Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Much ado about the NO-thing

So, are you ready ... to go and check on your hearing?

updated:  Now, watch and listen to the other version, the one with the audible pause before the 'NO', if you know what I mean ... Clcik here. Watch it as many times as you like, that audible pause won't go away ...


  1. We heard clearly the "NO" at other videos.
    But here....Rocky's video is distorted....with no clear "NO" heard..with full of weird noises.
    His post is "Much ado about the NO-thing"....sort of telling visitors..the thingy is simply ..nothing.

  2. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Hehehehehe! Hmmmmmmmmm !

  3. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Hahaha....yes, BN Penang is ready for Najib. The rakyat are not ready for Najib. The rakyat will reject everything about the den of thieves known as BN. It will be the end of Gerakan and MCA.

    Down with BN ! Say "No!" to BN !

  4. Rocky is an expert to make a nothing into something.
    But this time...he made something into nothing.
    Besides proving millions of Malaysians are....deaf and dumb...this video shows the art and craft of BN experts..making a win voters....besides expert in lying ..cheating and plundering.
    Rocky can be bought that cheap.

  5. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Wah, so now Rocky wants to spin about the truth ? Youtube jacked up the sound of "No" and depressed the sound of "Yes" ? BN is trying to do the opposite ?

    We heard what was said on the day, so no need to prove anything. Your bosses will have a hard time holding on to what they have, much less thinking about making headway into Pakatan seats.

    ABU ! ABU ! ABU !


    BTW, your comment in another thread that Mahathir retired almost ten years ago is simply laughable. Only you know this. The rest of the rakyat seem to think otherwise.

  6. Anonymous1:19 pm

    The No was apparently the work of paid hecklers, you know the same type of louts who troll this site for their MYR0.50sen or SGD0.50 cents daily allowance.


    Did you read this, Bru?

    It seems to be in keeping with the mood of your previous post. Now we have the first Malay paramount leader of the Kadazans.........hahahahahahahaha. What next? The Christians nominating him for the soon vacant papacy= the first Malay Pope ;) ooooooooooooooooooo, I can't help drooling while waiting......hahahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  7. Anonymous1:22 pm

    No Wonder this Version was not aired over Bernama and Other Mainstream TV Channels!!


    Its Just UMNO Disinformation Team working overtime. Heh Heh.

  8. Anonymous1:40 pm

    kah..kah...kah.... adoi machai UMNO Rocky !!

  9. trifling-jester2:41 pm

    can a soundwave expert please analyze both the youtube videos, including this one? it sounds suspiciously edited.

  10. dear rocky

    A sales tactic.. get the crowd to say YES 3x, change the question to Are you ready for BN.. surely the response is YES, listen to 5th question about Are you Ready for BN.. the NO have come out.. wait until the 6th Question.. it is a BIG NO.. even Najid acknowledge the NO response on 40s.. I am sure I do not need hearing check bro

  11. just another video and let have our hearing check.. The best hearing will be still on election day

  12. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Hahaha, yesterday monster"kerosene"ball was overly excited over this yes no yes did those pakatoons.

    This video will make the keroseneball wanna pour oil on his head and set fire together with Wong Tack and Patrick Mother*****r Teoh.

    Are you ready for burn to death, kerosene man?


  13. Bit late in the day for a response.....from our good friends at Media Prima no doubt?
    As usual the horse has bolted and the narrative already taken shape for a credible response....

    Next you need to show how the PM did not look like a tit waiting for Psy to show up for the Yee Sang...That was like 10 minutes of hanging around on stage waiting for Psy to show up whilst the screaming emcee kept calling for him and he doesn't show up. Did you like the bit when the cabinet rest of BN ministers on stage started disappearing and the table git removed making PM look like a total dipstick...

    I think someone needs to fire all his Public relations people

  14. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Are you ready for BN?

    I hear 60% NO and 40% YES, meaning scientifically speaking of course, Pakatan will get 60% of the popular vote and BN will be wiped out in Penang.

  15. Anonymous3:51 pm

    I hv predicted that rocky would be working overtime in the department of damage control for his paymaster najib and i am proven right. Remember altantuya? The immigration dept said they have no records of her entering the country. In bolehland, semua pun boleh adjust ya rocky....

  16. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Notice that najib was shocked by the crowd's response when they said no to BN so much so that he stumbled with his words aftet that when he said LET US WORK instead of LET US WAIT. Ha ha...

  17. Anonymous4:00 pm

    hello monster no balls,

    you deaf and mute or what?

    clearly from the video the yesssss outguns the nooooo.....

  18. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Aiya no need to spin lah rocky. I attended the psy event and the crowd responded NO three times to BN. People were also laughing at the embarrassment caused to najib. Najib must hv regretted big time asking the question.

  19. Anonymous4:34 pm

    bodoh punya macai.....syokk sendiri..kekekek

  20. Mustapha Ong5:03 pm

    Salam Bro Rocky,

    I have also listened to the ori audio tape taken at closed ranch. Yes u r right...listen closely PSY ready YES! BN ready, yes, yes, yes at a more exciting tone! u love PM, I love PM and we all love PM Najib or Na Jib Gor! Never mind lah let DAP and PKR twist the fact and add their own audio n video!

    I am glad that PAS knows the correct BN mood now under the watchful eyes of Najib and Muhyiddin who is warming up to the Chinese n Indians!

  21. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Obviously, this video has been doctored!

    you really think that we can be fooled?


  22. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Looks like Najib ni Condong kepadi jadi MC atau DJ dari jadi Perdana Menteri.

    Mungkin jika dia hilang kerja jadi PM bolih cuba cari kerja jadi MC atau DJ.


  23. Anonymous5:12 pm

    If there is not much ado about nothing, then why bother to spin something here ? Better if you BN goons just go quietly with your tails between your legs instead of making a laughing stock of yourselves.

    No to BN ! A B U !

  24. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Maybe Najib has decided that he no longer have Malay Support so need to become Chinese to survive as PM!!

  25. Anonymous5:53 pm

    The few youtubes posted immediately on the day by those who attended were uncut and unedited. Your video was edited visually and cut from scene to scene. So easy for the audio to be edited.
    If the few Noes videos were bias and anti BN, here is one neutral news report from outside Malaysia. They have no reason to be anti BN.

  26. Anonymous6:08 pm




    1. Anonymous8:04 pm


  27. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Just wait for the result of PRU 13 ok!
    No need to debate over this because most people have a fixed answers to that! Pro BN said "Yes", Pro PR said "No"

  28. Anonymous7:17 pm

    pr supporters, please do not sabotage bn's events...
    I dont understand why all of the pm greetings were taken down in penang. Did all of the greetings obstruct traffic or was it any other sinister motive...
    DsNajib is bringing fresh ideas and concrete plans to improve Malaysia.....give him a chance

  29. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Yes no yes no yes no....whoa Dapsters and pakatans so hoha hoha about this yes no yes no yes no,...

    Now pakatans believe in video recordings....err, err Anwar China Doll video also got yes no yes no yes no, but when its about Anwar, how about yes yes yes too...oooi pakatoons!

    Say NO to racist DAP hypocrites!

  30. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Apa bising-bising,let DAP continue in Png,it is not only the Malays and the Indians suffered,but their own race lagi suffered esp the poor and middle class.Ask small and middle class Chinese businessmnen.Mark my word the Muslims in West Malaysia will punish PKR and PAS for the ALLAH issue same as they punished UMNO in 2008.The Indians will go against DAP for Kg Buah Pala and remarks by DAP bosses that they do not require Indians to win the elections.In Sabah PKR will be punished too for not respecting the Kadazan culture and in Swk PKR will face the same situation from the Ibans for questioning the bravery of the late Kanang.These mockery was not done by BN, but sadly by their own eagerness to capture Putrajaya.

  31. Anonymous7:43 pm

    hahaha... tu lah Jib -dah lah pakai baju cina, bayar beribu ratus utk melalak si sepet juga.Apa2 je lah utk mengampu puak si tongsang tak reti bersyukur ni semua. Dah ketua negara sendiri mengalakkan semangat perkauman.... kasi power lagi beb. Bila mau faham??

  32. Anonymous7:44 pm

    YES to ABU


    Yes to ABU


  33. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Is this BN style of damage control ? Better to gather bernama and all the mainstream papers to deny that Najib was ever in penang.....hahaha....ingat rakyat bodoh.....

  34. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Those who believe the lie about the no must be idiots. With so many BN supporters, they would have drown the voice of the opposition members. But then again, the opposition cybertroopers want you to believe them.

  35. spencer668:47 pm

    its a yes, yes, yes and no, no, no. was there, heard it loud and clear

  36. damansaraman8:55 pm

    Dear Rocky

    I am no expert in audio thingy. Thus honestly I can't verify both

    BUT I am curious about one thing, which is Najib's Facial and Body Language

    Even how thick (read Politician Tak Tau Malu)a person is, once you are booed as loud as in the 'booed version' video, you should at least have a minute change in your facial expression.

    I don't see any changes in Najib's facial expression throughout that period.

    ANYWAY even if he was actually booed, that won promise DAP a win, neither if he actually received a very loud YES, that's not a promise to a BN win

    So I agree with you 'Its A Much Ado About NO-thing'

  37. Anonymous9:52 pm

    We rakyat are ready for BN, latuks...
    Rakyat will bury BN once & for all coming this GE13

  38. Anonymous10:11 pm

    sore sportmanship lah these PR

    first they use facebook to kacau

    now added some creative audios

  39. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Latuks, let set the record straight.
    The original unedited version was casted on YouTube on the same day rite after Psy performance at the venue is over. Highly unlikely for any editing jobs to take place.
    But this one only surface after so many days...more than enough to be sent to the very same US based Digital Laboratory which examine the famous dato T vids.

  40. So.........
    Are you ready for Psy?.
    Are you ready for Psy?
    Are you ready for Psy?
    Are you ready for BN?
    Are you ready for BN?
    Are you ready for BN?
    Yes for Psy...No for clearly heard.....but not with Rocky's video.
    The fact that Rocky will stoop so low to twist and turn..proves he knows BN and Najib are rejected in Penang.

  41. Anonymous10:24 pm

    He has to be a chinese to gain the chinese support.
    This PM has got no jati diri at all.
    Infact he is selling cheap the country for a no gain at all!

  42. Anonymous10:39 pm

    so..chinese better pray hard for DAP's winning.

    PRU 13 will be in the between the RACIST AND THE UMNO.

    the consequences is surely very unwelcome..


  43. Anonymous10:54 pm

    I fully agree with monsterball. Rocky is a master of spinning something out of nothing and making nothing out of something.

  44. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Rocky has proven yet again that he is a deceitful person willing to potray a false state of affairs at all costs to satisfy his paymasters UMNO BN

  45. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Aiya apek...

    Mestilah suara yang paling dekat dengan kamera yang paling jelas.

    Kalau yang tukang merakam tu datang beramai-ramai dengan kawan-kawannya dan berkumpul setempat, mestilah jeritan "NO" diaorang yang paling jelas dalam rakaman.

    Manyak syiok sindiri la lu apeks!

    -Pelacur Agama SeMalaysia-

  46. Anonymous11:06 pm

    No amount of spinning and cover up can hide the truth of the rejection of BN by the penang folks Thank god for youtube. ABU ANYTHING BUT UMNO. ALREADY BYEBYE UMNO.

  47. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Ini Najib mengampu sangat puak cinapek ini. Sungguh memalukan macam minta sedekah undi mereka walaupun BN nampaknya akan kalah lebih teruk di penang kali ini

  48. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Can you all kindly excuse Monsterball, 78years korek taik telinga pakai besi panjang sampai tembus ear drum daaa...dah nak tarikh luput..


  49. Anonymous11:16 pm

    First u have LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN now u have NO NO NO! What next? ABU ABU ABU

  50. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Rocky, are you that stupid to believe this edited video and stupidly hope that others are retarded like you to believe this. You may be UMNO supporters but please don't think all the others are that low IQ to believe your low grade spin.

  51. just incase u need new news

    Kadazandusun association demands apology from Anwar over 'Huguan Siou' title conferment

  52. Anonymous6:29 am

    Latuk Rocky, U stupid lah! make this kind of video just to spin another story.

    BN is stupid to pay Latuk Rocky for every post he make. Latuk Rocky do it just for the money, he too know game is over soon so just take whatever is left.

  53. Mustapha Ong6:48 am

    Dear Bro Rocky!

    In today's world of Malaysian politics, anything can happen and after more than 56 years of our nation's independence "the Chinese gene becomes relevant and important."

    Many claim to have "Chinese blood, can speak Mandarin and some other dialects, eat Chinese food like 'yee sang' and also try to marry a Chinese girl as a wife, either a Malaysian Chinese or an imported China doll from China.What about the Malays learning to sing Chinese songs!"

    Finally, the other races in Malaysia suddenly realised that racial integration is important and not a bad idea, in the course of believing our 1Malaysia concept led by PM Najib. Even Tun Mahathir has finally supported 1Malaysia and he wants all Malaysians to support and embrace the power of 1Malaysia.

    So the Malays are warming up to the Malaysian Chinese and this is the way forward in order to build a strong and peaceful Malaysia.What about the Indians? Are they going to claim the Indian gene and the rest follows..the mamak, etc! Malaysia is great! Malaysia Boleh!

  54. Anonymous6:50 am

    cut and edit audio...any dumbo can do....we will see in GE13 who is the idiot

  55. Anonymous8:44 am

    Well pakatan bozos have to accept that DS Najib countered the silly gangnam ubah video with the REAL dude.

    That is a classic checkmate strategy. Then tokong boy boy got insulted became petty and instructed his 50sen troops to PSY facebook to politicise the BN CNY event.

    How cheap can an imported CM be?

    The moral of the political event is that while boy boy can brainwash stealing Psy creative property, BN delivers the REAL goods, JANJI DITEPATI.


  56. Anonymous8:48 am

    Najib has to get first hand experience that the chinese are racist

    If the NO is true, then let's hope Najib will not kowtow to the chinese anymore

    Kedah water has to be doubled the price if channelled to Penang

  57. DJ Chiak Psy11:20 am

    Still rubbing salt into own wound... the truth was out there lah!

    Tak tau malu betul, or apa nama, Tiada kemaluan...

  58. Anonymous11:55 am

    Anon 848. Penang folks are not racist. It is just that they don't want BN. Just like Kelantan folks, if Najib were to ask them the same question if they are ready for BN, there will be a resounding no by the Kelantanese. If Anwar were to ask Penang and Kelantan folks if they are ready for Pakatan, for sure they will answer yes lah...

  59. Anonymous12:28 pm

    simply disgrace la najib

    get real next time

  60. Anonymous6:32 pm

    The PM said no public money is involved to pay Psy the astronomical sum. He might be right in that the Govt does not pay directly. If what he said is true then someone must have sponsored it and mind you the sponsor is not stupid. Govt contracts with liberal terms must be in the pocket of the sponsor. Who will spend money (a lot of it) for nothing maa?

    shrewd investor

  61. Anonymous1:00 am

    Najib should fire rocky for doing such a lousy job of damage control and spinning.

  62. Anonymous2:35 am

    Hello Mr. Puppet. Go watch this video linked (which I doubt you would), and tell all of us that it is nothing and it is among all other prior "fake" videos. Better still, why don't you ask Ms. Pornthip to verify it (which again, both of us doubt she would).

  63. Wave339:38 am

    Latuk Locky,

    Syabas Latuk!

    Apa pula cerita yang PSY tak muncul untuk "lo sang" dengan Perdana Menteri?

    Tolong upload video yang PSY "lo sang" dengan PM.

    Terima kasih.

  64. Anonymous11:44 am

    How gullible can one be to accept and believe that the attached video has not been edited. Try doing analysis on the audio you will see the discrepancy.
    It is glaring.


  65. Wave33 said...
    Latuk Locky,

    Syabas Latuk!

    Apa pula cerita yang PSY tak muncul untuk "lo sang" dengan Perdana Menteri?

    Tolong upload video yang PSY "lo sang" dengan PM.

    Terima kasih.

    9:38 am

    xxxx --- xxxx

    Sama-sama, Wave33. Jarang2 you puji I.

    Bab Psy tak join diorang "lo sang", I can think of two possibilities:

    1. Against his religion

    2. Dia sakit perut/rasa nak pang-psy

    3. Security reason. There was talk - I think the cops confirmed it - that some people had threatened to hurt/kill Psy for performing at the Open House.

    1. Anonymous11:23 pm

      What stupid reason given by rocky. Kalau security threat kenapa dia boleh menari atas pentas lari sini lari sana tak takut ke ? Bodoh punya excuse

  66. Anonymous6:05 pm

    why surprised abt doctoring of video. haven't malaysians been presented with doctored video feasts in the past? Anwar can tell you.

    from: rahim yg tambinya kecik

  67. Anonymous8:21 am

    rocky' bru himself not only need his hearing checked, but also his brain. Is he sitting on it?

  68. Mustapha Ong6:37 pm

    Those stupid opposition members n supporters think that when PM Najib n his family speak, sing and eat Chinese halal food, they embrass Chinese gene or masuk "Cina." What rubbish n uneducated thinking!
    If u all want to spin, take a 360degree U-turn n don't irritate others. Malaysia n PM belongs to all Malaysians n not just the Ultra Malays, Chinese, Indians n others as well DAP, PAS n PKR!