Friday, February 22, 2013

Malaysia's GDP growth bucks global trend ...

Msia's fourth quarter 2012 GDP is fastest quarterly growth since 2010, says Reuters
6.4 per cent. I was tempted to add "blame Umno" to the heading of this post but that would be unkind, malicious even. There's no kick in politicizing good news but like it or not political commentators will hail the nice send-off for 2012 [4Q2012 National Accounts, Economics Malaysia, 20 Feb] as a harbinger of good news for the ruling BN coalition led by Umno as the general elections draw closer ...  and another feather in the cap of Prime Minister Najib Razak 

But could the numbers have been manipulated? I mean, the government - er, Umno - does that all the time, right? According to this economist who has a column in the Malaysian Insider, the news portal sometimes accused as an anti-Najib, no, the data were not manipulated. Some of the numbers in the last quarter GDP report are for him "worrying" [Quick reaction to Malaysia's RGDP growth for the fourth quarter: Irony and non-celebration, the_earthinc, 20 Feb] but, unfortunately, not for the reasons those blame-Umno-for-everything group would want to hear.


  1. Anonymous12:03 pm

    cilaka itu UMNO. apasat lu org punya GDP manyak magus. Ini musti tipu wooo..
    itu DAP memang pandai. itu DAP kalau ambil malaisia galenti naik 64% loo..

  2. Anonymous1:47 pm







    1. Anonymous3:37 pm

      Keja le rajin2 dpt naik pangkat. Ni asyik garu telo jek pstu komplen mcm2. Cmne nak maju adooiii..


    2. Anonymous9:12 pm

      Kerja kuat sikit la dol. Majukan diri. Orang Indon, bangla tak merungut pun. Siap boleh hantar duit kat kg buat bungalo lagi. Kalau dah malas jangan salahkan orang lain.

  3. Anonymous2:00 pm

    stupid Rocky....people reject UMNO/BN because of its blunder corruption practice and racism !!

    ni orang macam Madey, Najib Rosmah,Muhyiddin, Shahrizat, Taib, Raja Ropiah,semua kaya-kaya belaka,pasal kuat rasuah !!

    1. Anonymous9:18 pm

      Hello dol, boleh bagi bukti tak? Kalau setakat cakap kosong tanpa bukti gua pun cakap lu punya bapak makan rasuah. Ada paham ka??????

  4. Yes yes yes only good news daily reported.
    Only less educated can be fooled by the good news.
    Not one word of the hundreds of billions stolen.
    Don't tell me...Rocky believe Mahathir's children are super smart...instant billionaires....making all smart Malaysians.. including Rocky look like so bloody fools.
    Strange that Rocky accepts everything as fate....supporting rouges and thieves.

    1. Anonymous9:27 pm


      I think you are one of those less educated......idiot. Lu mana universiti belajar?

    2. Anonymous2:08 pm

      Eh.. universiti terima ke org 'bijak' mcm apaball?

  5. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Hopefully the credit rating agencies will sit up and take note!

    I mean, the PM can't be happy with Malaysia's A- rating. Not when his neighbour has an unanimous AAA (or is it Aaa?) rating?

    Let's see what happens when subsidies are phased out, a consumption tax kicks in and tax rates (personal and corporate) are reduced.

    And when the free trade agreements are in full swing, and when Malaysia clamps down on cheap foreign labour, what will be the implications for the economy?

    You can't expect Petronas to keep on ponying up 30 per cent of government revenues ad infinitum.

  6. Anonymous8:27 pm

    if we spend the RM250 million wisely our growth could be even higher, spoiled by spending on cow and condo.

  7. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Alaaaa Dato' Rocky, BN achieved 6.4% pon dah eksyen!!

    Kalo Anugerek Chetty atau Apek Along, guarantee berlipat ganda %, kadang kala 1000% pon bole buat!!!


    1. Anonymous2:12 pm

      Byk2 brsyukur la perwira mujur ada juga untong maah. Dikit pon ada juga takut nanti DIA tak bagi terus nangis ekau nanti betapa peritnya.

  8. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Go ahead and continue to bury your head in the sand.

    This myth has been blasted by other equally learned people. Najib just fiddle with the numbers. It's a number game. Imports and exports numbers were bad during the period, except that one is worse than the other, so that when you work out the numbers, it still look like GDP has gone up. Don't understand? ask people who count this for a living.

    By the way, do you know that when ostriches stick their heads into the sand, their arses stick up like a sore thumb?

  9. Anonymous1:28 pm

    what is the formula for GDP? I think the answer is there

    1. Anonymous9:38 pm

      I think Monstreball do not know the formula. Dia pandai kira "ball" jer..... Apa kata tanya dia sapa itu John Mayard Keys. Orang cakap pasal ekonomi dia pun gagah nak cakap jugak. Apa punya dol laaa.

  10. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Maybe the GDP is only for JOHOR!!

    Mana Tak Trillion Dollars pegi ke Iskandar sampai Temasik dah beli Pulau Johor Punya. Agak nya tahun depan GDP jadi 10% selepas Johor dijual terus kepada orang asing!!


  11. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Heh Heh Rocky,

    Why didn't you raise the Grand Prediction by the Economist that Najib will Win the GE? As reported by Bernama?


    You Mean Bernama is a Better Spinner than You?


  12. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Tahniah UMNO. They think Malays not good in business. We give them unlimited opportunities and now so big headed. Its time to fight back.

  13. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Yup, it's gravity defying growth I have to say, helped by strong domestic demands as the result of various initiatives put forth by the government for the past two years or so.
    You see, they don't cooked and baked the numbers as the growth and prosperity being felt on the streets. The rakyat have got more and more money. Car sales registered record growth for 2012 compared to previous years according to AAM. I would forecast the numbers and percentage would maintain the same pace for during the first quarter this year as the new iniatives recently injected into the economy such as the setting up of soft loans for SMEs such as TEKUN another run of BRIM, and the other benefits yet to be announced. We are looking forward to it.
    The BN will gonna win big this time around. No doubt about that. The oppostion occupied states will have have the same fate as Terengganu in 1999. One term wonder. The Terengganu people had tasted on how it felt to be under the opposition rule. They had had enough and one term was enough. No more opposition-rule afterwards. With all the previous promises way back from 2008 being shamelessly broken and unfulfilled, well guess what? they come up with more.
    Cheap cars, road tolls abolished, free education up until university level, PTPTN scrapped, 20 percent royalty to oil producing states, and Malaysian people in general will live a fabulous life. Those promises are as good as the music to the ear. We gonna listen more and more up untill the next GE. They have never short of ideas on how to coming up with good ones. Stay tune!
    You know what, if you really believe, I mean really really believe deep down inside, by listening to your heart that those promises will happen once they sat foot in Putrajaya, then go ahead vote for them..

  14. Anonymous8:17 pm

    lol only real GDP matter lar, inflated by inflation only.

  15. Anonymous4:12 am

    even the ABC seller and chaina dol have benefited from increase in the purchasing power.

  16. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Those dumbarses pro PR are just playing err.. dumb? or are they genuinely dumb?

  17. Anonymous7:52 pm

    For years since 1998, there had been talks of Anwar Al-Juburi's billions haul in nomination of RM500 & RM1000 inside Singapore banks' vault.

    "Bank Negara sources say Singapore banks have been in touch to inquire about what to do with the billions of ringgit stashed in Singapore in these two denominations, Bank Negara said no problem just ask the accounts holder to get in touch."

    Bank Negara sources say Singapore banks have been in touch to inquire about what to do with the billions of ringgit stashed in Singapore in these two denominations, Bank Negara said no problem just ask the accounts holder to get in touch."


  18. Anonymous9:36 am

    aiyo bloodystone, the aaa ratings of red dot is paid subscription lah

    Malaysia is genuine - more to achieve!

    btw red dot will really be in the red soon with close to negative growth

    4000 sinkies protest 6.9 mil population - sign of impending downfall ???

    you planning to return to blessed Malaysia eh?

  19. Anonymous2:25 pm

    growth growth growth...yg untung rakyat makan yg bekerja sendri now,terpaksa bersaing sesama growth..big2 company dah telan projek2 mega...glc pun taknak mengalah,nak juga projek2 gov..our glc very little support sme..

  20. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Kebanyakan komen dari mereka yang "mesra Pakatan" tidak lebih dari komen2 kosong yang bertujuan untuk memperlekeh2kan keupayaan negera.

    Kalau anda ada cadangan yang komen yang bijak untuk mematahkan hujah, sila kemukakan. Setakat komen "stupid Rocky", "blunder corruption", "learned people" tidak akan membawa ke mana2. Kesian dengan mereka yang mengaku educated tapi sebenarnya kosong di dalam. Pathetic.


  21. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Anon 7:52 pm

    "Bank Negara sources?

    Oh, really?

    Unnamed sources. How convenient.....

    Anon 9:36 am

    "Paid subscription", eh?

    Would you care repeat that accusation in public and let the rating agencies sue the pants (or sarong) off you?

    Talk is cheap under the cloak of anonymity!

    As for Singapore, it seems to be doing pretty damn good. As their latest Budget 2013 can attest to.

    It's amazing what "goodies" you can give to your citizens when you have a S$3 billion budget surplus to play with.

    Now, what was Malaysia's "budget surplus" again?

    What's that? Can't hear you, bro!

  22. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Talk is cheap under the cloak of anonymity!

    hahahahahahaha coming from anon @ 8:03 pm

    Well Rocky you have frustrated pseudointellectuals coming here to de-stress FOC

    abd of course to tegakkan benang yang dah basah kuyup

    P.S. red dot garnered 4000 sinkies to protest PAP 6.9 million, waaahhhh, first time ever, must be a SIGN of the times

    Daddy lives to see sonny boy receive protests from kwai sinkies