Monday, February 04, 2013

Bring on Porntip, let's get it over with

The name Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand familiar? Of course, it is. She's the punky Thai forensic expert brought in by Pakatan Rakyat in 2009 to challenge the autopsy done by the Malaysian authorities on Teoh Beng Hock. This second autopsy was jointly witnessed by a world renowned pathologist from Britain, Prof Peter Vanezis, who was brought in by Malaysian taxpayers.

Many of us still remember how Pornthip concluded that TBH's death was "80% murder" just by looking at the first autopsy pictures sent to her. And how she did an about-turn on that theory later [Pornthip now says death was not 80% murder but rule out suicide] while Prof Venezis ruled out murder altogether.

NOT MURDER! TBH Inquest April 26, 2010

Three years on, Dr Pornthip may be headed this way to witness a second autopsy on C. Sugumar, the security guard who ran amok and died. Pakatan's vice-president Surendran (#1 Busted of the Week) said so h e r e.

I say, bring on Dr Pornthip! As a taxpayer, I give my consent to bring in another pathologist to joint Dr Pornthip and make sure that we have the truth and nothing but the truth. Because the truth will set not just Sugumar but all of us free!


  1. Anonymous1:15 pm

    So Rocky... u tolong kasi tahu Teoh Beng Hock tu bunuh diri ke atau di bunuh ??

    1. Anonymous7:16 pm

      Let me answer. Dia bunuh diri.

    2. Anonymous1:05 pm


  2. Anonymous1:40 pm

    I am waaaiiitiiiiiiinnngggg only for Monsterball to make his appearance here, now that this Pornotip thing is a topic which is perhaps, very dear in his heart. Why not? A PornInspector CSI wannabe from up North who has as much credibility here in this part of the archipelago as Richard Dawkins has to advice on the Merits of Worship and Piety. Yes. I would rather listen to Madonna explaining to me the virtues of remaining a virgin till marriage than to ask the opinion of this 'Tip to find out what's wrong with my cat having dog-claw marks all over its body.

    But know what folks? Being curious myself, I went ahead and leafed previous pages of Rocky when I saw how cacophonous sometimes this character by the name of Monsterball is in writing his viewpoints. Seems that he was alwaaayyyss theeeere to comment on Rocky, no matter WHAT the topic is all about.

    And you know what I found out?

    No points. No substance. No facts. Zilch. Nada. This monsterball guy is always "Rocky Spin this" "Rocky Spin that" and "Rocky got paid this" etc etc ... but points? Nope. Zilch. Nothing whatsoever to back his incessant parrotings.

    Which leads me to suspect... it is actually HIM who is being paid. Not to come here equipped with solid facts to repel, but purely with sonorous barkings to just .... detract. Just to fill in the quorum, for otherwise it would appear that the dapster cybertroopers are too silent in the wake of meaningful debates.

    But let us ponder for a while. Don't you feel the pain? The pain of just BEING a Monsterball. With a soul full of animosity but devoid of substance. A mind full of antagonism but without the ability to string up even a SINGLE sentence laced with true facts to support that antagonism. A soul filled with rancor and prejudice but bereft with matter.

    Having said that, let's wait, and be entertained, ladies and gentlemen. It's the greatest show in cyberspace. A stupid show from an equally dumb cyber-taunter.

    Marking Bagpie

    ps. I bet Monsterball's entry is right about he 7th comment after this posting. What about you?

  3. Tak ada betina lain ke yg cun sikit..

    Yg itu anwar pun tak ada selera..

  4. Anonymous1:57 pm

    The problem in malaysia is that the Forensic services are subservient to the govt. Lets face the fact that Forensic pathologist are not in demand anywhere except in Govt service and it is in their best interest to kow-tow to the people who can make life difficult for them.
    Remember the dodgy Forensic report on Anwar's Black eye by a govt forensic expert.No need to tell you who was behind it.You know it .
    Remember also the Police intimidation tactic on the Forensic Pathologist who did Kugan's second auotpsy. They raided his office and confiscated reports and specimens.

    BTW did you know that the Forensics Dr(Dr Abdul Karim Tajudin) who did the dodgy first autopsy on Kugan was found guilty of negligence by the Medical Council,for 'Failing To Prepare An Honest Report". In other words the council in their flowery language said that the Dr LIED.Why he was not struck off the medical register is a mystery to me as other dr's have been struck off on lesser offences.
    So pray ,why then should we believe anything the local Forensic experts produce. Their track record is far from exemplary.Even if they now tell the gospel truth, few will believe them. They have truly collected their 30 pieces of silver.

  5. The truth have never been free in our country.
    The Govt. and his good student like Rocky are masters of twisting and telling half truth....all performed and shown by to do that splendidly.
    Rocky ignored the ACTUAL court case PROCEEDINGS...where Dr.Pornthip exposed the stupid prosecution lawyer on Teoh Beng Hock's case. Rocky loves quoting a sentence...out of a context.
    In any is nice to read Rocky saying...."I say, bring on Dr.Pornthip!"....which is non of his business in the first place.
    It's a private matter decision.....but Rocky wants to be a case the findings needs his twisting services.....and right is a good subject the divert attentions from the 13th GE.
    That's what Rocky is good at too....diverting attentions from the important issues with bunkum news.

  6. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Heh Heh,

    Now Rocky is MR FORENSIC!

    Kalau Boleh dia nak Jadi Mr PM tapi tak ada keluarga berketutunan!

    So has to Content at Being Mr Journo Dropout!

  7. Anonymous2:59 pm

    otopsi mayat thru pictures/still images?


    aku pun boleh buat!!

    tak payah kuar duit bnyk2..kasi aku rokok sekotak kira settle


    lawak la korang


  8. Anonymous3:18 pm

    This 'forensic expert' Dr.Porn, looks weird to me. With that hairdo & ear piercing style, she could easily be mistaken for the gal behind those glass cubicle aka whorehouse in Thailand.

    It does not surprise me though. The sexual escapade of their Ketua Umum is widely known by everybody, even my 10 year old son.

    Wonder where they are going to get the money to pay her, this time. Jorge Soros? Or from the 3 billion that he embezzled when he was Finance & Deputy Prime Minister?

    I too give my consent to bring another pathologist to join Dr. Porn. Sugumar's soul is already free. But the truth will not likely set us, Malaysian free. You know la, those rascal like Monster-racist-ball who hates anything associated with the Malays.


  9. charleskiwi@gmail.com3:27 pm

    Are you a tax payer ? When did you pay income tax last and if you can remember how much ?

    1. Anonymous1:08 pm

      Puki citer psl puki la lu mat. Mau tanya brapa org bayar income tax. Lu bodoh ka hapa.

  10. josie4:22 pm

    aaah...Teoh Beng Hock..may he rest in peace.

    How Pakatan managed to stop MACC from continuing investigations of Selangor DAP abuses.

    They blamed MACC for his death.

    a commission of inquiry was swiftly formed. and that was before everything was done for his fiance and their unborn baby.

    to me that was the lowest of the low of Pakatan using a dead manand his family to flog the government.

    To me, the government was gracious.

    and the MACC certainly was not responsible for his death. Beng Hock's DAP leaders were.

  11. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Rocky is going all out to attack anyone who is not towing the official BN UMNO stand by indulging in his usual spin and half truths.

  12. Anonymous4:58 pm

    You are wrong on this one, Bru. I am surprised you want sluttish dross like this piece of 'cancered' post menopausal shit conducting weighty tasks such as this. Better for the gov' to expend some dough to get a true unblinkered professional to conduct the post-mortem to the satisfaction of all parties including the usual suspects of loser, whiners and whingers.

    I bet you remembered how flossy conjectured Tongkanese messenger boy was murdered WITHOUT even touching his freaking frigid corpse...I bet she must have used a divining rod there...hahahahahaha

    Whore's reputation has alwyas been questionable. And none more discredited than here:

    Hankering for some free laughs, folks. Scroll down to government response to read scumbag's esteemed comments in the above link and see how stupid some idiots can get.

    I always wonder how some slimepoop called a human can live with its conscience.......

    Warrior 231

  13. damansaraman5:12 pm

    Dear Rocky

    I fully agree with you that having another autopsy together with Pornthip will be the best solution to end this drama

    I fully remember how this Pornthip character came out with many disaster statements, but yet when the second autopsy was done together with her, it was clearly found that her accusation was baseless and inaccurate

    While this action won't change the mind of some of our fellow citizen whom are more than thrill to insult everything and anything about our beloved country, but this will at least shut their loud mouth

  14. damansaraman5:23 pm

    P/S The only sad part is, TBH family was given a false hope.

    Some irresponsible and inhuman characters were riding them to score some low scumbag points.

    When the charade is over, and TBH is longer politically and news worthy, they were left to suffer on their own.

    Exactly like the MEMALI case.

  15. leong5:25 pm

    rocky rocky rocky....

    you are a pain in Pakatan's butt.

    how they bash you for your postings and your criticisms of Pakatan and their leaders.

    whenever they say you are BN spinner blahblahblah..,.i want to laugh..

    what you are doing, if you really are a BN spinner, is a poor job...

    i've followed're just writing what you feel is wrong with pakatan... yes, agreed, a litrle spin here and there...but so what.

    now, the pakatan people are crazy spinners..they spew lie and lies and lies...

    they are LIARS.

    and they cannot TAKE as good as they give.

    and they are dangerous...

  16. bourne identity6:18 pm

    Get this pornthip or PORNtit or whatever the fuck her name is to do a live bodyautopsy on mr Anwar Al Juburi's dick from his tryst with that china doll.

  17. Anonymous6:49 pm

    `The Govt. and his good student like Rocky are masters of twisting and telling half truth'

    monsterball, when are going to prove the WHOLE truth???

    Provide the rakyat with hard evidence???

    or you dont have the BALL?

    talk cock la this rotten senile sohai.

    no wonder 4 EX WIFE....a born loser to the core....`

    maybe u should marry teresa COCK and the rakyat could aptly describe as :

    `marriage made from hell!!!'

  18. chochok here ...chochok there....take one up a post...why like that Rocky??
    cari makan need to stoop so low.

    1. Anonymous1:10 pm

      Orang sakit hahaha lu mental la bro

  19. Anonymous8:11 pm

    hey bro, i heard the audit dept all ready n siap2 for PRU13

    gotta audit the opposition's ex-governments u know la

    i also heard jel semua ada renovate kasi besar ke?

    to accomodate the tokongs n tin sardines, the gagaps n blakang rumah ada mnyk types and of cos the sapu duit derma types

    all true ke bro? he he

    i cant wait! like drama korea..

  20. looks like many comment comes from 'anti rocky' fella..

    i dont know rocky.. but to u bickering fellas... r u guys jealous of rocky.. he he..

    Maybe u guys are what is written here

  21. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Dear marking bagpie,

    you got it wrong this time. The lousy monsterball is the 4th comment. But you are right him having no substance...:)


  22. "and the MACC certainly was not responsible for his death. Beng Hock's DAP leaders were."

    But TBH died at the MACC building. Maybe DAP sent supersecret commando unit to assassinate him? Maybe they have roket jump jets to get to the multistorey building?

    What next, teleportation?

  23. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Wow!! Can we get to see the repeat of our BEST GOVERNMENT BRAINS in action?

    I have denied to all and sundry that I am in NO WAY related to this MORON be it in family ties, religion or race.

    Watch:on You Tube:The "Best" of Teoh Beng Hock's Inquest

  24. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Singapore Airlines: Will Ask 76 Pilots to Leave Before Contracts Expire

  25. Anonymous12:44 am

    Anon 115,

    Nak tahu ya. Ok, Teoh Beng Hock tu bunuh diri.

    Terima kasih.


  26. damansaraman8:50 am

    PROMISED - Allowance for All Selangor Born Infants
    PROMISED - Allowance for All Selangor Senior Citizen
    PROMISED - Allowance for All Selangor Nursery Students
    PROMISED - Allowance for All Selangor Pre School Students
    PROMISED - Allowance for All Selangor Single Mothers
    PROMISED - Allowance for All Selangor University Students
    PROMISED - Allowance for All Selangor Disabled & Orphans
    PROMISED - Takaful Insurance for All Selangor Senior Citizen
    PROMISED - Rebate on All Selangor Local Government Assessment Tax
    PROMISED - Free 20 Cubic Metres of Tap Water for All Selangor Households

    In the end the Menteri Besar simply dismissed the demand, while irresponsibly saying, 'ELECTION MANIFESTO IS NOT AN AGREEMENT'

    If one can't be held responsible for his word, then what good is he? LET ALONE A GOVERNMENT!!!

    And yesterday, a Kemas Kindergarten water supply was cut because MPSJ didn't pay the water bills PAID THROUGH THEM!!!!

    Does those Innocent Kids need to suffer because of Some Low Class Immature Adults?!!!!


    Its Stinks with SMELLY SCUMBAGS written all over it.


  27. Zed 9:45 pm said...

    "But TBH died at the MACC building. Maybe DAP sent supersecret commando unit to assassinate him? Maybe they have roket jump jets to get to the multistorey building?"

    What next, teleportation?

    Ha hahahaha.

    Is this how all Cinabukit DAP process their thoughts? He is trying to apply what in Legal Arguments is termed as a "DIVERSUS SUSPICIO", that is, shifting suspicions via misdirections.

    So by saying "What, DAP commando sent assassins, 'aaa?", which is UNTRUE, he hopes by it to avoid all suspicions of the DAP even it includes the TRUE, like, for example, TBH being killed just as he had finished bickering with one of his kind in the toilet. Or that, equally probable, the fact that he jumped after "tak tahan oooo.... always trying to cover up my bosses' ass".

    This kind of "slippery slope" argument or "damning the alternatives" have lately been a popular argument it seems, amongst pembangkang afficianados bent on speaking but lack erudition(did somebody here mention monsterball?).

    Among other Slippery Slopes and Diversus Suspicio:-

    1. "See what I told you? Now our Badminton has fallen to second place in the world. Haa, vote BN some more lah. Vote lah!"

    2. "First they killed Kugan. Then they killed Sugumaran. Then sooner without you knowing it, the entire Indian population will be killed."

    3. "“Allah akan huru-harakan Negara jika memilih seorang penzina memerintah negara”

    As opposed to

    “Kalau dia meliwat pun, apa kene mengena dengan keupayaannya mentadbir Negara?”

    4. "What Next, Teleportation?"


  28. Anonymous11:37 am

    monsterball said...
    chochok here ...chochok there....

    Well dickhead, this chochok chochok about Anuwar front and back i totally agree with u. Whatever, u r still a fool.

  29. Anonymous11:49 am

    Zed said,
    But TBH died at the MACC building. Maybe DAP sent supersecret commando unit to assassinate him? Maybe they have roket jump jets to get to the multistorey building?

    Maybe DAP....Maybe roket jump lah zed, not mebbe mebbe mebbe wat, if Tokong DAP said commando unit then u must believe wat

    Some more, if someone died in somebody's house or building anywhere in this world definitely he cannot sucide, definitely only commando and DAP rocket can kill him.

    Somemore, if ever u want to kill someone, always do it in your own house, dont ever kill him away from your own house. Pakatan will sure help u wat.

    I think you are bar konsil loyar of the year.

  30. Anonymous1:55 pm

    monsterball said...
    Wong Tack....and his love and care for the people's heath and safety...
    Perhaps he can pour a gallon of kerosene oil to burn himself to death.....

    ----love, care fir people's health wtf this montelball talking shit about.,,.go check most chinese stall all over country, see how dirty and unhygenic they are, then ask thi Tack fella talk about his crab care for health. Or go to Beijing and see how chinks there shit on drains and longkangs in front of people (i saw with my own eyes), then come back talk about health.

    ----pour kerosene to burn himself, hehe this one i agree, and why not u monsterball if hv ball go joint him and burn yourselves together. Chepat chepat sikit lu buat. The kerosene i will sponsor.

    Pour kerosene burn himself....3 days hunger strike also cannot tahan to eat, some more want to burn, haiya talk big tin kosong can lor this DAP

    Wong Tack, Porntip....hmmm

  31. Anonymous2:07 pm

    "Supersecret commando"

    "Roket jump jets"

    "Chochok Chochok"

    "Pour kerosene and burn himself"

    These DAP Pakatans sure got plenty of ideas and visions. Must vote them lor

  32. Anon 11.37 am dimwit trying to impress readers he can chochok better than me and Anwar.
    Both of us have children.
    His pea nut balls and slim short stick... no power to do anything.
    He his born with a big mouth...destined to talk cock and suck cock.
    yip...both spellings OK.

  33. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Looks like the comments of anon 9.45pm is even more bizarre and idiotic that the ones posted by some monster troll. Must be some pathetic pond scum

    emmm..we seem to be getting the worst of the sewage pond filth in here and the last alphabet to boot. Last Alphabet = worst of the worst, I presume.

  34. Anonymous10:00 pm

    This Porn Tip, whose are use by Thaksin in investigation of TakBai genocide. The result is full of lies.

  35. Anonymous10:47 pm

    monster no ball,

    lu sudah gila ka?

  36. Anonymous8:22 am

    PKR must hv scouted for anything that has "PORN" in it to excite the rakyat.. Alamak, even this lady's name also have this word??

    Monsterball, Thailand kat mana? Kat Negeri Penang jugak ker?

    Lompat si Apek lompat, lepan mata ata longkang, MANA? lOMPAT! MANA?

    Kan sya dah bgi warning, keletek sikit dah terlompat2..


  37. Anonymous11:53 am

    I really hate how the Chinese go on and on about Teoh Beng Hock like he's the only one who died in MACC's custody.

    It's the same with the events preceding May 13, Malay die but they are quiet, but when Chinese die the Chinese act like Chinese are being oppressed like hell and it's major tragedy.

    Screw you people.

    The only thing that happens when other people give in to you is that you become even more cocky, arrogant and unreasonable.

  38. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Monsterball tidak gila, jangam hamtam dia, dia olang baik2 istri2 dia 4 orang bekas bekas istri sulah gila tinggalkan dia.

    Kasehan sama monsterball, dia tidak gila, dia hanya menupause....

  39. Childish power provocation comments.
    Simply...low class.

  40. Anonymous11:17 pm

    monster no ball say;

    `Childish power provocation comments.
    Simply...low class.'

    my answer :

    Kah, kah, kah, kah you make me laugh la SOHAI!!!!

    now eat your own shit!!!

  41. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Monster what no ball go fly kite.. Strucked by lightning u die hahaha