Thursday, February 14, 2013

PKR duo blame Najib and Thai PM for Pornthip's no-show (Surendran is BUSTED! again!)

Anwar Ibrahim's PKR says these two PMs blocked an autopsy on a security guard. 
Malaysian Foreign Minister slams PKR duo for the accusation that PM Najib and his Thai counterpart had conspired against Pornthip and PKR. Read the Mole's scoop H E R E.

I suppose this is the time for Surendran to bring out his im-pecker-able source, the trusted one who had given him information, in writing, that Najib had called PM Yingluck Shinawatra personally to block Porntip form coming to Malaysia to perform an autopsy on an Indian man who died after running amok.

But I don't think Surendran is going to come out with anything. For this is yet another one of those attempts at blaming the authorities, the Government, the civil servants, the Malays, the Prime Minister and now our neighbours to score political points and instill hatred and distrust, without proof. Just claims that so-and-so told them so.

And the racial undertones in this one. Disturbing.

Watch the video ...

That's why this guy Surendran has got himself this blog's BUSTED! award for the second time in a row (he is aided by Sivarasa in this latest stunt but we've decided that he should not share the spoils). Surendran is the only recipient of the title so far, having bagged the inaugural and #1 BUSTED! award for this stunt last month. And you wonder why PKR has fallen so badly from grace since March 2008!

I am waiting for Najib Razak, one of his trusted ministers, or an aide to issue a statement. If the PM had indeed called his Thai counterpart to talk about some second autopsy that a publicity-magnet forensic expert had allegedly agreed to conduct, that would be the first between sovereign nations!


  1. If esok pagi this fella jatuh katil also najib & umno salah jugak. Ini semua konspirasi umno~

  2. Anonymous12:33 am

    Halooo.....halooo....keling...Najib bnyak perkara yg lbh besar utk di fikirkan....ini kes dia pnya tukang kebun pun bleh handle.....

  3. PKR blames Najib and Najib has not responded...but Rocky is thrilled to put out this post..feeling cocksure Najib is not to be blamed.
    Rocky's balls carrying Najib is so clear.
    Why stoop so low er?
    It's only a job.

  4. damansaraman1:11 am

    Can't wait for Monsterball Spin....silakan Monsterball

  5. Datuk,

    Please remind your avid readers that this Pornthip had 'Flip-Flop'ped before (in the TBH autopsy).

    So she 'Flip-Flopping' again is nothing new, for a Drama Queen.

    1. Why the hell should PM Najib write to PM Yinglunk for something as petty as 'Sugumar's sudden death'? Are the two nations short of bilateral issues for the two PMs to communicate about?

    2. Recently a Thai national was amongst those detained by Police when a dismantled M16A2 Carbine was discovered in a bus from Kelantan. Isn't this a more pressing issue for the two PMs to communicate?

    3. Wasn't it in June 2008 a PKR supporter made an SD against a wife of a VVIP that begins with "I was reliably informed....'?

    How different is that from this PKR duo's media conference today?

    Then again we all clearly remembered what happened to the chap who was 'Reliably informed and made the SD' admitted, in a two part interview with TV3 News Editor in Perth about 18 months ago.

    In short. Drama after drama. In most of the it, it would self contradict. But not without the damage from the usualusual lies, twisting of facts, manipulation of sentiments and playing with emotions.

    Bottomline, the exodus of PKR leaders through time says it all.

  6. They all like to tell lies after lies. Then syok sendiri believing their lies.

  7. Anonymous8:33 am

    Keling ni jangan layan lah. Semua bohong dan rekaan. Kalau berjaya kaya.

  8. Anonymous8:38 am

    The top BUSTED award should go to Rocky and not surendran. Rocky doesnt give a damn about the injustices and brutality suffered by the victims of police brutality

  9. Anonymous9:34 am

    lets ignore them and we just do our work to make Malaysian better. Rakyat will see those who want to contribute to this Nation and those who only want to destroy this beautiful & blessed country.

  10. Anonymous9:35 am

    kalau jumpa ular tepi jalan dengan mamat ni, pukul mamat ni dulu sampai lumat!

  11. arizmaya9:44 am

    Surendran...stupid is as stupid does

  12. Anonymous9:55 am

    PKR is adopting a strategy to put all blame on Najib and BN on all issues. Even this Surendran's morning constipation problem is largely due to Najib and BN. it no longer surprise me or anyone if PKR, DAP or PAS blame Najib and BN on anything. What else can they do?

  13. 'Ini takde lain tapi konnnssspirrrraaaasiiii nak menjatuhkan maruah saya dan keluaarrrgaaaa saya' so say Anwar

  14. Anonymous10:38 am

    Both Surendran and Sivarasa are a disgrace to the law profession for making such wild accusations based on their perceived belief of the authenticity of their sources. Both deserved to be awarded the Malaysian Clowns Award for the Month of Feb 2013.

  15. Anonymous11:03 am

    stop involving PM on this shit la wei.

    should go seek someone else to blame.

    This issue is important but there are bigger things that the PM has to look at.

  16. Anonymous11:06 am

    Rocky is trying to divert attention by attacking Surendran instead of focussing on the issue at hand which is the death of Sugumaran as a result of police brutality.

    There have been far too many cases of deaths in police custody and everytime instead of improving the police handling of such cases, the person who fights for the rights of the deceased is the guilty person instead.

    Once again as we have seen in so many cases before, these are the dirty tactics employed by Rocky and his web of spinmasters.

  17. Alex F11:26 am

    man utd kalah pun nanti blame najib lah deyy

  18. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Betul cakap Anon 12.33 am.
    Asal keling je, perkara kecik jadi besar. Patutlah orang-orang tua kita kata kalau jumpa ular dengan keling, bunuh keling dulu.
    Yalah, favourite saying depa : See you in court. Maklumlah bangsa diorang ramai loyar buruk.

  19. Anonymous1:03 pm

    haiyaaa..autopsy..autopsy..PSY lah...everyone can blame..everyone can talk talk many conspiracy?like detective conan ka?

  20. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Surendran, we are with you.

    We support your efforts to bring justice to the deceased and his family.

    We support your fight for a just, clean and better Malaysia.

    1. Anonymous2:33 pm

      Dear anon 1:15pm

      If that thai punk cannot come pay la csi from us ka uk ka..pkr banyak duit kan.

      Why so hadap that punk??

  21. Anonymous1:46 pm

    anon 1:15 - justice for a drunk? some rubbish. you must be drunk yourself. the government has better things to do unlike you.

  22. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Bosanlah dgn budak2 estet nih, bising tak tentu arah.

  23. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Rocky ,
    Your news old laH! Porntip admitted Putrajaya interfered and what are you saying now....
    pUTRAJAYA WAS'NT HAPPY WITH HER IN THE FIRST ROUND ON TBH case....Fcuking Putrajaya expects good thing and truth to be order of the day !What a sham!

  24. Anonymous2:30 pm

    she's so pretty..

  25. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Chinese call this " kong lan cheow wa" ie 'talking thru his cock"

  26. Anonymous3:28 pm

    These pariahs will also blame Najib for their skin colour and their split tongue.

    The china diplomatic row over that "chinese" ketuk ketampi was caused by tersesak cock and now another diplomatic ruse with thailand over pornotip no show.

    Why give FOC citizenships to these troublemaking pendatangs??

  27. Anonymous3:33 pm

    keling pariah @ 1:15 pm

    go campaign for the abolishment of the human rights ABUSE of the caste system which is practised even today.

    or educate your original countrymen that public RAPE is a disgraceful crying shame and definitely human rights ABUSE

  28. Anonymous3:37 pm

    This 2 pariahs just proved that dear DS Najib is doing an EXCELLENT job as PM of Malaysia.

    May Allah bless him.
    ABU = Allah Berkati UMNO.

  29. Our PM Najib is an astute man. He has discerned that of all the PR politicians out there, including The Rear Admiral, The Flagpole Pisser, The Chief Owner of the word “Penang” and even the fearless Lion Singh, only Surendran is the biggest threat to the PM’s position.

    Accordingly, the PM being the wise person that he is has delegated the administration of this country to his trusted team while he takes time out to personally speak to all of Surendran’s teachers, from primary one to law skool (yes, all 75 of them) to confirm for himself that Surendran is indeed very highly intelligent and a very possible threat to take over the PM’s job.

    Thus the PM hatched a dastardly plan. He personally rang Surendran’s gardener, roti man, milk man, newspaper vendor, favorite the tarik Mamak, favorite thosai maker, car workshop, favorite whorehouse, and even Surendran’s personal assistant and promised each of them contracts and a Datukship if they would slyly sabotage their services/goods supplied to Surendran.

    However, despite having to endure all this hardship, Surendran has bravely persevered in his quest for the truth, justice, human rights, world peace, Santa Claus and the PKR way, thus forcing our PM’s hand to call Yingluck personally on her Samsung S111 (she’s not an Apple fan) to yet again block this courageous and fearless crusader and defender of the Malaysian rakyat.

    Hope the above info clears this issue up once and forever. As a side note, when I was younger, some lawyers used to chase ambulances for business, but the PKR lawyers have evolved and fine-tuned this “art” to a higher level.

    They magically turn up beside dead bodies with reporters and camera crews in tow to appoint themselves as “the family lawyer”, hurl accusations left, right and center, demand for autopsies and then reject the findings, demand for RCI’s and then reject attending them etc etc and many more etcs. By now you MUST be familiar with the drill.

    Speaking of magically turning up beside dead bodies, my dictionary defines vul•ture thus:

    1. A large bird of prey (order Accipitriformes) with the head and neck more or less bare of feathers, (insert you know who’s pic here) feeding chiefly on carrion.
    2. A contemptible person who preys on or exploits others.

    You tell me which definition is applicable here. Or do they both apply?

  30. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Quite an in-duhhh!-vidual, this Surendran fella


  31. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Inilah hasilnya bila ISA dah takde...

  32. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Sugumar's death joins a list of other alleged police killings like the custodial deaths of Chang Chin Te earlier this year as well as A Kugan and R Gunasegaran in 2009 the deadly police shooting of 14-year-old schoolboy Aminulrasyid Amzah in 2010 and various other fatal police shootings in the past two years.

  33. Anonymous4:41 pm

    So few indians in malaysia , only 7.8 percent and politically insignificant. Just because the goverment is dominated by UMNO and therefore being run by the Malays, nothing seems to be right. The Indians in Malaysia have failed to develop and change even after 56 years of independence. The Indians cannot forever depend on the government for help. The problem is once the learn how to speak English, they forget that the are Indians and behave like Mat Salleh. in fact, most of them especially the lawyers are more English than an Englishman. The worst are those who Anglicised their names after converting to another religion.
    They even look down on their own race, and won't mix with the Tamil speaking people who can' speak English. That is why they are still where they are today in this blessed country when other races have progressed. There are more important issues that they need to be concerned about, so they better be united and focus on these . So few Indians BUT too many Chiefs.

  34. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has said he is troubled why he was not informed by the police about purported threats made against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Korean singer Psy during Barisan Nasional's BN Chinese New Year party on Monday.

    If there was a real threat against the prime minister why was I not informed Why didn't the police chief inform me and why was the premier allowed to remain onstage for so long.

    Lim asked in a press conference today He also asked why the South Korean superstar Psy was allowed to continue with his performance if an actual threat had been made against the singer.

    Yesterday Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow said there was an attempt on Psy's life so the police had to secure the area which was why he did not join BN leaders in tossing "yee sang".

    He was also reported as saying by Sin Chew Daily that someone had intended to assault Najib which was why the premier had to leave the stage instead of waiting for Psy to come up and join them in the tossing of "yee sang".

    Lim wanted Teng to show proof of this alleged threat against Najib failing which he should retract his statement. If there is a serious threat the police should inform me, he said.

    Teng has not withdrawn his statement but there is no proof of such threat against the prime minister so he should now retract and apologise, he said.

    He also said such statements will affect Penang's reputation and give the state a bad name if such threats were not real.

    When asked about the threats Teng refused to address the issue further. I don't want to talk about this issue anymore please ask the police chief, he said.

  35. Anonymous5:02 pm

    The Thai Ministry of Justice was concerned that the involvement of forensic pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunan in the second autopsy of an alleged police brutality victim may incur the displeasure of the Malaysian government.

  36. Anonymous5:03 pm

    The Thai Ministry of Justice was concerned that the involvement of forensic pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunan in the second autopsy of an alleged police brutality victim may incur the displeasure of the Malaysian government.

  37. Anonymous6:00 pm

    I think that the Thai PM has more important things to worry about.

    As does PM Najib. Like whether he gets to keep his job after GE13!

    Notice how Dr M is getting himself back in the news. Opining on Malaysia's public debt levels. Leaning on Petronas to give more contracts and jobs to bumiputra firms. Etc etc.

    It looks uncannily like a replay of the Badawi scenario.

  38. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Wow Yingluck looks very beautiful, can beat Altantuya anytime!!!

    from: ziana zaini

  39. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Monsterball. Rocky has to do his job to the point of stooping low regardless what he wrote is the truth or not. Some of us here are trying hard to rid the country off a corrupt system that even the blind can see but many here are promoting it even though they have eyes to see clearly. One of them is Rocky.

  40. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Dtk Rocky's ,
    Now i understand WHY Singapore's leaders as well as ruling party choosed to sue opposition for slander and libel....absolute freedom of speech..could be very damaging...Surendran should also expose his source of information...ini Bkt Aman has got to thoroughly investigate and act firmly if the claim was true or not.

  41. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Polis ni satu hal jika ada kaum india atau cina buat hal jgn tangkap..jika nak tangkap panggil,suhakam hadir sama, agau pada surendren hadir sama.. Kalau cina panggil Lim kit siang malam, Jika panjabi panggilmkapla singki..Buat keja anggota kena hal..pangkat jgn harap nak dapat..keluaga dan diri anghota itu hidup da jadi haru biru..silap hari bulan kena masuk Peti Sejuk ..Pdrm kau org buat apa ..tak ada menaikkan imej pun..satu insident imej masuk longkang..faham..

  42. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Apa pula panggil orang Keling dan ular.

    Biadap rasis sungguh pengikut Rocky ini, macam tak berpelajaran dan samseng.

  43. Anonymous8:27 pm

    cant believe how low mr surendran can go....this is absolutely ridiculous...

    It is such a shame that Malaysia has so many shallow thinking politicians....

  44. damansaraman8:30 pm

    Dear Rocky

    I just love monsterball!

    He have a very pecu-liar cunning way in delivering his messages

    Same old grumbles and insults, yet ever so refreshing

  45. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Surendran is busted.
    Rocky rockhead is bastard
    Warrior wanker is bastard
    Perwira prick is bastard
    Damansaraman dickhead, Panglima Pala otakkau, Ellese Arsehole are all bastards.

  46. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Are you ready for Najib? Nooooooo...

  47. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Sudahlah Rocky, kau tu yang rasis bukan surendran. Hari hari kutuk surendran. Tak ade kerja lain ke?

  48. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Surendran is a malaysian hero.
    Salute to surendran for going against police brutality and government cover up.

  49. Anonymous12:25 am

    "Jumpa keling jumpa ular, bunuh keling dulu"

    Kita ingat orang tua2 kita cakap camtu tapi dah duduk luar negara ni, baru dapat tahu rupanya semua bangsa yang dah kenal keturunan ni, cakap benda yang serupa. termasuklah mat salleh kat US dan UK. Kahkahkah...

  50. Anonymous1:05 am

    Surendran should devote his time towards other more pressing issues facing the Indian community. You cannot blame everything on the government. If you are living in Australia for example, and the same happen over there, will you be blaming the Australian PM?. Stop blaming and focus your energy to help your Indian community. And stop depending on goverment help when at the same ime you are screwing up the government.

  51. Anonymous7:07 am

    "Kasi eelek"...
    Indian: no money
    Bahasa Melayu: tarak bagi

    Kata kaluuuu, depa ni doksah bagi MUKA sangat!!


  52. Anonymous7:15 am

    DamansaramanDickhead, not only you love monsterball, we all do as well. At least he doesnt spin stories like rocky does

  53. Anonymous7:19 am

    Yingluck is so pretty whereas Najib is so goofy.
    Altantuya all over again?

  54. Anonymous7:25 am

    Kepada pembaca pembaca india di sini, jangan undi BN ya walaupun Najib mangampu nambikei kapada kamu.

    Telah terbukti penyokong BN anti India dengan memanggil kamu keling ular dsb. Ingat ya bila mengundi nanti.

  55. Anonymous8:25 am

    These Fools are making themselves look like damn fools. Pity them...!

  56. Anonymous10:16 am

    Look like Najib is going to suck up big time to the chinese by attending Dong Zhong CNY open house this Sunday. The group has once been branded chinese extremists by BN governmemt.

  57. Anonymous11:37 am

    There is no doubt the Penang under PR has performed so far better than BN. This confidence is reflected by the Penang recording the largest investment in history and being No. 1 in Malaysia with RM12.2 billion. Penang has also the highest reduction in crime index in the country with a drop of 27% and No. 1 in health tourism and air passenger growth (25%) in the country.

  58. Anonymous11:48 am

    PKR akan lebih malu jika PM/kerajaan menidakkan penglibatan mereka dengan mengirim surat jemputan kepada doktor Thai. Ada berani?????

  59. Anonymous said...
    PKR akan lebih malu jika PM/kerajaan menidakkan penglibatan mereka dengan mengirim surat jemputan kepada doktor Thai. Ada berani?????

    11:48 am


    Tu bukan berani, tu bodoh. PM/kerajaan tak tau pun samada PKR ada jemput Pornthip ni datang. Surendran saja yang kata dia jemput. Surendran jugak yang kata Pornthip dah OK nak datang. Lepas tu Surendran jugak yang kata Porntip tak dapat datang "for personal reasons".

    Mutakhir, Surendran lagi yang kata Najin dengan Thai PM yang cantik molek tu bersubahat tak nak bagi Porntip datang.

    Bodoh kan?

  60. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Rocky ini tak habis habis dengan surendran. Kenapa takut sangat dia ke sampai nak spin cerita kau kau ? Sampai rocky nak panggil dia bodoh ? Apa ini ? Tak professional langsung si rocky ini

  61. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Kepada pembaca pembaca india di sini, jangan undi BN ya walaupun Najib mangampu nambikei kapada kamu.

    Telah terbukti penyokong BN anti India dengan memanggil kamu keling ular dsb. Ingat ya bila mengundi nanti.


    blame the Queen & British cause they are the one introduce the proverb.

    we 1malaysia the rakyat only follow what the british say.

  62. Anonymous4:37 pm

    unlike british & dog and pig community...we 1malaysia the rakyat love the indian community.... except that triple fork tounge snake pariah named suren.


  63. hoi Rocky...ku boss nampak gartal Thai PM la.
    See he shake hands...feeling gooooooooooood!....reminding him ...first meeting Altantuya ..have wild sex.
    Ku tua boss....also Najib's godfather and teacher...gila curi not so interested....had too many FOC as young handsome doctor...nurses and patients...NO???
    songok chilly and cold at high mountain place I am now staying for a holiday.
    Padi frogs...satu ekor...RM1!!
    ORIGINAL MAKAN PANDANG..lumbu skin.....very nice...sambal dan best!

  64. IT.Sheiss8:49 pm

    Dr. Pornthip Rjanasunand is a senior Thai civil servant and I'm surprised that she has been able to freelance on outside jobs, let alone work on cases related to internal political matters of other countries.

    Some do of course, but discreetly, while Dr. Pornthip has done it in a very much public and high-profile manner.

    Perhaps someone should ask the Thai Embassy what Thailand's policy is with regards its civil servants engaging in private practice. That would settle all these speculation and allegations once and for all, though agreeably there will always be some quarters who will never accept valid explanations.

  65. Mustapha Ong9:47 pm

    Press freedom is very obvious in Malaysia and the opposition who had conveniently blamed Najib and Thai PM Yingluck will give a wrong signal to both the government. The opposition or their diehard supporters should not be allowed to damage the bilateral relations between Thailand and Malaysia. Thus the opposition leaders in DAP, PAS and PKR should be held responsible for this sabotage of our foreign relations and policy.

    In the interest of the bilateral relations between Thailand and Malaysia, the MFA Thailand or the Thai Ambassador to Malaysia should clarify and make an official statement in order to clear the air and confusion. Wisma Putra should not keep silent in the issue which had been politicized and highlighted by our local media.

    I would like to congratulate the Mole for having the good sense in taking the issue public over the alternate media and social networking. We demand justice and an answer from all the opposition leaders concerned. In the interest of the nation, our Home Ministry should also investigate the matter and issue an official statement.

  66. bourne identity3:18 am

    lagi2 the same kind of people that is far more dangerous than the snake bringing non stop silly problems...
    that airsia guy...that town council member..that former malaysian bar president..that tenaganita lady... and now this laowya burok - i wonder does he really hold a job as a lawyer?
    Have we ran out of bamboos to whack this type of people who make noises and wake up the snakes?

    The old fool Mahathir is doing are doing it.
    Your spinning and balls carrying has no limits.

  68. Anonymous2:14 am

    The next time you need help, call the criminals and Surendran.

  69. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Haha..the losy hypocrites..why the sudden interest these vultures might have for the poor guy? I thought all these while puak puaka ni never give a damn thing about the life and plight of any indians..heck even kg buah pala lost because of anuwhore...least dont forget about the rice giving ceremony by BN...most puaka puaka ridiculed that event to the xtent of hurling notorius degrading insults...and u believe their cause these vultures?? Fukc off