Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Act firm, a 13th May 1969 eye-witness tells Najib's new Cabinet

Cina bo Cina, Singapore govt bo kasi can ...
In Singapore, 21 Malaysians who thought they could do in the republic what they had been free to do back home were swiftly arrested. The Singapore government wasted no time to warn all foreigners that they'd better not "import" their domestic problems to the island. There have been no more protests after that. Former diplomat Mustapha Ong, who remembers with dread the racial riots of 13 May 1969, says the Rakyat want Najib Razak's new government to act as swiftly and firmly against a brewing, potentially explosive problem. He posted the following on his FB about an hour before midnight ...

By Mustapha Ong
KL, April 2012.
Anwar promises a rally every Saturday to protest PRU13 results


  1. IT.Sheiss2:47 am

    The key difference between May 1969 and today is that Anwar, a Malay, is behind these stadium protests, which I understand DAP and PAS leaders, as well as Azmin have mostly avoided.

    I was having tea with a friend last night and he showed me an e-mail which spoke about Bersih's call for people to boycott the mainstream newspapers.

    It begins to smell like protests have moved beyond domestic politics to include a foreign hand.

    Think about that.

  2. Anonymous5:09 am


  3. Anonymous6:22 am

    one race one religion one school

    let's us demo for it.
    no other race except malaysian race
    no other religion except islam
    no other vernacular school except malaysian school.


  4. Anonymous6:47 am

    First they resorted to fraud, cheating, abuses of Government machinery and massive bribery.

    Now they are trying to lie, extort and blackmail the population into submissive.

    This is the result of an illegitimate Government - a Government voted by the minority of the population.

    Malaysia Boleh

  5. LAYMAN7:13 am

    I fully support Mustapha Ong's comments for the government and police to take stern action. I was there when it happened in 1969. Although I was only 9 at that point in time 44 years ago, all the incidents that happened right in front of my eyes and our surroundings in Kuala Lumpur is still fresh in my mind. A scary one.

    For those who were not there or were not even born yet, take my advise. You wouldn't want to experience it or let it happen again a second time.

  6. As a Muslim and a humane being, let us rise above such incredulity now being played by these irresponsible people. The mainstream media has chosen to go down the same gutter, this is the first time in my life I feel embarrassed seeing my Chinese and Indian students (and my colleagues as well). Some play this game shrouded by religion but essentially it is the same dirt.

    Please do all that we can to reject racism. We Malaysians do not deserve this stupidity.

    1. Anonymous10:18 pm

      We cannot delete race. But we must act above race.

  7. Anonymous8:19 am

    The STAR is trying very hard to whitewash the whole incident. Rewrite history?

    Hypocrites of the highest order.

  8. Anonymous9:47 am

    Anwar and his cohorts are trying impose his version of reality and going all over the country to promote it. He said the elections were rigged. What rigged? Prove it. Please be specific. Where, when, how, witnesses, alibis, just spread them out before us. We would love to know too. There's a lot of medium to show them if there are such cases. He mentioned over 30 plus something parliamentary seats were dubious. Why 30 seats? Why not 20 or 10? I mean, 30 seats? that is outrageous! Do you know how difficult it is to rig an election in just one seat with the ever watchful eyes of party agents looking at you every move. He played with the number 30 because those are the number he needed to achieve simple majority.
    Before this, he already said on numerous occasions that he would retire from politics and become a lecturer in Europe. Instead of honouring his words, he does something else which is completely outrageous. I knew it from the very beginning this fella couldn't be trusted.
    He now trying to plunge the country into chaotic mess with mass rallies and street protests. He's trying to do an uprising on massive scale ala Arab Spring and I don't understand why the authorities just content to sit back and watch. We don't want to see the security and stability of the country completely break down and things are out of control before we gonna start to act. If that happen, Malaysia will never be the same again.

  9. Anonymous10:23 am

    Dear Rocky , the way you write now is totally different before you join the corporate world again .

    I guess there is No free press.

    I remember the good old Rocky

  10. Anonymous10:41 am

    If Singaporean allow Malaysian to held protest and demonstration in their land. They should allow foreign worker of People Republic of China do the same thing without sent back to China.No double standard for the socalled elte country. When People Republic of China made demonstration, they caught & send them home and install General for the position of the company.
    Why you didn't sent the Malaysian protester home. Hope that Malaysia Immigration will cancel their passport and let them be Permanent Singaporean Resident and made it friend of Worker Party.

  11. Anonymous10:48 am

    Lunatic talking and fellow lunatic amplifying !!!

  12. trifling-jester11:19 am

    continue the same outdated formula of racism, instilling fear and corruption as you continue to lose support and try to cling on to power.

    if you and your boss want to be relevant, be honest about whats needed. dont try to treat cancer with a plaster.

  13. Anonymous12:09 pm

    They will still proceed and proceed as if they are above the law. They make the authorities look stupid as if the authorities are only good at giving warning and dare not take any actions.
    This time BN have only 133 seats, but the gov can still be very strong if PM pick the right person to fill all the ministries. If they none among the BN parliamentarian than bring from outside. The bottom line is the gov must be very strong.

  14. can see clearly now12:14 pm

    cina bo cina , Singapore government bo kasi can.... kalau di Malaysia gua panggil Lim Kit Siang lu balu tau

  15. Anonymous12:56 pm

    yellow outside, white inside... banana

    brown outside, white inside... ubi kayu

    black outside, white inside... oreo !

    we are malaysians... hahahah

  16. Grand Marquis1:20 pm

    Well the government must tackle the issue right. Malaysia is not Singapore because Anwar Ibrahim cannot start a Malaysia Spring there. But here in Malaysia, this is exactly what this fella wants. He wants to be arrested to instigate the public to go on the streets and start a national wide protest.

    In my opinion, let them carry on doing it while the rest of us carry on with our life. Sooner or later, people will get tired with his bullshit and they will go back to their life.

    Back in 1998, the Malay had been used by him. in 2008 it was the indian. Now in 2013 it is the Chinese. Too bad the Chinese are catching up late to become another victim of his political stooge.

  17. Anonymous1:34 pm

    ADA BOM! :-) http://thebenchmark0.blogspot.com/2013/05/patrick-lim-sabotaged-bn-and-najib.html

  18. Anonymous2:16 pm

    As the warning signal in Red Alert video game ... "Time is running out, time is running out".

    This is especially so for Anwar, Nik Aziz, Kit Siang, Karpal, Hj. Hadi and whoever above 60 years in Pakatan.

    Singapore was totally frustrated with the outcome of the elections. Now they have to wait for another 5 more years to get what they have invested for and its getting difficult by the day, especially when the Malays come to their senses.

  19. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Most of these urban youths were born with the silver spoon in their mouth. They don't have to go to the plantation field to earn a living.

    By just sitting down in any stadium 24/7, they will get richer by RM50. So lets continue partying until the cows come home baby!

  20. Anonymous6:24 pm


    another idiot talking nonsense.

  21. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Anwar should learn from SIFU Monsterball lau ren..

    Countdown to GE13 belum sampai dah go home to plant sweet potatoes..


  22. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Wah, you will see legal action on at least 27 seats. Together with evidence in a court of law. Lu mesti takut punya. While the results are being contested, we are having a party every weekend. What's wrong with that ?

    Now your boss is having his balls squeezed by Musang and Taib Mahmud. Corruption never smells this good.

  23. Anwardi11:38 pm

    I enjoyed the article but I do have to correct one minor detail..May 13 was not the first major racial riot in Malaysia. The July 1965 racial riots in Singapore was the first in Malaysia. It happened just under two years after Singapore merged with Malaysia. And two years after that in Penang the 1967 hartal race riots which was also a bloody affair. Of course May 13 was the granddaddy of race riots in Malaysia.

  24. Anonymous11:18 am

    "Wah, you will see legal action on at least 27 seats. Together with evidence in a court of law. Lu mesti takut punya"

    ------and these chinks are expecting to win all 27 cases, otherwise they will party all years in front of high courts. What's wrong with that, nothing what! Coz this is what sore-loser hypocrites do.

  25. Anonymous2:53 pm

    This blog commenters are full of hypocrites and racists people! I sense that these are the highly educated wealthy people hiding behind the Internet mask. Very disappointing.

  26. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Anwardi said..."The July 1965 racial riots in Singapore was the first in Malaysia".

    I believed it was July 21 1964 in what was known as Singapura one of the many island of Malaya. For those old enough to remember it was a painful experience from both sides. It took many years for trust to be back again.

    In 1967 Singapore made National Service Military a compulsory for citizens but the malays were exempted and only a token few were selected in an unimportant role.

    Either people know it or they don't that at the rate Malaysia's politics are heading it can only lead back to the past.

    Now you only see one group of people attending rallies and pushing their disappointments to the front...what about if another group of people started to do the same?..if you ask me, dont play with fire if you do not want to get burnt!


  27. bourne identity4:15 pm

    well..singapore has already taken action on the 21 bodoh protesters..... i think its a clear signal for the malaysian authorities to wield the baton or rather rattan.
    Revore their malaysian citizen ship... malaysia will be a much more peaceful country if there are less 50,000 donkeys creating street demos while the majority wants to move forward and cari makan.