Friday, May 31, 2013

The great, unaccredited Warnborough University

A church in Warnborough

Before he officially takes over the public-listed Felda's CEO seat, Dr Mohd Emir Mavani must tell us exactly where Warnborough University is in the UK. That's where the CEO-designate was supposed to have obtained his Doctorate in Government Reforms back in 2008, a claim which is now under blog scrutiny.

A quick Google check would take the seeker to South Warnborough, small village in the English county of Hampshire; population 542, according to a 2001 consensus. There is a Warnborough College, a distance learning institution but if you are looking for an Oxford University or Cambridge-like structures, you won't find it. 

But you will find Warnborough University on this List of Unaccredited Institutions of Higher Learning. I am sure there's a simple and logical explanation, which is why Dr Mohd Emir Mavani must take the opportunity to respond to the queries made by Big Dog h e r e.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Singing the rail blues

Blue skies, blue-r wall
I ride along Pinggir Zaaba in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, where work on the rail transit project rages on despite the pleas and cries of the residents, and I see this Great Wall of Blue, erected as if as a direct affront to the residents who have made life difficult for them. Man, if I were living in one of those houses, I'd be singing the blues, too! 
The residents, as we all know, are suing the company building the project. The  company, as we also know, is basically the Government of Malaysia. Messy. If rakyat didahulukan, it wouldn't have come to this, you think? I don't know, but I hear the residents are making a representation to the newly-reelected MP from the Oppositionj (they were engaging the BN-Gerakan lady before she lost at the PRU13) and the new Minister in charge of urban well-being. Well, good luck, we'll see what comes out of that, if any. 
In the meantime, another victim (LRT, not MRT but ...) ... 

Family of LRT site crane accident victim seeks answers


KUALA LUMPUR: For the past three years, A. Vijayasingam drove every day from Kampung Pandan to work near Ara Damansara without any incident until last Friday.
That day, Vijayasingam's Hyundai Sonata was caught in rush hour traffic along Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang when a 10-tonne construction equipment hoisted by a crane at an LRT extension site nearby fell and crushed his car.
The development executive was killed instantly in the freak accident while another driver, Arifpuddin Mansoruddin, 42, in a Nissan Frontier, was injured.
Vijayasingam's family is finding it difficult to come to terms with his sudden death and wants answers to how such an accident could have happened.
His brother-in-law Jai Ganesh, 36, said Vijayasingam had travelled along that route daily from his home in Kampung Pandan to get to work near Ara Damansara.
“My brother-in-law was a good and responsible man. It is hard for us to accept this,” he said, adding that Vijayasingam's wife was grief-stricken by the tragedy.
“She's inconsolable,” he said, adding that the construction company should have assured the safety of all motorists travelling on that particular stretch of road.
“The family is looking at the possibility of taking legal action against the construction company,” he said, adding that Vijayasingam's funeral and cremation were held at around 10am yesterday.
Later, during a visit to Vijayasingam's family by Prasarana senior officials, its group director for infrastructure services Masnizam Hisham described the incident as “truly unfortunate”.
“We came to offer our condolences and extend a helping hand to the family,” she said.
Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said they were investigating the case from several angles, adding that so far, no criminal element had been found.

p.s. Too many companies take safety for granted these days. The HR Ministry ought to come down hard on them. Like really hard. I don't think the cranes in the pictures below will fall on any of the Pinggir Zaaba's resident's head, but the residents think there's an accident waiting to happen. 

Several break-ins after work started, say residents

An accident waiting to happen

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man

MCA Leaders Against Matang Holdings Takeover

MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.
KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 (Bernama) -- MCA leaders today expressed their objection to the proposed takeover of Matang Holdings Bhd by Scope Industries Bhd.

MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said he strongly insisted that the Matang Holdings extraordinary general meeting set for May 31 be cancelled.

"Based on MCA constitution and also a statement by the president on May 21, the disposal of party assets can only be effected with the approval of at least two-thirds of the party's central committee.

"However, until today, the treasurer-general of MCA has neither tabled the proposal to the central committee nor obtained its approval," he said in a statement here Tuesday.

Matang's largest shareholder is MCA-owned Huaren Holdings with a controlling stake of 10.75 per cent.

Liow said the board of directors had also failed to explain the proposed takeover deal to the minority shareholders of Matang Holdings.

"We have, for instance, discovered a significant discrepancy between the two valuation reports on the property value of Matang Holdings.

"This, in itself, has raised the alarm and created concerns among the shareholders that it will be an inequitable deal that will leave them out in the cold," he said.

Matang Holdings is a debt-free company and to date has RM25 million in liquid assets.

Liow said Huaren should look out for the best interests of the minority shareholders.

"Failing this, MCA will be letting down its members, especially those who have held on to Matang Holdings shares for more than 30 years.

"This could even be another blow to the party, which has already undergone a punishing experience in the recent general election," he said.


LIOW SPEAKS OUT. MCA is in dire need of a savior after the party's worst results in a general election on May 5. The President, Chua Soi Lek, stubbornly holds on to power despite calls by party elders for him to step down now, not later, so that the healing can begin. Today, Liow Tiong Lai stood up to "strongly insist" that an EGM for Matang Holdings set for May 31 be cancelled. This, party insiders say, go against the wishes and whims of the party President.

When a time of need arises, a man to do the job will appear. The social media is buzzing in anticipation of a major battle.

Blaming Najib and other silly notions (like turning BN into a single party)

Updates: 1. Umno is very much alive, well and kicking by Hantulaut, who is not an Umno member; 2. BN as a single party may backfire on coalition by The Mole 3. Umno is still relevant by the MalaysianDigest 4. Nay to one-party BN by Borneo Post

No honeymoon for the man? A honeymoon period is a period of popularity enjoyed by a new government, or the occupant of a new post. [see here] While some of his aides have gone on holiday as soon as the general election ended, happy with themselves and what they believed they have done to help Najib Razak get his own mandate as Prime Minister, the man himself doesn't seem to be allowed the customary goodwill of a honeymoon. 
Instead, it's bang from the start and Najib has to pick up the PRU13 pieces all by himself. Anwar Ibrahim's non-stop harassment and threats, the result of self-pity and great frustration of not realizing a lifelong ambition, we can understand. The barbs poked at Najib Razak by his own party members and elders, make one wonder. Criticisms are great if and when constructive but these have been few and far apart. On hindsight, everyone (including yours truly) gains a better perspective. 
Yes, Najib should have done this and he should not have done that. But I say, if we aren't going to ask him to step down already, then let us give the new Prime Minister some room to plan his next course of action. We'll have all the time to give our two sen's worth later.  
And this thing about turning Barisan Nasional into a 1-4-All, All-4-1 party, whose silly idea was it? Nazri Aziz came up with something silly earlier [Nazri: BN needs to Ubah! - Malay Mail, 10 May 2013], proposing that BN is renamed Angkatan 1Malaysia in order to "resonate with the younger voters". But at least Nazri did not suggest that BN be turned into ONE party. 
My take is simple (perhaps simplistic for the sophisticated brains who think for the politicians). If Barisan Nasional as a coalition was such a bad or failed concept, Anwar, Hadi and Kit Siang would not have joined hands, knowing how revolting that act is, to form the alternative coalition called Pakatan Rakyat. In other words, there they were clearly and shameless trying to copy you and here you are regressing and going the other way, tripping all over yourselves while they laugh at you! 
There's a reason why Umno is the longest-surviving political party in the world and there's a reason why BN has ruled for many years and why this country is peaceful and prosperous despite the Chinese trying to teach the BN a lesson and failing miserably in the process. 
As I see, what BN needs is to ensure that its components regain strength. If there's any merging to do, MCA and Gerakan and the Chinese-based parties in Sabah and Sarawak may want to explore that.  MIC, Hindraf, PMIP and perhaps PPP may want to start merger talks. PBB, like Umno, is solid; the former needs to look at its succession process and the latter must open up and allow the professionals, the scholars, the footloose and fancy free, the young and the urban to lead. 
It's the substance BN needs to worry about, not the form.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bad acting aside, Pakatan starts the cop-bashing again

I teach my kids not to fear the cops but to always be respectful of the uniform. To me, it's a symbol of authority, peace, security. The PDRM stands for what we know to be the good as against the bad, i.e  criminals, crooks, smugglers, rapists, pedophiles, etc. Which is why I can never agree with the politics of the Pakatan folks, who deliberately target the cops and make them appear as the bad guys instead of the good. It is a systematic tactic to erode people's trust in the institutions, including the judiciary and the Election Commission.

But the acting to make the cops look bad has dropped in quality lately. Just look at the pic sequence [and a VIDEO UPDATE] posted by Apanama h e r e.



Pakatan Rakyat's S. Jayatas is not going to win any Oscars soon, that's for sure. But the many other actors and actresses in Pakatan won't be demoralized by Jayatas' amateurish acting. Already, they are attacking the police for the death in custody of a notorious suspected robber, who had no qualms about putting a knife on a kid's neck to subdue his victims. 

It's going to be Kugan all over again. 

Tun Nor or Tun Rais?

This blog has been at odds with both men at different times for different reasons, but nothing personal, I can now tell you. They have both contributed to the nation in their own unique ways and both are close to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. 

But are they "Tun" materials? 

Well, if Tun Lah can transform plain Jean to Tun Jean just by tying the knot, and if 30
per cent of the population can control 70 per cent of the country's wealth, nothing's impossible in beloved Malaysia. 

If Rais Yatim makes the Gabenor of Melaka, my home state, he'll make Tun automatically and I'll be happy for him. I don't know what Najib Razak's excuse would be to recommend Nor Mohamed Yakcop for the title, though. You can ask Tuan Syed, who says we may have a new Tun by Saturday. Read h e r e.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Even by popular votes, Pakatan Rakyat did lose convincingly

Pakatan Rakyat lost popular votes in 9 states, Labuan and Putrajaya is the kind of basic analysis that should have come from deep inside BN's intelligence. The piece totally obliterates past and future claims by Anwar Ibrahim and his army of sore losers that Pakatan had won the popular votes therefore they should be declared the winner of the 13th General Election and so he should be Prime Minister of Malaysia [Barisan secured 133 parliamentary seats against PR's 89 to win the polls by a simple majority]. 
But no, the analysis was written by blogger Syed Akbar Ali, who does it in his free time and without any help from BN. In fact, he based his analysis almost entirely on data made available by Malaysiakini, the pro-Pakatan website! 
The data also proves Najib Razak right about the "Chinese tsunami". In states and areas where the majority of the population are Chinese, BN was given a trouncing. There's room for improvement but the Malays have certainly swung back to BN this time around. That can be attributed to not just UMNO's strength (with the exception of UMNO in Selangor, perhaps) but also the weakening of PKR and PAS where support from the Malays is concerned. But while UMNO has grown stronger, its partners in BN, especially MCA and Gerakan, are struggling to remain relevant. Sabah and Sarawak are solidly BN and, with a more Cabinet representation this time, the two states are expected to resist Pakatan's brand of politics for a while. 
Read OutSyed the Box's piece again h e r e and make your own analysis. 
p.s. The PM has finally come out to say that BN did not steal victory in GE13. Should have done this sooner and should have borrowed some of Tuan Syed's arguments ...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hood quits as Kontena braces for financial scandal

The aricle in Malaysia Focus
Hood Osman was relatively unknown until details of a financial lawsuit resurfaced late 2012 and linked him to a multi-million ringgit syndicated loan and, rightly or wrongly, to Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim [Security risk of Hood Osman by A Voice, 5 April 2012; Little (turning) Red Riding Hood, Big Dog, 5 April 2012].

Despite the exposes in the blogs and the social media, the gods at PNB held on to Hood. He was, according to sources, the blue-eyes of Tun Ahmad Sarji, the PNB chairman since 1997.

But the inevitable has a way of making itself happen, sooner or later, by hook or crook. According to the business weekly Focus Malaysia (May 25-31 issue), a brewing financial scandal is brewing at Kontena with Hood having tendered his resignation on May 10 and more heads expected to roll.

These heads may include Hood's bosses as "some shareholders believe (parent company) NCB directors should be held accountable for the fiasco considering that they should have been more involved in the business".

There's also talk that Ahmad Sarji will be calling it a day very soon.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cina and Cabinet: Who's Crying Now?

"... yang duduk dalam kabinet langsung tidak tahu berbahasa Mandarin, langsung tidak boleh dianggap sebagai pemimpin kaum Cina untuk mewakili orang-orang Cina, ini bermakna biarkan orang Cina sendiri rasakan bagaimana pahitnya jika orang-orang Cina tidak duduk di dalam kerajaan ..."
Not too long ago when they were fab ...

In Who's Crying Now, Dong Zong? [Politik yang terpaksa dinantikan], the Chinese daily Nanyang Siangpau states the obvious: the two Chinese appointed to Najib Razak's Cabinet are not proficient in Mandarin and therefore can't possibly claim to be able to represent the Chinese in this country effectively. 

Without one, there is nobody in the Cabinet that can serve as Dong Zong's punching bag (or sounding board, to use a more polite term which YB Wee Ka Siong is unlikely to agree to) on issues regarding Chinese education. One can sense a hint of desperation  - and genuine concern - in the newspaper editorial. 
MCA used to take the rap for Dong Zong

"The many half-completed Chinese schools ... who's going to monitor their progress?" 

Everybody knows that Najib Razak, who put in a lot of heart and soul in trying to earn the respect and support of the Chinese, often to the chagrin of the other races, felt utterly betrayed by that community's leaders, including DongZong, to turn their collective backs on him during the PRU13. He's reassured the people that he will be a PM for all, but some takes that to mean that the Chinese will no longer enjoy the kind of goodwill they had come to take for granted from this man. 

The editorial says it's likely that MCA will be allowed into the Cabinet through the backdoor later this year but if that happens it would probably be more of a token.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wesak 2013

To all my Buddhist friends, and I have quite a few, Happy Wesak Day. May the days ahead bring enlightenment to all, especially to those who do not wish to see, so that peace and prosperity may continue to prevail on this beloved Land of ours.

Waging war against the government

"We want to start a war in London tonight". - British soldier butchered, AFP

Lately we hear Malaysians talking about toppling the government and we think, wow, so brave one. But then you read about this British dude (pic above) and his friend who killed a man on a busy street and beheaded him because he was a British soldier and this dude and his equally crazy buddy wanted to topple their Government.
"We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," the dude said. I apologise that women have had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don't care about you."
When people get carried away, they do stupid, crazy things. And then we call them barbarians and their act "cowardly". Britain and the US, of course, view the attackers as "Muslims" but I see them as what they must be: British citizens. Already, there is a crackdown in the UK as the authorities arrest Muslims at their homes and around mosques. The profiling would begin. In the US, following the Boston Marathon bombing, the authorities have gunned down suspects. The latest was a so-called suspect tied to the alleged bombers, shot dead by the FBI during questioning. 

We are fortunate that the Malaysians who threaten/promise to topple the Government by sheer force and violence have not gone totally mental or have been arrested before they could do something really stupid and crazy. Since the general election on May 5, after Anwar Ibrahim made it clear that he was going to fight the people's will and wish to return Najib Razak's BN to government, several individuals have been nabbed, from bloggers Papagomo and King Jason to two elected reps and several outspoken political mules, including a 24-year old student activist. Read A Nation OF and BY the Rule of Law by Big Dog.

A former DPM's son picked up after lunch today in Bangsar
We can expect the pro-Opposition groups to condemn new Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for the arrests. Perhaps for the first time, however, a huge section of Malaysians are also speaking out in support of such pre-emptive strike by the authorities against these elements. And you can't blame them: they have all witnessed the Arab Spring, the violence, the deaths from their living rooms, thanks to the TV and the Internet. They have also heard the speeches made by those Malaysians whom many had never heard of before, calling on "the people" to head for the streets today and remove their government. All it takes is one dude crazy enough to start a war .. and for all hell to break loose in Malaysia.

No evidence of election fraud, but Anwar presses ahead with plans totopple Najib

"However, despite people’s misgivings, there is thin evidence of outright cheating or ballot box stuffing so far. Dr Jeyakumar Deveraj, MP for the Sungai Siput constituency in Perak state and the only socialist in parliament, conceded as much.
“We were not able to find conclusive evidence of significant cheating during the political process,” he told IPS. 
Wave of protests against Malaysian election results

Looks like the Pakatan folks, who have formed the government in three of our states and occupied more than a third of the parliamentary seats after the May 5th general election, are bent on turning our all-year summer into a spring of violence, our peace into chaos, friends into foes, just so that Anwar Ibrahim can become Prime Minister. I am sure the new Inspector-General of Police would like to see them try. Honestly, I am with the Rakyat, fed-up with the childish antics of the sore losers. I don't really care how the new IGP plans to do it, but make sure you protect our interest - the interest of the Rakyat, who are your boss, and stop any attempt by the Pakatan folks to overthrow the Government other than via the ballot box.

Monday, May 20, 2013

DAP's 5/5/13 Racial Profiling: The sad case of Chua Lai Fatt

Too metallic black to be a Chinese?

DAP strategist says sorry to Chua Lai Fatt. I wonder how many Bangladeshi-looking Malaysians were harassed because some political mules from Pakatan Rakyat were racially profiling them on 5/5/2013? 

And how many more were too afraid to come out and vote because they don't look Chinese enough to be pass off as Malaysians?

SatD's issue with Doctor Ong Kian Ming is, however, more severe than that.  He thinks OKM was the one who had 'launched the cyber locust to wreak havoc on Chua Lai Fatt' during the PRU. After all, he reminds his readers, OKM is the DAP strategist and it was him who made this claim, inaccurately:
''Today, I want to announce that upon further investigation and analysis, another 3.3million cases of doubtful voters which needs further investigation have been uncovered. Among this 3.3 million voters are: (1) 3.1 million voters whose IC addresses shows a different voting constituency from the constituency in which the voter is actually voting in. ''
Read SatD's posting I'm Sorry 2 Chua Lai Fatt :-( and leave comments h e r e.

A shortlived engagement with a new YB

YB Rafizi
Yang Bitchy. Some Malaysians have blackened out their Twitter profiles in support of Anwar Ibrahim's refusal to accept defeat in PRU13. The blackout means "death": Democracy (in Malaysia) is Dead. So when I saw the "blackout" on Rafizi Ramli's twitter profile as he was happily embracing all the well-wishes for winning the Pandan parliamentary seat and on becoming a first-time YB, I thought: Irony. So I decided to ask the Yang Berhormat: You think you'd be where you are if democracy was really dead?

Ouch! Didn't know he was so touchy.

It wasn't my intention to rain on his parade. I just could not stand the hypocrisy of some people. Democracy is still alive in Malaysia but it is at risk. Even someone like Tunku Aziz is threatened with a lawsuit for bravely commenting on his former party's misconduct (the DAP condemns others all the time!). Democracy will end up dead when you allow people to take to the streets to topple the government, which is what Rafizi's party appears to be advocating ... 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

DAP and Loyalty to Raja Melayu


A campaign on FB to condemn Ngeh and lodge police reports nationwide against Ngeh Hoo Kam for insulting the Sultan has been initiated by young SYA.

Click here to join the campaign.

p.s SYA, featured on this blog as The Good Chinese, despises politicians who harbor hopes of becoming PM by the age of 40.

Original article:
So, DAP is not subservient to the Raja Melayu 

It's what the DAP is good at, I've concluded: they would attack the Melayu institutions or traditions - not all of them and not too frequently but just enough to leave the impression (for the benefit of the growing number of easily impressionable Cina) that the DAP isn't afraid to take on the Malay establishment in order to represent the interest of the Cina. It is as racist a political game as it can get.

The Mole has the story on Ngeh Koo Ham, the DAP Perak strongman, openly taking a dig at the MCA for respecting the Sultan of Johor's authority in the appointment of the State's exco [Ngeh criticizes MCA for being subservient to Sultan Johor].

To Ngeh, it is not loyalty or Kesetiaan kepada Raja - it has to be described as subservient. The effect, of course, is negative on MCA and that IS the objective. Make MCA, a Cina party, look bad for bowing to the wishes of a Raja Melayu.

Ngeh isn't the first DAP leader to belittle the Johor Istana. And as long as there are Malaysians who believe that their race is superior to others, this kind of politics will thrive. Five years ago, after the so-called "tsunami" of PRU12, we witnessed the same thing. Read my two postings on that: To wear of not to wear the Songkok? and Wah, Gwee, so daring one!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Make sure you pick the right country to migrate to ...

You may have read this invitation to migrate and ...
... and you may have been angered by Zahid Hamidi's direct style. I must say, it is not very Malay of Zahid to be so undiplomatic. But let's face it: all he's saying is, hey, cut the crap, accept defeat gracefully and let all of us move on. Most of us have got work to do.  
Some unhappy Malaysians in Perth. Not sure about the kids, though
But if you do intend to migrate because you think we shouldn't be adopting the first-past-the-post system and you insist Anwar Ibrahim be made the Prime Minister through the back door by us all adopting the "popular votes" system, make sure you don't migrate to Australia, the UK, Canada or New Zealand because these countries have the same system as ours, all adopted from Great Britain. The ruling parties in these countries get even less in terms of popular votes than BN. 
People migrate for many reasons. I know quite a number of people from Malaysia who are British and American citizens who still call Malaysia "tanahair". But if you are migrating because you think this country sucks and is a racist nation, then make sure you don't come back. According to a journalist who migrated years ago, too many of you decided to return to Malaysia after realizing that it's not all honky dory in Australia or England or wherever it was that you thought would be a better home. 
p.s. Me, I want to migrate to Sabah or Sarawak.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

For the few brave BN-bloggers and individuals ...

"While we condemn Pakatan’s dirty political campaign, BN and its leadership must shoulder the lion’s share of the blame for their weak and shoddy responses. While Pakatan unleashed an urban guerrilla army of hardened and heavily-armed street-fighters, BN in contrast produced a 60s-style musical carnival replete with catchy jingles, patriotic songs, clowns and flag-waving marchers to counter it.
While Pakatan wheeled out smooth-talking spin masters to hurl outrageous accusations against BN, the ruling party either never responded to the charges at all or sent bumbling bureaucrats who appeared confused, unconvincing or defensive even when speaking the truth. 
The job of defending the government fell to a few brave BN-friendly bloggers and individuals. However since most of those allied to BN wrote in the national language, it left a huge void for Pakatan in the English and Chinese-language based social media and web which was ruthlessly exploited..." - GE13: How BN lost the battle of perception, The Mole, 16 May 2013
Politics used to be the art of the possible. Now, according to The Mole's faithful letter man, it is the battle of perception. In his latest letter GE13: How BN lost the battle of perception, Mr Calcin Sankaran analyses the effective, if dubious and sometimes outright foul, strategies employed by Pakatan Rakyat to push the BN perpetually to the wall in the last five years and blames the BN government's inept response team and time.

I have the pleasure of reproducing his letter in full because very few in Najib Razak's administration will readily acknowledge a debt of gratitude that they owe to the "few brave BN-friendly bloggers and individuals" who volunteered to accept "the job of defending the government".

Many of these individuals and bloggers are known personally to me and are not anything like the DAP's Red Bean mercenaries. And I am afraid their numbers are getting smaller. After yesterday's Cabinet announcement, some of them said they won't be sticking around. They are tired of the inept and the arrogance.

Read Mr Sankaran's analysis h e r e.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All the PM's men and women

Youth and Sports Minister

Deputy Education Minister

Deputy Minister in the PM's Department

Minister in the PM's Department

Works Minister

For over four years as Prime Minister, Najib had to make do with a Cabinet he'd inherited from his predecessor. Well, his hands are no longer tied now. He no longer has to make do with hand-me-downs. The following are the Ministers of his own choosing. I disagree with some of the names I see but what I think does not count. This is the Prime Minister's discretion as much as it's his neck.

Najib described his line-up as a "Balanced Cabinet" - a mix of experienced politicians, some technocrats and political leaders who represent the young. I caught him saying that these are the men and women who are going to focus on, among other things, the issues of integrity and corruption.

Prime Minister
Najib Razak's Cabinet:

Deputy Prime Minister 

Ministers in the PM's Department
Jamil Khir Baharom
Senator Wahid Omar
Senator Idris Jala
Jusuh Kurup
Shahidan Kasim
Nancy Shukri
Paul Low

Dep Ministetrs in the PM's Department
Razali Ibrahim

Najib Razak
Minister of Finance ll Husni
Deputy Ahmad Maslan

Minister ll Idiris Jusuh
Dep 1 Mary Yeap
Dep 2 P. Kamalanathan

Dep Rahim Bakri

acting Hishammuddin

Zahid Hamidi
Wan Junaidi

Fadilah Yusuf
Rosnah Abd Rashid

Mustapha mOhamad
Hamim Samuri

Anifah Aman
Hamzah Zainuddin

Hassan Malik
Bashar Hanifah

Comm dan Multimedia
Shabery Ceek
Jailana Johari

Richard Riot

Luar Bandar
Shafie Afdal

Kesejahteraan Bandar
Abdulah Rahman Dahlan
Halimah Sididk

Belia dan Sukan

Helmi Yahya

Adnan Mansor

Perusahaan Perladangan Komododi
Douglas UNggah

Maximus Ongliki
Dep Mahadzir Khalid

Saberi Yaakon
Dep Tajudin Abd Rahman

Nazri Aziz
Dep Joseph Salang

Science, Innovative

Dep Abu Bakar Mod Diah

Sumber Asli

Pemabangiungan Wanita
Rohani ABdul Karim

Note: I will update the list later. A little low on the spirits to do that right away. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Democracy alive and kicking ass in Malaysia

"Remember this face. It is the face of a mad man. His name is Haris Ibrahim. This is what he said: Pro-Pakatan Rakyat groups have vowed to overthrow the Barisan Nasional government this year through a massive street rally .." Read more h e r e.
It looks to me like Malaysia's silent majority are not keeping mum anymore. They have not only voted out hate groups like ABU or Anything But UMNO by giving UMNO more seats and more votes at the just-concluded general election, they are also engaging the ABUtohs openly. And when people like Anwardi Jamil starts speaking out against people like Haris Ibrahim, the chief ABUtoh, it means the Rakyat are saying they too are willing to die defending their country against people who will burn their city to the ground to get to power. In short, democracy is alive and kicking ass. 

Act firm, a 13th May 1969 eye-witness tells Najib's new Cabinet

Cina bo Cina, Singapore govt bo kasi can ...
In Singapore, 21 Malaysians who thought they could do in the republic what they had been free to do back home were swiftly arrested. The Singapore government wasted no time to warn all foreigners that they'd better not "import" their domestic problems to the island. There have been no more protests after that. Former diplomat Mustapha Ong, who remembers with dread the racial riots of 13 May 1969, says the Rakyat want Najib Razak's new government to act as swiftly and firmly against a brewing, potentially explosive problem. He posted the following on his FB about an hour before midnight ...

By Mustapha Ong
KL, April 2012.
Anwar promises a rally every Saturday to protest PRU13 results

Monday, May 13, 2013

SAI, before you sue anyone else ...

Sue the Land Destroyer first! Of all the allegations that have been thrown at Saudara Anwar Ibrahim, the one h e r e calling him a proxy of foreign interest is by far the most terrible. Unless they are true, Anwar must fight these allegations in the court of law. Any court of law. 
Anwar's Destroyer
p.s. And please, don't kill us the messengers ..

The Mole has the story too:
"Anwar Ibrahim is a fraud, an overt proxy of foreign interests." 
KUALA LUMPUR: An American political analyst says Barisan Nasional’s victory in the 13thGeneral Election did not just deny Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim the opportunity to become Prime Minister, it denied the United States an opportunity to “subvert the elections and install a proxy regime”. 

Writing in the blog Land Destroyer, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer Tony Cartalucci called Anwar a “Western proxy” and said Pakatan Rakyat (PR) “resembled verbatim attempts by the West to subvert governments politically around the world”. 

Cartalucci highlighted funding of the Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research by the US government via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and said “an election monitoring organisation funded by a foreign government which openly seeks to remove the current ruling party from Malaysia in favor of long-time Wall Street servant Anwar Ibrahim is most certainly not ‘independent’.” 

Cartalucci also took aim at Bersih, pointing out the organisation had received funding from the NED’s National Democratic Institute (NDI) and George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI). 

“The substantial, yet carefully obfuscated support the West has lent Anwar should be of no surprise to those familiar with Anwar's history,” he wrote before listing out some of Anwar’s various connections to “corporate financier interests of Wall Street and London”. 

Cartalucci wrote: 

“In reality, Bersih's leadership along with Anwar and their host of foreign sponsors are attempting to galvanize the very real grievances of the Malaysian people and exploit them to propel themselves into power. While many may be tempted to suggest that "clean and fair elections" truly are Bersih and Anwar's goal, and that US funding via NED's NDI and convicted criminal, billionaire bankster George Soros' Open Society are entirely innocuous, a thorough examination of these organisations, how they operate, and their admitted agenda reveals the proverbial cliff Anwar and Bersih are leading their followers and the nation of Malaysia over.
“As Bersih predictably mobilises in the streets on behalf of Anwar's opposition party in the wake of their collective failure during Malaysia's 2013 general elections, it is important for Malaysians to understand the true nature of the Western organisations funding their attempts to politically undermine the ruling party and divide Malaysians against each other, and exactly why this is being done in the greater context of US hegemony in Asia.” 

Cartalucci called the people behind the NED and the NDI “a milieu of corporate-fascists and warmongers” and “an unsavory collection of corporate fascist interests”, and said: 

“The end game for the US with an Anwar Ibrahim/People's Alliance-led government, is a Malaysia that capitulates to both US free trade schemes and US foreign policy. In Malaysia's case, this will leave the extensive economic independence achieved since escaping out from under British rule, gutted, while the nation's resources are steered away from domestic development and toward a proxy confrontation with China, just as is already being done in Korea, Japan, and the Philippines."

The goal of containing the growing influence of China was clearly stated over the last several years by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institution, Cartalucci claimed.

Of the Opposition’s demands for clean and fair elections, Cartalucci said: 

“One must seriously ask themselves, considering Anwar's foreign backers, those backers' own stated intentions for Asia, and Anwar's irresponsible, baseless claims before, during, and after the elections - what is 'clean and fair' about any of this? 
“Anwar Ibrahim is a fraud, an overt proxy of foreign interests. His satellite NGOs, including the insidious Bersih movement openly funded by foreign corporate-financier interests, and the equally insidious polling NGO Merdeka who portrays itself as "independent" despite being funded directly by a foreign government, are likewise frauds - drawing in well-intentioned people through slick marketing, just as cigarette companies do.”
However, he said, with the Opposition’s loss in GE13, “the cheap veneer of America's ‘democracy promotion’ racket is quickly peeling away”.