Monday, February 04, 2013

Next, he'd burn our homes to the ground!

Updated: Wong Tack's menacing threat reminds the blogger Seademon of Lai Teck aka Lai Tack, a notorious leader of the Malayan Communisty Party, which almost razed this country to the ground. In The Kuantan Criminal, Seademon says Wong Tack should be locked up for the greater good ...

Guang Ming Daily
Sunday Night Edtion
If Lynas is not shut down after General Election, Wong Tack threatens:"I will personally burn down the rare earth plant!" 
Don't take his threat lightly
Feb 3: Himpunan Hijau chairman, Wong Tack (pic), said if Lynas rare earth plant still not close after 13th GE, the rakyat will take the last resort which is to burn down the rare earth plant in order to protect the people health and safety.

Wong Tack said the action of burning down the plant will not harm anyone because their objective is to stop the rare earth plant from causing harm on people's health and life.

They are prepared to shoulder the legal implication, Wang Tack said during a Parti KeAdilan Rakyat's Indera Mahkota program.

Wong Tack said on 31 December 2012, the green march has reached the door of rare earth plant, so if to take the next step, it would be to gate crash and burn the plant, that would reflect the rakyat's angry sentiment and it would be the green march's last resort because the rakyat has been forced into such resort.

He said Green March has announced its support for Anwar Ibrahim's Pakatan Rakyat in the next GE, and hope that when PR wins power and form the new Federal Government, the rare earth plant will be closed.

He said, "We will choose to support PR, because its leader Anwar Ibrahim has promised the rakyat that when they come into power, the rare earth plant and Bukit Koman cyanide gold mine project will be closed."

He said they appreciate peace, which was why after the demo in front of rare earth plant on 31 Dec 2012, they said they will not stage any other demo but to prepare for GE and help PR thorough democratic means to topple the ruling BN government.

He said, "Although internally there are members who hope I can become an election candidate so that there will be a Green rep in the Parliament, but personally I am not so interested with election, to do that would be too big a sacrifice for me." 
However, he felt that Wong Chin Huat, Dr Tok Kin Woon and Maria Chin would be more suitable to become candidate. Wong Tack said, "Compare to limitation as elected rep, I think the role of social activist is more suitable for me."


Bru's comments:

Wong Tack may be doing his political masters' bidding but surely there are limits there. I hope the relevant authorities will NOT take the man's threats lightly. This kind of talk - of burning down multi-million ringgit facilities to the ground - must be taken very, very seriously. This man must be considered a danger to society. Lives could be at stake here. There will be employees at the plant and their family members, too.

Eco-terrorist acts have been carried out many times before, perhaps not in this country. Click here to read about some recent eco-terrorisst activities like the one in the article below. Wong Tack may have been inspired by these acts.

Read also of similar acts by so-called activists:
Activist arrested after threat to burn down the home of former Sacramento city manager
Black activist threatens to burn city after a black was shot by police
Sodomites threaten to burn down Catholic church over gay marriage


  1. if only we still got ISA...

  2. Datuk,

    A threat like this is a crime!

    One cannot make threats in public to destroy properties, even though as a joke.

    Then again, are you surprised Wong Tack is willing to utter such words?

    The fact is that Opposition leaders are criminals. Anwar Ibrahim abused power and spent time in jail. Lim Guan Eng broke PPA and went to jail too. Tian Chua bites Policeman on duty.

    Mat Sabu is now in trial for rubbishing the history, in the attempt to create hatred towards the
    police. Rafizi Ramli also will end up in jail for breaching Sect 97 of BAFIA.

    Nizar Jamaluddin should be charged for falsely accusing PM Najib asked all ATM service chiefs to stage a coup d'etat when BN falls at the next polls.

    I hope ROS will deregister DAP for the false CEC election results announce on 15 Dec 2012.

    The Opposition is about a band of bandits! They are lawless as they come and strive to be!

  3. Anonymous1:43 am

    What this brainless bastard is plotting to do is tantamount to economic sabotage, the type which commie bastards carried out during the emergency. Used to be that time off in Kamunting would have corrected any psychological issues arising from domestic problems, work stress, financial mess or genetic inheritance. Now it seems that a stint in Tampoi would be the required palliative to put together once more a crackpot's shattered mind .

    Warrior 231

  4. Anonymous1:43 am

    What this brainless bastard is plotting to do is tantamount to economic sabotage, the type which commie bastards carried out during the emergency. Used to be that time off in Kamunting would have corrected any psychological issues arising from domestic problems, work stress, financial mess or genetic inheritance. Now it seems that a stint in Tampoi would be the required palliative to put together once more a crackpot's shattered mind .

    Warrior 231

  5. Anonymous1:53 am

    wah..serupa ingat lu siapa?wa kasi potong wa punya .....kalau lu betul2 bikin..cakap serupa orang tak ada ingat Malaysia ini undang2 rimba ka?otak lu serupa otak ba alif ba ya la bangsat!!!

  6. Wong "doing his political masters' bidding"
    Bru doing his political masters' bidding.....same same.
    Pot calling a kettle black.
    Wong is brave to tell what he will do.
    Bru does them...hiding under the rambutan tree.

  7. Anonymous5:49 am

    Going by what you said, you should also ask the authorities to take action against Ibrahim Ali who often threaten to do this and that. Be fair in your reporting, if you have any integrity left with you.

  8. Anonymous6:46 am

    fucking guy! his master last time wants to burn the country and the malays. now somebody is countinuing the legacy to burn down the pahang economy.

    i say, burn that guy for instigating chaos in the country!!

  9. Anonymous7:19 am

    This is the reasoning of a mad man.

    Next, he will ask people to burn TV sets because it emits radiation and screens violent movies.

    After that, burn hospitals with radio active X-Rays, followed by telecommunication transmitters,broadcasting stations etc.

    Finally, people like these will ask their stupid followers to fly a rocket to bomb the sun, because of the radiation over the world.

    And yet idiots believe such lunatics.


  10. Anonymous7:37 am

    Rocky has proven time & time again that whoever fights for a better Malaysia is the devil instead whether it is the Bar Council, Bersih, Himpunan Hijau, etc. Rocky has sold his soul to the money worshipping devil long ago & is a disgrace.

  11. In this case the would be "eco-terrorist" have identified himself, therefore the police must be proactive for a threat has been made.
    In the west this asshole would have been grabbed by the homeland security and detained indefinitely and sent to a country where torture is sanction just to extract more info on more such threats to the country!

  12. Anonymous9:11 am

    Somebody, especially the owner or employees of Lynas should make a police report against this bastard. What fucking eco-activist is this? Threatening to burn down a huge plant without considering the safety of others and the massive pollution to the environment, that he was suppose to preserve.

    If the authority does not take action against this SOB, those working at the plant, whose lives might be at stake, should counter the threat to burn down his house.


  13. Anonymous9:25 am

    A nation is in high distress seeing Malaysia progress steadily and surely.

    Paid saboteurs disguised as Green activists are hired to HALT Malaysia's progress to the detriment of this nation.

    Even Bra Council lends a hand.

  14. Anonymous9:31 am

    Chenghei' semacam siApek ni!!

    Whenever strange Apeks or Aneys try to be funny in this country, the first image flashing in my mind wld always be "had his atok moyang behaved like this in their country of origin, what would have happened to him??"

    Monsterball lau ren,
    Agaknya what do you think will happen to this Apek's tok moyang? Tolong enlighten me sikit okay or not?


  15. In Malaysia if a group protesting by hunger strike, the authority need to appointment someone to ensure they won't eat. The same group now want a bonfire party. don't think they have the balls to do that.

  16. Anonymous9:46 am

    Plenty of such morons.....brainless twit. Why so slow action against this green alien. Authorities must do their part as we can't have morons threatening people and properties...
    Sial punya orang, kasi malu sama negara dan bangsa.....cepat capat mati lagi baik... bikin orang lain susah saja

  17. joseph9:54 am

    these are the people who want to be part of a GOVERNMENT ... they have no respect for the law, they are vicious, rancid and toxic.

    they talk about moral, responsibility and accountability...

    yesy yes...they want YOU to be or have all that but they themselves will exempt themselves.

    if they ever rule -- you can be sure they will sweep issues against them under the carpet.

    or their leaders will tell you: " that has been discussed/settled/dealt there is no issue/the issue doesn't arise anymore..

    there are some good people DAP, people who believe in the struggle for equality and justice...but they are few and far between and their voices have been suppressed.

    Politicians like Wong Tuck -- he represents the type and the voice and the character/personality of most of these toxic leaders..

    basically they want the Chinese to hold political power..

    The young generation of Chinese in Malaysia should be more Malaysian...but most have been taken by the lies of the DAP through their rewriting of history of Malaya, the background of the Malays and the non-Malays as well as the history of the BN.

    They scream corruption in the BN -- yet if BN was so corrupt, how on earth did our beloved Malaysia exist the way it does?

    You scream BN to be corrupt -- I can bet you Pakatan will be more corrupt -- in the few years they are in power in Penang and Selangor, they've done far better at abusing power.

    Also, they - in particular the DAP -- are moe arrogant than any BN leader.

  18. alicia9:57 am

    arcadia saud "if only we still got ISA" --

    my sentiments exactly.

    the only thing the govt has got to promise is not to use it against their political opponents and that there must NOT be detention without trial.

    PAKATAN has made it difficult for the govt to fight terrorism and other crimes. They demanded for the abolition of ISA and went out of their way to defend criminal in the name of human rights.

    I don't believe for a second that they are doing it for human rights..

  19. Anonymous10:12 am

    Don't worry Singapore secret service will do it for him. After all it's Singapore agenda.

  20. This guy is definitely a nut case. It's baffling how there are people who are willing to be conned by him on the Lynas issue. Then again, there are always Malaysians who want to oppose for the sake of opposing even if they have to follow the lead of loosed screw people. Other nut cases being elevated to leadership status include that anarchist Tian Chua, Hishammudin Rais and one suspiciously senile Sasterawan Negara. Then there are also the clowns like Pas' Mat Sabu and Mahfuz Omar....they are deputy president and vice-president of the party some more.

  21. Anonymous10:33 am

    This is a treat!

    This crazy bastard must need to be put behind bars!

    This is Malaysia and we have law here!

    This act of barbaric must not be tolerated!

  22. Do it in Chinalah...Ada berani??

    This is Malaysia...Tanah Melayu...

  23. Anonymous11:57 am

    Politics aside, I wonder if we are getting 'correct' facts what is being done to the Malaysian environment.

    Bottom line, I agree that progress should never be achieved at the expense of people's right to a clean and healthy environment.

  24. let me tell you how benign the BN govt and its apparatus are.

    you say the police abuse their power, you say the BN is ruthless.

    but look around you.

    the BN is as benign as a neutered pussycat.

    you scream this: and they quickly set up a committee of inquiry.

    you scream again: an inquest is conducted.

    scream again: they stop having roadblocks to catch criminals.

    you see what the pakatan has done and how this benign BN has got itself stuck under?

    the pakatan has skilfully (the DAP is the expert here through training by the PAP) creaqted an environment where even the police has been forced into submission.

    as for the courts? BN under Dr M had got the judiciary by the balls?
    pray tell me how?

    since Tun Salleh Abas?
    but wasn't tun salleh partisan while wearing the robe of Lord President? wasn't the tribunal set up because he committed a sin as his lordship?

    and are we saying that his brother judges were under Dr M's thumb?

    you're talking about judges of those days of whom we speak highly.

    you think they were scared of Dr M?

    besides, if you ask me -- no one can force judges to take anyone's side. if they compromise their position then, it is they who are to be blamed..

    so now -- with Anwar and Guan having won court cases-- suddently cat got their tongue? so now judges are independent?

    The likes of Guan Eng, Anwar and the rest of those clowns in Pakatan don't fool me.

    Trouble is -- there are enough fools in this country who cannot see through them...

  25. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Woi mabuk ka ? itu macam bikin kalu, itu asap bakar pun bahaya, pencemaran ma.. nanti olang pengsan , sakit , apa macam. Kalu mau bikin jugak, api tak boleh pakai - bahaya, asap tak boleh keluar - bahaya.

  26. Wave3312:34 pm

    Latuk Locky,

    It begins to look ugly now.

    I really hope, it does not happen. Things will happen when a tiger is squeeze to a corner without option. UMNO has the option to prevent it from happening. Kick out Lynas!

    When negotiating fails, force is used. UMNO has done it so many times in the past. By using force to silence the opposition or the anti-establishment.

    This is no good news. I hope it is a game of poker.

  27. Anonymous1:38 pm

    you should write the same about ibrahim ali's bible burning call. muslims can charge into a christian's home to burn the bible and if the house is burned down then it is collateral damage to uphold islam, right?

  28. Anonymous1:46 pm

    QUOTE "Tanduk Dua said...
    This is Malaysia...Tanah Melayu...
    11:55 am"

    I'm sorry, last I checked Malaysia is Tanah Melayu+Sabah+Sarawak. Don't be a Bulletin Utama and start equating Tanah Melayu with Malaysia, when the former is PART of the latter..


  29. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Wah, burn bibles no comment, burn a harmful plant and the freaking BN worms start wriggling. Shame on you Rocky.

  30. Pushed to the wall...ignored numerous pleadings....may have made Wong Tack talk like that.
    He can continue protesting....and his love and care for the people's heath and safety are much much to be admired.
    Perhaps he can pour a gallon of kerosene oil to burn himself to make Najib pay attention...and followed by few of his make sure the whole country fight for his cause.
    67 days to 13th GE...lets focus on the few MAIN ISSUES.

  31. Anonymous2:59 pm

    monsterball said...
    Wong "doing his political masters' bidding"
    Bru doing his political masters' bidding.....same same.
    Pot calling a kettle black.
    Wong is brave to tell what he will do.
    Bru does them...hiding under the rambutan tree.
    2:07 am

    ----------------------this is one dumb comment by a Pakatan wanabe. If this is how Pakatan responses to issues, then they are doomed. Zero intellectual, like Hannah Yeoh's arrogance term "low class" fits her own tokong type mentality.

  32. Anonymous3:04 pm


    What did IA said to do this do that threaten you? Tell exactly what, no spinning or twisting please, or u just another forque tongue vessel.

  33. Anonymous5:33 pm

    138 & 212,

    When did IA said burn bibles u dimwit?

    IA merely meant if muslims got hold of malay bibles which use the word Allah, which is illegal, burn them if all other means failed. Not "burn bibles or all bibles" as u pakatan spinner accused of. Some muslims think this is too harsh, but many muslims agree this is the way to do if other means fail.

    It is a practice for muslims to destroy old damaged or forged printed qurans by burning them. So whats wrong burning illegal bibles?

    For Rocky to write what he prefer, thats his blog, his choice wat. You not happy, go to pakatan blogs wat, they will write whatever u like wat.

    Tiunyeseng, go open own blog if want to tell blog owner what to do. Bolo

  34. Anonymous5:47 pm

    monsterball said...
    Wong Tack....and his love and care for the people's heath and safety...
    Perhaps he can pour a gallon of kerosene oil to burn himself to death.....

    ----love, care fir people's health wtf this montelball talking shit about.,,.go check most chinese stall all over country, see how dirty and unhygenic they are, then ask thi Tack fella talk about his crab care for health. Or go to Beijing and see how chinks there shit on drains and longkangs in front of people (i saw with my own eyes), then come back talk about health.

    ----pour kerosene to burn himself, hehe this one i agree, and why not u monsterball if hv ball go joint him and burn yourselves together. Chepat chepat sikit lu buat. The kerosene i will sponsor.

    Pour kerosene burn himself....3 days hunger strike also cannot tahan to eat, some more want to burn, haiya talk big tin kosong can lor this DAP

    Yet another stupido comment by Tokong henchman, your tokong also malu maa

  35. Anonymous6:11 pm

    "Perhaps he (wong tack) can pour a gallon of kerosene oil to burn himself to make Najib pay attention" - monsterball

    hAHAHAhAhA...cant stop laughing when i read this.

    Ok ok ok listen listen listen...i as BN supporter will give my word to DAP if Wong Tack and Monsterball pour kerosene oil and burn before PRU13, but dont die please. U got my vote, ok?


    Kerosene Man

  36. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Rocky, first Ibrahim Ali will burn our home to the ground then only Wong Tuck.....

  37. Anonymous9:40 pm

    i missed ISA


  38. Anon 3:04

    Haiyoh, if someone burns Koran like that looney in Florida threaten to do, you will get buttmad, right?

    Even though it doesn't physically threaten you, right?

    Think, man!

  39. Anonymous9:43 pm


    Wong's too much. Seems to be incredible hulk. Katun.

  40. bourne identity9:44 pm

    ini cina tongkang tinggal sebelah Lynas ka?
    Kalai dia bakar - sapa juga kena? Orang duduk sebelah dia lah...
    I think this modern day communist terrorist needs a very good lesson on how NOT to threaten peaceful Malaysia like what we did to the almost mainly chinese controlled CPM insurgents way back in the 70a sand 80s..
    " we " are vat69ers...btw :-)

  41. Anonymous9:52 pm

    According to LGE little red book.....according to CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 S.O.P MANUAL terrorist term is reserved only to muslim reactionary including PAS. .....others reactionaries are consider as human right, freedom fighters....liberators.
    So those arseholes muslim in PAS, PKR and Liberal Muslim NGO please tske note

    Prof Jamil

  42. Anonymous9:56 pm


    If someone is born in Malaysia, what is his country of origin please?


  43. Anonymous5:26 am

    Dear Wong Tak,

    If you personally burn down my government's property, I will personally burn down yours.

    Tong Wak.

    1. Anonymous9:42 am

      Silly anon 5:26 am

      Lynas is not government property. It's obviously Umno-sponsored, hence the "protect at all costs" attitude of Umno.

      Doesn't need to be burnt down. Get rid of Umno and you get rid of Lynas.

  44. Rocky is paid to do his job.
    That does not mean Rocky must ban all comments against the Govt.
    However...he does apply unfair tactics...not to approve some comments from PR supporters to make the BN supporters look smart and have the last say.
    If Rocky ban all comments against him or his messages....his blog will be dull...with only Umno b half past sixes commenting.
    PS: Wong Tak burning burning great balls of fire in his causing hot comments... coming out.
    You want a car to be faulty...pour salt into the oil tank...engine dead.
    You want the Lynas factory to fail....arrange few workers to throw nuts and bolts and even salt ...and production stops....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Make the company goes bankrupt...building changed to the world largest and most advanced Science & Technology University...with the most modern equipments... with tools for practical experiments...worth billions....HAHAHAHAHAHA

  45. Anonymous9:20 am

    Talk only ma ......Ibrahim b Katak also talk ma ...all of you also talk ma .....AG say take action only when something happen wait la

  46. Anonymous12:36 pm

    are you crazy to say such a thing? we have laws in this country and if you cannot control and respect yourself please respect others. there will be burning everywhere if you do that.There are always two sides of a coin. There is also an action and reaction. Be smart in handling the matter.

  47. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Zed 940:

    Burn illegal bibles. Not burn ALL BIBLES.

    Got it mr spinner?

    Burn Quran in USA? haiya, ask DAP jonnymalaya about his response (he said, why compare USA with Malaysia)

    Mr Selective Comparison

  48. Anonymous1:49 pm


    When BN burns, it is called terrorism. When DAP burns, it is called human rights.

    So u must get used to new laws of this country under Tokong.

  49. At this post...Wong Tak talk cock..Rocky talk cock....we talk cock...Rocky's machais talk cock..and so the post is filled with cock and bull comments.
    Rocky talk cock for the money..
    Wong Tak talk cock for the show.
    Rock's machais...get ready....
    People Power fellas get ready....come on....lets twist again...twisting time is here.
    Round and round we go again.
    Upside down......inside out..we'll twist and fuck the BN idiots again.
    66 days long can your flip flopper PM delay 13th GE...PUTAINI NIAMAH.. ANAK SI-BUKAUS......SONTOLOYOS...Pariahs of the highest order?????
    You..kuchin kurap BN BALLS to walk the talks or not???
    "GREAT BALLS OF FIRE" post about me ...was out ...where most are still sucking mother's milk.

  50. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Agree with the first comment. If only the ISA is still around. Shall we urge the gomen to bring it back? Some people are hankering to go to Kemunting.

  51. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Give this bastard citizenship and he wants to burn down this and that. In china he'll be tortured to death together with his family.

  52. waaa ..."Give this bastard citizenship.......bla bla bla" .Anon 9.19 pm.
    Negara ini U papak punia ke?
    Study REAL history before you talk cock.

  53. Anonymous10:39 pm

    `If you personally burn down my government's property, I will personally burn down yours.'

    Me too full stop


    Lynas is not government property. It's obviously Umno-sponsored, hence the "protect at all costs" attitude of Umno.

    Doesn't need to be burnt down. Get rid of Umno and you get rid of Lynas.

    No we dont burn down umno, but we would prefer to send you (one way) straight to North Korea and eat grass.


    `waaa ..."Give this bastard citizenship.......bla bla bla" .Anon 9.19 pm.
    Negara ini U papak punia ke?
    Study REAL history before you talk cock.'

    haiya monster no ball (4 ex wife) when are you going marry that TE_RA_SA COCK?

    or you become senile already kah?

  54. Anonymous1:35 am

    PROTON SAGA 9:56 pm

    ...If someone is born in Malaysia, what is his country of origin please?

    I encountered many so claimed "borns-in-Malaysia" Apeks and Aneys.. senang aje nak korner mereka ni".

    One very clear slip-ups for example "Pulau Langkawi in Penang????" hahahaha

    I have kornered many such people over the years esp those who cannot even understand Bahasa Melayu.


  55. Wong Tak said....he is holding onto Anwar to keep his promise to shut down Lynas factory when he becomes the PM.
    This means he will not burn the factory....if Anwar shut the factory down.
    Wong Tak seems cocksure....PR will win 13th GE....and Anwar will be all of us.
    He is playing a calculated risk game...he cannot lose.
    Must be a compulsive gambler.
    For your information.....PR politicians are avoiding him.

  56. Anonymous11:50 am

    Monsterball 10:02 pm:

    "Negara ini U papak punia ke?
    Study REAL history before you talk cock."

    Real History, Monsterball? REAL HIstory? OK let's talk REAL history.

    First the British came UNINVITED. Meaning, their presence here were not wanted by the local inhabitants. In short, their stay was illegal.

    Next, these illegals came and brought the Cinapek tochangs from Mainland China. Did they ask permission from the local inhabitants? Nope they didn't.

    So this is a case of illegals being brought in by illegals. Yup! Monsterball. Your presence here is nothing more than a case of twice-removed illegal settlement.

    Then what happened next? The British left, and promised independence WITH A PROVISO THAT THE ILLEGAL-illegals be given citizenship. All million of them, including monsterball's granddad.

    One can sweet-talk, one can sugar-coat and one can politically-correctly rephrase and reword however one wants regarding the presence of Monsterball's kinds in this country, but the above description does not stray away too far from the REALITY of things, that REALITY OF HISTORY that Monsterball was talking about.

    I know it's painful, but please learn to live with it.



  57. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Everybody must be afraid of Wong Tak's threat of burning down Lynas. This is because the DAP is such a great group at following through threats. Amongst the things they have done before:-

    (i) Threatened to go hunger strike in their sit-ins. (But after a couple of hours, reality sank in and so did some delicious Kuey Teow and Dim Sum).

    (ii) Will get the Queen and cohorts to teach Malaysia a lesson through their close connection with the British royalties. (But founded much later that "Sir" Jeffry Wong was knighted by the Queen of ... Spades).

    (iii) Paid Pornotip to conclude that TBH's death was murder (which she did just by LOOKING at photographs, putting Sherlock Holmes to shame).

    (iv) Had great hopes to bring in cyberworld's best troopers to kacau-kacau Rocky and other sensible blogs to try to muffle REALITY voices (but could only come up with Monsterball).

    (v) Had a great time trying to deflect MAY 13 origins (but darn! Someone saw somebody peeing on flagpoles that day).

    Marking Bagpie

  58. bourne identity2:34 pm

    Is he also going to distrb the newly launched Malaysia China Kuantan Industrial Park?
    Oh I forgot...the word CHINA is he's going to leave this industrial park alone.
    Memang indeed...this Wong Fuck...oooops... sorry Wrong Fuck... ooops sorry again...Wong Tack is all against anything that sounds like BN.
    Bring a can of petrol and a lighter and let me see if this Wrong Fuck has the balls...a ball...or a cunt to make good of his word.

  59. Anonymous7:13 pm

    YA. ini negeri bapa saya punya. Lu punya bapa negeri mana?

  60. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Bestlah baca semua ni. Ome thing I can conclude: the govt supporters have put the govt detractors led by DAP to shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Argue with good points pun tatak boleh.

    Way to go guys!! Perwira, Bagpie anon it anon ini ... wow. you guys sure something laaa. Almost makes me want to jump over the fence now (hehehe... was Anwar strong supporter before laaa... but what to do? Was tricked by that kunyit lover).



  61. Anonymous10:59 pm

    My conclusion on Lynas....UMNO and BN are the strivers and DAP + PKR+ PAS are the skivers....UMNO and BN advocates prosper thy Rakyat and DAP think only for their own kind....

    Prof Awe Kecik

  62. Anonymous5:52 am

    Bapak lu punya negeri kepala hotak kau lu si mamak. Orang Asli are the only true aboriginal natives of this land.

  63. hahahahahaha ...Anon 11.50 am teaching me history.
    I wonder does he know where he originally came from?
    I wonder does he know who Hang Tuah really is?
    Useless subject to argue about..
    I ask him to save his breath..look at the present time..LIVE WITH IT....and get ready to vote at 13th GE.

  64. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Pathetic cinapek sepet sengkelet

    forced upon FOC citizenship by white pirates to dilute the bumis quality of life

    given freefall to accumulate wealth unhindered

    now want to grab bumis rights and wrest political power

    also want to own and control Islam, want to rob kalimah "Allah"

    then want to abolish Raja Raja

    and the best thing is that they cant speak the national language Bahasa Melayu

    but cling on to MyKad for life, then deny Muslims a chance for citizenships

    forgetting their 1 million FOC trash

    then display their STUPIDITY for all to witness by loudly claiming that the Orang Asli are the only true aboriginal natives of this land

    how retarded can any cinapek be??

  65. All the Lynas protesters do not agree with Wong Tak..tricky.. cunning hollow threat.
    Like I said..Wong Tak should follow the example of Monks...burning themselves to death with a gallon of kerosene oil..when everything fails.
    Never heard of a more stupid man talking cock..than Wong Tak.

  66. Finally....Wong Tack bowed and apologized to all Malaysians.
    He is a real gentleman.
    Ibrahim Ali can learn manners from him.