Thursday, February 28, 2013

A manifesto and Hindraf

"Hindraf is extremely disappointed ... Our disappointment is deep and distressing - caused not so much by what it says but by what it does not say." - Pakatan manifesto a great disappointment to Malaysian Indians

Waytha: "They have been using the transcend-race card once too often"

Hindraf isn't the only one disappointed with Pakatan Rakyat's manifesto. I was amazed at how boring and un-original it is, and I have a feeling that many in Pakatan are bothered by the manifesto's failure to make an impact with the rakyat and there are suggestions that the team that came up with the manifesto was merely reproducing BN's best and most popular policies with added costs and open bribes

And not to mention those amateurish, embarrassing, OMG-type "errors"  (Oil royalty blooper blamed on typo).

I spoke to a couple of economists the other day who said they spotted right away more than a few holes and inconsistencies in the numbers, too.

But if these failed to bother Anwar and Co, Hindraf's "deep and distressing" displeasure should. Hindraf's rise contributed immensely to Pakatan's cause against the Abdullah Badawi regime back in 2007 and 2008 right up to the detention of its leaders including Uthayakumar under the ISA, the self-exiled of Wathamoorty,and the banning of the organisation itself. After the better-than-expected results of the 12th General Election in March 2008, however, the Indians - in general and those represented by Hindraf - started to feel isolated, abandoned and even betrayed.

P. Waythamoorty: "Pakatan Rakyat has chosen to completely ignore the needs and interests of the Indian community in the country in its election pledges."

Anwar Ibrahim:  "Pakatan Rakyat's manifesto transcends racial groups as well as various subgroups including the Indian community, which is not neglected".

Waythamoorty: "If this was the case then how does he justify the specific pledges to the Malays, Chinese, Orang Asals, Sabah and Sarawakians, the ex-Armed forces and Felda settlers in the manifesto? The provisions there do not seem to transcend racial groups and subgroups. Enoug has been said of Pakatan moving away from racial politics ... They have been using this once too often as a cover to ignore the problems of the Indian poor and marginalized."

If Waythamoorty thinks Pakatan will drop everything and entertain Hindraf like it did in 2008, I wish him luck. I alerted the PKR man R Sri Sanjeevan, after his tweet praising the Pakatan manifestor sky high, that Hindraf wasn't happy with the manifesto. He had the same transcends-all-races reply:


  1. Anonymous11:41 am

    not manifesto but many fatsos.3

  2. Anonymous11:41 am

    Rocky must be happy that they are disappointed with Pakatan. Ask them vote BN la and let Indian continued to be screwed by UMNO. Ask them whether they want Pakatan or UMNO to screw them. No choice for them.

  3. "The desire to wrest of PWER can make a man get blinded"

    This phrase goes specially true for PAKATAN RAKYAT as they begin their quest for Putrajaya. However, it's easy to see the target BUT often mankind find it hard to see the obstacles that lies along the battleground.

    The PAKATAN RAKYAT MANIFESTO clearly showed this flaw. ANWAR IBRAHIM & gang had their eyes set so much on being the PM & govt. till they had forgotten that Indians does reside in this country. Being a non Indian myself, I feel extremely SORRY for my Indian brothers. The Manisfesto is indirectly saying cars, animals, gays & lesbians are much more important than the Indians. All I could now say is "PUNDEK punya PAKATAN RAKYAT!!!"

    It puzzles me why is there a need to come up with the Manifesto when the previous one had done even been fulfilled way back in 2008??? Is it becos PAKATAN RAKYAT had been too free & hoping writing some rubbish which says "Manifesto" would be able to KILL time??? Or do they simply LOVE writing CRAP for the sake of writing???

  4. bourne identity12:54 pm

    when a cobra meets a python...which one gets killed and eaten?
    Hindraf NEVER learns....and will never too!

  5. A menipufesto, more like. Same old, same old. Macam nasi basi. Sup sejuk. Unpalatable.
    Why Indians only. Nothing for Malays. Not that we care.
    We dont vote for them in the first place.

  6. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Malaysians are fed up of race based politics, which will ultimately destroy the peace and harmony. We do understand Hindraf's Indian only policy. Malaysia needs a need based assistance than race based assistance. Pakatan's manifesto is need based, whoever deserves will get it, that really means all Malaysians will be offered help if they are needy, irrespective of race.

  7. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Just bloody debate it! No point talking cock and bull here when you got no balls to go 1 on 1..or a panel for that matter.

    If the ruling govt's manifesto is so superior, then it would be a walk in the park and an embarrassing adventure for the Pakatan dudes.

    Just do it!

  8. Anonymous1:43 pm

    I thought there is only one race and that is the Malaysian race but how come the manifesto is to cater for various races?

  9. Party manifestos are like Miss Universe. No one really believes them when they say they want to save the little chidren, old folks and whales and sharks facing extinction. So too, those who lately have a habit of swearing on holy books or challenging others to do so for credibility.

    Is a party manifesto a binding contract? Can anyone sue any political party if it does not deliver all that it promises? Can Su Qui sue Mahathir for promising them the world and then doing a complete u-turn and back-stabbing them after they voted for him and BUMNO/BN?

    So, many are wasting time on this red-herring issue. We want a change in leadership and we want a rogue regime that covers up for murderers, economic looters and plain fraudtrepreneurs, ponzi artistes and thieves, OUT!

    It's as simple as that. And at a time when political parties are moving away from tying up with religion, and it's bound to happen first in Europe with Christianity in tatters, Hindraf is rowing against the tide.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  10. Looks like Sanjeevan's prepping for a career in politics. Get ready for drama, mama.

  11. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Have you seen BN manisfato.
    In DAP we have Indian MP like Kula and In PKR we have Indian leader and one of them Hidraf leader.

    I just wonder what this India doing.Are they sleeping when Pakatan discussing the Manisfato.

    Look like you have been bought by Najib.

  12. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Dear PR,

    Typo is when you misspelled a word. Not when you lose a whole paragraph. That is called "being left out".

    It is a very big picture plan with no clear details. Revenue will be used to subsidized many things. Yet, there's no plan to find other sources of revenue. If you reduce revenue from car taxes, interest from PTPTN and subsidies, how will you replace them?

    Also read the fine lines...subject to... in X number of years...

    Uncle Khalid said that a manifesto is not a promise. So, prepare to have their excuses when they can't deliver.

  13. Anonymous7:08 pm

    I thought that Hindraf champions a brand of confrontational politics that is supposedly passé in a multiracial multi religious Malaysia.

    Much like Perkasa, come to think of it.

    It wasn't too long ago that Hindraf and Waytha were non grata objects in the eyes of the government and pro-government commentators.

    It seems now that at least some of these pro-government types are latching on to Hindraf's (and Waytha's) disenchantment with the PR.

    Which only goes to prove the adage that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Or that there are no permanent enemies in politics. Only friends-in-waiting!

    I must remember this when I next talk shop with Malaysian Indians who labour in less hospitable and salubrious locations....

  14. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Tu laa you all Hindraf, bagi betis nak paha, BN bagi peha dah naik kepala!

    Learn to be grateful CAN OR NOT?, hardly 50yrs BN has uplifted your ways of life here.. imagine 2000yrs even yr caste system cannot give such comfort!

    Hoi, my Indian neighbour hubby, wife, 2kids all doctors la and their clinic doing very well, got Indon and Filipino maids at home some more, apa kurang dengan the Bumis here, infact lebih mewah hidup. They strive well like anyone of us Malaysians here,

    Lu orang kalut duk nak ape lagi?? Work hard like everyone le... why want to ask and need to depend so much on others for this and that???


  15. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Since when Rocky is so concerned about the plight of the Indians? He highlighted this not so much for the love of the Indians but an opportunity to spin hoping this may anger the Indians to give their votes to his paymaster. Too late Rocky, I think they have made up their minds who to vote already at this time.

  16. Anonymous9:16 am

    UMNO's BURDEN....





    IF ....IF..IF..IF

    Prof Awe Kecik

  17. Anonymous12:02 pm


    the irony of Malaysian politics

    ex-convict for corruption fighting for free and fair elections

    komunis dinosaur fighting for democracy

    convict for sedition fighting for freedom of press but LOVES to gag and sue

    fisherman wannabe rules like Allah on earth

    wali slipper supremo almost got sponsored haj

    manifesto is manifestation of janji kotor

    ish ish ish

  18. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Prof Awe K 9:16 am

    Sir - I don't "get" your posting.

    What have the Malay Royalties (sic) got to do with the Republicans (I presume you mean the US Republican Party)?

    And it should be Robert Kuok, not "Kouk", right?

    Is Robert K "the richest Malaysian"?

    What about those with undeclared assets and offshore "black money" fortunes?

    Is that an Umno "burden"?