Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dong Zong's open house and a mail the Special Branch must read

We have been tipped-off that some quarters are planning to embarrass the Prime Minister when he attends the Chinese educationalist movement’s, Dong Jiao Zong (DJZ), Chinese new year gathering tomorrow (Sunday 17 Feb). According to a reliable source, some supporters of a certain political party are planning to embarrass the Prime Minister by putting up "a show of support" for opposition leaders when they turn up about the same time as the Prime Minister’s scheduled arrival at the event. - Another Political "Stunt" to embarrass the PM?
The last time a BN rep attended a DJZ event
The lion's den. I was not surprised when Najib Razak agreed to accept the invitation of Dong Jiao Zong, the Chinese education pressure group, to their Chinese New Year Open House [tomorrow, Sunday, in Kajang, Selangor]. 

The PM knows that he's worked hard enough to win back a lot of the Malay-Bumiputera and Indian support lost by his BN coalition in March 2008 and the Chinese voters, especially the young ones, have begun to warm up to him. But there are still plenty of skeptics and  hardliners out there. So, if the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain. I think even the DJZ fellows, educated as they are, can appreciate this. [Event signals better ties between Govt and Chinese community, says chairman, Malay Mail, Feb 14]. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim definitely sees it, too, hence the last-minute announcement on his blog yesterday about joining in the DJZ's celebrations.

Like most Malaysians who have witnessed the rise of the current politics or madness before their  very eyes, I am happy to see those responsible (for the madness) coming to their senses and unite for a celebration like this, no matter how briefly. 

This is how things should be. The Malaysian way. 

However, in view of some disturbing recent events - from the Yes/No and rockets flying at the Psy Concert/BN Open House in Penang to the intrusion of armed foreigners allegedly at the "invitation" of a Malaysian Opposition politician and talk of racial/religious riots post-PRU13 by a maverick ex-IGP and more recently even the increasingly outspoken Bishop Paul Tan, all of which are part of the mad politics - I hope the security and well-being of the Prime Minister take precedence tomorrow. We can't assume everybody is keen to see better ties between Najib's government and the Chinese community ...


  1. Anonymous11:30 am

    bodoh punya Rocky....nobody care about Najib anymore, even Madey dah gives up on him !!

    'Gunman dah masuk Lahad Datu,Sabah, apa PM buat ??

    bila nak hantar Scopene ke sana ?

  2. Anonymous11:36 am

    Opposition ceramahs n meetings get sabotaged too, from what I heard in the past.
    I suppose it's not Malaysian politics if madness is not involved :)

  3. Anonymous11:37 am

    Usual use of fear tactics by BN goons. Afraid that there's more boos than cheers ? Want to do a recording and edit for the kampung folks ?

    1. Anonymous1:12 pm

      Any issue with the kamung folks? I am a kampung folks

  4. Anonymous11:38 am

    woi Rocky..."The Mail the Special Branch must read" di tulis siapa ? Helen Ang ? wee choo keong ? Black Rose or Najib himself ?

    Kah...kah..kah.... Rocky makin lama makin bodoh dah !!

    1. Anonymous1:39 pm

      ko tu yg bodoh..pencacai dap bangsat..

    2. Anonymous3:39 pm

      Bodoh lah nak pergi open house orang yang dulu kata cina ekstremis

  5. Anonymous11:40 am

    Najib has 50+ pct popularity but that dumbo wee ka siong has zero popularity so just make sure the MCA dumbo doesn't show. Then all will be well.

    Sepecial Brranch

  6. For Anon 11.30 am,

    Hehe, I suppose I should thank you for waiting patiently for my postings .. you are almost always the first to comment on each posting!

    As a token from me, please read the Reuters' news report:

    "Another Philippine military officer said the men were followers of the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu - an island group off the southern Philippines - who had been invited to Sabah by a Malaysian opposition politician to discuss land issues."

    Read more

    Don't you want to know who the Malaysian opposition politician is?

    1. Anonymous7:18 pm

      Go Rock

  7. Anonymous11:49 am

    Go Rocky Go !!!

  8. Anonymous12:21 pm

    kepada penjilat mat jubo dan penganot pas, jangan arrogan sangat larr..

    wake up la all supposingly berkampung kat kelantan tuuu..Dah goyang kerajaan wally nickky dah..JOM TUKAR !!!

    BTW, lebih banyak najib di ''Booo' dan diejek cina komunis,,lebih cepat melayu bangkit bersama Umno BN..face the fact !!

    any comment on why last 8 by election won by BN?


  9. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Myself of the view that the comments given or stated by the first four anonymous were written by super idiots, super son of bitch, highest category of bastards...keep on doing your excellent work brader rocky bru

  10. Wave3312:47 pm

    Latuk Locky,

    Send Special Branch for what??!!

    There is no life threatening matter only embarrassment, it is waste of resources.

    Special Branch should be sent to all PR ceramah to protect citizen whom been abuse by stone throwing and causing hurt by those gangsters. Vandalism on vehicles too.

    I don't know who they are those gangsters, just catch them and lock them up.

    You'll be surprise, they might be Special Officers in the group of gangsters. Yalah, I know lah... Working undercover mah...

    Latuk Locky, please protect the innocent.


  11. Rocky...Najib need no one to embarrass him.
    He is a famous flip flopper..besides many labels.
    You seem to treat Najib is an angel.
    We will treat you as his paid parrot.

  12. Rocky boy!!
    I am posting from deep volcanic jungle... from Indonesia!
    You lucky bastard.
    Quick!!..wish me animals eat me up....HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  13. Anonymous1:03 pm

    DAP is going downhill. Thier reign for 5 years in Penang bore nothing. No success story at all. They only good at masuk bakul sendiri angkat and like drumming empty drum. Guan Yeng balik kampong tanam jagung itu melaka sana,, bark bark bark aja lebih. Habok pun tarak la lu guan yeng,,

  14. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Who is he? Lajim?

  15. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Wonder why Dong Zong still retain their leader with fake credentials. Or is this 'education pressure group' made-up of cheats and racist of the DAP?

    No wonder PERKASA, exist to counter their racist demand.


  16. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Jibby probably needs more protection from the incredibly stupid online bloggers led by Rocky.

  17. Bodoh anon 11.30
    Kalau krisis berlaku atas pulau, nak hantar scorpene buat apa?

    1. Anonymous4:03 am

      Bodoh rabbit: pakai scorpene untuk ape ? Krisis di dalam laut paras 50 meter ? Sometimes Rocky's supporters are way beyond dumb.

  18. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Kalau Macam Tu Tak Payah pergi lah.

    Pergi pun bukan nya membawa kebaikan kepada orang melayu.

    Lebih menguntungkan mereka mereka yang nak ambil kesempatan.

  19. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Bring it on Maaa

    Dont worry James Bond Melayu will be there to protect Najib and Co


  20. This is a good article, I appreciate it.

    Najib better look into this seriously, otherwise its going to be a big news for opposition tomorrow. Chauvinist chinese always have secret agenda, their hearts are very dark.

  21. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Ala, ini najib desperate sangat for chinese votes. Pakai baru cinapek, cakap bahasa cina lah, sekarang mau tunjuk besar nak kunjung open house dong zhong. Tak malu .

    Dulu bukan main kutuk dong zhong puak komunis lah tapi sekarang bila election sudah dekat mau mengampu mereka pula. Tak ada prinsip langsung leader macam ini. Sebab itu penang sudah kata NO to BN...

  22. Anonymous3:54 pm

    As usual, Rocky is on his usual damage control reporting for najib again after the penang fiasco embarrassment.

    This time he knows anwar will receive more popular support and overshadow najib when both visit dong zhong open house sunday and rocky preempts this by spinning garbage tales and crap excuses.

  23. Anonymous4:00 pm

    If najib so scared , dont turn up lah. After all BN fellas already said Dong Zong is a chinese fanatic group.

    Why bother to come?

    Why not get loud mouth ibrahim katak ali & perkasa to be his bodyguard if so scared of anwar?

  24. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Stupid write up by rocky. After labelling dong jong a communist chinese extremist body and rocky propagating a satu sekolah policy he now wants najib to warm up to chinese community when election is near.

    What the F@##? These BN suckers got absolutely no balls! Only knows how to worship money and position.

    1. Anonymous1:12 pm

      Read carefully before u comment u mongo geese

  25. Anonymous4:24 pm

    First surendran then pornthip
    Next rocky is going to spin on Nick Xenophon the aussie senator expelled by our very transparent BN govt.

    Looks like malaysia is fast becomin an international pariah.

  26. Anonymous4:31 pm

    There is no need for opposition to embarass najib. Najib will embarass himself like he penang

  27. Anonymous4:40 pm

    monster no ball,

    Yingluck is not for you but Porn Thit, you can have it.

  28. Anonymous4:55 pm


    You read this too in the link you provided?

    "Perhaps, we should take the cue from the Penang Chinese Assembly Hall Chinese New Year Open house, held on the second day of Chinese New Year.

    Both Najib and Penang Chief Minister and DAP Secretary-general Lim Guan Eng attended the event which went on without any untoward incident. Nothing but smiles and everyone celebrated in the true Malaysian Chinese New Year spirit."

    That is how Kit Siang and Guang Eng also do for the open house of Dr M, Abdullah Badawi and Najib's open house for Hari Raya.

    But you and your blogger troopers conveniently ignore such inclusiveness and instead whack the DAP buggers for nothing.

    Shame on you lah Datuk.


  29. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Dong Zong is comprised of RACIST, CHAUVINIST CHINAPEKs - SB folks should infiltrate and listen to their hate mongering anti-MElayu *ceramahs* behind closed doors!

  30. damansaraman6:46 pm

    Dear Rocky

    I think its ok for any quarters to do whatever they like to Najib during the event

    Its their choice in how they treat THEIR OWN GUEST.

    I am very sure Najib was invited in his capacity as the Prime Minister of Malaysia to celebrate together with the Chinese community the auspicious Chinese New Year

    They can choose to be a mature and civilize group by treating Najib with respect that all guests in that event rightfully deserve.

    OR, they can opt for the cowardice and ungrateful low class host route by insulting him in their own den

    They can even lay a trap, and use Najib's visit as a platform to heckle and insult him as to confirm in a narrow minded political act on the Chinese sentiments towards him and BN.

    My only advice, 'GO AHEAD!!!'.

    This is the choice and opportunity to be decided by the Chinese community themselves


  31. Anonymous7:07 pm

    anon 3.48pm,

    i have to say i agree with you to a certain extent

    i also think all politicians and all leaders, opposition or not, should have celebrated valentine's day in a big way and love each other more instead of doing wayang ....imho


  32. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Imagine the uproar if Najib attend a function organize by by Perkasa. I bet the Malays would not be happy too. He already attend a Hindraf function and the Malays seems to be happy too.


  33. Anonymous7:58 pm

    is it chinese culture to embarass guests during new year celebrations?

    1. Anonymous10:30 pm

      Yes. After march 2008, they make it a culture..

  34. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Sicerely hope all parties at the open hour respect our pm....

  35. Anonymous11:00 pm

    If not for the coming election, najib & co would not even touch dong zong with a five feet pole.

    They hv previously branded dong zong an outcast group much like bersih suaram etc. The Star & NST have all been highly critical of dong zong in its demands of chinese education.

    Now najib is trying to suck up to dong zong. Hope the chinese dont fall for this lying weasel's trap.

  36. Mustapha Ong11:25 pm

    It is unbecoming of the opposition to think that they could sabotage the Dong Zong CNY open house to embarrass the host as well as Najib. The wall has ears and eyes everywhere the PM goes for his rounds to meet the people. You love PM, I love PM and we love PM! Do not boast and bluff the people as they may be cleverer than the opposition. Please sabotage the event tomorrow and see what happens next.

  37. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Apa Anwar suka sabotaj macam itu, ceramah belakang jamban bukan kah kegemaran dia?

    (Lebai Kopiah Hitam)

  38. Anonymous12:01 am

    The mail that you requested the SB to read has no credential,no name mentioned,no signature.It could just be written by anybody.
    You seems to always have something 'insider' when come to matters concerning the ruling party.
    But when concerning the opposition,you will always brush them aside as just'wayang kulit'.

  39. DJZ oppose the governement outright, then suddenly want to invite the PM.

    I smell something fishy.

    To me, it's called hypocrisy.


  40. Anonymous12:21 am

    I fully agree with PARAMESWARA' s comments. Rocky is a disgrace to spin such story.

  41. I suggest the PM stay away. Take some well-needed rest before he meets Singaporean leaders.
    Pointless to go if people want to embarass him. Afraid it will lead to clashes from those supporting him and those out to create problem.
    To be honest these Dong Xiong folks are no fan of the government.
    It will not change their voting pattern which always are for DAP. Hard-core Chinese chauvinists.

  42. Anonymous12:48 am

    As long as everyone lives up to the spirit of such an auspicious Chinese New Year open house organised by Dong Zong,no one will get embarrassed.

    What had happened in Penang was a miscalculation on the part of Najib. After having received affirmative answer to his question whether the crowd was ready for Psy, he thought he had psyched them to similarly respond to his question whether they were ready for BN. But alas, the crowd was not in any mood for any political stunts. They were there just to be entertained by Psy.

  43. Anonymous4:18 am

    A desperate PM fishing for votes at any pond he can find.

    I say take whatever goodies that is offerred but always vote anything but UMNO BN.

    ABU !

  44. Anonymous4:25 am

    The fact is Najib is an unpopular guest compared to anwar.

    No amount of spinning from rocky can change fact.

  45. may spin for the money and comfortable tell too many half lies...your lips will not be level...when you close your mouth.
    The BN idiots are supporting you to enjoy...but you will pay the price..with your crooked lips.
    Mahathir is born with a pair of thin lips....born to tell lies.
    You got Datukship....making MM paper worst than ever.
    You are born a destroyer without ever able to
    13th GE...FINITO for Umno b...ku jadi apa.....spin doctor for PR? way.
    Like Raja one will trust you....just be friends OK....but no more trust.
    Take good advise from a long lost you did before.

    1. Anonymous1:22 pm

      Duduk la di dalam hutan indonesia tu. Jangan balik2. Jadi rakyat indonesia. Kemudian nama u akan ditukarkan kepada nama indonesia. No more ah beng monstabol or ah quan mentalxstabil. No more chinese name.

      Duduk dalam malaysia. Jadi rakyat malaysia. Akur undang2 malaysia.

      Jangan jadi pengkhianat negara.

  46. Mustapha Ong6:23 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Today is a special day in the heart of our prime minister Najib, who will be the Guest of Honor at the CNY open house celebration to be hosted by Dong Zong in Kajang, Selangor.

    It is yet another transformation journey for Najib as our 1Malaysia leader to led this nation towards equality, harmony and peace for all Malaysians alike. Najib deserves a chance in winning big in PRU13 so that all the GTPs will be carried out to its fullest and systematically.

    If the people had given former PM Pak Lah an astounding victory in the 11th PRU, the same result should be given to Najib.The opposition is just making a mole hill out of a mountain as they have no strong foundation to led this nation and country forward towards the year 2020.If Najib does not perform in the next 5 years, then the people have the right to exercise justice and kick out the BN government in the 14th general election. (a reprisal of PRU12)

    The people is now solidly behind Najib as he is trying to gather momentum and preparing for BN's biggest majority win in the history of our parliamentary democracy.

    However, we need an ideal opposition in parliament but not one that will destroy this nation over what the BN government had built over the last few decades of more than 55 years since our independence.

    To the opposition, my advice is let's make peace but not war, lets make love but not sexual excitement that will only destroy the morality and decay of our nation.

  47. Anonymous8:26 am


    The more boos and sabotage carried out by pakatan goons, the more the youth will realise how gangsterish the pakatan really is

    so far everything done by pakatan bozos BACKFIRED

    As for DS Najib, Malaysians are loving him more and more for being such a humble and decent guy

    in direct comparison to petty tokong boy boy, blur like sotong tok guru, clueless fisherman wannabe and that shifty backstabbing (2 meanings) aged sodomite

  48. Anonymous8:28 am

    I think the innocent MUST be protected from idiotic wave33 aka spigot for cinapek sengkelet

  49. Anonymous8:35 am

    This is the same defective GENES that prompted that b*****d to point his middel finger at Royalty and to claim that Malay policemen have no power in Penang.

  50. Anonymous9:10 am

    "....the increasingly outspoken Bishop Paul Tan"?

    Really, Bru? Are you taking pot shots at the Catholic Church in Malaysia now? Is the timing purely coincidental?

    Have you sounded out your Catholic friends (if you have any, that is) on whether they agree or disagree with Bishop Paul Tan's views?

    Bishop Paul Tan is a Jesuit. He is the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Melaka-Johor. According to the 2013 Catholic Church Directory, the Diocese of Melaka-Johor has a Catholic population of 38,475 (out of a total population of 2.9 million). Bishop Tan oversees 35 priests, 9 deacons and 8 seminarians.

    Not exactly a fly-by-night rabble rouser, is he? And popular with his flock, by all accounts.

    And I don't think he's making waves with the authorities in Johor, is he? At least, not that I know of.

    So, Bru - in "tagging" Bishop Paul Tan, are you indirectly targeting the Catholic hierarchy in West Malaysia?

  51. Anonymous10:24 am

    Najib is here at Dongzong Open House as early 10 a.m. He is gonna leave by 11 a.m as his nemesis will be coming at 12 pm.

    #master wong

  52. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Mustapha Ong 6:23 am is getting funny these days. Good on him as he tries very hard to stay happy despite overwhelming odds. He wrote: To the opposition, my advice is let's make peace but not war, lets make love but not sexual excitement that will only destroy the morality and decay of our nation.
    Too late Mus. CSL, Datuk T, etc beat you to it! Even love stricken YY tried very hard to bonk PSY on stage but he managed to bolt away like a true thoroughbred he is.
    To all BN stooges, enjoy the last two months of BN servitude while you can.

  53. Anonymous12:42 pm

    anon 11:00

    you still have bad intentions during happy times. you invite someone and then you heckle your guest. this cannot be chinese culture. certainly not malaysian. someone like you will never be a wise leader.

  54. Anonymous12:46 pm

    param - but you have been whacking people for nothing all these while. what are you? a nut case?

  55. Anonymous12:49 pm

    anon 4:18

    take whatever goodies... shows how big a hypocrite you are. always instilling hatred. study some religion. you are a disgrace to your parents.

  56. Anon 910am,

    A little hot under the collar, I see? Come, now, I am not going to take potshots at your Uskop* Paul Tan, I was just stating a fact. In the increasingly frequent interviews he's given, Bishop Tan admitted that the Church should have been more outspoken in the past. Thus, in effect, he's now more outspoken, no? In his last interview, he took on Dr Mahathir Mohamad the Statesman, mind you. Bishop Tan should just stick to trading blows with Ibrahim Ali, he'd find the Perkasa man (who contested in 2008 on Pakatan Rakyat ticket, let's not forget) more than a handful. That is, if Bishop Tan really wants to play with political fire. And I think that's what he's been doing.

    *thanks, Helen Ang
    Btw, have you read her latest on the Bishop? Why don't I give you the link?

  57. Anonymous12:57 pm

    12:38 -- BN is on the way to victory. What are your plans? You know you cannot go back to where your grandads came from bacause they dont want ungrateful bastards. So you will be staying here with your evil heart and not an iota of happiness. How are you to face god with such satanic feelings for mankind?

  58. Mustapha Ong writes:

    "... we need an ideal opposition in parliament but not one that will destroy this nation over what the BN government had built over the last few decades of more than 55 years since our independence."


    Thanks MO,

    We all want a credible government and a credible Opposition. In the 12th GE, that was the people's message. The result: a government that had credibility issues lost ground and pakatan rakyat was given many more seats that even the craziest pundits didn't expect to see. But between then and now, pakatan has lost quite a bit of the credibility that it had created before 2008. it has only itself and its own elected reps to blame.

    with dong jiao zong seemingly softening its hardline stand, pakatan will be even more hard pressed. pinning their hopes on nicky xenophone will be digging itself deeper ...

  59. Anonymous1:01 pm

    You boo your guest during CNY? Is this what your mother tought you?

  60. Rocky!! Do not mix Umno and Umno B together.
    Tunku did built and Mahathir encourages stealing and disunite Malaysians...besides many evil things he did.
    Your spinning is low class.

  61. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Bru 12:50 pm

    Ducking the isssues, are we?

    It sounds perilously as if you are taking on the Catholic Church in Malaysia (Bishop Tan is a member of the Church hierarchy here).

    What is wrong with religious leaders being outspoken? Is such "outspokeness" only allowed for certain favoured religions/ethnicities?

    If religious leaders can't comment on matters of moral or social import, and if they can't speak up on behalf of the poor, marginalised and discriminated againstm, then what should they do? Stick to saying Masses and observing a strict separation of church and state?

    And what is wrong with taking on Dr M "the Statesman". Dr M is certainly not infallible, is he?

    And why are you talking about "playing with political fire"? Taking a page from the Ibrahim Ali playbook, are we?

  62. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Now, who embarrased who?


  63. Anonymous8:21 am

    Btw, Bru - the front page report in today's Singapore Straits Times reads "PM Lee and Najib lend weight to joint projects"

    And there's a photo of PM Lee and his wife tossing yusheng with PM Najib and his wife at the Fullerton Bay Hotel last night.

    Today the two PMs will hold their annual Leaders' Retreat, a practice which started after Najib's introductory visit to Singapore in 2009.

    Anifah Aman, as quoted in the SST: "The clear commitments demonstrated by Prime Minister Najib Razak and his Singaporean counterpart Lee Hsien Loong, to strengthening this relationship further, have been well received."

    Now, as the warrior and certain other commentators were saying.....

  64. Anonymous5:50 pm

    anon 8:21 am

    so what has yusheng got anything to do with direct economic competition?

    you got a brain tumour that's blocking your analytical thinking

    gosh ... some retards got supersize insecurity

  65. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Anon 5:50 pm

    Enlighten me - what "direct economic competition" are you talking about?

    Ports? Airports? Financial hub? Favoured location for MNCs? Medical tourism? Big pharma?

    I must have missed the plot somewhere.

  66. Anonymous5:33 pm

    anon 5:05 pm

    yeah you really have missed the plot totally - just don't wake realising you've been under a coconut shell ALONG