Saturday, May 18, 2013

DAP and Loyalty to Raja Melayu


A campaign on FB to condemn Ngeh and lodge police reports nationwide against Ngeh Hoo Kam for insulting the Sultan has been initiated by young SYA.

Click here to join the campaign.

p.s SYA, featured on this blog as The Good Chinese, despises politicians who harbor hopes of becoming PM by the age of 40.

Original article:
So, DAP is not subservient to the Raja Melayu 

It's what the DAP is good at, I've concluded: they would attack the Melayu institutions or traditions - not all of them and not too frequently but just enough to leave the impression (for the benefit of the growing number of easily impressionable Cina) that the DAP isn't afraid to take on the Malay establishment in order to represent the interest of the Cina. It is as racist a political game as it can get.

The Mole has the story on Ngeh Koo Ham, the DAP Perak strongman, openly taking a dig at the MCA for respecting the Sultan of Johor's authority in the appointment of the State's exco [Ngeh criticizes MCA for being subservient to Sultan Johor].

To Ngeh, it is not loyalty or Kesetiaan kepada Raja - it has to be described as subservient. The effect, of course, is negative on MCA and that IS the objective. Make MCA, a Cina party, look bad for bowing to the wishes of a Raja Melayu.

Ngeh isn't the first DAP leader to belittle the Johor Istana. And as long as there are Malaysians who believe that their race is superior to others, this kind of politics will thrive. Five years ago, after the so-called "tsunami" of PRU12, we witnessed the same thing. Read my two postings on that: To wear of not to wear the Songkok? and Wah, Gwee, so daring one!


  1. man on da street1:35 pm

    Me thinks, you no respect the Kesultanan Melayu, the Chinese members of your political party does not need to be respected at all.! Simple equations, as being one of the leadership of DAP , you are actually speaking on behalf of your party. Now , dont spin like rafidah aziz the old hag, says that his (botak of air asia)is his personal opinion. You deserved to be ridiculed, heck to be charge in court bro, wa cakp lu, Tunggu.!

  2. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Ini mesti semua kesalahan DSAI kut

    1. Anonymous6:18 pm

      Tentu skali. Mmg semua nak memuaskan nafsu depan belakang dia. Dan dia tidak akan puas2 Nyanyi la lagu goyang lagi kena sambar dik petir jadi hitam gelegam. Akan tiba masanya hanya Allah Maha Mengetahui. Munafiq dajjal.

  3. Anonymous2:12 pm

    mana ada melayu berani cakap.
    melayu sekarang semua sembah cina.


  4. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Ngeh ni mmg lahanat tak hormat raja dan rukunegara, dia boleh migrate ke Thailand mcm Chin Peng.

  5. Anonymous2:15 pm

    we are willing to sell Allah and Sultans as long as anwar can be the PM!

  6. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Sultan should be above politics. If MCA has resolved not to accept appointments at federal and state levels, the Sultan should respect it. What Najib did by reserving the post of Transport Minister for MCA pending the outcome of party election is a better alternative. The Sultan has actually 'interfered' in the affairs of MCA. The Sultan should have asked the new MB to reserve the Exco post for MCA.

    "Kesetiaan Kepada Raja......." is not an absolute loyalty per se. The Sultan has to act according to the advice given by the MB. The Sultan is a constitutional ruler, hence his powers are governed and limited by the state constitution.

    1. Anonymous5:51 pm

      Johor pnya constitution lain skit la. Sblm nak ckp check la dlu. Main ikut suka ko je kan


    2. Anonymous10:49 pm

      AG mana kau AG......AG , AG

      Jap......aku tengah main golf

      Apa ngeh buat hal...

      Nanti nanti, kasi habis main dulu, nantilah.....

  7. Pe'ah2:58 pm

    Should not hesitate la....just charge him in court for contempt, insurbodination, kurang ajar terlampau.....whateva, as long as he got charged, found guilty and dumped into the shit hole. Jangan bagi can lagi. They should know where the line is. Kalau pak sedara hang buat salah pun hang repot polis, ini pulak si ngeh, nga & co. Dia sepupu hang ka?

  8. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Si malaun ni nama asalnya Ngina Koolokamba Hamate....

  9. tebing tinggi4:42 pm

    Let it's be ,let it's be , let it's bees ,that is an answer let it's be.

    It's not a sign of disrespect ,it's a sign of strength.
    What the Malay can do ,Najib is weak ,the government is weak and the Bulayu is weak too,what they can do ,lineup to make a police report ,and then what ?,the KDN will take no notice probably no law is broken and they will continue,so dear Rocky just let it's be.

  10. Anonymous6:03 pm

    IF only more people understands what is called Constitutional monarchy then we wont have this kind of questions of loyalty going on.
    But how can you fault the MCA dirtbag?Most people who join MCA wants to be in positions.After winning so hard as an assemblyman he sure wanna get a hand into the cookie jar.IF he is a righteous man he should have rejected the offer to be in the exco since his bosses have already told him not to take up any position in the government.
    And since he have already taken up the exco position the next best thing he should have done is resign and save his party from this kind of embarassment.
    But then where in the MCA can you find guys with guts and dignity..they are only after positions and that is one of the reason the chinese rejects them en masse.only the malays are voting MCA now..guess about time change name to Malay Congress

  11. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Melayu sah lemah - sepatutnya for every crap these cina sepet kata - counter it but bn to accomodating - perception is equally important - ni zahid kata get out, khairy kata personal view ; senyap je lah - nak bodek sapa kata cam tu khairy? Report oversea kata anwar has been paid & supported by usa etc, ds najib should amplify it immeidately so that the whole nation dengar & think for a while... Kalau cam ni pru 14 gone pru 15 mata sepet ni take over... My sultans s say something pls

  12. Komen bangsat DAP ni walaupun ditujukan kepada MCA, ia sebenarnya mengeji insitusi Melayu dan orang Melayu oleh kerana Raja-raja Melayu itu adalah wakil orang Melayu dan juga salah satu simbol orang Melayu.

    Adakah mungkin pernyataan itu berbau "SEDITION" di bawah "Sedition Act":

    3. (1) A “seditious tendency” is a tendency—
    (a) to bring into HATRED or CONTEMPT or to excite DISAFFECTION
    against any RULER or against any Government;

    Kalau ye ... maka, it's time to act against these DAP lahanat chinese in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

    Udah-udah le ... jangan kasi muka lagi le!

    1. Anonymous4:26 am

      I think it's time for you to learn English

    2. Anonymous3:10 pm

      I think it's time for you to learn Bahasa Melayu.

  13. Bulayu tu ape tebing Tinggi?

  14. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Cina makin naik kepala sekarang. Insitute ISA back. Tangkap je, pengkianat mcm Ngeh ni. Buat mcm Singapura buat, rakyat tak berani nak buat hasutan perkauman because Singapore hv a strong ISA.

  15. Anonymous9:15 pm

    I think everyone else understands that he's taking a dig at MCA for not standing firm on their resolution. Rocky Bru is trying to take a dig at him through evil ways as usual ..haha. and trying to be serious about it.

  16. Anonymous9:21 pm

    dear God. these people are really getting out of hand. DS Najib better start showing some balls now. they are running riot all over the country.

  17. Anonymous9:24 pm

    You said: And as long as there are Malaysians who believe that their race is superior to others, this kind of politics will thrive.

    Are you also referring to 'Ketuanan' philosophy that UMNO and Perkasa are braying away daily?


  18. Anonymous9:58 pm

    ... finally, Rocky... you see the big picture.

    better late than never.


  19. Mustapha Ong10:11 pm

    Cina ini bukan sekarang Cina! Cina ini boleh ke Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China dan mungkin Singapura! Tetapi jika biadap dan melawan dengan kuasa mutlak Raja Melayu, harus di tangkap dan disumbatkan ke Sungai Buloh. Sebagaimana dimaktubkan di dalam Rukun Negara, semua Rakyat Malaysia harus menunjukkan taat setia yang tidak berbelah bagi kepada Raja dan negara!

  20. Anonymous10:25 pm

    another bombshell from cina dap laknat which will stir the melayu into heated debate and the sial laknat will keep silence. Bila dah cornered will say that comment was misunderstood. Ini clear proof that dap laknat has no respect to sultan melayu, rukun negara dan perlembagaan malaysia. They are not fit to be malaysian!

  21. Melayu PR mne ade peduli sultan, asal anuar/dap ckp sumer ikot je ~ mcm zombie.

  22. Anonymous10:40 pm

    but its u think its ok for umno to 'embarrassed & insulted' the king by swearing-in 5 illegal ministers & deputy ministers...

    stupid as stupid does... kah kah kah

    1. What illegal ministers.. which one.. what made them illegal.. state your facts.. being delusional is easy.. being stupid is easier.. being dumb is easiest

  23. Anonymous11:37 pm

    The Chinese justify their vote against BN as a vote against corruption.
    Actually it is just to hide their RACIST attitude towards the other Malaysians.

  24. Anonymous12:18 am

    Never mind la Ngok Nyek.. everyone know you people

    Just make sure your Rep friends speak perfect Bahasa Malaysia in the Dewans.

    Don't make my kids laugh OKAY!


    1. Anonymous3:15 pm

      You are right. Memang kelakar bila dengar wakil Parlimen DAP cakap Bahasa Malaysia.

  25. Anonymous1:23 am

    Making unfounded allegations against an elected rep by twisting and spinning is defamation and should be sued.

    That's not journalism.

    It's pure garbage!

  26. Anonymous1:35 am

    dah di pijak di ludah dan di keji...Melayu terus kecut telor. Persepsi yg di kasi - kita tak bermaruah, penakut dan memang bodoh!!

  27. Anonymous2:02 am

    Cina dap ni boleh balik naik tongkang ke cina. the same way u came to Tanah Melayu.

  28. Anonymous2:40 am

    Can any johorean Malay make a police report? I would if i am johorean.

    Panglima Talang

  29. Anonymous3:00 am

    What can the malay do,semua takut.cakap jer lebih.ada ayahanda,along la dan mcm mcm lagi.kunun mcm italian godfather,tapi hero kampung jer.Cuba tengok,ada berani ker diorang ni jentik si Ngeh ni...tak kan ader ler,kena warning saman,semua diam.Ye la,sapa larat bayar,bukan ader duit pun.Sekali si Ngeh ni lambak juta juta,terus kena beli...,melayu dulu tak sama dah dgn melayu sekarang.Dlm 5 tahun lagi kena jual le.Sekurang2nya tak leh salahkan najib,sebab dia dah usaha,tapi orang melayu sendiri tak mau pikir dan pertahankan bangsa.

  30. Anonymous7:48 am

    Apakah ngeh masih bisa berjalan bebas lagi saat ni, tanpa apa apa tindakan dari KDN

    Memanga negara ni dah takde undang undang

    Jgn cakap nak siasat aje, panggil ambik kenyataan dan cepat cepat dakwa

  31. Anonymous7:50 am

    Kalau kat siam ni, dah kene kerat pelir dah puak ni

  32. Anonymous8:05 am

    very 'kurang ajar'

  33. Kalau perkataan "dirtbag" or "scumbag" digunakan gerenti pasukan red bean army yang komen. Diorang tahu perkataan tu aje kat sekolah vernacular.

  34. UMNO pun begitu.Ada masa sultan dijunjung, masa lain sultan dihina. kalu tak caya tanya Tun Mahathir mantan PM kita yang paling lama bertahta. masa dia bergaduh dengan sultan dahulu habis semua sukusakat umnonua menghina sultan. sudah lupa ke ? melayu mudah lupa..

  35. Anonymous5:45 pm

    I think only rocky n his machais belive that this guy SYA is a good Chinese guy.
    WTF.. To us all he is just a turncoat and a man of little integrity and principles after leaving the DAP and now bad mouthing his former party. We can all group him in the katak party which includes TunkuAziz,Chandra M,IA,ZN dll..all great liars..only 1 man so far have been a gentleman.. And he is Lee Lam Thye..even though he left many years ago he very seldom say bad things about his former party..


    1. Anonymous9:47 pm

      Dear Stoopid Fcuk,
      By the same token you have no integrity and principles for suppoting Anwar who turned on his own party (umno).
      Oh how the stooopid racist easily forget.

    2. Anonymous11:37 pm

      Wat an asshole
      Everyone know Anwar is framed and kick out of UMNO by Mahathir.

      Only real racists keep labelling others racists..

    3. Ooi stoopid fuck, every one knows?!!! Anwar was framed??? U ni datang dari planet mana? When he was in umno, he was busy screwing the chinamen for ages mate. Now you defend him?!!! And if you insist, i will not label you a racist... just an idiot.!! Howzat

    4. Anonymous6:32 pm

      11.37pm bangral dia kena tendang dari umno krana RASUAH.
      Yg kata dia kena frame itu diri dia sendiri yg cakap. Ingat sikit dia d tendang sbb RASUAH. sekarang dah tidak kerja mana dia dapat duit wang money pitih pulus? By rasuah. Perasuah dan merasuah.
      Kau ni mmg la dah kena liwat atas bawah kiri kanan depan belakang luar dalam. All the holes he can get into you.

  36. Anonymous6:53 pm

    look like it is the rakyat who speak and defend on behalf of UMNO and BN nowadays.

    it is become clearly now that UMNO and BN were toothless, if this become the norm of the day, NAJIB admin is doomed!

    You expect Khairi and Hishamudin to defend UMNO and BN?

    we are very upset with the way UMNO handle DAP!

  37. Anonymous6:56 pm

    look like it is the rakyat who speak on behalf of UMNO and BN.

    it become clear now that UMNO and BN were toothless, if this become the norm in the day NAJIB admin is doomed

    You expect Khairi and Hishamudin to defend our UMNO and BN?

    we are very upset with the way UMNO handle DAP!

  38. can see clearly now9:52 pm

    For the past few days, the newspapers are full of " we are sll Malaysians we are the same" stories . True , being is one. It is the policians like LKS, LGE, Ngeh that make us different. I m sure if tomorrow there is a by-election then we will be different again

  39. ChineseoutofMalaya!12:45 am

    The DAP chinese better take note. We have taken enough shit from the Chinese. This is a Malay country. The Malays are reclaiming what has been denied them by the Indian fella Mahathir.

    The DAP chinese like Ngeh better ship out . The SPRM is going to investigate the 4000 ht of land given by Nik Aziz. Any wrong doing we will throw the book at the Chinese. they do not understand otherwise.

  40. Anonymous2:02 am


    At least Dato NAJIB,

    Can you make this statement;


    ada brani ka?

  41. Anonymous3:55 am

    Obvious these keturunan pendatang Tongkang ramai yg tak sedar diri dah melampau teramat sangat..

    Nampaknya kena ikut cara China jugak cara nak layan mereka nih (Tiananmen Square protests of 1989). Yang kalut duk demonstration tu, kasi gelek saja dengan armoured vehicles, pasti beres!


  42. can see clearly now8:09 am

    "Dap unhappy over U-turn"-The Star.the reason why PAS got 4 seats in Selangor executive council. Now ,Mr Ngeh do u dare to comment? Is PKR subservient to the Sultan of Selangor ?

  43. Mustapha Ong9:12 am

    I am a Johorean. Don't you dare to insult the intelligence of our Sultan Tuanku Johor. Tuanku is not above politics as Tuanku has to react if Tuanku thinks that the State Exco should have a Chinese representative in the state decorum. No politics but it's a decree from the Sultan Tuanku. Daulat Tuanku!

  44. Anonymous11:21 am

    param PUNDEK

    Ketuanan Melayu means ORIGINAL LANDLORD deiii

    unlike your grandpa's pariah system where human rights ABUSES are still practised today @ 20MAY2013

    keling pariah senang nak cuci otak

  45. Anonymous11:21 am

    Dear Rocky

    Ngeh ni mutut hipokrit. Kenapa dia terima gelaran dato dari sultan perak sedangkan DAP melarang terima gelaran ?

  46. Anonymous11:53 am

    Why you all say stupid thing.

    I have been hit hard at the Inner Core of planet earth.

    Joe Fernandez.

  47. What is the difference between UMNO and the Communist Party of China (CCP) under Mao rule.

    ANSWER : NO difference

    Just like what CCP had done: the communist party of UMNO (CP-UMNO)
    1. Will threaten and shame anyone in public include the Malay intellectuals who have a different opinion that what is propagated by CP-UMNO (as in the case of Air-Asia CEO)
    2. Will start to unleash the red guards (Utusan, Perkasa etc) targeting anyone for revenge that does not support the party.
    3. Only CP-UMNO is the way and the light for all Malaysians, the rest are just subversive elements bent on destroying the country.

    1. Anonymous6:38 pm

      Dont spin la bee na way..kamu ingat org bodoh mcm kamu ke? Kamu dan tuan kamu tu yg komunis besar nak bw chin peng balek cni. Kamu dgn melayu murtad lah komunis dajjal paling besar. Perosak negara..chowwww

  48. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Now We understand why Azran acted the way he did.

  49. Anonymous3:09 pm

    In the 21st Century its about time that the people's will determines the appointment of their elected representatives, not some feudal artifact.

  50. Anonymous5:16 pm

    in 21st century there will be a khalifah.

  51. Anonymous12:09 am

    when the chinese try to split the malays and the sultan is involved it will just end badly. the malays hold their sultan in high regard, so, be respectful, you are only alienating more malays to UMNO's cause. well, good luck in 5 years time.

  52. Anonymous12:37 am

    buy china last

  53. charleskiwi1:26 pm

    There is no doubt why MCA is voted out by the people, especially by the Chinese, yet after all these biter lessons the lackeys from MCA still have not got the message across. It is so clear that these lackeys from MCA have been there just to endorse whatever Umno has proposed.
    These lackeys are in the cabinet, first to look after the interest of the country and also, most of all , to safeguard the interest of the people they are supposed to represent. But have they done so ? Why do you think the Chinese feel so badly let down by these lackeys ? They are not blind and can surely see what is going on and if the people are being served.
    You can fooled the people for only awhile but not as long as they have done, they must think the people are fools and now they have to pay for whatever they have done. They can only harvest whatever they have planted, even the urban Malays are now sending Umno the same message at the recently concluded GE.
    But instead of looking into their grievances the Umno rapscallions, as usual, are pointing their guns at their punching bags, the Chinese. I have mentioned times and again, the Chinese weren't and aren't their threats, and they will never be.
    Just look at who are the people who are really posing a threat to the regime ? Even if all the Chinese are able to get together and because of their status of the minority they will never ever be a threat to the Malays ! Millions of the educated professionals Chinese have immigrated, Many more will continue to do so until it becomes too late for Talent Corp. to beg them to return to serve the country. What has Najib done about the promise he made before the GE that he will build one million affordable houses for the people. Just don't forget it costs a lot of money and a lot of time to build one millions houses, I will continue to haunt Najib, if he is around until the next GE on this issue. Therefore start planning right now the clock is ticking !

  54. Anonymous9:55 pm

    My greatest wish is for Malaysia to have a different history. No Dutch or British or Japanese occupation. Alas, it will never be. And i will continually and constantly have to hear and watch the antics of those whom i know my forefathers never invited here. How most unfortunate. Most unfortunate.

  55. Anonymous12:01 pm


    who are you ah beng to warn DS Najib?? he is the nicest gentleman towards the chinese, gave them lots of goodies but what happened?

    the chinese BITE the habd that feeds - other victims include Ghani and Ali Rustam.

    While these 3 gentlemen who had helped tha chinese a lot at the expense of the Bumis, they may not be the ones to implement backlash.

    The Bumis will institute a range of backlash actions against chinese businesses.

    Let's see whether the 23% can support all chinese interests ...

    BBC - boikot barangan cinapek

  56. Anonymous8:48 pm

    sembahkan pada AGONG dan Sultan Sultan kita ketengahkan,
    7 Wasiat Raja Raja Melayu, tunggu apa lagi....


  57. Anonymous8:13 pm

    jangan layan dap ni cakap..dorang tak leh buat apa generasi baru ni yg kurang ajar..kalau ikut perlembagaan kita menang..tu dorang dengki..melayu teruskan bersatu..pertahan hak kita...kita rakyat asal raja kita..lahanat tongkang ni bila jadi masalah kat negara ni dorang cabut..kita yang pertahankan...jangan di layan sangat..kita di pertahankan dalam perlembagaan..panggil la lawyer kapal karam ke..haha..