in a twist, bro.


  186. Anonymous10:20 am

    Whenever there's comments by Warrior 231 there's bound to be comments from the whoring duo Donplaypuki and Skillganon666.

    But i think most readers will always stop reading the duos poor comments after the first line, because it's just not interesting enough and plain lame.

    Well what else can two losers do on their free non-existent life anyways.

    Keep it up guys or you might die of inactivity.

    Anti dumbass

  187. Anonymous10:37 am

    Nanti Pemimpin PAS akan kata
    1.kami mengutuk Demontrasi itu...
    2.biar la Kuil dibina disitu takpe bukan jejas akidah pun.Nanti dalam mesyuarat EXCO SELANGOR diharap PEMIMPIN PAS mencadangkan supaya setiap seksyen di shah alam malah disetiap seksyen dan daerah di SELANGOR semua dibina kuil,tokong,gereja dan masjid untuk menunujukan bahawa PAKATAN RAKYAT memperjuangkan KEADILAN dan KEBEBASAN AGAMA..

  188. Anonymous10:43 am

    This could be Nazi Germany. Thugs beat Jews and Police stand and watch.

    What can of country has Malaysia become? UMNO thugs and PR folly. This is the pits.

  189. Anonymous12:10 pm

    "ops, my area got mosque even 80% of us are chinese.. so, shall we bring a pig head to urge the mosque to move?

    Dnt trying to think u guys are super smart race! if hitler alive still, i think he would kill chinese, indian but u guys are saved, because... hitler will not kill idiots..."


    Such a shameless chingkie cretin trying to put his own pighead at stake..? what else can i say about u idiot..typical chingkie idiot with over syiok smart chingkie my ass.. sound dumb & idiot enuff..

    Who need an idiot like you masquarading as Hitler to bitch about that when the best people for that job are readily available here around u.. homegrown, just waiting for the final call..

    hey babibrain.. try us if you dare. Please stay there after u had put the pighead and do not run away like some chingkie trannie pondan pissing in his pants does..
    Dare to take that challenge, chingkie hitler?
    I bet u won't..coz u r a chingkie by nature. Afraid to die and your only god is money, true right?


    kah..kah..kah..u people cakap besar saja berani..typical pendatang naik tongkang lari negara asal..dgn air pun takut..
    padanlah kote korang yang paling kecil di malaysia for sure..its inherited in your default genes..

    the malays are not like u typical pondan chingkies for sure when it come for the real call..the 50 people walk their own talk...they do not simply leave the head and then run away like some bastards in Melaka & UM..tarak teloq & kote kecik..sudah tentu your kind lah..hahaha..

    Do not insult the Feuhrer for he might had done a honourable thing to the world if they won the WW2. Hey, your alltime buddies, the Japs are also with him.. For sure we will never had this stupid collapsing monetary & financial system which operated based on manipulations & speculations plus the world chaos if the smartass behind it all were eliminated in the 1st place..true indeed for sure..

    :D muhahaha
    - anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  190. Anonymous12:23 pm

    "This is an instruction to believers, but if Anti Hindraf has a problem with that, then he should perhaps go back to the Qur'an and seek instruction."

    Tq Aru.. i already had mine.. so what about yours?
    the questions of roots.. the fundamental of all believe & practice by the believers..? not just followers.

    what to do..those idiots calling me 'idiots'..'idiot' say the darnest things, right?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  191. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Ingatlah...Apa kesudahan isu kepala babi di baling ke dalam masjid di Melaka?

    Lagi - kepala babi ke dalam masjid di UM


  192. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Bukanke gajah haiwan mulia di kalangan penganut hindu as seem on Tv... but why cow and anybody have idea where the cow tail is.

    Cow erd

  193. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Yang memalukan sekarang, 1dunia tahu apa yang telah berlaku.

    Truly Asia??..cis!

  194. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Warrior 231,DMuhaha & Eddy, are UMNO agent provocateurs who are among the 50 UMNO babi hutans in the demo, all of whom should be arrested and charged for sedition with inciting religious hatred. Better still, you 3 UMNO pendatang haram with your boss pendatang babi liar Khir Gigit Toyol, should be deported to your pig sty in Jawa. Malaysia will be a better place without UMNO babi hutans like you 3.

    Hidup Reformasi! Hidup DSAI! Hidup Kerajaan PR di Selangor!

  195. Anonymous4:02 pm



    Who’s the liar, can you guess?

    1. This UMNO blogger says the cow head protestors are PKR + PAS members (here). His remarks are of course supported by Rocky Bru who is sad that 52 reports had been lodged against them.

    2. Khalid Samad confirms they are not from PAS as he has been the sec-gen of PAS Shah Alam for ten years. If they are/were, he suggests their membership be terminated as their action (here) was against Islamic principles (here).

    3. My own check shows that their names are not on PKR list. I was told one of the person leading is the brother of a former adun of Kota Anggerik (Shah Alam who lost in the 2008 elections?)

    Who should I believe?

    It’s been days since the event occured and out to shame Najib stupid slogan of 1malaysia, people first and performance first. Bullshit it is. He’s also “instructed” the police to take action, but all we see is TALK ONLY, NO ACTION!

    The same goes for the idiotic Moo-deka message from the PM (that we do not choose) that we must tear down the walls that divide. What walls? The one that UMNO/BN set up themselves! Hey tear down your own walls first!

    ISA minister Hishamuddin Keris has also issued “a stern warning”. Only a warning? What double standards!

    I can only come to the conclusion these people are supporters of UMNO because if they were otherwise, for example, if they were ordinary citizens, NGO activists or Opposition members/ supporters, the police would have acted swiftly and brutally!!!

    Don’t you think so?

    Hey UMNO machais, we are not so stupid to listen to your spinning lah.


  196. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Semasa Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak menjadi pengerusi perhubungan Umno Perak, BN berjaya merampas kembali pemerintahan negeri itu dari tangan Pakatan Rakyat.

    Ia menjadi kenyataan apabila tiga ADUN Pakatan Rakyat - dua dari PKR dan seorang dari DAP - bertindak keluar parti dan menjadi wakil rakyat bebas yang menyokong BN.

    Apabila Umno melakukan rombakan kepimpinan peringkat negeri pada 24 April lalu, Najib mengambil alih pula jawatan pengerusi Umno Selangor.

    "Jika kita masih ingat apa yang berlaku di Perak, maka kita juga boleh membuat kesimpulan bahawa Selangor adalah sasaran Najib seterusnya. Beliau berjanji akan merampas semula Selangor, dan beliau mungkin dapat melakukannya," kata pensyarah antropologi dan sains sosial Universiti Malaya, Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad.

    Berbeza dengan pergelutan di belakang tabir sebelum tumbangnya kerajaan Pakatan di Perak, Najib telah mengisytiharkan niatnya secara terbuka untuk 'merampas semula Selangor, ketika merasmikan mesyuarat perwakilan Umno bahagian Kuala Selangor pada 9 Ogos lalu.

    Kenyataan perdana menteri itu telah menimbulkan kegelisahan di kalangan pemimpin Pakatan dan masing-masing mengambil langkah untuk memastikan tiada wakil rakyat mereka melompat parti.

    Namun, langkah tersebut mungkin sudah terlambat kerana ADUN Pelabuhan Klang dari PKR, Badrul Hisham Abdullah tidak dapat dikesan.

    Sepertimana yang berlaku di Perak, ADUN terbabit pada kebiasaannya 'hilang' sebelum muncul semula untuk mengumumkan mereka telah keluar parti. Inilah yang berlaku dalam kes ADUN Perak - Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Osman Jailu, Hee Yit Foong dan Nasharuddin Hashim.

    Dengan mengambilkira 'kehilangan' Badrul Hisham dalam kontak ini, nampaknya usaha untuk menumbangkan kerajaan Pakatan Selangor mungkin sudah lama berjalan, walaupun Najib baru membuat pengumuman mengenainya beberapa minggu yang lalu

  197. Nzain4:06 pm


    This is the full verse.

    Al Baqarah Verse 108-110.

    "Would you then ask your Prophet such questions as were asked of Moses in former times? In fact, anyone, who changes the way of belief for that of disbelief, has surely swerved from the Right way. Many of the people of the Book desire to turn you anyhow back to unbelief. They wish this out of the envy of their hearts though the Truth has become quite clear to them. Yet, you should show forbearance and forgiveness to them till Allah Himself enforces His judgement. (Rest assured that) Allah has full power over everything: establish the Salat and pay the Zakat. you will find with Allah whatever good you send forward for your future; Allah is watching everything you do."

    You were "merely quoting" but not understanding it. If you must do something then please for God's sake do it properly! You were simply quoting certain sentences and ignoring others to adapt it to your own advantage. Then you had the cheek to ridicule Bro Anti by implying that you are more learned in the Quran than him. So I quess the current trend now is about non muslims trying to teach muslims about religion.
    Bloody hell, Aru. I suggest YOU yourself read and understand it fully. When it comes to religion you keep to yours and I'll keep to mine.
    Oh wait, i guess i should show patience and be forgiving with you because according to the very verse you quoted, Judgement is a coming to you, right?

  198. Anonymous4:29 pm

    It's a disgraceful act by these shah alam 50 idiots. Bodoh, you don't main the cow head, you makan the cow head. Since, these 50 idiots are damn bodoh macam lembu, why don't you sekalian chop off, main and mock your bloody bodoh kepala. To those other idiots here saying that this disgraceful act is defending Islam, pleaselah Islam can do without you idiots!

  199. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Banyak songeh kamu semua ni...

    Itu McD ikhlan hari2, tempek gambar merata tempat, itu burger semua pakai daging LEMBU, satu dunia pun Hindu tak tak protest?

    Dulu bila naik kereta lembu, siap tibai binatang tu suruh bergerak, yang duk tibai tu siapa? Kalau dah sacred sangat apasal dera binatang tu sampai macam tu?

    Ramai orang India memelihara lembu ternak, siap rotan lagi kalau tersilap lencung kearah lain.. Go see for yourself!


  200. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Nak tanya sikit kat sini pasai High Chapparal/Kpg Buah Pala..

    Mereka bela lembu sana banyak2 itu untuk susu saja ker atau jual lembu untuk disembelih dagingnya juga for public consumption?

    Rocky mintak tolong check sikit, I am very curious!