Friday, May 17, 2013

Make sure you pick the right country to migrate to ...

You may have read this invitation to migrate and ...
... and you may have been angered by Zahid Hamidi's direct style. I must say, it is not very Malay of Zahid to be so undiplomatic. But let's face it: all he's saying is, hey, cut the crap, accept defeat gracefully and let all of us move on. Most of us have got work to do.  
Some unhappy Malaysians in Perth. Not sure about the kids, though
But if you do intend to migrate because you think we shouldn't be adopting the first-past-the-post system and you insist Anwar Ibrahim be made the Prime Minister through the back door by us all adopting the "popular votes" system, make sure you don't migrate to Australia, the UK, Canada or New Zealand because these countries have the same system as ours, all adopted from Great Britain. The ruling parties in these countries get even less in terms of popular votes than BN. 
People migrate for many reasons. I know quite a number of people from Malaysia who are British and American citizens who still call Malaysia "tanahair". But if you are migrating because you think this country sucks and is a racist nation, then make sure you don't come back. According to a journalist who migrated years ago, too many of you decided to return to Malaysia after realizing that it's not all honky dory in Australia or England or wherever it was that you thought would be a better home. 
p.s. Me, I want to migrate to Sabah or Sarawak.


  1. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Yes Zahid is right..if you think this country is so repressive and very hard to live..plse by all means migrate to anywhere where its freedom and good weather all the time example go to Indonesia where its more politically open..plse make sure to put your kids in Indonesian school. I don't think Spore wants Malaysian Chinese. What about India..the healthcare system is the best in the orld. the Indian IT experts are all there to help you.Then when you die don't think you have vast and nice frng shui Nilai styped burial places..just get yourselves turned to ABU and don't ever think of bringing back and smatter on the beaches
    Some Malays

  2. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Tanya cina2 yg belajar di down under berapa ramai yg pernah kena maki sebab berbangsa cina. Kawan aku pun pernah kena maki you chinese bastard go back to own country. Kawan akutak marah kena maki tapi marah sebab kena panggil cina.

  3. I will definitely go to Indonesia ;)

  4. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Its different case if one disagrees with one or more individuals in the system.
    But if they disagree with THE system, a system thats been there from the very beginning, then please get out, theres the door and dont let it hit yo ass on your way out.
    Good job Mr Minister!

  5. Does this frog scumbag Ahmad Zahid Hamidi mean that all the Malays and Bumis who did not vote for SCUMNO/BUMNO, and by his definition are unhappy with the elections system, laws and Constitution, should also migrate to Indonesia, Thailand or Singapore or elsewhere? Because that's what his statement clearly implies.

    Btw, Hamidi has still not explained to the Sultan of Johor why army fire-fighting machines cost 3 times those purchased by the Palace.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

    1. Anonymous8:38 pm

      There's nothing wrong with zahid hamidi statement.
      U should sedar diri la brader...

    2. Anonymous11:49 am

      piss n have a look at your face...zahid's statement is nothing other than asking those who dont like the voting system migrate elsewhere...go to indon i.e lim kitsiang will be renamed puako mapusurdosono...

      nik kota bharu

    3. Anonymous12:44 pm

      Migrate to china bagus. Kan kuasa besar ekonomi skrg.

  6. Anonymous1:17 pm

    no harm going over to East Malaysia Rocky.

    Where will you be voting then?

    Not in Semenanjung please.

    Or else, when you fly down, you may be classified as phantom voter.


  7. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Kalau semunya tak kena di Msia ni, emigrate ajelah. I support Zahid 100%.

  8. Anonymous1:42 pm

    The BEST solution to all these time-wasting, energy-draining nonsense rhetorics of asking people to get out of country every now and then spewed by plentiful immatured politicians is SEPARATION - Pen. Msia for BN and malay-muslims only whereas independent Borneo(Sb/Swak)for all others.Put in the mechanism for 3-year exodus timeline.Let them go redevelop virgin jungles Borneo.No more quarrels, no need general elections too.Do you support Datuk?Peace finally.

  9. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Welcome to Sarawak - my home, and Sabah, my second home!

  10. Anonymous2:16 pm

    When you migrate to Australia, they will call you yellow pale stingking fella.

  11. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Go zahid.......what he meant was accept the results gracefully.

    Well if you look the rallies.....hmmm it seems the rallies are almost dominated by a single minority race that makes up only 20.5 percent of the population. I guess the majority of the other race is not with them

  12. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Zahid is an extremist racist. If one to disagree with the system and being ask to get out then I are no hope under BN and BN must be toppled with all cost. For those who want Malaysia to get the better system we must be hard in our stand and not submit to this racist intimidation. Fight on and we shall UBAH this racist apartheid regime.

    1. Anonymous2:35 am

      Ngot mgot

    2. Anonymous12:14 pm

      He didn't specify any particular to migrate, you idiot. Kalau otak sudah racist, macam ni la jadinya

    3. Anonymous12:41 am

      Otak dah penuh dengan kebencian. Buta mata. Buta hati.

  13. Anonymous2:25 pm

    I with you Zahid. To all the faggots who thinks our system sucks by all means get the (&^*% out.

  14. Anonymous2:31 pm

    A kelly ng fr an int sch in Kajang claimed that many parents are sending their children to int sch because they intend to Malaysia cannot "cari mkn" he said. By all means...go ahead & migrate all they want...good riddance!

  15. Anonymous2:36 pm


    dont be stupid. only those who made noise should go. if you accept defeat like a gentleman no one cares.

    the army fighting machines are not the same. just like cars with full accessories cost more than the basic ones. OK stupid?

    i support zahid 100%.

  16. Anonymous2:42 pm

    when Tun Razak met mau zse tung Tun Razak informed him that there were about 300000 stateless chinese in malaysia and would like china to take them back. mau said NO NO NO.

    even china dont want these bloody ungrateful chinese. where can they go? nobody wants them. and still here behaving like thugs, hooligans and behaving as though they own this country forgetting who gave them citizenship.

  17. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Maybe the homo can get these people american citizenship.

  18. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Anwar ang gang semuanya malaikat... tak ada dosa punya orang.. Kit Siang pun panggil Najib syaitan.. Pak Nik pun nak masuk Pas masuk syurga.. sanggup ludah orang lagi.. the pakatans are all angels. Sure masuk syurga semuanya. Touch N Go. Sikit pun tak ada dosa. Dok maki orang pun OK..ahli syurga. Apa yang BN buat semua masuk neraka walaupun buat baik macam mana pun Dosa pada mata Anwar, Kit Siang dan Nik Aziz. Pakatan tu dah jadi macam Firaun.. dia lah Tuhan. Tapi ingat!!!!Jangan sampai Allah hantar lalat masuk telinga baru Anwar, KitSiang tau langit tu tinggi ka rendah!!!!

  19. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Why don't the GE13 cheater, Perasuah migrate to oths PLACES because they the are one who ruin this country and let oths who really luv Malaysia stay

    1. Anonymous10:58 pm

      Cheating what? Cheating Chua Lai Fatt who was adopted by chinese family but affizah him as bangladeshi phantom voter... Smell like stinks bacon..

      - Berapo suku eh? -

  20. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Before this they accused SPR of cheating and now they blame the system in denying them to form government. After this they will blame the birds, the fish and the squirrels. Why now questioning the system? the system is there since 1950's and everyone seemed accepting before. Why don't question it before the people caste their vote in recent election?
    Oh well, I forgot. You guys are so confident of toppling BN and subscribing to the system. When things didn't go your way you blame everything but yourself. Blame the system and scream at the top of your lung why winning the majority of votes still can't form a government? You guys are still in denial. Can't accept the fact that BN still rule and time is running out for someone who still believe being PM is his destiny.

  21. Meleis3:24 pm

    There are so many (i believe a chinese) comments here and in other blogs talking about Zaid Hamidi statement is actually against Najib Razak stand on National Reconciliation.

    So since, they talked so much about this National Reconciliation, i have a suggestion.

    We can give up DEB and whatever reasonable crap that they demand. BUT! these slanty eyed motherfuckers MUST assimilate.

    Do what Thai Chinese and Indonesian Chinese are doing. Even Philipines chinese too. They assimilate.

    Malays name, they must converse in malay, there is no SJKC whatsoever.

    Just assimilate. If you refuse to assimilate. Pack your bag, move to Australia, Singapore or whatever country that you think better than Malaysia.

    If you still refuse. Go fuck-off and die.

    There has to be give and take.

    1. Anonymous4:46 am

      Asshole, it is the govt that promotes segregation by race in the first place! Indonesia doesn't practice affirmative actions like NEP so there's no reasons to identify by race! Over here, "I'm a bumi, whoppee I get discount buying house/special quota etc"

    2. Anonymous11:46 pm

      Shithole, in that need to assimilate but think of yourselves as the pendatang that u really are.

    3. Anonymous5:54 am

      Imbecile. Ayat terbaeek.

  22. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Mulut Besar, Otak Kosong.

    What do you expect from an illegitimate Government.

  23. Anonymous3:40 pm

    mari pakai baju putih setiap sabtu tanda kita menyokong ketelusan..

    1. Anonymous8:03 pm

      Ok I will do just that pakai baju putih

  24. spencer663:48 pm

    you got to see past that statement. someone with a new level of authority in this country, is telling its people to migrate due to dissatisfactions, is showing denial and arrogance by the addressing the issue directly. its akin of school boys quarrels of telling another "if you dont like the way i talk to you, go fly kite". you get the point?

  25. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Ini adalah cadangan yg sangat bagus...ya chase away all other races indian,eurasian, chinese,japanese,american,korea,dayak,melanau,bajau,kadaansun,bangla,indon,tinggal sje melayu

    1. Anonymous4:50 am

      Oh wait u mean Indonesians who claim to be different? :D

  26. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Guan Eng can migrate too. Nobody wants to stop you.

  27. Anonymous4:22 pm

    For the minority a.k.a 'Pendatang', if you are not happy with this country then just F*** off to some islands and form your own country and government because no countries want to take maggots like you. If you can't find any island which is not own by any country,then either live up in the clouds of stay with the animals in the jungles.

    1. Anonymous6:00 am

      Whoopey!!! Ada org tak tau yg minoriti sebenarnya org asli a.k.a 'Yang Asal dan Ori'. Wait. ..salah ke statement tu?

  28. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Datuk Zahid, saya sokong 100% statement datuk. Ya, bagi mereka yg tidak dapat menerima keputusan PRU 13 dan seterusnya memperlekehkan SPR patut diberi kata dua iaitu: jika setuju dgn keputusan PRU13, teruskan hidup aman damai dinegara Malaysia tercinta ini; bagi yg tak dapat terima "Get the out of this country. You are not wanted"

  29. tebing tinggi4:48 pm

    It's about that we had to be blunt , forget about diplomacy ,no more polite ,enough of that ,only make people pijak kepala .
    whether you are being misquote or what I believe you say it right,'Zahid'.
    Enough all this ,do it right.

  30. Anonymous4:57 pm

    some of us think his fcuk face is too offensive, so can this marderfarker just emigrate... or fcuk off to anywhere.

  31. Anonymous4:59 pm


    u must be another one of those who cannot accept defeat. so when r u getting lost?

  32. Anonymous5:03 pm


    what are you? another pkr bastard?

  33. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Wooo ahhh darn arrogant...

    Talk as if he is going to live forever, this little brown fler sooner or later he have to 'emigrate' from earth as well...

  34. man on da street5:09 pm

    Remember that pompous lawyer with the thoroughbred horse.? He's been slamming the government , but still makes money from the government.? He did migrate once , but why the hell did he comes back, any clue.?

    1. He can't make money in other country. Besides, he was ill treated by other races. That's why he came back.

    2. Anonymous11:03 pm


      - bapo suku eh? -

  35. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Whats all the hoohaa.

    As usual come next week he will says he was quoted out of context.

    And just like that ex-judge & most umno bigwigs, got the guts to said it but not balls to admit.

  36. Anonymous5:18 pm


    Go to australia where the whites will call you dingos.

  37. The mother of all SORE LOSERS are the one losing an election. Hehehehe Anwar and LKS lost.Lost.Lost.Lost. So, he sore losers behave like dogs, just barking. Bark and bark to a strong studded hill. A panoramic beautiful Hill, called Malaysia. The Hill is studded. Just looking down how the hell the Leaders ( SORE LOSERS ) keep on dangling steaks to the dogs, but, knowing tht, they have no intention of feeding the dogs with the juicy steaks.
    You moronic dogs, listen and swallow all the "surface truth" presented to you like the smell of the juicy steak. How can anybody so stupid to go on more stupid by the days. After you lose, fight another day. Keeping on harping the same thing, talking about GE 13, when, GE 13 is already a history. If you don't like the GE 13 results, go to court, bring along your proof. Barking will not help. Barking will create nuisance to the general public.

  38. Anonymous5:34 pm


    nothing wrong with that statement, those who disagree must have an ulterior motive with an hidden agenda such personalities like khoo kay peng and astro awani among them.

    By the way, malaysian people had migrated to other country, so nothing wrong with that statement in fact astro awani and khoo kay peng should encourage those people wish to migrate.

    But what annoying most is we have a toothless cabinet in NAJIB administration.

    `PAS and UMNO must unite'

  39. Anonymous6:07 pm

    because over there they called him pariah.

  40. Mustapha Ong6:09 pm

    I honestly think that as a Malaysian with a sense of intelligence, I'll not take Zahid Hamidi's statement too offensively. Whether the statement was made in his capacity as a Minister or personal did not make any difference. With due respect to any Malaysian, I would have said the same thing in a jest perhaps but not to be taken too seriously. Different people migrate for different reasons in this borderless world as long as they are happy. I would not migrate overseas without any reasons as there are many procedures to adhered to as stipulated in most countries.

    Based own my personal experience, and by virtue of my continued public service overseas for more than 28 years, I had been given the choice of a PR status in at least two countries in the Western world. I am glad that I didn't take up the offer and challenge in staying in a foreign country. I opined that Malaysia is still the best country if you know how to appreciate the good things and convenience of living in peace and harmony among the various races. However, if you are negative in your approach, including your political ideology as well as your perception that things are bad in this country, the the choice of abode is entirely on your own accord. Malaysia is a democratic country and all of us are being protected by the Federal Constitution and even the PM could force you and your family to emigrate. On the contrary, there are thousands of Malaysians who had migrated overseas had applied to return to this homeland and again for various reasons. Thus emigration is both ways and based on their various living experience overseas and also the needs to migrate back to Malaysia.

  41. Anonymous6:12 pm

    3:39 -- illigitimate govt? go for a brain scan. dont forget this govt gave you citizenship. cant go anywhere else, is it? so whine like a dog, a pariah dog.

    1. Anonymous4:55 am

      You idiot, the govt gave nothing! It's the constitution that gave US ALL our citizenship! Can't bloody separate between govt & constitution?!

    2. You bloody swine! Who do you think formulate the constitution? Your great ancestors? It was at the pleasure and the blessing of the MALAY/UMNO. Get it to your thick skull, you dumbhead.

  42. Anonymous6:15 pm

    We are with you Zahid 100%. Say it as it is to these ingrates racist bastards. That's the only language they understand.You dont like it here you get lost. Fuck off.

  43. Pakatan Rosak6:17 pm

    This nonsense about popular votes is actually utter rubbish.

    If that is the case, Theresa Cock should be leader of the DAP and also be the opposition liwater.She got the biggest majority.

    Anwar Ibrahim should organise a rally over this.

  44. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Brilliant idea Zahid..actually u shud just kick them out instead of asking them to migrate.
    then this whole country will be left for you and your goons(rocky?) to do whatever you wanna do with it without anyone stopping you guys..what a brilliant idea minister.

    No wonder you are among the top in UMNO.

    Better act fast guys may be voted out come next


    1. Anonymous8:10 pm

      6.17 you guys been elected off this time. Step down with grace plzzz. Kulit ada tampal ""kemaluan"" tidak? Pathetic sour looser.
      We are glad he is among the top in umno you jealous ke.
      Blaaahhh laaa

    2. Anonymous11:09 pm

      Maybe all of u can cuts all of your kulups then send and migrate it to anywhere.

      - bapo suku eh? -

  45. Anonymous6:33 pm

    I notice some chinese ( a lot actually if not 99%) have this idea of separation meaning chinese go states they like e.g Johor, Sabah, Sarawak and Malay - Bumi goes to other states...

    Kelakar ... in your dreams ... biarlah logik sikit ... sakit hati sangat ke duduk dengan melayu :)) ... patut la meroyan macam orang gila

    1. Anonymous6:08 am

      Sori naik lori. I'd prefer hanging out in sabah n swak. Mentality tak sama.

  46. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Zahid talked like he owns the country,very arrogant. Every citizen has the right to comment and if you disagreed,just explain politely(especially you are a public figure-a minister).Your salary and perks are all from the taxes of the people!

  47. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Kudos to the 51 pct voting base. Anything but UMNO ! That's what Dumnos are so angry about.

  48. Anonymous7:23 pm

    donplaypukes and parammeswaram,

    both of you can pack your bags and get the f..... out of this country!!! you party has LOST the election, got it? if you cannot understand simple english considering both of you who are supposed to be educated than you become beggars in other countries!!

  49. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Ah the pointing finger. When they got caught for speeding, they offered the policemann some money to let them go. When the policeman did let them go, they talked about the corrupt guy the whole day in the office. What do we called the person who offered the money? Chinese.
    This is a true story

  50. This numbskull must be thinking that he owns this country, arrogantly shooing people as he pleases. Little did he realise, he is a mere servant. Yes, a mere servant, and he should stick that in his thick skull. He and the rest of the cabinet members up there have been entrusted by the rakyat to manage this country well, not as they please. I am not suggesting PR should govern, they do good as opposition and should remain with that role. But with dickheads like him managing this country, I just wonder where we will be lead, and how long can they sustain resting in their seats.

  51. Anonymous8:32 pm

    I agree with Zahid. I notice a number of comments from cHINApeks here. Hey, chinkies! If you are unhappy and think that the BN government is not good enough for you, just get the fuck out of here! Those cHINApeks who are already overseas, don't bother to come back here. Stay put where you are and Malaysia will be a better place for the rest of us! Bangsat punya cHINApeks!

  52. Anonymous8:51 pm

    My Dear Fellow Malaysians.
    There is no need to get too excited.
    Everybody knows that if you do not like the rules of a game, you can always LEAVE the table.
    Similarly if you do not like the Malaysian System, migrate-lah.
    NO ONE is stopping you.
    And please do not make this like a anti CINAMI thing.
    The migration option is only for those who DO NOT AGREE with the system.
    No racial criteria there.
    Stop being racist and look at everything through racial tainted eyes.

  53. Anonymous9:02 pm

    almost 2 weeks... still no concrete proof of polling fraud. Why ?? Becoz was just PR propaganda..Claimed blackouts...where??? Even DAP Adun said it never happened. 40K bangla..and they caught PR own 'bangla' voter and an indian chinese..Hahaha... no china dolls?? or apeks??
    Guess they need more time to fabricate 'proof' and/or awaiting spin master instruction..

  54. Anonymous9:38 pm

    If every single damn thing what the government do nothing is good and correct, than surrender yoy citizenship and go somewhere else. If you don'tany place to go than go to HELL.

  55. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Scotland tak lama lagi nak Independent - try try kat sana kut kut kamu semua bole dapat free citizenship macam Malaysia bagi kat makbapa kamu sini.

    Siapa nak kojo, menantu sya ade ladang epal kat sana - bole submit application thru me..


  56. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Yeah, it was not chinese tsunami, it was bangla, indon, filipino tsunami. I love my country, I hate the corrupted leader, who rape my country. Just look around at BN menteri's, AJK Bahagian, PM wife, how big their house (can be called palace), their cars, jewelery (handbag). This people are the real traitor to to country and people of malaysia.

  57. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Do you know that the cry baby Anwat (pun intended anwar+liwat) who lost in his premiership campaign is goin' to report to Obama what the GE13 voters had done to him and warned us Malaysian what Obama US will do.....

    Wow, Anwat is behaving like a kindergarten child when things does not go his to the father.just like a cry baby......he he he.....

    How to lead a nation with this kind of behavior.

    1. Anonymous11:20 pm

      The real traitors to the country are money launderers from illegal business likes drug trafficker, smuggler, prostitute & rumah uruts owner... Profiteering cheater for tax evasion... Corrupted bussinessman.. This is a real big traitors to the country who's against GST much so they cant laundering the money as usual...

      Well done zahid... They can't take the heat..

      - bapo suku eh -

  58. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Good statement by our new home minister....

  59. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Those yellow pale stinking fella know that the best place to live in this world is still Malaysia. Thats why they want to take over by all means.

    Hey aku migrate because tak suka kat Pak Lah punya stinking administration, tak kesah pun! Tak payah banyak cerita. So if you dont like Malaysia belah lahh!!!Just migrate lah kalau tak suka. Its a free world.

    Now i can come back to Malaysia hahaha!

    Thank you BN!!!

  60. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Politic is about perception and not realy about fact. PR already started the war of perception for next GE. They really good in manipulating any issue for their own goal. Anuwar and the geng really know how to kept and the momentum to discard BN popularity. Look like UMNO going bungkus in next 5 years. If not, in next 10 years. Let see siapa yang kena. Tapi tak semua orang bodoh dan rasanya orang kurang pandai guna akal sudah cukup utk dimanipulasi oleh PR.

    Ostat yang bagi ceramah di Masjid KLCC sebelum sembahyang Jumaat tgh hari tadi pun dah mula manipulasi isu ketulusan SPR. Celaka sungguh puak2 ni........pandai sungguh depa wujudkan persepsi negatif dan menguatkan momentum utk jatuhkan lawan.

    Malang utk UMNO........peace

  61. Anonymous11:11 pm

    To think of it Zahid has made a valid statement.Many chinese had migrated to Singapore. Singapore is still taking malaysian chinese as citizens. It is a good idea.

    As for the malays who supported DAP or PKR...sorry you are not wanted in Singapore.

    The chinese who supported DAP,PKR or PAS were pissed cos' their grand plan to overthrow the malay govt did not succeed. Well we can understand the frustrations and all that. Do it another time 5 years from now.

    Don't blame the govt if arrest are made following the planned protest to disrupt the economy. Zahid has given a subtle warning. If you don't mind being arrested you can try and protest then.

  62. Anonymous1:07 am

    Better a Cruel Truth than a Comfortable Delusion -Edward Abbey

  63. Anonymous2:41 am

    I hate astro awani.

  64. Anonymous4:52 am

    Mr zahid, why am i reading all this cock nonsense, action nowwwwwwwwww

    Talk cockkkkkkk laterrrrrr


  65. Anonymous6:37 am

    Agree 200!

    If you challenge the system, the constitution and still hang on to vernacular schools - that is evidence you are still in the pendatang spiritual mode

    you should just migrate to your country of origin

  66. Anonymous6:42 am

    retard @ 2:24 pm is still in communist kit siang's wet dreams

    the majority is planning a backlash on the ungrateful and unpatriotic minority

    you have lost and UBAH now officially means USIR Bangsa Angkatan Haram

  67. Anonymous6:48 am

    Idiot @ 4:06 pm

    NO goondoo only screaming ingrates like lks lge tersesak cock nga ngeh ngok ....

    the other races hormat Malaysia

  68. Anonymous8:36 am

    Bravo! Zahid, please take action now espcially the spillover from hishamkeris-h20.

    Hey Rocky, Sabah is nice. I have stayed a few years in Sarawak. Sihaaaat walafiat.

  69. Anonymous9:02 am

    Zhid buat apa yg betul dan baik utk 27 juta trakyat malaysia, yg 1 juta boleh merambus keluar dari malaysia..kalau main badminton jgnnikut jumlah set memang kira jumlah mata dapat.. Cibai punya jubri.. pakatan pun tak berdaftar byk sogel pulak.. nuar panas sebab byk kes akan jalan..kelcuali peguam negar kawan keras case NFA..n Fuck u all sokong Bn..

  70. Anonymous9:57 am

    So half of the US population should migrate to other country since they opposed Obama.
    Bangladesh people are most welcome to be th Bumiputra in Malaysia.

  71. Anonymous10:26 am

    China Premier Zhou En Lai's visit

    in the 70s, when China ended it's close door policy and begin to build foreign ties, Zhou En Lai visited Malaysia. He then made a statement, asking Malaysian Chinese to Swear our loyalty to Malaysia, to our King the Yang Dipertuan Agong.

    That puts an END to our grievance and despair of our ancestors, in an abrupt way. No more going back to CHina. CHINA closed it's door to them.

    Instead of moving on and , like every other chinese around the world, to assimilate and integrate, our second generation ancestors were very CONFUSED. their affinity to Chinese school system is now changed, from initially being an affinity to mainland china, to purely the school system.

  72. Anonymous10:35 am

    Rocky Butt , you seem support the vulgar words by Zahid..

    Too bad , you can't be a good example for your kids

  73. Anonymous10:42 am

    Zahid has set the right tone.

    The chinese will respect the PAP-Singapore style of management. Singapore took FIRM and SWIFT actions over the Malaysian Chinese who protested against the PRU13 results. Their work permits and visit passes were IMMEDIATELY revoked.

    PAP had also abolished all Chinese, Malay and Tamil schools and implemented only ONE type of official school. Surely LKS and DAP want to emulate their ‘sifus’.

    Malaysian authorities MUST take timely actions. PRU13 has MAGNIFIED the reality check. Petition for Satu Sekolah untuk Semua for national reconciliation. Languages other than Bahasa Malaysia and religious studies can be offered outside of curriculum hours.

    The way PAP-Singapore handles the Chinese (with their history of communism) reflects their innate respect and obedience for tough actions – much like how Singapore has managed them.

  74. Anonymous11:19 am

    So how come NOT ONE Bangla or INDON was caught as a phantom voter and presented to the police or the international news media?
    I thought there were many stupid BERSIH axxholes monitoring the polling centre?
    Ini lu BERSIH buta-buta buat kerja atau sudah kena korrrrupsyen dengan itu Phantom Voter?
    Mahu dapat baju kuning free lepas tu makan angin kat polling centre?
    BERSIH monitors work like SHIT!
    Cannot even catch ONE phantom voter out of the THOUSANDS that landed.

  75. Now this is a KDN minister talking. Unlike the previuos minister of warnings.

  76. Anonymous11:36 am

    9:57 -- why not? after all the MALAYS gave the chinese 1 million citizenship.

    In the US the losers accept defeat with dignity, unlike you bastards here.

    1. Anonymous6:21 am

      I agree. The MALAYS gave the chinese 1 million citizenship. They are also the ones who gave the PTIs citizenship.

  77. Anonymous11:43 am


    grow up. you comment like a stupid child. so malays cannot live in big houses and buy expensive handbags? you want people here to live in trees? there is such a thing as housing loans in case you are still in the dark ages. how about you? living in the streets of chow kit road?

  78. Anonymous11:46 am

    agree with 9:02.

    everyone should read this.

    well said.

  79. Anonymous11:51 am


    have you listened to lks talking? he talks as if he owns this earth. so dont talk rubbish. how big is the tax you are paying? no one will eat maggots if you stop paying taxes here. GET LOST if this country is not good enough for you.

  80. Budak Gombak11:52 am

    I agree 110% with DS Zahid Hamidi. If i am elected to office and made Home Minister, my first i agenda would be to setup a special division to identify those "traitors" outside and inside this beloved country and revoke their citizenship. Let them feel what is like to live in no man's land with no rights to anything whatsoever.. Biar jadi NOMAD! YES! I'm an Ultra Radical Malay! YES! I've lived in multiple countries outside Malaysia.. Don't lie by saying they are not racist! They are racist! Jangan bagi muka kat bangsat-bangsat yang bermuka-muka dan tak reti berterima-kasih lebih-lebih lagi kat melayu yang bersengkongkol dengan musuh-musuh yang nyata!

  81. Anonymous11:54 am

    ramli sorip


  82. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Romli M.Sorip,
    LOL...Your kuda tumbang if not for the Sepet votes your kuda lost his deposit...How can your kuda called govt servants monkeys..ha.Accept the result and be like the famous quote that you claimed owned by your kuda An Officer and Gentleman.

  83. Sudah dasar majoriti Masyarakat Ah Bu Toh tak pandai Bahasa Melayu yang berbunga-bunga, dimana ada bahasa sindiran dan bahasa membujuk. Kalau sukar dimengertikan oleh mereka lebih elok Zaid henti bercakap-cakap tetapi terus jalankan kerja dengan bahasa perundangan. Leceh dengan sindir menyindir yang sukar difahami.

  84. Sudah dasar majoriti Masyarakat Ah Bu Toh tak pandai Bahasa Melayu yang berbunga-bunga, dimana ada bahasa sindiran dan bahasa membujuk. Kalau sukar dimengertikan oleh mereka lebih elok Zaid henti bercakap-cakap tetapi terus jalankan kerja dengan bahasa perundangan. Leceh dengan sindir menyindir yang sukar difahami. Mengajar cara ketegasan lebih baik.

  85. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Masuk AF la kalau nak menang undi popular!!!!
    Very shallow going by Anwar standards.. dah habis ammo ka???

  86. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Bravo Zahid, that's home minister material!

  87. Anonymous7:32 pm


    Finally time for tough actions, no more warnings ...

    saw 2 chinese males on tv trying hard to appear macho but faces turned yellow just when stepping into police station

    charged for destroying a vehicle's windscreen with helmets

    both were rioting trying to block a bus with legitimate voters

    padan muka nampak cuak betul ... ish ish ish

    terimalah hukuman

  88. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Kadang-kadang itu sahaja bahasa yang 'dia orang' faham.

    Cakap baik-baik lagi naik minyak.

  89. Anonymous8:57 pm

    I salute you the new KDN Minister. Bravo! More of these kind of statement pls.....

  90. Mustapha Ong10:32 pm

    Minister Zahid 's warning is clearly to all Malaysians, Melayu, Cina, India dan lain2 bangsa that if they are unhappy with our system, they should migrate to other countries. Did he said this to the Chinese? Please don't get excited and criticize the Minister unnecessarily. Don't be a racist as Malaysia belongs to all peace loving Malaysians who will not want to migrate overseas at whatever cost!

  91. Anonymous12:44 am


  92. Anonymous3:01 am

    anon 9.57 am.

    u stupid or what. they may oppose Obama but they didnt disrespect the ways and laws of the land. want mother-tongue public schools, want this want that. Provoke racism and stll living in denial thinking this is Tongsang land!! cannot see the difference, trying to play the victim and yet you are the BULLY.

  93. Anonymous5:06 pm

    and who put this into the constitution?

  94. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Then go to Indonesia. You cant even use chinese names, let alone the language.

  95. Anonymous10:36 pm

    apa bangang punya menteri..dah kalau ramai yg disuruh migrate..dah tak ada pembangkang la di malaysia..mulalah hangpa buleh sebat harta negara sesuka hati..hangpa perintah dgn syok sendiri la sebab tak ada org yg bangkang...low class..

  96. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Bravo Minister Zahid....thought I'd never ever see a statement like last, thank you for saying it loud and clear. For those who are too stupid to be a grateful n law-abiding citizen...go and find yourselves another country to grow old n dieeeee...

  97. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Tabik spriinnggg pada Menteri Tindakan. Jangan Gentar!!

  98. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Melayu & bumiputra tatap sokong BN ..sudah terbukti yak perlu cakap banyak lagi..go Najib go..

  99. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Mahu Malaysia maju aman tak de gado2..kena pilih BN.. salah pilih jdi Macam di timur tengah..tak takut ke apa berlaku di sana?

  100. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Patut syukur dpat pm macam ds najib..sabar je..