Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All the PM's men and women

Youth and Sports Minister

Deputy Education Minister

Deputy Minister in the PM's Department

Minister in the PM's Department

Works Minister

For over four years as Prime Minister, Najib had to make do with a Cabinet he'd inherited from his predecessor. Well, his hands are no longer tied now. He no longer has to make do with hand-me-downs. The following are the Ministers of his own choosing. I disagree with some of the names I see but what I think does not count. This is the Prime Minister's discretion as much as it's his neck.

Najib described his line-up as a "Balanced Cabinet" - a mix of experienced politicians, some technocrats and political leaders who represent the young. I caught him saying that these are the men and women who are going to focus on, among other things, the issues of integrity and corruption.

Prime Minister
Najib Razak's Cabinet:

Deputy Prime Minister 

Ministers in the PM's Department
Jamil Khir Baharom
Senator Wahid Omar
Senator Idris Jala
Jusuh Kurup
Shahidan Kasim
Nancy Shukri
Paul Low

Dep Ministetrs in the PM's Department
Razali Ibrahim

Najib Razak
Minister of Finance ll Husni
Deputy Ahmad Maslan

Minister ll Idiris Jusuh
Dep 1 Mary Yeap
Dep 2 P. Kamalanathan

Dep Rahim Bakri

acting Hishammuddin

Zahid Hamidi
Wan Junaidi

Fadilah Yusuf
Rosnah Abd Rashid

Mustapha mOhamad
Hamim Samuri

Anifah Aman
Hamzah Zainuddin

Hassan Malik
Bashar Hanifah

Comm dan Multimedia
Shabery Ceek
Jailana Johari

Richard Riot

Luar Bandar
Shafie Afdal

Kesejahteraan Bandar
Abdulah Rahman Dahlan
Halimah Sididk

Belia dan Sukan

Helmi Yahya

Adnan Mansor

Perusahaan Perladangan Komododi
Douglas UNggah

Maximus Ongliki
Dep Mahadzir Khalid

Saberi Yaakon
Dep Tajudin Abd Rahman

Nazri Aziz
Dep Joseph Salang

Science, Innovative

Dep Abu Bakar Mod Diah

Sumber Asli

Pemabangiungan Wanita
Rohani ABdul Karim

Note: I will update the list later. A little low on the spirits to do that right away. 


  1. Mazlan5:54 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I'm usually not in agreement with you - but this time I have to say you are spot on with your disappointment.
    A cabinet full of Najib cronies and a lot of old faces... Muhiddin's people being shafted for sure..
    Shabery Cheek for Information???? Old school man for new age industry???
    Nazri Aziz? WTF???
    Not sure KJ is an asset - he was not exactly succesful in getting the youth vote (failure wound be more apt...)
    And the Wayamorthy of Hindraf fame being rewarded??? He might as well have spat in the face of MIC.... This fella has sold out for what? What does Najib get out of it...

    Najib needs to listen what the grassroots and rakyat is saying. His so called 'war room' strategists are a complete bunch of overpaid morons.I think Najib just signed his won execution.

  2. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Rocky, are you now KJ's friend? What about his connections to Singapore?

  3. I feel you Dato'. I hope our dear PM knows what his doing. Enough said.

  4. Anonymous6:06 pm

    I've decided not to Vote UMNO in GE14.


  5. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Yay to KJ! My two sons who voted for 1st time are elated!
    I say you can't put a good man down forever.


  6. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Disappointing. As old as the mountains still in. Ada yang dah nak sampai kubur pun di lantik semula. 133 MPs. Yang dah nak mampos pun di bawa masuk cabinet

    Very very kecewa.

  7. Anonymous6:33 pm

    No Chinese reps mah...I hope the DAPs ADUNs and MPs will solve the day to day problem of the Chinese in the Cities and towns as most of the Service centres set by MCA were closed down.I will forsee that this coming 5 years will be a long years for the Chinese population esp the small and medium businessmen as lesser contracts and opportunities will come into their way.Not all Chinese are rich mah..If this problem really happen,blame yourselves[Chinese] for being easily manupilated by Rear Admiral and his power crazy gangs.

  8. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Alamak.....he's still Education Minister. What a nightmare...continue with vernacular and agama schools - incubator for racism and Islamic divisiveness.

  9. Anonymous6:45 pm

    What a line up. What do you think. For the best or the worst is yet to be seen. Good work. Let by gone be by gone. We will see the outcome, worst days may endure.

  10. Pakatan Rosak6:50 pm

    Yeah, some are okay, some are unknowns yet some are liabilities.

    But good because some are not so gang gang.

    What about the Opposition's shadow to these?

    There's one to match. Richard RIOT? Is he to take care of Pakatan Riot affairs?

  11. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Finally KJ got the ministerial post. He deserves it. It is long overdue. 18 thousands majority in Rembau deserved more than a pat on the back. He has an uphill task to bring back the youth to BN's fold. No easy task but now is the time he is more than capable to do it. He is an intelligent guy nevertheless.
    Hopefully too, the great statesman would leave him alone and no longer sniping at him from the sideline. He has had his lesson. It's time to kiss and make up. Or Khairi could make an effort to personally pay him a visit, kiss his hand and apologize. If he is sincere enough, he will forgive him. Now is the time to close that chapter and move on to the path of healing. Anyway congrats Bro!

  12. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Yes, all the PM's men and women should now be transferred to KK or Kuching. Putrajaya should rightfully be governed by Pakatan.

  13. Errrkk... Hilang mood! Aku orang bandar. Banyak persoalan bermain di fikiran!

  14. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Hey did the PM just handed the GE14 to the opposition? Heck that was too easy for them...ouch!!

  15. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Infomation Minster : Ahirudin Attan

    T e t a p Sokong !!

  16. NoCorruptionAllowed8:49 pm

    Is Najib scrapping the bottom of the barrel? KJ reputation is one of corruption. Is he the right contoh for our youth. Well Malays NGO need to watch what he will sell to Singapore this time.

    It cannot be business as usual for UMNO. The Malays didnt vote UMNO for the govt to be run by tainted people. SPRM shd investigate LKS claim that KJ is the richest unemployed man.

  17. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Menteri Comedy : Syed Akbar Ali

    Timbalan Menteri Comedy : Bung Moktar Radin

  18. arizmaya8:57 pm

    since MCA and Gerakan is declining to be part of the new cabinet.. I was hoping Najib would have appointed mantan YB for Wangsa Maju sdr Wee Choo Keong as a Minister to take up the chinese quota

  19. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Cheer up! Look on the positive, we have Obi-Wan's relative holding the Science Technology Innovation portfolio. We can't go wrong there.

    Zahid's going to have to step on it immediately after the swearing in, don't envy him. Well he's definitely going to be the first to be evaluated by the public. The rest, I guess will get the usual 100 hassle-free days before being picked on. Good luck, Malaysia and Allah bless.

  20. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Fast forward 2018.

    Barisan Nasional/UMNO - R.I.P

  21. Anonymous9:30 pm

    very good cabinet
    some should be out
    lets see

  22. Anonymous9:38 pm

    I share the same feelings Datuk...

  23. Rocky.
    Wanita UMNO not vary happy.Their leader is not in the cabinet.
    Look like Mahayuddin,will retire as DPM and minister of education.

    Najib will have to face UMNO election this year,can he survive?

  24. Anonymous10:55 pm

    as usual he says a lot of things that people like to hear but does not do any of them......reason enough to be depressed.

  25. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Najib is brilliant for retaining some dead woods in the form of Idris Jusuh, Mahadzir Khaled, Shahidan Kasim, Adnan Mansor, Nazri Aziz

  26. I don't understand why they merged ministry of edu and have four menteris?

    I hope with the addition of ahmad maslan, togather with old line up of finance will make a great team to conpensate all the debts.

  27. Anonymous5:41 am

    KJ and Wahid, the right way to go. Kamala as well. Kudos to 1Malaysia.

    Tiger jnr

  28. bourne identity7:37 am

    ...and the biggest joke that Lim Kit Sial has urged the PM to solidify his 1Malaysia concept while Lim ha always been standing by his own 1Chinese concept.
    Once a racist chinese pig - Oink! Oink! Oink!...ALWAYS a racist chinese pig....

  29. Anonymous10:14 am

    Al least spell people's name correctly...or maybe bloggers are the exeception

  30. So after all this talk of 'Transformasi' and 'New. - what are we left with?
    So called new ministers are actually recycled old ministers. And most of new faces obviously not selected on capability but because they are Najib's cronies and will protect him within UMNO.
    As for KJ - I leave that for others to decide on his 'positives' or 'negatives'.

    Rocky - I can see why you are depressed.......

  31. Anonymous4:56 pm

    .. why idris jusoh still hope fuad zarkashi will be senator and still in education..

    why waytha moorthy??? maybe lots of `jasa' for malays

    why tajuddin for agriculture? maybe banyak `jasa' in felcra

  32. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Why did not put qualifications?????

  33. Anonymous2:55 pm

    you are wrong. anwar is the richest unemployed man.

  34. Anonymous9:41 pm

    new cabinet?...ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  35. Budu Man6:47 pm

    New cab line-up?

    PM Najib should now consider changing his pointed finger slogan by having the thumb out as well at a right angle to the pointed index.

    Trusting consultants was a big mistake. Getting people from these outfits to actually manage is even a bigger mistake. Believing advisers that think Malaysians are divided just because these advisors cease to think as a race in Malaysia but rather as a race in UK or US and using them to chart the national strategy for unity is anything but intelligent. Believing again the same set of advisers (that had advised BN's election strategy and choice of winnable candidates) for recommending the cabinet is not human.

    As Muslims, it does us all good to be guided and take note of the Al-Quran, especially on the point of advisers and unity.

    For now, the perception on many in the new line up ushers the mental picture of the right angled thumb to the signature pointed finger of the PM.