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Why UH is right to deny Pornthip a chance at redemption

Dear Readers, 
I wrote Bring on Pornthip, let's get it over with (2/4/13) because I don't think a second autopsy on Sugumar can help the Thai expect redeem her reputation. To me, her 80% murder theory in the Teoh Beng Hock case was one of the most ultimate "fails" ever witnessed by Malaysians (apart from the Y2K and Anwar Ibrahim's Sept 16, 2008 declaration). So if Surendran, Latifah Koya and whole PKR want Pornthip back, give her to them. It's their own grave, was the way I saw it. 
I underestimated the overwhelming opposition towards the very thought. It seems that Malaysians have had enough of Pornthip and the PKR antics. My regular commenter Warrior 231 convinced me why she doesn't deserve a second chance (attached, his comments at the end of this posting). And then I received this letter in the mail today supporting University Hospital's decision to refuse a second autopsy on C. Sugumar involving Pornthip. 
In short, she's not welcome anymore.

The Letter to Editor:

Dear Sir,

Malaysian Medical Committee – Only second best?

It is no secret that many Malaysians are in a state of shock over the death of Mr. Sugumaran, a security guard. The details of his death have left many feeling angry, and in this writer’s opinion, rightfully so. Speculators have said that Mr. Sugumaran, a family man, was murdered, not by some common criminal thugs, but police officers, whilst within their custody, as eyewitnesses present. An autopsy was performed, however suggesting that Mr. Sugumaran was not murdered as critics claim. At the ire of many, requests were made for a second autopsy, to be performed by Thai Pathologist, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, famed for her involvement in the Teoh Beng Hock case previously.

However, a question comes to mind - Why isn’t a Malaysian pathologist allowed to perform a second autopsy? Why must a foreign pathologist look at this case? It is without doubt that any grieving family would only request for the best when it comes to a situation as controversial as this. Justice has to be served. More concerning however, what does this implicate in regards to the local Malaysian pathologist and medical committee? Incompetence? Distrust?

For every murder committed, do we simply call foul of the system because it does not provide the desired outcome? The calls made by PKR and opposition members exaggerate a system filled with corruption, a buzzword overly used to build distrust amongst the less informed due to its morally superior standing compared to compromise.

What of the good doctors and good people in the medical body of Malaysia? Why not in still some pride in our own people by providing them the equal opportunity of bringing justice to a fellow Malaysian? Are we so distrusting?

Mr. Sugumar does not deserve such a politicized death. He deserves more than that. Using the passing of a man as leverage to win over sympathy votes destroys the concept. The only wish is that peace goes with the man, that even in death his life is still being abused for a cause other than healing his own family’s wounds.

Thank you.


Warrior 231 wrote on Feb 4 in response to my posting, h e r e
You are wrong on this one, Bru. I am surprised you want sluttish dross like this piece of 'cancered' post menopausal shit conducting weighty tasks such as this. Better for the gov' to expend some dough to get a true unblinkered professional to conduct the post-mortem to the satisfaction of all parties including the usual suspects of loser, whiners and whingers. 
I bet you remembered how flossy conjectured Tongkanese messenger boy was murdered WITHOUT even touching his freaking frigid corpse...I bet she must have used a divining rod there...hahahahahaha
Whore's reputation has alwyas been questionable. And none more discredited than here: 
Hankering for some free laughs, folks. Scroll down to government response to read scumbag's esteemed comments in the above link and see how stupid some idiots can get.
I always wonder how some slimepoop called a human can live with its conscience....... 
Warrior 231


  1. Anonymous12:35 am

    Well worded! Indeed, no average Joe deserves a politicized death. But with politicians like Surendran and his ilk, you can only wish.

  2. Does Rocky look at the bigger picture with so many unsolved deaths and murders.....most famous of all...Alantuya C4 into pieces and her immigration ...all disappeared?
    Dr.Pornthip is a world recognized forensic surgeon ..solving so many murder cases..all over the world.
    It is a matter how good she good her findings Malaysia..she can never prove anything.....with the present Govt...for Najib must protect murderers...if he wants Alantuya's murder case goes no further.
    And it seems Rocky has now become an expert in forensic science too.
    What a brilliant man...Rocky is.

  3. Anonymous1:30 am

    It’s a body. A dead body. And given the right pathologist who has the skill, knowledge and very importantly professionalism who without having to work with a sword hanging over his/her head will be able to derive the right clues which will help the pathologist determine the cause of death.

    When Prashant N. Samberkar announced his detailed findings in May 2009 after carrying out the second post mortem at the University Hospital he did so because he was not only very professional and meticulous but also because he was a fresh Indian national, working at University Malaya Hospital, oblivious to the horrific politicking in Malaysia where healthy adults mysteriously get heart attacks at the hands of the police.

    Prashant was soon to find out how things actually go down in Malaysia. Malaysia's hopelessly corrupted DG of Health then, Ismail Merican called upon UH's spineless hospital director Amin Jalaludin to let the police conduct a raid on the morgue and confiscate all the samples Prashant had meticulously collected from Kugan's PM to be sent to Australia. This was done to destroy all evidence that Kugan was killed by the police. The raid in particular incensed the University Malaya's VC Ghauth Jasmon who was then desperately trying to repair the UM's damaged academic credibility.

    For his pains Prashant was shipped back to India with his contract unrenewed.

    No point talking about TBH's case and the laughable reports and clownish antics of the pathologist and lawyer on record at TBH's case. The murderer is indeed still walking free. Anyone at the MACC Selangor will point him out to you instantly.
    And now Sugumar's heart attack with his hands handcuffed at the back.
    Doubt very much if there are any Malaysian pathologist with credibility to do an independent PM. The reason is simple, he/she will find their Annual Practicing Certificate a tad too slow in being issued the following year by Malaysia’s Medical council rogues….

    I don’t think the Year of the Snake is going to be pleasant

  4. Anonymous2:05 am

    We must be aware that forensic evidence is not uniquely immune from manipulation.This particular pathology has her fair portion of controversial in her own country and by her own Thai Govt.She is more known as a media personality and human right ativist in Thailand.This explain her hairsyle and dressing.We want justice in Malaysia and not another actress,just because Anwar needs that to complement his acting in his show.

  5. Ah, the Malaysian inferiority complex. Lets not lie to ourselves; its very much alive.

    Perhaps its the acceptance of once being colonised. Who knows?

    Lemings clad in yellow shirts can be lead to believe that Dr.M committed treason. Why? Because foreign journalists from Soros' camp say so.

    So, following this flawed logic, surely a foreign pathologist must be more qualified and politically unbiased with no under-table money received whatsoever.

    Hell, these days you even have impressionable Malaysians sitting around mamaks watching US election results: who think Obama actually gives a rat's arse about them and that the Republicans are some form of evil.

    If the opposition can play with a man's death for political leverage, what makes people think they'll let everyone else rest in peace?

  6. Anonymous8:21 am

    Babi Hutan, maybe u should ask your beloved BN why they are spending RM3 mil shipping in a south korean foreigner to sing 3 gangnam songs instead of employing cheaper local artists? A case of inferiority complex?

    1. Anonymous10:22 am

      Amon 821am,

      Better spend RM3 million on Psy the real thing than RM1.3 million Tony Pua threw away on that UBAH DAP Style! Hahahaha And did Tony pay royalty to Psy or not? If not ready to pay se more money. So it is cheaper to bring the real Psy.

      Go Babi Hutan go!

    2. The Real Rakyat9:46 am

      anon 8:21

      it has been said time and time again it is fully and totally SPONSORED by private companies. if u do not know the meaning of the word sponsor please google it up and try not to look silly. mega ultimate is paying psy appearance fees and there are other corporate sponsors paying for the rest of the event incl a famous korean phone manufacturer of which they have some very desirable models that i'm pretty sure you are using their phone too and btw the company is called Samsung Malaysia.

      sometimes i don't whether to laugh or to cry at the stupidity of some malaysians who swallow half truths hook, line and sinker!!

      oh yeah wat are you thoughts on spending rm 1.3 mil of the rakyat's money on making a video with almost zero props, own party workers and hardly any thing rented?? so where did tye money go?? or did he need to pay appearance fees to the MP and ADUN of DAP too??

  7. Anonymous8:28 am

    Ya right rocky quoting Warrior as a reliable source. And who is this Warrior again if not rocky's machai in the department of spinning and spreading lies? What a load of garbage journalism from rocky.

  8. Anonymous8:34 am

    I agree with monsterball. There are too much cover ups by our government for too many times leading to public distrust of government findings. That is the root of the problem.

  9. Anonymous8:34 am

    Prof Vanezis was the most experienced and renowned expert ever brought in to deal with these "politicised deaths".

    This British pathologist exposed Dr Pornthip like a sore thumb. The Thai, so blase in her theory that TBH was murdered, had to swallow her pride and admit that it was NOT murder.

    In other words, Prof Vanezis reaffirmed what the Malaysian experts in the TBH case had established earlier, before politics set in.

    Case closed.

  10. Anonymous9:00 am

    For those Pakatan fellas.. ONLY foreign "professionals" are better than Malaysians.. Look at the "foreign" experts they quoted on Lynas(their own nuclear specialist from PAS also refuse to recognise).. the foreign Dutch spinal specialists... the foreign pathologists.. foreign lawyers from France... and the list goes on..


  11. In Malaysia all cases are prove the Govt. is always right.
    Money can buy anything....including a Professor.
    Let it be.
    63 days to 13th GE.
    The 4 years delay speaks volumes.
    Time to prove who is right ..who is wrong carries no weight.
    Voters have all made up their minds...and Professor Vanezis can come back to prove he is better than Dr.Pornthip under new Govt.

  12. Anonymous9:14 am

    In the previous case, it was mention that only a Malaysian registered doctor are allow to perform post mortem. Else the findings will not be accepted by Malaysian courts.

    I doubt the law has change, even if she comes over, I doubt she will be allow even touch the body.

  13. Anonymous11:35 am

    Anon 10.22. We like UBAH video very much actually especially Rosmah, Kak Mah..he he. We are sure you must have liked it too ya...

  14. Anonymous11:39 am

    With Rocky and his BN cybertrooper goons such as Warrior, all deaths in police custody are called "political deaths" and cannot be investigated.

  15. damansaraman12:02 pm

    Dear Rocky

    It is very easy to SLANDER / FITNAH anybody.

    You do not need to show any proof. All is needed is an Evil Courage To Tell A Lie

    People like monsterball asked us to look at the bigger picture, and gave Altantuya case as his prime justification

    BUT unfortunately, neither monsterball nor anybody that enjoys his view can tell us why the Defense Team in Altantunya case failed to bring any evidence linking Najib and Rosmah to the case.

    In fact both the accused denied any link whatsoever.

    People like monsterball should ask his beloved daddy, read ANWAR IBRAHIM, to give all the evidence that he claimed to be in possession; as until now he is unable to proof anything, just as he failed to show his OMEGA watch.

    The only BIGGER PICTURE that we can see is a video of him.

    Same goes to Pornthip.

    While I very much like to have her back here as I sincerely enjoy her drama, but I can't disagree with the UH Mgmt to disallow her.

    This irresponsible attitude of belittling and insulting our local experts just for the sake of scoring cheap political point is very sickening.

    These so called Malaysians are so damn proud of telling the whole world of their fellow Malaysians incapabilities.

    YET the forget one basic point.

    They are very successful indeed as people are laughing at our country. But as Malaysians, THE JOKE IS ON THEM TOO!!


  16. Anonymous12:05 pm

    I really salute you la brother rocky. You never stop publishing comments by the stupid loser mosterball who keeps spewing nonsense. That guy os a real bloody fool who got nothing better to do that write comments that only a retard could make.

    Anyway that shows who has the mentality of a retard-monster no balls....

  17. Bill Chua12:30 pm

    Warrior 231 & rocky,

    If you think UMNO can control MAAC, The multi media and the police with lies and murders by the very top leader, the Malays will suffer the same fate as the Egypt, Tunisia, Libya & Syria. Lies perpetuated by the absolute bastards with gun barrels will be be blasted by gun barrels. Warrior 231, my fucking foot,all the military exercises conducted by USA, Australia, NZ & Singapore, the Malaysia Army with their obsolete equipment play the most minor roles, like transport, even that they constantly broke down. Where the funds went to? Of course the PM & the Defence Minister & Perimekar pockets. Yet you are still praising these corrupted bastards. Shame on you unless you are one of those receiving & benefitting from those stolen money, you cannot understand what is shame as your parents never taught you morals. Kurang Ajar, go & fuck yourself.

  18. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Well, we happen to think monsterball's comments are insightful and relevant. So keep up the good work monsterball....

  19. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Damansaraman, Rocky, Warrior, BigFatCat dan sebagainya semua sama saja...mouthpiece for UMNO BN, all spinners and half truth and half baked commentators/bloggers.

    They are not interested in justice and the greater good of our country but to perpetuate and make sure the corrupt system of this country remain so that they can continue to enjoy the benefits and fat cheques that come with it.

  20. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Damansraman, I think you are the one who is slandering/Fitnah others including Dr Pornthip. You are a shameless hypocrite.

  21. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Damansaraman, I think you are the one who is slandering/Fitnah others including Dr Pornthip. You are a shameless hypocrite.

  22. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Rocky has now become an expert in forensic science !! kah..kah..kah... apasal Rocky takut sangat dengan Porntip ?? takut kerana salah kot !!

  23. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Anon 12.05pm. If you can't take the heat from monsterball, then get out the kitchen. This is not Utusan or TV3, sikit sikit censor with pathetic one sided views only.

  24. surendran and latheefa koya are politicians thru and thru..

    all they want is any way to bring down the BN.

    They have that much hatred for the BN that nothing the BN does is good.

    Too tired thinking of their kind of politics.

    Tak sedar diri..sebelum 2008, habuk pun tadaq.

    now they'll say that malaysian pathologist would be too scared to give his or her indpendent professional assessment.

    like i said...nothing will please them because that's the way they operate.

  25. hehehehehehehe...Anon 12.05 cannot help reading my comments.
    They get his blood pressure up a little.
    Cannot kerosene.....burn yourself!!!
    hari2 chochok2 Rocky harapan dia ban gua.
    13th GE....Smart Malaysians Vs Kurang Ajar Malaysians.

  26. Monsterball. You must have been travelling to Thai lately. After becoming a transvestite, what's your new name?

  27. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Yes, UH is always right until you are the victim. Then all hell will break and you will want to sue the them. We Malaysians have become very liberal when it come to protection of the rights of other but very demanding when to comes to our rights as individuals. That is why we need a Independent Commision to oversee the work of the ministry of health. On a perhead basis the ministry may be spending more than what it cost private hospitls to treat a sick individual.

  28. What a duffy DF style...trying to talk cock...with no meaning.

  29. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Bill Chua

    How much tax do you pay a year? I bet you don't pay tax that much, under declare with all your 'loss' making companies.


    But at same time questioning where the money go and alledge all gone to ruling politicians.

  30. QASWA TTDI4:28 pm

    I think monsterball's head is spinning because he likes to spin so much.

    First he said "In Malaysia all cases are prove the Govt. is always right.
    Money can buy anything.... including a Professor.
    Let it be...blabber blabber blabber..." which implies that the BN government can buy everything to their favour

    Then he followed with a statement "...and Professor Vanezis can come back to prove he is better than Dr.Pornthip under new Govt"...

    Hallo, monsterball, if BN government always used money to buy favours, they can buy votes or used money to rigged the GE right? so how can have new govt rite? unless of course you mean even pakatan rakyat can also do the same, no?

  31. Ilham Helmi4:36 pm

    Anon 8.34am,

    Public distrust of government findings not because of cover ups. It's because of civil service imcompetency being spinned by people like monsterball and our society's love for fairy-tales and fictions...

  32. Mr Angry4:52 pm

    I think what the problem with many of the opposition troopers is their inability to see logic. Pornthip is a over-glorified pathologist. She supported the massacre of the rohingan women and children crossing the Thai border, because a handful of them were found with "bomb making chemical residue". It's the exact same way you opposition dogs generalise and sensationalise an issue. Fiction before facts, murder before resolve.

  33. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Warrior ni ada masalah sakit jiwa dgn ppuan menopausal ke?? Hang tak ada MAK ke? Awak sendiri tgah going thru ANDROPAUSE kot??? Tgah FRUST..susah nak keras dan tak tahan lama kot. Ingat hang pandai tapi bila cakap macam ni menghina/mengeji ppuan you lost our votes.

  34. Anonymous5:38 pm

    821:cheaper local artists? A case of inferiority complex?

    Now pakatoon wanabe hypocrites are talking. Why a thai forensic not local pathologist? A case of superiority complex eh! Or as usual, local experts are low class according to DAP, especially the expert is non-chinese eh!

  35. Anonymous5:42 pm


    Rm1.3 million for that kind of video, and all you could rebut was to say you like the video. Wtf lu hypo.

    What comes around goes around.

  36. damansaraman5:44 pm

    Anon 2:52 n 2:57

    As expected you guys just continue grumbling without any point. Better still go and blame it to UMNO, your biggest nightmares

  37. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Monsterball still doing the travelling? I thought he's busy going around komtar looking for volunteers to join him and Wong Tact to pour kerosene oil on their head and burn themselves to get Tokong's if not Najib's attention.

    Ball, tell us more about your kerosene oil proposal. How's the progress. U one smart ahpek, sure got volunteers aledi wat.

  38. Does...monsterball...always this?

    His arguments are as disjointed as his thoughts.

    I'd like to attempt a rebuttal, but that would be futile against such a seasoned antagonist.

  39. Anonymous5:55 pm

    834, totally agrees with you, too much cover-ups by our governments one too many. Talamgate, manggis gate, mutiara gate, pala gate, pedu gate, massage parlor gate, the list keep growing in just 5 years of governing.

    Its time to change this kind of rotten Tokong and Gagap gomens. 5 years enough lar

  40. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Oi DF, you takda kerja lain ke, hari hari cerita pasal monsterball aje..Get a life man you retard!

  41. Just for fun before CNY... :)

  42. Anonymous7:29 pm

    One would be forgiven for barfing at some of the inane comments posted here by the PR moronic trolls. Gee whiz! these weirdoes would easily walk into the set of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with no auditions required, mind you. Such is the absurdity of the nonsense they write, that I bet that even accomplished Theatre of Absurd masters like Beckett, Ionesco, Atraud, Pirandello et al would have a hard time coming up with such fantastical delusional lines in their plays. Bill Chua best exemplifies the menagerie of brainless dolts caterwauling in our midst. His whole comment is soaked in nonsense, dripping with stupidity and reeking of idiocy.
    What I wrote to evoke such mindless crappy responses is beyond my ken.

    All I did was to expose Pornthip for who she is: a lousy sensationalist loudmouth of a scientist whose penchant for mind blowing assertions would automatically neuter her from any involvement in something so weighty as a man’s death. Well, she has been exposed before by Pete Venezis in the TBH enquiry and a better prosecutor would have ripped her apart if he was armed with the materials I have at my disposal on fall injuries…but that’s another story.

    1.I have a simple question: do you know the issue I linked about and Pornthip’s role in it. Read it first before slanging me. That will do for starters

    2.But lets go back and evaluate Pornthip R’s credentials as an objective scientist. First, this link is a primer into Pornthip’s vaunted subscription to truth and empirical evidence:

    ‘Thai police still tend to rely on witness accounts rather than scientific evidence, and almost all senior police officers continue to ignore me,’ says Ms Porntip, the acting director of the Central Institute of Forensic Medicine of Thailand.As an example of police reluctant to make use of science in their investigations, she tells the story of a man who .......

    3.Next, mossy over here to see for yourselves how much she is willing to eschew the very same objective scientific inquiry that she brags about above. All because she wants to vindicate her silly childish pigheadedness (just scroll down and focus on the section titled: Government’s response, if you are lazy or mentally challenged):

    And here:

    Warrior 231

  43. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Part 2

    4.To see for yourselves how much esteemed grandma is held in contempt in Thailand go here below (note even her teachers are in there and even they question her expertise):

    “Dr Supoj Jamsuwan, deputy head of Chulalongkorn University’s Department of Forensic Medicine, accompanied Noppadol to the court. He said respected experts from Chulalongkorn, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai and Mahidol universities had jointly conducted the third autopsy.Some of them are those who have taught Khunying Pornthip, Supoj said. Without mentioning anyone by name, he said someone viewed Thailand’s forensic science as lacking standards and had tried to set the standards herself. Supoj said the third autopsy found the two fractures to Hangthong’s skull occurred around the same time because of the impact of a canister bullet, which generates a force thousands of times greater than a normal bullet.The second autopsy suggested Hangthong suffered a blow to the head, which caused the first fracture, and that he was then shot, which caused the second fracture.The third autopsy found that the bullet was fired horizontally from point-blank range. There was no trace of other injuries. Checks on the MP’s hair allegedly showed no trace that he was unconscious before the shooting.”

    And further:

    “I believe in the integrity of the court and the Medical Council. I am confident that I will receive justice.she said.”

    5. Well the honest court did mete out justice and stuffed it right up some goddamn cancered arsehole:

    Are you cyberlouts insisting this bitch is objective, empirical oriented blah blah blah....go fly a kite fuckheads if you too lazy or bumpkinish to look for the truth.

    I aint no journalist, economist or wooly headed intellectual but I sure know my responsibility as a citizen : to make informed judgements/decisions based on facts. Screw you lot, Bill Chua et al

    Warrior 231

  44. Anonymous7:36 pm

    For crying out loud, I did write this in my comment:

    “Better for the gov' to expend some dough to get a true unblinkered professional to conduct the post-mortem to the satisfaction of all parties including the usual suspects of loser, whiners and whingers”

    Though I would subscribe to locals conducting the post-mortem simply because if we set a precedent then every normal death in custody would be milked for whatever its worth and the government would have to pony up millions just to satisfy loser lawyers and sundry whiners and whingers whose imagination is so fucked up by partisan political abuse that the only perverse thing that comes to their minds whenever they see a corpse is murder, murder and more murder…..

    Leaving aside these Pinterian characters to wallow in their filth, one is nevertheless troubled by the implications for democracy due to such slimy caterwauling. I have always harboured misgivings of the democratic process itself even when it is described as the best possible avenue for the exercise of the freedom of choice principle. But when you have uneducated, issue illiterate, prejudiced, close-minded bastards like these, you have to question whether its worth it to stake the future prosperity of this country or any country for that matter on the ballot box.

    Chua and his ilk reflect the sewage pond swampish nature of political/civil discourse in this country. It explains why fuckhead scoundrels sans of substance like Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz Nik Mat et al can thrive given uneducated idiots like Chua populating the political landscape as clueless and even more dangerously, brainless voters. That is a clear indictment of how we as citizens have failed the notion of democracy. And that too intimates why and how charlatans have taken over the political soap box in Malaysia.

    Finally, such idiotic showboating presages something more sinister: the demise of informed and cultured intellectual discourse pertaining to public policy and other issues confronting Malaysia, going forward.

    Warrior 231

  45. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Post Script

    Some of them are those who have taught Khunying Pornthip Supoj said. Without mentioning anyone by name, he said someone viewed Thailand’s forensic science as lacking standards and had tried to set the standards herself.
    That was Prof Supoj’s parting shot after finding the victim killed himself, a finding affirmed by both the thai Criminal Court and the Appeals Court

    Well grandma as expected was probably so pissed off that the courts found her pet theory a cheapskate divination that she vented whatever pentup fury in the only way she knows best, indignant arrogance. Read for yourselves:


    Warrior 231

  46. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Monsterball think Pulau Langkawi is in Penang!! How to take seriously this sort of "self proclaimed" Malaysian Apek lau ren???

    Try asking a passing PATI, Gagak Hitam, Apeks, Aneys, Indons or Banglas, they will probably give this very same answer... Pulau Langkawi is in Penang...


  47. Anonymous10:47 pm

    PR should just sack every single rep they have purely because they are "local" and they are "corrupt" as well.

  48. Dear Rocky,

    The post ask why can't we give our medical profession a chance to proof that they are professional.

    Whether it is perception or otherwise, in the past 20 years after Dr M took over as PM. The professional in Malaysia has been "professional" only in the eyes of Dr. M's government.

    Just ask average Malaysia.. is our police force a professional one? Is our media/janourlist a professional one? Just read the case of UTUSAN, and the reason not to verify the fact is "Not enough time to go to print"

    Don't blamed the public and ALL Malaysia to have the mindset of distrust, it is the doing of Dr. M. If we are going to trust our Professional again, they will have to EARN it NO Ask for It.

    Trust can ONLY BE EARNED, NOT ASK!

    Shiok Guy

    1. Mr Angry2:43 pm

      What surprises me is the deludedment of your statement. Professionalism? Under what standard? Western professionalism? Spare me the white power post thanks, orientalism has only built up a generation of self-hating, low esteemed Asians who will never realize the good around them because their best is only "so good" compared to western power states.

      Western police officers are infamous for beating protestors with metal batons and shooting point blank peace protestors with smoke launchers. Greek, American, British, Brazillian...supppsedly more professional you are saying? Right, ok. Our cops are unprofessional huh? I don't remember seeing any terrorist activity here in Malaysia.

      Media and journalism? What, reporting on the latest fashion and celebrity fads and dramas? Invasion of privacy via paparazzi and mobile phone hacking? THAT IS WESTERN MEDIA FOR YOU.

      You suffer from an inferriority complex, coined by Western scholors as "Orientalism". It's not "ALL" of Malaysia that is suffering from this, just the weak ones.

  49. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Perwira, we all know u are a mamak so u can cut the crap pretending to be otherwise.

  50. charleskiwi6:23 pm

    To Warrior 231,
    Didn't your teachers taught you the purpose and aim of writing is to communicate to those reading your article to comprehend what you are writing.
    But with you all along you are just trying to impress your readers, especially your kind, with bombastic and flamboyant words that I am doubtful you yourself understand the true meaning of the words. I am sure all the readers of your posts especially those of your kind do not even understand what you are trying to convey.
    Therefore, don't you think you should stop being so imperious and use words that all your readers will digest the message in your posts. or may be all these are the results of your teachers failing to teach you the aim and the purpose of writing. Have your articles understood !

  51. charleskiwi6:24 pm

    To Warrior 231,
    Didn't your teachers taught you the purpose and aim of writing is to communicate to those reading your article to comprehend what you are writing.
    But with you all along you are just trying to impress your readers, especially your kind, with bombastic and flamboyant words that I am doubtful you yourself understand the true meaning of the words. I am sure all the readers of your posts especially those of your kind do not even understand what you are trying to convey.
    Therefore, don't you think you should stop being so imperious and use words that all your readers will digest the message in your posts. or may be all these are the results of your teachers failing to teach you the aim and the purpose of writing. Have your articles understood !

  52. bourne identity7:35 pm

    Shiok Guy.... i know lah youre an opposition ticket holder...dunno why you target Dr M again and again.
    Even your " cousin " across the casueway also not perfect - no one can expect a perfect country.
    Eveb fuckatan rakyat is not perfect..not even close to being good when you have a potent toddy mixture of racists chinese, radical turbaned mullahs and western ass licking Anwar Al Juburi!
    Infact..fucktan rakyat's motto should be " Last Man Standing " as theyre still fighting and mistrusting each other!!
    If youre one expecting a perfect country - you should leave this country and go to so called greener pastures ...
    I dont expect my country i.e. Malaysia for your info.... but hell, through thick and thin..I will stick with the only country I know - born and grew up in Malaysia.
    U think our police arent professional? If they arent.. use your expert and perfect brains and write to give them advices.
    The police isnt police force in the world is perfect but hey... a limping and bare foot terrorist escaped from Singapore's famed israli advised maximum prison
    and in less than 3 weeks - our special branch caught him and it was only after 4 months Singapore was informed of the capture.
    Our police still not professional ya? Botak Chin...Bentong Kali..Mat Komando etc etc...who got them?
    Still not professional ya?
    Did someone ever told you that of the scores of elite special forces crated and trained by the famed 22nd SAS... only vat69 was allowed and given the honour to wear the SAME sand coloured beret of the 22nd SAS.
    And I still have the same beret awarded to me in 1977..though I have left in 1993, I still havent forgotten the very high number of communists we killed and captured.
    So dont simply shoot off your brains and call everyone unprofessional - next time if something happens to you, dont call the unprofessional police - call a bangladishi security guard to help you lah.
    TRUE Malaysians will not condemn - they will send suggestions.

  53. Funny how idiots sort to name calling when they can no longer sensibly. The righteous and know it all as always hahahaa

  54. Anonymous2:46 am

    Anonymous said...2:35 pm

    For one I dearly love Mamak food esp the Mamak nasi Kandar food from Penang. Must have once a week..

    What la you people, of PATI origin auta lebih, claiming to be Malaysians, esp this Monsterball lau ren, already 78yrs, Pulau Langkawi kat mana pun tak tau arah...

    Ni pasti dulu2 beli birth cert kat pasar gelap BBPark!!!

    Keturunan Panglima Nayan.

  55. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Ah yeah the kiwi bird is here after trolling at haris Ibrahim and co I presume.

    Yeah I used that highfalutin language to bamboozle everyone including myself!

    Now I will revert to some simple English for a change.

    A. So go fuck your mother on CNY and spurt whatever little cum your filthy short cock can produce into her mouth as a symbol of your filial respect. Then for ang pow, fuck her in the mouth for good measure

    Now I am sure you understand (A) very clearly. Now go and do it pronto before the day runs out on you, idiot pundek!

    Warrior 231

  56. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Yeah I almost forgot...while fucking the sewer rat of a momma, keep an eye out for mummy's pet snake (not your stumpy cock idiot)

    If you are not careful, the python will swallow you whole, filthy short cock and all. Get it , flightless dumbo of a choucheebai .

    Warrior 231

  57. charleskiwi12:46 pm

    Warrior 231,

    This is typical of your kind, whenever you can't argue, you used filthy languages threaten to cut the limbs of the one you argue with.
    You, even including your ex-P.M. the shenanigan Mahathir, plus all of kind are proven mother and sisters fuckers as affirmed in the 'Malay dilemma ".If you want to see how long or short my sex organ is, why don't you have it into your mouth after it is put into your other end !
    Now don't go running to your Chinese friends for help the way you are good at. Try running to your kind and also waving your kris as a threat ( all talks and no actions ) ! You call yourself a warrior, may be it is your inferiority complex that is asking you to call yourself as a warrior.

  58. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Dei shitface kiwi bird,

    What great arguments or viewpoints you have expounded on this thread so far which is worthy of a decent response? What I can see so far is some shitty personal attack on me at 6.23 which given your shit brains you repeated verbatim at 6.24pm. And when I called you out , you just responded with more stupid incoherent garbage to show off to all and sundry what a stupid poop brain you are. You got no bloody shame ah, arsefaggot?

    Get your mummy to teach you some English first and to string together a coherent viewpoint and do that after you have cuntcocked her and dickshafted her mouth, of course, slutboy! Now get lost and do it quick, stupid Chingkie cocksucker.

    Warrior 231

  59. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Not to worry, Kiwi-san.

    You see, the warrior rants, raves and postures - but it's just a load of crap to mask his fetishist fantasies.

    Which no one else buys into.

    So, the poor dude is feeling all sad and neglected. Misunderstood, even.

    All of which elicits more paroxysms of mindless comments from him.

    Note his favourite bete noires - Singapore, the "Tongkangese" and Malaysians of certain ethnicities and religions.

    And what galls him the most is that Malaysia has to play "suck up" to these very same bete noires and certain established and emerging powers in the region.

    It must be downright disheartening when cool maruah intellects run into geopolitical realities.

    And guess which side the warrior (and his ilk) are on.

  60. Anonymous12:43 am

    Yada yada yada,yada..zilch. 10.19pm must have been cut from the same cloth as kiwibird. Both deluded inconsequential nonentities par excellence burdened with a humungous ego to lug around. And both never engage in rational discourse save for sniping at others like spurned shebitches yearning for some attention or like ignored pariah mongrel pigdogs hankering for some meaty praise.woof..woof...oink..oink...I can almost hear Harry and Anwar yelling " atta boy, lick my arse clean will ya" as the two whoremotherfuckers put their tongues to the task with little prompting.

    Funny how both get easily worked up over nothing concerning them at all. Must be pretty galling that they are not in the center of the universe. In their scheme of things, everyone must kowtow to their lies and rubbish and those who don't bow to their infantile cocktalk must be sniped at uninvited and driven away. Poorah pundek kalathai chouceheebais tiunimahs, you picked the wrong guy for I aint fazed an iota by your mad, childish, insignificant rants and cheapskate threats. I reckon the truth cuts through the delusion and hurts the cocooned cuckoo self real bad to trigger such mindless, pathetic drivel from you both. OIC, plus that 0.50 cent coin....hahahahahahahahahah

    So there you have it folks, two dawdling, small cocked pretentious wimps with overinflated puissant feelings of ethnic superiority which is common amongst all racist bigots and poseurs cognoscenti. Two deluded mental cases in denial mode eking out SGD0.50cents or 10 paisa a comment to buy that next bowl of pigshit to share with mummy whore.

    Cognoscenti???hahahahahah well aviation expert who idolizes the worst of poseurs and everything deceitful must surely enjoy this:

    After the Lotus and now Caterham fiasco, keling boy must be feeling a wee bit too lonely at being left to be a business whiz using his very own street smarts. By the looks of it merely confirms that Tony Pariah is nothing more than an idiot on par with anon and kiwibird, two warm maruahless pig-tellects . As they say, birds of a feather flock and preen together....hahahahahaahhaha

    Warrior 231

  61. Anonymous1:29 am

    Anon 10.19pm and Charleskiwi

    Poor things got owned and pwned by Da One and Only Warrior samurai.

    As they say, losers find solace in each other.

    Limited vocabulary to boot: bete noire, geopolitical, fetishist...blah blah blah

    As they say, losers like beggars cannot be choosers.(LOL).

    Go Warrior. Sure am enjoying the humiliations you are heaping on these two bozos.

  62. Anonymous12:55 pm

    See, Kiwi-san....the warrior got bested in his attempts to talk about "money laundering" and the like, without being able to provide an iota of solid evidence that this has cramped and crimped the financial sector in the "little red dot" that he is reduced to hurling inanities and quoting unverifiable and unattributable "reports" and "sources" (just read his latest posting to see what passes for logic in his mind).

    Such is his desperation to prove a point that he deliberately ignores the real world and what is out there.

    (as a side comment, why not ask why the much-vaunted OIC is a toothless tiger when dealing with the question of Gaza/Palestine and the Arab-Israeli imbroglio and why the members of the GCC are more comfortable dealing with the US than a cool maruah nation like Malaysia?)

    I think the warrior must be increasingly frustrated that his own government is ignoring his doomsday messages and prognostications.

    Why, he has even attempted to drag in the MAF into his convoluted scenarios, based again on "reports" and "sources".

    Maybe he should buttonhole Najib and Muhyiddin and give them the once-over sermon on political realities and the perils of being sidelined...heh, heh...

    But he won't get away with it. No, Sir.

  63. Anonymous6:12 pm

    See Warrior

    Pig will be back with more rubbish and insane statements worthy of his delusional self.

    I think pig is possibly frustrated that all his attempts at painting Singapooh in good light has failed abysmally. Probably his SGD0.50cents allowance is at stake too.

  64. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Part 1

    Carson Block's newest short, Singapore-based commodity firm Olam, is near and dear to the Singaporean government's heart.
    Temasek, Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, just upped its stake in the company to 18% this week.

    It's an indication of what the government, controlled by the unyielding Lee family, is willing to do to ensure that Block's call does not sink the company. Since Block's report, Olam announced it would offer $750 million in bonds and $500 million in warrants.

    Temasek could end up owning as much as 29% of the company, Bloomberg reports, if it exercises all the warrants in 2016.
    So clearly, Temasek is not backing down. And in Singapore that means the Lees are not backing down, especially since Ho Ching, the head of the fund, is Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife.

    Lee Hsien Loong's father, Lee Kuan Yew is considered the founder of modern Singapore and became the country's first Prime Minister in 1965.

    In 2008, The Wall Street Journal was fined and kicked out of the country for publishing letters to the editor that suggested there may be Lee family nepotism in the Singaporean government.Suffice it to say, the Lees don't play.

    That said, to understand what Block has got himself into, you have to understand how Singapore and Temasek work in that environment.
    As of March 2012, Temasek disclosed that it manages about $161 billion worth of assets — some of their biggest investments being Olam and Singapore Airlines. The fund claims an average annual return of 17% since 1974 when it was created using $289.6 million in government surplus funds.

    That sounds great, but Singapore is still one of the most heavily indebted countries in the world. To understand why, Professor Christopher Balding at Peking University, writer of Sovereign Wealth Funds: The New Intersection of Money and Politics, took a deep dive into Temasek and The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, it's other investment vehicle.

    According to his findings, all is not as it seems in the Singaporean investment universe. The individual companies that make up Temasek, for one, simply have never returned enough individually to make up the 17% collective return.

    "Just about everyone I know in the finance industry down here... knows things just aren't right with Singaporean finances," Balding told Business Insider, "but no one wants to go toe to toe with the Lee's by themselves."

    In a report entitled A Brief Research Note on The Government Investment Corporation of Singapore, Temasek Holdings, And Singapore: Mr. Madoff Goes to Singapore, Balding first compares Temasek's performance with that of the Singaporean stock market.
    This makes sense, because Temasek is heavily invested in domestic companies (see the chart to your right).

    As you can see, Temasek is clobbering Singaporean companies.
    Another strange thing that Balding noticed, is that Temasek's companies have basically no debt, while the the country is up to its ears in it.

    At the same time, the country says it's running a surplus.

    From Balding's report:
    ...due to the large government budget surpluses and the increased debt, it seems highly improbable that the current numbers published by the Singaporean government and markets can be reconciled either to external data or to each other. If investment returns and public finance data is accurate, there must be an enormous pool of unreported assets controlled by the Singaporean government. If investment returns and public finance data as currently published is inaccurate, this represents a serious problem.

    So then the question becomes, how do Temasek, GIC, and the government itself work with this seemingly odd cash flow?

  65. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Anon 10:54 pm

    Then how do you account for Singapore's "Triple A" credit rating from Fitch, Moody's and S&P?

    Surely it's a bit over-the-top to claim that not 1, not 2, but all 3 credit rating agencies have been "bamboozled" by Singapore's finances, isn't it?

    And I believe that both Temasek and GIC have higher credit ratings than Khazanah Malaysia. Now, how could that be?

    As far as Olam is concerned, the latest reports are that Temasek has increased it's stake in the company to 21% (Singapore Business Times, Feb 14, 2013).

    Maybank-Kim Eng analyst James Koh: "They (Temasek) were already almost the biggest shareholder, so I'm not surprised that they've continued to add on to their position. It shows that Temasek will continue to show support for Olam."

  66. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Anon 10:54 pm

    "enormous pool of unreported assets"?

    From where could these monies and assets have come from? "Dirty money" flows out of countries in the region and further afield?

    After all, GFI (Global Financial Integrity) estimates that China has lost US$3.79 trillion between 2000 and 2011 in illegal money flows.

    GFI "estimates that an average of US$61.72 billion in money earned from corruption, human trafficking, arms smuggling and other illegal activities has entered or left Russia each year since the start of 2004, a 228 per cent increase from the US$27.06 billion in illicit funds seen annually on average in the prior decade." (Reuters)

    Would anyone want to hazard a guess as to the corresponding figures for Malaysia, seeing how it's squeaky-clean and all? And where that "moolah" landed up?

    And, yet.....the Singapore Dollar is worth 2.5 Malaysian Ringgit. Is that based on economic fundamentals or market perceptions of the underlying strength of Singapore's economy and finances vis-a-vis Malaysia?

    Note that we haven't yet touched on the issues of "alleged money laundering" and "NDF manipulations", except to note that the region's central banks have chosen not to comment on said issues.

    Maybe, just maybe, it could be because China, through the PBOC, has selected Singapore to be an offshore yuan clearing hub, with all that it implies for the city-state's standing as a global banking, financial and forex hub.

  67. Anonymous1:37 am

    Yawn.......duh China does not even figure as a top 5 investor in Malaysia for us to be salivating about.

    And dude, about Olam, verghese's admission in this article must be a coincidence then........

    Olam's strategy takes note of criticism

    And about rating agencies:

    is another coincidence again, I suppose. Get a life dude before you die crazy.