Sunday, February 17, 2013

The real reasons why Australian senator Nick X was politely refused entry into Malaysia

updated; Australia to fight Xenophon deportation

The Undesirable Immigrant.The article I'm attaching below was sent to me by a very learned informant and is reliable and impeccable. It is hoped that his detailed explanation of how the laws work (and who Nick Xenaphon works for) will help all of us understand why the Government had no choice but to bar Mr Xenaphon from setting foot into this country.

Immigration Act 8(3) ... bars “any person who is a member of or affiliated with any organisation entertaining or teaching disbelief in or opposition to established government” or/and “any person who, in consequence of information received from any source deemed by the Minister to be reliable, or from any government, through official or diplomatic channels, is deemed by the Minister to be an undesirable immigrant.” 

The detention and deportation of Independent Australian Senator Nick Xenophon in Kuala Lumpur’s LCCT terminal has enraged the opposition, prompting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to condemn the actions taken by the Immigration Department as a “gross abuse of power.” 

Immigration Department chief Datuk Alias Ahmad said that Xenophon, who came to Malaysia to meet Anwar Ibrahim and several Election Commission (EC) officials, would be deported because the senator had allegedly tarnished the image of Malaysia. Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr issued a statement calling for the swift release of Senator Xenophon, and expressed disappointment over the situation, reflecting on Australia’s strong diplomatic relations with Malaysia. 

Xenophon was part of a seven-member international team of election observers invited by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who claimed that the expenses allocated for the fact-finding mission were borne either personally or by their respective governments; the other members of the team have since cancelled their visit to Malaysia. Xenophon expressed concerns regarding issues pertaining to electoral reforms and criticized the government’s crackdown on street protests as “authoritarian” in nature. 

Immigration Chief Datuk Alias Ahmad stated that Xenophon was barred from entering Malaysia under the Immigration Act 8(3). A closer look into the stipulations of the Immigration Act shows that Xenophon’s deportation was legitimatized either through clause J, which bars “any person who is a member of or affiliated with any organisation entertaining or teaching disbelief in or opposition to established government,” or clause K, which blocks the entry of “any person who, in consequence of information received from any source deemed by the Minister to be reliable, or from any government, through official or diplomatic channels, is deemed by the Minister to be an undesirable immigrant.” 

The state’s official explanation was that Xenophon’s deportation was “a result of his participation in an illegal street protest in Kuala Lumpur last year,” referring to stipulations in the Peaceful Assembly Act which bars foreign nationals from taking part in unauthorized street protests.

Some activists who took part in the Bersih demonstrations have expressed their discontent over Xenophon’s deportation through social media; others see the issue as another example of the opposition inviting foreign interference into the nation’s political affairs. 

Anwar Ibrahim has previously appealed to the Australian government to monitor the upcoming general elections in an attempt to ensure their legitimate conduct, inciting harsh criticism of the opposition leader, who was thought by many to be falsely equating Malaysia’s electoral standards with that of Afghanistan, Iraq, or the Congo. In response, Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr refused to send observers, stating that Australia cannot and will not influence how Malaysia’s elections are run. 

Members of Barisan Nasional have addressed Ibrahim’s ties to US Government-linked foundations such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in the Malaysian Parliament, and journalists have also uncovered letters written by Ibrahim, which were addressed to NED President Carl Gershman in Washington D.C. discussing the deployment of election observers to Malaysia.

Xenophon, an independent senator from South Australia, has spent much of his career highlighting social ills associated with Australia’s gambling epidemic and fighting for farmers rights by calling for major Australian super markets to offer pricing transparency. 

It is unclear what prompted Xenophon to illegally participate in the Bersih 3,0 rally, but his deportation is a sign that the Malaysian Government isn’t afraid to be bold in expelling those seeking to downplay the legitimacy of the Electoral Commission, even at the expense of a potential diplomatic row. 

The Electoral Commission has provided logical and consistent refutations to the allegations of electoral discrepancies made against them on numerous occasions. As Malaysia draws nearer to GE13, it has become self-evident that members of the opposition are attempting to leverage electoral discrepancies for their own political gain, with the hope of disparaging their political opponents in the ruling party.

To date, the parliamentary select committee has addressed the concerns of civil society groups by passing 18 amendments to the electoral roll, and the United Nations has confirmed that Malaysia is completely in-line with international norms and electoral standards. 

Xenophon studied law and obtained his Bachelor of Laws in 1981 before establishing his own law firm; if Xenophon sought to participate as an international observer in Malaysia’s elections, he should have not taken part in illegal street rallies in this country, and he should have adhered to the stipulations required within Malaysian law by applying to be a recognized observer. 

EC chairman Tan Sri Adbul Aziz Mohd Yusof recently stated, “To date, no foreign observes have applied to come. Besides, there must be an application from an international observer who intends to watch the way our polls are conducted before being chosen.”

It is a basic prerequisite in line with international norms that any individual acting as a foreign electoral observer be completely independent, nonpartisan and holding no affiliations with any political party. Many may feel that the senator’s deportation was an unjustified abuse of power, but the fact is that Xenophon was invited to be an electoral observer by Malaysia’s de-facto opposition leader while skirting Malaysia’s peaceful assembly act and laws that required him to formerly submit an observer application, effectively going against the Australian government’s own refusal to take part in observing GE13.

The opposition has continually attempted to mislead voters by crying foul over the electoral commission, even when Pakatan Rakyat cleanly took five states in the 2008 elections. Before talking of living under “authoritarian” rule, 

Malaysians should also not forget the long reach of deportation power in Australian law, which routinely grants persona non grata status to non-Australians for minor offences. Xenophon’s deportation is an unfortunate incident, but foreigners are required to abide by Malaysian law if they wish to have some kind of presence observing elections or staying in the country, otherwise, it is perfectly acceptable for the authorities to take action in safeguarding political affairs from intrusive foreign elements.


  1. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Whatever reasons you may care to give...

    Never in the History of Malaysia has the country ever deported a Member of Parliment of a friendly nation such as Australia.

    Even America allowed Ahmadinejad to enter and give presentations to Campuses in America regardless of the country's leaders feelings towards him and Iran.

    This Malaysian affair is a milestone in the Nation History marking the move towards dictatorial rule.

    We should be seeing more antidemocratic hardline measures destined to plunge the country into the league of pariah nations to be shunned by peace loving investors.


  2. This is alot of bullshit.
    Umno ban own Malaysians from West flying to East and will ban any foreigners coming here to support to support the Opposition parties.
    Umno has gone too far treating the country as their own.
    Rocky can talk like that idiotic Home Minister and what he will not do...for money??

  3. Anonymous2:56 pm

    We should also 'politely refuse entry into Maklaysia, the 3 ladies from Singapore Consulate who was seen among the last Bersih crowd.


  4. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Another damage control spin exercise from rocky. As usual lah , all those who fight for a just, clean and fair malaysia like ambiga, surendran bar council suaram are all devils. Rocky has no credibility left, just a mercenary doing the dirty job for BN.

  5. LAYMAN3:34 pm

    I would say bravo to the Immigration Dept for having the guts to do such thing. This is our country, so why should foreigners be allowed to dictate their rules on us. After all, we dont dictate on others in other countries. It is their right to manage their own affairs and the same should apply in this case.

    Just the layman's non-political thoughts...

  6. Chiak Psy3:37 pm

    Sulu militants easily "invaded" Sabah... CELAKA UMNO buy submarines and Sukhoi31 for what???

  7. damansaraman3:51 pm

    Dear Rocky

    This Nick X character claimed to be a legislator from a much civilize nation.

    Yet the very basic protocol of one cannot participate in any demonstration in a foreign land pun tak tau

    Bila kena deport melalak kata orang tak civilize

    Tapi masalahnya ramai orang Malaysia yang happily sokong pulak tu

  8. spencer664:01 pm

    the simple fact is:-

    1. xenaphon was considered, in the the opinion of the malaysian government to be aligned with the opposition.

    2. it is presumed by the malaysian government that such exposure, or possibly suspicion of electoral fraud, especially by a foreign entity, may raise international concern.

    3. the clause which states "affilated with any organisation entertaining or teaching disbelief in or opposition to established government" is not a clear indication of specific acts. xenophon participation in the rally, which is not deemed to be illegal in documents, to be a true participant but he acted merely to observe during the incident. if such case warrant deportation or barring from entering, then foreign journalist reporting on it will suffer the same fate. it is the fact that xenophon made known as a public servant to the presses of australia, have made his statement take notice from the international community.

    3. being present, at the core of a suspected misaligned of justice, ex gratia insitu may proved to be a delicate embarassment to the government.

    4. if xenophon enters malaysia to establish ties or work in hand with the ruling government to streamline the electoral process, which in this case isnt possible, his function will merely be to stamped and endorsed the existing changes. no detail scrutiny will ever be available.

    5. irrespective of whether xenophon, "tarnished" the image of malaysia, the ruling government, or the malaysian embassy in australia, did not officially dispute or clarify the statement xenophon made.

    6. unless xenophon have, taken on a physical approach to undermine the ruling government, by blocking all trades, economic or humanitarian, the tarnishing of a image is one issue that can be resolve diplomatically. unfortunately, the malaysian government did not.

  9. Anonymous4:14 pm

    And the reasons why the French lawyers were also deported? Why the cold feet?

  10. Put this bastard away from entering malaysia forever

    Well done immigration..

  11. Anonymous4:28 pm

    satu lagi cerita lawak Rocky !!

    Gunman kat Lahad Datu dah selesai ke belum ??


  12. Xenophon breached several laws...:-

    1. He breached article 4(1a) and article 4(2a) of the peaceful assembly act.

    in doing so, he also reached article 41 of geneva convention.

    so, his deportation is justified. Kudos to the immigration.

  13. The holes in that argument are greater than Swiss Cheese.
    Most Election observers are invited by political parties - and their role is to 'observe'.
    For Bersih he was an observer as much as all the media that was present.
    Secondly Immigration claimed he was a 'threat to national security'. What was the threat? Was he giving out ICs? Was he carrying an M16 rifle? Was he threatening to burn bibles? Those threats seem to be allowed so far....
    What Immigration has done is put this on the front page of the Australina papers and made news on BBC, Al Jazeera and CNN.
    So much for Najib's openness and transformasi....
    To be fair to Najib when asked about it today he could not comment. I think what was done has actually embarresed Najib more than anything - and maybe that is the point....

    Ironically - most cabinet members (and former PMs) have homes, holiday and send their kids to college in Australia. Imagine when the Aussie immigration retaliates against any BN MP going to Australia. I'm sure they will be squelling like little piggies.

    The second irony is that while Immigration was acting swiftly against 1 Aussie Senator - Immigration lets in thousands of Iranians, Nigerians, Bangladeshis.
    How foten are these people caught later for financial scams, drugs, syabu, robberies and prostitution.
    Apparently these people are not a threat to national security?

    The third irony Rocky - is that while this action is happening in KLIA for One person - over 100 Filipinos invaded Sabah armed with a multitude of assault weapons and took over one of our Kampungs!!!
    They are being provided with food and water and our Govt is asking them nicely to leave!
    WTF!!!! How did so many armed men just enter Sabah like that and why are we treating them with kids gloves! This is a freaking invasion of our sovereign land. We have a standing army with tanks and jet bombers! They should have been deported ages ago and if they won't leave we should blow them to kingdom come. This sets a bad example! Imagine if we let them leave with all their weapons. They will figure us out as a soft touch and come back with 100s more armed Filipinos!

    So Datuk - we are now a laughing stock in the Philippines and now in rest of world because we treat one Aussie as a major threat and yet act like pussies in face of an armed invasion!

  14. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Just draw a chart of the events over the last 2 weeks and the next few. There is a common thread and source. Its the big picture not the events itself.

  15. Anonymous5:19 pm

    we Malaysian do not want foreigners especially Ausie to teach us how to run our country.Does he thought Australian better than Malaysia? Or white is better than colour? bullshit! Mind your own business monkey!

  16. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Before this Senator Xylophon start his looney tunes,its only proper for the Senator to go back and speak to Osstrarralean goverment and advise them how to deal in fair manner to the Aborigines.

    Once the Osstarrelean goverment can give equal share of wealth,education and what nots that they are deprived of by the racist whites in Osstrallian goverment to these Aborigines , then they can preach what is fair to other ppl.

    This election fairness is not the white man burden that you must preach as the whiteman never in their Osstrralean history understood what fairness is all about

    do you get me mate?


  17. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Teruk lah you continue to spin when all the facts are before you. You are really scrapping the barrel. The seas of change is happening whether you like it or not or whether Paid Pro-UMNO bloggers continue with their spin.

  18. Mr Angry5:44 pm


    There are some severe loopholes in your argument, so perhaps you need to brush up on your logical deduction of the situation, if you are capable of doing so.

    Regardless of what country Nick X or ministers like him come from, he broke the law on the grounds of supporting a clearly biased and illegal protest with zero regard for our laws. People get deported from this country under more petty and minor reasons.

    Imagine now if our own government sent some ministers over to Australia to attend a rally there!! The first thing that comes to mind is - Why the hell should a Malaysian minister have any business in Australia?? In the same way, Nick X has no right to be here. His job is to take care of his own people, not to have "discussions" with key-members he believes can push his agenda in South East Asia. Xenophon not a hero mind you, he's getting bashed left-right and center in Australia for interfering in issues that do not even concern Australians and showing that members of the Australian government believe it is their right to govern a sovereign nation like Malaysia, which operates under it's own culture and rules.

    Some questions arise, why doesn't Anwar send a delegate or go over to Australia himself? Didn't society invent the phone some years ago? The letter centuries ago?

    X has clearly stated the meeting was meant to be low-key, so I don't think this meeting is official, either. Personal or business? Who paid for the meeting? Aussie tax-payers or funded from the opposition?

    X is not a reporter, his job is not to report the news.

    I'm from Sabah. And Yes, the Filipino migrants concern me. What solutions do we have? They have family based in Sabah for almost 3 generations. They have not caused any trouble except provide a presence in itself. The military can and will slaughter almost all of them if trouble arose, however what would be the out come? You would massacre a whole group of people based on fear, put the international spot-light on Sabah, drawing criticism from all corners of the globe, and worse of all, you re-ignite the claims of the Philippines on Sabah, inciting potential war, and ultimately risking the identities of the entire East Coast of Sabah. We have almost, what? 2000 KM or more border line to patrol? Do you have any idea how big that is? Every year, more than a 100 times a 100 migrants come into the state, so this number is nothing new, except it's not a problem for West Malaysians, so don't try and act like it's a problem now. You all don't know shit about Sabah or the situation down here so don't talk like you know anything unless you've been on the ground you semanjing bastard.

  19. Anonymous6:13 pm

    who the fuck cares if he is a member of Parliament? he has no fucking rights to interfere. Fuck him off Malaysia. Tell him to use his fucking rights to take care of the Abrogines of Australia. I don't give a fuck of Australia.

  20. tebing tinggi6:35 pm

    I would like to say "Syabas" to Malaysian immigration ,but alas, that had been told that other foreign national like Singaporean had been involved in demonstration in Pengerang as well as other demonstration hear.
    Malaysian will like to see more of it,not just Australian .

  21. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Kudos to the immigration dept. Bold move.

    If Senator Xeno'phobic' is neutral in his stance as an observer, I dont see it as a problem.

    However, this xenophobic fellow has clearly breached the immigration act by siding with the opposition which is so one sided thus views are very much skewed on one sided basis.

    To think I once voted for PKR. Tarnishing our image is ridiculous. Strike Pakatan Racists (PKR) out.

    Jonathan Wong.

  22. Anonymous6:57 pm


    we have kept the peace for so long and one interfering mat salleh denied entry is not going to upset investors. we had isa for so long but investors kept coming. no need to worship the whites which the opposition love to do. investors look at the bigger picture unlike myopics like you.

  23. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Why bother about being a laughing stock by others? They have their own internal problems to deal with and we can eqaully laugh at them. To use the Phillipines as an example is laughable: their democracy comes at the end of a gun barrel.

    A soveriegn nation has rights to defend and protect its sovereignty. If these Australians have balls, go to China and fight for human rights there. They would probably be castrated before being deported. Kenapa berani kat Malaysia sahaja? Because we have been nice? We should sop being nice from now on and to hell what others say, including our own apologists for the white man. We are no longer the "White Man's Burden" la unles of course some of us choose to be so.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the deportation of the meddling foreigner Xenophon. Bring some more of them and we'll kick them out likewise. If Anwar should become PM he can invite as many foreigners as he can to give legitimacy to himself or his "government". In the mesntime just eff off eMmer eFfer!

  24. bourne identity7:00 pm

    " Chiak Psy said...
    Sulu militants easily "invaded" Sabah... CELAKA UMNO buy submarines and Sukhoi31 for what??? "
    US has the most powerful weapons of destruction in the world..infact, the most powerful country militarility, politically and economically and yet.. they were attacked by trainee civilian pilots...
    Kalau nak comment, please be sensible lah...dont pakai taruk2 sahaja.

  25. Anonymous7:04 pm

    He thinks just because he is an Australian Senator he can step on us. You participate in anti govt activities and now want right of entry? f@#k off.

  26. Anonymous7:06 pm


    you ARE very narrow minded.

  27. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Our foreign policy flip flop.

    Najib visit Gaza without notifiying Abbas,the legitimate Palestine Govertment.

    We sent back Urgur Chinese to China despite they were under UN potection.

    We support MILF in Mindano and ignoring MORO despote they are being recognise by OIC.Now they sent their fighter to Sabah wanted to claim back Sabah from Malaysia

  28. Anonymous7:14 pm

    They think they can walk into this country like they did in 1788 in Australia and later plant their flag. Anwar and his goons would then bend over for them.

  29. Anonymous7:24 pm

    ada orang suka betul dengan bontot mat salleh sampai naik angin bila ada yang tak dapat masuk malaysia.

  30. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Mr Angry @ 5:44

    Well said.

  31. watch out ini semua anwar punya final game... he he.. aussie guy... attack on sabah..
    those who r not government.. dont talk much.. governing a country is not as easy as u speak..
    dont look at things only on the surface.. anyway maybe because thats what u r capable of only..
    there are more story to the surface.. anwar tahu..

  32. Contemplative8:58 pm

    Had he been aligned with the ruling government and being prejudiced against PR, would he still have been allowed in? I suspect so.

    It seems to me that Mr. Xenophon's only mistake was supporting an opposition party.

  33. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Recently the LAPD made extra-ordinary efforts, including posting a US1 Million bounty, to hunt and burn one of their own who was dimissed from the force. Now the LA public feels that LAPD has something to hide.

  34. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Please respect Malaysian immigration laws...mobody is above the law

  35. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Welcome to demokrasi belacan Malaysia. Thanks to UMNO Nazis using govt depts like their condoms to fuck anyone who dares to challenge them...

  36. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Congratulations! Malaysia is now the new Myanmar.

  37. Anonymous10:10 pm

    anon 9:48 YES. Thanks to UMNO. We have had a good life here for the past half century.

  38. Anonymous10:28 pm

    he was deported to prevent him from investigating the fraud suspected in the recent DAP election roll.

    can you imagine the choas if the result is positive? so thank the established government to prevent this from happening.

  39. Anonymous10:31 pm

    I agree with the comments by arif. Malaysia is fast becoming an international pariah.

  40. That senator cannot even take care of the welfare of his Aboriginal community in his own land, sibuk nak tolong Anwar and monitor the Malaysian elections konon.

    Balik kampung lah, Nick X.

    We do not need more hypocrites.

  41. tebing tinggi11:23 pm

    Anon 9.48 pm

    Are you happy being citizen of belachan Malaysia, well your choice to take belachan !.

  42. all I can say to Mr Angry - so you are quite okay with 100 to 300 foreigners in military fatigues armed to the teeth taking over one of our villages?
    And somehow they are less of a threat than one Australian???

    Imagine if 100 Malaysians in camo outfits with guns landed in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines or China? I can bet you within a day the armies of those countries would blow them to pieces.

    And our Govt is asking these invaders to leave with their guns?

  43. Anonymous11:29 pm

    This Xenophone is the son of Xylophone and father of Xenophobia.His great great grandfather is 95% ex-convicts. He and several group in france are being paid by American Soyabean to tarnish the image of Malaysian Palm Oil. They want to kill the income of thousands palm oil farmer in Malaysia. They deserve to get such deportation. We don't want white man who thinks they are rambo and superior than others. They don't expect that their so-called white man can't be deport.
    His act toward LGBT and behavior of tarnishing of palm oil which employ thousand Malaysia shown genetic evident by the fact that white Australians are descendants of criminals. He use his senatorship to say bad things political motivate to maintain his current profile and jobs. It's all about money.

  44. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Well done Immigration Department! At last, someone with balls in action. who the hell invited this clown to Malaysia?? an Aussie MP?? Are we still backward from stoneage era?? still need Mat Salleh to tell us whats good for us?!

    go to hell la Anwar...

    You are the worst political figure in Malaysian history. shame on you. lets see how you'll do in Permatang Pauh.

    word on the ground is that most of us are quite fed up with your Antiques.


  45. The Vision 2020 is full of shit.
    As we read some Umno b idiots comments....their visions cannot see further than their noses.
    They are blockheads...all to the delights of Mahathir.
    Rocky ...the master drummer pretends to have bad visions....the great pretender...the master spinner and all idiots takes him seriously.....which he is not.
    Making a living to spin as much as he can.
    Glad so many have exposed...Najib's Government
    Idiots congratulating the Immigration not understand these civil servants act as they are told by Umno b top Najib.
    Every vote is priceless for him.
    Anyone goes against Umno b ......all cannot come in.
    That's not protecting the country.
    That is protecting their own party.
    More and more Najib and his band of rouges and thieves are behaving weird and desperate.
    50 days to 13th GE.
    Enjoy the clowns performing.

  46. Anonymous3:33 am

    Were told that the Australian will do that same if a delegation of Malaysians MP make a trip dowmunder to interfere with their domestic politics,
    Our Govt. is correct in their action in this regards.
    To comment on the Sabah Lahad Datu,one have to known the history.It is not a simple militiry invasion,or to take control.Not knowing this have made
    veteran journalist like Jahaba looks idiotic

  47. Mustapha Ong6:44 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I suggest we do a background check on this Australian Senator who is also not wanted in his own country.I suspect that both the Australian government and Anwar's people are playing up the issue of this key Australian opposition figure with the view to deface the BN's preparation for the PRU13 which will be called before mid April 2003.

    This fellow's arrest has nothing to do with Malaysian politics as he had been blacklisted for a long time based on Australia's Suspect List of their own nationals.

    Nothing to do with Malaysia and our Home Ministry is following the norms of immigration clearance act like any other countries to weed out undesirable visitors to this country. Immigration Suspect List is the constantly being revised based on a number of factors, reports and evidence. It is the bible of any National Security Agency based on international practice under their country's security law and order, which could not be questioned by other countries.

  48. Anonymous9:09 am

    I am so sorry as now there is no way for UMNO people to migrate to Aussie when BN loses General Election. But perhaps all is not lost as Zimbabawe is where trhey will go...home of Mahathir's good friend Tun Robert Mugabe.


  49. Anonymous9:30 am

    anon @ 9:48 pm will one day have a robber break into his house and say to anon 9:48 pm

    "WTF, why are you stopping me from raiding your possessions?"

    Please do not call PDRM, instead you can call ronnie's men


    1. Anonymous10:42 pm

      Oi moron, we pay pdrm wages not for them to sit.on their assess!

  50. Anonymous9:34 am

    ish ish ish

    these pakatan bozos have substandard IQs

    if turmoil happens in Malaysia just to get an aged sodomite to be PM, all business WILL suffer

    including cinapek towkays and pariah loyar buruk

    the kampung folks will not feel any drastic change

  51. Anonymous9:37 am

    this xylophone fella should take up the aborigines issues for human rights treatment before meddling in blessed Malaysia affairs

  52. Anonymous9:43 am

    Haram Undi DAP
    Haram Undi Peliwat

  53. Anonymas9:45 am

    How can this guy be lauded as an 'impartial observer' when he clearly roots for one side, and participates in political street rallies?

    He was called to Malaysia by none other than DSAI. Whose party PKR actually won a lot of seats in 2008, and controlled the state of Selangor. And whose party election was also marred by many faults!

    Nick X should probe into his friend's party's own internal election instead. He'd shit a brick.

  54. Anonymous10:16 am

    It's Malaysia government right to allow or disallow anybody from entering this country. Make it americans, australians or martians.

    Stop blaming UMNO for everything. just like kit siang a.k.a mao ze tung a.k.a the father of may 13 who even blame UMNO for William' death. kit siang is natural born stupid.

    If you fell the love so much for that australian...then migrate to that country. Berambus. Period.

  55. Anonymous10:20 am

    Anwar has no faith in locals that he had to invite foreigners to come and assist him in winning the general election. And his supporters applaud this. What a bunch of dumb asses. Now I know why Opposition keep losing the GEs. Foreigners don't vote!

  56. Anonymous10:26 am

    to those stupids who blame UMNO for everything, but still lives in this country. shame on you. UMNO has successfully leads this country for more than 50 years.

    dap is the real Nazis. get your politburo leader kit siang to swear on his mother grave that he is not the one who triggered the bloody may 13. does he has the balls or one ball only?

    you all stupids faggots & pigs that don't deserved to live in this country.

  57. Mokhtar!11:21 am

    If you read some of the reviews in many Australian newspapers, many are asking what the bloody hell is he doing out there in Malaysia when he is supposed to work in South Australia.

    Some commenters said, he better not use our tax payers money and megaphone politics do not work in Asia.

  58. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Hehe congrats Msia. Do wat is good for majority Msian. Dont pay much attn to tis noise. They r still d oppos not yet d govt. Should they b able to form d govt later,then it's up to them to manage d country d way they want it.

  59. Anonymous3:41 pm

    BIG WAVE to Immigration Malaysia. Well done!!! send this bastard out!

  60. Looks like those armed gangsters are still hanging out in Lahad Datu...
    Apparently these people armed with machine guns and assault weapons pose no threat...
    Next time we should put them up at the Hyatt. Maybe next time they'll bring in a lot more.
    Well done Immigration - we know what our priorities are.
    I suppose people like Robert Mugabe are more welcome as well...

  61. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Robert Mugabe is TOTALLY out of point lah retard @ 4:01 pm

    If you biaDAP bozos want to convince majority Malaysians, you have to be more intellectual lah pondan

    your rubbish is backfiring BIG time - just proves that pakatan CLOWNS are just substandard politicians wannabe


    2way sodomite buttman, Karpal wheelchair, dinosaur lim, tokong joseph, hadi nelayan, tutup aurat Psy nicky, sabu sapu bini orang, mr bean mahfuz, bugs bunny pua, tersesak cock ketuk ketampi, hannah banana anak malaysia,

    aisehman ... the choice is clear: gentlemanly refined, humble, superqualified, lovable, JANJI DITEPATI DS Najib, UMNO, BN

  62. Mr Angry11:15 pm

    @Arif - 11:26PM

    Check your facts. I don't know how melted your brain is from all that shit you read on Facebook, but the last time I heard, no Sabahans have been killed as of yet in Sabah.

    Also, you are jumping to conclusions here, which makes you look like a presumptuous prick, so learn to read if you want a nice answer. I never said I wanted them in Sabah. I just described that if the situation turned sour, it will turn bad over here for us too. We actually like peace, as hard as it is to swallow for many of you fools who take such a luxury for granted and fail to grasp the concept.

    Have you checked where these people were born? Last I heard a couple of them grew up in Sabah and have blue ICs. They have family roots in Sabah stretching way before British colonization, and you want to shoot and kill the relatives of legitimate Sabahans? Suppose it takes an uninformed school boy to think of such a thing. Your lack of thinking of a constructive plan shows your weakness of proper leadership and your training under PKR has shown it's chaotic and destructive nature. Not even the armed forces are trained to be such a way.

    As for you reference to Thailand and other armies, of course it could happen, but why the hell are you comparing us to inferior nations? You honestly think that is bad? What you are asking is similar to the fate of the Rohingyas who have been in Burma for generations and are getting massacred by their own people. Look how good that turned out for the Burmese. Group of fanatical freaks - Not far off from the growing number of xenophobic Malaysians, such as yourself.

    Honestly, I don't really want to know your answer but seeing as you like to assume, I immediately assumed that you are just an idiot. Nothing more or nothing less. Your failure to provide a post worth any grain of truth or substance is embarrassing enough and your sloppy attempt at a second response is saddening, when you clearly should have shut your mouth and cried to your political bosses that you have failed as a cyber trooper. Go home, kid.

    1. Anonymous11:14 pm

      Right on buddies..those pakatoons troopers just write off their asshole..just what their boss love..bunch of idiots...

  63. Jebat Singham Wong4:44 pm

    I love my country. It has flaws. No country is perfect. Need I say - Australia is not perfect. But that is the problem of Australians.

    Pakatan is desperate. Trying hard to convince foreigners that malaysia is such a bad country. hello -- how long have you live here in peace and practicing your (political) trade? You kena detained? Malaysians all went against the ISA, until even the Emergency Ordinance also kena repealed.

    Electiosn are flawed? yes yes...sure got flaws...every country's election process has got flaws..even in the best of democracies because ther is no perfect democracy.

    You all bodoh lah go an buy into the Pakatan propaganda -- I think I have a say in improving the country and I certainly don;t think Pakatan can improve the country. I say, improve yourself first-lah.

    Pakatan is RACIST. Full of Chinese racicts. smacks and smells of racist stench.

    They, and in this, I mean the DAP, have flaggingly BLAME BN-UMNO for being racist. Yah-- like this is 2013 and you all are living in ..what? in hell?

    Umno may have some asshole SOB people there -- just like the other parties. they exist everywhere. But Umno visionary leaders built this country..and they were in alliance with Chinese and Indian leaders.

    We have lived in peace..

    But DAP, stoking the racial fire -- have been shouting for Chinese supremacy in politics...humilating MCA for beinf Umno's stooge and so on..

    You see, DAP has rewritten Malaysia's history and has vehemently denied to acknowledge the history of our country's politics.

    They are the racist. They are whipping up Chinese support.

    So who are the racist now?

  64. Anonymous1:44 am

    Rocky makan umpan pa?