Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ubah DAP, gag-nam style!

Gag lessons from Israel and Malaysia. The gag order issued by Lim Guan Eng on the DAP-PKR, Boo-Chua spat is bewildering but it helps show people the brand of democracy the Pakatan Rakyat politicians actually subscribe to (and they are supposed to be more democratic than the last member of the trinity - PAS!). 

LGE: G for Gag
For all the talk about transparency and freedom, these politicians are the first to suppress information and deny the public their right to know what's going on. This is not the first time the Pakatan politicians have resorted to gagging; in fact, they have done it way too many times. Just Google. I found it amusing that one of the countries that resorted to the gag order efficiently in recent years is Israel. In the Prisoner X cover-up, the regime's gag order prevented the media in Israel to report the matter for over two years! 

Prisoner X
The gag order was lifted - partially! - only very recently as the world is shocked by details of the whole affair, of Prisoner X's (alleged) suicide in custody, the outright lie told by Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr to Australians:
Speaking to ABC's “Foreign Correspondent” program, Carr had to admit he lied about the government being unaware of Zygier’s existence. Previously he had told ABC, “It's never been raised with me."  
In an attempt to justify the gag order, Israeli PM Ben Netanyahu said that 'overexposure of security and intelligence activity' could harm Israel's security.
Israeli PM Netanyahu: Gag order in the interest of Israeli security
"We are not like all other countries. We are more threatened, more challenged, and therefore we have to ensure the proper activity of our security forces."
Sure, the world understands. They need to sweep everything under the carpet. The deceit. The outright lies. The security of Israel.

But what's DAP and PKR's excuse for their gag order?

Read The Big Fight for a twist to the popular perspective.


  1. Anonymous1:43 pm

    great spin Rocky !! from LGE to Isreal ...LOL....

  2. Lim Guan Eng must not fall into Umno b's trap to make him speak.
    Rocky is showing a fine example to irritate LGE to speak and defend.
    Umno b and guys like Rocky has nothing to say.
    Look at how Mahathir is speaking to the Felda if the settlers owe everything to Umno b.
    Umno b never behave like elected civil servants.
    They thinks all money spent to help Malaysians are from their pockets....which indirectly mean Umno b treat Malaysia ..inherited from their grandfathers.
    And as for Rocky...he keeps on projecting the Angels and the Devils..without knowing which is which ....or pretending to be stupid.

  3. Anonymous1:54 pm

    You never heard of MIC fellows like Velpari blasting away the government in Tamil papers and still enjoying cordial relationship with UMNO & BN?

    The trouble is - you only know to scrounge for details in English texts.

    If that is how Malaysian you are, GOD bless this country!


  4. Anonymous2:00 pm

    LGE = let's gag everyone!

  5. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Now that Lee and DS Najib are cooperating, DAP and tokong will lose support from PAP


    tokong is NO match for DS Najib after all he is a FAILED accountant

  6. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Melayu, cina dan india mari kita bungkus kan tokong lim dan kuncu2 cina christian extremist dap dalam pru13 nanti. Tolak pakatan haram jadah.

  7. Mustapha Ong4:09 pm

    Salam Rocky's bru,

    Pihak parti pembangkang ini di DAP, PAS mahupun PKR semua nya macam "ketam nak ajar anak nya jalan lurus dan cakap tak serupa bikin"

    Biasalah sebelum mereka berhasrat nak berubah kerajaan BN dan menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara yang kelam kabut, lebih pun mereka berubah badan sendiri dimana semua yang Kerajaan BN buat adalah tidak betul. Tunggu lah satu hari nanti mereka dapat kemenangan dan mentadbir negara, sudah tentu BN sebagai pihak pembangkang yang bertaring akan membuat mereka kalam kabut di dalam dan di luar parliament.

    Seperti yang diramalkan rakyat akan memberi mandat yang terbesar kepada pimpinan Najib Tun Razak pada PRU13 nanti, melebihi daripada 1/3 dan nenawan semula negeri Selangor dan Kedah insyaAllah. PR boleh lah terus tidur dalam selimut dengan DAP, PAS dan PKR. Sekarang pun mereka dalam keadaan tertekan dan kalam kabut nak rebut kerusi tanpa meja!

  8. Anonymous4:27 pm

    But what's DAP and PKR's excuse for their gag order?

    Answer: Because all the Main Stream Media is under govt control and will mis-report whatever they say. Refer to the list of lawsuits against Utusan as example.

  9. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Clap Clap Clap !!!!

    Well done Rocks !!!!

    You have now linked DAP to Israel.

    So clever lah you Latuk. One small glitch - Malaysians are not as naive and stupid as you think.

    Back lah to drawing board and please work even harder now for your paymasters.

    Ciao Bro.

  10. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Only one excuse..If they talk more the main stream medias and TV stations that are so freaking biased will twist and turn every word they say. But I guess it's much better then BN. UMNO commands and all the other parties just kowtow and sembah. There should be no argument and protests. UMNO is the lord of BN.I guess at least in PR, the coalition is more equal and every party got their own say.


  11. Anonymous9:19 pm

    No excuses. They should let it all air out and let the voters decide who is more credible.

    One suspects that the ubiquity of the social media and a free wheeling online culture would put paid to any attempts at censorship and spin-doctoring.

    Having said that, Malaysia, like many other countries, has an Official Secrets Act or similar laws on their books.

    And the justification for these laws is the catch all phrase "national security".

    So, I can understand where Israel and Australia are coming from.

  12. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Come on lah Rocky. This is an internal party's affair and a gag order is the most proper thing to do. Do you want the public to hear or know what your family are quarreling about? Umno has always issue gag orders to their members also which I think is normal for all political parties. Please lah. If you have balls, please highlight more important issues like the Deepak exposes of the PM and his wife and other corruption scandals by VVIP. Don't harp on petty issues that are not important at all.

  13. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Are you ready for BN? NOoooo..

  14. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Latuk, very soon BN will be in the opposition and let us all wait and see how BN behave.

  15. the toothless fella1:33 am

    Locky,spinning and spinning again.And again and again.It never ends.Afterall that is what cari makan bloggers are for.Spin,spin and spin.Hehe,one can never teach an old dog to learn new tricks.Does it ring a bell.

  16. Anonymous2:40 am

    when someone outside the fence can peek to his neighbour's , all will not be the same and all the faults will be exposed. Just reverse the order and it'll be the same but the case here is much more different. When certain aspects of the existence of the rakyat is being filled with what is needed other than the promises of clean, majestic, trustworthy and what have you, it answers a whole lot.....:)

  17. Anonymous4:26 am

    Rocky's blog is a real classic example of garbage journalism and should be a case study for those studying mass comm how not to become one.

    Linking LGE to Israel ? The mother of all spins..

  18. Anonymous8:11 am

    Budaya "gag" diamal mereka dari keturunan PATI.. Masa belayar naik tongkang dah dilatih bertubi2 cara zip mulut, buat bodo, tipu asal usul bla bla supaya senang nak seludup curi masuk Negara Asing..

    Read the history of how these same species of Tongkang people entered America.


  19. Anonymous9:58 am

    Dont talk cock lah please !

  20. Anonymous10:54 am

    retards @ 10:03 pm and @ 11:54 pm

    dream on but my advice to you - better start packing to go back to china or india

    that is if they want to accept you into their billion population

    otherwise wear a mask or dark glasses as you eat humble pie


    P.S. if the chinese close ranks and vote DAP, there will be repercussions not from BN government but from the ordinarily generous and accomodating rakyat - read that as Malay Muslims

  21. Anonymous10:59 am

    Thanks Rocky for exposing the IQ of pakatan buffoons.

    Reading their substandard comments makes you informed that their leaders are just as idiotic.

    Hanging on to impossible dreams, fed on lies and instigations which they readily swallow and are totally DEVOID of any intellectual capacity.

  22. Guys,

    Don't get me wrong, it is not my intention to put your hero Lim Gag Eng on the rank with Ben Netanyahu and the Tel Aviv regime. Unlike LGE, Netanyahu doesn't pretend that he is ALL for press freedom and unfettered liberties, etc. Netanyahu's known for his brutality, not hypocrisy.

    1. Anonymous5:24 am

      Am I ready for BN? Yes.

    2. Anonymous8:30 am

      Count me in too

  23. Anonymous11:12 am


    Now we know why the DAP leader is so keen to paint Umno as being like Nazis and Hitler ... He must be good friends with the jews

  24. Anonymous11:50 am

    BN is just jealous of pakatan ability to close ranks. It wasn't that long ago that umno and mca had gag orders too. Ask ong tee keat.

  25. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Hey Rocky,

    You can't say "guys," because the only person defending L.Gag.E. is one, lonely DAPcybertrooper.

  26. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Rocky is just being a sore loser after the double whammy humilitation sufferred by his paymaster Najib in Penang during CNY.

    So naturally, he has to spin harder lah....for his KPI

  27. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Anon 10:54 am

    What "repercussions", pray tell? That is skating perilously close to sedition, and I am surprised that Bru gave it the light of day.

    Do you think that such dastardly deeds and intimidation can be kept quiet and suppressed in this day and age, given the ubiquity of modern technology?

    And the "repercussions" to the "repercussions"....where will the cycle end?

    It's time for good sense and sanity to prevail.

    Not brute force and the law of the jungle.

    Because there's always a bigger, scarier and more angst gorilla out there!

  28. gangnam4:56 pm

    Bro, when these Pakatan assholes have lost the argument -- they tell you to not talk cock. And they tell you you are spinning. Or they say you are an Umno ass licker.

    Kim Gag Eng is very jahat. Just like DAP - very jahat. Very racist.

    They accuse BN of being racist because got Umno, MCA amd MIC -- all race-based parties.

    Bodoh people suddenly agree. Hello -- this is being practical-lah becasue whether you like it or not, the chinese usually support their own party, the malays also and the Indians also their own... over years, modern a bit, then a few among the ethnic races will vote for personalities or whatever lah.

    But Chinese generally will vote for Chinese. That's why in kelantan, although Melayu heartland, for a very longtime the chinese (in towns) voted MCA. Until of course in 2008 when Pak Lah got people to resent the BN adminsitration because he made his SIL bigger than he was and wet-behimnd-the-ears boys to run the office of the PM.

    Now DAP cocok the Chinese to vote for a party that can best represent them. They belittle and shame the MCA and its leadership...of course, the MCA with its house in a mess, couldnt help themselves.

    The point is the DAP's slogan should be -- vote for CHinese supremacy, vote the DAP.

    Umno, a racist party? well it is a party representing the Malays. and BN looks after the interst of all the races. And well for the past 55 these modern times, we can find that some things can be fixed and improved.

    And Pakatan -- well, I wouldn;t put the fate of the country in dangerous hands.

    Look at Najib and the BN -- he has responded to attacks and criticisms of his adminsitration so admirably... doing so much towards further reinforcing peace and harmony...and towards his political rivals -- can see..

    If I had not had any negative opinion of the DAP before, I do now.

    DAP is the hitler and the nazi -- the fat pigs in Animal Farm.


  29. Look at Najib and the BN -- he has responded to attacks and criticisms of his adminsitration so admirably... doing so much towards further reinforcing peace and harmony...and towards his political rivals -- can see..

    If I had not had any negative opinion of the DAP before, I do now.

    DAP is the hitler and the nazi -- the fat pigs in Animal Farm.

    4:56 pm


    Dear Anon,

    Notice how Guan Eng has been equating Umno, the oldest Malay political party, to Hitler and Nazis. And his machais always associating the ruling government with Apartheid (which shows how much they know) and independent Zimbabwe/Mugabe? Guan Eng's goal is to paint a picture that Umno is run by evil people and the government's policies, especially the NEP (which has helped the Malays catch up a little and abolish poverty regardless of race), are meant to divide-and-rule and discriminate against the minorities (LGE conveniently leaves out the fact that 8 out of the 10 richest men in Malaysia are from the minority ethnic groups).

    The present day Zionist regime is a minority in West Asia with a record that even Hitler would be envious of. I sometimes wonder if Guan Eng actually admires them ...

  30. Anonymous3:28 pm

    yo retard @ 3:38 pm says, "such dastardly deeds and intimidation"

    Yeah my man deeds like cheating at DAP elections, intimidation like "you write I sue you" and of course all those scary GAG orders issued by Kim Gag Eng who champions freedom of press??

    Please lah give us rational, well-read and well-informed, highly intellectual descendents of a refined and genteel culture ...

    a break from communist descendents spin and lies

  31. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Anon 9:58 am

    Maybe, but Israel is doing better than any of the Arab states.

    Read the interview with the Israeli Chief Scientist that was published recently.

    There's much to be admired about a little country that refuses to give up and that is not intimidated by those who wish it ill.

    How many Asean countries have trade and diplomatic links with Israel?

    They can't all be subliminally fooled, can they?

  32. Anonymous8:34 am

    Comrade Lim is a sotong leader. Oopss. A strong leader!
    Comrade Lim is God.

  33. Anonymous5:22 pm

    bozo @ 7:00 pm says "Maybe, but Israel is doing better than any of the Arab states.

    Read the interview with the Israeli Chief Scientist that was published recently."


    of course lah retard, if you interview kim gag egg, he will tell you biaDAP is a competent, accountable and transparent party

    but we all KNOW otherwise, it's actually a cocky arrogant tokong party

    sheeesh how retarded can anyone be??

  34. Anonymous5:25 pm

    buffoon @ 7 PM says "There's much to be admired about a little country that refuses to give up and that is not intimidated by those who wish it ill."

    Yeah yeah without the clueless and indebted white americans, israel is just a speck of toxic disease

    whose extreme insecurity led them to live a life of miserable and stressful defensive culture

  35. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Why don't you tell about your spat with your wives or your relatives?

    Why not be so open?

  36. Anonymous9:21 am

    Anon 5:25 pm

    That may be, but I don't see the Malaysian gahmen telling Uncle Sam to go fly a kite and not to bother us cool maruah types out here!

    Nope, they still need Uncle Sam's ships and planes around to persuade others in the region to "play nice".

    Can't argue with that, can you?

    Or, better yet - why not ask Wisma Putra to give you a tutorial on geopolitical realities in the region?

  37. Anonymous5:15 pm

    haiya anon 9:21 am

    singkies are confused as to who their big brother really is

    is it PRC whose common inheritance is greatest to kiasu tribes

    or is it uncle sam with all the advanced technology who might just come running when singkie shouts for help

    On June 24 last year, the body of a young US electronics engineer, Shane Todd, was found hanging in his Singapore apartment.

    Police said it was suicide, but the Todd family believe he was murdered. Shane had feared that a project he was working on was compromising US national security.