Monday, May 13, 2013

SAI, before you sue anyone else ...

Sue the Land Destroyer first! Of all the allegations that have been thrown at Saudara Anwar Ibrahim, the one h e r e calling him a proxy of foreign interest is by far the most terrible. Unless they are true, Anwar must fight these allegations in the court of law. Any court of law. 
Anwar's Destroyer
p.s. And please, don't kill us the messengers ..

The Mole has the story too:
"Anwar Ibrahim is a fraud, an overt proxy of foreign interests." 
KUALA LUMPUR: An American political analyst says Barisan Nasional’s victory in the 13thGeneral Election did not just deny Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim the opportunity to become Prime Minister, it denied the United States an opportunity to “subvert the elections and install a proxy regime”. 

Writing in the blog Land Destroyer, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer Tony Cartalucci called Anwar a “Western proxy” and said Pakatan Rakyat (PR) “resembled verbatim attempts by the West to subvert governments politically around the world”. 

Cartalucci highlighted funding of the Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research by the US government via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and said “an election monitoring organisation funded by a foreign government which openly seeks to remove the current ruling party from Malaysia in favor of long-time Wall Street servant Anwar Ibrahim is most certainly not ‘independent’.” 

Cartalucci also took aim at Bersih, pointing out the organisation had received funding from the NED’s National Democratic Institute (NDI) and George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI). 

“The substantial, yet carefully obfuscated support the West has lent Anwar should be of no surprise to those familiar with Anwar's history,” he wrote before listing out some of Anwar’s various connections to “corporate financier interests of Wall Street and London”. 

Cartalucci wrote: 

“In reality, Bersih's leadership along with Anwar and their host of foreign sponsors are attempting to galvanize the very real grievances of the Malaysian people and exploit them to propel themselves into power. While many may be tempted to suggest that "clean and fair elections" truly are Bersih and Anwar's goal, and that US funding via NED's NDI and convicted criminal, billionaire bankster George Soros' Open Society are entirely innocuous, a thorough examination of these organisations, how they operate, and their admitted agenda reveals the proverbial cliff Anwar and Bersih are leading their followers and the nation of Malaysia over.
“As Bersih predictably mobilises in the streets on behalf of Anwar's opposition party in the wake of their collective failure during Malaysia's 2013 general elections, it is important for Malaysians to understand the true nature of the Western organisations funding their attempts to politically undermine the ruling party and divide Malaysians against each other, and exactly why this is being done in the greater context of US hegemony in Asia.” 

Cartalucci called the people behind the NED and the NDI “a milieu of corporate-fascists and warmongers” and “an unsavory collection of corporate fascist interests”, and said: 

“The end game for the US with an Anwar Ibrahim/People's Alliance-led government, is a Malaysia that capitulates to both US free trade schemes and US foreign policy. In Malaysia's case, this will leave the extensive economic independence achieved since escaping out from under British rule, gutted, while the nation's resources are steered away from domestic development and toward a proxy confrontation with China, just as is already being done in Korea, Japan, and the Philippines."

The goal of containing the growing influence of China was clearly stated over the last several years by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institution, Cartalucci claimed.

Of the Opposition’s demands for clean and fair elections, Cartalucci said: 

“One must seriously ask themselves, considering Anwar's foreign backers, those backers' own stated intentions for Asia, and Anwar's irresponsible, baseless claims before, during, and after the elections - what is 'clean and fair' about any of this? 
“Anwar Ibrahim is a fraud, an overt proxy of foreign interests. His satellite NGOs, including the insidious Bersih movement openly funded by foreign corporate-financier interests, and the equally insidious polling NGO Merdeka who portrays itself as "independent" despite being funded directly by a foreign government, are likewise frauds - drawing in well-intentioned people through slick marketing, just as cigarette companies do.”
However, he said, with the Opposition’s loss in GE13, “the cheap veneer of America's ‘democracy promotion’ racket is quickly peeling away”.


  1. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Hei tony... how's the kathoey and ladyboys in bkk... damn good eh... wink wink

  2. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Taking into considerations the enormous amount of preparation for GE 13, even though the opposition have suffered a great and a shameful lost but they didn't actually lose everything!

    Since GE is not a popularity contest, the fact that they are able to influence their supporters to believe GE is a popularity contest, is a pointer which show that they have actually achieved some success.

  3. Anonymous1:22 pm

    ala, rocky.... you got to check the credentials of global research lah. how to take them seriously.

    "Despite presenting itself as a source of scholarly analysis, mostly consists of polemics many of which accept (and use) conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and propaganda."

    And global research apparently believes there was no genocide in rwanda nor bosnia, and supported gaddaffi and north korea.. How to tske them seriously.

    Came across this...

    And this:

    Donno what to believe anymore..

  4. Anonymous1:31 pm


    sudah Gila kah? Ini pun foreign agenda kita punya PM punya!

  5. Anonymous1:45 pm

    the mask has been ripped off Anwar's face.
    Anwar's aim is PM at any cost

  6. Anonymous1:51 pm

    I will always be caution when one has nothing good to say about bersih or anwar in the mid of critism..
    Its quite clear of the writer's position ...

  7. Anonymous1:56 pm

    This can be happening only in Malaysia because the ministers concern were always 'overdosed', they dont even know what to do. All relevant authorities were busy pampering their bosses and forget their original roles. not even a single government's agencies is performing above par...that's the reason why LGE want to reduce them...

  8. Kenny2:08 pm

    Bila kalah terimalah kenyataan,
    Buat apa nak lagak gila di jalan?,
    Lagak gila babi dengan kasar perkataan,
    Inilah sikap biadap orang Pakatan.

    Pakai hitam jerit Demokrasi,
    Maksud sebenar pun tak erti,
    Demokrasi bukan buat jahat sesuka hati,
    Negara akan kecoh hilang peraturan nanti.

    Demokrasi mesti ikut perundangan,
    Kalo tidak rakyat susah didalang,
    Yang hitam cumalah Anwar punya orang,
    Tunngulah 5 tahun lagi berperang.

    Kini mandat baru sudah diberi,
    Dah kalah tolong pergi diam diri,
    Rakyat dah undi BN kerajaan kini,
    Ini realiti dan bukan ilusi.

    Pakai hitam ingatkan orang mati,
    Jerit di stadium untuk Demokrasi,
    Jerit macam monyet atas pokok tinggi,
    Malu bapak bila ternampak dalam TV.

  9. Anonymous2:14 pm

    You call this homo 'saudara'?

  10. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Red bean army very quickly attacking nampak..... Standard sop attack ....... Tony exposed more.....

  11. Anonymous3:29 pm

  12. Anonymous3:31 pm

    I think Anwar don't have the balls to sue them bcoz the report is valid. Simply put Anwar is the most celebrated back stabbing figure the world have ever seen & those people around him just love to lick the blood coming out from the wound.

  13. Anonymous3:40 pm

    These red bean army really love ur blog lah. Everytime they r the first to comment with their stupid bullshit. They got nothing else to comment, just bullshit aje. Stupid people

    1. Kacang merah diketuai envagilistas 3 bintang sehabis bangang di muka bumi ini.

  14. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Bro Rocky, even the US President is a proxy to the Israel gov. & the world knows it. Anwar not only served as a puppet to the US but also to the Israel government. For what? money or power? or both?

  15. Anonymous4:14 pm

    ...but we always works for other ..right ..Bro you are the proxy for BN

    Do you still want to bring up your kids as racist by nature of your profession as gun-for-hire ?

  16. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Globalresearch is as bad as Ms Joceline Tan ( the columnist from theStar)

  17. Anonymous4:45 pm

    No wonder there rejected Brim to be part of their manifesto cos they have foreign lobbies to be fed just in case they got landed in Putrajaya!


  18. Anonymous4:55 pm

    kesian pakatan ...

    habis jutaan ribu ringgit
    segala usaha telah dijalankn
    setip cara khusyuk diteliti
    setiap lembu diperintah
    setiap katak dibeli

    tetap terlepas putrajaya

    issh issh issh

    cian dia hee hee hee

  19. Anonymous5:59 pm

    I think it's time to stop whacking anwar because we all already know all the wrongs in this country and most parts of the world is because of anwar .Yes, we are convinced already.Flavor of this month is whack the chinnese.They shd share all the blame happened in the world too with anwar

  20. Pakatan Rosak6:24 pm

    How is Anwar going to face his financiers now? He spent all the money they invested for him to ruin the country but it fell flat on his face.

    Go run to Turkey or Australia. They may want you there. If you intend to go to France, don't forget your French Cap.

  21. Anonymous6:28 pm

    What is happening now? The homo and the lims are openly breaking the law. The police wants the rest of the country to see what kind of people they are. Go ahead. Have gatherings every night. See how long they can last. The govt wont fall because of demonstrations. We are not Egypt or Tunisia. Using (stupid) supporters for his own agenda. This kind of behaviour wont bring pkr to putrajaya in GE14 or GE15, GE16......Meanwhile the homo can dream. So can the silly people behind him.

  22. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Red Bean Army should now be Red Balls Army as thier balls are on fire and anytime now turning into ashes. Just like their older breed cousin that monsterball who has been quiet lately after conceding defeat od PR. Realising that BN/UMNO is backed by Malaysians in the last GE13, monsterball probably has jumped from some high rise building somewhere to get rid off his good for nothing balls.

    Hopefully someone can translate these piece into Bahasa Melayu and Mandrin for the benefit of those blind supporters of any political parties.


    Anway, bro Rockybru really rocks with these exposed wrongdoing of Anwar and Ambiga. Keep it up bro.

  23. First Najib paid Apco(Israel) RM100 million to spin about Anwar and the Opposition. It failed miserably, Then Najib paid FBC $55 million to spin postively about Taib and his corrupt US40 billion, and negatively about Anwar and the Opposition. Again Najib failed.

    Then Najib paid Josh Trevino RM4 million who paid obscure US journo hacks and blogggers (and some M'sian BUMNO/SCUMNO paid bloggers) to label Anwar anti-Israel/ anti-Zionist, after demonising Anwar for years as pro-Israel and Pro-Zuinist!! Najib failed yet again.

    Now the best that Najib can come up with is to appoint that "richest unemployed / unemployable multi-millionaire Sil MP" whom he put in cold storage as BUMNO/SCUMNO Youth Head, to spindoctor against Anwar again? This time the bill will be nothing less than RM200 million - KJ always aims high and for new records!!

    When will Najib realise that Pakatan and the Opposition are bigger than Anwar? When will Najib realise that no amount of spindoctoring and serial lying (sadly, at the Rakyat's expense) can hide the FACT that he performed worse than Badawi at the general elections, and that he MUST resigned or be kicked out (by Mahathir's machinations) at the coming SCUMNO/BUMNO elections?

    Tony Cartalucci who? Aiyoyo, this is SCUMNO/BUMNO scraping the barrel again.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Rac

  24. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Red Bean Army... give up lah!

    you guys are fighting a losing battle.

    as long as Anwar is with you... you will lose.

    down with Anwar... kick Anwar out of Malaysia like the pariah that he truly is.

    Anwar scum!


  25. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Actually Dato ,nuar dont give a damn about this report.he can just lie thru his teeth about this and done with it.people believe him,thats why he still win in permatang.he can just lie in broad day light and get away with it.people still invite him to give tazkirah in masjid/surau and he can lie there as well. I think the dajjal has already exist among us.we can see mata satu now everywhere...hehehe..Even if he run naked around town tonite,he can still lie that its not him and people believe.So i bet he will not sue because as usual ,there are many gullible people here that can easily be manipulated.lets us stop entertain his antics and stop giving him any news out sll jews about him.

  26. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Red Bean Army full of GAS!! Farting all over the place!! Ewwww...

  27. Anonymous12:44 am

    Does it take a foreigner to tell this to Malaysians in order to convince them?
    It's either apparent since 97 or the bulk of Malaysians are simply stupid.
    He was Washington's darling way back in 96, since they found out about his sexual habits.

  28. Anonymous11:01 am

    Here comes the red bean army lol.

    They are paid to oppose. No point arguing.

    Red bean army.........Rocket......what goes up will eventually come down crashing.

  29. Mr Angry12:05 pm

    Anonymous 1:22PM.

    You're reference on is such a surface level assessment, it's embarrassing that you could even use that as a source for your argument, and it simply adds insult to the intelligence of people more accustomed to a better quality of information. Your reference from is also sadly a very biased article written obviously by another disgruntled smug arts major, who probably was paid to write in a manner that was neither impartial or unbiased. He cannot recognize the good articles from GR, and is simply just another tool. He obviously didn't do his fact checking on the organisation itself, or interview authors from the site.

    The vast majority of society as a whole have never been to North Korea. Personally, I have not. What you know about North Korea comes from your highly self-righteous and uneducated perception of the nation. You probably don't even realize that Malaysia and Malaysians however are one of the few nations in the world with a passport that grants access to such a place. Put your money where your mouth is and visit the place. Expand your mind, and not your mouth.

    As for the Bosnian and Rwanda massacres, I can understand the frustration, but like the very uneducated opinions here on this blog comments section, so too do some writers have uneducated opinions, except they have a computer and the will to publish their opinion.

    As for Gaddaffi, I think what you are reading from these sources show a poor sense of judgement on your side. Explain to me, what exactly did Gaddaffi do that deserved his denial of justice in the court?

    Back on topic, the irony of many Malaysians who will criticize the Land Destroyer are the same people who will believe spin-writers from the FMT, MalaysiaKini, Sarawak Report as "true alternative media". I suggest you don't make a surface level assessment like you just tried to pass off, and take a proper look at the writer histories, founders of these groups and investors of these media groups. There is nothing alternative to these sites, if anything, they are the products of self-serving foreign corporate agencies and foreign government agencies who have absolutely zero interest in you. It's disturbing how blind Malaysians can be.