Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Democracy alive and kicking ass in Malaysia

"Remember this face. It is the face of a mad man. His name is Haris Ibrahim. This is what he said: Pro-Pakatan Rakyat groups have vowed to overthrow the Barisan Nasional government this year through a massive street rally .." Read more h e r e.
It looks to me like Malaysia's silent majority are not keeping mum anymore. They have not only voted out hate groups like ABU or Anything But UMNO by giving UMNO more seats and more votes at the just-concluded general election, they are also engaging the ABUtohs openly. And when people like Anwardi Jamil starts speaking out against people like Haris Ibrahim, the chief ABUtoh, it means the Rakyat are saying they too are willing to die defending their country against people who will burn their city to the ground to get to power. In short, democracy is alive and kicking ass. 


  1. Anonymous5:46 pm

    This guy is moronic, a traitor. This is sedition.

    This Harris accuses SPR of fraud. But where were the 40,000 Banglas, the hundreds of Blackouts and Mysterious Ballot Boxes? Where were all those phantom voters this liar sore-loser is screaming about?

    Woi Pakatans, lu cakap itu Bangla Bangla, mana apek?

  2. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Saya hairan mana pergi itu ahpek latuk Monsterball sudah lari ka itu ahpek?

    Itu dulu bulan, hali hali itu ahpek Monsterball kira belapa hari mau pilihanraya. Sikalang sudah hilang. Ada sapa2 nampak itu ahpek dekat Putrajaya ka?

    Alo Monsternoball, mana lu pigi

  3. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Haris dap. If they do come and do a massive rally, I will make it a personal goal to do the same against these 2 faggots. Let the battle begins!

  4. hoi Haris kaki mabuk ..kau ingat senang2 nak 'topple government by street rallys'.
    What you think this is Egypt kaa..jangan mimpi la gila...
    This is Malaysia la...here the Polis are efficient okay..they are just watching you to see how far you guys can go.
    You all lebih2 they just use tear gas and water cannon , they know all will cabut and cry baby already...
    Then start la say polis brutality la..this la that laa...sudah laa...
    And most important...we the sensible, peace loving, law abiding, majority of Malaysians..just do not take all these crap from you...
    So dream on la mabuk...

    1. Sepatutnya dh boleh ditahan mamat ni, sebab mempunyai niat cuba mengganggu kententeraman awam. IGP baru takkan duduk diam, kena lakukan sesuatu.

  5. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Rocks an invitation to you-

    " Sit on my extended index finger" -

    Pleaseeeeee !!!!!!!

    Ciao and luv yah.

  6. Mr Angry6:45 pm

    Haris Ibrahim should be charged with causing anarchy and civil unrest. ABU goons will call it Social Activism. The world calls it terrorism.

    But all of us know that charging a man like that will serve no purpose except breed another generation of the same.

    Haris preaches unsubstantiated hate, and little does he do to comfort the idea of his followers that death quickly follows a person who cannot operate in moderation. A chaotic fellow walks a path of self-destruction.

    Like in the story of Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kanobi says "Only A Sith Deals in Absolutes", where by he swiftly cut down the monster that is Darth Vader, once known as the hero Anakin Skywalker. So too, should a man like Haris Ibrahim, a once respectable man of the community, should he be swiftly cut down, like the monster he has become.

  7. charleskiwi6:51 pm

    Are you and all the rapscallions in Umno lucky to be saved by first pass the post system in place in Malaysia. Even though the total number of votes casted are in favour of the oppositions. In some countries adopting the proportionate representation system all the morons in Umno would have been kicked out of Putrajaya. No doubt the biggest person who have contributed for these rapscallions to remain in Putrajaya is the EC. Which is not a surprise taking into consideration that the EC is one of the nominated Umno lackeys. Just remember the EC will not always be there to save Umno. There are more than one way to skin a cat and besides it may be a blessing for the Malaysian voters for whatever has taken place.
    It also gives the voters more time to have a decent opposition to plan and come up with a creditable oppositions, I am never a strong supporter of the promiscuous AI and the mad dog LKS as tenants to be in Putrajaya anyway. Now there is ample time for a creditable opposition leader in five years' time.

  8. Anonymous7:13 pm

    I think I know what is going on in Harris Ibrahim's head. Namely this:

    He has nowhere to go!

    I mean... like ... what do you expect. The doors of Jannah are closed for you, especially after fighting tooth and nail so that Lina Joy can disobey God and deny His oneness.

    That being the situation, there is only one direction to go: downwards. But then, BN ruling lovingly and everlastingly is hell too!

    Losing passport to Paradise, and yet Hell is when BN wins.

    Where does one then expect TO GO?

    Marking Bagpie

  9. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Abutoh forgot one thing: it was so easy to burn the Rome down but not the countryside. keh, keh.

  10. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Abutoh are backed by the Western power but we are backed by the Great Wall power. Lets see who is mightier.

  11. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Is he not declaring a war against Yang DiPertuan Agong? Please enlighten anyone..

  12. Anonymous7:46 pm

    This bastard filthy mongrel, the shameless whelp of a pseudoMalay fuckarse and his Ceylon Tamil pariah bitch should be thrown into the slammer. There he should be first waterboarded before he is forced to cocksuckle a male buffalo in rut and lick the beast's arse clean.

    After that cocksuckling and shitlicking session, the pariah should have his legs spread eagled and a hot branding iron be stuffed up his arse, red ants released to feast on his shriveled dick while a nest of wasps is stuffed up his filthy gob. Then after dislodging the nest, a steel dick should be thrust into the arsehole's mouth, "fuck yourself in hell" be whispered into his ears before his brains are blown open for eternal roasting. And as his goddamn soul drifts to the nether regions of hell, I am pretty sure it will hear " rot in there pepundek thaioli chakkiliyan kuthian" as it descends into the fire.

    Warrior 231

  13. I hope thge new IGP, Tan Sri Khalid will punch his oyes, just what Tan Sri Rahim did to BABI. This guy is anak beranak BABI.

  14. Anonymous8:23 pm

    these people must naive to the core if they taught the armored cars will just stand and watch with two eyes shut tightly when the PIGs romp the city freely?

  15. Ini orang gila pikir malaysia ni dia yang punya~ Apsal la kecik-kecik xnak mampos dh besar bg susah orang je

  16. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Yeah Bro, let's kick those Abutoh's dumb-arses & send them back to school to learn some good manners.

  17. Cote d'Azurian11:39 pm

    The ABUtoh of the Papua New Guinea kind; you know, like those who love to parade their ABUtohs inserted in long dried-out gourds and suspend the gourd's upper end to their necks or something. These guys 24/7 think of nothing else but of butter-cups. And if they can't get them, the shit rises to their heads and all hell would break loose.

  18. Cote d'Azurian11:41 pm

    The ABUtoh of the Papua New Guinea kind; you know, like those who love to parade their ABUtohs inserted in long dried-out gourds and suspend the gourd's upper end to their necks or something. These guys 24/7 think of nothing else but of butter-cups. And if they can't get them, the shit rises to their heads and all hell would break loose.

  19. Anonymous12:22 am

    Assalam Dato,
    My collegue told me that he bumped to a printing shop with lots of Black 505 tees! He asked... Wah manyak teeshirt boss? And the apek replied; Haiyaaa manyak woo, before election kita sulah plint! ( serious shit Dato)
    Meaning PR already planned all this as they knew they cant win the GE!

  20. Anonymous12:38 am

    I may not agree with haris but your statement that silent majority voted out ABU is misleading. For this election BN actually got lesser popular votes so though BN won the majority of the seats but the votes were not by 'majority'.

  21. Anonymous1:11 am

    There are 4 major parties took part in the GE 13 race. They are BN, Dap, PKR and Pas. So legally there were 4 corner fight at the GE 13 but not 2 corner fight as what opposition like us to believe because PR was not one of the contestant in the first place.

    Here is the GE 13 result:

    BN 133
    pas 21
    Pkr 30
    PR 0

    From above data, it is so obvious that BN has came out as the clear cut winner and the most popular.

    Haris can't retrospectively claim otherwise because of one simple reason: PR is just a phantom and being a phantom there is no way people will give any vote to a phantom entity.

  22. Othaman Ahmad1:15 am

    Remember Jack Lord of Hawaii Five O tv serie popular words, "Book 'em" and put them behind bar for a long-long time.

  23. Anonymous2:57 am

    As soon as they sense police is going to start take action, Hishamuddin rais, Harris Ibrahim, Anwar Ibrahim and the likes are the first to leave their supporters to run aborad.

  24. Mustapha Ong7:26 am

    It's better to remain silent if u cannot deliver. Don't bark like a wild dog which will only reflect your ego and stupidity. If you think you are smarter than PM Najib then you should have stood for PRU13 in Pekan against him and show your kejantanan!

  25. Anonymous8:02 am

    Just another sore looser.

  26. Anonymous8:06 am

    Bring back ISA

  27. Anonymous8:07 am

    It's a shame that the thieves in Putrajaya is still acting arrogantly when they have lost the mandate to rule the country.

    Democracy is dead in Malaysia.

  28. Anonymous8:15 am

    Salam Bru,

    I want to see whether Bar Council gonna take action towards Harris.

    But I guess,the Bar Council would follow the 3 wise monkeys 'See No Evil, Speak No Evil & Hear No Evil' when their members amok towards the gomen.

    1. Anonymous9:14 pm

      He's no longer a member of Malaysia Bar

  29. Anonymous8:25 am

    time to start SHIT!
    Stop Harris Ibrahim Today!

  30. I remember the good old Rocky

  31. Anonymous9:50 am

    where r all the BN bashers? where r u? still here? no where else to go? cannot see facts? dont like the system here? cannot accept reality? GET OUT. BN is back in power. at putrajaya. what say u now? go to the streets. thats where u belong. behaving like hooligans and have the desire to take putrajaya? putrajaya is for BN . thugs and hooligans are only fit for the streets. GE14 will be a repeat. to the streets u will go. ha ha ha!

  32. Anonymous10:02 am

    Anon 12:38 am: Umno got more seats during pru13 compared to pru 12 la. ABU is all about Umno, not BN.

  33. Anonymous10:31 am

    The dapigs who protested in singapore had their work and visit permits revoked. Where are they now?? Back in Malaysia. NO SHAME.Why come back here?? NO SHAME? You talk bad about Malaysia and now come back to Malaysia?? NO SHAME. TAK TAU MALU PUNYA DAPIGS. WHICH OTHER COUNTRY WILL TAKE YOU??? SHAMELESS BASTARDS.

  34. Anonymous10:57 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. Anonymous11:01 am

    Many may not realise that the way constituencies were delineated BN needs only 18% of popular votes to gain a simple majority

  36. Anonymous11:40 am

    Pasai apa nak kami remember this face? Please include more details on his personal background baru le worthwhile to remember him;

    1. Asal usul toknek makayah dari mana. Wajah macam 2nd Generation aje? Very important as this will give some insights as to his ways of life. Kalau keturunan dari Negara carca merbak, malas nak remember oghang macam ni.

    2. His families and his present and past contributions to this Nation.
    Sekadar tabur ayaq lioq dan pukul gendang kosong oghang mabuk pun bole buat meghacau macam ni..

    3. Personal life - stable? Takmau kaki hutang, kaki judi, kaki pompuan, kaki kelentong. Satni Along duk pressure to bayar hutang terdesak sampai sanggup nak rampas kuasa.

    Anon 6pm;
    Monsterball lau ren pi telek nasib before GE13, fortune teller nasihat dia to go home and tanam sweet potatoes.. hahaha


  37. Anonymous11:48 am

    Charleskiwi lagi moron because he is happily living dbawah pemerintahan BN moron!


  38. Anonymous11:50 am

    Datuk Rocky, just let those Abutoh's do what they intend to do & we do what we intend to do. We fight them not with brawl but with brain unless we want to go against the law.

  39. Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats other people with hatred, contempt, and intolerance on the basis of a person's race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, language, socioeconomic status, or other status BE SINCERE AND HONEST. LET OUR CHILDREN GROW UP AND BE EDUCATED TOGETHER UNDER ONE SCHOOL SYSTEM. IF YOU PROTEST, THEN ADMIT THAT YOU ARE RACIST BY INSISTING TO HAVE SCHOOLS FOR YOUR RACE. CHALLENGE THIS

  40. arizmaya12:30 pm

    Najib lawan badminton dengan anwar. Najib menang dalam 3 set 21-19, 16-21, 21-19.
    Anwar protest, dia kata dia yang menang sebab dia dapat 59 mata (19+21+19)manakala Najib hanya dapat 58 mata (21+16+21)
    Anwar pun pusin seluruh negara dan bagi tau satu dunia..buat kenyataan dia yang menang sbb dia dapat lebih mata dari najib.
    Kalau orang yang tahu peraturan perlawanan tersebut agak2 orang ramai akan terima dan percaya ke?

  41. Anonymous1:00 pm

    This harris guy could be the defunct Sri Langkan Tamil Tigers drop-out, trying hard to establish a cabang or ranting here. Soon he will succeed, in Sungai Buloh.

    Government should re-open Pulau Jerejak. Serves a better place for this kind of thug.

    Btw, havent heard from Wong Tack's leuftenant Monsterball for quite a while now. Must have been very busy lately storing kerosene oil to be poured on Wong Tack's head coz gomen wont shut down Lynas. Or, has he done it? That was monsterball's brilliant suggestion anyway.

    Montelball, hellooooo.....?

  42. Anonymous1:45 pm

    They can thank the opposition for this. Led like a herd and now they lost their jobs and can not go to Universal Studios dah ... haha ... idiots http://www.nst.com.my/latest/singapore-to-revoke-passes-of-malaysians-over-illegal-protest-1.279429

  43. Anonymous1:52 pm


    if opposition happened to be in BN position they also will have similar privilage.

    now ask ur self why ur party could be in that position?

  44. Anonymous2:19 pm

    no thats not what he said. do you feel justified to vilify a guy who has came out and clarified his statement whithout having the deceny to post his explanation.

    oh rocky what has become you..

  45. Anonymous2:23 pm

    5.46 PM,

    400,000 banglas is just a smoke screen to divert the issue of 400,000 missing CinaDolls.

  46. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Off topic

    In view of the recent spate of shootings presumably the net outcome of the repeal of both the EO and the ISA plus amendments to other security laws, is it alright to suggest using your popular blog to launch an online petition canvassing for an Act to facilitate the right to bear arms. Any such Act could be based on the US model but with more stringent procedures embedded. FYI, I am in the midst of preparing a draft petition containing the relevant details but would like a platform to highlight it.

    Being a licensed firearm owner, I perfectly understand the issues involved but would like gun laws to be further liberalized so as to allow more responsible members of the citizenry to have an enhanced sense of security with a gun in hand. Mind you, I am not in any way questioning the role and integrity of the police force in maintaining public order whatsoever but rather more to evaluating the public response to my proposal.

    Warrior 231

  47. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Wonder why those Abutohs make a big fuss over popular votes when the MB post in Selangor was given to PKR, which won 14 seats. Logically, the MB's post should rightfully belongs to PAS, winning 15 seats. Although DAP also won 15 seat, but has no Malay-Muslim candidate, PR have no jurisdiction to compromise when they are not legally registered as an entity. They even contest against each other.

    These people are real hypocrites.


  48. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Watching his pre-election video all aggressed and wildly threatening Malaysian voters in his grammatical english made me very sad because I know so many good-natured Malay gentlemen with intelligent ideas that remain incognito in the English media due to their poor command of the language.
    May our nation's educators please do something positive to turn this situation around for the better in the near future?

  49. Anonymous4:32 pm

    wasting time to remember him. I have better things to do than to remember him.

  50. Anonymous4:50 pm

    They gave UMNO more votes??? Silent majority??? 45.74%??

  51. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Alo perwira warrior,

    saya monsterball punya ass-istant go ahead go stunt.

    Jangan kacau bos saya. Hari2 saya nampak dia rally sana rally sini ikut abang Anwar, minggu depan lagi mau ikut JB sana...itu BN itu Najib sudah habis mana cukup tanah mau lari.

    Hari2 bos saya kira hari bila abang Anwar mau jadi PM. Ini Anwar bikin bos saya banyak pusing. Janji sana janji sini, lompat sana lompat sini, lama2 abang Anwar sendiri mau lompat baru tahu.

    Alo perwira warrior,

  52. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Anonymous 4:50 pm,

    UMNO by itself won 25% of the popularity votes and 88 parliamentary seats. DAP only garnered 13% of the popularity votes, the same as PAS. Whilst PKR got 17% of the popularity votes but lesser seats than DAP. UMNO is still very popular among the Malays as it has performed better compared to GE 12.

  53. Anonymous8:21 am

    Don't bother to leave your comments here - the admin will remove your message should you try to expose the hypocrites hiding behind their corporate/government suits.
    You can sense that many of the comment writers are educated possibly holding high rank titles but presenting their ugly side as anonymous. Many might be benefiting from the social class systems as well.

  54. Anonymous3:37 am

    Does anyone know where does this moron live? I need to 'topple' him too..

  55. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Klau d US dah lama kena masok lokap. They really under estimate the majorities. We have spoken out thru voting dont be sour looser la. Their thoughts were as if everybody in msia voted for them. Syiok sendiri ke apa ma'arip nih. Sarang tebuan jgn d jolok.