Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Najib at DJZ's: How sincere is the PM towards the Chinese community?

"... It’s difficult to imagine how the Chinese community could fair any better under a hypothetical alternative Malay ethno-nationalist regime, or an Islamist regime."
I feel inclined today to assure my fellow Malaysians that not all foreigners are like Nick Xenaphon. There are many who have worked and lived in this beautiful country and who will tell us how lucky we are to belong here. These foreigners don't have any hidden agenda and they won't benefit from a "spring" in Malaysia. And sometimes they see things more affecting us clearly than we do. Take Nile Bowie, the Russian Today correspondent in KL, for example. While Najib Razak's presence at the Dong Jiao Zong's CNY open house was politicized by the pro-Pakatan social media - with many questioning his sincerity towards the Chinese community - this outsider seems to have no doubts whatsoever:

Najib's foreign and trade policy with China:
"Under Najib’s administration, Malaysia’s relationship with China has expanded tenfold and cooperation has never been better ... China has been Malaysia's largest trade partner, with trade figures reaching US$90 billion in 2011; Malaysia is China’s largest trading partner among ASEAN nations." 

Najib's 1Malaysia (national unity) vis-a-vis the Chinese Community:
"... under the ruling party, the Chinese community have been able to practice their culture and religion without hindrance, and pursue their business interests with minimum intervention from the state. Despite the discontent voiced by social media users, it’s difficult to imagine how the Chinese community could fair any better under a hypothetical alternative Malay ethno-nationalist regime, or an Islamist regime."

Najib's commitment to improving Chinese education in a Malay-majority Malaysia (or was his visit to DJZ's open house a ploy to fish for Chinese votes?):
"The children of both Prime Minister Najib Razak and Foreign Minister Anifah Aman are Mandarin-educated, reflecting the importance that Malaysia has placed on Chinese-education and toward China as an emerging world power."

Go to Nile Bowie's blog to read more.


  1. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Banishing the LIES of N. Surendran - Lawyer familiar with deceit & deception

    [ http://www.nambikei.com/category/the-truth/ ]

    As the 13th General Election looms closer, it just seems like the murmurs are not only getting louder and vicious, they are also way off the mark. Just recently, PKR vice-president N Surendran issued a statement to the press in which he described the measures taken by the PM for the improvement of Malaysian Indians as “dabbling in Bollywood-style theatre”. He further harped on the Stateless Indian issue. Now he blames PM Najib for Dr. Pornthip’s no show in C. Sugumars second autopsy. A strong case of imagination mixed with incredible lies, that is what this man is made of.

    Is Mr. N.Surendran actually fighting for the Indians or is he just making the Indian issue a bait for his personal political gain? The answer lies within. Leaders of Pakatan Rakyat have time and time again shown that they are not opposed to pushing their own political agenda at the expense of misinforming the public and even feeding them with false information. They have been playing issues against the Barisan Nasional government without proper facts and figures.


    Surendran’s harping on the issue of stateless Indians shows that he is merely trumpeting his old and well-used accusation. Until today, Surendran has yet to substantiate his claim of the 300,000 stateless Indians in Malaysia. First thing is first. Up until today, PKR has not shown proof of its staggering figure of 300,000. To put things into perspective, there are 1,907,827 Malaysian Indians according to the 2010 Census. This figure includes Indians without IC and birth certificate as the census is taken from respondent’s answers regarding citizenship without the need for proof of identification. So, to say that 300,000 of them are undocumented, that would mean about 1 in every 6 Indians in Malaysia does not have an IC or a birth certificate. Once again, it is a figure that does not seem plausible.

    Furthermore, within 100 days of taking office, Pakatan Rakyat promises citizenship to all the so called, 300,000 stateless Indians. That would mean an estimate of 6 citizenship per minute. Awarding a citizenship has become faster then making a ‘vadai’. How careless & cheap a government ‘in-waiting’ can go to win votes.

    Since Surendran is so keen on taking the Federal Government and Barisan Nasional to task on this issue, let’s take a look at what the Opposition-led state governments are doing to alleviate this problem. So far, none of them have taken any positive step save for Penang whose DAP-led government had just recently formed a Citizenship Assistance Committee. Commendably, this committee is not just looking at stateless Indians, but also Malaysians of other ethnicities. Even the Penang state government admits that they do not know the actual number of stateless Malaysians in its state.


    To say that there is no point in the PM increasing the equity and providing more funding for Tamil schools is callus. Since taking office in 2009, the PM has pledged a total of RM540 million for the development of Tamil schools through its Special Government Programme.

    This RM540 million funding has been wisely spent on improving the infrastructure and facilities of the 523 existing Tamil schools. Besides giving the schools a much-needed facelift, the improved facilities and infrastructure as well as the development of the academia has all translated to one main improvement: the fortification of the quality of education. This has in turn shown an increase in enrolment in Tamil schools and the students performing much better than before.

  2. Anonymous2:57 pm

    woi Rocky, dengar khabar Najib nak Lahad Datu stand-off diteruskan supaya PUR13 yg akan datang tidak dapat diadakan di Sabah.

    betoi ke ni, Rocky ?? tolong check dengan'mole'hang.

  3. Anonymous3:05 pm

    China may be Malaysia's largest trading partner, but the PBOC chose Singapore to be the site of the first yuan clearing bank (the Singapore branch of ICBC) in the region.

    Will that mean all of Malaysia's yuan-denominated trade finance with China will be cleared through this bank in Singapore?

    It's funny that Bank Negara Malaysia hasn't commented on this. Or, maybe, it recognised a fait accompli when it sees one!

  4. Try harder bro!! Not convincing enough.

  5. Anonymous3:44 pm

    People like guan eng and dap who crazy for power and chauvinist and racist person will and always want this country in war and despair


    Regardless whether people would say it's vote buying, vote baiting, redemption or whatsoever, it's certainly NOT an easy task to let down his hair in front of the Malaysian Chinese knowing very well the reception of the Chinese community towards BN is somehow rather cold & sore. This is likened to going to an open house of someone whom you knew you're not being well liked but out of PURE SINCERITY, you wouldn't mind all the obstacles involved in it. What else could I ask for more from such a person (let alone...a leader). Truly exemplary, truly, admired, truly down to earth.

    No doubt most Chinese in the country had already made up their mind who they would vote come PRU-13 but I believe there should be some intelligent quarters within the Chinese community who are still SMART, WISE & NOT BLINDED by all the provocative racial stories & politics often played-up by Pakatan Rakyat. I'm kinda confident the majority of the Chinese towards BN would somehow be better than what we saw in PRU-12.

    Ah Jib Gor had been working hard. In fact, I would say EXTREMELY HARD as he knew BN in the past had made many mistakes & it's time for him as the PM now to redeem all those mistakes back to the people. His actions, policy & words could show his true kind intentions & I being a Chinese will give BN a chance becos I could see they are very much sincere this time round. After all, ever since the last Tsunami, all PAKATAN RAKYAT had been doing is just talk, talk, talk & ending up fight, fight & fight with each other. There had been no developments nor progress & the only development I could see are just STREET DEMOS & provocative sandiwaras. Pakatan Rakyat are still acting like ambulance chasers instigating displeasure among the people but doing nothing constructive to help the people.

    My vote is surely on BN this time. I would give them 1 LAST CHANCE!!! But if they don't improve.....I will NEVER EVER vote for them again.

  7. Anonymous4:09 pm

    1. 90 billions - talking of import or export...

    2. " able to practice their culture and religion without hindrance"... dis wan in stated in de constitution la... bodoh !

    3. fuck every non childrens that went to school oso speak malay la... so what if one or two nincompoop learn a few words of chinese...

    stupid russian verbal diarrhea...

  8. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Just ignore those pro PR clowns...they don't understand real-politic in this country. We, the silence majority will make sure PasPisPus, DumbArsesPrick & PuKiR go down in history as the biggest loser in the 13 GE.

  9. Anonymous5:31 pm

    "Bathe the keris in Chinese blood".

    Lest we forget..

  10. Anonymous5:48 pm

    The deportation of Australian independent senator Nick Xenophon signals the Najib administration�s reversal to the Mahathir administration of uber-patriotism and uber-Islam as Election 2013 approaches Australia's national broadsheet, The Australian said today.

    The Australian's Asia-Pacific editor Rowan Callick noted that Datuk Seri Najib Razak's popularity has fallen to its lowest for 16 months despite implementing reforms like lifting the ban on two opposition publications and freeing 13 detainees under the Internal Security Act ISA on the day Najib was installed as prime minister in 2009.

    So besides hiring costly consultants especially from the US it is back to the tried and trusted stratagems so successful for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the fourth prime minister who ruled for 22 years until 2003, Callick wrote in a commentary today.

    Thus the dramatic turning back of Xenophon at the weekend is not exactly surprising as Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr described it is part of a reversion to the old successful pattern of uber-patriotism and uber-Islam that worked so well electorally under Mahathir, he added.

    Callick also noted that Najib visited the Gaza Strip last month as a guest of Gaza's Hamas government which the editor called, one of the world's most feared terrorist organisations.

  11. Anonymous6:03 pm

    From Russia With Love?


  12. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Hey Rocky, what happened to your "Satu Sekolah" slogan previously proudly pasted all over your blog?

    Taken a back seat while you do the sucking up to the Chinese community for your paymaster Najib eh?

    And what about Perkasa? No more apartheid threats and statements from that katak for the time being eh whilst Najib do the bidding for Chinese and Indian votes...

  13. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Not very sincere lah.

    Previously Utusan, TV3, Perkasa and the like have all accused the Chinese of challenging and usurping the rights of the Malays whilst our PM kept quiet.

    Now, it's bodek season again as Election is round the corner.

  14. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Oh Rocky! People like you and your type just don't get it. As a Chinese Malaysian, I don't give a shit whether Najib visits DJZ or tries to speak Chinese. Those are just for show only, wayang kulit.

    What I give a shit about is the institutionalised discrimination on many things in Malaysia that put my children as second class citizens even though my ancestors come to Malaysia shortly after Admiral Zheng He. If Najib abolishes all these discrimination tomorrow and actually implement them, I will vote for him.

    What I give a shit about is your bigot Islam-pretender friends who threaten Chinese and Indians with violence and restrict our rights to worship on the pretext of Islam. If Najib has the balls to fuck these bigots and punish them according to the law, I will vote for Najib.

    What I give a shit about is the blatant plundering of the country's wealth by Najib and his family and all those connected with Barisan Nasional. Some call it corruption, I called in daylight organised raping of the country by these people. If Najib put these people into jail and recover the stolen loot for Malaysia. If Najib & Rosmah sues Deepak for defamation in an international court, I will vote for Najib.

    If he has the guts to do the above, he doesn't even have to pretend to bang the drum in the lion dance or visit DJZ. Me and my kind will treat him like our own brother.

    1. Anonymous12:31 am

      You talking like u just woke up in the philippine..n imelda just ordered her latest shipment of shoes...leaving for indonesia? Suharto's still at the golf course? So pathetics this dap pigs..try harder..just the kind of guy being paid by stupid morons..

  15. Anonymous7:14 pm

    PLEASE bru,surely a man of your intellect must have already known the ordinary Chinese Malaysians(except members of a chinese-based political party)are not gonna buy this feel-good sandiwara anymore after been a convenient bogeyman for decades.Also the situational funds given to their chinese schools are nothing extraordinary compared what other schools received.Truth be told,they have been standing on their own feet for eons and survived.What these people really need is LEAVE THEM ALONE - STOP making them punching bag bogeyman with all kinds of intimidations(may13 again!), blatant accusations(pengkhinat,biadap,not loyal to country),belittle their belief....and just let them work mad hard to pay taxes.More than 50% taxes come from them I heard. These people just want to work and live in peace...no need help also nevermind..so why pick on them for all the country's ills?!

  16. Anonymous7:54 pm

    As usual Dato you very funny one!

  17. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Anon 6.15 pm

    Oi Apek hypocrite - Listen up,when you are ready to become genuine rakyat Malaysia then we will consider your case. Take a long hard look in the mirror- send your kids to CHINESE schools, cant even speak and write in Bahasa like you were born and bred here . Looting done mainly by your kind and dont pay taxes. F*ck off lah.

  18. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Anon 615pm. You are spot on.

  19. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Nope. Not sincere. ABU ASALKAN BUKAN UMNO

  20. Anonymous9:19 pm

    We need racist to deal with racist people in DAP(1965)or Dong Zong(1954). Perkasa is just about the same age as Pakatan Rakyat. If not because of the demands made by these racist DAP, DJZ and Hindraf, Perkasa would not have existed.

    Did Ibrahim Ali complaint Najib's attending DJZ dinner?


  21. Rocky....Get it to your thick skull!!
    85% Malaysian Chinese are dead set to vote Najib out.
    Majority Malaysian Chinese have always been supporting a fair and just.. democratic government....from day one of Merdeka.
    Since Mahathir took over....more and more Malaysian Chinese keep voting against BN.
    With the formation of PR...with PAS and keDAILan...Umno b have been losing Muslim voters...yearly.
    As we can see...Najib dare not announce the 13th GE date.
    Why the long 4 years delay?
    Why can't you put out a post and tell all why???
    Back to Malaysian Chinese....please do not be a bloody fool like Chua Soi Lek...and the voted out MCA party..made "alive" by Najib...for political and selfish reasons....never for Malaysians.

  22. Mustapha Ong9:53 pm

    Those who are supporting the opposition do not care for the well being of the nation and the country, as their only motive is to overthrow the BN government by force and undemocratically. Come PRU13 BN will spring a big surprise for a Najib with the biggest majority than in the previous PRU11/2004.

    The opposition leaders in DAP, PAS and PKR are in a state political denial and they are churning out lies about BN leaders and the administration. The government should not keep silent but to initiate legal actions against their lies and accusations,etc. Leaders like Surendran, Rafizi, Azmin Ali and some other DAP leaders should be summoned to court for their lies and wild accusations against BN leaders and government.

  23. Anonymous10:08 pm

    The problem with PM Najib is because PM Najib is not a chinese.

  24. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Dear RockyBru,

    I recently joined many other Malaysians regardless of race to compulsorily vote out BN. Previously I was in those undecided group and I find my self alone. All my friends, relatives and co-workers already decided that they don't want BN anymore.
    And they are not only Chinese, but Indians, Malays as well as Sabah and Sarawak aborigines.
    So whether Najib is sincere or this is just another election ploy is out of topic.
    Reason is very simple : BN has lost their way of clean and good governance and they proved they cannot be clean.

    While PR may not be best choice, but Malaysians have no other choice.

    After 55 years, it's now time for retirement for BN.

  25. Anonymous4:10 am

    MCA will be wiped out in the coming election and become irrelevant. That's how much Najib is loved.

  26. Anonymous4:15 am

    Anon 6:15

    Tak faham apa hang duk menghapu kat sini.. kindly elaborate;

    ..institutionalised discrimination on many things in Malaysia that put my put my children as second class citizens..

    ..threaten Chinese and Indians with violence and restrict our rights to worship on the pretext of Islam..

    ..daylight organised raping of the country...

    As I see it, hangpa semua duk balun apa segala dlm Negara ini? Jangan sekadar nak bantai cakap kosong..


  27. Anonymous8:57 am

    Najib's 1Malaysia is an empty slogan and not national unity. It is a pretext for SAPU Malaysia

  28. Mustapha Ong8:58 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I agree that people like Surendran of PKR has no principle and political values and etiquette. He had told many lies and made a lot of presumptions and still had the cheek to appear in the social and alternate media. I will not comment further as it's not worth my time and effort to deal with such a dubious character over the social media.

    As for PM Najib's historical invitation had attended the CNY fest by invitation of Dong Zong, I believe that both sides are sincere and we should not presume that nothing will come out of this important gesture extended by Najib to the aggressiveness of Dong Zong, the promoter of Chinese education and cultural values in Malaysia.

    In the spirit of give and take as well as solidarity that will affect the Chinese response to the BN government, it's important to note that both sides had to compromise. The PM has invited Dong Zong for a closed dialogue as soon as possible after the CNY. This to me is better that any other public announcements of gifts and handouts that may be misconstrued by the opposition and their supporters in the anti government alternate media
    and other social networking.

  29. Anonymous9:01 am

    What is Najib doing in singapore sucking up to singapork?

    those UMNO goons are saying PAP equals DAP.

    Useless Hypocrites!

  30. Anonymous9:03 am

    Why is this fake DJZ head still using the 'Dr.' in front of his name. Really, tak malu la, this guy. Can he speak England or Malay?


  31. Anonymous9:03 am

    Lets face it la bro... BeNd is fighting an uphill battle. As witnessed before, a muslim politician nowadays would dare swear upon the Quran just to prove to people that they are innocent when in fact they cant even prove to themselves that they are. In other words, they would do absolutely anything, even taunt the wrath of God just to remain in power. Why? Because the power that they have would sustain their standards of living via looting the nations coffers. Putting it in a nutshell, politicians nowadays pray to only one God... MONEY

  32. bNationalFeed&LOOTcorp10:07 am

    General Erection coming...
    Malaysia Janji apa pun Boleh Cow tim mah!!!

  33. Anonymous10:27 am

    But chinese community cant even get into local university like UITM

  34. trifling-jester11:55 am

    first the umno cybertrooopers whack the chinese hardcore - calling them stinky chinky pigs etc. balik chingapoh la. balik china lah. now come election time, bijan himself on his knees loving them looooong time!! rocky ofcourse must follow suit la

  35. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Anon 6.15

    heyy.. u ungrateful brat.

    1) u and ur family enjoying the bigger piece of economic cake and sudah kaya raya in malaysia still consider u second class citizen ka?

    2) go ask your sleeping partner PAS lah if u can use Allah in your prayers.

    3) you think you PR fat politicians are holy moly free of corruptions??

  36. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Anon 10.27

    donn't be stupid. why you want to go to uitm?? not smart enuff meh to go to UM or UTAR??

    r u one of those cina bodoh??

  37. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    We have seen Bersih 1.0, Bersih 2.0 & Bersih 3.0

    We have seen BRIM 1.0 and now
    BRIM 2.0

    We have seem Political Tsunami 1.0 in GE12@2008
    We will definitely see Political Tsunami 2.0 in GE13@2013

    "Coming soon in our nearest cinemas"
    Let's get ready our popcorn and enjoy the show how BN will become history.

  38. Anonymous11:17 pm

    retard 6:15 pm

    who gives a shit to your unconstitutional demands, you can jolly well berambus

    the indians were badly treated by pakatan, they now place their future with BN

    anyway the minority will never be kingmaker, now that PAS Muslims saw thru the biaDAP hypocrisy

  39. Anonymous11:20 pm

    10:46 pm is halucinating

  40. Anonymous11:24 pm

    wonder if PRC would welcome these cinapek sepet sengkelet back to PRC??

    Naaahhh they are labelled traitors and quitters

  41. Anonymous11:27 pm

    these cinapek troopers have lost all sense of decency judging by their imbecile comments

    Najib was invited - so good naturedly he accepted

    descendants of komunis and gangsters

  42. Anonymous4:35 am

    anon 1117 1120 1124 and 1127. The same otak udang cum bird brain moron mamak is back after lying low for awhile.

  43. Anonymous8:04 am

    Anonymous 10:27am
    .....But chinese community cant even get into local university like UITM..

    Membebel macam dari keturunan PATI budak ni nampaknya..buta sejarah.. Hoi, hang dari sekolah Negara Tongsan mana?

    Luku kepala baru tau!!


  44. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Aiya.. like these Apekuis know anything about being *sincere*, everything with them is * whats in it for me* ....what a joke and such HYPOCRISY! Menyebok aje.

  45. Laila4:15 pm

    Chinese second-class citizens? Podah lah.. as far as i can remember..my Chinese friends were never treated like second class citizens.. they had no problem obtianing loans (of course from Public Bank) to buy homes or to set up businesses...
    most of them own houses from way back when.

    Please look at thee statistics lah...lebih ramai orang Cina yang senang-lah.

    Hey, I don't mind being a second-class citizen kalau gitu.

    The NEP? only those in denial would slam the NEP. It has helped many Malays who would have otherwise not been able to do better because they had no means to.

    Read history..but oh...most of you refuse to acknowledge our history.

  46. adrian4:18 pm

    Haiyaa..why lah Najib bend backwards to win back Chinese support?
    Tak payah..these Chinese are racist -- they don't want a Melayu to be PM..never mind if the country was built by Umno leaders - visionary Umno leaders who were all inclusive.

    Now you see these DAp buggers demonising Dr M -- oi.. kalau tak pasal Dr M, you all won;t be enjoying the fruits of our progress lah.

    Now Najib giving so much to this thankless race. Buat apa?

    Just look at them? Tak berterima kasih. Dah dapat kemewahan...now dah gilakan kuasa politik.

    and now...ramia nya Melayu yang bodoh dan tak sedar diri. liberal konon... Bodoh.

  47. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Bila cinapek bersatu dibawah bendera komunis, maka bangkitlah rakyat Melayu Islam yang akan bersatu kembali.

    Terima kasih kapal sink, tokong lim gag eng, dinosaur kit siang .......

  48. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Comeon my chinese frens- you are larger than that. Why you guys these days putting yourself so low at par as the koo- lis thinking people (dap, pas, pkr). They are so low class.. you are much more sophisticated than. For goodness sake- you all hv big money so pls think like big people. Do you all as towkeys a.k.a big boss at your office hv lunch with your tea ladies? Comeon my chinese frens, why downgrade your thinking. For once, try to admit that BN is doing a good job in administrating the country so that you can do bisness in a peace environment & prosper. Do you want our goverment in parliament fist fighting all the time like the parliament in taiwan? Shame on you in putting your thinking same level of you koo-lies these days..

  49. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Najib in singapore because singapore invited Najib. If Malaysia is stable, singapore will also become stable- that's just plain phsics & plain economy. Furthermore PAP is not DAP! PAP doesn't mix with coolies like DAP, pls. PAP only joins progressive people like Najib..

  50. Anonymous9:26 am

    Anon 11:46 pm

    Well, Dr M tried to play "tough" with Singapore, didn't he?

    What happened? Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

    Water politics? Pfft.....

    At least, PM Najib is more of a pragmatic realist, though some of the people he surrounds himself with are anything but.

  51. Anonymous11:54 am

    bozo @ 9:26 am

    "Well, Dr M tried to play "tough" with Singapore, didn't he?"

    lky has been using Tun Dr M and Malay Muslims as bogeyman to rally sinkies to do his bidding

    Now in 2013 4000 kwai sinkies stood up to sonny boy's 6.9 million population

    They say what goes around comes around. Daddy lives to see kwai sinkies protest against sonny boy

    red dot is a failed experiment in social engineering. Karma