Monday, February 18, 2013

Take your unholy politics outside, please!

Read the report by PhM at The Mole
I was encouraged reading this piece. It lifted the spirit, so to speak. It goes to show that ordinary Malaysians are sick and tired of the mad, partisan politics. And when they are sick and tired of all these antics, they stand up and say so. Yes, it can be embarrassing, as this particular Reverend found out. But I hope more ordinary Malaysians will be brave enough to stand up not just in churches but also in mosques and temples and tell off the holy men whenever they get carried away by worldly politics, and remind them not to tarnish the place of worship.

A timely reminder for the increasingly vocal Uskop Paul Tan, I think.


  1. Anonymous8:07 pm

    This Pastor must be an Angel from Heaven, PRASAN that he is so pure, clean, flawless and faultless memandai nak come up with such comments.

    Kasi luku kepala baru tau!!


  2. the pied piper8:49 pm

    Was the heckler your placed mole in the crowd.Must be or else why you are so happy as a baby who just got her candy floss.

  3. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Nik aziz must have taken aback if he read your blog. Luckily he would have slept have way reading your blog title.
    Guan Eng , on the other hand, have to find new avenue for his racist and chauvinist remark if this type of incident happens everywhere.
    Christians, Muslims and buddhism seems to hate politics in holy places.

  4. Anonymous9:31 pm

    lagi-lagi orang2 Christian kena bantai si Rocky !!

    Woi Rocky, mana PM Najib sekarang ??

  5. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Lihat Hidden Camera Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim Porn

  6. Anonymous9:57 pm

    yg di mesjid pula kalo tak pasai politik.... cakap pasai perempuan. Pengikut2 bangang pon syok melopong mendengar. Itu lah tempat lelaki Melayu belajar macam mana lagi jadi jahat!! Jgan haraplah akan berlaku di mesjid2 sebab yg mendengar tu 2x5 bodoh!

  7. Anonymous10:27 pm

    holy-shit! the priest has become Mr Jackal & Mr Hyde in one go...,.

  8. Anonymous10:49 pm

    No rocky, ordinary malaysians are sick and tired of all the BN propaganda on tv, radio, newspapers and mainstream media.

  9. Anonymous10:55 pm

    JAKIM is worse. Mouthpiece of UMNO. So is MAIS all controlled by UMNO. So Rocky dont give us all this crap about religion & politics should not mix when UMNO is doing exactly the opposite. Hypocrite!

  10. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Yes, leave politics out of religious institution, please.


  11. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Before asking the church, rocky should ask PERKASA to take its racist dirty politics out of Malaysia. No place for apartheid policies of PERKASA in this country.

  12. Anonymous11:37 pm

    The Mole wrote:

    There was the usual silence when assistant Parish Priest, Rev. Father Jean-Claude took his place at the pulpit and started his usual Sunday sermon. As in previous Sundays, the sermon was punctured with anti-establishment political messages. Seven minutes into his address, one member of the congregation stood up. Clearly agitated, the 65-year-old man waved his hands and shouted: "Enough. Please, no more political sermons on Church grounds".

    Taken aback, Father Jean-Claude paused, and then continued with his sermon, minus any more reference to politics.

    No details furnished about what kind of politics that chap was indulging.

    Was the guy told to stop because he was whacking away Pakatan during the sermon?


  13. Anonymous12:20 am

    I have always suspected hypocrites and charlatans love to hide behind sacral vestments. There are a lot of reasons as to why certain faiths lose their credibility but none can be more concisely and eruditely expressed with simplistic precision like this:

    "Popular evangelical leader Rick Warren once noted the church was meant to be the body of Christ, but it seems "The hands and feet have been amputated and we're just a big mouth." He's right."

    and this commenter recast Warren's thesis succinctly as to why Christianity is in the abysmal state of derision it finds itself now in:

    "Christ's intention was not for people to set up competing churches and claim that one church is better than another. His intention was not for Christians to run around signing petitions to support political parties. He said "Render to Caesar the things of Caesar and to God the things of God." As an evangelist you are supposed to be doing the work of God, not being the footstool for a politician."

    32 Fans
    12:16 AM on 07/30/2011

    Need I say anymore?

    Warrior 231

  14. Anonymous12:33 am is unfair to mix politics and religion...

  15. Here comes Rocky talking about one pastor trying to preach truth
    ...which reminds me of a pastor preaching truths...supporting Mahatma Gandhi.
    This is TRUTHFUL time against EVIL.
    I wonder why Rocky NEVER put out so many Ibrahim Ali's comments on Christianity?
    Rocky is provoking...besides spinning and telling half truths.
    Time is near for 13th GE.
    GE will be the Judgement Day.

  16. IT.Sheiss5:14 am


    Such priests do a dis-service to the Roman Catholic community and the Christian community in general.

    For example, Roman Catholics have a valid grievance over having difficulty getting permission to construch church buildings but priests taking a party political stand is not going to help but could work against them.

    Like at a service at a Catholic church, a priest showed the congregation a video of a flash mob, now what does that have to do with the service, God or Christ.

    OK! They can stand up for issues which affect the Catholic community and the church in general, as well as general economic and political issues affecting people in general but not in a party political manner.

    Priests are entitled to have their political views but talk about them before or after the service.

  17. Anonymous7:52 am

    pakatan cybertroopers or madam hannah yeoh herself will sure say the man was planted by BN... haha...

  18. Anonymous7:58 am

    ...and who is this priest by the name of Jean-Claude? Jean-Claude? for real? seriously??

    is he an illegal Frenchman who got burned in Malaysian's sun? haha...

  19. Anonymous8:22 am

    These Indians and their supporters have no qualms about changing their DNA with great sounding names and becoming political preachers, but they will bark like mad dogs when they see a mamak.

    PAS is equally guilty of equating religion with lopsided politics.

    But their stupid followers envy such idiotic leaders, just like the snake charmer and the cobra.

    Too bad, these are facts, but idiots do exist too.


  20. nagaman8:39 am

    Dear Rocky, you have the govt's attention so why dont u remind them 2 b firm and consistent for the sake of country's security.

    If people like this priest and others who abuse their position who misuse mosque for political games against what d sultan decreed- instigating a captive audience-action should be taken against them bec its similar to action taken against the man who showed middle finger to queen.

    The same firmness and swiftness should be dealt with against those who entered this country , to provoke uprising, illegally, with weapons- more so if they are armed terrorists and have intention to harm the people of this country, to harm its govenrment. Whether they are muslim or not action must be taken -now.

    Stop pussyfoting around the issue. If they are in USA they would all be dead, shot , if not arrested, the moment they set foot with arms and their intentions quite clear.If they are in Singapore , they would all be dead or sent home by now.

    What is wrong with our security. Not only have they been slack resulting in these terrorists entering the country easily. But we are trying to negotiate with them and pander to their demands? Hei--- sudah bodoh ke? If they are in their own country- they would be dead too. Pinoy govt will not pussyfoot with them. They are here to provoke an uprising and we know for whom. Ada Faham?

  21. Anonymous9:13 am

    The Committee on the Rights of the Child wrote this month that it was "deeply concerned" to find widespread sexual abuse by clerics and staff of religious institutions and "a lack of measures ... to properly investigate cases and prosecute them".

    Britain's National Secular Society, which drew attention on Monday to the little-noticed report, said it hoped the Catholic pope to be elected next month would open Church files to help prosecute as yet undiscovered cases of clerical sexual abuse.



  22. Anonymous10:36 am

    What about those friday sermons in the mosque after prayers lambasting the opposition and supporting the government policies? That should be encouraged I guess since you are on this side and not the other. But I strongly feel politics should be kept out of religion and prayers.


  23. Anonymous11:47 am

    His name is Jean Claude? Hahahahahaha LOL

  24. "And he just walked along alone
    With his guilt so well concealed
    And muttered underneath his breath
    "Nothing is revealed".

    Well, the moral of the story
    The moral of the song
    Is simply that one should never be
    Where ones does not belong
    So when you see your neighbor carryin' somethin'
    Help him with his load
    And don't go mistaking Paradise
    For that home across the road."

  25. charlotte12:14 pm

    if priests want to take sides in politic and attack the government of the day in their sermons, then they should be prepared to be attacked by people who don't agree with them.

    so easily they forget that this country was built by visionary leaders..

  26. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Locky,pls go lk in the mirror and see your ugly face.Sour grapes.

  27. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Rasenya kita boleh calonkan Priest to kat Vatican and Father Manikam jadi POPE ganti POPE lama sekrg..bole diaorg preach dan kutuk PM Italy lak..lagi byk scandal dan rasuah..tapi nothing to surprise sebab kerja2 POPE dulu mmg suruh org kristian ni berperang dan kutuk especially kerajaan orang Islam. So in other word, against the government under Muslim ruler is consider as Crusade...


  28. Anonymous12:36 pm

    I think the government should act fast on the Sulu issue. Who the fuck are to demand from us? And why the fuck do we entertain them? What difference does it make between a bank robbery with them? Hey guys they invaded our soil and you still negotiate? what if they fuck all the women in that town and then say we want to negotiate, do you still negotiate and tell them you can go home now to your fucking Sulu country. hey PM I supported you but if this is the way you handle the issue,I better vote someone else. If this USA I think all of them are dead by now.

  29. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Mr Nagaman,
    Do not write rubbish here,if you are really a good responsible and security minded citizen,why dont you yourself go to the responsible agencies and files your complain.Why ask Rocky,may be he had the title of Datuk,automatically he had the direct attention of the govt.The incident at Lahad Datu had been taken care of by the authority accordingly in line with our diplomatic procedure.Did you see any untoward incidents happened?.Not even a single fireshot triggered.Be civilized,we are not like the countries you had quoted.Both countries bragged freedom of these and that but I do not think they will take the same actions as you had mentioned.Pse also do not use the word Bodoh as it also reflect on yourself as Bodoh for being the citizen of the country that you accused of Bodoh.Ada faham.

  30. Anonymous1:19 pm



    Historically,the Catholic church

    has been playing dirty politics

    all over the

    world. During the reign of

    Elizabeth 1 we have the Pope in

    Rome trying to get Elizabeth 1 to

    marry their stooge

    from france or Spain.Luckily for

    Mother England , lord Chancellor


    was able to exterminate practically

    all the Catholic enemies of the

    State !


    Interestingly the headline of the

    Daily Mail 19 February 2013 reads:

    "Ireland finally says sorry to the

    10 000 'magdalene Sister Slaves'of

    its Catholic workhouseswho were

    locked up and

    (sexually) brutalised by nuns"

    In Malaysia, the RCC through

    Pakiam and Andrew

    try to sell these ideas to the


    >championing lgbt rights

    > fighting for the use of Allah as

    God in their bibles

    the Rcc has proven to be slick

    in politics and business. The

    Church owns vast tracts of


    all over the world including Malaysia.

    What is alarming , itappears to

    share some

    philosophies with PR on LGBT and

    the Allah issues!

    The church has a poor human rights

    record globally.

    Past treatment of the Catholic

    church of its workers, the laundry

    ladies of ireland

    had been disgraceful. And its

    silence on the

    cruelty meted by the US -based

    multinationals on South American

    natives were disgraceful .

    Mistreatment of mine workers in Catholic .

    Its silence on extra-judicial

    killing that takes place in

    predominantly catholic Phillipines

    have been raised in the blogsphere.

    Pakiam, Andrews must realise that

    without muslim-malay

    support not a single Indian can

    be voted into the government. And

    Samy and ungrateful Indian

    [mic/hindraf] politicians and

    clergy ought to be mindful of this





  31. Anonymous1:56 pm

    stupid people (even if they are Catholics & Clegy) if they think politics which plunder, abuse & discriminate race & religion & use their powers for enriching their own pockets at the expense of their citizens don't have a rightful place in the Church. Idiots it was what actually Jesus was preaching & doing;Read the beatitudes for heavens sake.

  32. Anonymous3:55 pm

    So, the law has caught up with a certain Pastor Kong HEE and his four accomplices from City Harvest church. They have been charged in court today. All face three charges over misappropriation of church funds that amounted to over $50 million.

    The first charge involved two bond investments made by the church in two companies, Xtron Productions and PT the First National Glassware. Turned out that the alleged investments served as a front to divert $24 million from the church’s building fund to fund Ho Yeow Sun’s music career. Ho is Kong’s wife. The second charge is related to a series of transactions made to clear the bond investments off the church account. The third charge is the falsification of church’s accounts to cover their tracks.

  33. Anonymous5:02 pm


    College of Cardinals
    Poppadom Conclave, St Martha’s House
    Vatican City,
    Rome 123-666

    Dear Excellencies, Holinesses, Doctors of Divinities and mere Fathers,

    It has been brought to our attention regarding the necessity to choose a new Pope amongst y’all after the sad announcement by Pope Benedict that he will be resigning as Pope due to Wealt—I mean, Health reasons. As the holiest amongst you guys are retreating in St Martha’s this weekend before announcing Habemus Papam to the entire world, we, the people of Malaysia, would like to pitch in an idea or two on who the suitable candidate should.

    Well, naturally being Malaysians, of course we would like to promote a few Malaysian names for your considerations. The first name that came to our mind would be our own Tapah-born Reverend Archbishop Tan Sri Father Murphy Pakiam, DD. This holy reverend father has managed to bridge a 2000 year-old gap between the muslims and the christians (at least in this part of the region) by insisting that the name ALLAH should be put in the bible.

    Reverend Pakiam has done something which no pope right from the time of Apostle Peter has done: namely recognising that the name of the God that the Christians have been worshipping throughout these 2000 years is, after all, ALLAH, the same God as the muslims. Even though the Old Testament mentioned a few names of this God like Yehovah, Elohim etc etc, and that the new Testament do not even have a name for this God, Father Pakiam’s insistence that the name should be there shows the degree of conviction he has regarding Allah, and how much Peace and Tranquility there could be if 2 of the world’s greatest religions could somehow pray to this God.

    If Father Pakiam is not your cup of Tee, I mean Tea, then could I interest you with another Episcopal Pundit by the name of Reverend Ng Moon Hing, West Malaysia’s current Bishop. The good reverend has recently stirred some commotion here in Malaysia when he called for Christians “RISING UP” against the current ruling government in Malaysia, insisting that Jesus would give a perfect example for good governance. This of course would virtually extend the global dominance and the theological ambitions of Rome with their “Gold, Glory and God” adage, but I am sure these conflicts will not be violent. How could it be when sharing the same ALLAH would also mean to believe in what this ALLAH says about christianity in the Quran, namely:

    “Those who say, "God is the Messiah, son of Mary," have defied God” – (al-Maidah 72-75)
    “In blasphemy indeed are those that say that God is Christ the son of Mary” – (al-Maidah 17)

  34. Anonymous5:03 pm


    But perhaps no other local Malaysian reverend worthy to be a good contender to the papal crown would equal the charisma of “Father Kumar”. Going against the local government ruling of proselytizing the malays (ergo, the ruling of Jesus Christ too), this illustrious “Father” does so much effort in converting 100 malay muslims PER MONTH. Now whether true or not, or whether this big-fish numbers are given only to appease you guys up there in the College of Cardinals, the “Father’s” efforts surely merit some attention, at least to the Papal Committee, don’t you think? “Father Kumar’s” name is inverted commas because, as I have mentioned here , his existence is rather shady, or at least he shouldn’t exist in real life. Or so he would like us to believe. Perhaps Father Pakiam could shed some light on these mysterious but illustrious luminaries, no?

    So there we have it. Should it be that through these appeals and recommendations our suggestions are accepted, and that we DO have a Malaysian-born pope, we would do our utmost best to gesture the support by providing one year’s free supply of Durians for his holiness and gang. I mean, like, after all---they are MALAYSIANS first, for Pete’s sake. And Malaysians can’t be without durians TOO long, if you get my meaning. And oh yes should any one of the three luminaries above is chosen and that the name of Allah could be enforced to be printed in EACH AND EVERY COPY of the bible in the world (instead of just the ones in malay), we would also make a pledge to replace all Gideons in hotels with these newly printed scriptures, with the name “Allah” in it. And that too, done at our OWN expenses.

    And lastly, good luck on your search.

    Thank You



  35. Anonymous5:03 pm

    the oppo cybertroopers gigil kapla lutut huhu

    telo masuk kerandut

    how much oppo pay u guys?

    cukup ka huhu

    join BN...WE CAN DOUBLE YOUR PAY bro

    no a big problem

    be wise...dont be stupid bro hehe


  36. Anonymous5:12 pm

    We need racist to deal with racist people in DAP(1965)or Dong Zong(1954). Perkasa is just about the same age as Pakatan Rakyat. If not because of the demands made by these racist DAP, DJZ and Hindraf, Perkasa would not have existed.

    Did Ibrahim Ali complaint Najib's attending DJZ dinner?


  37. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Is there any democracy in church?

    Last Sunday a member of the congregation in the Assumption Church in Petaling Jaya had stood up during the 11 30am mass and told the priest to stop his sermon

    The assistant parish priest Father Jean-Claude was talking about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation lauding it as an example of leaders who quit when they know they are not up to the task But one parishioner stood up and protested it. No one else. And the priest continued his homily to two standing applauses from the congregation.

    It is never a surprise when a parishioner stands up to speak or give his opinion although it is hardly done What was unprecedented was the applause given to the priest. That is never done. And it was a standing applause done twice unlike what a news portal had reported yesterday.

    This type of response is not isolated to just one church Some might agree some might not. No one is infallible except the pope. Christians are taught by faith to stand up for the oppressed and the truth and expect their priests and pastors to speak on matters which are important to the faithful.

    If there is any lesson to be learnt from the Assumption Church it is that democracy is alive in the church. That everyone can speak their mind And the congregation can decide whose ideas they like better.

    Nothing wrong with that And it is an example that I wish Malaysians and Malaysia will take heart and learn to apply in everything we do That we have the strength to stand up for what we think and feel and for those who cannot do so.

    Never fear anything even in the face of oppression That is our faith That is our duty for our country.

  38. Anonymous11:12 pm

    anon 6:23 pm

    what if we think burning joss sticks, burning paper money, pariahs, caste system, lgbt are all wrong,

    can we speak up and tell these worshippers they are misguided - all in the name of democracy?

  39. Anonymous10:30 am

    I think the mosques have been doing this for

  40. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Apocryphalist 5:02 and 5:03 pm is too clever by half.

    I don't think that the government wants to go head-to-head with the Catholic Church in Malaysia. Why would it want to do so when it would be a PR (public relations, not Pakatan Rakyat!) nightmare?

    Let me repeat part of the speech made by the new Catholic Coadjutor Archbishop of Singapore William Goh at a reception yesterday, where the Singapore PM was present:

    "Both religion and state share an important role in the holistic development and support of the individual and his/her community, thereby bringing stability to the country and society at large....

    "The Catholic Church has always been in the forefront as a prophet in the area of morality, championing social rights and the dignity of the individual. She is always conscious that there is a clear separation between Church and State, and hence acknowledges the autonomy of politics and the temporal sphere.

    "However, this separation does not mean that the Church has no place in society. Like the State, she, too, is concerned with the common good of society, namely, justice, harmony and progress, and works with the State to achieve this.

    "She recognises that the just ordering of society is the responsibility and purview of the State, necessary for the preservation of justice and harmony. She cannot take over the role of government and cannot impose her values on believers of other faiths."

    (reported in the Singapore Sunday Times, Feb 24, 2013)

    That, to me, is very clear and explicit. The clarity of expression from Archbishop Goh is to be expected, since he was the Rector of the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary in Singapore and is a noted theologian and lecturer.

    (a side note: Archbishop Murphy Pakiam of the KL Archdiocese assisted in the ordination of Coadjutor Archbishop Goh last Friday in Singapore).

    The key points that Coadjutor Archbishop Goh made were:

    - the Catholic Church has always championed social rights and individual dignity.

    - there is a clear separation between Church and State.

    - the Church acknowledges the autonomy of politics and the temporal sphere.

    - the Church is concerned with the common good of society, viz justice, harmony and progress.

    - the Church recognises that the just ordering of society is the responsibility and purview of the State.

    - the Church cannot take over the role of government.

    - the Church cannot impose her values on believers of other faiths.

    As a corollary to the last point above, I would add that believers of other faiths cannot impose their values on the Catholic Church.

  41. PAS has been talking politics in mosques for ages and thats the reason HRH sultan call for a stop to it. In Friday prayer where sermon is called upon the congregation are not allowed to talk not even a word no. As a reault PAS have been using this ruling to their advantage.
    Ibrahim Ali is polirician and not preacher therefore please not confuse the issue.

  42. Anonymous4:04 pm

    everyone is trying their lucks pushing what ever ideology(biz) that they can get through during the weakest point of the malay & muslims community