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Now they claim that "Look East Policy" was not Dr Mahathir's idea

Look East Policy was Anwar Ibrahim's, according to writer Ali Cordoba who, according to Free Malaysia Today, writes extensively on local politics. Very extensively, indeeed! Hehe. Malaysians - and Japanese - know better, however: the Look East Policy is the brave brainchild of Dr Mahathir when he became PM in 1981. At a time when nations were looking up at the West, the Statesman guided the nation to look at the dynamics of Japan, China and South Korea.

Accused of being pro-American and anti-East – which is not the whole truth – Anwar responded with the look east policy and promoted the Asian Renaissance - Ali Cardoba, Free Malaysia Today

The renaissance man of Malaysia

 | February 12, 2013
Knowing the Barisan National culture, would it not have been easier for Anwar Ibrahim to have joined the ruling coalition after his release in 2004? Instead, Anwar opted to face the BN’s brutal force in full brunt!
“The demands of the people remain to be good governance, accountability for corruption, political empowerment and social justice.” said Anwar in an Asian Renaissance forum in 2011 in Phnom Phen, Cambodia. Anwar has always fought for all that he mentioned in that event.
He added that “regimes that have gone past their expiry dates but continue to paint a façade of peace, security and even prosperity through the use of an elaborate propaganda machine are only delaying their final reckoning.”
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had recently claimed that he was once hoodwinked by the religious piety of Anwar, and warned Malaysians not to fall prey as well. The statement reveals one of Mahathir’s greatest weakness, which is his very poor judgement of character.
In order to compensate this lacking, Mahathir is pressing the charge against Anwar with the good old tactic of a sort of trial by the ‘web’.
History will record that it was Mahathir who brought Anwar to Umno’s folds, and it will also state that it was the former PM himself who helped carved the path for Anwar’s sharp and rapid rise within Umno’s ranks.
Then, in 1998, Mahathir suddenly realised Anwar was not fit to run the country, thus the path for the former DPM’s downfall was laid.
The scenario was played out in other occasions, with the downfall of Musa Hitam from the post of deputy PM and the removal of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as the PM of Malaysia.
In all these occasions, Mahathir showed that he was possibly hoodwinked by his deputies.
Will Najib Tun Razak face the same song? He is the chosen one, like Anwar was in the past. The direct challenge for the BN, with Anwar leading a strong and powerful opposition group, is the lack of intelligent responses to Anwar’s accusations against its leaders.
Since the downfall of the Sodomy 2 strategy against Anwar, the latter launched a non-stop campaign against BN leaders and former leaders, including Mahathir.
Brave moves by Anwar

Manifestly ill at ease with Anwar’s offensive – which is a very powerful strategy in the eyes of the populace – Mahathir launched his own scathing remarks, belittling Anwar’s role as a BN leader and as a deputy PM and finance minister.

The sinister part, of the Mahathir accusations, are that they are based on hearsay and are made with much ado to create confusion about Anwar’s ability as a leader.
Yet, much to the BN’s own peril, Mahathir’s remarks against Anwar has backfired with more accusations of fraud, money siphoning and abuse of democracy surfacing.
Facts will prove one day that Anwar contributed at large to the progress and development of the poor and needy. His opposition to Mahathir, in the face of a panic stricken Umno in the 1998 crisis that hit the country, is legendary.
Refusing to hand over public funds to save privateers, while establishing the anti-corruption agency well before the crisis started in Malaysia, are two brave moves by Anwar. These cannot be ignored.
The creation of the Malay Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia or the ABIM, was a historic moment in Malay youth development in the country. The ABIM contributed largely, in the consolidating of the Malay community and in representing Malaysia at international level.
Anwar’s campaigns in the early 1970′s raised the focus on Bahasa Melayu (BM), while his tenure as Ministry of Education also contributed in creating more awareness about Islam among the Malay students.
It has not been forgotten that Anwar launched several low cost housing programmes that has helped the low income earners to own a house, despite the hurdles that came into existence after his downfall as finance minister.
During his days at the Finance Ministry, the Malay community did benefit from micro-credit schemes.
Thus, Anwar did not abandon the Malay-Muslims and the poor of the nation for his own personal gains.
After his removal from the government and from the Umno and sent to rot in jail, to be forgotten like former Umno leaders in the past, Anwar was financially broke. His family was on the brink of being insolvent, with the court cases piling against the former powerful figure of Malaysia.
Unlike those who benefited of the last ditch efforts of the Mahathir regime to salvage the government and ULC’s and GLC’s, Anwar had to battle it alone.
Anwar’s come back

True to say that there was a crowd supporting him, in his every move against the BN while being incarcerated. But the oppression against him and his supporters were unbearable at times.

Yet, Anwar rose against all the odds to become one of the rare local political figures who made it back from the gutters. This come back has not been sitting well with many Umno and BN leaders.
The Ahmad Badawi regime thought, by freeing Anwar from jail in 2004, the latter would probably join forces with the Umno-BN – a move that would have killed the opposition force.
He decided otherwise, and joined the opposition and led it to a massive electoral gain that shocked the ruling coalition. if this does not show the courage and sacrifices made by Anwar for the people, then Mahathir can be said to be sarcastically right in his criticism of Anwar.
Accused of being pro-American and anti-East – which is not the whole truth – Anwar responded with the look east policy and promoted the Asian Renaissance.
Today the BN will claim that anything Anwar did while acting as deputy PM and finance minister was only to carry out the coalition’s policies. Yet, it is evident that Anwar had a bigger role in crafting some of these policies, implementing them altogether.
Today, Anwar has taken the mantle that once belonged to the prime ministers of Malaysia, that of being the unifying factor of a racially divided nation.
Before the fall of Anwar from power, Mahathir was seen as the one man who could bring both Malay and non-Malay voters to the fore, giving the BN an edge in electoral battles against a meagre opposition force.
Anwar’s second birth

Now, the role has completely reversed, with Anwar leading the Malay and non-Malay spectrum of voters while Mahathir is reviled for numerous economic and social misgivings.

Anwar has, since his release from jail and behind bars altogether, insisted he wanted change in Malaysia.
What is in it for the former Umno leader? He has been accused by many in the government and by Umno-BN supporters of being greedy, wanting the PM post at all cost.
The truth is the contrary to these allegations by the opponents to Anwar’s second birth in Malaysian politics.
Anwar is, in effect, the renaissance man of Malaysia. Leading the opposition to greater gains in electoral battles and pressuring the ruling coalition to correct its path time and again, are signs that he is the chosen one.
This time, he is not Mahathir’s chosen replacement.
He is, de-facto, the PM to be of Malaysia and this is the direct result of the 66% majority vote he won at the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-elections in 2008.
It is the choice by the people, that propelled Anwar to the post of leader of the opposition, for the people and by the people.
Ali Cordoba writes extensively on local politics.


  1. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Ali Cardoba lost me at " Knowing the Barisan National culture, would it not have been easier for Anwar Ibrahim to have joined the ruling coalition after his release in 2004? Instead, Anwar opted to face the BN’s brutal force in full brunt!" .... haha....whoever "Ali Cardoba" is - the guy is delusional hahaha

    And the Look East Policy is Anwar's ... hahaha ... seriously. Even Anwar himself will not claim this hahaha

    - serialp0d -

  2. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Look china doll policy must his own idea..no doubt a out it...Ada video to proof it.

  3. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Ya, anwar was onetime mahathir's blu-eyed boy in de cabinet, its quite possible what?!? haha!


  4. The only thing that matters in Anwar's 'Look East Policy' can be succinctly summarised in two words: Maria Ozawa

  5. Anonymous5:36 pm

    To be a leader of Man one has to observe the following:

    1.1 Grapple with the data and absorb the politics and economics of science.

    1.2 Unravel the policy and do not trust your gut feelings. If you are overcome by gut feeliongs unravel the policy again.

    1.3 Do not say that you are unable to quantify the issue because evey issue is quantifiable.If still you are not able to do it make do more research.

    1.4 We need more statistical literacy in the science of government.

  6. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Are u ready for BN ? Penang crowd said no 3 times. Must be extremely embarrassing for najib

  7. Anonymous6:35 pm

    As a student of London University in 1981, I was called by the Dean of my Faculty, Professor Dobbs who, knowing that I hailed from Malaysia, wanted to know something about the country. His interest was piqued, he said, by this certain Prime Minister of yours who had this new policy of "Look to the East, and Buy British Last". He had an apparent air of unbelief---unbelief that such a policy could come from a nation who had, until a few decades ago, been the subject of British rule.

    Not wanting to sound too contentious, (after all a Dean could be that single person who could determine your final grades in border-case levels), I nodded agreeingly with him, perhaps partly not wanting to get lectured about "Why are you here then bla bla bla".

    Now the following year, 1982 news abounded about Anwar Ibrahim joining UMNO. It was abuzz all over Malaysia Hall in Bryanston Square. I am sure that if he had by then, the first thing that came to his mind would be things OTHER than looking east or west.

    So who in their right mind would swallow in this Look-East-Policy-coming-From-Anwar bit?

    And oh yes by the way, I WAS a borderline case between Honours 1 and 2. Up till this day I still wonder whether Dobbs or The Look East Policy had anything to do with my getting a mere 2nd class upper.


  8. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Terpesona sangat si Ali ni dgn horny old goat AlJuburi kaki zina ni.

  9. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Ali Kedaidobi, writes " Now, the role has completely reversed, with Anwar leading the Malay and non-Malay rectum of voters while Mahathir is reviled for numerous economic and social misgivings."

    "Anwar is, in effect, the Rectum man of Malaysia."

  10. Rabbit, u absolutely right there~ Hehehehe tolong la Ali Cordoba, kau fikir rakyat nie semua lahir semalam? Agak-agak la nak tipu pon~

  11. Anonymous7:45 pm

    who is this ali cardoba??

    his name sound suspicious..more like a name for 'ubat kuat' seller at pasar malam..


    no wonder ANUwar Peliwat really love 'china doll', since he is the one that opted the Look East Policy


    keep on hallucinating ANUwar Peliwat and Ali Baba, keep on hallucinating


    how much did ANUwar Peliwat paid this Ali Baba to write this piece of crap?!


  12. Anonymous7:51 pm

    The biggest things Anwar did while in power were :

    1. Stockpile cash from floor to ceiling.

    2. Invented useless bus lanes

    3. Created the stupid Bahasa Baku

    4. Screwed boys, men and women

    5. Became DAP's enemy

  13. Look east? No..

    Look back policy yes yes yes!

  14. Anonymous8:31 pm

    agree with 5:16

    he only knows look china doll policy. but he did more than just looking. inspite of having a bad back he performed well in bed with the china doll. in sabah he couldnt take a boat because of back problem. so he took a private jet. bad back but was able to @#$k

  15. Look East... look West....
    Anwar is the best.
    The best must be arrested...under false charges...to be beaten...tortured....to die "naturally" in prison..if possible.
    That's my wish....my desire.
    Mocking God...mocking Rulers...mocking his own race...day in day out.
    His wishes and desires..unfulfilled....
    Blame game started....twisting..turning..like a doubled headed snake.
    Snake has arrive...to curl..squeezed..and swallow him soon.
    All his followers...who hero worship him cannot escape punishments.
    Are we ready to fight devilish rouges and thieves??..you bet.

  16. The only looking Anwar has done is for his Omega. Even that he has not found...kesian.

    As for Ali Condombra, he really needs to upgrade his brand of weed to the better quality stuff.

  17. damansaraman9:49 pm

    The Eiffel Tower was Anwar's brainchild too!

    Same goes to the famous San Francisco bridge.

    In fact, he was instrumental in the building of the White House

  18. Anonymous10:00 pm

    What is happening in my state, Kedah Darul Aman?

    Listen to this video and decide what we Kedahans must do to safeguard their state. I am shocked at this revelation.–Din Merican

    Rocky read this blog.That will answer your question aout penyelewengan Balak di kawasan Pedu.

    Lepas ini Mukriz dan BN lari malam.

  19. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Ali Car-do-baba, who? Never heard of this guy before. Maybe, just may be, he is trying to be famous through an AnuWar's balls polishing act.

    "writes extensively on local politics".

    What a dumb writer. Haven't read 'A Doctor in the House'? AnuWar was looking to the west, you scumbag.

    Must be another Tommy Tomas?


  20. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Masa dalam umno dan pegang jawatan kerja anuwar adalh maki hamun pas dan dap. U can make abook on what anuwar said about pas and dap yet today dap dan pas lick his arse........ That how good anuwar is

  21. Anonymous11:54 pm

    What does he know about look esat policy, his succesful policy is look stupid policy.....

  22. Ali Cordoba writes extensively on local politics.

    Geezz..I guess writing fb statuses on Malaysia politics account for writing extensively on local politics

  23. Anonymous2:19 am

    Spot on Damansaraman. Anwhore was also responsible for Neil Armstrong's moonwalk as well as for building the Space Shuttleand the International Space Station with his bare hands!!!.

    He is also the pioneer in mapping the human genome after he had discovered the double Helix. He was instrumental in designing Intel's Ivy Bridge chip. He founded Oracle, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft and was the prime mover behind the formation of the IMF and World Bank. His behind the back antics is largely credited for the return of the late Steve Jobs to Apple and he gave Jobs the blueprint to fuck Nokia's backside with the iPhone. Anwhore's cunning was the main reason we have Spork as money-laundering centre par excellence and in fact his esteemed input was responsible for the establishment of Temasik (Singapork) and GIC(Singapork's) world class accounting principles.

    Anwhore also drafted the blueprint for Obama's QE initiatives and the selfsame Anwhore is largely credited with keeping the Euro Union afloat. So much has been credited to this wizard that very few people barring his hidden little boy knows that he does not wash his arse but loves washing other arses with his close friend, Dick.

    Now excuse me, I need to pay homage to this amazing creation, a God's gift to arsekind but I doubt he will spare me the time as he is busy drafting plans to blow up the incoming asteroid as well as designing the first all weather spacecraft bound for the Sun.Oh, I am in such shock and awe.....whooooooooo (ROFLMAO)

    Warrior 231

    1. Anonymous4:25 pm

      Lama tak dgr berita warrior. Pray for u the best of health insyAllah. Simply one of the best.

  24. Anonymous7:33 am

    Well, well...

    Dr M may have initiated the "Look East" policy back in the day, but fast forward to the present.

    Who, in Asean, is the biggest beneficiary of investments from the "East" countries - China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea (I count Hong Kong as part of China)?

    Is it Malaysia?

    Or is it some other country that shall remain nameless?

    So, why does it matter who thought of and initiated the "Look East" policy, when the targets of that policy have spread their largesse unevenly around the region?

    It's funny, for instance, that in spite of "Look East", the PBOC has chosen Singapore to host a yuan clearing bank (ICBC) for the Asean region.

    This in spite of Malaysia being China's biggest trade partner in Asean.

    So, let's reflect instead on how the government apparently failed to follow through on the "Look East" initiative.

    As in most things Malaysian, it's the devil in the details that matters.

  25. Anonymous7:38 am

    see u in jail brotha

  26. Anonymous7:45 am

    ish ish ish peliwat tua dah terlalu terdesak

    ali, tommy, deepak, rpk, bala are on buttman's fairytale payroll

    kesian nya ini era Najib, peliwat krepot taubat sudah lah

  27. What is so good about Japan ? Just look at them now, the most heavily indebted nation and the shamble that is happening to the nation. If not for the assistance of U.S., without any care nor the need to provide for themselves in the area of defense, For sure Japan will be in deeper trouble than they are in to day.
    Malaysia no doubt has indeed learnt from Japan on how to spend with borrowed money, but the one thing Malaysia hasn't learnt from them are the advancement in technology and how frugal the Japanese people are.
    Most unfortunately the one thing Malaysia has learnt from Japan is how to spend with borrowed money. Unlike Japan they are borrowing mainly, I said mainly, from their own frugal people and is in no hurry to go bankrupt but one day they still will. Whereas Malaysia's borrowing is not from their own people and soon they will have to pay up and that will be when Malaysia will go bust.

  28. Dr Mahathir's policies and actions have been consistently democratic and pro free enterprise but he saw problems with the idol worship of the free market to the detriment of quality of work life and hence the Look East policy.

    The term is ingenious without any commitments to authoritarian regimes, real and official, or 'socialist' services, official or real.

    Where do we place Mr. Anwar in this scheme of things?

    As for the political dimension, clearly not democratic, openly endorsing processes like 'Bersih' which subvert the democratic process. He will suspend elections as Hitler did after using democratic processes initially.

    As for the economic dimension, we cannot place him, but I suspect the pro free enterprise elements stronger than pro state business elements within Pakatan.

    So, his Nazi model, ala PAP, by default because of shared characteristics.

    If he claims to have inspired the Look East Policy, his inspiration must be General Tojo.

  29. anon@5:21PM: you are bodoh. where was anwar in 1981?

    we wasn't in government yet-lah.

  30. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Dr Mahathir was highly respected by the Japanese. He was the only serving Prime Minister of a Developing Nation like Malaysia who had a monthly column in a major Japanese newspaper. The Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun carried Dr Mahathir's monthly column "World Analysis".

    Anwar on the other hand cannot even write a letter without help from the Pakistani homosexuals like Munawar Anees, Ziaudin Shit and that other younger fellow. The Melayu around Anwar definitely cannot read or write anything for him. They are quite useless. Maybe they can put Anwar's face on toilet paper and sell it in Japan. Since he likes to lick boys' asses he may as well wipe up Japanese asses. That would be look East for Anwar Ibrahim.

  31. Anonymous9:58 pm


    It's strange that you should comment thusly.

    Let me ask you then why Shinzo Abe chose to visit Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia in his first overseas trip as Prime Minister?

    Or why Fumio Kishida chose to visit Singapore, the Philippines and Brunei is his first overseas trip since becoming Foreign Minister in the Abe government?

    Mana Malaysia, eh?

    It says something about Japan's view of the region in the countries that it's new PM and Foreign Minister chose to visit in their first overseas tours.

    "Look East", anyone?

    Or, maybe, Najib and Anifah Aman were just too busy to accommodate a visit from the Japanese!

  32. Anonymous4:57 am

    “In early December 1997, the Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim began to reassert control over economic policy. After securing full cabinet support (in Mahathir’s absence, in early December 1997), Anwar implemented a series of orthodox policies, not unlike those conventionally regarded as IMF solutions. The central bank, Bank Negara, raised its three-month intervention rate from 8.7% at the end of 1997 to 11.0% in early February 1998. Drastic 18% reductions were made in budgeted government expenditure.

    2. Loans in arrears were redefined as non-performing loans after three months, instead of the previous six months. Bank statutory reserve requirements were also raised and tighter definitions of non-performing loans were enforced. These measures almost certainly exacerbated the recessionary tendencies already setting in throughout the region. Anwar approved the tighter fiscal and monetary policies from late 1997, in line with market expectations as much as IMF recommendations.

    3. Malaysia’s orthodox measures deepened the impact of the crisis. The massive ringgit devaluation imported inflation into Malaysia’s very open economy. Overzealous efforts to check inflation exacerbated deflationary tendencies. The stock market collapse (by more than half since its peak in the first quarter of 1997) adversely affected both consumption and investment through the ‘wealth effect’. Credit restraint policies adopted by the government from December 1997 further dampened economic activity. The depreciated ringgit increased the relative magnitude of the mainly privately held foreign debt as well as the external debt-servicing burden.”

    Source:Jomo Sundram in http://www.globaleconomicgovernance.org/wp-content/uploads/sundaram-pathways_malayisa.pdf

    Commentary : Don't you get the feeling we have headless Finance Minister flipflopping from one strategy to another like an idiot with pants afire? That the great Anwhore for you. Having allowed Jomo Sundram, an unabashed Anwarista, to tie the knot to hang his master, lets see how Anwhore’s great IMF prescription impacted the Malaysian economy. We will allow the IMF itself via its data to do the talking for its favourite poodle:

    Table 1 in the
    link(http://www.econ.chula.ac.th/public/publication/journal/2008/cje200101.pdf) outlines GDP output in the quarters IMMEDIATELY AFTER Anwhore’s IMF measures as outlined by Jomo above.

    A.Note high positive GDP data in Q4 (1997) began its spectacular fall into negative territory in Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 1998 immediately the great Anwhore’s financial wizardry commences its magic.

    B.Note to how the Capital Controls effected by one recalcitrant Mahathir Mohamad turns things around within ONLY 1 quarter.

    I leave you to decide who was the brilliant maverick and who was the resident clown-idiot occupying the Finance Ministry back in the turbulent 1990s..

    Warrior 231

  33. Anonymous5:00 am

    Part 2

    Next, let us analyse both the GINI and Public spending to acknowledge Ali Condombra’s assertion that Anwhore stood for the common man and the upliftment of the Malay community.

    Table 4 (http://www.wbiconpro.com/225-Mukaramah.pdf) shows the Mean monthly household incomes by ethnic group and stratum 1970-2004 in Peninsular Malaysia.

    We will assess Anwhore’s great contribution to the upliftment of Malay incomes on three counts namely urban vs rural (where Malays live)income disparity, Chinese/Malay income gap and finally national income inequality. Bear in mind the great Anwhore assumed the Finance Ministry mantle in 1992.

    a.Urban vs Rural = 1 : 1.75 (1992) to 1 : 2.04 (1997)

    b.Chinese vs Malay = 1 : 1.73 (1992) to 1 : 1.83 (1997)

    c.Gini Coeeficient = 0.459 (1992) to 0.47 (1997)

    On all three counts, the brilliant Anwhore:

    a. Left the Malays poorer than the Chinese

    b. Left Malaysia more inequal than before

    c. Left the rural folks (read the peasantry=Malays/Indians) poorer than his Chinese masters.

    What a brilliantly staggering socio-economic leveling achievement for a man who touted egalitarian Malaysia in the 1970s as a firebrand madman before igniting the Asian rennaisance and hawking other sundry garbage while garbed in Hugo Boss power suits which hid his anti-Malay and anti-Islam pro-Chinese, pro-elite Wahhabi streak well !!

    Warrior 231

  34. Anonymous5:08 am

    Part 3

    Now let us move on to another legend created by Ali the Cordoban:

    “Facts will prove one day that Anwar contributed at large to the progress and development of the poor and needy. that Anwar launched several low cost housing programmes that has helped the low income earners to own a house, despite the hurdles that came into existence after his downfall as finance minister. During his days at the Finance Ministry, the Malay community did benefit from micro-credit schemes. Thus, Anwar did not abandon the Malay-Muslims and the poor of the nation for his own personal gains.”

    I was moved to tears in reading that and had to stifle my sobs as I searched for the requisite proof. And there he was, Mr Truth staring unblinkingly at my crocodile tears for he understood the effect of lies better than anyone ……..hahahahahahaaha

    Table 5 (http://www.wbiconpro.com/225-Mukaramah.pdf) is an eyeopener regarding Anwhore's true inclinations towards the Malays.

    More than any other Malay leader, Anwhore was largely responsible for the decapitation of the Malay agrarian community and the decline in rural expenditure. Expenditure on agriculture and rural development was slashed by almost 50% during his tenure (between 1992-1998) from 11.9 billion (1992) to 5.9billion (by 2000).

    Analysis also revealed that Anwhore’ budget strategies were skewed towards the Chinese and the urbanites:

    “All public expenditure programs appear to benefit the urban household groups significantly more than the rural household groups for all ethnic groups. More obviously are public expenditure in education which benefited significantly more urban Malay than rural Malay and urban Chinese than rural Chinese; and for public transfer, public investment in wholesale and retail trade, and public investment in education and health, these expenditure are benefited significantly more urban Chinese than rural Chinese”

    Little wonder that the income inequalities I mentioned in part 1 manifested themselves in the data, given the large cutbacks in expenditure for Malays in the countryside and the extra moolah showered on the Chinese, a classic case of reverse Robin Hoodism, i.e., robbing the poor to enrich the rich….(ROFL)

    The stark conclusion that can be drawn is that Anwhore was NO Malay hero but a shameless Chinese cocksuckler who was immediately embraced by DAPigs as their legitimate hero once he was thrown out for outright treachery and mutiny. And I am sure many Malays who have painful memories of losing their jobs, homes (repossession due to snowballing interest payments on loans), cars etc plus their sanity due to Mr Anwhore’s IMF curry favouring antics and street rioting know better than any Ali from Cordoba in Argentina as to who is REAL villain of the piece. Enough said.

    Warrior 231

  35. Anonymous1:57 pm

    The urban Malays did benefit, did they not?

    And whose fault is it that the rural Malays and the estates-based Indians did not avail themselves of the opportunities to keep their kids in school, make sure they got a good education and secured an escape route out of the poverty trap?

    There's such a thing as "self reliance", as opposed to a fatalistic life philosophy and a dependence on handouts and subsidies.

    What are the statistics on the drop out rates among the children of rural Malays and estates-based Indians from 1957 till now?

    The warrior has run true to form, yet again, in raising the shibboleth of the Chinese bogeyman.

    It's an attempt to cover up the underperformance of certain groups and communities in the country.

    Like it's far easier to play the blame game (i.e. that someone is always to blame for one's predicament) than standing up and taking responsibility for your actions, yourselves and your families.

    But we've heard this all before. Like when Dr M tried to blame the woes of the world on a Zionist conspiracy!

  36. Anonymous10:09 pm

    And, yet, the IMF is still around.

    And, yes, Malaysia is still a member of the IMF.

    Maybe, Malaysia is hoping to "reform" the IMF from within and convince it of the error of it's ways.

    Perhaps the government could seek the expertise of the warrior in this onerous task, seeing as how he's an expert on all matters economic and financial.

    It could augment the IMF's lack of expertise and intellectual horsepower and expose the woeful limitations of the Anwaristas at the same time.

    Now, who is the Malaysian rep on the Fund's Board of Governors?

  37. Anonymous11:30 pm

    anon @ 1:57 pm says "did not avail themselves of the opportunities"

    so UMNO/BN has created opportunities for cinapek huh??

  38. Anonymous1:57 am

    Yes the poseur cognoscenti strikes again at precisely 1.57pm and at exactly 10.09 with more 'crackpottish' garbage.

    And he introduced "shibboleth" from his repetitive mental record player to announce his awesome entry into the fray.....hahahahaha pathetic horse-arse fly.

    I will answer 1.57pm first with 3 simple questions:

    a.what is the percentage of Malays and Chinese living in urban and rural areas in the 1990s?

    b.what is the differentials in incomes for urban Malays/Chinese in the 1990s?

    c. why the silence on the slash and burn in expenditure for agriculture and rural development and how does that not have an impact?

    If he can answer those and use his brains properly (which I bet he cant for he doesnt have one) he will arrive at the right answer he should have been looking for in the first place (which he cant for he does not have the brains for that, either)

    The crux of my ripostes to Ali Condombra is pretty simple: Dont ever lie to us that Anwhore is a Malay/poor man's hero for he ain't any saint nor saviour on both counts.

    To put it in plain English: Anwhore is a Chinese puppet cum cocksuckler with a profoundly deep anti-Malay streak, and an anti-Islam Wahhabist deviant perversion to boot, period.

    The economic data and factoids from Jomo Sundram, the IMF and sources cited from Mukarramah et al's paper just proves that reality beyond doubt.

    All of which brings me to the worthless 10.09pm ad hominem rant (that doesn't even deserve a second look).

    I never claimed or ever said this:

    "Perhaps the government could seek the expertise of the warrior in this onerous task, seeing as how he's an expert on all matters economic and financial.It could augment the IMF's lack of expertise and intellectual horsepower and expose the woeful limitations of the Anwaristas at the same time."

    The Tongkanese pig said the above. as to why, ask him for he is running true to form in casting snide remarks in a vain attempt to upend my factual contentions.

    But then again that is also to make up for his sense of impotent inadequacy? Impotent inadequacy? Yup, a) no brains to rationally and cogently debunk a viewpoint with the requisite data. b) no strong, turgid and sufficiently long enough cock to provide whore mummy with her desired kicks...ahhh how 'erectilely' frustrating can that be....hahahahahahahaha

    In conclusion, as I have noted countless times before, its very easy to pass off snide remarks, vague general observations and personal attacks as profound insights by covering them with verbiage like 'puissant'; "cognoscenti", "shibboleth"; 'ersatz' et al culled freely from the many online dictionaries.

    But it takes intelligence to grasp issues, analyse them, dissect and debunk them critically armed with the requisite data.

    But then again cowards lack both intelligence and sextellect as they lack the needed heads at both ends, so whats new?

    Warrior 231

  39. Anonymous2:11 am

    I dont know which blog thread anon 1.57pm is reading from.

    But there is no mention of any Chinese being a bogeyman or anything to that effect in Warrior's comment. All he said based on all available economic data from that period was " Anwar is a pro-Chinese cocksuckler"

    Perhaps, anon 1.57pm is suffering from an inferiority complex that everything are shadows of something else to him?

  40. Anonymous7:19 am

    Anon 11:30 pm

    Your point being what, precisely?

    Equality of opportunities does not lead to equality of outcomes.

    A simple enough philosophy, yes?

  41. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Ooh, the warrior thinks to strike terror by indulging in his favourite pastime of verbal diarrhea.

    Well, guess what?

    All his posturings don't play in the real world, something which he has carefully omitted in all his posts.

    All his questions and arguments, dressed up in the dross of abstruse references and unverifiable and unattributable reports and sources are designed to hide the fact that the cool maruah intellects can't hack it on their own.

    Not even Dr M, his erstwhile hero, has claimed as such.

    And note that a couple of his bete noires - Singapore and the IMF are still very much around.

    And apparently getting in the face of all right-thinking maruah intellects.

    Oh, the pain of being sidelined in the great economic game and being reduced to irrelevance....it's enough to make true believers weep!

  42. Anonymous2:31 am

    Folks watch how anon 10.02pm descends into a pathetic mad sheman before our very eyes with her mindless vitriol. Such a sad sight to watch a brainless idiot accusing me of terror, posturing, detached from reality... when we know which scumbag is ironically referencing him/herself. Hahahahaha

    "abstruse(wow...another free online dictionary cull)references.................."

    1. Voila, the very same data pondan commented upon and used with such delight at 1.57pm above is suddenly all so absurd just because pigboy cannot answer a valid reasonable challenge.

    2. means even the IMF data, UN Assistant secretary general on economic afairs Prof Jomo Sundram's and a peer reviewed paper by Prof Mukarramah et al I quoted from with provided links for everyone,sincere and desirous in finding the truth, to cross verify with, is false.

    And to top of the absurdity and the coward's sheer buffoonery, a few lines later my purported bête noire which just became his discredited IMF earlier ( on account of the "false" data) all of a sudden becomes credible, alive and kicking again.

    What the slut is trying to say is beyond me and leaves one breathless at how stupid and petty someone can really be and actually get when caught out as a fraud, a liar and a charlatan

    "cool maruah intellects can't hack....own" = repeated ad infinitum umpteen times that you will puke even before you reach the end of it.

    And his personal attacks are so wimpishly silly and pedantic that they hardly raise a laugh anymore let alone a smirk or even a yawn.

    And to drag Mahathir in is scrapping the bottom of the shitbarrel I suppose

    The bitchy sulky rant sums up Anon aka Jasper aka Skillgannon 1066 aka innumerable nicks aka Singapork SB 0.50 cents troll. An idiot whose thought processes are so messed up that he cannot even see his self-inflicted pathetic contradictions. And when he can't get even in a rational argument, he will resort to threats, empty bluster, mindless childish rants, snide remarks and condescending shit. And in when in total exasperation, he is capable of plumbing the depths as when recently, he even advocated banning me in the Economics Malaysia blog instead of debunking the post which the blog owner there had linked to me.

    I bet warm maruahless intellects must be seething in anger cos their god given stupidity has been humiliatingly exposed so publicly time and again. And I bet too that the pain of the debased and deflated ego must be proving so unbearable to bear that the stress forced him to lash out like a scorned painted slut to salve the pondan's psycho wounds.....hahahahahahahahaha.

    And all his rubbish is an apt summation of the Singaporkian education system, a system designed to mass produce unthinking, parroting, condescending idiots like this one who think the world revolves at their every beck and call. Poorah pundek, inconsequential, insignificant nonentity scumbags like you are dime a dozen on skid rows the world over and you don't faze me an iota.

    And all that innate small cocked tranniesm is replete in his last sentence. Yeah, weep for all we care pig boy for in the end delusional, brainless idiots deserve to reap everything they sow....hahahahahahahahahaha. What a pathetic loser Tongkanese scumbag slimepoop.

    Warrior 231

  43. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Well, the warrior has had little rant.

    Guess what?

    The world goes on.

    The IMF and Singapore are still around.

    Malaysia continues to do business with Singapore.

    And Dr Mahathir's "water politics" has been consigned to the rubbish bin of history.

    And that's something that all the theses, footnotes, cross references and unattributable "sources" can't obfuscate.

    Living large, as Singapore does, is the best revenge against the warrior's angst.

    See, even Dr M has piped down on the subject of Singapore (anyone remember his "Sing and tell" bon not?

    So, let the warrior and his ilk piddle away. There's not much else they can do when even the Malaysian government ignores their caterwaulings.

    And that's the hard truth, isn't it?

  44. Anonymous10:42 pm

    The end is approaching as a society:


    and as a useless, fuckheaded individual:


    after he is made a mad invalid, of course. And all this after the international community calls out moneylaunderers over their "promises and commitments" which are just written lies on paper after all.



    Warrior 231