Monday, May 27, 2013

Tun Nor or Tun Rais?

This blog has been at odds with both men at different times for different reasons, but nothing personal, I can now tell you. They have both contributed to the nation in their own unique ways and both are close to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. 

But are they "Tun" materials? 

Well, if Tun Lah can transform plain Jean to Tun Jean just by tying the knot, and if 30
per cent of the population can control 70 per cent of the country's wealth, nothing's impossible in beloved Malaysia. 

If Rais Yatim makes the Gabenor of Melaka, my home state, he'll make Tun automatically and I'll be happy for him. I don't know what Najib Razak's excuse would be to recommend Nor Mohamed Yakcop for the title, though. You can ask Tuan Syed, who says we may have a new Tun by Saturday. Read h e r e.


  1. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Really hope all this doesn't happen. It will really make PM look bad...not to mention us all - his supporters.

  2. Garrett6:46 pm

    Oh no....please, please, please don't appoint Rais or Nor Yaakop! After all the hard work by the bloggers and ordinary rakyat (me included)to fight for BN, don't screw it all up by appointing either of those 2, or anyone who is not popular or credible. It will make us all look like fools!

  3. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Siapa Melaka TYT sekarang?

  4. Anonymous11:20 pm

    If those 2 jokers will get TUN this Saturday, then you know Najib is nothing but a piece of SHIT!

  5. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Not these two please!

  6. Anonymous12:48 am

    please not crappy Nor Yaakop. Sleepy guy from Badawi, put him to the shelves. What really has he done huh ?

  7. Anonymous6:00 am

    I hope they don't appoint any of these jokers. Let me just share with you an experience with Rais Yatim's so-called social media advisors who are so out of touch with reality and has zero strategy in managing cyber troopers.

    This social media guy (who is apparently a blogger) went around the agencies under his Ministry giving talks/workshop on social media which turned out to be a cyber trooper recruiting scam.

    Why do I call it a scam? Because he's asking these staff who attended the workshops to open up facebook and twitter accounts and like Rais Yatim's respective twitter and facebook. Pray tell, how is this supposed to benefit us the regular Malaysians? Tolong kerajaan konon. Are Rais Yatim's tweets and facebook status useful to us?

    Social media expert my arse. These are useless enablers who have no other intention but to scam and make money out of unsuspecting folks, not out of patriotism or love for the country.

  8. Anonymous7:32 am

    Don't behave like British Empire which elected their puppet as Melaka Gabenor.. There are many capable Malacca candidate that can be elect as TYT such as Dr. Halim Ramly. Tan Sri Datuk Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad, Akram Laldin to name a few etc...

    Air Molek

  9. Anonymous9:29 am

    What you get from reading the readers' comments in Rocky's Bru as well as other blogs, is that that these 2 guys are deeply unpopular and even greatly disliked by many Malaysians.

    People say there's no smoke without a fire. These 2 fellows may have been doing and saying the wrong things that upset many of the rakyat plus their performance of their duties to date probably left many people unimpressed.

  10. Anonymous10:47 am

    racist bastard

  11. Anonymous11:54 am

    Only in Lululand can a person who lost billions in a forex scandal become a Tun.

  12. Anonymous9:06 pm

    The only living person in Malaysia that really deserves a Tunship is Tan Sri Arshad Ayub. This is based on his past contributions and deeds to Malaysia in general and Malays and Bumputeras in particular. Rais Yatim and Nor Mohamed Yakcop should not be made Tuns.

  13. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Both two person - one useless mamak and the other useless Minangkabau - not worthy piece of shit to deserved Tun....