Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The wisdom of Malaysia's non-violent approach

 "... a violent confrontation between the Royal Sulu Army and Malaysian security forces could undermine the final stages of the Malaysia-mediated peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Mindanao. In the worst-case scenario, there is fear it could also trigger a revival of militancy by the Moro National Liberation Front, which signed a peace accord with Manila in 1996." - Malaysia, Philippines: Ethnic tensions are at the centre of a standoff, Stratfor, 26 Feb

Critics are a dime a dozen in the Lahad Datu invasion incidence. Even (df) Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who held many important portfolios but Home Affairs when he was Dr Mahathir's "blue eyes", thinks he knows how to do the job better than the Home Minister. 

But with the details that we now know come greater clarity and a little bit of wisdom. There are more - much more - at stake here. The easiest and fastest way to resolve the so-called arm conflict would be through violent. But with the benefit of hindsight, I think everybody would agree that if we had the bloodlust of some politicians who disagreed with Hishammuddin Hussein's diplomacy and non-violent approach towards the armed Sulu invaders, there would have been a massacre of old and starving men and women in Lahad Datu. 

It would have been great PR (public relations) disaster. 

The might of the whole human rights world would come down on us. 

We would have been so embarrassed to be Malaysians.

Clearly, and whether Anwar likes it or not, it's a coming-of-age in Lahad Datu. For Hishammuddin, too. 

Read Terence Fernandez's Bloodshed: An Absoiute Last Resort (Malay Mail, Feb 25)   
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  1. Anonymous11:33 am

    we all know anuwar the messiah ibrahim will want to use this as political milage.
    and the lim's DAP emperor dynasty will use this as another race issues.

    be prepared to hear fuckatan stupid and craps reason. after all, fuckatan are all f*&$up!

  2. Anonymous1:06 pm

    If they are indeed starving old men and women then all the police have to do is waltz in round them up and give them blue IC. Problem solved.
    Gua tolong LU , Lu tolong Gua...

  3. Anonymous1:12 pm

    We face with a vary delicated issue.Syabas kapada Pemimpin kita yang sabar dan penoh wisdom.

    Orang Suslu yang daang itu bukan lah fighter tapi orang orang tua yangbtelah dimislead oleh Sultan Sulu yang juga tidak pakai otak.

  4. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Errrr Hello,

    Our Police just announced that they intend to uphold the law regardless if they have to use force.

    What you talking about Eh?

  5. Anonymous1:50 pm

    The oppositions are not the only ones being taxed in fact all of us are paying tax as well. If the tax money is used to buy ammunition, that ammunition by right don't belong to the opposition but all of us. Opposition can only decide what to do to its own ammunition (if they really have ones) but they can’t decide what to do to the ammunition that belong to all of us.

  6. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Ya non violent? Malaysian treat the militant intruders like King but using force on their own unarmed citizen. Malaysian bought submarine worth BILLION but unable to stop these intruders who come with sampan! This is how hopeless the Malsyain security.

  7. Anonymous2:18 pm

    ohh..macam tu ek...abis yang sertai Bersih sume tu kira dari golongan yang merupakan satu ancaman yang lebih ketara dari mamat Lahad Datu ya? gitu no?

    patutla kena sembur bahan kimia, tear gas dan dipukul secukup-cukupnya...

    Nasib baik kerajaan BN begitu prihatin terhadap eh..tersasul, orang eh..mana satu ni? konpius babe!

  8. Anonymous2:43 pm

    By acknowledging or even opening a discussion with the Sulu claimants, we would directly go against the sovereignity of our Majlis Raja Raja (the Sultans of Malaysia) because the leader of these claimants claims to be a 'Sultan'. How can there be a Sultan unrecognized by our Constitution in our country if the Sulus were allowed to occupy the area in Sabah (lest the West Malaysians forget, Sabah IS part of Malaysia)..

    Any discussion should only be between legitimate governments; the Malaysian Federal Government and the Republic of Phillipines. By virtue of Phillipines being a Republic, the "sultan" of Sulu has no sovereignity and power, and as such cannot make claims which touch on political matters on behalf of other Phillipines even when they are his family members.

    Let the Phillipines army extradite the Sulus (up to them if they want to use force), with our forces cordoning the area to protect our people..

  9. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Hishammuddin has been consistent in his reluctance to take any responsibility in his job. So just because he is being himself and not preferring to do more while shoving the duty to others like Anifah, that doesn't mean that he is coming of age because he is just being himself. Lazy to take responsibility nor risk even if it is to the benefit of the nation.

    You are right about the dime a dozen bit. But then you must be referring to bloggers at large because that is what they do, ie offer their take on current affairs. Including you. So we should be fine with it and not think little of such contributions.

  10. Typically talking shite.

    Senang senang je kau shrug the military to attack.

    Before it was police bashing so now it's military bashing Pulak?

    What is the common denominator? Both are conntrolled by Malays.

    It's obvious we know who these commenters are.

    So these CINAS again nak lontar Bantu sembunyi tangan because that's all the only shrinking gonads that they have.

    So melayu bodoh nak lagi sokong PKR....

  11. Anonymous5:59 pm

    those guys are still not clear of the decision reached between governments. the sulu sultanate still claim that Sabah is theirs but the will of the people in Sabah were made known to them thru' the Cobbold Commission. What the heck do they want, anyway ? the yearly payment [what it is called,BTW?] needed to be increased, i guessed but they are not lawfully entitled to it- better for them to go back and start living their lives.......:)

  12. Anonymous6:06 pm

    There's no way our boys could storm the place and sprayed bullets. No, not now. They are already weak and demoralized with lack of support,resources and infighting among them. Though the idea to see them surrender and leave unconditionally is highly unlike at this stage.
    I don't think we could take the Margaret Thatcher approach either. In 1982, the ruling Military junta of Argentina invaded the British-controlled Falkland islands. Britain responded by dispatching naval force to retake the islands. It ended up with the deaths of 255 British servicemen, 649 Argentinians, and 3 Falkland islanders. This approach is way too bloody. Too risky. Blood will be spilled. A lot of life will lost on both sides, including the innocent civilians,the Sabahans.

  13. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Anon 2:01.

    Are you writing through you ass?

    They come in with high speed boats, at the flurry of salvaging USS Guardian, the wooden hull minesweeper which run aground on coral reef. They must have inside help from their brethren, already in Sabah and from opposition politician eager to create havoc so that GE13 put on hold and state of emergency is declared. Then your 'Rear Admiral' will plan an uprising to grasp power out of the ballot box. That is what he is good at, since 1974.


  14. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Anon 2:01,
    You don't try to be funny here OKAY or not???

    Luku kepala baru tau!!


  15. Anonymous7:09 pm

    hishamudin ni jadi menteri luar bagus... boleh promote keserdehanaan...

  16. Anonymous7:16 pm

    hishamudin ni jadi menteri luar bagus... boleh promote keserdehanaan...

  17. Anonymous7:20 pm

    anon 2.01

    you know nuts about how to deal with security.

  18. Anonymous7:24 pm


    ...if they have to use force. 'IF'. You understand 'if'? Or are you too thick to understand?

  19. the army guy in the picture looks like he could take on all the Sulu Army all by himself, cut off all their tongues and shove it up their ass but instead he going to play it cool and use soft power.

  20. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Resolve it by way of conventional wisdom.

  21. Anonymous9:45 pm

    The reason the man in charge of the operations has the same mentality of Ridzuan Tee.Maybe Locky too.

  22. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Lepas ni kita tukar training mode anggota polis dan tentera malaysia. Banyakkan modul modul latiahan ke arah motivasi, perbincangan, ass licking, ball sucking dll. Tak payah lah nak belajar tembak tembak sebab the rules of enfpgage,ent dah berubah......kita bagi amaran demi amaran demi amaran.....

  23. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Time of negotiation is running out, Should Malaysian armed forces take over? It's better to replace current security man with Grup Gerak Khas or 10th Brigade Para in the position.At this point, I think the armed force should take over the situation.
    The battle hardened Sulu fighter is no match with the police except commando 69. For psychological move, the commander should positioning their sniper around the area.
    Sure, In Malaysia side we can avoid zero casualties in army side. We can pin point the mark's but that's is not the best solution. We still didn't want bloodshed.Alternatively we can use act of forces at the last resort. But it will be things that will be use by others for political mileage.

    Even American forces can't negotiate with Waco Branch Davidian Groups in 50 day seige which ended with dead and burnt body.

  24. yeah
    but imagine if 100 Malaysians with guns occupied a Filipino, Thai or Indonesian village....
    What would those countries armed forces and citizens do?
    There has to be a limit to our patience. And imagine if we let them leave WITH their guns. They will be back with even more armed men.
    Let them leave by all means - but make sure they are disarmed otherwise it is Malaysia that loses face....

  25. Anonymous9:44 am

    Nasib Baik Hishamuddin was not around During the Indonesian Konfrontasi!

    Otherwise those Indonesian Soldiers who were parachuted into Malaysia would have been received with welcome arms and we would be a colony of Indonesia!!


  26. Anonymous11:49 am

    Bila polis tembak penjenayah, puak-puak ni tuduh Menteri KDN macam-macam. Bila polis tak tembak penceroboh, puak-puak ni suruh tembak ...

    Kalau polis jumpa puak-puak ni, aku harap tembak saja ... dengan pemedih mata dan peluru getah. Biar dia orang rasa .. Bingai bangang!

  27. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Non-viollence. The question is why?
    Could it be that the Sulu claim is legit? That the land is theirs? Msian govt have ben paying 'rent', what? And since Sabah is sitting on super-huge oil reserve, could it hurt if Msian govt give a little more than what they're paying now? Judging from some news reports, isn't this what they're asking for?
    Perhaps they heard that thousands of illegals got backdoor ICs in the past. Our govt can be very magnanimous, so perhaps they're testing the waters??


  28. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Zahid Hamidi, Where are you?
    We have special forces waiting to be call that could neutralize them...I think in this case, there are no hostage takers that make the job much easier.
    Anyway the man with binocular are not seen by the way George Bush use it with the close lense.

  29. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Malaysian soldiers sound like pussy cats: UPDATED 5.30PM Six Malaysian soldiers in three groups ran away when the shots were fired, says the Sulu leader.

  30. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Si Anon 2:01 tak pernah sampai Sahabat kut, so don't have any idea about this place.

    Lepaih tu memandai nak pelekeh our security teams..memang kurang ajar!

    Cih! Humban dia masuk laut kena gigit dgn jelly fish kat situ baru dia tau!


  31. Anonymous11:52 am

    You talked too soon mister. There's firefights in Sabah as I write here right now.

  32. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Reports: At least 10 Sulu gunmen dead

    "The wisdom of Malaysia's non-violent approach" huh???

  33. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Dato, regretfully u appeared to choose not to publish my comment regarding what I consider the main issue: 1) how the band of intruders can easily managed to slip by our border & 2) what is the SOP for such situation and why it is not implemented?

  34. Anonymous4:40 pm

    The shooting has already started....

    So much for the "peaceful approach"!

    It's the security forces who, as usual, have to clean up the problems created by others, including politicians!

    The whole subject of the Sulu Sultanate, it's relations with the British colonial authorities and the subsequent Sabah state governments pre-Malaysia should be looked into again.

    It should also be noted that the Philippines has not officially "renounced" it's claim to Sabah. It has just been swept under the carpet.

  35. Anonymous said...
    Dato, regretfully u appeared to choose not to publish my comment regarding what I consider the main issue: 1) how the band of intruders can easily managed to slip by our border & 2) what is the SOP for such situation and why it is not implemented?

    3:18 pm

    xxx --- xxx

    Anon, if I had gotten your comment I would surely have published it. Perhaps you could re-send it. And if you could, try using a nickname .. There are so many Anons, too many.

  36. Anonymous said...
    The shooting has already started....

    So much for the "peaceful approach"!

    It's the security forces who, as usual, have to clean up the problems created by others, including politicians!

    The whole subject of the Sulu Sultanate, it's relations with the British colonial authorities and the subsequent Sabah state governments pre-Malaysia should be looked into again.

    It should also be noted that the Philippines has not officially "renounced" it's claim to Sabah. It has just been swept under the carpet.

    4:40 pm

    xxxx ---- xxxx


    So you are happy now that blood has been spilled? I was still hoping till the very last minute that the intruders would listen and retreat to where they belong(ed). We are a sovereign nation and we cannot be expected to negotiate with intruders and terrorists forever. We are also a nation of peace loving people and I still believe that the way the authorities had handled the situation (right up to the end of the so-called standoff) was commendable. No one can say our forces did not provide a window of opportunity for the intruders to rethink their position and weigh their options.

  37. Anonymous10:25 am

    12 dead Filipino motherfucking terrorist dead. Very good. Tahniah to our security forces for showing the world we have balls in the face of ARMED terrorist. The police have definitely redeemed their reputation as protectors of innocent people. As for the rest of those Melayu wannabes still holed up in Lahad Datu make them leave and if they refuse kill them all. Remember Mr Policeman kill people like these armed Melayu celup Filipino intruders but make sure you people refrain from beating up peaceful protesters or killing innocent people. Once again Tahniah to our men in blue for a job well done.

  38. Hello~10:22 pm

    To anonymous who said let the police handle things
    - They successfully nailed 5 more of the police forces. With mortars, assault rifles as their arsenal, you still think the police can handle this? Blind

    Despite the dateline given, they are still extending it. May I ask what is that they fear when the army has superior arsenal to finish it off quick?
    If it is about losing man, use aerial attack which the army boasted about their equipment during every airshow.
    People might ponder is it more to fear of letting a few skeleton out of the closet?
    To anonymous who kept saying the malays are the one dying out there and the rest in office doing nothing

    This is not an issue during pre-independence when the forces comprise of multi racial citizens. Meaning it can be achieve.
    Why the situation is the way it is now? Because of stupid policies implemented, and now the government is luring non-malays to join civil/defense sector near election? Abit too late, eh?


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