Thursday, May 16, 2013

For the few brave BN-bloggers and individuals ...

"While we condemn Pakatan’s dirty political campaign, BN and its leadership must shoulder the lion’s share of the blame for their weak and shoddy responses. While Pakatan unleashed an urban guerrilla army of hardened and heavily-armed street-fighters, BN in contrast produced a 60s-style musical carnival replete with catchy jingles, patriotic songs, clowns and flag-waving marchers to counter it.
While Pakatan wheeled out smooth-talking spin masters to hurl outrageous accusations against BN, the ruling party either never responded to the charges at all or sent bumbling bureaucrats who appeared confused, unconvincing or defensive even when speaking the truth. 
The job of defending the government fell to a few brave BN-friendly bloggers and individuals. However since most of those allied to BN wrote in the national language, it left a huge void for Pakatan in the English and Chinese-language based social media and web which was ruthlessly exploited..." - GE13: How BN lost the battle of perception, The Mole, 16 May 2013
Politics used to be the art of the possible. Now, according to The Mole's faithful letter man, it is the battle of perception. In his latest letter GE13: How BN lost the battle of perception, Mr Calcin Sankaran analyses the effective, if dubious and sometimes outright foul, strategies employed by Pakatan Rakyat to push the BN perpetually to the wall in the last five years and blames the BN government's inept response team and time.

I have the pleasure of reproducing his letter in full because very few in Najib Razak's administration will readily acknowledge a debt of gratitude that they owe to the "few brave BN-friendly bloggers and individuals" who volunteered to accept "the job of defending the government".

Many of these individuals and bloggers are known personally to me and are not anything like the DAP's Red Bean mercenaries. And I am afraid their numbers are getting smaller. After yesterday's Cabinet announcement, some of them said they won't be sticking around. They are tired of the inept and the arrogance.

Read Mr Sankaran's analysis h e r e.


  1. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Harap-harap selepas ini Perdana Menteri akan mengurangkan pegawai-pegawai komiunkasi beliau yang sebahagian besarnya telah basi.

    Karakter tukang jaga artis berpangkat Datuk Seri mungkin boleh kembali kepada tugas asal dan tak perlu menjadi hamba abdi buta tuli. Jangan bodek tak tentu pasal lagi.

    Event organizer company Pasukan Komunikasi Nasional atau NCT harus dibubarkan. Penyangak NCT tidak menilai dan tidak tahu apa itu Janji DiTepati. Mereka hanya tahu salur dana kepada syarikat sendiri.

    Karakter seperti Azman Awaldin, gundiknya Jaqueline dan saudara O, harus disiasat kerana ada maklumat mengatakan kumpulan ini telah menggelapkan dana puluhan juta ringgit.

    Mungkin ada ramai yang tidak mempercayai tetapi fakta dan maklumat risikan tidak boleh ditepis lagi. Penyangak yang tikam Perdana Menteri dari belakang dengan Janji DiTepati harus diadili.

    Jika tidak percaya cuba audit aset dan pemilikan individu-individu yang disebut tadi. Jangan lupa mahligai diP.Pinang dan Australia negeri sejuk mainan biri-biri. Periksa juga siapa pengarah dan pengerusi syarikay sapu sana sini.

    Wahai bekas editor kanan berlagak penasihat memanda perdana menteri, jika ada perasaan malu dan harga diri, mohonlah maaf dan undurlah diri. Jangan khianati kepercayaan Perdana Menteri. Jangan bersekongkol dengan penyangak tak berperi walaupun gaji puluhan ribu diberi.
    Berundurlah secara terhormat jika masih ada maruah diri.

    Concerned Researchers

  2. tokwae12:44 pm

    Cina sudah tak sokong BN dan UMNO mendabik dada sokongan Melayu masih utuh.Tapi tak siapa menghargai penyumbang utama undi Melayu, Bloggers, Facebookers dan cybertropper lain yang menyumbang komen dan serangan ke atas website, fb page serta blog PR. Tapi tengoklah nasib Papagomo siapa peduli sekarang ini tapi manusia inilah yang masih meletak moral sebagai pemisah antara yang baik dan yang buruk untuk dipilih sebagai pemimpin. Pasca PRU13 memperlihatkan pemimpin UMNO meletakkan kesalahan pada blogger yang dugelar lucah ini, sedikitpun tak berani menjentik red bean army KOMTAR yang cukup jelik ini. Tapi...kami tiada pilihan, Melayu/UMNO insyaAllah tetap kami perjuangkan, persetan apa pemimpin atasan yang tak sedar dek untung untuk menilai kami, kerana kami hanya ada Melayu dslam jasad dan roh kami.

  3. Anonymous12:45 pm

    The writer is naive if he thinks that perception war is the perfect tool. What really matters to the pakatan supporter is the mindset "WHAT"S IN IT FOR ME?"

    Money is abundant to the pakatan to be distributed to party movers by the tons. If anyone cares to ask these pakatan hardcore supporters, they will admit that anwar is bisexual and corrupt.

    But when promised with posts, projects, power and money, votes will be up for sale.

    1. A black cat is a cat. A white cat too is also a cat.
      Don't tell me that the black cat is better than the white one.
      Cos as long both are cats, they still eat the same food and breath the same air.
      What makes Pakatan differ tha BN is just that BN needs to do the dirty job whike Pakatan suts and enjoy lufe pointing the finger at any durections they feel uneasy at.
      Example : Penang state.
      As it is geographical situated on the shipping route, are they working hard to bring in the goods.
      Come Kelatan, Kedah.
      Smart enough to push it over to PKR and PAS. How can these state bring in the goodies.
      Selangor is already economically transform as a state that has long been in existance. So it does not need much effort or help to develope further.
      Itz just that if the malays would not like to see Malaysia in toubke waters, they have to begin being enterpruners and not relying on chinese merchants.
      To my opinion, the malays in pakatan are also just normal citizens whoare dependable on others.
      True fighting spirit lies within ourselves and not being lead.
      Regardless of who's in power, you still need to work to feed your family.
      Don't tell me all is free when 'Ubah' has taken its place.
      Lets look at Philiphine: Change is the theme. They did managed to change the government but what was the outcome?

    2. Is it true?
      Did hear of it but what did the sultan of johor do about it ?
      Please update me.

  4. Salam Datuk,

    I was also disappointed with cabinet lineup but as you said, it is the PM's prerogative. For me it was lemah semangat.

    But I am not going to give up the fight for the coaltion I support. To counter the opposition tactical maneuvers of blatant lies and insugency thru street protests.

    I have faith in the Y Gen. We all were also Y.

    I will continue and I have always reminded my children not believe to everything in the social media.

    My eldest is in the U and I tell her I will never stop herself or my other kids if they want to have an alternative view. But I tell them to be well informed and knowledgeable in reaching that alternative view.

    I educate them on how this country came to be and why I continue to support this government.

    Enlightenment is the key and thru the social media. I have already started and prepared for the long haul ahead.

    That aside, the political enemy No1 for BN is DAP, period. No need for much elaboration here.

    Best regards

  5. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Mr Rocky, do you still have the conscience to defend those well known icons - mr raba2,pkfz mastermind and a few more flamboyant personalities....when are we gonna start defending 99% ordinary folks than the 1% elites?

  6. Anonymous1:28 pm

    My mind is full of "WHY"..

  7. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Are you referring to the bn cyber-troopers struggling to write in english & lashing out like injured hyena's in heat?

  8. Yes, totally. And if needs to be said in the open, i will say it to mainstream media how Rocky's blogging group, Papa gomo and all bloggers were the warriors who fought bravely , for BN. Yes the BN machinery was incompetent,bumbling and bungling and outtalked, outsmarted , outbullshitted, outspinned by PR. PR had their own War room and they on target ripping apart BN' s war machinery with lies and more lies. And they were left answered, unattended by the ministry responsible for social media - non other than Rais Yatim and the Ministry of Communication.

    Today the useless incompetent bozos are still in the Ministry and the war room generals still get to keep their positions.

    The bungling of Sgor have angered many Malays who wanted to see better candidates. This GE14- start workign now like what PR did- otherwise Najib will go down in history as the first PM who lost his nation to the opposition. The signs are there. While the PR machinery commits sedition all over the internet and country, the cowardly SKMM and police only have tinycourage to arrest the likes of
    Papa Gomo.

    Rocky and the pro BN bloggers, you have my salute.

  9. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Good. It's about time for those "few brave BN-bloggers and individuals" to work against NAJIB's pathetic administrations. It is for the RAKYAT after all.

  10. I'm afraid the writer seems to say that the public was soooo stupid to fall for Perception - when the reality is that people's negative perception of BN are shaped more from their experiences. The message does not shape but merely reinforces a view.
    The reason why BN failed to counter is not just down to their incompetent strategy but was also down to the fact that was a lot of truth in the Pakatan message - especially on corruption. Look at the Cabinet then and now - many incompetents and dubious characters are there. How can you shake off the smell of corruption when you have many YBs living lavish lifestyles and people like Nong Chik who seemed to have unlimited funds to use in his campaign.

    As for the pro UMNO bloggers - there did not seem to be any form of sophistication in their message and much of it did not jive with BN's mainstream message which was all about Najib and 1Malaysia. Most pro UMNO bloggers still don't know what 1Malaysia actually means.

    I can now see why many pro-UMNO bloggers seem upset - as it's clear that you were used. And that your message about what BN should do next after 'winning' have been ignored. Just look at the cabinet - do you see anyone there with the understanding of 'new Media'????
    I think you all fell for and spread the message of transformation... and all you got was Jurassic Park.

  11. Me and few kids bring up this matter which I called it an attack of Cyber Mafia presented to several UMNO leaders but at the end its seems I'm talking to a tombstone.
    So, bye-bye.

  12. Yes CS

    Do tells us how BUMNO/SCUMNO bravely defended itself against fraudulent $540 million "commissions" for submarines and related murder, $12.4 billion PKFZ financial rip-off, Chief Ministers having US$40 billion in wealth, $40 million corrupt timber money kickbacks passed off as "political donations" and many other ponzi schemes and frauds.

    Do tell us if Minister of Defence Hamidi has explained to the Sultan of Johor why army fire-fighting equtpment cost 3 times what the Sultan paid for his palace, and why 1MDB over-priced bonds to give a cronies a $4 billion windfall.......

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  13. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Blogger pro BN jangan berputus asa dalam perjuangan terhadap perkara yang ada percayai. Musibahnya besar terhadap rakyat dan negara. Mahukah anda kepada kerajaan alternatif yang ditawarkan pakatan pembangkang yang haru biru?. Saya juga amat kecewa dengan barisan pemimpin yang dilantik dalam kabinet DSN. Begitu juga dengan perlantikan semula 2 MB di negeri negeri yang hampir ditawan pembangkang! Apa yang ada dalam kepala otak DSN dengan melantik mereka ini? Sungguh pun begitu BN masih terbaik walaipun kepimpingan buta dengan peranan penting dimainkan oleh para blogger pro kerajaan. Mungkin sesuatu 'transformasi' perlu dilakukan kepada barisan kepimpinan UMNO yang ada sekarang dari atas hinggalah ke bawah. Sesuatu perlu dilakukan untuk menyelamatkan UMNO. Saya mengharapkan semua, terutama blogger yang berjuang di dunia maya melakukan sesuatu seperti di era Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Jangan kecewa pemilihan kita ketika itu tidak seperti ysng diharapkan!

  14. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Brave is a Naive Word as in Rocky's usual form.

    They are More Like Stupid than Brave.

    Brave is to Fight Graft and Corruption not Support it. Supporting it is being Stupid!

    Brave is to Stop Cheating and Bribery NOT Supporting It.

  15. Serious Shepherd4:00 pm

    Just curious if PapaGomo is among the "brave BN-bloggers and individuals".

  16. Anonymous4:02 pm

    just look at tengku adnan - big, fat, rich-how to vote for BN?

    no one else? still bringing in old faces who feathered his nest.

  17. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Actually Dato, their cybertroopers did us a very good service.

    To the DAP cybertroopers, TQ TQ TQ for doing such a fantastic job exposing your true colours for not only the Bumiputras esp Malays but for the world to see.

    2 of my Apek neighbours their customers 100% Melayu maaaa, sudah 1minggu tarak nampak sekok "hantu" pun masuk.

    Padan muka kamu semua...


  18. Anonymous5:17 pm

    I myself relived and expected BN to win, not that I'm a fanatic BN supporter but because of few reasons

    1. Umno itself is a very democratic party where we can see that even the top man can be challenged (Even Tun M was challenged by KU LI). On the other hand the oppositions are practicing nepotism just like Middle East and Singapore this is dangerous even we can see how election in DAP can be manupulated by few families. This is very dangerous.

    2. It is clear that if PR is serious about winning in election then they should reject leaders such as Anwar and Hadi. Clearly the theme Negara Kebajikan is not accepted by Malays, even I as a moderate Malay can't accept it as The principles of Islamic must be protected and therefore DAP too needs to change its tone to respect the Malay rights as stated in the constitutions.

    3. Free education theme is also a bogus idea,it can attract students which most are not eligible to vote.

    However once they finish their studies and begin to work they too will not agree their hard earn money to go for free education.

    4. Another reason I hope people study properly is the accusation that Jenice Lee misuse and abuse of funds, on the other hand Jenice accuse DAP is out to tarnish her image. There can be 2 outcome its either DAP hierarchy are corrupt and abuses power or is it Jenice is corrupt and abuses her power. This kind of thing is dangerous practice and if DAP to be in power they can simply frame others who do not agree and in line with the few who are in power (THE FAMILY just like the Mafia)

    5. Who is the true leader of PR is it Kit SIang is it Anwar or is it Hadi these questions are important to be answered so we can compare who is the better candidate (Najib vs Anwar or Najib vs Hadi)

    6. PR must have a clear stance, for example yes or no to hudud, on the other hand it's easy for BN as the leader is clearly Najib so if he says not yet or no so its a no. We can't have government that cant give us a clear direction to choose from.

    I'm clear about BN and they stand for Islam, Malay rights and the rights of others to do whatever they want provided its lawful and fight for equality meaning the wealth will be divided by proportions between the race.

    On the other hand PR stands for equal for all so does that mean DAP can get involve in the implementation of hudud and what makes the chinese thinks that Malays become successful only by corruptions.

    People must realize if they accuse BN to be corrupted then the thousands and millions who did get contract from BN will be accused of being corrupt as well.

    The above reasons are clear why PR lost PRU13

  19. Looks like Najib punk'd you and all the other UMNO bloggers....
    We did warn you Najib was all talk and no action.
    He trusts his 'war room consultants' more than he does all of you.

  20. Anonymous5:23 pm

    BN is a sinking ship(as told by PAS),so that is why not many bloggers will come out to support it.

  21. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Ive known this all along. PKRs propaganda is so predictable and ita very easy to counter. Problem is BN's campaign is so cheesy, old skool and primitive.

    You are spot on. Me n my brother are defending BN on the facebook against the onslaught of PKR cybertroopers. It is getting tiring.

    For a start, I recommend BN to start taking in psychologists to be part of the communication team. Only these group of people will understand cognitive filters and the peoples behaviour. From here on, the communications team should be able to launch an effective strategy.

    REMEMBER the key word here is PSYCHOLOGIST.

    Like the saying goes, when dealing with humans, you are dealing with creatures of emotions rather than logic.

    I hope BN understand this concept. No matter what good the govt does...nothing will transpire until they gain control of social media.

    Oh btw....tell the govt to bcareful as when an area or district has access to internet communication, it will most likely be in the hands of the opposition.

  22. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Dato Rocky
    I read your frustration. I have also written in big dog blog that everything will be the same old story. What now, many of them have got what they wanted - power. You all means nothing to the people with power. Seperti menyalak bukit?

    I believe you all brave BN-Bloggers are not coordinated & supported as of the red bean army. Do those in power listen to you?
    On the other hand, at grass-root level, are we, the so called intellectuals able to move up if we are not being sabotage by incapable people who are at the top?

    Its frustrated to see deadwood, traitors, self-interest and incompetent personalities are back in corridors of power.

    I am not sure as a diaspora to return home is the correct decision.


  23. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Why worry much?
    You are around.
    Just do your job well.


  24. Anonymous7:59 pm

    If the PM wants to go Gangmam stylr, do carnival pakai baju 1m4u, pasang bunting banyak2 pakai bsju cina gong xi faa cai, you have to ask,


    So many in his office including a very suspect bald dude. Still this is what they adviced the PM?

    Why? Complete unshakable belief?

  25. Anonymous9:30 pm


    Another article to chew on. Bugger PR!!

    Malaysia: Failure of U.S. to Subvert the Elections and Install a “Proxy Regime”

  26. tebing tinggi12:25 am

    Najib and UMNO would has lost it's ground ,if not for some thinking and wise Malay giving them support on seeing the Chinese tendency of going for Chinese base opposition party ,thinking that,that party will be able to lead the new collation government in waiting ,if not new history would have been created.
    Alas Najib would never learned .

  27. Anonymous12:35 am

    Gua pun mahu tutup kedai. Sudah bosan mah kalau itu lanchiau tak mahu dengar nasihat mahu aksyen lagi. U ingat itu anak hamidi, itu Anak Aziz, itu Anak jamalutin , itu Hishap, itu anak Kassim, anak jus oh, anak masalan,, itu tengku semua baik punya orang kah?u gila lah kalau u cakap dia orang terror.....lanchiau terror.....itu terror hisap sama dua muka bolehlah

    Gua tak dah tipu, gua ada tulis sini pasal itu Cina mahu kontrol.gua syukur sebab gua ada nampak apa gua tulis dua tiga minggu sebelum GE ramai Melayu ambik fotostat bagi kawan. Gua tengok sendiri, orang Melayu faham apa gua cakap itu sebab mereka bagi undi lagi. Tapi sekarang bila sudah menang, itu cibai buat hal baru, kepala butoh tak mahu tukar perangai. Gua ingat mereka sudah giveup mah, tak dah koteh mahu lawan lagi mah, tak dah otak mau fikir mah, tak dah mata mahu lihat mah, tak dah hati mahu kasihan mah..

    Gua hormat mahathir saja. Kalau dia tak dah Malaysia sudah lama lingkup. Yang lain itu, cibai jilat punya orang, tak ada otak sama koteh.

    Sekarang gua banyak sedih sebab pikir mahu keluar Malaysia. Tapi gua kasihan bangsa gua yang masih setia harap, gua kasihan bila cibai atas semua sudah kalah Melayu saja kena sembelih. Satu bahagian kata pigi saja, satu bahagian, kasihan lah tolong lawan lagi untuk Melayu yang baik dan setia. Manyak susah oh.....kenapa manusia celaka ini macam?

  28. Mustapha Ong7:46 am

    Dear Rocky's bru,

    I believe many of our BN bloggers and individuals are under cloud 9 in appreciation of your positive comments and support to their course in the alternative media and social advocacy of public opinion. Well said and hope
    your opinion will be accepted and sunk into the minds of
    all bloggers and individuals concerned. Information is a a powerful weapon that could promote or bring down a government just like in South Korea some years ago.

    However, having said that I am still skeptical that some bloggers do not adhere to the ethics of their freedom of expression and go against the norms and practice of journalism in it's honourable form. Good analytical bloggers and journalists do not speculate, add or subtract to share and highlight the information that they post in public. They should also report with their unbiased public opinion and views without fear or favour.

    In the light of the post 13th general election, a good number of our bloggers, group or individuals had taken side in promoting the media agenda of both sides of the political divide. However, some of them had abused their freedom of speech and media intervention which may damage their own reputation and integrity in the eyes of the public. There is a need for self restraint and censorship as all of us should be responsible netizens irrespective of which side of the goal posts we are positioned. To all these unworthy bloggers and individuals, I believe the relevant authority will catch up with them, like those irresponsible leaders and supporters of the opposition. Nobody is above the law and we have to respect the security chair of the government even if we do accept the office bearer of the authority.

  29. Meleis10:45 am

    Dear Datuk,

    It's a very good piece by Calvin Sankaran. I just hope he will not giving up in defending the truth.

    In my humble opinion, BN leadership does not learn anything for the last few years. They failed to recognized the cause of ChineseTsunami during the GE.

    Based on my observation. It's all started in Internet, in the Wild Wild West (WWW). In 2007.. with the existence of the blog that hantam Melayu and Muslim in Msia, the sentiment has being played. It was not co-ordinated back then, its more like individual chinese was venting their frustration on the current Malay dominate government. At first it was not that obvious.

    It started to be obvious after Hishamuddin Tun Hussein waved his keris together racists remarks on soaking it with the chinese blood.

    After that all hell break loose. The Chinese started venting their anger over the remarks on the internet. They staterd hurling the Malays with all sorts of allegations, to an extend where the internet is overwhelmed with the Chinese racial attack against the Malays.

    I remember read some report from newspaper based in England, saying that something Orang Melayu adalah mangsa kepada mereka yang racists.

    I did not really blame them for that, because it is highly inappropriate for Hishamuddin Tun Hussein to do so. However the racists attack by the chinese towards the malay on the internet was soo intense. It may provoke racial riots if it is not handle properly. So, some of us decided to escalate the matter to the Minister in charge.

    However, the effort was in vain. We were dissapointed when Nazri Aziz told the reporter that "blogger adalah suri rumah yang tidak bekerja"

    Yet, both minister responsible for all that are still out there and was appointed cabinet members untuk kesekian kalinya.

    BN is really fucked-up.

  30. Anonymous11:07 am

    You look at Yahoo!! Malaysia and almost all of the news feed are from the pro Fuckaton newsfeed. All the Kini, Insider and all news from sources which are all for Fucktan and project an image that Malaysia is a bloody unstable place, UMNO and BN are no good.
    Why cant someone counter these Yahoo! Malaysia news?..Counter and reply to them on a sustained basis
    Millions of Malaysians when they are on Yahoo are directed to this homepage...

  31. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Anon 11:07 am, I totally agree with you. I am one of the few guys who comments against some of these "supposedly" balanced news but I found almost all my comments are rejected and ban. Somebody have to do something regarding these websites. It is a nuisance and gullible people just fall for these rumours and hatred. Anything u say good on the government, you are doomed on those website. I think the ministry should do something, block their websites or something if they dont comply. But then that would be against censorship law. But i think if there are lying to the people, they should be taken down or some action on them. It is to me injustice if this goes on, for the sake of the country, all those are driven by foreign entities and as you can see, they have no interest in the country except to just suck everybit of it. We'ved seen these with multinationals... when there's business they are in, when there isnt, they are out like flies. So dont be swayed, Rocky... I support you.... only few would do the same. You are a brave man.

  32. Anonymous6:07 pm

    i recalled some comments especially in the internet (in chinese language) blogosphere when people like michelle yeoh support for BN, some chinese commentator calling her;

    `a chinese traitor' `sellout' `malay dog' etc...

    by giving this uncalled for name calling and threatening, didn't the chinese realize that their own community is a RACIST themself?

    NO? the chinese community is not RACIST?

    Care to explain the meaning of `a chinese traitor' `malay dog"?

    How do you expect FAIR TREATMENT (part of chinese community demand during the GE13) to all races when all of you gang up, (hoodlums who band together for mutual protection) planted a repeated name calling (no surprise here because goebel and the communist do the same tactic of propaganda) and beaten those people that against you to the pulp?

    Throw far,far away your denial syndrome and ask deep inside your heart, are you (the chinese community) a RACIST?

    `UMNO and PAS must unite'

  33. Anonymous6:21 pm

    No BN coordination in the internet unlike DAP red been communist army cybertrooper.

    i guess NAJIB think he is mandela or mahatma gandhi or combination of both, and let `divine intervention' give him a GE13 win.


  34. LesSaid5:40 am


    It is a fact that the BN machinery is big and cumbersome. Not much coordination were done at the division and branch levels, especially their cyber and psy-war machinery. They are way behind the opposition's in terms of coordination, strategy and efficiency. They need to buck up real fast, five years is not a long time.

    The opposition kept spinning on the fallacy that the BN leadership is old (dinaosaur, Jurassic} and should be changed but few from the BN pointed out to the real dinosaur of Malaysian politics, Lim Kit Siang, who has been at the helm of DAP for ages. The same goes for Nik Aziz.

    Likewise, the BN was accused of being corrupt and incompetent. The accusers refused to see that the biggest swindler and most corrupted politician is none other than their very own Anwar Ibrahim. The BN did not pick on this much but rather dwelt more on his sexual escapades.

    The list goes on and on but lets not play the blame game and ask yourselves 'what if' any further. Lets focus on now and the future. Sure, everyone has his dream team, but lets admit it, this is Najib's. After the next UMNO AGM and elections, I am sure there will be some cabinet reshuffle and I hope the right people will be appointed to the cabinet. Until then, lets get a move on. The fight is not over yet, Datuk. You better get the guys primed for the next round, which starts now! Good luck to you all!

  35. Mustapha Ong3:23 am

    In a nutshell PM Najib is just doing his job as an elected MP but only by virtue of his coveted position as prime minister. Najib had done his best for this country in his more than 34 years in active politics up at the state and national level. Najib like many others had made a lot of sacrifices too. Knowing the patriotic and humanity side of Najib, whom I have personally known since the early 70s, I do not believe he is a power crazy leader as perceived by some of his political enemies, in particular Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and his prodigal son Guan Eng.

    Najib is human and a political gentleman with principle and conviction. Najib is not like Anwar or Mahathir in many different ways. With exception to Pak Lah, both Anwar and Mahathir are on the extreme of politics and will live and die in the name of politics. One may ask how long will both these leaders last in their pursuance of the political game in Malaysia? I have no definite answer but the nation is bleeding and very soon the country will suffer in retrospective.

    As for my UMNO president and incumbent prime minister, I sincerely believe that he himself is more worried than anyone of us if this country goes to the rock due to a few lunatic senior politicians from both sides of the political divide. There are too much poison, lies and unsubstantiated criticism over the last few years and particularly so after the 12th general election. Today, after the 13th general election, the situation worsens and is beginning to explode nation wide based on unsubstantiated and baseless accusations of electoral frauds, etc exploited by the opposition due to the perception of politics. The government in the process of democracy and upholding of national security to protect the nation, whereby stricter security alert and measures need to be taken seriously and expeditiously. It's no long about prime minister Najib, but the safety and well being of the people and country take precedence.

    I believe Najib is a dedicated, patriotic and responsible national leader and thus he will not abandon the trust of the people to protect this nation. Najib will not abandon is premiership half way, but not until a better successor is found to replace him before he call it a day in his brilliant political career. Not until then will Najib leave this nation in the hands of unscrupulous politicians that will only destroy this country that we have built together for the last 56 years.