Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Good Chinese

Shen Yee Aun is young and intelligent. And he used to support the Pakatan. In fact, he was one of the fastest-rising DAP stars. Now he knows better.
We need more young Malaysians like him.
But my advice to him, take very good care. There are very bad people out there. Stay alive, as the Bee Gees sing ...
"DAP hipokrit. Dulu (sebelum Mac 2008) yang paling lantang menentang Hudud ialah DAP. Tapi lepas 2008, bila presiden MCA mengutuk Hudud ala PAS, DAP mengecam MCA sebagai anti-Islam ..."
"Zul Nordin dah mintak maaf lebih tiga kali .. Ngeh Koo Ham hina kaum India .. kat Selangor diorang robohkan 7 buah kuil Hindu ... Azmin panggil orang India "pariah", "keling" ..." 
"Red Bean Army ialah DAP cybertroopers at Concorde Hotel in KL and Komtar in Penang .. Untuk membunuh, menipu, memanupulasikan dan mengaib sesiapa saja yang hendak mengikuti program BN ...seperti Psy, Michelle Yeoh, Jacky Chan ..  even sami Buddha terkemuka yang datang jumpa PM pun diserang. Baru2 ini dua artis Taiwan menarik diri kerana takut. Bukan setakat kata2 kesat, maki hamun -- mereka serang sampai dia boleh hantar email supaya semua syarikat boikot selebriti ini  ... " 
"(DAP) telah sampai satu tahap politik yang terlalu extreme, tidak sihat untuk Malaysia." 


  1. jangan jadi macam Teoh Beng Hock. Jaga diri baik2.pendedahan kamu tentu sekali mengundang risiko.
    Keberanian mu kami yang mahukan kebenaran amat sanjungi.

  2. Anonymous12:35 pm

    The mongrel pup has been cornered and feeling most desperate, even fishing for sympathy from Rocky??
    CSL is dead man walking and this guy wants to take over MCA?
    Rocky, why don't you ask him if he has potong already or not? Another Ridhuan Tee wannabe who prepared to go all the way, Saiful will have to make way too.

  3. Anonymous12:37 pm

    I hope the Police can watch over him closely. Malaysia need more honest people like SYA.

    Honourable people like TS Lee Lam Thye and YB Wee Choo Keong are also former members of DAP.


  4. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Habis laa this 'Cina' guy, commit suicide or what? You don't say anything bad related to DAP religion. Tokong will get angry and send him to hell.

    PAS god = Nik Aziz
    DAP god = LGE
    DAP godfather = LKS
    Islam, Christian, Reformasi, Cheap Car, Free PTPTN, No Toll, LGBT, secular, everything under the sun god = Anwar Ibrahim

    Fisherman = Haji Hadi

  5. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Good Malaysians support non-BN parties too.
    If you need video clips to use, just ask.


  6. Anonymous12:57 pm

    You think he is good..I think he is bad..
    It's all about who we support..
    But actually he is good or bad we really dont know..
    We must respect his choice as I respect yours..
    The chinese are ready for UBAH..
    May 5th we will see if our Malay bros are ready for change..

    Ini Kali lah..


    1. Anonymous8:47 am

      You are living under false impression


    is that how one is judged a good or bad a person - used to support PR and now knows better???

    You must be the BODOH-est of all the BODOHs around!

  8. OK, good for this young man. Different strokes for different folks.

    For every one of this example you proffer, there are maybe tens of others who think differently from him.

    So, what does this actually prove? Extrapolating from one statistical point to read a conclusion of a trend?

  9. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Chinese support Bn good , Chinese support PR bad.What happened to freedom of choice?? If this guy wants to support Bn or otherwise, go right ahead. Why label anyone good or bad according to what they support.
    Is this what years of Journalism taught you??Seesh

  10. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Wow, he's clean shaven now.

    Speaks Malay well, like Ridhuan Tee and Reezal Naina Merican.

  11. Interesting person. I laud him for his control of the language, but not so much for facts. Like all cybertroopers from both side of the divide, he also has an ax to grind.

    He said he's the founder of the Ace Youth Movement, and I went into this Ace Youth Malaysia site, and found how he (or whoever) seem to link the acronyms A.C.E.:


    *ahem* 'nuff said.

  12. BTW, the red bean army seems, to me, a play on the Hokkien words that refer to the FRU. The FRU folks wear red helmets, and they are called the "red headed army" (or ang thow peng).

    Ang Tau Peng, on the other hand, sounds alike, mean, the red bean army.

    I'm not a DAP red bean army, paid or otherwise. Honest.

  13. Rocky, there are many I wish they will all come out like this fine young Malaysian!

  14. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Alamak Rocky: you think this kid has credibility? For everyone like him, we can show you 99 who understand BN's corruption and abuse of power. Did you see pictures of Pakatan ceramah s ? You must have, that's why you are afraid.

    Ini kalilah.....

  15. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Heard him giving speeches. He could only lambast DAP and Pakatan in all his speeches, hardly anything else of substances.

    Must be a heartbroken former DAP member who could not get what he wanted from DAP.

    Sorry, he doesn't fit my bill of a 'Good Chinese' or even a 'kid with his heart and mind in the right place'. He is not at peace with himself and need a big hug from his mom and dad.


  16. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Yes, at the end of the day, such folks must support corruption, power abuse, cronysim, inflated costs which the rakyat must bear and the elite few racists must enjoy tax havens overseas and feed millions to cybertroopers like your gang.

    Thats what BN is tring to manitain so that the tax payers can continue to remain slaves of the Ketuanan minded blokes


  17. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Now Rocky will Decide who is Good Chinese and Who is Not!

    Rocky should be Good Boy and Stop Spinning Lies And Promote Corruption by his BN Masters...

    Here Doggie Doggie Rocky.... Be a Good Dog..Better than the Fat Dog you always Play with.


  18. Anonymous5:24 pm

    The strange thing about Pakatan is they expect people to share their view and sentiment. If you don't then they will start to jump on your throat.
    For them, you're supposed to hate BN with all your heart and soul until you become blue in the face. You should fill your heart and mind with hatred. Nothing else but hatred. At their ceramah, you're supposed to swallow everything shove down in your throat by their rebel-rousers. And be their blind supporters. If you have your own conscience and views then you're supposed to shut them all and stop questioning. Anything associated with BN are all bad and ugly. Just hate them. Don't ask too much. It's like a slow and subtle indoctrination so that you could become one of them. If you don't have that in you then they will start to treat you like their public enemy number 1.
    They will begin to harass you, bully you, intimidating you and calling you names; in cyberspace or in any other medium. That's what already happened to Norman KRU and Azhar Sulaiman. One of them just made a police report. What they did just expressing their views and being honest about it but because of that, they being attacked mercilessly. That guy show support to BN. Let's get him. What a sorry state of affairs.
    If one can hurls various kind of accusations against the government and can be open about it then why can't the opposite? It is as if it's cool to pour scorn to BN but not to Pakatan. If you're on the side of BN, you aren't allowed to show support to them let alone be open about it. Is that FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION?
    And you are going to choose those guys in position to govern you, with all those lunatic and violence supporters behind them. Good luck guys. Just pray for better days ahead.

  19. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Salute this young man. Good command of the language too. All the best SYA. Ignore those haters.

    Ps Rocky,
    Maybe your headline shd read A Good Malaysian

  20. Anonymous6:06 pm

    I could never understand the pointless ravings of pointless anonymous commenters like 12:35, or 12:57, or 2:07, or 4:09 or 5:19. you know, the ones calling Rocky a dog laa etc etc.

    Until Now.

    SYA's video about DAP's Red Beans and the false picture of the abundance finally made me understand who these people are, where they come from, who paid them, and why are they so ..... lacking in facts but brimming with pointless mediocre ad hominems. Little did I realize that all this while, I am seeing the Red Beans in action!


    Barking Magpie

  21. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Beginning to imagine a parliament with Malays on one side and Chinese on the other. Hopefully no 'senator kesian' this time. Can't tolerate DS Najib' s ways of pleasing these Chinese anymore.

  22. Anonymous7:22 pm


    Hey swine! We are not your Malay bro ok.

    Don't you dare call us your bro you parasitic swine.

    Try selling your shit to apek pseudo Malay dogs like your zairil cinapek bukit as we don't even touch pigs.

  23. Das Gupta8:05 pm

    Open Letter to members of DAP

    Dear Members of DAP,

    This is your last chance to redeem your party and salvage its image.

    Your party deviated from its original path when it teamed up with PAS, the Islamist party which is bent on introducing Hudud laws if, and when, Pakatan comes to power.

    Your party is strongly opposed to Hudud laws and your continued presence in Pakatan would lead people to conclude that you have compromised on your principles for perceived political gain.

    Unless you turn away now and return to your original aims, I am afraid future generations will then judge you poorly.

    You and your partners in your loose coalition have divergent ideologies. Everybody knows what PAS stands for, few know what PKR really stands for and now nobody knows what DAP stands for.

    This is sad. Sad because there was a time when DAP stood for some principles, even though not everybody subscribed to them. Principles are what defines a person (or institution) and principles are what they live by. When your principles are fluid, people will lose their trust in you.

    I remember your great leaders of the past--C.V. Devan Nair, P. Patto, V. David, Goh Hock Guan (resigned) and Lee Lam Thye (resigned). These were men who sacrificed much to remain true to your party's original cause. They were sworn socialists who never veered from their struggle.

    How can you serve the people when people don't know what you stand for any longer? In the past people knew what you stood for. You have since compromised your principles, or at least that's how others are going to judge you.

    Remember your 'Malaysian Malaysia' slogan? For whatever its is worth, that formed the bedrock of your struggle these past 47 years since the formation of the party, but not any longer.

    On paper, your party is still committed to your original struggle. Browsing through your party website today, I found the following sentence: "DAP remains unswerving in its commitment that Malaysia shall remain as a democratic, secular (emphasis mine)and multi-religious nation".

    Your party cannot be committed to secularism and Hudud at the same time. One is anathema to the other. Your members want to know where you stand. Remaining silent is a dishonourable discharge of your principles.


  24. Can see clearly now9:07 pm

    For the past 4 GE l hv voted for DAP, but sorry not this time, because DAP has become extremely RACIST now, and the supporters just believe every lies Tokong Eng told them, the Father is the same, his only only election issue is the Chinese race

  25. see , Mr bru,

    these people, when a Chinese makes sense and criticizes the DAP, they will label him a Ridhuan Tee, See how racist the Chinese are.
    Ridhuan Tee is a Muslim convert who prays to ALLAH.

    These are Malaysian Chinese who have NEVER suffered in Malaysia, ok.

    They have prospered.

    U think the DAP interested in a poor govt?
    They want Putrajaya becos they know Malaysia has been run well and prosperous.

    malaysian chinese, yoyu see, are greedy. with political power, they can be more powerful economically.

    Yang bodoh are PAS and melayu PKR.

  26. Most misinformed man - das

  27. Anonymous11:18 pm

    even if this kinda guy doesn't share my views, respect from me will all be his, this guy knows his stuff......:)

  28. Anonymous11:42 pm

    I sensed many visitors from concord and komtar visited this page.......and leave their expected omments.

  29. Shame on me2:48 am

    Thanks for the expose Rocky. Appreciate what you've done in exposing the depravity of the opposition.

    This may be OOT but the last election was an eye opener. I noticed even when given the mandate in certain states, the politicking never stops and I hardly see progress. I remember very well when Khalid said that there were German investors wanting to invest in an LRT system. Well guess what? I am still waiting.

    Anyway, what I am trying to say is that 1 term is enough for me. No more protest vote this time.

  30. Anonymous8:54 am

    yennadei param

    you consider yourself good malaysian eh?

    and you support an exconvict, a failed accountant manipulator of election and a blamer of excel and typo

    you also support may13 instigator, a god-reincarnate dispensing tickets to heaven, a fisherman wannabe who gets jitters on an international stage

    a squeaky pomblek caught doing a blowjob for higher grades, a cuckoo dodo birdbrained sandiwara non-actor ........

    yeah some "good" Malaysians support fools and crooks

    haaaa haarr haaakkkk

  31. Anonymous8:58 am

    I have read comments that convinced me long ago that Malaysian Chinese are pure racists the DAP types.

    Shen Yee Aun has reversed that "unfair" opinion.

  32. Anonymous8:59 am

    Don't worry, it is easy to identify hardcore DAP voters.

    Kawasan kami for the last 4yrs, kami dah ajar cara lemah lembut, ramai business mereka kat sini dah bengkok, nyawa2 ikan 'cos we sepakat to "buy from them last".

    Time pilihanraya jaga sikit adab dan sopan kamu ya becos we are watching you..

    Can DAP guarantee your business will prosper come next 5years??? Some probably but keep praying that you will survive..


  33. Anonymous9:04 am


    job vacancies available

    position : red been bean army ( bintang tiga communist army)

    qualification : not needed

    religious : Born again evangelist chinkies christo prefered.

    experienced : no experience required chinese is prefered, other race can try their luck. Current or Ex Triad gang member can apply.

    salary : commensurate with experience minimum $3,000.00 up to $8,000.00 for chinese negotiable, $1,000.00 to maximum $3,000.00 non negotiable for non chinese.

    works description : must be chauvinist, a cheater, lie, manipulator, racist, discriminator, deception, able to blackmail other people, community and other race day in, day out , 24/7, skillful and self dependence

    testimonial : refer to Shen Yee Aun

  34. Anonymous9:09 am

    Dear Red Bean Army

    If you are PAID to curse and swear and tell BIG lies, harass and condemn those who are not on your side even when they are RIGHT

    my my my

    your earnings is HARAM - cancer will destroy your body

  35. Anonymous9:18 am

    Dap said bn friendly chinese is badjust like pas said umno members are kafir. See how extreme and chauvinist there are......

  36. Anonymous11:16 am

    Apasal orang suka sangat nak kondem bro rocky. These people langsung tak boleh terima pendapat orang lain ke. Rocky has his own rights to voice out his opinion, it's his blog. Kalau tak suka boleh pergi blog tukar tiub or milo suam.

    PR goons punya attitide "you're either with us, or against us". Apa punya turr la...


  37. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Most of the comment here seems to miss the point. CSL did not support PR nor did he support BN. He is just being honest about the whole thing. Which I cant say much about those who are condemning him...