Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pornthip says no to another second autopy in Malaysia

Sick of the sick politics?

Thai forensic expert says no to PKR. We don't know if it's about the fees or if her life is at risk (which won't be for the first time), or maybe she has wisened up to the ways of some Malaysian politicians. In any case, read the news of the pullback if you'd missed it due to the CNY holidays, the Psy excitement and the Siou controversy still brewing in Sabah's Kadazan community,  h e r e. 

And, for the love of human decency, a short plea from a regular reader to politicians like ...
Sugumar: Political exploitation of a family's grief?  By RJ
The sudden retraction by Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand to do a second post-mortem on C.Sugumar is a slap in the face of people like N. Surendran of PKR. 
These are the people who have come to premature conclusions as to the cause of death and then make allegations.  Dr Pornthip had agreed to take on the task  but made an abrupt about-turn immediately afterwards, citing personal reasons.  Sugumar had died after he ran amok in Taman Sri Nanding in Hulu Langat on 23 Jan. 
Some quarters have since alleged that the police had beaten him up. 
PM Najib then ordered a forensic report be submited to the Cabinet. 
Dr Pornthip, a high profile pathologist, must have made some preliminary inquiries before declining the brief. Could she have concluded that she did not wish to be embroiled in a political blame game?   
And could she have concluded that Malaysians are up to the task of doing a professional job themselves? 
Let's wait and see. 
Until then, will Surendran and his cohorts please stop capitalising on a family's grief? - RJ
 RJ writes extensively on political exploitation


  1. Anonymous9:56 am

    Surendran PUNDEK!!!

  2. Anonymous11:12 am

    Ni Surendra dah tak de keje lain. Nak buat amal pun patut2lah. NAIK MUNTAH DENGAN SURENDRAN NI.



  3. Anonymous11:14 am

    Surendran PUKIMAK!!!

  4. So she declined to perform the offer. What are you trying to say or hint Rocky?
    Please recall her experiences with Teoh Beng Hock.
    She knows..until and unless BN is voted way she can perform with peace and ease.
    I think she is smart to say no.
    Do not make nothing into something....on and on...Rocky.
    You have 52 days perform for Umno b.
    Do your best for the worst scums and thieves..

  5. Anonymous11:22 am

    she looks just like another linda lovelace in 'deepthroat' porn to me!


  6. Anonymous11:38 am

    Are you sure this Pornthip is a doctor? Look at her. Very scary. Even a hantu will run away from her.

  7. Yinglucky11:42 am

    Mysterious hand at work...

  8. Psycho11:43 am


  9. Anonymous11:46 am

    It is shameful that the public do not trust and are suspicious of government findings including the Serdang hospital that released the report. The BN government is protecting the police at all costs to the detriment of the public. There are too many deaths in police custody and the government always say it is not the police fault. There is no fairness and justice for the rakyat.

  10. Chiak Psy11:46 am

    Anon9.56am ... budaya biadap samseng umno!
    Tak belajar Rukun Negara kat sekolah kononnya!!!

  11. Anonymous11:50 am

    It is ok for Dr Pornthip to decline.

    However, it is very embarassing for Najib to be rejected in Penang. First, by the crowd who said NO three times when asked if they are ready for BN. Secondly, Psy refuses to participate in the yee sang toss with Najib and other ministers despite the MC calling him to do so.

  12. Anonymous11:56 am

    Autopy or autopsy?

  13. arizmaya12:19 pm

    the opposition claimed there are eyewitness who saw police beating Sugumar. If the allegation is true I am sure some of the eyewitnesses would have recorded the beating episode with their phone camera either in video mode or static picture mode.

    It is rather weird that none of this is happening. Thus far my search with you tube reveals no such material uploaded to their website. Strange isn't it? Is it all the eyewitnesses forget to carry their handphone? forget to record the alleged 'show' by the police force? OR is the absence of such material either in video form or static footage was because no such thing happened?

  14. Anonymous12:42 pm

    RJ writes "extensively" on political exploitation.

    Get the drift, Bru. Good one at Ali Cordoba's expense.....hahahahahahahahaahaha although the RJ guy writes way better stuff than Condombra will ever do in a lifetime.

    Anyway, Mrs P is very much a political animal herself ( a yellow shirt in Thai lingo) and should be savvy enough to manouvre her way through the Malaysian political minefield:

    "The problem with this call is that it is already a politicized claim. Pornthip is deeply superstitious and deeply royalist. Not only that, but her position as a member of Abhisit Vejjajiva’s Centre for the Resolution of Emergency Situations makes her political loyalties apparent."

    It is not surprising that Surendran is attracted to the likes of her as birds of a feather flock together.

    and one suspects using the flimsiest of data to arrive at aconclusion is nothing alien to this "scientist": After viewing photographs of Angkhana Radappanyawut's injuries, Pornthip Rojanasunand suggested unequivocally that the death was caused by the explosion of a tear gas canister. She also stated that there was no need to conduct further investigations into the death and injuries of protesters because it became clear that they were caused by weapons of police.

    but then again what does a single death matter, after all it is statistical collateral damage, a mere footnote in history:

    "Phayao told the subpanel, chaired by human rights lawyer Somchai Homlaor, that she has lost faith in the government, especially the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and forensic expert Khunying Porntip Rojanasunand.Phayao accused the DSI and Porntip of trying to cover up crimes allegedly committed by soldiers. She believed they had a conflict of interest, as they were also part of the Centre for Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES), which was in charge of the crackdown but has since been disbanded."Who would try to get themselves into a legal trial? They're part of CRES. And now Porntip is quiet," she said.During the two-hour hearing, Phayao accused Porntip of tampering and altering evidence relating her daughter's death, such as forensic records of bullet wounds. She said the bullets had somehow disappeared."

    Little wonder TBH got such short shrift in the greater scheme of things. As they say ' good riddance to bad rubbish"

    Warrior 231

  15. Anonymous12:50 pm

    AFP Report: Najib Pressured Thai PM to request Dr Pornthip not to testify.

  16. Anonymous1:57 pm

    happy-nya Rocky Pornthip tak jadi datang !!

  17. can see clearly now3:45 pm

    If Pundek Surendren still want her to do the autopsy, may be he can send the body to her, or , since they are accusing the Police are killing the Indians, they should get a Patholigist from India to do it

  18. Look at her. A 'dedicated professional' to be taken seriously?

    Wrong business.

  19. Anonymous5:34 pm


    Sorry but need 2 ask -Is that mess of badly died hair, a part of that haggard sundal-siam look or is it to *distract* the eye from the haggard sundal-siam look?? The message is just as confused as the hair style and color. Either is still HORRIBLE and just as cheapo as things are up there lah.

  20. Anonymous6:24 pm

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    Since Te Ra Sa Cock did not give any response on your marriage proposal why dont you try your luck on Porn thit?

    If both reject your ptoposal, confirm your are a senile sohai!

  21. Anonymous8:27 pm

    she afraid if she come here again, she might be 'liwat' again and again by the pakatan rakus

  22. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Hope politicians do not use this death for political mileage....

  23. Why cant you just support the family of deceased instead of arguing politic.
    Don't earn the curse of the Sugumaran's parents. You never know what could be in store for you, Rocky.

  24. Najib asked Thai PM Yingluck to BLOCK Dr Pornthip from conducting 2nd autopsy on Sugumar
    Wong Choon Mei, Alaa Soleiman, Malaysia Chronicle | 14 Feb 2013

    UPDATE 3 Lawyers for the family of C Sugumar dropped a bombshell on Thursday, revealing that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak had asked the Prime Minister of Thailand to block renowned pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunan from carrying out a second autopsy on the dead security guard who had died ...

  25. Richguy,

    Surely you can see what's happening here. Surendran has been playing Sugumar's mom and family from the start. Now he talks about his im-pecker-ble source.

    Come on la Richguy, if you want to help the family go and ask that Surendran to show to all and sundry the proof of his claims.

  26. If Rocky is so right...he would have established a reputation with a brain that is unmatchable in thinking and analyzing.....earning millions solving problems...putting so many lawyers out of business.
    But we know what he is...don't we?

  27. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Monsterball 624,

    Stop grumbling rocky this rocky dat lar, why u sakit perut reading his article aar?

    My advise kerosene man, continue counting 52, 51, 50 days.....vely2 exciting aar, we all want to know how u count wat, or go burn yourself with kerosene

  28. Anonymous1:53 pm

    lies, lies and more lies from pkr. and stupid supporters swallowing lies like vultures.