Monday, February 18, 2013

The Australian calls grandstanding Senator's idea "stupid"

Was he scheming and waiting for this moment?
The Australian's cartoon seems to suggest so

Malaysia "on any measure is one of the most democratic and freewheeling nations in Southeast Asia. "Its elections are certainly not perfect, but they are better than in most parts of the world. Indeed, its very openness allows people such as Xenophon to grandstand there." - The Australian

We Malaysians are too polite. We should be more like the Aussies - they say it as it is. Like Greg Sheridan, the foreign editor of The Australian, who has been covering this region for years and who must know his politicians more than we do. He seems to know Nick Xenaphon, the Undesirable Immigrant, at least as well as Mr X's buddy Anwar Ibrahim does:

"Xenophon wants the Australian government to send electoral monitors to the forthcoming Malaysian elections. This idea is stupid and impractical." Read what else Mr Sheridan writes, h e r e.

Read also A Voice's o Tell is like it is, Anifah.


  1. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Rocky, why only quote Sheridan?

    How about the comments from Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd (former PM), Bob Carr (foreign minister) who have all criticised Malaysia for its authoritarian deportation of Xenophon, an Australian member of Parliament.

    Sheridan is only an editor with an Australian newspaper whereas Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr are all Australian ministers respectively.

  2. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Rocky ni banyak sibuk dengan cerita lawak Xenophon....

    PM Najib yg tak ada telor di mana ??
    Filipina dah landed di Lahat Datu, Sabah sudah ditakluki, semua blogger UMNO diam aje !!

  3. Anon 426pm,

    Why not quote an editor of The Australian? Certainly braver and more honest than those politicians can afford to be.

  4. 440

    kenapa plak bloger umno nk kena masuk campur?
    kau tu yg bodoh tak tau mana isu politik mana isu keselamatan antarabangsa!

  5. Anonymous5:06 pm

    I think the Malaysian government should just tell the Sulu Sultannate forces to leave or we will fire. Apa Ministry dalam Negeri tak ada teloq kah? peduli apa dgn Sultanate, you come to my country uninvited and armed yourself so you are attacking our sovereign rights. Fuck you we will shoot. Why are we so soft ? You are an embarrasment to our society.

  6. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Suka dialah dia nak quote sapa pun. Kalau hang nak quote orang lain punya pandangan , then by all means pls do so and quote... apa la hang ni. Satu lagi , negara kita , hak kita lah nak refuse entry kat sapa pun. Itu hak kita , janganlah kawtow sangat kat mat saleh, depa pun bukan pandai atau sincere sangat pun. Hang tau tak berapa ramai rakyat kita atau negara lain yang terima sama treatment dari immigration depa.Tak kalut pun... sebab kita bukan KULIT PUTEH?

  7. Anonymous5:10 pm

    The history of DAP & PAS are known to be of extremist and racist from both Chinese & Malays, respectively.

    Greg Sheridan, the foreign editor of The Australian, also said;
    "He (Xenophon) might reflect on the fact the side he supports contains as perhaps its strongest element the most extreme Islamist party in mainstream Southeast Asian politics."


  8. Letter to Bru5:16 pm

    > Australian Newspaper Calls Xenophon Foolish & Cynically Self-Promoting.

    > “NICK Xenophon's actions regarding Malaysia are either foolish or cynically self-promoting in a year in which he faces re-election,” wrote Greg Sheridan in The Australian.
    > Mind you, this is in an Australian news portal. Obviously not run by UMNO or the Malaysian government.
    > While many may regard Senator Xenophon as a sort of fighter for democracy, others regard him as a troublemaking outsider meddling with the affairs of a sovereign nation.
    > Last year, Xenophon landed in hot soup when he was explicitly involved in the Bersih 3.0 rally. His foolish act to deliberately support the Bersih cause showed that he had no respect for the Malaysian Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 that specifically mentions in Section 4(2)(a) "a person commits an offence if being a non-citizen, he organizes or participates in an assembly and should be liable to a fine not exceeding ten thousand ringgit."
    > Let's not forget that he also broke the Geneva Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961. Article 41 Paragraph 1 clearly states, "It is the duty of all persons enjoying the privileges and immunities to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving state and have a duty not to interfere in the internal affairs of the State."
    > Senator Nick Xenophon is deluded into thinking that the Malaysian government is an oppressive draconian regime. There is simply one good reason behind this thinking: He is a friend of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's biggest liar and political chameleon.
    > December last year Xenophon was embarrassed in his own senate when Australian foreign minister Bob Carr rejected his motion to send election observers to Malaysia. Bob Carr immediately responded that it would be inappropriate for Australia to interfere with Malaysia's elections just as it would be "for Malaysia or another government to have a say in how Australian elections are run."
    > Greg Sheridan shared Carr's insight in The Australian. He wrote, "Xenophon wants the Australian government to send electoral monitors to the forthcoming Malaysian election. This idea is stupid and impractical."
    > "Why isn't he in Vietnam, leading protests outside the jails where Buddhists and Catholics are incarcerated? Why isn't he in Cambodia, inquiring about the elections that keep Hun Sen permanently in power?" added the journalist.
    > Malaysia is one of the most democratic and freewheeling nations in Southeast Asia. It is redundant to ask, "how do you explain the ruling coalition losing its two-third majority and 5 states?" but I will keep on asking. Because there are people out there who easily forget.
    > Malaysia has every right to deny Xenophon entry to this peaceful and prosperous country. Immigration Department Director General stated that Xenophon was denied entry because he broke Malaysian Immigration Law during his last visit. The Malaysian government took no action on him the last time, why should we as a sovereign nation entertain this maverick Australian politician the second time?
    > Respect our laws, and we will respect you. Right now, for Malaysia, you are a persona non grata, Nick. In other words, you are not welcome here.

  9. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Those PR dumbarses supporters should take note & learn how to "think" with god given brain more often....

  10. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Anyone who believes in Anuwar is clearly played out and doomed from the start.

    Chandra Muzaffar, Zaid Ibrahim, Zul Nordin, Ezam, Nalla .........

    Orang kata bawa sueyyy

  11. Anonymous5:42 pm

    By deporting the senator the Malysian govt is giving the world the perception it has something to hide Any fool can see that no matter how much you try to spin it

  12. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Anon 4:40pm
    We who've been living in LDU/SDKI/TWU and Semporna, all these events dah jadi perkara harian biasa daaa..

    Apa nak sibuk2 sangat? Keadaan skrg amat terkawal, bukan macam the '80s dulu. Lu org ingat Pasukan keselamatan Msia lekeh sangat ker? Steady ya, jgn mengelabah sangat.

    Tak kan hal Keselamatan Negara pon nak hiboh2 kat Mamat2, Apek2, Aney2 higusan dlm Pakatan???


  13. Anonymous6:55 pm

    But Rocky, you have no balls to quote those Australian ministers.

    The ministers happen to be Members of Parliament voted by the Australian public.

  14. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Interfering' and raising awareness for a cause can be misconstrued by the public and put into a negative light.

    However, standing up for a just cause as a human being should not be wrong; rather it is a basic human right.

    Nick Xenophon, an independent Senator for South Australia, was deported to his home country from Malaysia due to certain ‘higher ranked' people being unhappy with him.

    That begs the question as to why such a move was taken by the Malaysian government.

    For starters, a number have said that he is a supporter of the opposition coalition in Malaysia and that Xenophon is trying to meddle in the affairs of the Malaysian government.

    Let me get it straight and clear. Showing support for a party and/or a coalition is not the same as showing support for the cause they are championing for.

    Xenophon would not be stupid to support a party, considering he is also an elected official in Australia.

    However, the issue he is supporting is the same as the opposition's call for ‘free and fair' elections.

    Now, to get deported for saying that having a clean electoral system in one's country is the right way and definitely the only way to move forward, that means that something is definitely not right in the Malaysian system.

    The Election Commission of Malaysia has said that its system isn't perfect, so why then is the government so afraid of someone who is pointing out that there should be reforms in the electoral system of Malaysia?

    Has it got something to hide? If you have nothing to hide, then you should have nothing to fear!

    Xenophon has been discriminated and even defamed, culminating in him lodging a suit against Malaysian newspapers for claiming that he is against Muslims and Islam, an allegation he has totally denied.

    Why go to an extent of defaming someone from another country when all they are doing is pointing out that our system isn't up to scratch and something has to be done?

    It is inappropriate for Malaysia to behave in the way they have, deporting Xenophon without any rhyme or reason and treating him as an enemy of the state, when as a matter of fact, Malaysia is trying to foster healthy diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries.

    The action of those who called the shots in Xenophon's deportation is extremely unbecoming for a nation which claims to be a democratic country, wherein this totally shows that we are run by a dictatorship.

    I am sure that this will have a domino-effect whereby Malaysia will be looked at as a country which will not be a go-to point in terms of investment.

    We have opened our gates to refugees, given identity cards and citizenships to foreigners in broad daylight as shown in the ludicrous findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry in Sabah.

    Then, we resort to deporting people who, for once, seem to have a point and stand up for justice and fairness?

    There is only one direction this country is heading to - unless there is change.

  15. Anonymous7:08 pm

    By S Vell Paari

    When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Perth two days ago, the first SMS that I received upon switching on my mobile phone was that Australian senator Nick Xenophon had been detained at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) and was awaiting deportation for allegedly being an “enemy of the state”.

    The enemy of the state claim, to me, was bewildering.

    Setting aside his scheduled meetings with Anwar Ibrahim and certain NGOs, wasn’t he and the delegation representing all the political parties in Australia scheduled to meet with the Election Commission and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz as well?

    When a senior federal minister of Malaysia and the Election Commission could see fit to schedule a meeting with Senator Xenophon, where is this security treat?

    Let’s be frank, Senator Xenophon is not an independent observer, he is aligned to Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat but have not our leaders like Xenophon been critical of foreign countries and their policies. Were this leaders considered a security threat and deported when they arrived in those countries?

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his tenure as prime minister made various threats against the US and Australia, was he ever deported during any of his visits there? Even recently he made statements against the US and Hilary Clinton but when he went there to receive an award, he was not deported for being an enemy of the state.

    It took three Bersih rallies before we realised that it is best to give an approval in the case of the Himpunan Rakyat, where everything proceeded peacefully and with praise for the police.

    Similarly, we should have just allowed Senator Xenophon together with the delegation to carry out their visit, hold their meetings, state their views and return back to Australia, without drama.

    By choosing to deport him, we have turned him into a hero. By deporting him, we have given the world an impression that we have something to hide.

    Just two weeks ago we had a similar group from Europe who came to look into the government’s control over the mainstream media and their statement was not favorable to the government, which was aired by certain mainstream TV channels and online media.

    The real security threat

    What about George Soros? He visited Malaysia to launch his book. This man was accused of attempting to destroy the Malaysian economy and to bring Malaysia to its knees to beg IMF’s help. But was he deported as an enemy of state?

    It is these sort of double standard approaches that brew disaster for Barisan Nasional.

    For example, recently about a 100 rebel fighters from the Philippines landed in Sabah fully armed. And the Home Ministry is still figuring out how to deal with them. Is this not a major security treat? Were they deported?

    I think it must have been Xenophon’s V-neck T Shirt which is the cause for the security threat.

    The greatest security threat to Malaysia is Ibrahim Ali. All his racial rants are targeted to stir racial tension and violence. But no action has been taken.

    Ibrahim fits the tag of being an “enemy of the state.”

    We are dealing with a new generation of Malaysians who are well aware of their democratic and constitutional rights and are exercising it. So either we learn to engage Malaysians or be prepared to be disengaged by Malaysians from Putrajaya.

    While we preach to the rest of the world about sensitivity, tolerance, freedom and democratic maturity, we must first learn to heed our own advice and show to the world and especially to the true citizen of Malaysia that our country does not only possess first world infrastructure but also first world mentality.

    Let us not become our own enemies of the state.

  16. to the PRicks , Malaysia on democratic if then win the erection~ anyone wanna dispute this?

  17. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Well for starters 'phony' has a grudging "love and hate" respect for Malaysia:

    and peculiarly, he would not have the support of madmen environmentalists like our Malaysian Wong:

    and this despite claiming to be a pro-greenie for you see Phony has a firm affinity with our very own local chameleon:

    "Harradine, a former ALP Senator before he turned Independent was openly anti-abortion, anti-IVF and anti-gay rights. Mr Xenophon is not so reactionary - or at least I don’t think he is. One can't tell and that’s part of the problem. He’s everyman."

    as well as with the new age DAP Christian evangelists:

    "Mr Xenophon appeals to the underdog while at the same time espouses a Christian ethic. "

    but certainly not with the old age Roman Catholic faggots like the Malaysian Murphies and Tans and with those who consider the 'innocent till proven guilty maxim' a secular legal sacrament:

    I did scratch my arse trying to figure whether I was reading the excerpt below correctly. It is after all about the poster boy of"fraud free" elections the world over (especially Malaysia):

    ".......... he was given a position through the use of vote-rigging. He was made editor of the University of Adelaide's newspaper On Dit. Xenophon later said he regrets what happens......

    And some fact twisting is a prerequisite I guess if one wants to be like Pollie the Parrot:

    "While Mr Xenophon draws inspiration from Senator Harradine, he told the ABC's 7:30 Report (31 October 2007) that it was the High Courts’ WorkChoice verdict (14 November 2006) that pushed him towards federal politics: " … last year the tipping point (was when) the High Court basically said that a Federal Government can override pretty well any state law".

    The High Court said no such thing. The Court said in a 5-2 verdict for the Federal Government that in the specific case of WorkChoices, the Government was on solid Constitutional ground."

    Maybe, the Aussies love Krusty the Clown for after all Phony "doesn’t deliver legislation. He delivers entertainment". And that is a pretty impressive record:

    and in a relativistic moral universe in which we all inhabit, I bet even animals are fair game for phonies:

    ".......he is, though, the master of the visual news grab. He has used goats, toy cars, trains and giraffes as visual props with stunning effect. Like a theatre director, he uses the steps of Parliament House on North Terrace as a stage to lampoon or deride whoever or whatever he likes with impunity. The local TV media lap it up."

    Warrior 231

  18. Anonymous8:50 pm

    This Xenophone is the son of Xylophone and father of Xenophobia.

    His great great grandfather is 95% confirmed ex-convicts who are being kick from British . He and several group in france are being paid by American Soyabean Assoc. to tarnish the image of Malaysian Palm Oil. They want to kill the income of thousands palm oil farmer in Malaysia.In Malaysia, such act and behavior fall in category of Economic Terrorist.How can he fight the cause of farmer in Australia? They deserve to get such deportation. We don't want white man who thinks they are Rambo or Crocodile Dundee and superior than others.

    They don't expect that their so-called white man can't be deport.
    His act toward LGBT and behavior of tarnishing of palm oil which employ thousand Malaysia shown genetic evident by the fact that he is descendants of criminal. He use his senatorship to say bad things and political motivate to maintain his current profile and jobs. It's all about money.

  19. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Look like Krusty the Clown just lost some more traction from official circles and coming from a Malaysian born to boot:

    "MALAYSIAN-BORN Finance Minister Penny Wong has disagreed with senator Nick Xenophon's call for Australia to agitate internationally for reform of Malaysia's electoral system.

    Senator Xenophon, deported from Kuala Lumpur over the weekend after being placed on a do-not-enter list, is urging Canberra to send international observers to ensure elections, due by mid-year, are free and fair.

    While condemning Senator Xenophon's deportation as inappropriate, Senator Wong said the Malaysians would "find their way through" by themselves and warned against intervening in the political processes of another democratic nation.

    "What is our proper role in relation to Malaysia's domestic politics?" she told ABC radio. "Whatever personal views people might have about various nations' internal politics, it is rare for Australia to engage, particularly with mature democracies, in their internal democratic processes."

  20. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Congrat senator xenoporn u are now officially named IDIOT ABROAD Oz version, now u may kiss the bride, Dumbiga, Malaysian IDIOT ABROAD.

  21. There are so many stupid Umno b rouges and thieves Senators and Ministers...daily talking cock and here.
    If you expect Rocky to contribute...and helping young Malaysians to have a strong and truthful character....forget about it.
    He is helping crooks and hope to be rewarded....with more money and stupid unimportant title.

  22. Anonymous8:30 am

    Perhaps we should send Nik Aziz over to Australia and ask them to implement hudud laws there to maintain bilateral and reciprocal ties.

    Will the Aussies and Xylophone welcome this towering Malay there?


  23. jeremy12:24 pm

    anon@4:26PM: is there such a thing as "authoritarian deportation"? and what's the big deal that he was deported?

    you know that YOU can be deported if the authorities of the country you intend to enter are not satisfied with your intention of visiting that country.

    It is not Xenophon's right of entry, stupid.

    You must be one hell of a blind Anwar lover- without even trying to defend your country against the leaders of these country.

    This Sheridan fella said it right.

    Malaysia, an authoritarian country?

    Go fuck a spider-lah.

    1. Anonymous11:37 pm

      Go f#%& yourself you wanker. Go read Sydney Morning Herald and educate yourself on malaysia' s flawed democracy and authoritarian regime.

  24. iskandar12:28 pm

    I don't know about the rest of you -- but looking at Pakatan -- they are really instigators and if they can do it, they will want an Arab Spring.

    They are so desperate that they wnat the workldmto know that yes -- Malaysia is in a terrible state, so please everyone else, interfere, interfre and help us to be a democratic country..

    and those ignorant westerners and some Aussies got sold...

    for me, I'd say, yes if there are changes to be made to improve the country -- let's do it. let's improve.. but I'll be damned if outsiders think we need their help to change and revolt.

    I'll be damned if outsiders say we are undemocratic!

  25. Anonymous12:41 pm

    The deportation of Australian Senator Nick Xenophon last weekend shows that the Najib administration is “frightened” that Malaysians may have finally reached racial maturity and are for true democratic freedom, the Sydney Morning Herald said today.

    The paper’s international editor Peter Hartcher said the Barisan Nasional-led (BN) government, despite its over half a century rule, has yet to turn the country into a mature democracy, fearing that a truly free and fair election would threaten its grip on power.

    He noted Xenophon’s role as an international observer of Malaysia’s polls system in a wider campaign for fair elections, saying this was likely what sparked the independent senator’s expulsion from the country on Saturday.

    “The reason is that he is an international observer campaigning in favour of a free and fair election,” Hartcher wrote in a commentary today.

    “This is not a threat to Malaysia’s national security, but it is a threat to the ruling party’s grip on power,” he observed, repeating Opposition Leader Datuk Anwar Ibrahim’s claim to him before that “in a fair and free election, I am absolutely sure we will win.’’

    Hartcher cited communal politics as one of the key reasons behind BN’s 56-year grasp on power over multiracial Malaysia, but said Malaysians may now be ready to discard a rule founded on race-based policies.

    The editor said that although this system had kept the peace for many years in Malaysia, the one-sided effect was that the BN government’s monopoly on power had allowed it a near-absolute control over all arms of the government, including the judiciary.

    Malaysia’s people deserve a free vote, and Australia should stand with them in calling for one. — Sydney Morning Herald international editor Peter Hartcher

    Several Australian politicians have already denounced Xenophon’s expulsion, joining a chorus of condemnation from Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

    But Hartcher said Carr’s reaction that Xenophon’s detention was “sad” and “disappointing” was a display of Australia’s usual “limpness” in defending its citizens abroad.

    “But, above all, Malaysia’s overreaction to Xenophon simply validates his point that it is not a mature democracy.

    “This has been Carr’s fig leaf to justify Australia’s silence at Malaysia’s lack of democratic freedom — that we have no place in criticising a mature democracy,” he said.

    “The deportation of Xenophon is an implicit confession by the Najib government that Xenophon is right and Carr is wrong.

    “Malaysia’s people deserve a free vote, and Australia should stand with them in calling for one.”

  26. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Rocky (at 457). Did you say why not quote an editor of the Australian?

    Well Rocky, why don't you quote the Sydney Morning Herald which is by far the most read newspaper in Australia with its stinging criticism of Malaysia's treatment of Xenophon.

    Don't just spin one side only ya Rocky.

  27. Anonymous5:48 pm

    The deportation of Australian independent senator Nick Xenophon signals the Najib administration�s reversal to the Mahathir administration of uber-patriotism and uber-Islam as Election 2013 approaches Australia's national broadsheet, The Australian said today.

    The Australian's Asia-Pacific editor Rowan Callick noted that Datuk Seri Najib Razak's popularity has fallen to its lowest for 16 months despite implementing reforms like lifting the ban on two opposition publications and freeing 13 detainees under the Internal Security Act ISA on the day Najib was installed as prime minister in 2009.

    So besides hiring costly consultants especially from the US it is back to the tried and trusted stratagems so successful for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the fourth prime minister who ruled for 22 years until 2003, Callick wrote in a commentary today.

    Thus the dramatic turning back of Xenophon at the weekend is not exactly surprising as Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr described it is part of a reversion to the old successful pattern of uber-patriotism and uber-Islam that worked so well electorally under Mahathir, he added.

    Callick also noted that Najib visited the Gaza Strip last month as a guest of Gaza's Hamas government which the editor called, one of the world's most feared terrorist organisations.

  28. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Looks like this Sheridan fellow is a very much minority view in Australia.

    More and more commentaries from the Sydney Morning Herald and even the Australian itself (where Sheridan is its editor) today have all criticised Malaysia's deportation of Xenophon.

    What say you now Rocky? All these editors are equally brave and honest.

  29. Anonymous4:22 pm

    11:37PM: and you want to believe a report in an aussie paper about your own country? you don;t have your own view.

    flawed democracy, my ass. authoritarian regime, my ass.

    You are the wanker, you stupid brain and balls to defend your own country.

    we have flaws, sure..but you are an ass and an asshole to believe that oz paper.


    1. Anonymous10:23 pm

      stupid moron wanker, and u believe this sheridan and the Ausralian rocky is quoting? U must be one bloody hypocrite wanking prick!

  30. Wahab4:32 pm

    what is Nick Xenophon really standing up for?

    human rights? what? what? our elections are flawed? what?

    i don;t need that xenophon fellow to tell me about human rights or whatever that is wrong in my country.

    I have a voice here in my country. We all speak up. Look, we are speaking up here.

    You think we are screwed and believe in the oppsoition's idea of change -- all had your bersih time.

    there is no perfect democracy-klah. every democracy is flawed one way or another.

    we can improve our system, of course. and i don't need xenophon to tell me that.

    Anwar ibrahim needs him and all the foreigners to support him and his dream to be PM.

    A long long time ago, yes, I thought there was something in Anwar...but then I realized, hey, this guy attempted to topple a democratically-elected leader (just as all the other leaders were elected, and as he was elected) and the leader who handpicked him. Ok, so he was unceremoniously sacked and then charges against him sorry..that's politics, happens try to topple someone, and the one with power, he fights back and Dr M fought back.
    Anwar had his way too, he split Umno, formed another party, got lots of sympathisers.

    fast forward -- damn..Anwar isn;t interested in justice and democracy --he is intrested in power. power. power..and has done so much damage to the country by painting a terrible picture of the country to foreigners.

    I'm sorry -- I think he is a terrible person who is full if venom..
    and he cannot be a democrat when he's got his wife and daughter nicely placed in Keadilan.

    So..Xenophon is Anwar's friend and wants to be here at Anwar's behest. he is biased and has an axe to grind with the malaysian government.

    And therefore, NO, I don;t want Xenophon here.

  31. Anonymous5:38 pm

    cinapek sooooooo disappointed buttman and ambiburgerbuttshake FAILED to get Aussie help


    P.S. they should have sent a cinapek instead but nooooooo that would have been TOO obvious