Thursday, May 23, 2013

No evidence of election fraud, but Anwar presses ahead with plans totopple Najib

"However, despite people’s misgivings, there is thin evidence of outright cheating or ballot box stuffing so far. Dr Jeyakumar Deveraj, MP for the Sungai Siput constituency in Perak state and the only socialist in parliament, conceded as much.
“We were not able to find conclusive evidence of significant cheating during the political process,” he told IPS. 
Wave of protests against Malaysian election results

Looks like the Pakatan folks, who have formed the government in three of our states and occupied more than a third of the parliamentary seats after the May 5th general election, are bent on turning our all-year summer into a spring of violence, our peace into chaos, friends into foes, just so that Anwar Ibrahim can become Prime Minister. I am sure the new Inspector-General of Police would like to see them try. Honestly, I am with the Rakyat, fed-up with the childish antics of the sore losers. I don't really care how the new IGP plans to do it, but make sure you protect our interest - the interest of the Rakyat, who are your boss, and stop any attempt by the Pakatan folks to overthrow the Government other than via the ballot box.


  1. Rocky my brother,
    Stop spinning and stop stirring the shit!
    Years ago, when you were lost in the wilderness, without a job; i held you in high esteem together with Jeff Ooi!
    However, since your high appointment in MM, you have changed, in posture.
    Is it the real you?
    Or is it a facade and an illusion?
    I am a Malaysian first; and a bumi second.
    And as far as i am concerned, the Nation needs to consolidate, heal and prosper.
    Do we need to be bitchy and divisive? Racist?
    The aspirations of Malaysia is paramount.
    So stop effing in politics!
    If you want to play politics, resign from MM and join UMNO!

    Salam Hormat.

    1. Anonymous1:11 am

      Another chink who do not know how to berak trying to be a patriot.. Sigh

  2. Anonymous3:54 am

    Happy to read that you are with the rakyat because the majority of the Rakyat support PR!

    1. Anonymous1:12 am

      BN menang la bodoh. Lain kalilah. Stupid.

  3. Anonymous7:19 am

    A vote for BN ala UMNO, is a vote for Perkasa.

    A vote for Perkasa is a vote of endorsement for Ketuanan UMNOputra and we are their servants.

    UMNOputra ingat kita orang bodoh ka.

    1. Anonymous1:13 am

      Errr now only u know ur all stupid ka?

      Juburi said pakatan rakyat menang.

      Hahahaha dapat pemimpin bodoh macam kera menjerit menang

  4. Anonymous9:07 am

    Pilihan raya dah abis pun masih buat rally lagi. Diaorang ni tak de keje lain ke nak buat?

  5. Anonymous10:01 am

    Please study properly and do your research before badmouth Anarchist.

    Anarchist might not be a bad social movement .

    WE pardon Tungku Aziz for saying that but you are younger that him .

    You still can think

  6. Anonymous10:04 am

    Rocky, my dear brother

    are you on weed? This guy Aziz is far from credible anymore. He abandon the mothership just before the elections and since that point has been hurling all kinds of accusations.

    now he says we want to overturn cars, burn buildings...

    I assure you if that happens, it would have been caused or planted by your racist leaders like noh & zahid.

    embrace the change old buddy... We are going to EVENTUALLY overthrow this corrupt regime...but it will happen at the ballet boxes. PERIOD.

  7. Anonymous11:53 am

    THE FURY Si Anwar Berahi says:

    The PAKATAN RAKYAT decides the fate of the nation my brothers in Malaysia! This must be the progressive NEGARA KEBAJIKAN my braders! We will have the GREATEST ARMY in the Nusantara and Asia oh fellowmen of Malaysia!

    Video of The Nuremberg Speech of Adolf Hitler:

    Imagine how THE DEPUTY FURY Si Azmin will proclaim Malaysia's Dewa Realpolitik from minute 9:50 onwards:


    Oh Pakatan Kaki Rusuhan di pimpin oleh Tok-Liwat Hang-Zina Seri-Zionist mahu makan sama ORANG MELAYU MUKMIN ya kah?!!
    Kalau you tak bermula menyerang Malaysia di Lahad Datu, kita macam tak percaya, bingung sungguh ditipu oleh helah demokrasi jenismu!

    Hail to the FURY! But Allah Most Wise All-Merciful will outwit all evil and tragic human designs.
    Oh men of faith, cling truly to the Quran and the Prophet's teachings as strongly as you can bite between your jaws! The ular-mak of the FURY can't send you to heaven and they surely can't save you from the hell they are preparing!

  8. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Semua pasal Menteri KDN dulu takde bola. Slogan ...

    Populariti sepupu diutamakan, BN dan Melayu dicinamikan

  9. Purple Haze11:58 pm

    The INterim Report by the Election Commission's own appointed consultants - IDEAS and CPPS - concluded that the elections were "partially free and not fair."

    Yet you state that there is no evidence of election fraud. I wonder who is in denial ?

  10. Anonymous5:10 am

    What were you smoking Puple Haze...

    What were they doing taking oaths in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan? Don't they know the election was rigged?

    1. Anonymous11:39 pm

      Too much weed this purple haze bro...the pru was rigged but ONLY at those constituency won hy BN...too much weed till he cant calculate 1+1..btw i love purple haze actually..but the one by jimi hendrix

  11. AminNR,

    Back when you were holding me in high esteem, wasn't I also "spinning and stirring shit"? Jeff and I, and many others, were fighting to bring down the Pak Lah admin and we were sued and harassed because of that. What Anwar and Co are doing now are maybe even worse than what Pak Lah failed to do back then. I can't bring down Anwar because he is not the government. But I sure can try to stop him from forming the government. If he's your hero, too bad. Even when you were holding me in high esteem back then, I was not a fan of PKR or PAS or DAP.


  12. Anonymous10:09 pm

    ni semua *jasa* si menteri KDN dulu tarak telor. Dia dan keluarga senang aje bila negara dah kecoh di buat taik dik puak haprak ni semua, terbang business class ke rumah bungalow di OZ ke UK. Sial btul.

  13. Mustapha Ong8:17 am

    Dear bru,

    Well said bro and we need to be consistent all the time! In my 17 years of media and social blogging, either located in Malaysia or overseas, I have never hide under somebody's skirt or sarong! Please go through my, Facebook and Twitter account. My signal is clear in my writings that had reflected my own mind and thinking on both sides of the political divide, although I remain a proud Ahli UMNO and Orang UMNO until today, with or without public position or any financial rewards.
    However, I remain grateful to my late kampung mate,and school mate Tan Sri MR or Tok Bulat who was my god brother and political mentor. May Allah bless your soul Tok Mat and also bless those family, relatives and friends who are sincere to you, after you have left us for your final destination!